Update: Evernote for BlackBerry

Posted by on 05 Nov 2010

Posted by on 05 Nov 2010

BlackBerry just added our latest version (3.0.271) to BlackBerry AppWorld. This is an important update for Evernote because we’ve built in a number of improvements that allow us to offer Evernote for BlackBerry on more carriers, in more regions worldwide than ever before.

Starting today, if your BlackBerry can get to AppWorld, then you can get Evernote. Be sure that your BlackBerry runs one of the following operating systems: 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0, 6.0. This includes most of the popular BlackBerry devices currently on the market such as the Curve, Torch, Style, Storm, and many others.

We’re really excited that Evernote is now easily accessible to BlackBerry owners around the world. Stay tuned. There’s lots to come.


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  • the new

    If my BlackBerry can not get to AppWorld in Saudi Arabia
    Is thare any other way to get Evernote app
    I have 9800 blackberry torch

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the new update, now my carrier works. Cheers

  • Eduardo

    Can we now connect from the APN’s Blackberry (BIS)?

  • Lana

    I can’t download from BlackBerry AppWorld.
    because I am one of the country that doesn’t allow downloading from it.
    and I need evernote.

  • Mauricio

    I tried sending feedback through the app but I get a failure message. I have some suggestions:

    -Make it a Super App to RIM’s standards with deep integration with emails and calendar
    -It’s a bit spare, maybe add more functionality similar to desktop app or other mobile apps
    -Add tasks with time and date options to integrate with calendar
    -Add an option for the app to stay on in background or otherwise load faster
    -Add caching and auto-loading for offline viewing

    That’s it for now. Great job :).

  • Del Simmons

    One request..

    Please, please, please add the ability to check and uncheck the boxes on a list. I need to be able to create the “shopping list” or “camping packing list” on my PC and then check the boxes on my mobile device while I’m packing or shopping.

    Makes no sense to me why you’d have the check boxes in the view on the mobile device but not allow the user to check and uncheck them.

    Keep up the great work! Thanks!

  • Del Simmons

    Just ran into a small bug in the latest version on my Torch 9800, it seems. I snapped a quick photo note, uploaded it to the server, and now when I try to open it I’ve gotten hung up at a screen saying “Please wait until the note is loaded…”

    It has been saying that for over two hours now. Where should I properly report this bug?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    Del Simmons

  • George

    Having an issue with my Blackberry Torch. If I zoom in on a note I’m only able to see the portion of the note that is in the bottom left corner. I’m not able to move around to see other sections of it. I can zoom back out to see the entire note.


  • Sachin

    The blackberry app does not capture the photos. It starts the Camera app clicks the photo and when I click back (as directed by the popup) nothing happens. The photos are in the BB SD card and I can see them through the BB Photo browser. Do note that as per corporate policy the SD card data is encrypted and all images have the extension as filename.jpg.rem, am using a 8520 curve.

  • stefan kirsten

    I use evernotes on business travel quite a lot. I frequently leave notes to my staff. A checkbox would be great and I would love to have a deadline feature, which can be used to sort the notes. Can anybody help?

    Regards, Stefan

  • Dale

    I can’t see all my notes on the blackberry; I can only add new ones. What am I missing?

  • Nikolaos

    Any other link available? Many users don’t have access to app world.

  • Anton

    Just adding to the chorus of people who are seeking a way to get the new BB version in some way other than through BB App World. I understand the benefits of having it work that way, but no operators in my country (Czech Republic, frustratingly close to other EU countries which do have access to App World) offer it. I am using Evernote on multiple machines (personally I have it on my ipad, my work PC, my home Mac) but not having it on my Blackberry really kind of defeats the whole point of it.

  • nadinehusain

    Offline notes! PLEASE! all other OS’es have them, even if it is premium. i would pay. but right now, i’m not buying, just not worth it.

    still a great app, but i will have to look elsewhere if i can’t get my notes offline.


  • Rick76

    I absolutely love Evernote, but just want to add my voice to the chorus of those asking for the checkbox function to work with the Blackberry. It is so essential to the usefulness of a mobile list, and essential to the heart of Evernote. You all rock for having made this software. Essential to modern living. Indispensable even.

  • Yasser

    Many users don’t have this stupid AppWord thingy .. you should really provide a direct link to the Evernote !!! why do you FORCE us to use AppWorld? just look at the stupid list of countries that allows it and you will find out that it’s only like 5 or 10 % of the world !!! what the f*** ? RIM should be ashamed of itself !

    please please please provide us with a direct link !!!

  • JR Anciano

    Yes, PLEASE post a direct link to the Evernote app! I can’t access AppWorld either!

  • puslinch

    Offline is a must, we’ve waited for years……when??….

  • dave nemdhard

    I love the New blackberry love it