Update: Evernote for Windows – Pre-release track option

Posted by on 15 Feb 2011

Posted by on 15 Feb 2011

Today, we released updates to both Evernote for Windows and Evernote for Mac. The Windows update includes a great new option for our tech savvy users. That’s in addition to a bunch of under-the-hood bug fixes and improvements.

Join the pre-release track

Evernote for Windows (version 4.2.2) now allows you to join our pre-release track to try out the newest versions of Evernote before their public availability. By becoming a pre-release user, you’ll get early access to features and functionality that are almost ready for primetime. Be aware: if you join the track, you will get updated more frequently than before.

It’s very important to note that pre-release software is not, by its definition, final, and carries some inherent risks. These risks can range from corruption of your notes to data loss. If you’re not comfortable using beta software, we recommend sticking to the normal update cycle.

To join the pre-release track, go Tools > Options > General and check the “Update to pre-release versions when available” option.

A note to Evernote 4 beta testers
If you were one of our early Evernote 4 beta testers, then you may have two versions of Evernote running on your machine, with two separate Evernote databases. This update will prompt you to select the database to use going forward and will the remove the old beta software from your computer. This will make you life a lot easier.

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  • Sirius

    Need Encrypt Notebook!!!!

  • smn

    Need Evernote into Google search result for Firefox !!!

  • Kyle

    The update installer inside Evernote uninstalled my previous copy and then did not reinstall it. So I downloaded the newest *.exe, and it only gave me an option to remove (repair, install were grayed out). So I uninstalled, then reinstalled. Now… still no evernote.exe in the Evernote folder. It’s gone. Shortcuts lead to nothing…

    • Roger

      Same result here. I had to reinstall the 4.2.1 version. Can’t go a day without my Evernote.

      • Max A

        Same issue here.

  • MAXA

    OK. I got it running on one computer. It looks like that for some reason the install program is installing all executables BUT Evernote.exe.

    I Looked at the files that were installed on computer 1 vs. the problem computer (computer 2). I noted that the following five (5) executables were installed on computer 1:

    A review of computer 2 showed that all but Evernote.exe was installed in the evernote directory. Given that everything else appear to be the same on both computers, I copied the Everntoe.exe file from computer 1 and then pasted into the Evernote direcotry on computer 2…problem solved!

    • taroa

      Same issue here and I have no other Windows PC around me. Totally stuck with this.

  • Rob Gibbs

    LOVE Evernote…need an option to encrypt or password protect particular notebooks or notes.


  • Aaron Weiler

    The Windows update process to 4.2.2 is terrible!