Evernote for Android takes a huge leap forward with Version 2.0

Posted by Philip Constantinou on 08 Nov 2010

Posted by Philip Constantinou on 08 Nov 2010

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.

We’re really psyched to see the tremendous growth of the Android platform. We love the capabilities available in the new OS, as well as the variety of great new hardware–phones, tablets, netbooks, and more.

But the thing that gets us the most excited is Evernote 2.0 for Android, available now from the Android Market. This is the biggest leap in functionality we’ve ever had on any platform in a single release. As always, Evernote for Android lets you take notes, snap photos, record audio, and access all of your existing Evernote data, but it now does all of those things and more better than ever before. Here’s why…

Great new interface

New Home screen
You’ll immediately notice our new, cleaner, more intuitive home screen, which allows you to make new notes, gives you fast access to your notes and displays synchronization status.

New Search interface
We placed the Search magnifying glass at the top of every screen so you can quickly jump to Search from anywhere. The Search screen lets you create new searches, view previous ones, access saved searches and search for things near your current location. Type into the text field and press enter to do a keyword search. You’ll notice that we also filter down the list of tags, notebooks, saved searches and previous search so it’s easy to repeat common searches.

New views, more options
When viewing a note, you’ll see a little tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap this open and you can see all the notes in your current search. Swipe left and right through the thumbnails to quickly switch between notes.

To view note details, tap on the note title when in single note view. Also, tap the menus to get quick access to map location, open the source page in your browser and to switch to other viewing options.

Easier sorting and browsing
We made browsing notes, tags and notebooks much easier. You can group your notes by notebook, location, or month and use the scroller to switch between sections. Note sorting happens lickity-split and even works offline. You can also tap and hold on any of the notes in a note list to quickly access note options, such as Edit, Delete, Note info, Email, Map view, Tagging, and more.

We’ve also changed the interface, adding a convenient header bar to make it easy to switch among searches, notes, tags, and notebooks.

Dramatically faster

Evernote 2.0 dramatically improves browsing, viewing and searching through notes. It does this by downloading all data about your notes, such as tags, notebook names, saved searches, note titles, and thumbnails when you first launch the app. Thanks to Android’s background processing capabilities, it can also sync periodically in the background to make sure you’re always up-to-date.

In addition, whenever a note is viewed or created on the device, it will be stored offline for easy access even when there is no network connectivity. This feature is available for both free and premium users.

Please note: The initial sync may take some time, so we recommend connecting your phone to a power source and connecting to a WiFi network.

Offline notebooks for Premium users (most requested feature!)

Premium users get even more. If you have an Evernote Premium account, then you will be able to specify the notebooks that you want to be saved for offline viewing (do this via Preferences in the Settings screen). Evernote will then download all the notes contained in those notebooks, including any attached images and files, and save them all onto your device’s SD card.

Simpler note creation and multiple attachments

We even improved note creation by allowing you to attach as many images, PDFs or audio files as you’d like. In the New Note and note editing screens, use the buttons in the header to add a picture and other files, assign tags, switch notebooks, or pull in local files.


Google Search widget searches Evernote
If you’re running Android OS 2.1, or later, with the latest Google Search widget, then you can search right from your device’s home screen and matching Evernote notebooks, tags, previous searches appear right alongside the other things you store on your phone.

Improved widget
Speaking of widgets, we’ve also updated the widget providing easy access to creating notes, searching, or just jumping to the Evernote home screen.

Home screen shortcuts

One of the features that we love in the new Android OS is shortcuts. With Evernote 2.0, you can make a home screen shortcut to any note or search. This is perfect if you want to jump quickly to your to-do list or common searches straight from the home screen. Create a shortcut by tapping into the menu when viewing a note or search, then tap the “shortcut” option.

So much more

  • Record audio as you type: The audio recorder is right in the new note screen so you can tap and talk at the same time.
  • Attachments and more: When viewing notes, you can download attachments, such as PDFs or view ink notes created in Evernote for Windows.
  • Storage options: Running out of storage space on your device’s internal memory? Evernote 2.0 lets you move the app to the SD Card.
  • Sharing from other apps: You can send content from other apps into Evernote using the sharing option. We’ll grab the info and turn it into a new note.
  • In-app Premium upgrade: You can upgrade to Evernote Premium straight from the application Settings.

More to come

Even with all these huge changes and updates, we’re not slowing down one bit. There are lots of new, great things on the horizon for Evernote for Android. Evernote 2.0 is just the beginning.

Get it now

Get Evernote 2.0 now from the Android Market. If you are viewing this page from an Android device, click here to go the Android Market.

Evernote Android Barcode


Evernote Premium

Upgrade for features to help you live and work smarter.

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  • Isaiah

    Please make a WP7 version of this amazing software!!!! 😀

    • md77

      I second that. Just moved from android to wp7. Bring evernote to the platform, please!

      • Bohdan

        Really, that’ll be so great to have an Evernote on WP7, I guess many people will switch onto it more likely then )

  • Don

    Why does the video say offline use is available for all members free and premium, but the app download and this blog post says not for free members?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Premium users are able to select entire notebooks to download for offline access.

      All users: whenever you view an individual note, or create a new note, from your Android device, that note is stored locally and will be available offline.

  • Samuel Yu

    Thanks so much for the update! Looking forward to using the new improved app on my Evo!

  • joe

    Another great update. I’m proud to be a premium–thanks for developing such a perennially useful product.

  • Justin

    Evernote Folks –

    AWESOME upgrade, very happy to be a premium subscriber with an Android device and the app looks great. I’ve been waiting for offline notes and I’m so glad they’re here.

    One question – will we ever see shared notebooks available in mobile device apps? This would be extremely useful to myself and I’m sure many others.


  • compguy

    Why do I have to create an account for the non-offline version? Do you upload my notes? If not, there doesn’t seem to be a reason to create an account/register. Thanks.

  • compguy30

    Why do I have to create an account for the non-offline version? Do you upload my notes? If not, there doesn’t seem to be a reason to create an account/register. Thanks.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      All notes created on Android are synchronized with the Evernote Service, which is why you are required to have an account. The offline feature refers to notes that are also stored locally, in addition to sync’ing.

    • Kim

      Did you mean “offline version?” Either way, there is no offline and of course they upload your notes. That is the whole point of evernote – being able to access your notes from anywhere via any device.

  • Nicola

    Thank you!

    I’ve been waiting for offline notebooks for some while now, and this update just made my day! (yeah, I’m a software developer, I get excited about these things)

    Keep up the good work!

  • Mads

    Looks promising. However, this update completely blocks my internal memory with data even though I’ve moved the app to SD. Is there something I can do about this?

  • Andrew

    Hey can you post the apk file to this please?

    • Philip Constantinou

      You can get the latest beta version of our APK at This is currently the latest version, but will update more frequently than the market version.

  • Marcel

    The best app for the best plataform!

  • Ingo

    Very nice! Love the new interface!

    I did want the option to just “Star” a note to keep it offline, however. Not a whole notebook.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Simply viewing a note on your Android will make it available offline.

  • Aravind

    Wow! You guys just made my smartphone even smarter

  • bommel


  • JirikDrak

    Great improvement, only thing i’m missing now is ability to add and check/uncheck checkboxes.

    • Philip Constantinou

      Thanks, checking on/off to do items is on our list.

      • Matthew

        Ability to check boxes on my Android would be a BIG help… godspeed! 🙂

  • eddie

    Is there any security around offline Evernote data on the SD card?

    • Philip Constantinou

      Hey Eddie – The content of your notes are stored in the clear on your SD Card. The Android client does support decrypting notes, so if you’ve encrypted private information you can decrypt the information by providing a passphase. The decrypted version is not saved. When you log out of Evernote we delete the cached data from your card. There’s also a option in the Settings screen that lets you clear the local cache which will remove all the content of your notes that’s not flagged for offline access.

  • Silgrond

    When I’d like view my notes, it sais the homepage is not avalaible and a popup window: “Note content could not be downloaded this time, check your network connection and try again” and on the notification bar: “Insufficient storage, there is not enough space on the sdcard”, though I have ~50mb free space on my internal memory
    So my question is: do I have to get an SDcard just view my notes?

    • Philip Constantinou

      Yes. Evernote requires an SD card.

      • Silgrond

        Thanks for your answer, but on the previous version I was able to view my notes. Any chance for the previous version’s apk?

      • Genna

        I have an SD card (with 51.16MB available), but I am still getting the same message as Silgrond – ??

  • Sterling Zumbrunn

    Wow, this looks amazing. I’m not an Android user, but am happy to see Evernote evolve on any platform. I’m really looking forward to some of these enhancements coming to the iPhone version.

  • Bojan

    This new version is awesome, gave it some testing and I must admit I am amazed and happy to be premium user. You keep providing additional service, which makes me really happy.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jim

    Any chance the old version is still available? This one freezes up my Galaxy S every time I try to use it. Obviously some sort of incompatibility.

    • Philip Constantinou

      We’ve done extensive testing on the Galaxy S and haven’t had any problems. Can you file a report with support at:

      • Jim

        Thanks. I’m all set now. The issue was an apparent conflict with another program I use called “Apps Organizer.” When I put this version of Evernote into the “organized container” (like a folder) I created for it, it refused to run and froze up my Galaxy S. Evernote works just fine outside of the container (on my home screen).

  • WoodDA

    Widget doesn’t show up on my Motorola Droid. Had it before but after the update it said trouble loading widget and nothing shows up on the widget page.

    • Philip Constantinou

      When you upgrade you may need to delete the old widget and re-add the widget to your home screen. Some versions of the Android OS aren’t very good at retaining home screen preferences.

      • Murat Kayi

        Amen to that. Have to constantly add it back to the home screen on my x10 mini pro…

        Other than that, btw, fantastic App!

  • Jay

    During the install, the android market shows that your app requires access to “Your personal Information”. Can you explain why that’s required and what you’re using it for?

    • Philip Constantinou

      Hi Jay –
      We use your contacts to make it easier to send emails to friend by auto-completing their email addresses. If you use the “Send log” feature we’ll send information about the make and model of your phone (but you review the content first). We pre-populate the registration form with your email address when you create an account (but don’t store it unless you use it for registration).

  • Steve

    I really love the new version, it is a 200% improvement. Now I’m just waiting for checkboxes. But I’m wondering where the homescreen widget is? Htc desire android 2.2

  • Frank McPherson

    The widget did not install on my phone when I installed the Evernote update.

  • Frank McPherson

    Let me clarify… when I go to add a widget, the Evernote widget isn’t even listed as option to be added to the home screen. Note that I did have the old widget on my phone when I did the install and I did not remove it prior to installing the update.

    • Kim

      Same problem here on my HTC Incredible running Android 2.2, although I did delete the old widget first. After EN is done downloading everything, I will restart my phone and try again. If that doesn’t work, I will post separately about this problem.

  • Oliver

    Any chance an iPhone app update comes along?

  • Dave Beauvais

    I just wanted to say I really love the new release of Evernote for Android. It’s just a huge improvement over the previous version. The cached header and thumbnail data makes navigating within the app so much faster, and offline notes is awesome. Thanks for what was clearly a lot of hard work!

    I have only two comments: 1.) I moved the app to my SD card, but there’s still a little more than 3 MB of app and data on the phone itself. Can I do anything about that? 2.) After moving the app to the SD card, the home screen widget is no longer available. Is this just a platform limitation where widgets can’t run from SD?

    • Kyle Crocker

      I’m also seeing #2 on my NexusOne running 2.2 – when I first installed the widget was available, but once I moved the app to my SD card the widget disappeared and is no longer available to add when I long press on my home screen.

      • Philip Constantinou

        Turns out there’s an Android limitation. You can’t have widgets installed on the SD Card.

  • TCD

    Is there a Linux version? I cannot find one on your website…


    PS Using Ubunut exclusively on all of my computers and two networks.

    • Max

      Evernote v4 runs great under Wine on Ubuntu Linux

  • Adam Hepner

    That’s it. Now you left me with no choice – I MUST get a new phone, with Android. Like now. And never-ever get one of those Goddamn Nokia phones again…

  • Harry

    Same problem, the widget placed on a home screen did not load anymore, and in the list of widgets, Evernote is not there. HTC Desire, Froyo

  • David

    I love the app but common guys… The picture snapshots on the original Motorola Droid still doesn’t work. I was hoping this would get fixed with this new update.

  • rinzai

    Amazing work, congratulations.
    Offline feature is enough to make this an impressive app.

  • Klaus

    Great Update but also have the described problem with the widget: The prev. installed widget disappeard from home screen with an error message and the evernote widget disappeared from the widget list so I can’t install the new one. HTC Desire and Froyo.

  • Pedro

    Evernote should have an account for non heavy users, $5-$10.00 a year in order to get full advantage of this app.

    And the possibility to switch between accounts (personal and work).

  • Simon

    Is it true that there’s no longer an icon to launch
    the app, but only the widget?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      There is definitely an icon. The widget is a simple way to jump into specific features.

      • grrray

        I also could not create an icon on my home screen (HTC Aria). Press and hold home screen, select programs, select Evernote, and nothing would come up. Thankfully I like the widget, but it did cause me some confusion.

  • Daniel

    Holy cow!!!!! Amazing upgrade!!! It’s like a brand new app!!!!! WOW!!!

  • Ben

    I have an Droid2 and love your new version. (pro user offline data) If I have a Word Doc stored int the note it will not load into the Android Quickoffice.. Is this normal?

    • Philip Constantinou

      Evernote for Android can open documents in QuickOffice but sometimes, depending on how the file was added to Evernote, the association between the file type and QuickOffice isn’t correct. We’re working on ways to work around this problem.

  • Jeremy Harrington

    This looks absolutely incredible as a mobile app. Clearly, you guys have piled a ton of time into this. Meanwhile, those of us using the mobile version of your most frequently installed version (i.e. Windows) can’t even get a client that works offline. Sure, we can use Ploze, but compared to this, that is stone tablet and a dull chisel. What’s up with that? Maybe I just missed an update?

  • Waldir

    Just in time, guys. I was about to ditch Evernote *just* because of the crappy Android app, which wouldn’t let me edit text notes, only attach new text to it. Android usually doesn’t get as much love as iPhone, so this means a lot to us. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Doug

    Love it – offline notes are great! Looking forward to more sophisticated to-do functionality – I would love to use Evernote for all my notetaking and project management.

  • Ramon

    Thank you so much! This makes Evernote a lot better! Especially the offline notebooks, yay!!!

  • gowillingham

    Thank god I can get to the notes list with one click now – well done.

  • Eric

    I really like the new version – much easier to navigate. I noticed that all the problem comments thus far are about the widget. I’m not using the widget, but just the app icon. I can no longer run it by touching the app icon. I get “The linked program is no longer installed on your phone.” I can only run it by going to the market, searching for Evernote and running it from there. What’d I do wrong?

    • Philip Constantinou

      The widget doesn’t work if the app is installed on the SD Card. It’s an unfortunate limitation of the platform.

    • Kim

      I found I had to delete the icon and re-add it.

  • kontili2

    I BEG Evernote devs to consider creating a Mobile Evernote Classic that would add zero new features and update only to maintain compatibility with iOS updates?

  • Can

    Why evernote do not have linux version? Evernote can be used in every OS, including Android, Mac, Windows; but NOT in linux.

    I am linux user and i want to use Evernote WITHOUT emulators (such as wine). Is it too hard?

  • Ray

    Just upgraded on my Droid. However, my Evernote widget is gone, and when I try to reinstall the widget, it doesn’t appear in the list. Am I missing the obvious? Other than this anomaly, I’m totally loving V2.0! Ray Ingraham

  • leMel

    Thought sure I wouldn’t see this for another year yet. Beautiful work – thanks, thanks, THANKS!

  • Sone

    Since I upgraded Evernote on my Android device, it does not store URLs within notes properly when coming from the “share” feature. For example, I use NewsRob to read Google Reader RSS content, and sometimes I “share” the link using Evernote. Prior to the upgrade, the link was stored as a hyperlink within the note, but after the upgrade, I have noticed that the majority of them are stored as partial hyperlinks. I’m willing to show someone from Evernote what I mean if I did not explain it properly here.

    • Charles

      I wish there was a way when you “shared” an article it would do more than just clip the url but the content on the page esp if it is text.

  • DJ Fuji

    Love the offline stuff… I keep switching back and forth from onenote to evernote to simplenote to springpad because each app constantly updates and yet none of them can do what I’d like:

    -Have a strong, usable desktop client in addition to android/web support
    -Have an android app that auto-saves and lets you edit rich text without continually disabling it when editing remotely.
    -Offline support for each client

    Even though the ‘notes’ feature in windows mobile 6.x didn’t natively sync to the cloud, at least it auto-saved and could recover my notes in the event that i dropped my phone or the phone crashed. It’s strange that as advanced as Android is, it still can’t replicate that basic functionality.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Have you tried our native desktop clients? They store all of your notes locally.

  • Justin Blake

    After upgrading, I was constantly getting “Upload Failed” errors. Logging out and then back in fixed it, but since logging out clears the cache, I lost all notes added on my phone since the upgrade.

    • Philip Constantinou

      Hey Justin –
      Thanks for the report. We haven’t heard much of this kind of complain before. We’d love to get more info. You can submit a support request to:
      and follow up with some logs that would be great.

      • Justin Blake

        Will do, thanks!

  • James

    Thanks a million evernote! Was about to turn to CATCH note app for android because it stores off line notes. Saved my bacon. Appreciate the development a lot!

  • Dunk

    I am also getting “upload failed” on my HTC hero. I don’t want to log out though if it means losing notes.

  • stevereenie

    Under my apps my link to Evernote is busted and there is no way to get it out. I have the new Widget on the home page. How do I get the busted Icon/app link under applications out?

    • James C

      I have had the same problem now each time I have updated my Evernote app: none of the shortcuts/icons will launch the app. Last time I had to uninstall Evernote and then re-install it.

      This is ridiculous, and probably not Evernote specific, but rather an issue with Android.

      • Coby

        Evernote is really a great android app, and I want to use it daily, but not with this bug. Whenever I make a shortcut (from inside Evernote) and my home page is full it makes a shortcut just on the bottom edge of the screen. And this icon/shortcut can’t be removed! I don’t want to reset to factory settings! Help!

  • Liz

    I love the look and functionality of the upgrade, however, I can’t take advantage of it. I keep getting connection error messages. I’m on a Droid X and have not had any problems with the previous version.

  • billm

    I can download v2.0 from the Market Place but I get an Installation Error: Package file was not signed correctly.

    Motorola Droid

  • Jean-Francois Ouellette

    Finnally!!!! Took a while but I must say you nailed it totally. Thank you. Now all we need is a Linux desktop app.

  • zeraph

    I cannot open all pdf attachments or save the attachments to SD card. Can you?

  • tom

    can i have more than one evernote app on my android? or do i have to sign in and out using the same app?
    other than that…… awesome application!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tc

    Sync broken on latest update; notes not uploading to web portal from phone; Android 2.2; Moto Droid. Looks great, but not working so… : (

  • Solvent

    Worst update so far, sorry to say. The widget keeps disappearing from the screen. When I try to add it again it is simply not in the list of available widgets. Only uninstall-reinstall helps.

    Other times the program sh@ts itself while searching and there was also a java error which I could not even have a look at as it just quickly appeared on the screen then closed the program.

    Further even though I have full 3G coverage the program takes forever to load a selected note…

    I use an HTC Desire (with Launcher Pro)

  • Cameron

    Android app works great! Thanks! Any update on Linux (Ubuntu/Mint) desktop/laptop release? Please.

  • christopherendeavor

    Sync broken on latest update; notes not uploading to web portal/desktop version from phone; Evernote v2.0.1, builder 110327, Android 2.2; HTC Droid Incredible. 🙁

  • ppip

    Very slow in G1…

  • Kris

    Solvent: I have the same issue with the widget. Restarting the phone can get the widget to show up to be able to add it.
    Using a T-Mobile myTouch 4G

  • CHris

    Installed the Android app. When I create notes on my phone, they don’t sync with the web or the desktop platform on Mac. This really needs to be fixed!!! Help Evernote.

  • Frances

    Love the update, however my notes created on the Droid will not upload to the web/desktop.

  • Jordanrinke

    But we still can’t check off on a checklist? 🙁

  • Alex Ibrado

    Please improve the manual zoom out feature, i.e. NOT pinch-to-zoom but via the buttons at the lower right. There’s only one level of zoom out, and megapixel images are still ridiculously huge especially on tablets. Thanks!

  • jess s.

    Not detecting my location for any of my notes/. I’m currently emailing someone from Evernote about it. Hope this gets fixed soon…

  • Samantha

    Phillip or Andrew ,

    I’m new to Evernote so this my first time experiencing with an Evernote app . Can someone pleaseeeee direct me to a way I came create a new notebook from the app . My phone is my main way of using EN . Is going online the way to add a new notebook ? Please let me know . Thanks 🙂

    • Mike

      I just downloaded the Evernote app for my droid and am wondering the same thing. Can we create a notebook from the app itself? Has anyone got an answer to this ??

  • Jeffrey

    Can’t access my notes on my Droid Eris can anyone help?

  • Tachyon

    This new flat style UI trend must die die die.

    I hate the new User Interface. It reminds me of the old Atari GEM desktop.

    I didn’t spend all this money on the latest gear (and on Evernote Pro) to get booted back 30 years in UI design and styling.

  • Tachyon

    Oh, can I mention the widget is particularly horrible and sticks out like a sore, tacky, thumb on my dark themed Android desktop.

  • Ellis Golub

    The new android app is great, especially the offline mode. There seems to be one problem. I can’t search the folder that I am storing offline, when I am offline. When I try, the search fails because there is no connection. The notes can be seen, so they are in fact stored. I’ve tried to search only in the offline folder, but this fails as well.

    There is also a feature I would like in the app. When scrolling through the notes in a folder, they are arranged alphabetically, which is fine, but there is no way to jump ahead to a particular section. I would love to be able to type ‘S’ and jump to the S section.

  • msperegen

    Thank you Evernote for responding SOOOO quickly with an update that works on Android Tablet V2.2 Froyo. Now I’ve got the connectivity I bought the tablet for originally. Note taking and document availability immediately and EASILY!!!

  • msperegen

    Waiting for the ability to write on the tablet (InkNote) inside of Evernote (like in the PC version) like drawing only it’s handwriting. I can avoid having to type a short note and just write something down, like an e-mail address or tel# or something.

    Writing directly on the tablet inside Evernote would make it more versatile than ever! I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! Welcome to the Cloud!

  • Shon

    Need a barcode scanner option in Evernote. I am always trying to scan number to remember but have to use a CSV program. Would like to add a list of scanned barcodes to Evernote.

  • Riesling

    Thank you for great app. I have a request. Could you please provide a mode to sort notes by “created time”. Currently Evernote for Android is sorted by “updated time”, but it is not good looking for me because I also use Evernote Food as well. I often unintentionally update old food restaurant notes, but I want those notes remained in month/date that I visited.

  • amuramoto

    Under the sort menu, there is an ‘Other…’ option. Click this and you will be able to select sort by created date, and several additional options.

    • Riesling

      Thank you very much! I could find out the menu.