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Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 30 Sep 2010

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 30 Sep 2010

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  • vinitneo

    have you considered making a symbian app? I’m not going premium unless I get that.

  • Catherine

    Question for future podcast.
    How can I use the new iPod Touch with Evernote?
    1. Will the new camera on the iPod touch work with the mobile app?
    2. Is the 0.7MP camera sufficiently good for capturing images for Evernote?
    3. Can I capture data if I am offline (out of WiFi range) and sync later with my desktop or web accounts?
    4. Do I have to be a premium member to use offline notebooks with iPod Touch?
    Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

  • Steve

    I have an idea: see evernote notes in a mind map automatically. Reproduce the tags hierarchy in maps, so each top level tag would be a new map and child tags would be nodes off of it. This would be an AMAZING way to view data and you’d take all Mindmeister’s customers as yours would be the web app to beat all others.

  • Anil Singh

    To my mind, Evernote is the best note taking application in the market and has an edge over other similar applications due to the fact that it syncs seamlessly with my three Macs, iPhone and and Android Phone. Syncing is fast. I will soon go premium.

  • K. Price

    Love Evernote on my PC and Android phone.

    Can’t wait for the next Android update. My current version keeps losing updates to notes..several times per day. Getting a bit annoying.

  • carrie

    I think, This would be an AMAZING way to view data and you’d take all Mindmaster’s customers as yours would be the web app to beat all others.

  • Jordan

    I have an iPhone 4 and right now I am having trouble taking notes with the camera because when do it from the app they show up as huge pictures which is inconvenient to read in evernote and takes up a lot of my alotted monthly usage. Is there any way to control the size of the picture that is uploaded into evernote, or am I just doing it wrong?

  • Brent

    It must be so painful to keep track of how successful your business is – what a horrible world you must live in.

  • Buff

    In my opinion, the usage of Evernote on BlackBerrys would be higher if the client was more robust. The recent update produce the first Evernote for BB that was actually usable and it is still far from great. I have a iPad and an iPod Touch and the clients for those put the BB client to shame. I do appreciate that BB client will never be able to do some of the things the iPad client can but there are things that the BB app should be able to do that the iPad client can’t. For example, why doesn’t the BB client support the native autotext? or the native fonts? or scrollable drop down list for tags and notebooks? as BB multitasks, why can’t I clip from the mail client or the web browser or the phone app? Other 3rd party applications integrate with these apps. I long to see these improvements and some of them or so basic (like autotext and font support) that I think the BB client is the forgotten stepchild.

  • Enda

    Can I clip just an image with the chrome web clipper, seems only able to clip entire pages? Would be great also to have the short cut in the right click menu like in safari.

  • Megan

    First, let me just say I love evernote, but I need folders for my notebooks. I have at least 30 notebooks and I try to name them appropriately, but it would help if I could put them into larger categories such as “Work”, “Coursework”, “Hobbies”, and so on. Please!!!!!!

  • D K Kurtz

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ll pay for a subscription the minute you offer offline notes access (preferably on the SD card) on Android. Thanks.

  • Mike

    Thanks for a great product. Are there any plans for offline notebooks on the Blackberry app?

  • Neil Chapman

    I wish the iPad/iPhone versions did not require me to click twice to view a PDF. Am I missing something? On the desktop version, you click on the PDF, and it’s there. But on the iOS/mobile version, I see the thumbnail rendered OK, but there’s a “PDF” icon instead of the image, which requires a SECOND click to open the PDF. This seems to be true even for the notebooks that are stored locally on the iPad. Is there a way to make the mobile version like the desktop version in this regard, so that I can view a PDF instantly without clicking to open it?

  • masterpapers

    I have tried many other services but yours appeared to be the best. Lots of thanks.