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Tip: Organize your kids’ school-related information with Evernote

Posted by Ron Toledo on 07 Oct 2010

Posted by Ron Toledo on 07 Oct 2010


Scan or take pictures of all of your kids’ school-related information including: assignment lists, class trips, lunch menus, teacher handouts, contact info, classroom policies, and calendars. Then, put them all into Evernote. For multiple children, you can keep things organized with notebooks or relevant tags.

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  • Anthony Mendez

    ‘have to be honest – haven’t been using Evernote lately, but this alone will make me a regular user again! Thanks for the tip!

  • Mike Eckerdt

    Where was Evernote when my kids were growing up? Dang! This tip could have saved lots of drama and low grades.

  • AndyB

    You could also scan/photograph your child’s latest painting/drawing, and preserve forever in evernote, rather than feel guilty for discarding their precious hard work, which you will inevitably have to do one day.

  • Tony Wood

    My girls have Evernote accounts, they are 6 and 3. I generally add the info into the accounts for them especially the youngest. So I recommend it, for homework etc. As it will be great for them to look back on when they grow up.

    I would love the ability to have control / see what they are adding till they are older. Something like a linked account/parental control etc.

  • Arjan Broere

    I use Evernote to add drawings and assignments as a note. After some period I select the best pieces of work and upload them to the kid’s weblogs.

    Taking picture of the school’s calender (we still get a paper version) via the iPhone Evernote app also helps to look up certain events or to have a quick look at the activities of a certain week.

    I also use Egretlist, so if I take a picture of a school letter with a task in it I add a checkbox to the Evernote note so Egretlist adds that note as a task.

  • Adam

    I would like to see an option for line numbers.

  • Jeff

    I have my children’s immunization records, birth certificates, and passports scanned as well. Whenever the school asks for copies, I can e-mail them. I have our car registrations and proof of insurances and drivers licenses scanned/photo’d too, so this proof is very simple to provide for field trips etc.

    • errol

      wow!! aren’t you worried of identity theft with what you’re doing? i sure hope your SSN is not in here….

  • Vanessa Jackson

    I have a notebook for each of my kids and share it with them. I scan school reports, writing, art and school photos.

    The most helpful thing about the kids notebooks and Evernote is that I have shared the notebooks with their father who lives 2 hours away and only sees them alternate weekends. Evernote provides a much better way to keep him in the loop with their activities and achievements (and the bills for school fees).

  • Tammy Fryer

    Each week I take a picture with my iphone of my daughters current spelling list, that way when we find ourselves sitting in a doctors office, waiting to get into dance class, etc, we can practice her words anytime, anywhere! I love this tool and I can’t wait to find more genius ways to use it to make life as a Mom easier! =)