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Posted by on 18 Nov 2010

Posted by on 18 Nov 2010

The response to our Evernote 4 for Windows has been phenomenal. Seeing happy users is what motivates us to keep pumping out updates and releases. Today, we’re releasing our first public update to Evernote 4, version 4.0.2.

Please note: If you have Evernote 4, then check for updates. If you are using an older version of Evernote for Windows, download Evernote 4 now »

Improved searching

This update makes every aspect of searching better. Whenever you perform a search, those results are now highlighted within the notes. This applies to regular keyword searches and searches for printed or handwritten text within images.

We’ve also added a Find option, giving you the ability to search within a specific note. Access this via the Edit menu or by hitting CTRL+F in a note.

Import and export

Microsoft OneNote users can now import their notes from OneNote 2007 and 2010 into Evernote. For those looking to export their notes from Evernote, we’ve added support for MHT export.

Better note editing

Note editing got a nice upgrade in this release.

  • Improved copy and paste of plain text within notes
  • Better support for entry of Asian characters
  • Improved ability to TAB within notes
  • Easier entry of geo-location information
  • Better performance when editing notes containing PDFs

Lots more

We’ve also made it possible to customize the columns you see in List View and lots of other enhancements and bug fixes.

Evernote 3.5 users

We will be performing the auto-update from Evernote 3.5 to Evernote 4 very soon. If you wish to transition to Evernote 4 before the auto-update, then download Evernote 4 today.


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  • Imran

    Cool! Thanks

  • David

    V. 4 is UNREAL. Such an amazing upgrade. I have gotten rid of a couple of programs and just use evernote and a task app for most everything. Great work!

    Any chance you are going to give more task features in the future?

  • Ilan Bar

    Hope that support for RTL languages will come soon…
    It is so difficult to implement? For me it’s a crucial feature (that influense Arabic, Hebrew and more RTL languages)

  • Tom Manderson

    When will you be re-adding Evernote portable? I miss having the functionality of the desktop client wherever I go! I find the web client simply isn’t as easy to use.

  • Greg

    Appreciate the continuous upgrading and improvements to Evernote. The “killer app” feature I’m now waiting for in EN 4 is webcam captures larger than 640×480!

  • John

    I’m intrigued. Hopefully you’ve fixed it so I don’t have to bypass security settings to install it.

    • Philip Constantinou

      Upcoming releases of 4.0 will allow you to install Evernote without Administrative access. You may want to keep an eye out or our beta next week ( Our first version of non-admin install should be available then.

      • Scotto

        I’ll wait to install V4 when you have the non-admin version. Without a non-admin version Evernote would be worthless and I’d be forced to drop my premium status, and I wouldn’t want that since EN is so useful.

  • switchfox1977

    @Tom Manderson: The “Portable” version is still there, in a sense.
    1. Install Evernote
    2. Copy Evernote folder to thumb drive from Program Files
    3. Stick thumb drive into another PC
    4. Run Evernote.exe
    5. DRINK BEER!

  • pep

    It’s strange, going “check for updates” it tells that i have last version…and it’s not last (, downloading from web suppossed 4.0.2….


  • Jonathan Daniel Harris

    Nice update.
    Not too fussed on the new ‘look’ but glad you gave the option to switch back to a traditional window view. Only other thing I was going to mention was the desktop notifications. It would be nice to be able to run the program in the background and get notifications telling us Evernote has synced and uploaded notes. At the moment you need the program running to see it.

  • Peter FIsher

    Looks great! Keep up the great work guys! Hopefully an update for the Mac client soon? =)

  • Charlie Arehart

    Thanks you, thank you, thank you….for putting back in “find within note”. I can go back to loving Evernote again. 🙂 Thank you for offering such a great tool/service.

  • Alexandra

    I like the new look! Thanks! Still missing “word count” feature though.

  • 宝尊电商

    Cool! Thanks

  • Guy

    Fixes the disappearing search box in the notes list…..thanks for acting on user comments so quickly.

  • lorri

    Looks very nice. I’m still waiting for your response from waaaay back on having an option to keep tag folders closed while adding new sub-tags 🙂

    Also, it looks like the editing toolbar now has to be open to add a tag? Or is there a new keyboard command for adding a tag? I’d rather do this using the keyboard instead of drag-and-drop because I have about 14 billion tags, but I don’t usually keep the whole editing toolbar open because it takes up screen space.

  • Axel

    During the process of updating to version 4.0, I was asked to uninstall version 3.1. I did this via the Windows Control Panel and then downloaded and installed 4.0. My synced Notebooks were restored from the web servers, but I had one local Notebook that disappeared. Does anyone know how I can recover it? (Unfortunately I have no backup.) If the uninstall of a previous version will delete local notebooks, I would suggest that a warning to this effect be placed somewhere in the update process.

    • Axel

      I recovered my local notebook by using System Restore to return to version 3.1.

  • Onyx

    Way to go, you people rock. Love that you tightened up the interface so there’s less blank space and more room to see notes. And that it is indeed faster.

    The podcasts are amusing as well as insightful for this user. And it’s all free, yippee!

    I’ll probably end up paying you down the road when Verizon gets the frickin’ iPhone and my data storage needs go up.

  • Daryl (Premium User)

    Hi Andrew – I happened to do a “Check for Updates” from within the application earlier in the day so got the update before your blog post.

    I experienced a slight problem in that it didn’t pick up my existing v4 database but instead picked up the v3.5 database. Of course, it wasn’t a major issue and it then proceeded to download all of the subsequent notes, but it may be something you need to be aware of.

    All the best,

  • Rui

    Excellent work guys! Finally, you dropped the lame .Net framework and went to Chromium for a much needed speed boost! I was all over you for making that bad call, the prior version was much better than 3.5, and now I will take back my anger and replace it with joy and happiness. Finally, we can get some work done instead of looking at refresh of lists!..


    Come on! That mode was what made people drool over Evernote. Its much better to enter review/scan mode on that View.



  • Todd

    And here I thought version 4 for Windows was going to be latest and greatest … at least for a little while. But Evernote 4, version 4.0.2 for Windows delivers again. It’s subtle but the ability to import from OneNote is huge for those with notes scattered in a number of places. Let the note consolidation begin. You know, this feels like being at a prize fight with Evernote throwing all the punches!

  • kevin

    When will list View be side-dockable? I can’t stand having it only on top 1998 style.

  • John Dwyer

    When are you going to go back to the user being able to use Outlook for emailing as it was a while ago????

  • Ivy Liu

    A good news.I have been used the new version. It functions very well.Thanks.

  • savagemike

    Why make me go through the download to tell me at the end that I need to be running as an admin to do the update?

  • Carlos

    We really miss the Linux version…
    You need to think about this.

  • Arojit Roy

    Thanks Andrew Sinkov for this great message. Greast implement.

  • George Anison

    Please, bring back the Evernote 3.1 “Blog View”, alowing to see notes one after the other, like a blog.

    I think this view is extremely useful, allowing to edit and view multiple notes together. I’m still on 3.1 cause of that but I hope you’ll add it soon.


  • Rick

    Love the new updates. The one thing that would make the program perfect would be to add reminders on both the Android app and the desktop. I wouldn’t need any task/todo programs at all.

  • Bojan

    I really don’t regret that I am paying user of this service. Strongly supporting this program is something that will generate positive impact on all users and community that is generated around it. Do we have some sort of Evernote forum?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes, there’s a forum:

  • Jay

    Would love to see a Windows Phone 7 app; Hope that is in the queue in the near future. I just switched from the iPhone and Evernote is one of the biggest apps I miss. Thanks for the Windows update!

    • Matthew

      Another vote for a Windows Phone 7 app!

      • Matt

        Same here!

      • Julio gonzalez

        Yes, please. I have started using one note because of this – I sincerely hope I dont have to switch from Evernote because of this.

    • Erik Sebellin-Ross

      Another vote here!

      • clutterbuck

        another vote here.

  • Thas

    im on a mac. i’ve been using evernote for about 3 months now and i love it. i’ve tried a few others but this is by far the best when it comes to jotting down notes and then just having it with u anywhere u go.

  • Joe

    Evernote is my favorite tool. I have generally enjoyed each upgrade. I am happy to see the streamlined look.

    However, I am disappointed with 4.02 mostly because it has slowed everything down – saving, syncing, assigning tags, etc; especially when it was described as being faster than 3.5. It is now quicker to access and use Evernote online.

    A couple other, minor things:
    – I still have to drag tags across the Note List to attach them to the Note Panel in Mixed View – switch the Note Panel with the Note List, so it is next to the tags list.
    – I’m a color person: why did you get rid of the yellow tags?

    I can live with most changes (I’m easy to get along with), but slowing the program down on my PC is not worth the price of the new look.

    Lastly, can you tell me why it launches on Windows startup even though I have deselected the option?

    • Cenk

      Lastly, can you tell me why it launches on Windows startup even though I have deselected the option?

      Same problem here, I still could not find a way to disable this behaviour 🙁

    • rrrrrichard


      Must uninstall. VERY serious bug.

  • LinusG

    Awesome! I really appreciate every upgrading of Evernote. It made my work so easy.

  • Raghu GS

    Evernote 4.0 is awesome, so nice.
    There is no words to define the superiority of the software.

    I just wish you add Google Calendar support in the next release.
    It is a badly required feature, at least from my end.
    You don’t have to bother that people would stop using evernote if they sync to Google Calendar, both are in totally leagues.
    Would be nice if join hands.

  • Pedro

    I noticed that the version 3.1 could not be downloaded anymore, and the new installer claims that the previous version should be be uninstalled. I have an issue with that, because I want to have a way back to the good old 3.1 version if the new one does not work the way I expect. That happened with the 3.5 version, that ran a kind of slowly in my computer.

    So, is there any way to download the version 3.1 again? If it is possible, I will try the new version, if not, I will stay where I’m.


    • Ingo

      I agree. I can’t test this without uninstalling 3.1? After the horrible version 3.5, I am unwilling to risk that.

      Maybe I can find another PC to test this new version on.

  • Joe B.

    Awesome–I nearly gave up on 3.5 and almost regretted my premium membership….but then 4.0 came along. Well done!

    My only wish is that you’ll continue to work on *core* functionality–esp. the text editor. It’s improving, but it’s probably the only area where OneNote outshines EN.

    Would also love for the windows version to have more of an iPad graphical look to it. Other than that, awesome job!

  • Katie

    Best upgrade I’ve ever seen. And it has coincided with my sudden influx of ideas and things to remember. I really like the new user interface, really makes me want to use it. Just reorganised my notes, and I’m loving it.

  • Alex Galindo

    Evernote has really changed my life, but with 4.02 I lost drag&drop for outlook msgs, so I had to change back to 3.5. I hope this will be fixed soon.

  • Elizabeth

    Uh, I can’t get the One Note import to work. It finds my OneNote notebook, but doesn’t see any of the sections within in, so I can’t actually import anything.

    • JH

      You must not use section groups. If you copy your groups into normal sections its gonna work.

      • Stephen

        I ran into the same issue after upgrade to version 4. Importing OneNote section group used to work just fine with the older version of Evernote. Why would they take that away I wonder?

  • Elizabeth

    Ah, I figured it out — the importer can’t handle section groupings.

  • Pam McCarthy

    My staff of Salem Oregon Realtors are loving the windows version on our office pc’s and the staffs smart phones….love it! 🙂

  • Dik

    Hey, it’s the year 2010. Try including an uninstaller with your program… Not a fan.

  • Jim Parrie

    Windows phone 7 app please!!!

  • Kish

    It rocks!

    only one faux pas. I can’t figure out how to reconfigure my print screen button so it can grab screen shots from my windows desktop.

    Can someone on a higher level enlighten me?

    I’ll throw in a virtual beer and some smuckers.


  • Stephen Sweeney

    I’d love to be able to import OneNote files into the OSX version of EverNote.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The easiest option would be to install Evernote on your Windows computer. Do the import there, then Sync. When you Sync your Mac, the notes will be there.

      • Bjarne L. Gram

        Even better than importing OneNote would be to have the ability to sync Evernote with OneNote in the Cloud/Intranet/SkyDrive/ et.c. the way I sync OneNote with multiple computers.

  • Erin

    I used Evernote on my Blackberry to make a voice note but cannot find (listen to) the note on any platform. Help.

  • Phil Robinson

    I’m loving the new Evernote – it seems faster and generally snappier on Windows.

    However, and this is a BIGGY, I can’t seem to drag and drop content into Evernote any longer. This is a key feature for me, and one I used frequently on Evernote 3.5.

    Seriously considering down-grading… 🙁