Evernote and IdeaPaint: Turning simple walls into intelligent writing surfaces

Posted by on 16 Feb 2011

Posted by on 16 Feb 2011

We often liken Evernote to a second brain, one that helps you remember all the stuff that might otherwise fall through the cracks. There’s another great analogy for Evernote: a bridge. It connects the old with the new, the physical with the digital in ways that would’ve seemed impossible just a few years ago.

The Evernote App Center is full of partners that demonstrate this–from scanners to smartpens, Evernote has become the go-to way to digitally save analog content, which is why we’re so excited about today’s announcement of Evernote’s partnership with IdeaPaint.

What is IdeaPaint?

IdeaPaint is a special kind of paint that can turn anything into a dry-erase writing surface. It’s used in schools, offices, hospitals, and homes around the world. Why get a whiteboard when you can write on your entire wall with a coat of paint.

How do IdeaPaint and Evernote work together?

Evernote is good at bridging the worlds of old and new technology because it not only stores content, but also makes it searchable. After a long brainstorming session with IdeaPaint, snap a photo with your digital camera or smartphone. Next, bring the image into Evernote. We’ll make all the text searchable so you can find those great ideas whenever you want from any device you use. Next, use Evernote’s sharing features to share those images with your class, team or colleagues. It couldn’t be easier.

The simple, inexpensive digital whiteboard alternative

Evernote and IdeaPaint are turning something incredibly simple into a powerful, high-tech solution. For a fraction of the cost of a digital whiteboard, you can now use your walls and Evernote to write, save, find, share and repeat. This is the ideal option for school and small businesses looking to do more with tools they already have.


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  • Mike Peck

    I’d have the perfect wall in my den that I’d paint so I can keep track of those random ideas that pop into my head.

  • macrowder

    I would use IdeaPaint at my home. My 3 year old daughter could draw pictures on the wall and I could use Evernote to store those images forever.

  • David M

    Great idea! I’ve frequently found myself constricted by odd wall sizes combined with unreasonable whiteboard dimensions. Just painting the wall will overcome both problems.

  • L

    I want to use the two together to help with my course on Creativity, Innovation and Vision!

  • James

    I work from home, and could see uses for this in my study and my work area in my garage.
    This would be a good tool for homeschoolers as well.

  • Kate

    Um, how cool IS this stuff?! I want to paint my whole house with it. Love the idea of using it in classrooms (on desks?! brilliant).

  • Paul Povolni

    Love the idea of having an entire wall to use for idea capture.

  • Chris

    I already use Evernote. I’m excited about IdeaPaint! Using them together would be incredible!

  • Ken Stead

    Great way to create interesting backdrops for photo shoots!

  • Luke

    Awesome. I would use it to coat a wall at my Masonic Lodge so that the Secretary and leadership can leave reminders, calendars, etc. to each other and then use Evernote to keep a running history of all the information shared. Also, would help make the leaderships information available to the members to provide better accountability.

  • Sharee Roggen

    We currently use Evernote to save everything from recipes, to projects, to hobbies. IdeaPaint would be great to teach the kids.

  • Lou Patterson

    I have a wall covered in IdeaPaint and, daily, take photos of project designs I’ve written on the wall with my iPhone and save to Evernote. In later conversations with clients, I can remind them of discussions; it’s very very handy!

  • Dave

    I host a weekly Bible study in my home. It would be awesome to have the passage up on the wall and have everyone able to mark notes, ideas and questions all over the text and then work through it as a group.

    We could all capture it in evernote and reference all the ideas and questions in our future study!

  • K. VanHall

    Paint my furniture! Always an surface to scribble an idea on! (Plus I can take it with me when I change apartments!)

  • Jay B

    I love my Evernote and I love my Ideapaint at home so this is a great case of “two great tastes that taste great together”! Count me as excited to see where this goes for schools.

  • Brandon

    I would use this paint to turn a wall in my church’s youth room into a whiteboard. Students could then doodle, write prayer requests, and have a great time drawing on the wall. I would then take a pic of the wall with my phone, send it into Evernote, and have them start over again!

  • Lance M.

    This is an amazing product, and I love how you have incorporated your products features to make the two products work together.

    The possibilities for ideapaint and my business are endless.

  • David

    I would love to use Idea Paint & Evernote for my Youth Ministry office. We have weekly planning meetings, Bible studies, etc. It would be great to be able to toss all this up on a wall for discussion and ultimately having it searchable in Evernote.

  • Terri

    I would love to use Evernote and IdeaPaint as a teaching tool to put class notes and brainstorming ideas online and easily accessible to my students.

  • Jake

    I would use IdeaPaint in my home office. As a grad student, it would be so useful to have an entire wall act as my canvas for research ideas, thesis outline, etc. I could then snap a photo with Evernote and share it with my major professor and committee. It’s much easier to draw my thoughts on the wall than draft an outline in a word processor!

  • Craig S.

    I would really love to see this implemented in my local college LBCC. Just the idea of taking math notes or writing prompts into my phone and then emailed to all students would be beyond convenient. There would be no more excuses of lost notes or not remembering any assignments. What a great innovative product.

  • Roger

    Love the idea of a big collaborative workspace that I can photograph & save to my Evernote account

  • danika brown

    As a university professor and researcher, this would be ideal for my office to become a living project board and would enable me to encourage students to contribute to discussions and take community notes. I am thrilled at the possibilities here. Thanks for all of your amazing innovations.

  • Paul

    This would be great to paint our offices with. Also would make a really cool and customizable background for senior portraits.

  • NTT

    Wow!!! Ideapaint and Evernote.. My two favorite products.. It’s like a marriage made in heaven for me!!

  • Sean

    I would use these two products in my office to organize conferences, plan classes and write articles.

  • John

    One wall in my office is a floor-to-ceiling window that I use as a dry erase board for calendars and sketching ideas. I would love to have the same thing in my home office only larger (my office is a converted closet, so the calendar takes up most of the space).

  • Dirk

    Just wanted to install a large chalkboard in my kitchen for drawing and writing down notes, ideas and recipes, but this is way much cooler.

  • Tony Linde

    Very cool, I’d paint the area to the side of my desk and use it to capture writing ideas.

  • jimkastkeat

    I use evernote to capture everything. I have the widget on the front of my phone, allowing me to capture photos of things I see, write myself notes, and even leave myself messages (often while I’m driving in the car).

    I also use evernote to record notes I make in books. After I read a book I go back through and record all the parts I underlined or noted. By putting them in evernote I can categorize them, search for them by specific words/phrases, and access them from anywhere I have my phone or a computer with internet access. (This is incredibly helpful for my reading for grad school, allowing me to search for portions of my reading to quote in papers, etc.)

    If (or when?!) I win the idea paint, I would eliminate the physical white board in my office and paint it on instead. Essentially, anywhere I sit and work would have a painted surface nearby!

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Suzanne Sawyer

    I can see several places to use this – in my home office, in the kitchen, in the laundry room, and by the entry! It would be very cool to win!

  • Tracey Loscar

    I have multiple projects going at any given time, this is a way that I can freely collaborate and use my shared folders to be sure everyone who needs to sees it. But there would be a definitive bonus …

    I have to work a lot of hours each week, I squeeze out as much time for my family as I can – some weeks it’s hard and my little ones miss me.

    I wake up at 4am for work, very often I like to leave them notes and pictures so that when they come downstairs for breakfast they know that Mommy was thinking about them.

    This could take that to a whole new dimension.

  • Old Doc

    I teach graduate courses in technology and in educational leadership for a major university. I would use this to demonstrate the power of less expensive technologies, with the ability to impact up to one hundred schools each year. What a great tool with tremendous potential!

  • Karyssa Bowman

    I would use it in my special education classroom – would give students a more hands on learning experience with the whole room serving as their creative space!

  • Ben Reed

    I’d love to paint part of my office wall like this!

  • Erik Dittmann

    I would use it in my Bed & Breakfast as a fun way for guests to share what they did that day – anything from events, restaurants and activities. Giving guests the opportunity to share ideas for what to do on their vacation.

  • Alex Xie

    I love my Evernote and I love my Ideapaint at home so this is a great case of “two great tastes that taste great together”! Count me as excited to see where this goes for schools.

  • pam

    I just put a chaulkboard wall in my craft room – but this might be a great idea for my kitchen/dining area…….

  • Tim

    Having an IdeaPaint wall would be great in our Sunday School Rooms!! Just think of all the creativity our kids could splash on a wall like that in an educational setting!!!

  • Lori

    I’d suggest that we’d use it for our computer groups and have offices after offices use it for ideas and meetings. At home, I’d put it on one wall of the garage — if nothing else, no one would park or put things in front of it and draw instead. We’d take photos with it for Evernote, of course.

  • Marcella Cook

    I would put IdeaPaint just about everywhere. We run a farm, and can use it in the chicken house where we hatch eggs to mark when they will hatch. I also tutor on the side, and a whiteboard is oftentimes too small, so I’ve thought about painting a big sheet of plywood with IdeaPaint to use. I also make jewelry, and would use it to mark out which pattern I’m using at the time because often I alternate colors and it can get quite confusing. With Evernote…again, farm use, we often travel and it would be great to search the notes like that!! And for Jewelry…I often come up with ideas in the middle of driving and at dinner etc etc…great idea (pun intended)


  • Elizabeth Moore

    I would use IdeaPaint and Evernote in my lab (archaeology) to illustrate stratigraphy concepts and changes to students and post them at Evernote so the students can access them from their classroom and home for assignments.

  • Mathias

    I will paint my LCD screen. I never liked this keyboard-typing. I will draw everything on my LCD from now on… 😉

    (Just not sure where to view my Evernote account then…)

  • Rob Downs

    This is awesome! I have been wanting to purchase IdeaPaint for some time now. I made an “office” in the attic of my garage and had extra plywood I wanted to paint and use as long dry erase boards. I am a project scheduler for a pipeline company. My schedules integrate numerous functional groups. The idea of adding Evernote to the IdeaPaint is fabulous. Plus my wife has a start up that is about to take off, and I think it would be useful for that. Thanks.



  • Nathan Dunn

    I would paint walls in our conference rooms and work spaces with IdeaPaint, and then as we make progress, I would take pictures of our work and upload them to Evernote, where the information would be archived and searchable, and could be part of a related note. In fact, we’re doing that now, just without the use of IdeaPaint (using boring old dry-erase boards instead).

    And I love the fact that IdeaPaint is available in other colors!

  • Richard Wolfe-Daimpre

    Pure genius….the essence of simplicity!

  • Steve

    I would paint my home office wall and possibly desk surface. I would use evernote on my Blackberry or iphone to capture. I might consider painting a portion of the walls in the kids rooms as well.

  • Karyssa Bowman

    I’d paint the walls of my special education classroom. It would allow for a more hands-on learning environment and give the students endless creative space to organize their thoughts. Take a picture, upload to Evernote, and I would be able to save ideas, track student progress, and share work with parents!

  • MarcM

    This is a fantastic combo. I would (and will) use this in my home office and kitchen to capture ideas and keep track of the family schedule. Also let my kids use it as a doodling / art wall, and capture into Evernote for safe keeping.

  • Megan Shipley

    I would use IdeaPaint and Evernote while homeschooling my 4 children. We use the internet a lot!! I use Evernote to keep it organized. IdeaPaint would rock in our home for writing out problems and examples!! We already have a chalk board and use a very inconvenient wipe-off board. Homeschoolers will love this stuff!

  • Marla

    Swee-eet! I would use this is so many places! Our 6 kids love having a whiteboard to write messages on. We constantly have a need for planning, projects, creative space, AND the need to capture it. The benefit of recognizing handwriting styles is even better. Management of our home could be seriously enhanced by this solution: inside kitchen cabinet doors to jot down recipe notes, a panel on each kid’s room door to leave messages, an area all around the bulletin planning board, a partial wall of the dining room, a space in the craft/creativity room, by light switches, in the garage to label what goes where…. the list goes on.
    Thanks for sparking my creativity today!

  • Eric Rossi

    I would put it on all the walls of my office and be constantly writing on them!

  • Josh

    I run a social entrepreneur group at my college campus. Can you say awesome brainstorming and sweet meetings? IdeaPaint and Evernote makes it happen.

  • Colleen

    As a new solo-attorney – I am always looking for the greatest technology and tools to make my work environment more efficient. The integration of Evernote and Ideapaint is the perfect solution to my continued problems: lacking space and wasting paper. Work efficiency and going green?! Heck ya!

    Keep coming up with the most efficient and helpful tools… you guys rock.

    Now, if only I could paint the walls, lecterns and tables of each courtroom before every hearing…

  • Jacqueline

    I’d paint the door of my office for a doorway of ideas and inspiration!

  • Matt

    i’ve been faithfully using evernote for quite a while now. even though i have a 9-5 job, my home office is really the hub for all my extra activities and this would be perfect for daily brain dumps: freelance web development, art & design, lesson planning for tutoring, and grad school.

  • Mark Hufstetler

    I would use my IdeaPaint prize to turn my rec room into pop-art heaven!

  • Steve Graff

    I could see us using IdeaPaint for my wife’s new pet sitting business, creating a large on-wall calendar to keep track of client appointments, and marketing tasks. Take a picture to import into Evernote and take it with us and share.
    Neighbors have painted a wall in their kitchen with chalkboard paint and the husband uses his artistic skills to create festive artwork for each season.

  • Rob Prouse

    I am just finishing building a new office in the basement of my home and I would love to be able to whiteboard on all the walls! I was looking for whiteboards to fill all the odd sized walls, but this is a great idea. I’m a computer programmer, so I cannot work without my designs scribbled and drawn everywhere.

  • Bart

    I would love to win this. Also it seems that ideapaint might be a fun idea for my kid’s room.

  • Lisa K.

    Love the connection of old and new. Would love a whole wall of brainstorming!

  • Michelle Scholfield

    This is a really great idea. I’m a teacher and would paint a wall in my classroom that the students and I could use it to work on problems together.

  • K. Price

    I would use it in my art studio to capture sketch ideas for paintings. If I run out of room, just snap a photo-saved to Evernote of course-erase, and begin anew.

  • Matthew Pendergraff

    This partnership between IdeaPaint and Evernote is like when someone got their chocolate in peanut butter….a tasty treat. I would use this as a delicious recipe for my team’s creative ideas at our agency.

  • Jarrod Job

    I would use IdeaPaint and Evernote to build my wife a killer home office. As she is a lawyer, we need to get her up to speed with today’s technology. 😛

  • Max Quattromani

    I am the web/graphic designer for my company and I co-office with our web developer. We both collaborate constantly on our projects and we have to take pics of our dry erase boards so we can erase old on-going projects to use for new projects. We have a huge 20′ wall that we are talking about IdeaPaint to cover with. Solution = PERFECT!

  • Alan Williams

    I would totally love this because when going to meetings, it’s always such a pain to either carry around paper, then transcribe into EN later or to find a dry erase board when there isn’t. Having the iPad with me all the time and just flipping it around would definitely increase my agility, efficiency and productivity.

  • Stefani Hite

    We run a rock-based music school and the directors are constantly searching for our one elusive white board that seems to be in demand by teachers in their lesson rooms and directors in our rehearsal space. I want to IdeaPaint one wall in each room – including the rehearsal space – so they can post the set lists and notes for kids. At the end of each rehearsal, they can snap a quick shot of the list and pop it into EverNote to keep a running record of the songs they’ve covered. Brilliant combination!

  • Andrew Konietzky

    This is one of the best inventions EVER.

  • Norm

    I am an avid Evernote fan in west africa. Our two boys would absolutely love a white board wall!

  • paul

    idea capture in my home office

  • Jackie

    This is awesome! I recently heard of IdeaPaint and have been using Evernote for almost a year. I could definitely see using this for homeschool lessons with our children as well as in our homeoffice. Then the thought of capturing the info in Evernote…I love it!

  • Jeff Hagins

    My sons attend a small private school. We looked at purchasing smart boards for classroom instruction but were unable to raise enough funds. Now we could use IdeaPaint and Evernote to accomplish the same objective but at a much better price.

  • Tarehna

    I would paint a table with it and then put an elmo on that table so that I could demonstrate concepts to students without having to use a bunch of paper. I’d snap pics of good stuff to save in Evernote as reference for the next time I had to teach the same subject.

    Or I’d paint my fridge with it at home.

  • Mike Sheley

    I would use idea paint in the mezzanine of our student ministries center to give students in 5th-12th grades a fun and functional area to write, draw, have fun!

  • Chris Hale

    I could use Idea Paint in my classroom when students are brainstorming ideas and making concept maps and mind maps. Awesomely fun learning tool!

  • Robyn

    What a cool idea. I would use it on the wall next to my desk in my office, and in my house as a message board for my flatmates.

  • Mark Weiss

    My team at Magnetic would use this as an alternative to a traditional whiteboard. We have a wall ready and waiting. I love the idea because I already use a similar surface at home, a door painted with chalkboard paint.

  • Maritza

    There are so many ways to use this, the mind boggles! At home with the kids, the home office wall, the bedside table next to my bed for early morning inspirations. The most recent place I could have really used it, was while travelling. I’d paint a section of my luggage with IdeaPaint so I could jot down new ideas and plans and snap them with my cellphone camera, instead of having to unpack the laptop (and power cable! don’t want to empty out the battery before a long flight!) and risk leaving anything behind in the haste to make the boarding gate later.

  • Dedas

    Is it a good or a bad thing that I just clipped this post to evernote.

    Buying a new house and it will get a wall of ideapaint in the study and the kids playing room.
    The hallway might get a coat of paint to leave family messages.

  • Bryan

    This is going to be AMAZING. I live in a place with a giant wall I can’t wait to paint. This will be awesome for coding my website and storing it in evernote to share with my colleagues! I can’t wait to get some.

  • Bernie

    I’d use it as a replacement for the entertainment center in the living room. What fun! …. no, actually, this would be ideal for the creation of a “planning room” at our training centers.

  • Steve Kiewiet

    We just built a 1,200 sq ft training room at work and have used IdeaPaint as our whiteboard solution. Now I can use Evernote to capture the drawings and make them digitally available to the participants! Life changing for sure!

  • Jay Swan

    As a teacher I would utilize the empty space around my white boards to develop a large scale diagram of the interactions between photosynthesis and cellular respiration, better connecting the two cellular processes. Students often have a difficult time connecting the two cellular energetics processes when they are taught independent of each other. IdeaPaint would provide an opportunity to diagram this together as the information develops throughout the unit.

  • Nathan

    NJI Media would use Evernote and IdeaPaint covered walls daily during brainstorming sessions with our team and clients. Our 150 year old loft office space would be a great place to showcase these products! NJI Media is an interactive agency based in the Washington DC area. We have a very collaborative creative team that would be very excited to start using these tools!

  • crystal

    I would totally use this in my craft room on the work table. I could draw patterns and alterations right on my cutting surface!

  • Tyler Ridings

    I just want to paint a huge wall and table at my office with this!

  • Jill Seidner | Interior Design

    Congrats on the partnership! I use Evernote on my iPhone to organize my client projects – love the idea of a company integrating their products to make saving projects even easier!

  • Derek

    This is a great prize. I would definitely like to coat the hall way wall with ideapaint, so my roommate and I could list all the important shared household responsibilities.

  • Chris

    I’d love to use IdeaPaint and Evernote at work — whiteboard space is always a premium, but we have tons of wall space. Using Evernote to capture and share whiteboard ideas is already something I do, so extending it to a whole wall is an outstanding idea!

  • Angie G.

    I’ve been trying to talk my company into using it since I saw it on BuzzAgent. This would make it happen and likely others would follow. I have 3 wipe boards in my office now and I’m out of room! A whole wall would sure be fantastic.

  • Leroy

    Idea Paint is a great product that I have already used. I made a 3’x 5′ chalkboard for my daughter’s bedroom but one thing I did not plan on is the chalk dust! It was horrible. I read about the idea paint and decided to convert the chalkboard to a white board, and it was a great decision! No more dust, and so pleasant to write on! I just signed up for Evernote and I intend to use their idea of using the application for recipes and also gift lists (photos).

  • JS

    I would love to use this on our wall at work. Fantastic way to capture all of those creative brainstorming sessions and transform them into searchable digital format.

  • Fidel

    IdeaPaint is the best idea and product out there. I am by nature a teacher and anytime I need to explain something I have to take out a pen and doodle on whatever is available. Every room I use @ my church has a white board [bought these before I knew of IdeaPaint and I am constantly using them. I would use IdeaPaint in my office on one of the wall from floor to ceiling, I would use it in the junior room from floor to ceiling where I teach 12, 10 year old kids and in the fellowship hall where I teach adults three times a week.
    After each teaching sessions, I find that I learn new things and some of the stuff that ends up on the board from the learning process is priceless. I have often asked someone take notes and give me a copy, no more… I would simply take a picture and store it in Evernote for future reference and future classes.
    Thanks for creating such awesome products.

  • Trish

    I want!

  • EV

    Brilliant! I love white boards. I work in a school’s kiln room firing clay projects and I keep track of the firing schedule on a white board. Would love to paint the door of the kiln for a comment/question area for the clay parents. Putting a whiteboard on the back of an Ipad is a great idea!

  • niceville auto service

    wow this is innovative

  • David Gray

    Oh THIS would be perfect for my band’s guitar practice room. Being able to write lyrics and TAB, and then erase/modify!! What a concept. And the iPad would play right along. Very cool.

  • Christian

    I would paint my wall and my table. Its an great idea..

  • Brian Johnson

    I use Evernote constantly – whether it be clipping sites I want to use later, recording song melodies that pop in my head, or jotting down ink note drawings for future cartoon ideas.

    I’d LOVE to get the Evernote+IdeaPaint for charting out complex customer network problems/plans in my office, as there is really no space for a white board in it, yet I often find myself needing to draw up plans in chicken scratch writing over dozens of pieces of paper.

    Pick me! Pick me! 🙂


  • robert

    amazing! i want it 😀

  • Katie

    I’d love to use it in my office. In higher ed we would love collaborating on ideas on the wall!

  • Cat

    I would use both to get my daily life on track!

  • Alexander

    I’d use Evernote and IdeaPaint to brainstorm ideas for my school projects, video editing, and blog posts!

  • Laura

    Idea paint is such a great product. As an architect I’ve used it in University buildings and now students can use Evernote to capture lecture notes or study group notes.

  • N Farnham

    We would use these products within the military to provide clearer communications and be more innovative in strategic planning: from ensuring the safety of America’s citizens to accessing mobilizations integrating the right tools (like Idea Paint and Evernote) helps us protect our Nation!

  • Doug C

    Too cool! This opens up tons of possibilities for converting walls and other spaces at home, work and elsewhere and it adds even more possible usefulness for Evernote! I can see myself using this for everything from storyboarding to list-making.

  • Peter A. Mello

    The best marriage of 2 products since chocolate met peanut butter! We’d use both in the work we do in helping nonprofit organizations build and engage communities. Thanks!

  • Jud

    I would use this for a daily drawing competition with my kids. Or goal-setting

  • Chelsea

    We are building a house and office and I’m thinking Evernote could help me keep everything in one place, can’t wait till we’re ready to put up our IDEAPAINT in our new office!!

  • Andrea Giannangelo

    +1 for the giveaway

  • Thomas

    I would love to use IdeaPaint as part of our development of a modern classrom

  • Meghan

    This is a brilliant idea. I’d coat one wall of my office in idea paint and let my imagination run wild. I love big spaces to share ideas!

  • Kevin Kuzia

    What a fantastic idea – really like it. I think this would be great for one of the walls in my home gym to write out my upcoming training plans, personal records, etc. Very handy!

  • langnese

    Yeah! – I want it all! Cool idea!!!

  • Lou in TN

    Very cool! Hope I win!!!

  • Sara B

    This is amazing! I have always dreamed of having a homeschool school room with the WHOLE room done in chalkboard paint, so we could draw constellations on the ceiling and have timelines stretching around the room. IdeaPaint would be SO much lighter (and less ssrrrrccccckkkhhhhy)! And w/ Evernote, all that hard work could be put to use for years later when the space needs to be used for other things. Like drawing panda bears.

  • RogueTess

    I already use Evernote. I would use both Evernote (more) and IdeaPaint in my high school classroom for discussions and collaboration.

  • Gunaseelan

    I’d love to have this. I write, sketch and doodle with my kids a lot and using this would make it a whole lot more fun, engaging and saves me a lot paper!

  • Vicki

    I have a kitchen wall that I’ll paint with this stuff — then draw a calendar on it and everyone in the family can write in scheduled events. I can snap a pic of it from time to time, add the pic to Evernote, and have a current view of upcoming events. Neat!

  • Shawky Jozeff

    Evernote is AWESOME , with it , I”ll remember EVERYTHING ! It’ll save My ideas/ things I like/hear/see ! and I can Access it from ANYWHERE its like on every phone and on every computer and I find things fast with it ! 🙂
    and iDeaPaint is AWESOME to ! , i’d paint My whole room with it so i can Draw on it , In case you didn’t know , I LOVE DRAWING and I won Prizes for Drawing 😀 it’d Be awesome if I have Ideapaint .I”ll Customize my room the way i want ! 🙂

  • Anders Bagnegaard Kristensen

    Hey, I just startet a company with my two best mates, and every one of us use Evernote, on Android, iPhone, Mac, iPad and PC. This would make so much sense 🙂

  • Megan

    I’d love to use Evernote and Ideapaint to be more involved with my 4 year old son. Something tells me he’d love a wall he’s allowed to color all over.

  • KB

    love the concept! It looks like a great thing to have for home office people.

  • Matt

    I would paint an entire wall of my room with this stuff and routinely use it to brainstorm and get my ideas out in the flesh. Then I could preserve snapshots before erasing!

  • Devin Belmain

    I would use the IdeaPaint and Evernote together to create more elaborate lighting diagrams for my photoshoot ideas. It would definitely help nail down my creative flow and turn it into real life work. =)

  • Joseph Doughty

    Evernote is already awesome.
    Idea paint makes it even better.

    The paint would go on the walls of the handicapped children’s center I am visiting and helping with in Romania. The iPad would be great for helping with my freelance work that would further help me raise awareness for this center and some other places I plan to visit, including an orphanage in India later this year.

  • Kim Grant

    I would love IdeaPaint and an upgrade to premium Evernote! We are redoing our game room and adding study spaces. Our kids use a small white board to study for tests and Evernote to capture school notes. What a great mesh of both! A big study wall in the game room to study or doodle to map out ideas and then save them. Wow!

  • Thomas Pelkey

    If I got this super sweet IdeaPaint iPad, I would use to allow me to do all of my screenwriting work in one place at anytime, anywhere. Instead of first drawing out the story outline diagrams on yellow notepads or scrap sheets of paper and then have to wait until I could get to my laptop to translate the diagram into a structured Evernote text note, I could do it all in one place! Just draw out all the visual stuff on one side then flip it over, tap the Evernote iPad app, and start typing it all away! It would make life so much easier.

  • Julian

    This would work well in my bathroom office.

  • Jeremy Brown

    I would use Evernote & IdeaPaint to help my students who have autism learn better, as they are very visual learners!

  • linda mcculloch

    if i won the iPad, i would give it to my son, samuel, who is in college. as for the ideapaint, i am sure samuel would be able to use it in his studies. i am a single mom and disabled so i have never been able to afford to send him to college or give him nice things like an ipad. after high school, he served in the USMC for five years and is able to use the GI bill to continue his education. it would be a dream come true for me to give him an ipad in appreciation for his service to our country and hard work in college.

  • Greg Svanas

    I used a version of this in the past and loved it. I hope I win!

  • Colleen C

    I would use Evernote and Ideapaint to allow me to brainstorm and keep track of the results of my brainstorming sessions.

  • Stephen Foster

    This sounds awesome! I hope I win one of the sets of paint so I make my desk a whiteboard! I’ll probably still do it even if I don’t win but I’ll have to save some money first :).

  • Mat Dauzat

    My band could definitely use a white board wall in our studio for rehearsal schedules, song writing, and recording notes. The iPad loaded with Evernote would come in handy to keep track of all this digitally when we’re on tour!

  • Thomas Kilgour

    I would use ideapaint to make awesome art on my walls and then store it in evernote!

  • Pete Townill

    I’m moving into a new condo soon, it’s a studio and I need to save space. I won’t have room for a whiteboard. I like the idea of covering the surface of writing desk with a great color of idea paint and snapping photos when I have a solid idea or web of ideas to sync into my Evernote account.

  • Kyle

    I’m a high school math teacher, and I’d use IdeaPaint on the walls of my classroom and my door. Formulas and equations everywhere!

  • Alex Soto

    Awesome, besides my office, my son will probably want his entire room repainted so he can doodle on it.

  • Jeremy

    I’d love to use this for presentation purposes!

  • Jeff Weaver

    As a teacher, I would paint all of my old green chalkboards with IdeaPaint and print them from Evernote for my students.

  • Penn Johnson

    If I were to receive an iPad, it would actually be my first mobile device. I manage a lot of my life online, but unfortunately, I have no way to carry that around with me. I’d be very grateful to receive an iPad.

    As far as IdeaPaint goes, I’ve got to say that it’s truly genius! I would use it in my bedroom and office, to help myself remember my most important tasks, and for jotting down quick notes.

  • Steven

    It looks like a cool idea. I’m not sure all the ways I’d use it but would love to give it a try.
    I think if would be super cool to be able to physically sketch something on the back of my iPad and then be able to import it in moments to the iPad.

  • Chris B.

    Funny … Some folks at work were talking about this type of system today. I think we are going to get a sample to try out around the office. Pretty neat stuff, be great in the kids playroom…

  • Adam

    I’d use Evernote and IdeaPaint to broaden my vocabulary, showcase a work-in-progress and fully organize and index anything that may be considered an inspiration.

  • Lon

    I love evernote, and have been dying to try ideapaint. I’m planning on converting my home office wall to idea paint – bottom portion for my kids to draw, top half for my work – capturing my whole family’s creativity, and evernote for all things digital, including taking searchable snaps of my ideapaint wall.

  • Tim Sanchez

    Awesome idea. I’ll be building a home office this year and I plan to cover one of the walls with IdeaPaint.

  • John

    For me: office notes, architecture diagrams

    For my daughter: art saved for show later

  • Blake

    I’d love to try this out. It looks like a much cheaper way to get a whiteboard. I just need to find something to put it on (not painting over my walls quite yet) and then I’ll be set. And that iPad would be awesome, too.

  • Rob

    My students already use dry erase all the time. Instead of a notebook we use liitle dryerase boards to show mathematical work and they upload that work to individual Evernote accounts. I have a big bare wall I would love to cover with Ideapaint so students can work in larger groups. One group of students is really into making movies and I could see them using ideapaint to create backdrops. Another group of kids have been making complex role-playing games and they could use the idea paint and Evernote to record ongoing work. I love the idea of having ideapaint on tables to do work right there and save it on Evernote

  • Andy

    I’d use Evernote and IdeaPaint for sketching ideas at home, preparing for classes starting this fall, and for uploading more volumes of legacy data into my account. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  • Mary Hochberg

    Several of the schools in our district are merging. I’ve been showing off Evernote for classroom use. Adding IdeaPaint to the resulting merged schools would be fantastic!

  • Erin Durband

    awesome! i’d use both of these products in my photography business… sketching photo layouts and designs with clients!

  • Kathleen

    I use evernote constantly with our farm and for homeschooling, and spend a lot of time on our little whiteboard working math, grammar and spelling with our kids. It would be amazing to have a wall where I can actually have the kids work the problems right along side me 🙂 I might just go see if I can find some of IdeaPaint anyway!

  • Gary Minor

    I currently have a 5x5ft white board that the family uses in our kitchen EVER DAY. When we need to go shopping, I simply take a picture of the white board using the evernote app on my droid and have my shopping list handy at all times. If my 5yr old son feel creative, he picks up the marker and goes to town. We snap a picture and upload to our notebook called “shoebox” to keep for the future.

    Now we have to move. The kitchen space will be smaller. I read about this IdeaPaint in the evernote blog and was excited there is something like this out there!!

  • Jonathan Clodfelter

    I love the idea of painting a wall to make it a whiteboard- add Evernote to the mix and you’ve got one cool productivity tool! I would primarily use IdeaPaint and Evernote to flesh out my writing. I envision storyboards, outlines, and charts covering my wall. I would also use this perfect pair to brainstorm ideas for a site I am developing aimed at helping people suffering from depression. Then, I would doodle layouts for the site and brainstorm that way. I use Evernote heavily everyday and love it and I think IdeaPaint is a really cool product that will be a boon to my creativity.

  • Ashley Hernandez

    This is an ingenious partnerships, a completely new way to create a collaborative space that supports an infinite amount of possibilities. I agree that IdeaPaint and EverNote have an amazing capacity to transform the classroom environment. I am currently a graduate student interested in education reform. I feel that schools create an environment that is very individualistic and there is a underlying theme that collaboration is synonymous to cheating. While America is set on achievement through individual merit, I think innovation and positive change is a collaborative effort. Creating space at school for children to present ideas with each other, tackle problems together and create art together is an important step in the right direction.
    And that is how I would use EverNote and IdeaPaint.

  • chris

    w000t – this sounds humongous genial! 🙂

    as a long time heavy evernote user i would paint my complete bedroom and livingroom with ideapaint to capture even more than everything … and if water doesn’t matter my shower too. 😉
    in addition i would paint my briefcase to have an always carry on analog tablet. 🙂

  • eiffair

    I’d like to paint the top of my desk with ideaPaint. It could help me to keep on eye ideas for my photography projects and then take a picture with my iPhone to have it in Evernote.

  • Victor DiGiovanni

    When it’s time to create a new film of commercial, the ideas start flowing and we (for now) put them on index cards and pin them to the wall or use sticky notes and photograph them later for Evernote. But this would allow everyone to write and brainstorm at the same time, interactively. I want this NOW.

  • Karsten

    Amazingly amazing! That’s awesome to combine simple human creative activity with networking and collaborative sharing.
    Will introduce the same in my Company, as we have some innovative ideas as well.

  • Stefan Bugovsky

    I already am an Evernote user and with IdeaPaint we could more easily discuss ideas at work.

  • Jennifer C.

    I would use idea paint to paint an entire wall at my home office so I can doodle designs, and brainstorm on a large scale! Then I would take photographs of my sketches and upload them online with Evernote so I could email them to my team!!

  • Marianne Mikkelsen

    MUST have! Love Evernote and can’t live without physical walls to paint, sketch and post posters on.

  • Chun-yien Chang

    I am Evernote user, and taking notes from all kinds of source (websites, handwriting, photos, etc.) I like the virtual searchable white board! Hopt it will help people to pick up an important idea from a lot of handwriting materials.

  • Wilton

    I would use IdeaPaint and Evernote in my studies at school, and also in using my wall to plan and map out my future fashion designs!

  • Jamie Reygle

    We will use these products at our school.

  • Tim

    Contests should be made available to everyone worldwide. Evernote is a worldwide product, so any contest on it should be too.

    By the way I’m in Australia

  • Bryan

    Really cool stuff. Already an Evernote user, love the possibilities of IdeaPaint. Add me to the contest please!

  • Tonee

    I would use Evernote and IdeaPaint to help me plan for some interior design, make mindmaps while studying, and never forget collaborative efforts during group study sessions.

  • Roman Pushkar

    I’m a parent of 4 little toddlers and I want to teach them with the Ideapaint. It seems to be fun and easy 🙂

    I am the Evernote premium subscriber and I want to learn how to use it more effectively

  • Amy Balling

    I would like to use it to post my daily agenda for my students then take a picture with my iPod and send it to Evernote so my students could see my lesson plans anytime anywhere. I would share the link with my students by posting it on my website.

  • Carol

    Having kids, this would be great for a spot at home to leave those millions of notes or to teach a little lesson. Sounds amazing to me.
    As for an ipad. would love that too.

  • Jan

    I think I would use evernote and idea paint to help with our homeschooling. Math problems, diagrams, science project notes, just about everything could be done by writing on the walls, and then saved to evernote in notebooks specific to each subject. It would also help with my knit design, ideas could be fully sketched out and then again, saved to evernote. What a wonderful idea!

  • Matthew

    At the office, we already whiteboard ideas and capture them into Evernote from our iPhones…so turning the entire wall into a whiteboard would be amazing!

  • Kate Rufener

    I am a full-time student and work a few jobs. I’m already addicted to Evernote! I usually snap 1 or 2 photos a day of whiteboard ideas/lessons I have. So, I’d paint my desk with Ideapaint and use it as a temporary to-do list for priority projects that day. Then, when those tasks are complete, I would snap the photo and send it to Evernote.

  • Jason Egly

    If I had this, I’d use it to gather ideas from our team for the new church we are planting in Nashville!!

  • Shelley Egly

    If I had this, I’d help my husband plant his church!! 🙂

  • Jakub

    I think it would definitely help me with my urge to write everything everywhere. I mean the last time I searched my garbage bin for the piece of envelope I have written an account number on was sort of a lesson that I simply have to solve this. Not to mention how awesome it would be to be able to just sit up take a marker and just write on the wall whenever something occurs to me in sleep.

  • Becky

    I would love to use this paint product in our kitchen. I often have ideas while cooking or need to jot down items to replenish, but don’t want to have to hang a dry erase board that doesn’t fit with our decor. This way I could customize the writing surface to the size and style I want and not have to keep throwing away notepads that get wet and food splattered. When my hands are free, I could snap a picture or create a note in Evernote on my cell phone for recall when I’m out and about. Great partnership!

  • Penelope Millar

    I’d cover the walls of my classroom with it. I’m a history teacher–how much better would timelines and flowcharts and brainstorming be if we could write it big on the walls and then save it with a photo?

  • cs white

    I’m a total whiteboard addict, but mine is always full! This would be perfect since I could have more room and not have to take a photo to insert into Evernote later.

  • Lorrie

    I can’t wait to use evernote to “save” whiteboard notes at work for later reference, and as a non-traditional student pursuing a degree while working, I can also use this for capturing my professors notes. I look forward to being able to save AND search, without having to retype everything that was being written on the whiteboard.

  • Richard S

    Looks like great product

  • Kevin R.

    I’d paint the walls in our basement and lets the kids go nuts. Then, we could capture it all with Evernote.

  • Brian Carnes

    I use evernote daily, and use white boards around me (as well as mini-notebooks) as stopgaps until I can organize things into evernote. This is a great partnership. I’ve got a whole wall at home that would benefit from some ideapaint. And the metal cabinet fronts at work could use a coat too.

  • Cathy McCaughan

    I would love to use this in my daughter’s clubhouse.

  • Matt Hall

    Great idea, and nice partnership. Such a simple concept… I would take a bucket or two to every client meeting. And I need to repaint my house…

  • Diane Darling

    My hope is to paint an entire wall in my office with IdeaPaint. I use whiteboards all the time to diagram someone’s network. The visual allows them to see connections and identify gaps.

    I’m a TOTAL Evernote junkie. I use it to write books, keep track of my to-dos, email my food journal to a nutritionalist, clip websites, track client expenses, and much more.

  • Conor Pendergrast

    I wish I’d known about this a few months ago – I ended up going for Magic Whiteboards instead. Anyway, I would use this for everything from uni, to work, to other projects and my own life! Using it on my kitchen cupboard for recipes, shopping lists and other to-dos sounds like a great idea! Anyway, I’m in love with this and want a proper office so that I can coat it in this stuff 😉

  • Ryan

    I’d paint a wall at home with IdeaPaint and let the kids go to town, then snap it up to EverNote and share it with the grandparents.

  • Dan

    No doubt, I’d donate the IdeaPaint and iPad to the non-profit my girlfriend started that helps impoverished communities around the world establish better healthcare. The easier it is for her and her team to work and share their ideas, the better!

  • Chris

    I would use IdeaPaint outside my office on a large wall that I now use with sticky notes to plan PERT charts.

    Evernote then preserves the plan and shares it.


  • @hasbell

    with a life on the go, organization is invaluable. being involved in a million things also warrants hefty organization.

    i use evernote for everyday notes etc, and would find it so useful that PRO would be amazing.

    with walls for ENDLESS MINDLESS white-boarding, the possibilities are endless. planning, sketching, designing, scheduling, doodling, notes, reminders, photos… ideapaint would be STINKIN’ amazing!

    need i say more?

    combine the two…. blissful heaven on earth!

  • Richard Oles

    I would use IdeaPaint with Evernote as a Mind mapping tool. Map or draw your ideas out on the wall as you would a white board. Then take small lo res photos of key areas (nodes) of the mapped out thoughts. in Evernote, with all these images within one note, each image could be made into a link to a shared notebook URL, or other source, with further information, and so, and so on, etc.

    This could function on its own or act as a mock up for something potentially more interactive. Think of it as an animatic to an action movie sequence.

    So, other than being able to just draw on my walls, that is what I would do with these two awesome products combined.

  • Corby

    I would use Evernote and Idea Paint to record the diagrams we make in our daily stand-up design meetings

  • George T

    IdeaPaint and Evernote would be great for me with my film career, I could use IdeaPaint to storyboard and brainstorm ideas for my projects, then snap a photo of it, sent it to Evernote, take my laptop or phone when I go out, thus having a wall of resources that I could call upon when searching for talent or during meetings (usually coffee in a public place). It would make things much easier.

  • ellen

    this is a fabulous concept. i’m remodeling our basement due to a flood. my HUSBAND wants to put in a work station/office area where he can work on his current passion of WRITING his SCREENPLAY. he has been using the old fashioned corkboard for graphic inspiration, ideas and story timelines. an ideapaint WALL or TWO would be a great GIFT to him. Plus, our basement is a place of much GATHERING with friends, especially for our ANNUAL DERBY PARTY where i’d LOVE to post the names of the horses racing and their bios, for our friends to get to know the horses, jockey’s, etc. Parties would only get that much better with creative expression WRITTEN on the WALLS!! excitement!!

  • Atul S

    I would use it for ideas and stuff…how did you think I would use it?

  • Jesse Garner

    I would totally use this in some of our temporary brainstorm offices at work – we never seem to have enough whiteboards!

  • Eric Weiss

    I would use it in our board room for meetings

  • Neha

    I have a perpetual habit of using Post-It notes for Grocery Lists, To-Do Lists, Recipes, Home Repairs, Important Reminders, Phone Nos. etc. As a result, my house is plastered with Post-Its – be it cupboards, doors, the fridge etc. With IdeaPaint, I could jot down all of this on a nice big surface and spare my household of all the paper-litter and also save trees in the process. I could then use Evernote to capture snapshots of the IdeaPaint Wall and ensure that I check off whatever I intended 2 do for the day…All in a mess-free, really easy way 🙂

  • Steve

    We would use it for homeschooling our kids. Maybe paint a wall in the basement.

  • Jenny Arnez

    We’d use IdeaPaint has a communication and creation hub in our home. Also, my husband would use it in his middle school math class.

  • Brandon

    I would use IdeaPaint and Evernote to help me clear my head as part of my GTD weekly review. I can’t wait to be able to draw on my walls. I wish I had this in my room as a kid.

  • Mike Cahill

    for years, I have kept up with all of the major components of my life (currently 15 categories) using 3X5 cards taped to my office wall in storyboard fashion. It allows me to step back and see the big picture, almost like a big mindmap, but without the interconnectedness that makes mindmaps so powerful.

    I had seen the whiteboard paint concept somewhere (wasn’t using Evernote at the time so I don’t know when/where) and had thought about painting that particular wall and writing on it vs. taping 3X5 cards. By doing that, my mind/pen would be freed up to release even more creativity, and changes could be documented much more quickly.

    I took digital photos often, but didn’t really have a way to easily store them for viewing/referencing, and keeping up with each iteration. IdeaPaint & Evernote solve that problem! I can’t wait to get started.

    I have often tried to explain how to use the storyboard concept to people, but without showing them what it looked like, many of them were lost. Now I will be able to pull Evernote and show them!

    You guys are awesome!

  • Ryan Roskelley

    I recently bought new furniture for my home office. I would love to paint one of my walls to make it into a whiteboard. I use evernote extensively, taken pictures with my iPhone, and later viewing in Evernote on my client. having on iPad to view it on also would be awesome!!!

  • dan!

    I want my house to be covered in IdeaPaint. I would use EverNote and IdeaPaint for spontaneous brainstorming, grocery lists, and funny drawing to make my friends laugh so hard! haha.

  • Chad

    I would draw network diagrams on my IdeaPaint wall and snap the pictures of them into Evernote. I’m a research analyst and frequently need to build complex network diagrams that show relationship links between companies and people, but there isn’t an accessible (technologically and $$) software solution that I know of to do that.

  • Dustin P.

    This would be a great tool for me and my design business!!

  • Will Parkman

    Me and my uncle are starting a web startup and we already use Evernote for everything, so I IdealPaint would allow to save those ideals right from the wall and save time retyping to in a word processor.

  • Ethan Sweeps

    I would paint the walls in my office so I can jot down any ideas I have for development as they pop into my head.

  • Ike

    I would LOVE to put these tools to use in my upcoming sessions, facilitating brainstorming for various departments in our company. Get them beyond “newsprint” that never gets transcribed into anything useful — and if it does it loses the connections and meta-information in the layout that made the notes functional.

  • Leatte

    I really need something like this to help me get & stay organized.

  • Chris

    We will make 2 or 3 different Time Bank rooms (painted with IdeaPaint) available to Time Bank members, students and the community as a collaboration room to brain storm ideas.

  • Thomas

    This is a neat product and an awesome promotion. I would use IdeaPaint in my office to create a much larger white board surface. I already take photos of my smaller whiteboard and share them with co-workers to great effect, so I know that this is a productive application.

  • FredB

    I’d paint a wall of the kitchen to share lists and todos with my wife and we could take them with us on our iPhones.

  • Steven Greer

    I’ve just purchased 150 sq. ft. of IdeaPaint Pro for my home office. I use IdeaPaint at work and have found it to be a wonderful product. I’m setting it up since I’m a Network Ndministrator and a Sr. VMware Administrator. This helps me plan my networks and layout new infrastructures very easy on a daily basis. Now if they only had a dry erase marker that traced your hand movements to import directly into Evernote!

  • David King

    As a teacher, I immediately recognized the incredible value and potential of IdeaPaint. Combining this with Evernote simply magnifies the capabilities. These tools would be invaluable in a classroom as students brainstorm and teachers explain. The traditional whiteboard is simply too limited in space to meet the needs of this teacher. The flexibility of space in using IdeaPaint would benefit my classroom in numerous ways.

  • John

    My wife and I homeschool four of our 5 children (ages 9-14) and will start with #5 in a few years. I cannot begin to tell you how useful this product would be to our family. The uses we could make with a white board (wall) like this are endless and the possibilities are so exciting. I sure hope we win. Thanks for the chance!

  • Diane Werle

    Wonderful idea to capture all those ideas!

  • Leah

    This is an amazing product that I have just become aware of. in the world of education and ever decreasing bugdgets, I can only imagine the possibilities Ideapaint could provide in my high school classroom. I could engage students and allow them to use the tool that has become a battle ground in schools…kids with cell phones. The perfect integration of old and new, and an amazing way to engage students in a community school in small town Georgia.

  • Ivan

    I would paint some of the walls of my house so that my children can express their creativity! 🙂

  • myklw

    IdeaPaint seems like a fun way to capture ideas as they pop. I could photograph them and input them into Evernote so easily that I would be more likely to actually do it. Fun and smart is GOOD!

  • Carmen Michaud

    Wow! I’m an administrator at a school and we are always struggling to find economic ways to use technology. The potentials for this seem endless.

  • David

    I would paint EVERYTHING I could because I am quite forgetful of things! Also, the iPad would be nice to have portable notes. This is an interesting concept and I hope to be apart of it! Also, the high school at my district will soon be renovated, so the IdeaPaint would be perfect to integrate.

  • beth davidson

    I love love love white boards. I also have a 4 year old whom I love dearly as well. She’s learning to read and loves to write and draw. Her friends have chalkboard paint in their rooms, but as chalkdust triggers my asthma, that has not been an option for us.

    THIS on the other hand would be PERFECT. I’d love to do some wall space or her door in it, we could then take pictures of her creations to keep, and all with minimal mess.

    I’d love to paint my cube walls at work with it but they’re cloth. Now, my bookshelf and cabinets on the other hand… what a perfect solution!!!

    Thank you!

  • Ed H.

    I am a teacher at a public high school and we are always having issues with our current white boards. Either they are not the right size, the right type or they are just not there are all sometimes because they are too expensive. I waited for a whole year to get a 2nd whiteboard in my room. If I had known about this paint then, life would have been a lot easier. Now that I’m moving classrooms, this is going to be a great option!

  • Drew

    As a Family Medicine doc, we draw a lot! We draw diagrams of muscles and bones, exercises to do, how medicines work, what diseases can do to the body, and so on.

    I give lots of (pretty bad) drawings to patients on whatever paper I have in the exam room.

    It’d be great to be able to photograph a bigger drawing and send it via Evernote (which I recommend to patients as an organizational tool), and capture a copy for their chart for review at the next visit!

    I can do this on my little tablet-sized whiteboards already, but I’m not very artistic and those little diagrams get pretty cluttered…I’ve had people bring in drawings I’ve made in the past, and even I can’t fully decipher them! A big wall or table-top of ideapaint will help greatly!

  • Kalaunuola Domingo

    Aloha, my head started to spin with ideas as I was reading about your exciting new products! My entire classroom would be painted so my students could write on the walls to improve their confidence as writers and readers. Our house walls would also be painted for my 2,4, & 11 year old to write on. My 11 yr old (& mom & dad) would use it to help manage his time & tasks more efficiently. My toddlers would use it to boost their fine motor skills, & to view themselves as writers & readers. I’m so excited to try your new products, old & new!

  • Koa Carreiro

    That IdeaPaint is a great idea. Combine it with evernote and u got something!! I’m gonna get that paint contest or not. But an iPad would he cool too. 😉

  • Bryce

    Holy cats! I have two boys that would LOVE this. One is ultra creative and the other is learning to write. It would be so cool to give this to them to create and learn all over the wall! It would be so great to capture and archive all of their creations using Evernote too! I could even use this as an amazing brainstorming and productivity tool as a youth pastor and blogger. I wanted to put all this in a tweet but I exceeded my characters a little bit.


  • M. Dickison

    I teach and am constantly drawing/mapping concepts for my Advanced Placement tudents so they can see the linkages between theory and application. I already use Evernote to take snapshots of my notes on the white board, and would love to have the iPad with IdeaPaint on it so when I work with students, I could sketch it on the back while talking with them.

  • James

    I would use it as a lighter way to continue travelling the world. I could flip it over when chatting with other travellers for them to write down contact details or great tips on future travels. Also, I could let locals write on it and show them the combination of old world and new, while also showing them some of my pictures as well hopefully.

  • Laura

    Our costuming group uses Evernote to share character designs, reference images, patterns, photos, and related material with access anywhere — if I find a sale on fabric, I can instantly check to see if it will be useful for any of our next several projects!

    We do non-digital sketching to develop designs and patterns or explain a procedure. We then snap photos for reference or presentation.

    A wall-wide whiteboard would be heaven in the workshop, and would mesh perfectly with our Evernote use! 🙂

  • Nikki

    I already tweeted this but I just had to say; This is a great idea! It would be awesome to use either at my workspace for sketches for Photoshop art or in the “studio” (our second bedroom has his music stuff in it), where my boyfriend can use it for music “notes” (pun intended :P). I actually can’t wait to get some of this!

  • mia lee

    i use evernote almost on a daily basis .. great tool !
    recommended it already to a couple of my college friends 🙂

  • Paul E t

    I facilitate groups using large scale graphics. I’m going to create several 3×6 foot duplex Idealpaint whiteboards for this; photograph them and store and document in Evernote. How cool is this? Environmentally better than rolls of paper; easier to get around and “easel up”. Makes me a happy camper.

  • Paul E Pierce

    I am going to create 3×6 foot duplex Idealpaint whiteboards for large-scale graphic group facilitation; then us photos of the resulting charts in Evernote to document, analyze and report on the results. Ecological and Elegant!!!

  • Courtney Landers

    I would use IdeaPaint and Evernote to make my thinking process workable with Web 2.0 and thus as a way to share my uni work and research with friends. I’ve always been a ‘paper thinker’ – I need a nice big swathe of empty space I can touch and write on to create massive mind maps, plans and more. I could use IdeaPaint to create a huge canvas for my thoughts and then use my camera phone to turn each creation into an Evernote document to preserve and share. Its the perfect solution for a ‘paper thinker’ in a digital world.

  • carlos

    I’m moving to a new home and would love to give my almost-2-yr-old son an entire wall to paint on 😉

    I’m also remodeling my home-office… a whiteboard-wall to be captured on Evernote would be the killer app!

  • Brian Hindman

    My main bottleneck for using Evernote is input. I’m a poor typist, and I don’t wear a digitizing pad (or scanner)around my neck. I’ve been thinking about taking photos of whiteboards, but balked at the cost of multiple/large whiteboards. With IdeaPaint I can have a 50 square foot scanner at home, or reserve some to coat many smaller surfaces here and there for “quick doodles and sketches.”

  • Mary L. Hindman

    This painted wall would be great for brain storming research and keeping track of projects…. Sorry I did not have it when my children were small every “kid” likes to write on a wall but with this “no worries”.

  • Liz

    This is so cool! As an IT Project Manager, I can see how this would make my team meetings a lot more productive.

  • Jefferson Weidman

    As a current urban city educator and soon to be administrator I find this innovative technology of EverNote to be just the direction our students need to become engrossed in. The learning process will become so much more enjoyable and with the partnership of IdeaPaint, two great ideas fused together in one, teaching both students and staff will be that much more of a hands-on process sure to bring about a much higher level of enthusiasm and outcomes because of. I look forward to introducing these tools into the school and hopefully later on at a district-wide level. Thank you for considering me for this!

  • dich vu be trap

    😕 Do you support for android pad ? honeycomb android 3.0

  • stephanie klemm

    I would use Idea paint with my
    the 2 sons. Especially my oldest one to practice his word wall words and writing sentences. What a great product. I would love to try it out!I am also a teacher and could see the benefit it’d have with my struggling students.

  • Karen Amundrud

    I would paint a wall in our home office so my husbands work time would be more productive and less paper generating. Plus it would be a great place to communicate our ideas and brainstorm.

  • Nancy

    I would let my customers leave notes about their photographic session or the images they purchased.

  • Tim Ward

    I love the thought of both Ideapaint and Evernote. I can’t wait to get my kids rooms painted so they can write down their creative ideas when they strike. As for Evernote…bring it on, finally a way to take my sticky notes with me.

  • Barbara

    I would love to use IdeaPaint on a wall in my winery tasting room (Paradisos del Sol). Customers could write comments about our wine and then I could transfer them easily to our web site and newsletters via Evernote. I would also use it in places where my husband needs to record vineyard info (paint a clipboard he can carry with him) and winemaking notes. Then he would have a better record and reference area.

    Thank you to all the comments above me. I have gleaned some marvelous ideas that I plan to use.

  • Daniel Hoang

    I would paint three ways of my office so we could have a “3D” idea board, creating a pano display.

  • Alex

    I already use Evernote and I’ve been thinking about painting a wall in my home office with IdeaPaint! I run a small design business out of my home with a few other people and we’re always looking for a better way to share the notes we take from our brainstorming sessions. Right now, we use post-it notes or pin stuff up on the walls. Then, somebody needs to take the notes and type up the important stuff (usually into Evernote!) Using our smartphones to take a picture and convert to text would be a huge timesaver.

    Hmm, I’m thinking I need to go Premium…

  • Will Pena small business consultant

    My brain works like a white board – and no matter how much I use powerpoint, it cannot replace the thrill I get from creating great ideas with whiteboard.

    I got with a client not to long ago and came up with an entire new product and process in an hour an a half. All on whiteboard. And how did I record it? You got it – Evernote!

    My wife just told me about ideapaint this morning – and man was I excited. Now my entire house can be a place to create ideas…we, at least my man-cave.

  • Paul Harvey

    I would paint a wall in my study and capture brainstorming ideas right off the wall into Evernote.

  • Chuck Carter

    I would love to use IdeaPaint and Evernote in my home office to help me in brainstorming innovative software solutions. I am also going to recommend IdeaPaint to replace the worn out whiteboarded walls at work.

  • Tasha

    I would use Evernote and IdeaPaint is so many ways! My high school students love to get creative and I am in the process of putting together a proposal to have my classroom transformed into a Facebook room. With a Wall to write important notes, profiles of each student, quotes, and informational pieces, I believe these two would work well for this project. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Cyrus Kafai Wu

    As of right now, I use Evernote to organize my school notes and it does a good job at it. At the moment, I dont have IdeaPaint but if I did, I would be able to draw charts, images, graphs, brainstorming maps and etc. Then, I would be able to take a picture of it and put it in Evernote which would make it alot easier for me.

  • Scott Eisenmann

    I would use IdeaPaint on the walls in my 2-year-old son’s room when we begin homeschooling?

  • Randa

    I already use Evernote for everything!! My French teacher was amazed by how I used Evernote to get my research ready :D!
    If I get ideapaint I’d paint my room and use it to study and revise for school and let my young brother play in his spare time 🙂

  • Cara M

    I have a really big classroom that is oddly shaped. If I had IdeaPaint, I would paint one of the odd walls and then the tables that I use to fill the space for group work and idea sharing. I teach high school psychology and modern world history so the options for creating flow charts, cause and effect graphics, timelines, and other activities to make-it-come-together are endless. My head has been spinning since hearing about this product! The opportunities for brainstorming are unbelievable! What innovative products!

  • Scott

    I already love using Evernote for my research notes. With IdeaPaint, I could finally move beyond the confines of the whiteboard or paper – I’d paint my entire office wall to take notes.

  • Mark Brakla

    I plan to use this product to create a place of imagination for story-boarding our creative worship plans for our church creative team.

  • Marie Davies

    I use idea paint in homeoffice. I don’t have space for a traditional white board. Wall space is a premium between book shelves and art. So I put idea paint on the closet doors.

  • Cindy

    This would be my “smartboard” in my speech therapy rooms!

  • videomusik

    I would paint one wall of our conference room with ideapaint, install a ps3 eye (cheap, good quality webcam) in a fixed position in front of it to capture images and hook it up to a small computer with an arduinoboard with a button or a sensor.
    Whenever the button is pressed (or other sensor activated) the arduino board activates a processing sketch running on the computer, which emails the picture to evernote. It could also be nice to have it take multiple pictures during the session, make it into a movie or animated gif, and email that at the end.
    Combine that with an audio recording of the meeting, and you have a really good tool to remember what went on at the meeting, with the wall as a animated sketch board.
    You could also project the pictures back up on the wall and continue working on previous ideas, taking new snapshots of it.
    With an SD-card reader connected to an mbed, you could probably run the whole thing from the microcontroller, and keep costs below $100 excluding paint and projector.

  • Elizabeth H

    I’m getting ready for new office space, and idea paint sounds perfect! As a graphic designer, it would be great to sketch out my designs and layouts – and then use the ipad to pull them into evernote.

  • brian

    As a high school teacher in a large public school, this would be tremendously useful in the classroom. Students could brainstorm ideas around the classroom and then using snapshots I could collect them all in one place for review / grading at a later time.

  • Scott Matheson

    This would be great for the office conference room. I already photo-note the small board there, but it’s small.

  • Jose

    Would love to use both IdeaPaint and Evernote to help plan my freelance assignments and brainstorm and capture ideas for a book about photography.

  • Shep McAllister

    I would use it to take quick notes in class, or outfit my dorm with an awesome white board wall!

  • Chris

    I’m giddy thinking of all the things I could sketch on the backside of the iPad!

  • Michael J.

    I would paint my walls with IdeaPaint, so my kid could draw out his world-changing business plans and I can then archive them in his Evernote account, so he can act on them when he is old enough!

  • Jeff

    first i have heard of idea paint! going to look into it for the boardroom and my office at work! evernote on the other hand I know well! one of the best apps on my blackBerry right now!

  • Bree

    As a homeschooler, having a whiteboard wall would be a site for learning and creativity in our family. I use evermore to keep track of my lessons and store my unit PDFs, I could add my children’s board work photos to share during our county evaluation sessions.

  • Nirmal

    As a teacher, I’d be able to use the snapshots for peer review across several semesters.

  • Karie

    LOVE Evernote! And the idea of having IdeaPaint to create a surface on my office wall for easily drawing out ideas and then capturing them in Evernote sounds amazing!

  • Michael Fuselier

    I would use evernote and ideapaint in my kids room for them to play and do homework.

  • David Santistevan

    I’m an avid blogger/songwriter and I use Evernote for everything. With Idea Paint I could more effectively sketch out blog & song ideas. It would make my creative process much smoother and productive.

  • Chase Tingley

    I already use this combo! We IdeaPainted a wall at the office and I snap things off it with my phone for storage in Evernote.

  • Erik

    As a teacher I would use the Idea Paint to cover over the old school chalkboard in my classroom. The dry erase would offer much higher contrast than the old green slate. I would title this section, “that’s a great question” and allow my student to pose ?s that we might want to investigate at a later time, but does not relate to the lesson of the day.
    The iPad would help me in sharing resources with students and collecting student assessment.

  • AJ

    I would use IdeaPaint to paint our coffee table so that I can write To Do & Grocery lists on it as I think of them, and then put them in Evernote for me and my husband to access on our Droids. But I would also use the IdeaPaint coffee table for our future child to create art on that I can save as pictures to Evernote for quick access to bragging material.

  • Angela Marie

    My future mother in law owns a daycare and in passing, we’ve mentioned creating a chalkboard wall for the kids to draw on but shot the idea down because the chalk would be messy and the children would break it/stomp on it/etc.

    IdeaPaint would be an awesome alternative! It’s the fun way to draw on walls 🙂 and comes off much easier too!

  • ncloud

    This would be great for Agile or Kanban story-board planning. Divide the board into iterations, and draw user story “cards” in each division. Erase stories as finished and take a snapshot at the end of the day to show progress.

  • Joey

    Ideapaint would be a great addition to our new offices. We already draw on the walls… this way we’ll get in less trouble!

  • Judy Nevius

    We always brainstorm on notepads and it would save us big time to be able to have it directly into our computer to share! Thanks!

  • Brian

    I would use IdeaPaint to track all of my IT projects, tasks, and brainstorming sessions on my office walls. I could take pictures of the wall and send it to Evernote so I always have them, tagged and searchable. Fantastic!

  • Greg

    We’re already using this for our team of software developers. We have a 4-person pod with a circular table in the middle and cabinets all around. We are constantly diagraming our software systems on the table, cabinets, and walls.

  • Veronica

    I would paint the wall near my kitchen and let my daughter draw on the bottom. I would write lists and to do’s at the top. Then I would snap pics and put it in Evernote.

  • Andrew

    I would paint my entire office with IdeaPaint, brainstorm with clients and co-workers on said wall, and snap pics to upload to Evernote for OCR’ing to have a record of the meetings. I would give the iPad to the wife as a belated Valentine’s day gift! The wife will use the iPad while cooking (she Evernote’s her recipes in her account).

  • Masha

    I wanted to set up IdeaPaint at my old workplace (guest services at a large resort) to change the back office into a giant whiteboard. It would have been a perfect place to write quick reminders about special services required or specific guest needs. I had also set up a general Evernote account where we would pull in great ideas from all around, for better customer experience. Sadly left before the full dream was realized.

  • Jamie

    I’d use the iPad to beat my developers up with when they don’t do what they say.

  • Josh

    I love evernote – I’d use this to paint a wall in the basement to sketch out a new business idea I’m working on.

  • Randy Miller

    I do this today on a whiteboard and Evernote Premium and it rocks. Now that I know of IdeaPaint, I’m thinking we replace the whiteboard and the entire wall it sits on with paint!

  • David Jeffrey

    I would paint a wall of my classroom, and use it instead of a blackboard or whiteboard to keep track of student ideas and my notes. I would take pictures into Evernote from my BlackBerry and share with my students as notes.

  • Amir Iqbal

    Many times have to take a snap of meeting notes or bills etc so idea is simple i can even track them and organise them by using evernote and IdeaPaint …

  • Guillaume

    In my creative moments, I often find myself in a position where I need to think out loud and to draw big. Problem, the whiteboards I usually have to use are way too small for my needs. Now, transforming entire walls into a big creative surface would be radical but it would also be super effective! 🙂

    I already use evernote to take pictures of my most insightful creations. Now, combining it with ideapaint (which I’m discovering now)? That’s called “Dangerously close to dreams come true” in my book.

  • Scott Suehle

    This is such a fun idea and product. It would be amazing to have to help around the house with kids, reminder lists and a lot of various things to help organize.

  • Vernadette

    Now that’s an IDEA!

  • Gregg Martinson

    I would use the pad for debate and be able to keep notes throughout the day, universal capture and universal utility!

  • Umair Khan

    We’d consider using this to paint our conference walls that don’t have whiteboards.

  • Chris Wooton

    Doodle area for kids *and* better honey-do notes? Sign me up.

  • Raman Chadha

    I spend a good deal of time mentoring and working with young entrepreneurs. Most times, they’re 1 on 1 conversations and unless the student/entrepreneur is taking good notes, our words disappear into thin air.

    With IdeaPaint, I’d “map” out our conversations much more – not only notes but also graphic depictions of product concepts, market spaces, etc. I already use Evernote, so I would catalog those conversations and build a shareable “knowledge exchange” via my blog for the whole world to see.

    In fact, I’d probably also record the discussions via the Evernote app for my iPhone so there could be a “soundtrack” to go with it!

  • Jay W.

    Ideapaint to paint my cube at work.
    Evernote to jot down ideas.

  • Søren Hansen

    Working at a startup with people in Denmark, Sweden, and the US, it would be great to have the Evernote/Ideapad combination when doing webcam meetings for brainstorms and creating documentation afterwards.

  • Kimberly

    I love the Idea Paint concept – of love to pair it with Evernote to prep client presentations. And frankly just to have fun.

  • Søren Hansen

    Working at a startup with people in Denmark, Sweden, and the US, it would be great to have the Evernote/IdeaPaint combination when doing webcam meetings for brainstorms and creating documentation afterwards.

  • Joel Portner

    Great for all schools, offices, meeting rooms, playgrounds, kids rooms, …. the list goes on and on and on.

    Let the creativity flow with Evernote and IdeaPaint.

    Rock and Roll

  • rayan

    i adore white walls, but white walls with a purpose…now that is uber chic!

  • Jeremy Heslop

    Wow very neat stuff. I would use this to help the kids with home school and take pictures in evernote to update their notebooks for school. Then they could use it for math and spelling practice. So many possibilities!

  • Jennifer D.

    In my work area, we used Idea Paint to paint a tree shape that goes along with our company’s sustainable solutions and connection to nature. It is great during brain storming sessions when ideas branch off of each other. It is visually appealing in addition to being very functional.

  • Salman Suhail

    Iv already been using a combination of my cellphone camera, traditional whiteboards, and Evernote to collect the results of brainstorming sessions for over a year now, and I can say without a doubt that about 30-40 of my colleagues have followed my lead and now do the same.

    Making those pictures of whiteboards searchable is where the real value of Evernote peaked for us as an organization. Brainstorming sessions months old could still provide value to us (as opposed to being lost in the ether of history) because we could still find them.

    We have been thinking of using IdeaPaint for a while now to create our very own idea room i.e. painting our entire war room (walls, ceiling, table surfaces, everything) with IdeaPaint – because we believe that anywhere should be a good place to scribble a good idea. Winning this competition would give me a great push to make sure this happens.

  • John

    This will be great for my lab at the University. We always run out of whiteboard space!

  • Marijn

    I would put small portions of the ideapaint on all my wals including on doors, the fridge, my carr, my computerscreen and part of my arm. I would then use the ideapaint instead of post-it stickynotes, blue beats yellow everyday!! This is where evernote comes in, as I cant take my wall with me, I will use evernote (already do) to tag the notes and share them between my home and work PC’s and my android desire phone. The writing’s on the wall, and my first sentance will be: eat this 3M!

  • Lori Allen

    I run a small family business as well as homeschool my children. I would utilize IdeaPaint and Evernote for both. For the business, I could send ideas, schedules, etc., to remote colleagues. For the homeschool we can document the children’s work, schedules and ideas for their portfolio.

  • Jonathan Schellack

    I very much like the idea of putting IdeaPaint on the back of the iPad. It’s a great way to add some neat functionality to the already highly-functional device!

  • Morten svaerke andersen

    I already have a regular whiteboard at work, but we’re always running out of space. The extra workspace we’d get out of the walls with IdeaPaint, would be invaluable! Not only would we be able to brainstorm more effectively, but we’d also be able to keep the current tasks and progress grid semi-static on a separate wall; we develop on a two-to-three weeks deployment schedule.

    Not to mention, it has that certain “the future is now” feel to it 🙂

    Of course, we already use Evernote to record important flow-charts and solution ideas when we need the space for something else 😉

  • Sallye

    I am delighted that you have offered ways for non-Twitter-users to enter. I tweeted, but I get so tired of being shut out of things because I don’t facebook!

    Evernote rocks and I cannot wait to see IdeaPaint in action!

  • Jody

    I would use Idea Paint in my boys play room area. I’d put away the Wii and the DSI, and let them work their majic on the main wall inside their play room. I keep a tidy home, but their play room is theirs. I scan all of their artwork into Evernote as it is now for safe keeping. Taking pics of the Wall painted with Idea Paint would be a good marriage to keep up with their ideas. Easy!

  • Susan

    To be able to search “the writing on the wall” with a cool iPad – priceless!

  • Maria Kernahan

    I’d use Idea Paint in my family room to use when my kids are studying for tests. It wouldn’t be a bad place to place reminders for them before they leave the house, too!

  • Andre

    To build iPad apps. 🙂

  • april d

    I need an alternative to chalkboard paint & am ready to use idea paint on all surfaces to doodle!

  • Tami

    This creativity of ideapaint would be perfect in my mom’s art gallery. She teaches kids how to work with paints and draw bringing the creativity out of them and how much fun this could have with this would be endless!!

  • Michael W.

    I would use IdeaPaint to paint one wall in my artist daughter’s bedroom. She can never seem to find enough paper and she loves markers.

  • Daniel W. Simon

    I would use IdeaPaint in my office to help me mind-map my projects. More writing space is always a good thing! I would use Evernote (as I do now) to store what I write on the wall, and to make it easier to find in the future.

  • Chris

    I would love to paint a wall in the kitchen to use as a reminder wall. You could note groceries needed or jot something down when talking on the phone instead of having to juggle a phone while you look for a piece of paper to write on. There are so many things it could be used for simple messages like empty the dishwasher it has clean dishes. Then for work I would paint the wall I stare at behind my computer. I am a medical coder and rules are constantly changing. I could make notes of a new guideline until I have it memorized. I could note meetings and lectures. I could make use of the space with phone numbers and contacts. I know I would have it color coded and it would cut down on the cost of post its. It would not take me long to fill it up. Plus I could erase when things change and that is a constant with Medicare and Medicaid. This is an abasolutely fantastic idea. Thank you.

  • maggie

    I facilitate ideation sessions for client companies. I’d use the goodies in my own office AND introduce my clients to the great ideas!

  • kristen m

    These two tools would be fab for teaching workshops

  • blair slavin

    Wow, what a great idea. At Kinko’s Copies I use to make Mr. Kinko with laminate and a erasable marker. People could draw different faces on the Kinko employee.

    I would pain my hallway for me and my husband to draw on.
    I would also paint one of the walls in my massage room so I could draw diagrams for clients as to what is happening with certain muscles in their bodies. Plus I might find a few day care centers near me and donate the rest of the paint to them to put up for their kids.

  • Andy Fang

    I want to win

  • mariana herrera mosli

    Evernote is awesome and I think that this is a great way to combine two fab products!!! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  • Mark

    I forget everything so painting my entire house with ideapaint so I can jot down thoughts instantly ten transferring them to evernote is going to help me remember…at Least remember some

  • Pam

    I am so excited about this paint….we are planning to put up dry erase boards at our church to illustrate sermons and Bible lessons. NOW WE CAN JUST PAINT THE WALLS!!! WOW. Terrific.

  • David

    We’d paint several of our office walls… giving us the ultimate anywhere/anytime brainstorming space. Combine that with the flexibility of capturing with Evernote, and I’ll happily retire our expensive (and clunky) SmartBoard.

  • Kevin Buran

    I would use IdeaPaint and Evernote in my 6th and 8th grade science classroom. I have already begun teaching my kids how to use Evernote. I have installed the Evernote app. on every computer that my kids use. The IdeaPaint combo. would be super neato for brainstorming, think-pair-sharing, etc.

  • Ice Pony Girl

    To stay in touch with the world and to color my world with vibrant hues.

  • Suzanne

    Would LOVE the ipad to use for my photography business as well as to use with my children who I homeschool (ages 3, 6, 8). I would paint our homeschool classroom with the idea paint and possibly my office as well. I love that stuff!

  • Kelly Davis

    Ideal product for creating interactive presentations to wow prospective clients or partners.

  • Katie

    I’d use IdeaPaint on one wall in my home office. It would be great for planning family vacations and goals. And the iPad- taking it all with me via Evernote!

  • Angela Goldie

    Oh this is soooo cool! I would use this for Household Organization. As the CEO of my own company (a family of 4), I would use this to organize school calendar, work calendars and sport calendars. I actually know the exact wall I would paint. this is such an awesome idea!

  • Julie manzitto

    Could I really take notes on the dining room wall? Beautiful!

  • Allan C. Estrella

    I will use the Idea Paint to paint the wall of my home office and then use Evernote to capture that image on my iPhone and then sync to my Mac for safekeeping.

  • greg zimmerman

    I would like to use Idea Paint in my clinic in order to work through my patients complicated cases, for teaching and for an explanation tool. I would also like to use it in my son’s room for him to explore his creativity and for working together on homework. And finally, I would like to use it on my wall in my business office for conference meetings and idea brainstorm sessions!

  • Lita Bledsoe

    I am a homeschooling mom of 6, work from home elearning professional and a complete geek and I’m always looking for great ways to engage my clients, the teachers I support, and my children. I use evernote all the time and love the portability of synching my phone and computer instantly, and would enjoy the ability to use the ideapaint for every day lists, school brainstorming, and any kind of family planning. The ideas are really limitless!

  • casey

    I would use it to develop teaching and learning systems for adults with learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD issues.

  • Christy

    I would love to use this to keep up with my calendar even better….I already use evernote to clip things from the web and to stay organized with different folders for my projects….to be able to lay those projects out on a wall and to see the BIG idea….fabulous!

  • Cindy

    I would use Idea paint in my very creative 7 year old’s room, so she can draw and be imaginative to her heart’s content!

  • Allyson Goodpasture

    I would paint my children’s walls with this. My boys love to write, draw and color, and with this paint, I could allow it! I use Evernote for notes and pictures, and it would be a great way to keep the memories of all of my boys artistic musings!

  • Craig James

    Where and how would I use it!?

    Everywhere all the time.

    I’m a white-blue-black board fanatic!

    Craig Arthur James

  • Joel

    I’d use Idea Paint and Evernote to make my home office fully equipped for interactive web-based research brainstorming!

  • Tony A. Ward

    I would use idea paint in my music room where I compose music and in the basement where I jam with my band to capture musical and lyrical ideas, titles, and concepts; I would use Evernote to digitally archive these ideas for quick future reference.
    I would also create a wall in my son’s bedroom for him to be able to be free to create on and then capture those ideas to Evernote for him to see when he gets older.

  • Brendan Murray

    My 10 year old daughter has already expressed the desire to have a wall of chalkboard or whiteboard in her room for notes (well, creative doodling mostly). If a particular piece of artwork is worth keeping, I can snap a shot and save it in an artwork notebook in Evernote.

  • Stephanie

    I would use it for my business. I need to do a lot of sketches and this would allow me to be more “green” and not waste so much paper.

  • Tara

    I’d love to paint my daughter’s bedroom door and the door that leads to our garage. Then there would be no more verbal reminders about what she needs to bring with her for the day.

  • Jim Bradshaw

    I am a compulsive doodler. The first thing would be an accent wall in my art studio with my scribbles and characters all over it.

  • Peter DC

    love the wall writing idea. Already a big user of Evernote.

  • John

    Would love to cover one of my office walls with this, plus some for a play area for my son. He *might* have as much fun with it as I would.

  • Chris

    I would use IdeaPaint to finally get rid of the whiteboards I use to keep track of candidates and appointments. And I would use Evernote to better organize my notes and thoughts on recruiting for my blog.

  • Steve

    Idea Paint + Evernote = designing inspiration! would use to gather ideas and inspiration and organize thoughts into creative things! 🙂

  • Michelle

    I’m sure I would use it for all my ideas and notes! My kids have erased my long term memory, so I need all the help I can get 🙂

  • ondrea

    I would use ideapaint to create reminders that are constantly in view wile using evernote to access those huge reminders on the go.

  • Megan Kiefer

    I love the concept of IdeaPaint and the collaboration with Evernote. I work at a law firm and there are always constant changes to cases and I am always writing notes on little sticky notes or whatever I can find. With both of these products, I can outline the changes to a case easily with IdeaPaint, take a picture of it and store it on Evernote before I erase it move on to the next case. Then if I am looking for the note later, I know to use Evernote for a quick and easy search. This will make my worklife so much simpler!! Also, I have a nephew with autism and using this at home on a wall or even a desk will help him express his enormous creativity better and it will be nice to keep all of his work in one easily accessible place.

  • Alexandra Zhu

    I like dreaming big. There are so many things I want to achieve in life so I know that I will have made a positive impact on the society I live in. IdeaPaint would be an awesome tool to use with Evernote to allow me to think of new initiatives and goals to achieve by making this process simple. I currently use Evernote on both my Android and on my PC and it has, no exaggeration, made my life simpler. The sense of accomplishment I feel when I can tick off an item on my to-do list or if I finish writing another paragraph of my short story is amazing and IdeaPaint will be a wonderful complement to it.

  • Nealie Loudin

    bringing innovative organization & technology 21st century style to my kids’ school!

  • Michelle

    I can’t wait to get this paint up all around my house, so I won’t get mad when my sons right on the walls 🙂

  • Deanna Graham

    I already use Evernote to keep track of things I find online such as Character Outlines, Plot Outlines and more. (I am a writer)

    With IdeaPaint, I could do the Outlines on the wall, and then take a digital pic and upload it to Evernote and have my filled in Character sheets and plot outlines done and not have to keep making a new template.

  • Kendra S

    With the Ideapaint, I would like to use it to beam the projector and my photography onto so then when I work on my collages (which involve many drawings in Illustrator) I could draw right on it to see how it looks on the big picture before drawing in Illustrator on my computer which is a 13inch screen. I’d save time by not having to slice it into a grid to print(saving money on ink) pieces to draw on. Plus, I’d save paper!

    Oh, Evernote, which I already use I’d use even more with the ability to have a huge cookbook in the kitchen as all my recipes are within Evernote. I also would use Evernote with the pro to back up my workings so when I attend meetings I can show it in hand, to be almost like a magazine along with being able to be held, manipulated by the viewers decision. I’d be saving paper here too!

    These are just two ideas but I’ve got many more a brewing. I hope to put them into motion.

  • Jerry

    WOW! This already has my ideas flowing!

    I think I will re-organize my office to clear up two adjoining walls. I will then paint them with IdeaPaint so my ideas can grow beyond the little 3’x4′ white board I limited to now now. Then I can flowchart my ideas, merge them together or just let them expand. Snap it into Evernote for the iPad at the end of the day and I can continue to refine the ideas on the go!

    IdeaPaint + Evernote may be the single best tool set created for thinkers and doers. Thanks for the IDEA!

  • Shawn

    I would use Evernote and IdeaPaint to help collaborate after school program projects for our elementary school students. We would utilize Evernote to collaborate, design, and facilitate projects in a variety of learning themes. This would foster project planning, computer science and research skills for the students during the school year. Collecting ideas in the areas of handwritten notes, scanned articles, pictures, and tables would help bring about projects including film and media arts projects, photography, and science projects and activities. We would use IdeaPaint to connect these ideas with student written notes, pictures, diagrams, and data sets with what they planned through the use of Evernote.

  • Keri Ritenour

    My 17-year old daughter would get this. She is an aspiring artist and plans on attending art school. She loves to draw, paint, sew, or do just about anything that is artistic. She currently pins, nails, or tapes everything to her walls. I would love to give her this so she can explore her world on her walls and change it up anytime she wants. The Ipad would be an added bonus for her since her computer broke several months ago and she would not have to use mine anymore.

  • Tyler Young

    I’d paint the side of my bookcase with Ideapaint, use it to work out equations while I’m at my desk, and save images of those calculations to Evernote with my iPhone camera. Brilliant product!

  • Alison

    Working for a medical school, space and funds are both a scarce commodity. In the IT department, we are encouraging our students to “save to the cloud” so vital reference material and lecture notes follow them instead of the other way around. Lectures often involve complex illustrations on small wipe boards which disappear with the stroke of an eraser. Combining Evernote with the convenience of Ideapaint would allow us to utilize larger surfaces and forever immortalize these drawings and notes. Each could be instantly accessible with a quick snapshot and upload to the shared notebook. This would provide a solution to a common problem and make us IT folks look like heros!

  • Peter Fox

    I’d throw away my stupid little white board I have on my wall next to my desk and go crazy, mainly writing on the wall while I’m in bed watching tv, trying to figure out a programming problem or I’d just have a bit of fun and do something abit more artistic

  • Rhianon England

    This paint would look a lot better than the chalkboard paint I used on the office walls 🙂
    And I’d love to see the look of horror on peoples faces as I first start writing on the ipad!
    BTW Evernote, my life would suck without you.

  • Leika

    Oh wow, I love this!!! I would definitely do this with my home office wall!!! I have a Smart Board at work, and I’ve been wishing I could do the same thing at home. Now I can!!!

  • J Shoyeb

    This is pretty cool! We would use IdeaPaint to help keep the household organized, brainstorm project ideas and when, God willing, we have children, it’ll be great to have a place for them to “decorate.”

    I use Evernote now and find it extremely useful for organizing and saving reference material, lecture notes and class notes/links.

  • Alex

    My girlfriend is a pre-K teacher in one of the poorest counties in TN. She could really use this in either presenting her lessons, or letting the kids develop their fine-motor skills by drawing on this.

  • Andre

    I’d create a wraparound whiteboard zones on the walls around my desk for brainstorming sessions and jotting down tasks, and archive the results in Evernote (like I do with everything else).

    I’d also like to experiment with painting wooden toys (animals and trucks) with Ideapaint, so my kids could doodle and color on them without driving my wife and me insane.

  • Prasad Velagaleti

    Actually, my sister had to pay quite some money when she moved out of her apartment because of her two little girls, who, even now use the walls in their housee as the primary medium of written expression and playground of artistic edeavours. My bro-in-law never complains though as he finds their drawings as masterpieces. I think evernote and ideapaint are the best tools to capture these priceless pictures and share them with friends and family.

  • Ashley Wiley

    I would use ideapaint to write notesand ideas for books and short stories I write. When I get an idea for a good story I hate having to search for paper before I forget the idea so having ideapaint on all my walls would erase that problem all I have to do is have a dry-erase marker and I’m ready to write my ideas down.

  • Craig S.

    I would use IdeaPaint in my classroom to give my students more room to brainstorm. I’d have the students take pictures of their ideas and post the pictures on my shared notebook.

  • Allan Jay

    Being a computer science student, I am usually in front of a PC and a white board. I would scribble program codes and sometimes inspiration on the white board and later type them (or take a picture)on Evernote.

    Having an iPad with Evernote and IdeaPaint in one is so innovative. I don’t have to stand to write on the white board. All I have to do is flip the iPad and scribble. Cool!

  • Anke

    Great idea, I would use idea-paint as soon as the delivery cost to Germany would decrease dramatically or I could buy it in any store near my home town.

  • Cameron

    I would make my entire wall into a surface for doing homework, sketching, and being super productive! Evernote would help me keep track of it all and share it for group products!

  • Eric G.

    Already liked Evernote but the IdeaPaint brings it to a whole new level!

  • Camille Carboneau Roberts

    Evernote and IdeaPaint–this is genius! I have been a software instructor for 20+ years and have used a variety of methods for delivering the lessons. Wow. I can see where it would be more productive to replace the large whiteboard for an even larger wall! I also help people get federal jobs. I have a method of taking in projects and use a whiteboard to track progress. What a fabulous idea to be able to use Evernote and IdeaPaint in the process! I can even think of a few places in Federal government where this might come in handy, e.g., budget talks, oval office, perhaps the situation room.

    Then, there is my ‘creative’ son…if I show him this, I would never have a chance of having my own wall. He would be in CRE-8-TIVE heaven with these products, including the iPad!

    Congratulations on inventing two fabulous, productive products. Genius!

  • Media Designer

    Oh . It is. I guess I should have read first, then posted. That’s a killer idea!

    I wonder if ideaPaint is likely to adhere to TV screens? I’m not sure my wife would appreciate the ‘upgrade’….

  • Barb

    I would paint my desk top with it, I keep a pad of paper there to scribble reminders, notes, random thoughts and for my toddler to draw on while I type up my report cards. It would be so much easier to be able to write anywhere and just snap it into Evernote with my phone and as a bonus my paper recycling would be less overflowing with my son’s “art”…

    Don’t get me started on how an iPad would revolutionize my life!!

  • Paula

    I would plan my wedding on the wall and use evernote to keep track of it all!

  • Meade McCoy

    As a student I find evernote incredibly useful, allowing me to save important resources and notes in one location. As an employee who works remotely the majority of the time evernote is invaluable giving me a means of keeping track of information no mater where I am.

    I work for a small software publishing house (8 employees), and although we are a tech company we like to have tactile ways of brain storming. We’ve been considering painting a whole wall of our offices with idea paint for a few months now.

    In a perfect world I would paint a wall of my apartment with idea paint, but I don’t think my landlord would take to kindly to it.

  • Jen Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

    I’m not gonna lie, I’d use IdeaPaint for random doodlings in random places. Nothing professional or for the good of mankind, like some of these other people, sorry. And Evernote? Well I’d just continue using it as I do now, for everything.

  • Jade Norris

    This is a combination of all my favorite things. I turn windows into dry erase boards. I am so inspired by many things and having evernote helps me keep my inspiration all in one place. I juggle a lot being a film editor, office manager and After school program counselor at a middle school. I am constatly networking and on the go. I love all the techh but having the ability to do some old fashion writing really helps me comit things to memory. This would be so amazing if I won. I would put this to seriously use.

  • John Kantor

    I’d use it in my photo studio to keep track of shoot details and then archive them.

  • synical

    Is this contest US only?

  • Vincent

    I really like the idea of this product. I would use IdeaPaint on the door of my room, that way i could have a nice list things I should remember and take care of as I’m leaving and starting my day.

  • AshtonLea

    I am a semi-self made designer, soon-to-be teacher, and a iPad/iPhone/Evernote junkie.

    I am in love with this paint I would use it in my design room… to blog/project storm. I’ve already picked the wall!

    I would use it in my Classroom/Gym as a digital chalk board. Sharable to all my students. Taking Notes is way fun if you do it this way.

    …and many other ways if chosen.

    I need this magical paint!

  • Alex

    IdeaPaint on the kitchen cupboard door to create a family whiteboard. On the office wall for brainstorming and planning. Kids bedroom walls and never have to yell at them for vandalising them again. In the toilet to see what kind of art and doodling is created in those contemplative moments. On the iPad screen for a go anywhere note… oh wait.

  • Suzanne Zaleski

    I would use IdeaPaint to whiteboard ideas with my startup team, and then use EverNote to capture and save the notes from our whiteboarding sessions!

    On a side note, I’m really hopeing that NoteSlate will integrate EverNote. So excited about this possibility!

  • Per Ahrenberg

    I would like to first search for the place in a school where the students spend the most amount of time out of class. Then paint the walls and ceiling with the paint. Make two different spaces. One that the teachers are responsible for and the other one for the students. Then start a cycle where different teachers are responsible different weeks to put up things that the students should reflect upon in the space for the teachers. Then the students own there space to display there thoughts, comments and reflections.

    After a week I would document what have happened on the wall with Evernote and share it to all in the school to use.

  • Shaine Alleman

    Idea Paint and Evernote would be ideal for our staff strategy sessions as we map out our plans for various public outreach projects. I can’t wait to use these two brilliant companies together.

  • Meredith

    I’d use it in class and use it to jot down dates to enter into ny datebook later.

  • John Cunningham

    Wow, I could get all those ideas and random thoughts out of my head and still keep a record of them, draw relationships between them and still keep them organized? Brilliant!

  • Jakub

    I would love to get rid of all post-its from my wall behind my screens and use Idea Paint instead. Would use iPad while on the go to browse through all the memos and reminders/todos, collected on my wall.

  • Allyhim

    I would consider using them in the study and kitchen for anything to do/follow up.

  • Thomas

    We’d easily repaint our workspaces, logistics rooms, and living areas so we could share details of our ever-changing plans!

  • Amanda Ellis

    I love this idea for teaching art and design! Also for collaborative work. I like having digital copies, but I usually have to be writing or drawing to get my ideas flowing. Some people get intimidated by blank pages or a canvas, so I think that writing on the wall would be a natural way to shake rigid structures of thinking, learning, and recording.

  • Kazuaki Nishimura

    I want to use ideapaint and iPad to teach some interesting thing to my lovely niece.

    I’ll paint my room’s wall by ideapaint, and talk and write togetgher with my niece.

    and memorize session with my niece by iPhone’s camera, and send for evernote.

    finally, I enjoy showing session’s memory by iPad with my niece.

    and come back to in front of ideapaint wall, try to continue session with my niece.


    Oh! How amazing place, isn’t it?

  • AaronM

    Could use this stuff in the kitchen for the family calendar and the playroom for the kids to go nuts on.

  • Henri

    First time I heard about IdeaPaint. I’d definately paint my study wall with it and load pics of it to Evernote. Now I use a huge amount of Post-Its which are too small, too many, too hard to search and too wasteful in the long run. Hope I can get this here in Finland somewhere!

  • Miniclubmoose

    I would use this to design and create awesomeness daily. Or at least try.

  • Kim

    I love ideapaint and I love the iPad.. a combination of the two of them is like a dream. A whole day of taking notes in evernote and writing quick stuff on the back. Sound like heaven doesn’t it?

  • George Rodgers-Clark

    We have tried a different wb wall paint w/o success. Our team would love to have 360 degree wb & this would be great start!

  • A2E

    Hmmm….. Good question. Not really sure exactly how I’d use it, but sounds cool

  • Avril Jones

    Wow – I would IdeaPaint the walls of my studio and incorporate art or graffiti into my photographs!

  • Speilbilder

    I would paint a part of my kitchen so I could have my receipe availabel during cooking.

  • Daniela R.

    I would use IdeaPaint on the wall that touches my bed, to that can write those ‘pillow thoughts’ you know you’ll never remember. For once eliminate the search for pen and paper in the pitch black night.

  • apc666

    Great! Lateral thinking for integrating the real needs with the technology. This is the way…

  • Stefan

    This would be awesome for working on collaborative student projects at university!!!

  • John Tunnicliffe

    Quite simply Evernote is a dream come true and any additional aid can only make life easier. This and Idea Paint is the ultimate memory aid in what can be a hectic world.

  • Tony Wilson

    To-do lists, calendars,, scheduling,…. everything!

  • Sam

    I brainstorm in groups often, and use walls in a high percentage of those times (usually whiteboards, but often whitewalls). This would be a great way to increase that habit. Of course, these then get taken as photos (Moe’s Notes on iPhone), and then sent to Evernote, Dropbox, wiki, and email.

  • Nick Kuxhaus

    With IdeaPaint I’d make a whole bedroom wall dry-erase(-able?), part for a calendar, part for notes, and a huge space for those DO NOT FORGET type of things =D

  • Victor Igartua

    I would use the Ideapad to brainstorm my ideas for creating short films and Evernote to view the webpages/photos I saved on the go to further develop my scripts when needed.

  • Phil powis

    I think using ever note plus iPad in a brainstorm conference room would be awesome!

  • Michael O'Neill

    I would use Evernote and IdeaPaint to record my children’s doodlings!

  • Laura K. Browning

    IdeaPaint would be a wonderful way to take notes for our Tastefully Simple team meetings in my home. I could then share them with the rest of our team around the country through EverNote. I already use EverNote to keep a lot of documents from HQ handy and easily accessible to myself and my team members!

    And when we’re not holding team meetings, my 2 year old and 5 year old would love being able to draw on the wall without getting in trouble!

  • Wangaren

    I think this is A great idea! Useful for seminar and briefing room, Im surely about to recoment pain one wall in our seminar room at University by Ideapaint! No more ugly white boards, just walls and us:-)

  • Simon Gregory

    i would paint my daughters room with ideaPaint so that she knows no boundaries with her art and thoughts, then i would keep it all in our evernote diary to cherish 🙂

  • Crissy Durst.

    I would paint a wall in my childrens bedrooms with Idea Paint. It would be great to let reminders for them on it. They could doodle on the wall, and use it for study notes. Both have a passion for drawing and Idea Paint could help further their love.

  • Jaiveer Mariwala

    Please please please let me win this, my whiteboard is way too small for all my ideas :O

  • Melissa Worcester

    Take the suggestion one step further — once you’ve written on the wall and taken a picture of it, you can display it any time you want, right back on the same wall, by loading the picture into a slideshow and using a projector, with the wall as the screen. This would be great for multiple sections of the same course, held in different rooms or where you can’t leave info on the board.

  • Jaime


  • Alethea Fitzpatrick

    I’d love to use IdeaPaint in my home office as another surface for recording ideas… saving them in Evernote of course!

  • Kelly

    My husband is always jotting notes on the garage wall while he’s doing repair jobs (ie phone numbers, measurements, parts numbers. Of course I’d have to put it in the kids rooms as well for my budding artists who follow dad’s lead and jot on their walls.

  • Alexandre cote

    I like how guys rethinking collaboration tools

  • ellen

    Idea Paint is a great idea for a family bulletin board in a small footprint home. Make every space do double duty!

  • Tyler Wainright

    This would be great for a couple things; to allow my girls a great way to be creative without using up so much paper, it would be a great learning tool for them as they enter kindergarten this fall, and it would make for a great photography back drop.

  • Sarah Hess

    I already use Evernote to organize events and fundraisers for our organization, Water Street Glassworks, but for the idea paint, that would be fantastic to use in our Fired Up! classrooms/studios for sketching out new designs and have the kids collaborate on designs. To be able to snap a picture of that and archive those design sessions would be a fantastic tool for that program.

  • Michael

    What a combination! Evernote for your digital world and Ideapaint for your physical world.

  • David

    This could save my Learning Center at high school. I could replace all the little white boards that get lost and abused with painted table tops. Very exciting.

  • Carrie Freiert

    I teach a gifted and talented program. Our students are constantly coming up with creative ideas and mathematical theories. Having a place dedicated to their creativity and a way to capture and save their ideas would be amazing! 🙂

  • Grzegorz Zieliński

    I would use IdeaPaint to change my office in one big brainstorming facility, and then Evernote to capture all results of such sessions…

  • Charles Coehick

    I am a college student majoring in environmental science with the intent of teaching as a career. Not only would ideapaint and evernote as a combination be ideal for lesson notes and diagrams, it is also an Eco-friendly alternative to to using a whiteboard and having the students write all of the information down in a notebook.

  • Kevin

    I first learned of Idea Paint last week and am still coming up with tons of different ideas to use it. What a great product!

  • molly_b

    If I were still working in educational technology, I would paint every classroom wall with IdeaPaint, set up the instructors with EverNote, and ditch the digital whiteboards. I don’t know if EverNote has teamed up with Blackboard or any other course management systems (it’s been a while since I’ve been in ed tech), but that would be really great too.

  • Dave Mooney

    I’d use IdeaPaint as an extension of what I already use Evernote for: tracking ideas for writing projects and general brainstorming.

  • Sascha Heller

    I could use IdeaPaint to create an in home To Do board and if I mounted a sheet of metal onto the wall before painting it, well it would be magnetic to! Combine that with Evernote on my iPhone and I’d be able to take my To Do list anywhere!

  • Mark Moline

    I have a big, empty wall in my office that is just screaming for whiteboard treatment! Then I’d be more productive, because who likes planning out big database schemas on little 8.5×11 paper?

  • Ryan K.

    Team meetings just got better – instead of leaving up weeks old stuff on the board/wall, Evernote can help ensure we clear it every day… meaning new ideas go up every day. Use Ideapaint to put the dry-erase wall not confined in some distant meeting room but right where people work. Thanks.

  • Mahesh S

    Working in a tech startup means that you never have enough whiteboard space. Also means that we can’t afford to buy many traditional whiteboards let alone digital whiteboards. I’d use IdeaPaint to convert all our conference room walls into whiteboards. Today, we photograph discussions and email it to ourselves. Would be nice upload it to a shared Evernote account and make everything searchable. When discussions resume, we can project previous conclusions and search for discussion keywords as necessary — no need to spend another hour arguing about the same topic over again.

  • Marissa Dumas

    OMG I think this is a SUPER AWESOME IDEA!! White board are a necessity in most offices, but are extremely expensive. Idea Paint is a GREAT option for our office. I work at an Architect’s office and we have whole wall of ideas and thoughts, posted by stickies or hanging up a huge sheet of white paper… we call it brains on the wall 🙂 This idea paint is a PERFECT solution for this messy wall. Oh my goodness, I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this idea. I also think it’s a great product to share with the many school districts we work with, not to mention the business we design for. This is a really great product and I’m excited to spread the news 🙂

  • Michael Durwin

    I’d paint the walls of my office with IdeaPaint: I work best with white boards, yet I crave the organization and safety of digital. To be able to plan on white board, photograph then add to Evernote to tag and organize would be key!

  • Rev. Brian Henerson

    Wow! Our community ministry team could really use this in our arts and music school as a tool for teaching pretty much everything. In addition, we would use this for team planning and brainstorming!

  • Steve

    At my previous consulting job we painted the entire office in ideapaint. We used ideapaint exclusively for meeting notes, idea generations and even client presentations. We archieved everything via snapshots from our cameras. Excellent product!! I’m no self-employed and would love to incorporate this in my business in the same way. Plus isn’t the iPad so freaking awesome.

  • David Thomas

    I would use IdeaPaint in my home workout room so that I can plan out my workouts for a week, then save them to Evernote for tracking my progress.

  • Nicola

    This would be great for teaching math – we need lots of board space, and evernote to save it.

  • Steph

    This is pretty rad! I would use ideapaint to cover a part of my bedroom and use it for both school and marathon training.
    I’d write up the homework and training schedule for the week. Write the date, snap a photo and always have my to do list for the week handy 🙂

  • Robin Rakes

    I think this will be a *hit* product!!! I could really use this in my art studio… another creative surface!!!! If it evers gets clean. Think you can throw in a organizer? LOL

  • Jimmy Parker

    I’d paint my bathroom walls and encourage visitors to leave graffiti.

  • Corey Russell

    I can think of endless uses for business and personal use. Entire wall coverage in training room, class room, office. I could paint my desk top, office door, file cabinet doors, supply cabinet doors. At home… Definitely a Kitchen wall or pantry door for notes or grocery items. I child’s wall, game room wall, an art table, and more. This is a very cool idea. Especially in collaboration with Evernote. Never use a sticky again! just Jot,Snap,Save to Evernote. I feel more organized already! Thanks!

  • Edsel Dumas

    Wow super awesome idea, kids room for sure with the paint and evernote for everything else !!!!

  • Missy Skattum

    I love the ideapaint, such a great concept. I have been contemplating putting up a dry erase board in my office, but I would rather use this product. I would use the ipad and ideapaint for many ideas, it is so unlimited with what you could do

  • Tim

    Most of our brainstorming starts at either peoples’ desks or in the break room. I would paint our desktops with IdeaPaint and also the cabinets and appliances in the break room. It might be a bit challenging when you have to interrupt someone though. For example, “I hate to interrupt you illustrating your version of grand unification theory, but I need to get some Sweet n Low.”

  • JPW

    I just saw the Idea Paint developers on a CNBC special the other night . . . how apropos.

    I’d use the paint with invisible markers, then install a blacklight 🙂

    As the the iPad, I’d probably paint that too. Opaque. I have no use for a cult product other than to donate it to an art auction and raise funds for charity.

  • Jamey Edel

    I would use ideapaint in my kids rooms, above my kitchen counter(Keeping notes during cooking), and my office walls. I can’t imagine how much pain this would have saved me when my kids write all over their walls with markers. I can’t wait!!

  • Alison

    I would paint one wall of our meeting room at my office to create more room to create.

  • Inga

    I homeschool my kids, and this would have endless possibilities for us!

  • Aaron Uribe

    I would use it to paint a wall where we currently hang a white-board family calendar. I think it would be cooler to just be able to use the wall.

  • Christine McDaniel

    I would love to use this paint on my gym at home to leave inspirational messages to my husband and son for their workouts. It would also be a great way for us to keep up with our progress on how much we lift and the reps!!!!

  • Andy

    I would paint my desk with idea paint. It’s currently covered in sticky notes and it would be much better to just be able to right on my desk, then take a pic at the end of the day. One way to be a little bit greener too.

  • Jessica J.

    ipad is already my main meeting notes thing – but I have to carry it + a paper folder for certain quick notes. Having the ability to do the quick notes ON the ipad? Golden.

    As for ideapaint in general – we’ve been talking about a wall to write on in our office for ages. That’s just perfect.

  • Chris Revon

    As soon as I get to buy my own house, I will definitely love to have this thing painted on my wall as my ideas just come to me just like that, and I would not want to turn on my computer when it is still fresh. I just would like to just go back to basics and just write them down, in this case, on a wall. And the good thing about it is that I could always see it unless I erase it, so I could always add stuff into it. And for sure, this is great for brainstorming. And since I write scripts, great for outlining. As for ideas for my photo shoot, I could just draw on the wall and be able to see my concept unless I erase it.

  • Erik Deckers

    I would use my IdeaPainted iPad to write notes like “I have an iPad and you don’t! Neener, neener, neener!” on it, and then hold it up so everyone else in the coffee shop could see it. Then I would use the camera to tell me when someone is about to come up and punch me in the eye.

  • Erik Deckers

    On a more serious note, I do a lot of writing and blogging for clients and for various book projects. I am building a home office, and would love to turn one of the walls into an IdeaPaint wall so I can sketch out chapters, outline blog posts, and create social media marketing plans for clients.

  • Joe Carr

    I belong to an amateur astronomy group who are involved in preventing light pollution and promoting a green, power smart community. I would use Idea Paint at our strategy meetings to keep us focused on the important stuff. Posting our strategy to a shareable Evernote would really help out group pull together and become more effective.

  • Dan Sullivan

    We are in our dining room almost 20 hours a day, homeschooling, home-officeing, and playing games. I would paint 50 square feet of our dining room, mount a frame to the wall around it, and use it as grand central station for info for our many kids and seriously organized wife! (and dad [me] would probably doodle on it and archive them to evernote.)

    It looks pretty cool!


  • Tricia

    As a teacher, this would be a fantastic way to motivate my students, especially when they discover it’s actually okay to draw on walls!