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Posted by on 09 Feb 2011

Posted by on 09 Feb 2011

We’re excited to bring you the latest update to Evernote for Android (version 2.6), which includes a number of fantastic new features and behind-the-scenes enhancements. Get the latest version now from the Android Market »

New view: Snippets

We’re always trying to strike a balance between information-density and your device’s form factor. Too much content, and it’s difficult to parse. Too little, and it feels empty. With this release, we’re introducing Snippet note list view. The Snippet View is designed to be more dynamic, giving you the most useful information about your note in the smallest amount of space.

If a note contains an image, then we’ll show the note title, some text and a thumbnail. If the note is text-only, then instead of having a thumbnail, we’ll use the full width to display as much of the text as we can fit. It’s all meant to give you maximum at-a-glance information. In many cases, you won’t even need to open the note–you’ll get all you need from the snippet.

We still have the other views available. You can switch to them from the view options menu.

Notebook Stacks

Recently, Evernote for Windows and Mac added Notebook Stacks, a feature which lets you visually group your notebooks. Now, you can see stacks that you created on the desktop from Evernote for Android. If there are specific notebooks that are most useful when accessed from your phone–trip itineraries or shopping lists–consider creating a stack called Mobile for those notebooks. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for on the go.

Edit styled notes from your Android device

Now, you can edit any note in your account, whether a text notes, webclip, snapshot, or audio note. You won’t see that pesky “Append or Copy” popup ever again. This feature works by maintaining the styling of whatever element you decide to edit. For example, if you edit a bulleted list, the next line you create will also be a bullet; if you edit a section of bold text, then the content you add will also have bold text; and so on. You can also now edit web clips, notes with images, and any other note that’s already in your account.

A note on this feature: Evernote for Android now supports editing existing styled text, but it does not yet allow you to create new styled text or re-style existing text. We’re working on that. We’re also working on bringing these features to other mobile versions of Evernote. Stay tuned.

And there’s more…

  • Improved sync performance: Notes sync around 6 times faster than in previous versions
  • Edit Saved Searches before running them by tapping and holding the search name
  • Improved image scaling
  • Faster note loading and application performance
  • Many many additional bug fixes throughout

There’s more great stuff for Android on the way. Also, you’ll start seeing some of the features in this update appear in other versions of Evernote soon.


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  • Jonathan

    Are these features ever going to come for the iPhone?

    We seem to be waiting forever.

  • Calvin Spealman

    Will Evernote for Android be adding conversion of audio notes to a format my browser can actually play, so I can retrieve my notes later?

  • C

    Thank you Evernote!

    Editing “stylized notes” is the only real complaint I have about your android app and now it’s fixed and it’s perfect.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Jenni

    Think this is the first time I’m jealous of the Android! Looking forward to seeing these changes on the iPhone app – thanks for doing what you do and making my life easier 🙂

  • Heather

    Excellent work – I love Evernote!

  • Willie

    Could you please move away from ? Delete should be at the bottom, far away from other functions we want to use all the time.

    • Willie

      I used a metachar I guess. Move delete to the bottom away from merge.

  • policarpo

    Looking cool. Any chance we will be able to view our Saved Searches quickly like we do on the desktop? It would great if we could enable the Mobile UI to expose the Saved Searches as a top level item beneath the notebooks stacks,instead burying it within the Search parameters.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Cintra

    I’m afraid opening Evernote after the Update resulted in Force Closes. Had to uninstall and reinstall the app – which takes time. I wonder if having moved the app to SD card could have anything to with it..?

  • Daniel

    I know editing stylized notes on iOS is a PITA, but I’m really looking forward to the other features! Notebook stacks would be huge as far as organizing goes. Even just being able to see individual notebooks on my iPhone (like I can on my iPad,) would be awesome.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Caroline

    When is this update coming for iPhone?

  • Midwestnowaves

    When will Evernote for Android support inking? With the HTC tablet including (fingers crossed) a stylus and also the Asus MeMo, this is a much needed feature.

    Evernote dev team – please advise for all us old-fashioned writers trying to haul ourselves into the mobile era!

  • Michael

    I’ve tried Springpad – but their Android app syncing is terribly slow!
    And you’re making improvements in Android!
    I’m sticking to Evernote! (For now 😉
    Thank you! Keep up the great job.

  • Mark L

    YESSS! Love the stacks on the mobile! I agree with Calvin. I would like to use the audio notes more often, but it’s pretty useless without a format I can actually use. What’s the point?

    • Mark L

      And the note editing feature is GREAT! No more appending pop-ups. Man was THAT annoying. THANK YOU!!

  • Dave

    Very cool. Snappy even on my aging Droid. Handling of attachments MUCH improved over a few versions ago.

  • Justin

    Jenni – if this is the first time, then you aren’t looking hard enough 🙂

    Great work guys. You make my premium account more valuable with every release!

  • manticore

    I’d love to see these features on the ipad!

  • Frank McPherson

    Can’t edit numbered lists, can’t edit checkboxes. Hard to understand why you enabled editing of other styles, but not at least numbered lists.

    Better yet, please add the ability to create these styles on mobile devices, not just edit them.

  • Dave Beauvais

    I love the snippets view and notebook stacks! Thanks for a great update! Feature request: A version of the widget with a black background rather than gray. (Or better still, transparency.)

  • mike

    really need a calendar view, drives me nuts that there is not one/

  • Markus

    After latest update on Android my Evernote app crashes everytime I enter settings. Please check this.
    Apart from that: Awesome app!

    • Philip Constantinou

      Hi Markus — yea, some languages (German, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Taiwanese) the application crashes if you view the Settings page. We’ll have that fixed by the end of the week. Sorry about that.

  • ich

    The Android App crashes as soon as I want to enter “settings” (German version). What can I try? I don’t want to delete and reinstall, because I don’t want to lose the credentials (in case it crashes again after a clean reinstall)

  • ian forrester

    For goodness sake guys! I love what you’ve done with the new evernote on android but when are you ever going to create a native ubuntu/Linux version. Heck I’d even take a Java version over emulation with Wine. Its only Nevernote which brought me back to Evernote after 2 years without it…

    The joke is over now, time to support Linux properly!

    • Max

      Agreed. Running Evernote in wine is pretty slow. Do any evernote employee’s use Linux? I guess that would help!

      I’ll say this, I can’t justify paying for evernote until there is a native Linux client.

      The android client has progressed very well, and I’m glad to see it doing so well. Keep it up!

      • Ian Forrester

        Thank you Max, its good to know I’m not the only one.

        The difference is I’ve got a Pro account already and have done for years. I stopped it simply because I was so wound up about Evernote’s attitude to Linux users. Then Nevernote came around and made me reconsider using Evernote.

        The android client is great and to be honest if I could get a sized up version of the client on my ubuntu laptop, I would actually be quite happy.

      • Rimbaud

        It’s infuriating having to use a crappy web client. WINE didn’t work properly and Nevernote just used up all my RAM. It’s annoying paying for something that only works on my phone.

  • Tom Lally

    Cant read text notes on Galaxy Tab after up date,everything else working same or better

  • Mark e.

    2.6 is what I am starting to expect from you guys, three steps forward and two back, hey, that is still forward progress. 🙂

    Looks great and is very fast, nice that the stacks are now visible but they should be collapsible. But still no off line search of any kind and share is MIA again!

    Would you be interested in a tips list entitled “living with Evernote with spotty cell coverage”? 😉

  • Axel

    What a pity, I do not have an Android device but an old anachronistic Apple IOS 4.2.1 device. Should not have bought this Apple thing two months ago 🙁

  • Anke

    Just waiting for this update for iPhone and shared notebooks on iPhone and I’m a fully paid up subscriber the next minute!

    I couldn’t live without Evernote now, it’s almost perfect!

  • jsntrenkler

    Really? .. Glad the android users get it, what about us iOS users? .. This is crap!

  • D.

    Great!1 One question though…will it be possible to make web clippings in your phone’s internet browser? Would be such a nice addition I think!

  • Mike

    Iphone and Ipad needs to view stacks. I cant find anything quickly on my portables. Why would you not offer this to the Iphone customers.. We have been customers longer than the Android customers. THis will most likely be my last month of paid service without the improvements. The avail of multiple onenote products that allow for “stack” makes organizing much easier.

  • mischu mok

    Thank you so much! This is really a great update! Now there’s only two things I am missing: Tasks with notifications and PDF-previews for the android app. Btw it is strange that the new snippet view shows previews of PDFs while the note view does not!

  • Chris

    Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would do without evernote. I organise all my notes with evernote and scan all the documents so I have a backup just in case. Apart from that I don’t have to lug around all the physical notes in addition to my macbook. They are all there if I need them. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work!

  • leMel

    Won’t install on G1…even after uninstall. Uh oh, now I have *no* Evernnote…Can I at least reinstall the previous version? Uh oh, feeling the withdrawals…

  • leMel

    Solved it. For others: if you go to Android Market from a G1 and attempt to update Evernote, and you get a never-ending “starting download…”, these are the steps I followed:

    Uninstall Evernote (home screen, menu, settings, manage applications, scroll down and select Evernote, choose “Uninstall”)

    Go to the Android Market, find & select Evernote

    If the “Downloading” message is present, click Cancel.

    “Downloading” button will change to “Free”. Click “Free”.

    All went as expected from there.

  • Mark e.

    Love the improvements to the android client but I’d trade them all for a basic offline search function.

  • Liz

    Just want to say thank you to the Evernote team. The new release is awesome – really makes my android so much more useful to be able to easily access my information.

  • Cung Cap PG

    Great working with i9000 SamSung Vibrant

  • Daniel Smith

    I agree with the other iPhone users – WHEN IS THIS UPDATE COMING TO iOS?

  • John F

    My android widget has stopped working, can use the app fine but i had the widget on my phone to shortcut to new notes, and following the last update it just stopped working. Anyone else come across this?

  • apz

    Wow, please add “Edit styled notes” to the iPhone and iPad client soon!

  • itprofessor1

    If ‘stylized’ applies to tables as well, then that would explain why I cannot edit a blank cell in a table. When I click on existing text, that text comes up for edit, but I cannot edit a blank cell, which means no adding text (or additional cells) to the table….

    Unless I’m missing something.

  • yapsherwin

    man what happen to the editing function . . . its like driving and you can see wherevyour going with that pesky text box when you try to edit . . . please change it back

    anybody have the same sentiment that I do . . . really having a hard tome with it. simce im a heavy evernote editer.

    please make te editing think simple . . .

  • yapsherwin

    Please make it like when we are editing it on online where you can see a cursor

    or the offline way of editing in where you can see a cursor and not a text box. and you have to clock save button once whn your done editing


    anybody have the same problem or am i missing something

  • Rob Gibbs

    How about the next update include XOOM Functionality?

  • Michael

    1. I don’t need a notification when a note is successfully uploaded. Perhaps if it fails, but not if it’s successful.
    2. When I’m within a certain notebook and click the “Add note” button, the added note should go into THAT notebook, not my default one.
    3. When I open a note for editing and don’t make any changes, I shouldn’t be prompted to save it when I leave that screen.

  • Samir Rathod

    1)If you can add feature like sorting by tag in android version, it will be helpful while viewing notes of any notebook.

    2)For each note if you can add editable field “Date”, it will be helpful to organize and remember note with date other than today in android.

  • TX CHL Instructor

    No QR code? That would make it a LOT easier to find and install.

  • Enric

    What about offline sync ? 😀

  • Debbie S

    I’m having troubles with moving the app to SD on my HTC Wildfire. If I do so, my widget containing the small bar with the quick functions (new note, snapshot, record, search)is missing and can’t be found anymore on my phone as a widget… Can you help me out here, or fix it if it is not just me;-) The internal memory of the phone is not that big, so I would really love to use the app via my SD

  • Anupinder singh

    Two days back purchased a new HTC wildfire S android phone. when i am trying to download evernote through android market… it says my phone is not compatible … even i checked my android os is above 2.1 can you please tell me why it is saying so

  • Bill

    New guy question: is there a way to turn on a ‘word-wrap’-type function when viewing text notes? Some of the notes I’ve imported from Outlook require me to scroll left and right on my Android. I’d prefer to have the text wrap on the screen.

    Thanks for the great application!