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Posted by on 12 Nov 2010

Posted by on 12 Nov 2010

Last night, Apple approved the latest version of Evernote for iPhone, iPad and iPod (v 3.4) This update includes some exciting new features and take advantage of the capabilities of the upcoming iOS 4.2. The new operating system adds support for multi-tasking on iPad, which works great in Evernote. You can go back and forth between Evernote and other apps without losing your place. Really handy. But iOS 4.2 features are only one aspect of this release. Here’s a list of the new features that are available right now:

Image multi-select

I take a lot of photos with my iPhone, then selectively bring the best into Evernote. That process used to be a bit of pain, but not anymore. Now, you can choose as many photos as you like at one time and either create a single photo-packed note (5 images max) or have Evernote automatically spread them across multiple notes. To do this, tap on Camera Roll, then tap the Send To icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Now, choose your photos. Note: In order for this to work you need to enable geolocation services for Evernote (you probably already have). To do this, go to iPhone Settings > General > Location Services > Evernote.

Tip: If you tap and hold on an image it will turn white, then you can swipe your finger to choose your photos instead of tapping individually.

When you finish selecting your photos, choose either Single Note or Multiple Notes along the bottom of the screen. Image multi-select is also great for choosing among the photos created by the iPhone’s HDR mode.

Advanced Tip: Tap on Camera Roll with two fingers to access your camera roll folders, making it easier to find the photo you’re looking for.

Audio note improvements

90-minute audio notes
Audio notes are supersized in this release to a whopping 90-minute max. This turns Evernote into the perfect recorder for everything from long meetings to conference keynotes to media interviews.

Improved audio playback control
Controlling audio playback is better than ever. Not only can you play and pause right from within a note (no more launching Quicktime), but you can also control Evernote audio from the dock player, as well as peripherals such as headphones and car audio kits.

Easily send files into Evernote from other apps (iOS 4.2)

iOS 4.2 allows apps to register themselves as destinations for certain file types. Evernote is now registered for PDF, TXT, WAV, MP3, HTML, and several others. This means that you’ll be able to send files into Evernote directly from other applications.

In Safari and Mail
Certain file types (PDF, TXT) now have an Open in button at the top right corner when they’re viewed. Tapping on the button will show Evernote as an option. Opening the file in Evernote will create a new note in Evernote with that file as an attachment. To send an audio file into Evernote, tap and hold on the file.

Third party apps
Developers can now enable the same functionality in their applications. There are already many applications that can send files into Evernote. Look for many more to add the Open in feature, which will allow you send files into Evernote from anywhere.

Printing from Evernote (iOS 4.2 required)

Making a hardcopy of a note no longer requires your desktop. When you see a note that you like, tap on the Send to button in the note and choose Print. In order for this feature to work, you need to have the latest version of OS X with AirPrint configured, and there needs to be a printer on the network that supports Apple’s AirPrint.

And more…

No Evernote release is complete without a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes bug fixes that make using Evernote all the more enjoyable. This one’s no different. And there’s lots more to come. Stay tuned.


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  • mark

    The option to add multiple photos vis the “camera roll” option is great, and something I’ve wanted for a long time. But…..what about the option to take multiple photos with the camera using the “Snapshot” option?

  • Peter Fisher

    Saw this update last night! Keep up the great work guys!

  • Sergei

    Would love to see basic camera stabilization implemented where iPhone’s accelerometer is used to find a better moment to take a picture. Without this feature I’m always taking picture in some other photo app and then importing it into Evernote.

    Also can we have direct notebook access some of my notebooks have hundreds of notes and I have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list (which is huge at this point) to find a note…

    • Sterling Zumbrunn

      Good update with some welcome features, but completely agree with the second point – the UI for accessing content within the iPhone version is not good, completely unintuitive, and needs to be brought to parity with the iPad app ASAP. It shouldn’t be so hard to get to a particular notebook.

      When you look at other third party apps on the iPhone, and the elegance and progress they’ve made in both speed and UI (even ones made by tiny companies). It’s clear that Evernote is way behind.

  • Sergey

    This is cool, but you guys have your priorities wrong.

    Here’s what you need to do:
    1) Make IPhone app faster. It is dog slow currently.
    2) Make a Windows Phone 7 app.

  • Alexandra

    The supersized audio notes feature sounds awesome! Thanks!

  • beowulf

    And where can developers learn more about sending files into Evernote from our apps? I’m assuming this uses an evernote:// url scheme? Thanks for the info.

    • Ben

      …and vice versa. Could really do with being able to access PDF’s etc that are stored in Evernote from other iPad apps to allow for annotating and highlighting but still using Evernote as a ‘Library’

    • Michael Bierman

      Id like to know this too. Specifically for draftpad

  • Henk Poley

    Apple did poopoo a bit on that AirPrint support, as they removed OS X to iOS printer sharing support. You now need a printer with AirPrint built-in (only very recent ones by HP).

    There is a way to add it back into OS X right now though:

  • Finn

    Excelent work – I simply LOVE this program!

    Would it be possible in the future to select the size of the pictures you want to upload? – So instead off uploading the full size you could select a medium resolution…

  • Brian

    Thanks for these improvements. I can’t wait for iOS 4.2 to come out so we can try them all!! But for me to really start getting maximum value of out using Evernote on my iPad, I really need to be able to create and edit rich text notes on the iPad. Without that, I am severely handicapped in how I can use Evernote with my iPad at work.

    Please add that feature soon!!!!

  • Tom

    The ability to edit rtf (rich text files) created on the windows program would make the Evernote system functionality much more useful. Currently the any decent well formatted note can’t be edited on the Iphone, this makes the whole premise of getting to your notes and updating them from any location very poor.

    • Ben

      Rich text editing is my second biggest request, after some way to allow PDF annotation on iDevice.

    • Marc

      I fully agree on RTF for at least the iPad. I’m using Evernote for all sorts of business meeting minutes, including RTF formatting, and it’s a pain to swap the Mac-created RTF files forth and back between the devices. It’s such a pain that I have to consider giving up on Evernote, which would be a pity, because all the rest is great.

    • Dinos

      I’d love to see Rich Text editing too…

      • Gregg Smith

        I create outlines for depositions on my desktop using the auto numbering feature. It is very useful.

        Then, I get to my deposition and I must either have an uneditable outline with numbers/rankings, or lose all formatting in order to make notes on my notes.

  • Jordan

    I second that request for RTF editing. Why is this a limitation? It can be one of the most useful parts to edit your notes on all platforms instead of appending.

  • Chris

    I really, *really* need an easy way to get complete web pages into Evernote from my iPhone or iPad. The email link routine just isn’t cutting it. Hopefully we’ll see Evernote “Open in” functionality in Read It Later, Instapaper, Reeder (or other RSS reader apps) or an alternative browser. And soon!

  • Vince

    Love Evernote and use it on all devices and computer across operating systems.

  • Patrick

    How about the long promised multi-user/shared notebooks between the PC, iPad and iPhone clients? Long overdue. Please.

  • D.K.


  • D.K.

    A feature that would be nice for future updates is ability to pause and restart a voice recording. Also ability to add on to an existing recording. Keep up the good work!

  • Tom chr

    The lack of support for rich text, or at least the opportunity to add action points within the iPad app is making me leave the use og your product. I have waited for this feature Almost a year, and i have to say its been s long wait….

  • Peter

    When is the Symbian release scheduled? Pretty useless demo if the mobile client isnt fully supported.

  • Erik

    The button for opening a PDF document in evernote is really annoying. When I have the phone in landscape mode does the bottom bar cover a large part of the screen. How do I turn it off (exept uninstalling which I’ll do if it is not possible)?

  • Jim Hanlon

    Another endorsement for RTF creation/editing functionality on the iPad. Come on … what’s the hang up on this?

  • Jan Bouten

    Dear EverNote:

    Please stop adding cute features and add the _hard_ ones that will put this app over the top and you would start converting more people to premium users – that’ll make your VCs happy!

    1) REAL notebook sharing so it becomes a true alternative to OneNote
    The iPad has become the new Meisterstuck pen that stays in people’s pocket… I’ve been to
    so many meetings where people prop up their iPad at the start of the meeting to show it off
    and then pull out the legal pad to actually take notes…

    2) Rich text on iPhone/iPad.
    What’s the hold up? Hopefully it’s not because you’re trying to implement handwriting
    on the iPad… I’ve tried all apps – it’s useless, plus most people type much faster than they

  • Kareem

    Another advocate for Rich Text editing!

    Big LOL at the people who tell Evernote that they have their priorities wrong. Keep doing what your doing, this program is amazing.

  • Steve Rose

    I also really really NEED rich text editing. Please can you give us an update on this?

  • Tim

    Hey, guys – EverNote keyboard won’t disappear from the iPhone app anymore. Boo!

  • Billy

    PLEASE please please in your next update:

    – when browsing through tags (in both the “add tag” menu of a note and the “tags” page of evernote) make the parent tag folders collapsable (like in the windows desktop version)… It’s hard to scroll through 300 individual tags looking for the one that you want.

    – add the ability to search for notes using multiple tags?

  • CallMeJobs

    Agree with Sergey…would love to see some focus on speed of the app! Great work though! Can’t wait for update to iPad to make it even better.

  • Larry

    I am on the RTF editing bandwagon.

  • Bjorn

    Ink, please! I actually do take notes on my iPad, with a stylus. Using Penultimate at the moment, but would SO love to have only one note-taking app. And I desperately want that to be Evernote!

  • Jamie Chapman

    Loving the iBooks feature. When can we expect rich text editing? It doesn’t really need to be fully fledged – just so we can make bulleted lists, it’s a bit annoying using dashes – maybe a button which automatically adds a dash/symbol on a new line would help?

    • John

      Yes, I think this will be a wonderful intermediate step to full RTF support. I believe most people want to be able to take structured / hierarchical notes and have them sync-ed between their desktops and their mobile devices.

      That, for me, will be deal clincher!

      Having said that, this is still a great app! Keep up the good work.

  • Stian Aae

    Just got the Airprint-function to work today, thanks to the Printopia app – which makes it possible to print via any type of printer, not only the HP-specified ones:

    Anyhow, the text I print out will get a mega-sized font when it comes out of the printer (just the same with the pdf-function). Would be great if you added an option to reduce the font-size of the documents sent to printer.

  • Chris Smith

    Please give us RTF editing on the iPad. As others have mentioned, it’s really annoying not to be able to create to-do lists on Evernote for iOS—and all because we can’t insert checkboxes! (Of course, it would also be lovely to be able to round-trip an RTF note from computer to iOS device and back to computer.)

    Please let us know what the holdup is for RTF and when we can expect a solution. I’m sure the programmers have a really good reason, but for users, it really seems strange that RTF is so difficult to implement!

  • Thommy

    implement Rich Text Editing of notes on the ipad.

    While the local folders feature is great for preparing a meeting and having all important documents at hand… it really sucks that i can’t edit notes created in rtf. Most of the time after adding some text to a note attached w/ a pdf file… i can’t even reopen the pdf until the next sync!!!


  • elmer fudd

    PLEASE give us RTF editing on the iPhone! To me, this is the single biggest disappointment with Evernote. Otherwise, it is nearly perfect for me and my business team. But it stinks to not be able to do things like use bold, italics, etc.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add this to the next update… Thanks!

  • hamhead

    i’d like to join some other commenters that highlighted evernote’s seemingly flawed approach with iPhone (and other platforms maybe?) of adding features while ignoring the robustness and usability of basic features in the app. here are some of the main gripes:

    * i thought offline notebooks meant OFFLINE including ALL attachments. so far, any PDFs are not stored offline in offline notebooks unless you’ve opened them once on the iPhone meaning they are in the phone’s cache. obviously one is not going to do this for every PDF containing note in their offline notebooks.

    * iPhone app is often DEAD SLOW to the point that I just give up on it and find another way to locate the data or leave it for later. this makes Evernote the NOT-always-usefully-available tool that we’d hoped it was.

    * i share others’ views here that the UI of the iPhone app has huge room for improvement compared to both the iPad version and more so the other excellent iPhone apps out there.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for your comments.

  • Armando Pazos

    Evernote on iPad recently updated to iOs 4.2 crashes on openning … tries to load for a few seconds and then closes during the few seconds “loading”

    Whats the best way to solve this problems ?

    • Jan

      Same problem here, any idea how to solve this?

  • Cordic

    I have really loved evernote for a year. Really, and that is why I want to congratulate you guys for such a nice piece of ecosystem and idea.

    Then I upgraded to premium, since it was worth it for me.

    After a year and more than 2500 notes, I feel EN is getting way too slow for me in many ways:
    + the application takes longer to boot. Ok, partially solved in the last mac release, but searching notes is still so slow and seems to take so much memory that now I prefer to search my notes on the web to avoid the extra burden.
    + the iPad/iPhone release lacks many features (proper sharing, RTF, creating notebooks from the app, etc.), and is slow when searching through my notes…
    + the website takes so long to load my notes that chrome suggests killing the page several times 🙁

    Plus, the iPhone app keeps having a buggy behaviour:
    + I’m reading a note taken a year, and I need to see notes around that one. When I go back to the general view (landscape mode), it consistently sends me to the most recent one. It’s so annoying having to go back again to search the note I was reading and then keep on looking surrounding notes. Why won’t it go back to the place where the note I was reading is?
    + When syncing offline notebooks, sometimes I see one that is too large that when I deactivate it, the iphone app crashes. I have noticed I can only do it right if the syncing has not started yet… it’s really annoying…

    These things are making me feel reluctant to use EN when I need to “snap” my life with a photo, a recording, or even worse, a simple text note. Instead, I am starting to use it *only* when I have enough time to organize the stuff I’m uploading (scans, photos, notes, etc.). And everything else has to be stored in another pool from which I’ll eventually pull everything out to push it into evernote. That feels exactly opposite to what I’d love to do with it. Why using other apps when EN should be enough?

    I want to encourage you guys to keep with the good work (the last increase in max # of allowed notes was really cool…), and if I am allowed, I would strongly suggest that EN focused in a speed improvement when doing ANYTHING with evernote (booting/searching any of the mac app, iphone/ipad app or web), and maybe afterwards include RTF formatting, since it is still to me a cute feature that I won’t bother to use if it keeps on getting slower as it grows with my notes.

    Thank you guys, and please, consider these suggestions.

    * one more thing… it doesn’t help much when a support guy suggests me to remove the iphone app and then reinstall it again because my iphone app feels so buggy… It takes so long to sync for me with >2600 notes

  • Julie Lowe

    I upgraded to evernote 4.0.4 during the week on my ipad 1. Since then I cannot open it. The app ‘loads’ for about 2 seconds and then shuts down. I’ve re-synced with my macbook to ensure the upgrade was finalised.
    I have rebooted my ipad. But it hasn’t seemed to have helped.
    All my other apps seem fine.

    Any ideas gratefully received.

    • Ron Toledo

      @Julie You can try uninstalling the app completely on the iPad and downloading a fresh copy from the App store. This usually works. If not please contact our support team at – they can help you troubleshoot further.