Our holiday gift to you: Higher monthly allowance and Premium invites

Posted by on 16 Dec 2010

Posted by on 16 Dec 2010

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features and pricing described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. It’s a time for fruit cakes, egg nog and ugly sweaters. But most of all, it’s a time for giving. In that spirit, we’ve decided to give all of you a little something special, and also allow Premium users to spread some love.

More monthly uploads for everyone!

This is how I think Oprah might handle this announcement: Look under your seats…You get a higher monthly allowance! And you get a higher monthly allowance!

It’s true, we’re raising the monthly allowance for all of our users, Free and Premium.

  • Free users are getting a bump from 40MB to 60MB of new notes per month.
  • Premium users go from 500MB to a whopping 1GB of new notes per month!

So, you’ll be able to remember more notes, more clips, more pictures, more files…more everything!

How does monthly allowance work?
This is a good opportunity to remind everyone about how Evernote monthly upload allowances work. First off, there’s no limit on the total size of your account, only on how much new stuff you can create in a given month. You start each month with 60MB or 1GB, depending on your account type. Anything new that you add during that month, either by creating a new note or adding to an existing note, subtracts from your monthly allowance. Deleting stuff does not restore used allowance. Then, on the first day of the next month, your allowance is reset, and you get a free 60MB or 1GB.

Don’t forget, if you ever decide to go from Premium to Free, you won’t lose any notes or content.


If you’re Premium, for the next month you get a magic power: you can turn your friends into Premium users!

Here’s how it works, invite as many friends as you can to join Evernote. The first 10 friends to create a new account by clicking on the link in your invitation email will be given 1 month of Evernote Premium. Have fun with this!

To invite friends, log into Evernote Web and click on the Invite a Friend option at the top of the page.

– Happy holidays from the Evernote team!

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  • mlm tips

    WHOA! I just opened Evernote on my Mac and noticed my monthly useage bar was really narrow … so I clicked it and saw I’ve now got a full 1 GB of monthly uploads!! You guys ROCK!!

  • David

    Awesome!!! Thanks guys!

  • Erika Jurney

    Wow! Thanks!

  • Sal

    Thank You Evernote. As a new user I’m excited to help spread the word.

  • Sherry Coleman

    Thank you!

  • John Sinde

    THANK YOU!!! As a Premium Evernut, 1/2 GB was a serious limitation for me in using your otherwise excellent program. I know your image analysis process does best with high quality scans, so I have my Fujitsu ScanSnap dialed up to the maximum quality scan mode. However, this produces really large files. I’ve been accumulating a growing backlog of scans awaiting upload as I shovel whole file cabinets worth of business records into EN. Thank you for solving this problem! Now I can shovel even faster!

  • KChristoph

    I’m thinking about to become a premium user …

  • Caroline

    Thanks so much! What a great Christmas present – I can always use a little more storage.

  • Jeff Davis

    WOW, this is awesome! I opened up my evernote and noticed that the full red usage indicator was now half full green! You did it again! This keeps getting better and better. By the way, I emailed a 37 Mb file yesterday from Evernote and that was awesome (gmail and yahoo limitations are 25 Mb per file). What a day saver! I urge everyone who is a free user to RUN and get the premium user version – 1 Gb/month is HUGE cloud backup storage. And dont forget that EVERYTHING is searchable, including pdf’s! Way to go Evernote!

  • Gregory De Niro

    Wow!!! This is fantastic. I didn’t even have to wait until Christmas morning!!! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!

  • Terri Schurter

    Thank you Evernote. This is fantastic.

  • Davide

    Fantastic guys! I don’t know how I lived before Evernote: my dream was to store in a single place all my reds, docs, professional matter and Evernote made this real! Now I’m waiting only a renewed iPhobe version!!!

  • Philippe99

    Wow !! Xmas before Xmas…
    Evernote.. What’s else ?

  • Yaman Kaytaz

    This is great news, I was happy with 40 mb but I could use an extra 20 mb per month! Thanks Evernote, my one and only go to note keeping system!!!

  • Grego

    Much appreciated, Evernote, and way to create even more positive word-of-mouth. This will make a big difference in the way I use Evernote.


  • Charlie Arehart

    Thanks, of course. But regarding the clarification of the upload limit/process, here’s something I’ve asked about and not seen addressed:

    – what about if you just change a small amount of info in a larger note? is the upload amount “charged” at the size of the note? or the size of the change to the note?

    That may seem hardly worth caring about to some, but if one has large notes and may want to update them often, it seems the difference could add up.

    If this is documented somewhere, please feel free to point me to it as I’ve missed it. Thanks.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Allowance is based on changes to notes. So regardless of what the change is, it will be deducted from you allowance. If you create a 10MB note, then make a 1MB change, you will have used 11MB of your monthly allowance.

      • Jeff the Early Adapter Premium Subscriber

        All I want for Christmas is
        Evernote Calendar Integration
        Evernote Calendar Integration
        Evernote Calendar Integration

        (I already have my 2 front teeth)

        Please update us on this soon!


      • JFW

        Jeff: Don’t know why you need Evernote Calendar Integration. 😐

      • charlie arehart

        OK, thanks very much for the answer, Andrew. At least now we know for sure. And as always, thanks for Evernote! 🙂

      • Jeff

        Mainly I want calendar integration so that I can use Evernote as a “Tickler file” system, and for project management. Like many people I am using Evernote as my primary tool for Getting Things Done (GTD). It would be awesome to be able to take a note and put some sort of “reminder” on it. I have used Gantt charts for projects but I find GTD with Evernote works better in most cases, except that there isn’t a good way to put timelines & calendar mileposts in there in an ideal way. I do use Tags in Evernote for my current “tickler” and project plans, but something more tightly wound with a real calendar would be a lot better.

  • Ben

    Nice to know!!! now i want to wait for a Christmas deal for new premium use 🙂

  • Adam Hepner

    I feel rewarded as Premium user! Thank YOU!

  • Rajeshwar

    Fantastic !!! Thank You EverNote.

  • yutaka5


  • Dave

    Premium invite power!

  • findo

    What a lovely gift! I’m a premium user and have had to put a project on hold because I didn’t have enough usage for two big projects at a time. Problem solved 🙂 Thanks so much to all at Evernote; you are always good to your users and that’s why I believe you’ll keep going strong.

  • Dave Yuhas

    Thanks, Evernote. But the gift I was looking for, linking between notes, hasn’t shown up under the tree yet. Maybe next year. Or the year after.

  • Derek McCoy

    Thank you Evernote!!! This rocks!

  • PhilGreen

    EverLoving EverNote!

  • Dave

    What am I going to do with all that bandwidth?!? I might even start throwing pics and work files on! who needs or even sugarsync! ;D

  • Umar

    Any way to send a link for a premium invite without revealing my e-mail (for privacy). For instance, if I wanted to share the invites with some tweeps on twitter, can i just send them a url link?

  • Chris Smith

    Thank you so much, Evernote! What a marvelous Christmas present! Merry Christmas and God bless us everyone!

  • TJ Longacre

    While maybe obvious to everyone else, I have to ask: is these increases just for the holidays or from this point forward?


    • Andrew Sinkov

      The monthly allowance increase is permanent.

  • Nomiship

    Thank you, Evernote! This is the best present in this year!

  • Nur Myrzamurat


  • Luke H

    whoooooooooooo Happy Holidays!

  • Ali

    Best X-Mas gift ever. Thank you

  • G

    Wow! Thanks for the usage allowance upgrade!!!!

  • Kenji Katsuragi

    Interest greatly

  • sat

    I expect:
    1. Evernote shows “We continue service for ever. Therefor we need more Premium users.”
    2. Evernote shows “We continue to invest more into system. E.g. to fix having a long wait for sending a clip to Evernote…”

  • Mugo


    Merry Christmas evernoters!! And thanks


    merry Xmas – corporate Premium Gift

  • Adrian

    Thank you for this Christmas gift !
    And keep up the good work 😉

  • spu

    AWESOME! A pleasant and welcome Holiday surprise! Thanks!

  • Barbara Smith

    This is fantastic! I was pretty sure there had been a change 😉 I keep finding more uses for Evernote and have been recommending it to everyone I know, even my computer guru! I love it!

  • Michael

    It would be great, if I could connect to my Web account or sync Evernote. It’s not working.

  • patrick r norha

    What digital pens, if any work with Evernote?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The LiveScribe pen:

  • Beth

    Is the “invite a friend” promotion still running?

  • Ryan Crozier

    Thanks for this great Christmas gift!

  • Sandi

    If I go paperless with my Scansnap S1100, should I scan my pictures of receipts in as Word docs or pdf’s instead of jpgs to save on my upload limit of pitures? (I’m a Premium Sub)

    • Andrew Sinkov

      If you want the receipts to be searchable, then scan them as either PDF or JPG. JPGs would be best. You have 1GB of uploads a month, so I don’t think you need to be concerned about hitting the limit.

  • RicD

    In a video you say Evernote data is backed locally on the Mac. Maybe it is my tri-focals however, I cannot find where the data is backed up on my Mac. Is it when doing File > Export Notes to Archive…? If it is I am okay with that however, the impression is Evernote does it on its own. TIA.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Your note content is stored in the Evernote folder under Application Support

  • kjm joon sik

    thank you

  • Enavarrocollin

    Thanks a lot._ As a new user I’m excited to help spread the word.