Update: Evernote for BlackBerry

Posted by on 18 Feb 2011

Posted by on 18 Feb 2011

Today, we released Evernote for BlackBerry (version 3.1) into BlackBerry App World. This update introduces a completely redesigned home screen, improved searching and more. Here’s a look at what’s new.

Shiny, new home screen

We’re excited to introduce a new home screen on Evernote for BlackBerry. This layout, which we first launched in Evernote for Android, makes significantly better use of screen real estate. The result: a more friendly, easier to use interface.

As before, you’re able to create text notes, snap a photo and record audio. In addition, you can now attach items from your BlackBerry’s file system to a new note–if you’re a Premium Subscriber, you can attach any file you like.

Search has moved onto it’s own screen. There’s a good reason for that…

More powerful search

The new search bar is designed to perform triple duty. First, it lets you perform standard Evernote searches. Second, as you type, a list forms beneath the search bar with tags and notebook names for quick filtering. Third, it shows your recent and Saved Searches, so you can execute them without typing a thing.

And more…

  • Significant performance improvements when launching, viewing and searching
  • Improved support for BlackBerry networking technologies
  • Better support for BlackBerry Curve 9300 and BlackBerry Torch
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

Get the app

Evernote from BlackBerry is available from App World. Get it now »

(We just released it, so it make take a little time to appear)


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  • someguy

    What about a j2me Evernote app?

  • Wilton

    Finally! 😀 The apps looks great! But unfortunately I just downloaded it and I can’t log in! I tried logging in on the web-based version and that worked. I even changed my password online and tried the app again and I keep getting an authorization failure. I’ve sent an e-mail to support, checked the Evernote twitter account relentlessly, and left a review on the BlackBerry app world. I haven’t heard anything about this. :/

  • jim

    I just upgraded to te new Blackberry Evernote app and all my notebooks show as “empty”

  • Dan

    Great. What’s the OTA link for non-app world countries?


  • bd

    Not working for me. Get the error message “Authentication failed – network error”

    Was working fine before the upgrade, have uninstalled and reinstalled but still same message.

    Do appreciate the fact that Blackberry users are not being left behind though – really hoping for offline notebooks sooner rather than later.

    • JS

      I received this same error message after changing the options to not allow security data. Once I changed the option security data to allow, it worked. Not sure thats a correct setting for this type of app.

  • Brandon

    Would it be possible to post a link to the .jad file either here or in the forum? I don’t have a data plan so I can’t download the app via the Blackberry App World. I know you did this for one of the earlier versions. Thanks.

  • Suhendra

    Well funny here, nobody is commenting on this update. Don’t Blackberry users ever use

    IMO the previous software was impractical if not obsolete. I’m sure this is mostly due to RIM’s limitations, not Evernote’s fault. It’ll be interesting to find out what new wonders this recent update do.

  • cung cap pg

    😕 I use it for my blackberry. It’s stable with my phone 😀

    • JPL

      Which BlackBerry model do you have and what OS are you running? Just curious. Let us know when you get the chance.

  • Ariel Antonío

    I updated evernote on my blackberry and I can’t log in on it. I can log in on the site and the app on my computer. Any ideas on what to do?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’ve noticed some issues with logging in over Wi-Fi, which we’re hoping to fix soon. You might try doing that part over your cellular network. If problems continue, please contact our support team:

  • andrei

    Is a mobile j2me application still going to be launched?

  • HWinWindies

    Please can we have a non-app world link for those of us that live outside the app world universe?
    It should not be called app “world” but app “locations that we think have a big enough population to warrant our attention”
    The BB version (old) of Evernote is tough enough to use, but tantalize us with a better one is just cruel, when we cannot download it.
    My wife and I have 2 premium accounts with Evernote and both feel the BB app is the weak link, come on help us to spread the word, make it available.

  • Jason

    Can this verion of Evernote for BB’s view notes offline (ie: without using wifi or 3g connection)?

    • Nate

      I have the same question. This is the sole reason I don’t use evernote yet. Most of my note activity is the kind you quickly add text to. Like grocery lists or to-do’s. Opening and appending text notes like this is not snappy. For the less-frequent but more-involved project notes then it’s fine to wait for that sync and download as you open it.

      All I want to do is pick a dozen or so notes to keep synced to my blackberry so that access to them is instantaneous and not dependent on my phone being connected. Then I will be able to use evernote as my ubiquitous all-note encompassing system, from life plans to the grocery list.

      Yes I understand this feature exists for Android and iphone, just hope to see it on our platform soon.

    • Buff

      This addition would be great (I have room on my microSD card just begging to be used by Evernote, I would like to see support for Autotext added as well.

      That said, I am glad to see that BB devices are getting some attention, it felt like you guys forgot about us for awhile there.

    • trainerdave

      What the other said. I need speed, and as spiffy as the new ap looks on my 2-yr-old BlackBerry screen, it’s ponderous to use.
      My needs:
      1. Speed. (I continue to use v 3.1 on my PC because the 3.5 and 4.x are slow to launch and run by comparison.
      2. simple searching.
      3. simple information entry – 1-2-3.
      4. no need for real-time synch with your cloud or my PC. I can do it at night, a couple times a week, when I synch outlook, music, etc.
      5. No need, but it would be nice, to keep attached files synched. voice notes, music etc. These are unusable now on the slow pace of Evernote on Blackberry.

  • Nathan Website frustration!

    I know this isn’t the right place for this, but there doesn’t seem to be any other place to give feedback. Could someone forward this to someone who cares?

    I have to say, as a new, potential evernote user, your top website is very frustrating. There is almost no information about the product besides it will help me “remember everything”. What are the features?
    What does it have that “Notes” on my iPhone doesn’t?
    I gather it has some OCR capabilities, also handwriting recognition? Other document analysis features? Voice recognition? What filing/organizing/search features are available? Can it intelligently parse a scanned/photographed business card? What about receipts or invoices? Where is my data, local, on the web? Does it support OCR in other languages? Can it integrate with address books or other applications?…

    Where do I get a 5-minute, point summary of this product?


    • Andrew Sinkov

      Nathan, thanks for the feedback. You can find some great ideas in our Getting Started Guide:

  • HWinWindies

    Andrew, help us please, we can’t comment on how good it is if we cannot get it, or sign in or find our notes…
    Where’s the non BB App World link?
    It looks cool, I want it but I cannot get it…
    Help us to help you by enabling us to give positive not negative comments.
    I love the PC and Internet versions and would like to love the BB version too.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can find a link on our forum:

      • HWinWindies

        Thank you Andrew
        Will do the update as soon as I can get out of the office ;-}

  • Sirius

    Very slow view my notes (via wifi or 3G)? View on browser faster

  • vy Luu

    I’m glad to finally see a significant update of Evernote for the blackberry. I know its been due to the difficulty of the BB OS that has contributed to the delays.

    I like the new interface a lit better and allows me to effectively use the TouchScreen to select the icon correctly. I also really appreciate the more robust search features and find the saved recent searches the best update for me!

    The following needs to be addressed:
    1) Logging in and searching appear to be slower than prior to the upgrade.
    2) my notebooks and tags are not available to select from.

  • ta

    Most of my notes are not viewable on the blackberry due to a server error in the syntax of:

    An error occured while loacing the note:
    Undefined entity reference ‘nbsp’.

    Probably something in the HTML engine or something…

    most of my notes are imported from OneNote 2010 and are basic typed in notes.

    Other than that, it looks good.
    I will display notes that I typed in directly to the GUI Win interface for Evernote.

  • lala

    I am a real fan of Evernote, but unfortunately have only been able to use it on my PC, and am so disappointed that I have had no luck after several attempts in getting it to work on my Blackberry. Has anyone had better luck with their Android?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Lala, because of the wide variety of BlackBerry devices and carrier restrictions, it’s possible that Evernote won’t work on your particular device. Do you see it in AppWorld? Android devices don’t have this issue, so Evernote will work on them.

  • Anthony

    Great update. The only issue that I have is that it is difficult to see which option you are scrolling to on the home screen. The light green doesn’t really stand out amongst the green.

  • Beavis

    uninstalling then reinstalling using the following link for my BBry did the trick:

  • sumora

    Issue with all of my evernet notes each of them giving nbsp element undefined error with the latest update. Even with plan text notes it is showing javame list class name before text.
    Platform: BB 9800
    I have submitted feedback on error via email.

  • Jjmccraty

    I have iPhone interface but prefer the look of the nice green Blackberry icons.
    Also the type is so small on the Evernote icons it’s hard to read if ur like me over 50.
    Why is the touch so hard to press to get a note to open?

  • Henry

    Thank you for the update. I’ve been waiting for this. However, unless I missed it, there is still no way to edit text notes on the BB? I hope that I’m just missing something.

    Second, it takes a long time for my new saved BB notes to show up on the server. I sync and sync, but it only works when the DT version seems to make a full sync. Is there a way to force a full sync manually?

    For instance, I just received a snapshot in my DT from the BB taken from two weeks ago? I had considered it lost.

    I’m using a BB Curve 8530.


  • Dan

    Also getting the “undefined entity reference ‘nbsp’ error”

  • Maya

    Will it be possible to see Notebook Stacks in future updates, not just individual Notebooks? Perhaps through a Tree-like list/view (like Windows Explorer) that we can expand and search?

    • Annet

      Same here. I have really a lot of notes and without the stacks and the notebooks I have a hard time finding what I need.
      For the app itself: bb torch here, and it works just like a charm. Thanks!

    • Mikey

      I agree, I have the Blackberry Torch and love the Evernote App (I use it on my Blackberry and Mac); however, I would like to know if there are any plans for the app to show my notebooks rather than just a list of my notes! As Annet I have a lot of notes and finding what I want is not always easy. I would also like to know if the Blackberry App will eventually allow me to create and edit notes offline and then sync at a later time when I have better network coverage or access to a wi-fi point! This would be invaluable! Any answers to these questions yet Andrew?!?!?!

  • Jeromo

    I was excited about this, but most of my notes get the “undefined entity reference ‘nbsp’ error”

  • Harry

    Evernote on my blackberry for some reason keeps duplicating my notes, i don’t know what to do? everytime i add a note on my blackberry, and open my laptop version of evernote the next day, the same not has been duplicated like 50 times. anyone knows how to stop this?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      We’ll look into this!

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Harry,
      Please contact Support:

  • Sky

    Please add a way to view notebooks & stacks of notebooks. Much appreciated.

  • Vince

    I love Evernote on my iPad and PC; however, I have two issues on my blackberry 9800: 1) it’s slow! It takes notes too long to load and they are just text notes… 2) I have lots of notes now and because the app just presents a list of all my notes instead of my notebooks, it’s hard to find the note I want to append to. Any help?

  • Simar Sran

    Even the Latest Update is Very Slow. Im using BB9930 (the latest one) and the time is takes to load a not is very long.

    Please fix this.

  • Opnrja

    How do you access Shared Notebooks on the BB? I can see the one that I Share out but not the one where I am the Sharee. Also, painfully slow on BB vs. iOS devices – will this get better soon? Upgrading to 9930 but from notes in this thread I’m not sure that will help.

  • Malcolm

    First, this a great idea and really makes note-taking so much easier!

    I use evernote for collaboration on projects. I recently installed the BlackBerry app but can’t seem to access the shared notebooks. Am I missing it or is this not possible yet?

  • Tolga Esin

    Evernote is a useful application for anyone who practices multitasking at some level. Every update so far gradually increased the overall quality and user experience. However, it is crucial that the smart brains behind this app overcome two major obstacles that limit the true potential of Evernote for BB:

    1) Speed. Recent updates introduced smart online/offline sync adjustments that relatively make the app run faster. However, note opening/editing times are nowhere near the iOS or Desktop speeds.

    2) Notebook View. Come on guys, this should be obvious. Users should be able to browse notebooks from their BB even if they cannot create new ones (as is the case with the iOS app)

    I’m sure the Evernote team is already working on these issues but in order to prevent user migration from this great app to new competitors, I personally feel that solutions should come ASAP.

    Hope you guys appreciate constructive criticism,