Evernote-ScanSnap Meetup at the Cartoon Art Museum

作者: Andrew Sinkov 發佈日期: 04 十月 2010

作者: Andrew Sinkov 發佈日期: 04 十月 2010


Last week, we held a fun meetup at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. It’s always great to see our local friends and fans. The meetup was co-sponsored by Fujitsu ScanSnap. They were showing off their great line of super Evernote-friendly scanners.

Drawing class

The highlight of the night was a cartooning class led by the museum’s staff artist. We used the ScanSnap scanners to scan drawings into a shared Evernote notebook. Take a look at the results »

Create your own meetup

If you’re interested in setting up a meetup in your area, or attending one that’s already planned, check out the Evernote page on


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    This is really great. I hope there will be a meeting near my area. Going to check it out now.