In the Trunk: Noteshelf for iPad

Posted by Seth Hitchings on 24 Nov 2010

Posted by Seth Hitchings on 24 Nov 2010

  • App name: Noteshelf
  • Developer: Ramki
  • Platform: iPad
  • Price: $4.99
  • Type: Inking

There’s something about the size and feel of the iPad’s screen that makes you want to write, draw and doodle with your fingers (or maybe a stylus). There are a bunch of great writing and drawing apps for iPad and, increasingly, they have something in common: they work with Evernote.

Whether you’re a casual inker who jots down a phone number or a serious productivity geek who brings an iPad and stylus to every meeting, there’s an app in the Evernote Trunk that will allow you to take notes your way and save them to your Evernote account, where we’ll make your handwritten text searchable and synchronize everything across your devices.

Noteshelf for iPad

The latest note taking addition to the Trunk is Noteshelf, an app that allows you to create multi-page notebooks from a fantastic selection of templates. In addition to standards like blank, ruled and graph paper, you can choose a day planner, task list, baseball scorecard, and more.

Of course, the most important feature of an inking app is the quality of the writing, and Noteshelf does’t disappoint. With smooth curves, line weight that varies based on how fast your finger moves, and a number of choices of pen color, the ink support is top notch. If you write with a stylus, Noteshelf’s wrist protection mode allows you rest your wrist on the screen just like you would with a paper notepad. You can also insert images into your notes, then mark them up with your finger.

Send to Evernote

Once you’re ready to save your notes into Evernote, Noteshelf makes it simple but also gives you a lot of control. You can save an entire notebook, a set of pages from a notebook, or just one page. You can choose whether to upload the pages as image files, which give the best handwriting recognition results, or as PDFs, which are great for multi-page documents. You can even specify the Evernote notebook that you want the notes added to, and whether the template background should be included. Noteshelf remembers your selections, so the next time you want to save a note to Evernote, it only takes two taps and you’re done.

Many great inking apps

Noteshelf is just one of the great inking apps that you’ll find in the Evernote Trunk. Other iPad apps include FastFinga, SpeedText HD, Inkiness, Underscore Notify, and Zeptopad. The iPhone and iPod Touch’s screens may be a little small for hardcore note taking, but they also feature a number of popular inking apps, including EverPaint, Touchwriter and iPhone versions of FastFinga and SpeedText.


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  • rob

    Just downloaded this App. Looks nice so far. I am having trouble figuring out how to run the OCR on a note exported to Evernote and can’t find anything in your help. Any suggestions?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Regarding OCR, it depends on the note type. If it’s an image, then we will automatically run it through our image recognition engine. If it’s a PDF, then you need to be a Premium ( for the OCR to happen.

      • Ryan

        I exporeted a noteshelf notebook as images to my Evernote (non-Premium) and it isn’t indexing my handwriting. What am I doing wrong?

        I may upgrade to premium at some point but really want to prove how useful this will be to my day to day activities before I do so.

        I also noticed that when I export a multi-page notebook as a PDF that it only comes into Evernote with the first page.

  • Sungkyunrha

    Wanting to know much more on use it

  • Nigel Goddard

    I uploaded a couple of pages to Evernote, but none of the words I wrote are found when I search. Is there a delay before you run the image through the image recognition engine? Or is it just not recognizing my handwriting?

  • Esther Newton

    I want an ipad app that lets me both type and draw in the same document. Does this app let me do that?

    • Josh Laymon

      No, you cannot type in this app. I found one that does the other day but cannot recommend it as it lost all my data, then took forever to convert what i had to a pdf then stopped working all together. Noteshelf is great. no problems after 3 days of about 10 hours of notes each. 30 some pages of notes and can export to evernote without a glitch. these programmers actually did it right.

  • CBK

    @Ryan. I also thought that only one page of a multi-page PDF was being exported. When displayed in Evernote, move the mouse to the top center of the displayed page. You should see a page navigation tool pop up.

  • Lori

    Is there an app that works with evernote that I can handwrite a note and record the audio at the same time. I know Evernote itself supports this with typing but I am searching for a handwriting option as well.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Check out the Livescribe smartpen, Lori:

  • Penny

    Can noteshelf export as text?
    Thank you

  • Sally Dalrymple

    Is there a way to paste from another application, such as Safari or email, into Noteshelf? It would be helpful to be able to cut and paste ideas sent by email.