Mac App Store more than doubles new users

Posted by Phil Libin on 07 Jan 2011

Posted by Phil Libin on 07 Jan 2011

People are interested in what effect yesterday’s launch of the Mac App Store has had on Evernote. I’ll let one graph tell most of the story:

Each column shows the number of new users that signed up for Evernote every hour starting at midnight on New Year’s Day, up until a couple of hours ago. The red portion shows how many of those new users came from the Evernote Mac client.

So far, 166,789 new users have started using Evernote in the first few days of 2011. Since the launch of the Mac App Store, more than half of them are coming from the Mac. About 40,000 new users have signed up from the Mac so far. Note that this is new users only! It’s not the same as the total number of downloads from the Mac App Store (we had 90,000 of those, from store launch till midnight last night), because a large number of people downloading us from the Mac App Store are already registered Evernote users from a different platform.

All in all, I think getting on the Mac App Store on day one was worth the effort.


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  • Chad K


  • Znook

    And hopefully when they (the new users) have had a chance to play with it they’ll realize just what they’ve been missing out on in their life! Me, I’ve had Evernote for quite a while now and I just love it, so much so that I’ve just hit my monthly upload limit 🙁 Unfortunately I can’t afford to go Premium at the moment, but I sure will when I can. Thanks for a such a great product!

  • Scott Gould

    Thoroughly well deserved.

    It’s great being part of the Evernote family!

  • steve smith

    It is a fantastic program. I use it everyday for lesson planning and writing. It makes my job easier thank-you.

  • Gary Anderson

    Holy Cow! I’ll bet you guys are feeling pretty good and proud today! Evernote is Cool! I’ve been using evernote for a couple years now.

    Stay Boosted!

    Gary Anderson
    aka- @GanderCo

  • Pete S

    Congrats on the growth! I enjoy using Evernote everyday with my business!

  • Fine

    40.000 people downloading a free application are not 40.000 new users (“active”). But good to hear that 9 % of all the App Store downloads are one free application. Regarding the latest Apple press release (“1 million downloads in 24 hours”), the store isn’t that successful at all (with maybe 200.000 people downloading Twitter, hehe)

    • Phil Libin

      It’s over 100K people downloading. 40K is the new users.

    • Ashley

      The App Store is distributed in OS X 10.6.6, a major update which requires a reboot. And the automatic updater only checks for updates once a week by default, so most people won’t have even been prompted to install it yet, and those who have will have probably clicked ‘not now’ when it asked them to reboot (I normally do.)

      Though seriously, you don’t think 1 million app downloads on the first day is impressive? I’d say that’s a good figure given the gradual rollout.

    • roz

      Depends on what your measure is of success is. If the measure is monetization then evernote and twitter are not a huge wins for the store I guess. If the measure is expanding the market for developers, then the data above is a huge win for the app store. Effectively it means the Mac platform is more activated and as such is a richer target for developers paid or not.

  • Mike Cottmeyer

    Good work guys… I wasn’t one of the downloads ‘cuase I’ve had you on my mac for a year plus. You guys are awesome, the Mac store is awesome… I hope you have a ton of success!

  • merry

    Love Evernote!!

  • Jordan Jones

    This is an amazing example of the power of frictionless distribution. Something like the App Store makes it so easy to find and install Evernote, that there’s a huge jump in new account creations. I hope some of those folks convert, and drive revenue to pay for more investment in innovation. Evernote is a tremendous app: It’s like TiVo for the mind!

  • EricE

    Congratulations on your success! The amount of new unique users vs. simple downloads is very, very impressive!

    You almost have to feel sorry for the curmudgeons like @Fine – it must really be exhausting to be continually wrong at predicting Apple’s demise.

  • Erina Gamii

    Hi Evernote team,

    Just want to wish you guys all the best for 2011 and a continued growth! I’ve been using Evernote increasingly more especially with taking notes down and writing content for my new website on baby clothes.

    We users support you!


    ps: Wouldn’t know what I’d do if Evernote just closed shop one day 🙁

  • Cintra

    Very good, however I’m a little worried about Evernote’s ability to handle the increase without hiccups like those recently experienced..


  • Kenneth Swift

    What does this say about Mac users? Are they not able to find things for themselves.

    • Iain Anderson

      I fear I’m answering a troll, but: no.

      While regular computer users have no problem downloading and installing new software, “regular” people wouldn’t know where to begin, on Mac or PC. Make it easy and people will do it.

      The knowledge gulf between the kind of people who interact on forum boards like this and the kind of people who’ve maybe just learned to use Facebook is enormous.

  • Keith Ellis

    Great news, I already have the latest downloadable Mac client 2.0. However I note that the Mac App Store version is 2.0.1. Should I upgrade via the Mac App Store or can I leave the existing client to automatically upgrade?

  • Bridget

    I had Evernote installed before the app store release. I used Evernote’s internal feature to try to update to the version listed on the app store with no success. The only way to update (this time) was via the app store. That definitely skews the resulting statistics.

  • David Vaughan

    Great numbers, it is an awesome app. Works wonderful.

  • Steve Doh

    superb, my love tool ..^^

  • Andrew Hedges

    Awesome. Congrats!

    While the punditry wrung their hands about the effect the App Store would have for developers (‘Egads, another closed Apple eco-system!’), I was pretty sure it would be a win. Unlike the iPhone store, Mac developers are still free to distribute in all the same channels as before. The change is that there is one, high-profile place where the average user can go and trust the experience.

    Even if it drives prices down a little, I think developers stand to profit from shipping a lot more software. A strong software base is good for the Mac platform as well.

    Thanks so much for sharing these numbers!

  • cremations


  • Teresa

    I just started using Evernote the other day because Don McAllister of released an excellent tutorial of your product. I had heard others mention it but never quite got around to trying it until I watched Don’s show.

    I suppose the Mac App store update is something I need to do soon, but so far, I haven’t gotten around to it.

    Congrats on all the new users

    So far I love it.

  • Teresa

    Well drat – that should be

    although it looks like Don was aware of people like me who leave out letters when typing urls.

  • Joseph

    There’s only one question to ask. Will these user stay ?

  • Jason Barone

    Very interesting stats! Sounds like the App Store will be a smash hit. Great news for you guys! I actually re-downloaded Evernote through the App Store because it felt more organized getting it from the “official” store.

  • Gabriele Maidecchi

    I think this pretty much shuts up all the skeptical people out there.

  • Martin Lucas

    That’s a pretty dramatic graph – I hope more software companies will follow you on to the Mac App Store.

  • iPimp

    Thanks for this graph. It’s very insightful for developers.

  • Daniel Laursen

    Its the best software product I have been using, that have had the biggest impact on my daily routines. Evernote and Getting things done is so excellent.

    It is well deserved that your sales figures are exploding!

    Im going to write a big review on my danish blog and would like an interview with an executive from Evernote.

    If interested just reply here or send me an email.
    Best regards

    Daniel Laursen

  • Martin

    Great – as long as I’m not forced to pay for Evernote in the Mac App Store. It’s very annoying that the local Mac App Store prices are mostly higher than the original USD prices. In my case, the difference is 15+%.

  • Karolyne

    Evernote is my lifeline across two OS, ipad and iphone, for work and home, every hour of the day. What can’t be stored in Evernote, can be photographed and inventoried. It simply gets better and better.

  • JMMX

    I was at the gym yesterday, chugging on the elliptical, when a Santana song came up on my iPod Touch. WOW I thought – this would be perfect theme for the screen play I am working on.

    As soon as I was done with the elliptical (and caught my breath), I sat down, clicked on Evernote, and added a note with the song name. No connection to internet? No problem. When I got home it synced on up and I was able to flesh out details.

    Without evernote – that all might have gotten lost in my poor old grey cells by the time I got home.


  • Austin

    What are the thoughts on switching from using direct downloads from to using downloads from the mac store? I assume the latest version will probably be available via the website before they are on the mac app store because of Apples approval process. But it would nice to be able to update all apps from one central place and to be notified when the new version is available.

  • Jim Brown

    i saw evernote on : Best mobile app

    Congratulate V^^V

  • Jon

    This is when I first started using Evernote. I can’t believe I never heard of it before, awesome product. Streamlining all my workflow through evernote now.

  • Ravi

    I used Evernote recently to document my visit to a mine located remotely in the jungles of Indonesia. I took pictures, wrote a note about what the picture was all about, and the fact that the iPhone was recording the longitude and the latitude of the place where I took the pic was a huge plus…It was all amazing. I cannot think how else I could have documented this visit. And all without even a phone connection – I guess iPhone also deserves part of the credit.

    I think even the designers of Evernote would not have imagined that their app would be used this way.

    I am now struggling to export the contents to a report, but there seems to be no easy way of doing this. Or perhaps I am not doing it right..