Evernote for iOS gets an update

Posted by on 12 Jan 2011

Posted by on 12 Jan 2011

An update to Evernote for iOS just went live in the App Store. Version 3.4.2 is mostly an under-the-hood update. Check for updates or get it from the App Store.

We’ve made a number of enhancements to stability during synchronization and note creation. For example, if you create a note, you’re able to consistently view it even if the note is still synchronizing. Also, we’ve improved the way attachments are handled on the iPad. There are also a ton of other bug fixes throughout that will make your Evernote experience just that much more pleasant.

One very visible new capability is support for Traditional Chinese.

Stay tuned, there are some big things in the works for iOS. Hold tight.


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  • Sam

    Is web clipping for iPad one of the “big things” in the works.

    • JimEJr

      That’s possible already. I’ve been clipping portions and entire web pages within Safari browser on iPad since it’s release. Simply add the Evernote toolbar bookmarklet to the Bookmark Bar in Safari browser on your computer, then sync your bookmarks. Safari for iPad also has the Bookmark Bar so this will show up. Simply tap it to clip an entire page, or first select the portions of a page you want to clip, no need to copy, then while selected, clip the Evernote button in the bar. You can still change the name of the note, select the notebook, add tags, even comments.

      • J lewis

        I wish that really worked. We have 2 iPads and an iPad 2 and the evernote web clip bookmarklet is very very slow to respond and in about 10% of occasions just never responds in a way that locks up the browser. It’s utterly useles.

        If I find something interesting I open my droid, find the site, and use the lovely share to evernote feature. I have a rabid hate of evernote on the iPad for this reason. Perhaps apple makes a similarly slick implementation on the iPad impossible, but there is a reason people keep asking for this – the current approach simply sucks unless, one assumes, you are testing it at evernote hq so the web connect delay is zero.

  • Fourthords

    I’m excited about big things! Personally, I’m hoping for notebook sharing!

  • Cliff

    Suddenly after the update, annotated-PDF’s won’t seem to show the annotations on the iPhone app. I cleared the cache, reinstalled the app and everything, but nothing works. What happened??

  • Miltos

    Of course, we are all waiting for the possibility to create hand written notes.

  • Gary

    handwriting imput is all I want from Evernote on the iPad. Then I can do all my work in the only app that matters..

    • ChrisR

      Amen Gary! Come to think of it- Hey Evernote: go and buy Upad or something!!

  • JimEJr

    I’m forecasting ability to add & edit rich text notes. Also, I’ll go on a limb with Evernote added as a standard “Open In…” so images, docs, and other items from other apps can be saved to Evernote.

  • Mor

    I’m hoping for real Web clipping aswell As an as some true writing and doodle capabilities!

  • SN

    I’m just hoping they fixed the bug that makes the iPad version “all notes” “notebooks” “tags” “places” “searches” buttons quit working at random times.

  • Andy

    I’m also strongly hoping for rich text formatting. I need to have better ways of designating titles, important portions, etc. of larger notes. Bold, italic, underline, varied font sizes, indenting, etc. would be extremely helpful.

    Thanks for the update; I’m looking forward to big things.

  • Clay Ryan

    I would really like to see a task manager/to-do module of some kind within Evernote, which would make it my all-in-one external brain. Curious miss that the iPhone doesn’t have a stock/default task manager or to-do list app that synchs with Outlook in the same way as the Calendar, and I think this could be integrated into Evernote.

    • Grant

      Have you checked out Egretlist?

  • Sylumer

    I love using Evernote on my iPad and would sincerely like to see rich text editing come to it. My guess if that it will be shared notebooks and ink notes as Phil Libin has made reference to both of these in the past with regards to iPad and they’re not here yet.

    But for anyone who’s interested I did find a way to put new rich text notes into Evernote on the iPad using the Note & Share app featured in the trunk ( see ).

    I also frequently clip pages on the go from my iPad’s Safari browser. For me though when I’m browsing in this way I just kind of want to go save and be done in a click – I’ll sort it later. Just the same way Instapaper does. If you’d like a one tap save to Evernote bookmarklet, then I also have a blog post about that ( see ).

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store and of course thanks for the latest iOS update.

  • Larry

    I’m on the RTF for iPad bandwagon. Please.

  • Paul

    Please let it be Rich Text Editing! I use Evernote for everything and task management would become a lot easier if I could make To-Do Lists on the iOS Apps. I can’t use Things because it doesn’t synch over the internet, Evernote does.

    • Grant

      Check out Egretlist.

  • fernando

    Evernote is amazing, the only thing that I d like to see in my ipod app is the possibility to group by the notes using the options, but separately by notebooks… Today when I use the notebook group by option, I see the notes inside the notebook order by update… and I d like to see that by others options….

  • Jongoloid

    Love my iPad. Love Evernote on the PC. Don’t like Evernote on the iPad much at all – at least not yet. Here’s why:

    1) Lack of Rich Text. I agree big-time with all the others signalling this complaint. Bad enough on its own, but it also leads to all sorts of formatting irregularites between what I see on the PC screen and on my iPad. (e.g., 14 pt. type on the PC screen that shows up unreadably small on my iPad).

    2) No Stack Support. Since this feature was added to “real” versions of Evernote, my journals have been nice and tidy on the PC. On the iPad, however, they’re a mess.

    3) Lousy visual metaphor. The “piles” on the iPad screen are far inferior to the notebook binder tool bar on desktop versions.

    For me, “Big Things” would mean solutions for 1-3. Fingers crossed. Then I could say, “Love my iPad. Love Evernote. Love Evernote on my iPad.”

    • BMC

      Notebook stacks is a big one for me too. My notbeeks are unweildy on the opad and iphone without them.

    • Grant

      Stack support is number one. They need that for the web interface too. I’ve blown up my number of notebooks since they introduced Stacks to the desktop apps, but now my notebooks in the iPod Touch app are, like you said, a mess.

    • Michelle

      The iPad version is virtually useless since it lacks Stacks support. I just assumed my notebook organization would be carried over from the desktop to my iPad. I will probably switch to another product that offers a logical synch!

    • Brent Markwood

      I agree stack support is #1 issue for me on iPhone.

  • P123

    The ability for free-hand writing and annotation of PDF would replace Penultimate and GoodReader on the iPad, then I’d have everything in one place and Evernote would be the go-to app for me.

    • David


  • V

    Stack support for iPad, PLEASE. My current notebooks are a disgusting mess and that’s the only thing that keeps me from fully using Evernote for iPad because I hate looking at my unorganized list of notebooks.

    Would also like (as in the desktop/web version) a tree structure or at least an option for list view (as opposed to thumbnail/detail). I’m not a visual person so sometimes all I want is the list of notebooks…

  • Ludo

    Will there be an application for Linux (Ubuntu in particular) soon?

  • David Risley

    Really hoping for rich text support. That whole copy/append thing on iOS is a real drag. Can’t even do something as simple as a checkbox (for a list) without ruining it on the ipad.

  • Erik

    Ipad goes black after viewing docs. I asked about this but no answer. Premium user. Whats the problem!!!!!!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact our support team:

  • Mark

    I know I am a little late to the party on this one, but as a PhD student I would love handwritten notes for the iPad. Evernote is my brain, it would be awesome if I could store and create everything there all at once. You guys rock.

  • Larry

    Either I’m missing something or something is missing from Evernote that seems to me to be organization critical.

    I don’t see where you can list your notes by title alphabetically. You can sort by date created or updated, but not by title. Is everyone using Tags to organize?

    As an example of how this works against me, I wanted to use Evernote to keep a simple “To Do” list. It would be nice to have the ability to pull that up easily, but if I don’t update it for several days and add lots of other notes, it gets pushed down the pile and I can’t find it. Any strategies for this?

    It seems to me you just keep throwing everything into a pile with no order to it other than using the search to find your notes later.

    I’m just not getting how this keeps you better organized.

  • Mike

    Would love to see the ability to view Notebooks, then chose a notebook to open the notes. In other words, the same functionality that exist in the Android version.

    Scroll Notebooks instead of Notes. Right now it’s All Notes, though the list is categorized. It would be more efficient to scroll Notebooks, then drill down into the notes I’m interested in.


  • Finn sparsoe

    I wanted to show off Evernote on my iPad today for a colleague but had to give up because I couldn’t find the relevant notebooks.

    On the iPad notebooks are a mess so PLEASE add stacks in the next update


  • Olek Shestakov

    I really enjoy the Evernote and I am the premium subscriber. Great work! I use it often on iPhone and iPad.

    * * *

    One feature I am missing from iPhone/iPad version (for years) is the password protection. Every time when somebody is asking the question, somebody from your team is answering “get the iPhone – level password”…

    This is one feature that is preventing me to use Evernote extensively and I consider it as a biggest issue. The thing is that most of people who use Evernote are using private or sensitive notes, business notes etc. I use the iPhone/iPad level protection, but so many friends are asking me to “play with my iPad” an I have to give it to them!!! I do not keep anything sensitive in the mail, but I really want to use such information in Evernote.

    So no really encryption is necessary, just 1 simple check for 4 digits, which can protect me from somebody accidentally sneaking in. Of course if somebody wants to hack in, they will. I am working in development myself, and I do know that it is a simple feature to do. If somebody needs a password reset, they can just re-install the application, so no real “password recovery procedure” for you.

    Do you think you may plan this feature for this year? Because if not, I will probably cancel my subscription and will use another tool. I will miss it, but I have to have the password.

    Thank you,

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We do plan on adding this functionality to the iOS version of Evernote.

      • Jana

        When? I love evernote and am ready to pay good money, but as a teacher, I want to take notes about students and CANNOT do this without the assurance of password protection. I’d like it on specific notebooks. Please.

  • Andrew S

    Rich Text Formatting PLEASE!!!

  • Kieren

    I’m a +1 for rich text formatting. Just imagine if you could tick off to-do lists on your iPhone/iPad, as well as bold and underline text. There would never again be a need for any other productivity app.

    Please, please, please…

  • Eloy Acosta

    I totally agree!!!

    Plase, notebooks (and tags) stacks support on iPad and iPhone applications.

    Rich text editting too.

    At least for the premium users!!

    If I don’t have these two functionalities in a few weeks, I will move to springpad or so. And I think that other people is going to do the same. Because my notes are a mess if I try to access trough any mobile app.

    Thanks a lot

  • Jan

    Rich Text Formatting please !!!

  • Keith

    I am a student using Evernote for my lecture notes.

    Stacks on the iMac was a helpful improvement for being able to create a Notebook for each lecture within each subject. Each Notebook contains slideshows, journal articles and notes. It’s wonderful.

    Since there is no Stack support on the iPad app I am struggling to find ways to order my Notebooks or at least name them in a way that makes them easy to find.. there are just too many and tagging and searching requires me to know what I am searching for.

    I don’t want to switch to another application which has folder features like Google Docs because I love Evernote’s ability to view all my notes so effortlessly and on the most part organise them into clear themes.

    Can anyone recommend a solution I can use in the meantime?

  • Kimron

    Stacks on the iPhone/iPad would make an already great product virtually perfect. A brilliant replacement for SOHO Notes for me.

  • Theo Rouers

    I use Evernote on the Ipad2, on android with my Galaxy S2, and on several Windows PCs. I have read about the lack of stacking on the Ipad. The android app lets me see the same stack as on Windows. On the Ipad the stacks are a mess. My solution to this is:

    as I am a professional Records Manager I use a workaround in form of a classification system for the notebooks in Evernote. Just make the classificatiin numerological:

    000 Inbox
    001 General
    002 Tasks
    003 Projects
    003.001 Project X
    003.002 Project Y
    003.003 Project Z
    004 ICT
    009 Private

    With this system you do not need the stacks anymore. The classification of your notebooks is your bunch of stacks. On the Ipad your notebooks get very structured this way.

    Try it: you will like it!!!

  • Theo Rouers

    I use Evernote also on my Galaxy S2 with android. Looks better on android.I was confronted with the lack of RTF editing in a bad way. Made some nice tables in Windows Evernote, my Ipad or my Galaxy S2 do not let me edit them. Hello Evernote-programmers make it work. Other editors on the Ipad (in the office apps) have these abilities. I just saw there were several updates on the Ipad client, but none of the things mentioned in this thread got a solution. Is someone from Evernote reading these threads?

  • Theo Rouers

    ohoh I must make a correction – after the last update I can edit tables: great work Evernote – now if you make stacks work it get really good

  • Jacob Hiller

    Please add stacks to the mobile versions.

  • Kevin Morris

    If you are using the iphone version you have limited stack support. From the notebooks you can tap on the i icon on the top left to give you view options. Sort by Stack is an option. This will sort all of your notebooks by the stacks.

    Stacks are not collapsable and you cannot create stacks. While the view is semi-helpful, if you have a lot of notebooks you have to have full support, including the ability to collapse and expand a stack. Why this view is not feasible in iPad yet who knows.

  • Grandin Donovan

    Stacks for iOS. As organization is a core feature for workflow and not just a nice to have, please make a top priority. Having a device disjoint in the internal architectures of one’s system is a crying’ shame.