5 Million Users: We’re gonna need a bigger boat

Posted by Phil Libin on 10 Nov 2010

Posted by Phil Libin on 10 Nov 2010

Twenty two thousand one hundred and thirty new people joined Evernote yesterday. Seriously. 22,130. That’s a record and it pushed us over the 5,000,000 user mark!

We’re actually setting all kinds of records in the past few weeks:

Don’t worry: we have great Mac and iPhone / iPad updates coming soon!

It only took us 83 days to get the latest million users – that’s over 12,000 new people per day, every day. Here’s how it breaks down:

And just because I’ve said this four times before doesn’t make it any less heartfelt: To all of our awesome users, partners, employees and investors – Thank You! Together we made a product that has touched the lives of over five million people. How great is that?


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  • Gary L. Gray

    Congratulations on the amazing growth. I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the iOS and Mac OS X updates.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks. There’s some great stuff coming.

  • Atle Iversen

    Congratulations – very impressive, Evernote !

    Only 1.195 million Windows users to go (leave some users for us as well, will ya 😉 )

  • Kevin

    Evernote is as big as Norway but sweeter than candy. Congrats

  • kasx93

    Congratulations from Italy and android’s user 🙂

    I love evernote!

  • Bill

    Don’t forget HP/Palm webOS.

  • klickreflex

    Congratulations, indeed awesome numbers. I’d be interested to know how many of those are premium users. Any chance you’ll tell us?

  • Hassayampa_Slim

    Congratulations !
    You’ve done a great job, but the benchmark always moves up with success. Keep listening to the user community and you’ll stay on top.

  • David

    When will the Windows Phone 7 app be released – its one of the few things I’m really missing on this phone

  • Torben Sauer

    Congrats – well done !!

  • Richard

    Congratulations from The Netherlands! Looking forward to the iPhone update 🙂

  • Greg Rollett

    Congrats guys – our team can’t live without your service right now. Looking forward to the iPad update. That’s the piece that glues our company together. Cheers.

  • Jónas Z. Spectrum

    Congratulations on the great success. It’s well deserved.

    One complaint: As a long time Evernote user I’m quite disappointed with the amount of bugs I’m encountering in the latest Evernote application on Windows 7. Is there any way for me as a user to file bugs against these issues and keep track of when fixes are available?

    • Bhavik

      Justin Mifsud November 8th, 2011 3:00 pm Totally agree with you Ben that Captcha may pose a uibtilsay problem. Some implementations are impossible to read. I have seen some interesting verification mechanisms using jQuery. These would require you to do a task such as dragging an image and droping it inside a recycle bin. Still, despite the fact that tutorials exist, I have rarely encountered them in real forms.

  • Greg

    Congratulations, Evernote! Proud user since March 19, 2008 — way down there in the left-hand corner!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Awesome! Thanks for sticking with us.

  • Mark Stout

    Congratulations. I’m guessing 50 days to six million.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks, Mark. Here’s to that.

  • Bill

    Excellent app….I use it with Win7 & Linux Kubuntu

  • Catherine

    Wow. That IS really awesome. Congratulations, guys O_O

  • jim

    Evernote rocks!

    But the elephant is too Republican. Can you add a donkey to the logo?

  • Max

    You’re intro video needs to spend less time trying to be cute and funny and more time telling me what the actual service is.

  • Manish Jain

    What, no office pool to predict the date of the 6 millionth user? Any who, love the product.

  • Mark Harrison

    Shut up and keep chumming the water 🙂 I’ve shown a lot of people Evernote and they all like it. How many became subscribers I don’t know.

    I’ve already saved back my subscription cost with one visit to a doctor that could have been two visits. I needed a letter from my insurance company that I had scanned into Evernote which I had left at home accidentally. Opened up Evernote on my iPhone and emailed it to my doctor while I was there and saving me a second trip.

  • Thomas Eriksson

    Congratulations from an early Evernotefan here in Sweden.
    I see myself as a ambassador for your product. I will soon
    order a t-shirt to improve my ambassadorship.

  • Keith. Mo

    Great achievement Evernote. Well done.
    Looking forward to the ipad update & really hoping for some simple access security for us family ipad users….. Please.

  • Dave

    Maybe now we’ll see sub-notebooks/folders sometime soon.

  • Said

    just imanige the growth after releasing linux app 😉

  • Glenn Rogers

    Well deserved! With some good iPad app updates like handwriting Evernote will be my fav application/service of all time.

  • Piotr

    I am somewhat concerned that the app needs very extensive rights / permissions. Why is that? Why does it need to read system log files? Sounds phishy.

  • Daniel Paul

    Congrats. I know I can’t live without Evernote and I am glad that others are discovering the joy of being Evernote Heads. What is an Evernote user called? A Notee? Nah. Evernotian? Eww.

    Can’t wait for the Mac updates.

  • Wilson Hines

    Regarding this statement you made:
    “It only took us 83 days to get the latest million users – that’s over 12,000 new people per day, every day.”

    I’ve been told about money that after the first million bucks the next million comes pretty easy and quick. I guess it’s the same way about subscribers 🙂

  • Stacy

    1+ year as an Evernote Premium customer here, very pleased and using it most every day. Keep up the good work, Evernote. You’ve got a winner.

  • Jörg

    Congratulations. I hope that Evernote will not grow too fast and will handle that growth.

  • Robert Kock

    Honestly, guys are great!
    And, btw, you are our role models and one of the reasons we fell in love for saas tools.

    Thank you for your great work!

  • Brian (premium user)

    Congrats!!! There is no question in my mind that this is just the beginning. You guys rock!

  • mlm tips

    You’re on my MacPro, iPhone and my iPad! I tell everyone about Evernote!! Congrats on the amazing growth and success and please keep on developing it. BTW, I use the title and tag search functionality all the time… it’s awesome you built that in. You guys rock.

  • beal68

    I am considering acquiring an android phone instead of an iphone ; is evernote designing its features so they are also compatible with google phones?

  • John Champneys

    Linux / Ubuntu dedicated packages would be much appreciated.

  • Art

    You guys rock! Congratulations. Russian support excellent. Hope that Evernote will grow. Love it!

  • Luke Abell

    Wonderful product. You deserve all of this success!