The Completely Redesigned Evernote for iPhone and iPod Touch

Posted by on 01 Mar 2011

Posted by on 01 Mar 2011

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.

We launched Evernote for iPhone on the same day that Apple launched the iTunes App Store. Over the course of the two years, we’ve gained incredible insight into what makes an app great. What we learned is that our users want faster access, easier note creation, better browsing and more ways to find what they’re looking for. Put another way, getting stuff done should be a snap.

With that in mind, we went back to the drawing board and reconsidered every single aspect of Evernote for iPhone. We think you’re going to love the changes. With that, we give you Evernote 4, available in the iTunes App Store.

The new Home Screen and Snippet View

The first thing you’ll notice is that we have unified browsing and note creation in the application’s new home screen. Your notes list is now shown in Snippet View. This view maximizes the amount of information that is presented in a small amount of space. If a note is text only, then the app will show the title of the note and as much text as will fit into the snippet. If the note only contains an image, then we’ll take a slice out of the image and present it full width. If the note has a mix of text and other forms of content, then we’ll show you the title, some text and a thumbnail. This means that you’ll get more at a glance than ever, in many cases allowing you to skip opening the note entirely.

The new New Note screen

Gone are the big home screen tiles of old. They’ve been replaced with an ultra-functional New Note screen. When you tap the big plus, you’re presented with a split screen. The top half is your standard text entry area. The lower half lets you attach images and snapshots, record 90 minutes of audio, assign notebooks and tags and even set your location. You can now attach multiple items to a single note. So, if you’re sitting in a meeting or lecture, you can have notes, recorded audio and a whiteboard snapshot all in a single note.

To create a note on the audio recorder (one of my personal favorites): tap once to start recording, tap again to stop and attach the recorded audio to the note. Tapping a third time will start a new recording, which will become a second attachment.

Removing attachments
To remove an attachment, tap on the paperclip icon. This will show you the attachment screen. To remove, tap edit and tap the red circle. You can also swipe across the item.

Selecting multiple camera roll images at once
When adding images from your Camera roll, you can choose to attach multiple images to a single note or create a note per image. To select multiple notes, tap on the arrow in the lower left corner of the Camera Roll note screen. If you decide to make multiple notes, the title, notebook and tag settings associated with the note you are creating will be automatically be applied to all of the new image notes.

Assigning notebook, tags and location
The top row of buttons lets you create and assign a notebook and tag your note. The location button is a convenient way to double-check your current location or modify (or even delete) the note’s location information.

Browsing by notebook and tag

This is a biggie. Many users have asked for a way to view a single notebook at a time. Now, you can. Both notebooks and tags are options along the lower tab bar. Select the notebook or tag you wish to view and that’s all you’ll see.

Resource views

Have you ever had that tip-of-the-tongue feeling? You’re trying to remember something and you almost have it, but not quite. The new Resource Views will cure that. When you have your list open, tap on the 2×2 box icon in the top right corner. All of the Resource Views relate to the current note list, so if you’re filtering by a specific notebook, then only those notes will show up.

  • Image view: This view displays all the images from all the notes. Tap on an image and the note will open.
  • Attachment view: This view displays a list of all the attached items (excluding images) contained in the notes
  • Map view: This view drops pins on a map for all notes with geo-location information. Tap the compass icon to find notes near your current location.


Search now gets its own screen. That’s because all of your saved searches appear below the search bar. You can either create a new search or tap on a saved search using a desktop version of Evernote.

A reminder about offline notes and notebooks

As always, Evernote for iPhone supports offline notes and notebooks. If you’re a Free subscriber, any note that you create, view or favorite on the iPhone will be available offline (access Favorites from the Notebook menu). Evernote Premium subscribers can select entire notebooks to be viewable offline. This option is available from Settings. You can also upgrade to Evernote Premium right from the app, if you like.

Evernote for iPad

Evernote for iPad got numerous behind-the-scenes improvements as part of this update. You can expect many of the ideas and concepts from this iPhone redesign to make their way into upcoming versions of Evernote for iPad. Stay tuned.

What’s next?

We have spent the last several months retooling Evernote for iPhone. This version has a ton of new stuff, but we couldn’t get everything we wanted into this release without making you wait even longer. Upcoming releases will include more of your requested features, including shared notebooks, Notebook Stacks, and in-app editing of notes with styled text and multimedia. Stay tuned! In the meantime, we want to hear what you think. Tell us in the comments.


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  • Alexey

    Though not an iPhone user, I have to say I am extremely impressed. Sure beats my own design note attachment design. Keep it up. 😉

  • Axel

    Aaaahhhh, the waiting has an end 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • dave miers

    downloading now… looks much more user-friendly than original. sweeeeeet!

  • revs

    Looks superb – hitting refresh on the app store every few minutes waiting for it to appear!

  • Paulie [eatl/ga]

    Is it currently available in the iOS app store? As of 09:35 Eastern on March 1st I am not seeing an update for my previously-installed Evernote app.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Paulie, it can take several hours for a newly released app to spread to all iTunes users. You’ll see it soon.

      • Paulie [eatl/ga]

        And it’s here…. Looks great and seems to be snappy. Thanks!

        Your continued efforts to improve Evernote leave no doubt in my mind that I will be renewing my Premium membership when the time arrives.

  • Dave

    Looks great! Updating now.

    I asked a year ago or so and recall hearing something in a podcast, but how close are you to including a “remember last position” in notes?

  • Mike Miller

    Looks great – can you do an update to the Mac App that allows printing notes with the title and tags formatted like 37Signals Basecamp product?

  • Peter

    what about stacking of notebooks?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That’s coming.

  • Steve Haunch

    v4.0 and I still can’t edit rich text on the iPhone. 🙁

    • solak

      I’d be happy just to be able to create the checkbox mark for to-do lists. It’s really a bother to make a to-do (or shopping) list on my Mac, sync to the iPhone, and go out, then remember one more thing and have to fake the check-box for that one item.

  • Gordon Schulz

    Looks absolutely stunning – and about time for sure. 🙂 Looking forward to trying it out, once it … appears… on … the… EU … App… Store.

    • Gordon Schulz

      Apparently it is already on the EU App Store – for w/e reason it didn’t show up as update tho, had to “rebuy” it.

  • David Linsin

    Looks great and is hopefully more stable than the old one!

  • Paul

    I have it!
    It’s a big difference to the previous incarnation. Easy to use and quick. I would like the ability to do an advanced search back again, though.

    Great app as usual!

  • Gordon Schulz

    Absolutely gorgeous update indeed. Glad to see my Premium $$$ at work. 🙂

  • TJ

    When’s the version for iPad coming?

  • Geert

    Like the new design, much more efficient, little bit disappointed about the lack of in-app editing with styled text.

  • Fedor Romanenko

    Fantastic! You’ve made the evernote mobile for me with this update! From my point of view there are still a few things to fix:
    – a short click on a note title does not open a note, you have to press it for a half a second. This is not the way one expects from iPhone UI – annoying a little bit.
    – I personally need tags in note list
    – I want a note date formatted with my locale settings, e.g. dd.MM.yy
    – I have GTD notes that contain title only & tags e.g @home. You could possibly include an extra rule in your “smart view” algorithm to show that title in full.
    – there is still a delay of 0.5 sec after opening a localy cached note

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Great feedback! Thanks.

  • Aaron Weyenberg

    Well done guys, lots of improvements!

  • Daniel H Pavey

    Wow, this looks great, will download straight away

    I’m a big evernote fan, but have always been a little disappointed with the iPhone app

    Hope this update cures that!

  • Cintra

    This is phenomenal! Congratulations Evernote 🙂

    Now, about the Android app…

  • Terri

    Sweet!! can’t wait to get home to update my Touch! (no wi-fi at work, alas)

  • Matt

    This looks very great. I’ll dust off my 3G and check it out!

    My (false?) concern is that the difference between the different platforms are getting bigger. Will my old iPhone continue to have a better Evernote experience than my Android device?

    I know that evernote for iPhone has had an extra year of development and that evernote for android has been greatly improved (not complaining!), but my question is this:
    Are you planning to give a similar experience across platform, or will evernote have different experience/features on different platforms.

    I miss a consistency in managing and editing notes across platforms.
    The windows client is (oppinion) best for mass-editing and sorting notes.
    The iPad client is (oppinion) the best looking client and works great for brainstorming.
    The Android client lacks the superior overview, but has neat features for making shortcuts.

    What are your long term plans on consistency?

    Thanks for the amazing product, keep up the great work!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Great point. Our goal is to always get the best user experience that a platform can offer. This is why we build native software for so many platforms. But, it’s important to keep in mind that each operating system and mobile device is different–different UI guidelines and different hardware capabilities. For example, Android has a hardware menu button, while iOS devices don’t. That means that our interfaces will naturally differ. That’s one small example of many. So, for us it’s less critical to focus on a consistent look, and more important to focus on providing an awesome experience.

    • solak

      It’s not just that Evernote for iPhone has had more development time. The iPhone base software libraries have had more development time than Android, so all software on Android is still playing catch-up while the UI libraries get improved.

  • Hannah

    Wonderful! I liked it before but it was much more useful for creating notes than for viewing them; that’s so much easier now. It has all the features I wished it had before. Thanks!

  • Nick Sakellariou

    Jaw. Meet floor.

    If Evernote keeps evolving like this, the two of you will meet again. Several times.

  • Guillermo Santangelo

    Excellent! Evernote is a really great product and with all redesigned iPhone App I think is more usefull too! Congrats to all the team 😉 !

  • policarpo

    This update is amazing and beautiful. Keep up the amazing work!!!

  • Kevin

    I love the update. So much easier and intuitive to find my notes. I was with you on the early beta of Evernote for Windows. I have had Evernote on my iPhone for 3 years and now I have it on my new MacBook Pro. Love the product. Keep up the great work.

  • Ryan

    What happened to favorite notes?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      They’re still there. Tap on Notebooks. Favorites is the top item.

      • Ryan

        I now 100% love it

      • Sterling Zumbrunn

        I missed that too. I like that a lot – great place to put them. Nicely done.

  • Dan

    I like the redesign, but I was hoping that navigation through tags would be improved. I find it hard to quickly move through my tags because I have a lot of them. I’d like something like what Apple uses for the contacts app and ipod apps, the alphabet alongside the right hand of the screen. I had to add numbers to the start of some of tags that I use most often on my iphone so I can find them quicker.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Sterling Zumbrunn

        This is totally essential, and used by many other developers through Apple APIs. Evernote should implement this in all tag and notebook lists throughout the app.

    • solak

      Seconded. I have a pile of tags that I rarely use due to the import from, and that “scroll bar” on the side would make it much easier to get to the tags I want.

  • Candice

    Wow, what a huge improvement! I use Evernote on my Mac desktop daily, but rarely used it on my iPod touch because the app was previously so limited in functionality. I will now be giving it another try. Thanks for re-tooling it!

  • alaya

    please add a Readability button in next version, an inverse theme is really useful for night reading, thank you !

  • roger

    Looks absolutely fantastic! Any chance of an Android redesign to match?

  • shelley

    There are many things to love about this update, but there is one thing that I really, really hate — to the extent that I am going to try to find an older version in my Time Machine backup so that I can reinstall it.

    But — I’m hoping there’s just a setting somewhere that I need to tweak.

    I have quite a few notes that consist of just a picture — business cards, photos of book reviews in magazines, quick screenshots from the web.

    In the list display in the new version, when the note consists only of a picture, all that is shown is the top piece of the photo. For all other notes, the title appears in the list — but for photo notes, all that shows is a strip of the photo. And sometimes the strip that is shown is not enough to know what it actually is — and without the accompanying title, I’m really lost.

    This cannot possibly be a design decision — you show titles for all other notes, so there’s no reason why you’d think users wouldn’t want titles showing for notes that consist only of photos.

    Please fix asap!

    (and keep up the good work; I’m a Premium user, and cannot live without Evernote. This current bug is really getting in the way of how I use this app.)

    • Nick

      Absolutely agree. How could that happen? Having a number of handwritten FastFinga notes or images, seemingly randomly cropped, makes for a totally unusable overview page. No titles or visual separation turns the overview page into one long collage.

    • Jesse Hollington

      I had the exact same “yikes” response when I first installed the update. Not happy with that change at all, and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a setting to change it back, as I scoured the app looking for one too.

      My workaround for the time being has been to add some text to my photo notes, at which point they become mixed notes that show like any other note. Obviously not useful for a huge backlog of photos, but I’m now doing that going forward until Evernote changes this behaviour, and I went back through my recent photos notes over the past week or so and did the same with them.

  • Kerry

    Awesome work guys! Can’t wait to see the iPad update as well. Any chance the holy grail of ink notes will be included in that?

  • A D

    Nice! Looking forward to this. (And I agree with the comment above about Mac-side printing with headers.)

  • Michael M. Hughes

    Love the iPad app, but there’s one thing that drives me nuts: if I’m working in a particular notebook and I create a new note, why does it default to the “username’s notebook” and not the notebook I’m currently using? It may seem picky, but from a UI standpoint, having to select a notebook doesn’t make a lot of sense when you’re already inside a particular notebook.

    Keep up the good work.

    • chris

      I’ll second that. I also expected it to create the new note in the current notebook. would be a good change.

    • Tom


  • shelley

    Further to my last comment: I have discovered that if I add a few words to the top of the note, above the picture, the display on the iPhone improves: the title appears, and the photo is shown as a thumbnail on the right-hand side.

    This is a marginally Ok workaround for the time being — but I hope you folks agree, having to add text above a photo in a note kind of defeats the purpose of taking photo notes! Lots of times, all I need is the title, the photo, and a tag — having to add a line of text so the item appears properly in the list on the iPhone is unnecessary.

    I have quite a lot of photo notes, so going back into them all and adding a line of text is really not at all a good option for me.

    Please, fix this soon.

  • Blork

    I stopped using Evernote because it had the habit of flushing my Favorited items if I didn’t refresh them every now and then (I’m an iPod Touch user, not iPhone). The result was that my Favorited (and supposedly available offline) notes were almost never there when I needed them (when I was offline).

    Has that been fixed? I’ll gladly go back to Evernote if I can be assured that my Favorited notes will actually be there when I need them!

  • Darrell

    Nice, when will this revision be coming to Android?

  • Matt Coddington

    Just last week I was comparing the Verizon iPhone 4 with my HTC EVO and one of the shortcomings I found on the iPhone side was how much less you could do with Evernote (which for me was a major bummer!).
    This solves most of my concerns! Great job guys!

  • policarpo.w

    Great update and really love the workflow optimizations.

    Here are a couple things I hope you guys are adding in a future release:
    . Support for Check Box items
    . Support for non syncing notebooks. I’d like to have the ability of not syncing a notebook for security reasons
    . Enable encryption on iOS devices

    Really looking forward to your vision. In the meantime I will enjoy the massive improvement of usability.

  • TJ

    How come the iPad version doesn’t look anything like on the video? Anyway all I wanted is stacks, I hope it comes out real soon.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The video is of the iPhone version only. We’re working on an update to iPad.

  • Tom

    Very good — but the image ‘previews’ in the main notes list really need a title overlaid — sometimes the sample of the image taken is just white space, and you’ve no idea what the note actually is

    • chris

      I agree completely. It’s difficult to tell what the photo is without the note title. If photos could be treated just like pdfs or audio files with the note title and any text to the ledt and a reduced thumbnail on the right, that would be perfect.

      Great update though, love all the other changes!

  • Jason Kirin

    Been using evernote a while now. This update is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

    Just saying.

    It’s awesome.

  • Dan Woolstencroft

    I agree with Fedor Romanenko’s comment about the long tap to open a note. It’s totally inconsistent with any other iOS app and feels quite jarring.

    Beyond that, this is a great update. While I’ll not be resubscribing until stacking is introduced in the iOS versions, this will actually get me using the app/service again to see if it’s beneficial.

    The UI is elegantly designed, snappy, and it’s a lot easier to find things than before. The real test is to see how long I can go from tapping that green elephant to creating or reading a note while I’m using it in anger, but first impressions are good.

  • adam gf

    Brilliant. Truly excellent development and upgrade. Never really had problems with the old design, but this is much more intuitive and in keeping with how I use evernote on a daily basis. Great.

    It’s not until something is redesigned that you see how it could have been made better.

  • catherine

    I am a new Evernote user and am really excited about the feature that allows you to search text in images. However, neither of my two test shots (both very clear photos of very clear words) are yielding search results. Is there a lag time? (I took them both last night around 10pm EST) Or is there something else I need to do in order to make the text in my images searchable? Help!

    Also, I’m wondering if/when there’ll be a way to drop a web page into Evernote from the iPhone (Safari). I saw a coding workaround online, which I’m going to try, but it’d be great if it were automatic.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      There are many factors that can influence whether or not an image is recognized. It’s tough to say for sure without seeing the image. If you feel that the image should have been recognized, please contact our support team:

  • Jenni

    What happened to Advanced Search? All I can seem to do is search everything and just change the view of the list, I can’t narrow it down to a specific notebook or tag. Also cannot search within a tag or notebook under those new sections, making the mobile version a lot harder to use for me. I like the UI improvements, but feels like you went backward on the search functionality, please bring those options back!

  • Erick Sasse

    Great work! Thanks!

  • Vin D'Amico

    Terrific. Evernote is far an away the best personal information manager available on any platform. It is not perfect but having the ability to add information from anywhere and access it from anywhere, on any device, is AMAZING!

    I use Evernote to track everything from personal and business contacts to recipes. Many different note types are mixed and matched by simply using notebooks and tags. I would never buy a mobile device that does not have an Evernote app. It is that important to me.

  • Canadrian


  • Jonathan

    Overall, GREAT update, especially the SPEED… but come on, guys, BUGS, BUGS, BUGS! Do you do ANY testing before you release?:

    1) When creating a new note, tap in the title field then tap Return… skips the first line of the note body.

    2) Got immediate sync error (in a modal pop-up, no less… completely unnecessary) upon opening the app for the first time, then several more sync errors subsequently during use of the app.

    3) No swipe to delete from list view, or any ability to delete notes from list view at all, for that matter? Come on…

    UI gaffes:

    1) No option in preferences to have the keyboard show immediately upon new note creation? The most frequent type of note for most users is going to be a text note. So why require a second tap to be able to start a text note? By default (with a preference available to change the behavior), the keyboard should pop up automatically on new note creation, and if the user wants to create a different type of note, he/she can THEN tap the button to hide the keyboard and show the other note creation options.

    2) Tags should not be in the bottom, hidden part of the note. This is a ridiculous design. Tags field should be below the title field. It should be a text field with a button embedded in the right of the text field. On typing in the text field, tags should be autocompleted; if the user taps the embedded button, he can select multiple tags from a list of his tags. That simple.

    3) There is absolutely no reason why a user should have to create a note title if he doesn’t want to. Upon creating a new note, the cursor focus should be in the note body (with an option in preferences to change this behavior). The text in the title field is then automatically inherited from the first line of the note body (rather than just defaulting to “Untitled Note”). If, however, the user elects to give the note his own title, as soon as he taps in the title field, the existing text is erased and he can begin typing into a blank field.

    4) There should be a pull-to-sync feature. Pull-to-refresh is pretty standardized in iOS apps at this point, and if a user wishes to initiate a manual sync, there’s no reason he should need to go into preferences.

    5) Unless initiated manually, sync should be completely transparent to the user. Having the double-width status bar appear to show sync status is disruptive. There is no reason the user should need to know when the app syncs as long as it does so reliably. Further, note text should continuously sync a la Simplenote, as opposed to just syncing when “Saving” a note. In fact, there should be no concept of “saving” whatsoever, with notes automatically saved. In other words, note creation should not be modal. A user should be able to just back out of a new note and return to the note list, knowing that all his changes are automatically saved.

    6) Confirmations of note deletions, etc., should not be in modal dialogs. They should be in pop-up menus… “Delete; Cancel.”

    Overall, much closer to a good UX, but still very far away. Unless the UI continues to be significantly simplified, with thought to how users actually use the app, I’m going to be switching full-time to Simplenote as soon as my Premium subscription is up. Pretty good start, though. Keep up the good work, you’re headed in the right direction.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestions.

      • Chris

        /agree with all of the above (plus the very much needed feature to see stacks within the iPhone App)

    • Keith Ellis


      In response to the above.
      1) agree
      2) have not expierenced this yet.
      3) agree

      UI gaffes
      1) Don’t agree with you here. The current design allows a single tap for text note, voice note, photo note etc. This is how I like it, don’t want to have to hide the keyboard every time I want to make a photo note.
      2) I can see why would would like tags to work like you describe, similar to the desktop client, but I feel this would take up too much room on the iPhone client.
      3) totally agree here.
      4) I’m happy with the current process, I just leave it to sync when itnneeds to.
      5) I like the status bar.
      6) no comment.

      Overall a very nice update, however I would like the advance search to make a return, much of my work with the iPhone client is searching for notes. The old advance search was not user friendly and needed to be improved but it did work. I know I can use the syntax search i.e. Tag:work etc, but i would like to see a search screen which would allow complex searches to be built, saved and viewed.
      Keep up the good work.

    • Jesse Hollington

      Agree with almost all of the above, and actually as shocked to discover that Swipe-to-Delete wasn’t in there.

      Regarding point 1, I would also prefer to see faster text entry, but am somewhat ambivalent about which mode I would use more. Regardless, the addition of a preference to display the keyboard by default would be a winning solution for everybody. To be fair, however, the currently implementation isn’t *that* bad, as tapping anywhere in the body will automatically bring up the keyboard — you don’t necessarily have to “aim” for the small keyboard toggle button. It’s at most a second tap in a fairly easy-to-hit target area.

      For point #2, I tend to agree with Keith that putting the tags up at the top would take up valuable screen real estate that I would rather leave open for text. I was actually disappointed when Simplenote added tags in this manner. Of course, in my case I rarely tag things upon entry on the iPhone, generally using an “Inbox” notebook and focusing on “capture” with the iPhone and triage when I get back to the desktop client.

      Regarding item 3, I’m not seeing where you’re forced to enter a title…. When I start a new note the cursor focus *is* in the body, not the title, unless I specifically tap on the title. Granted, it defaults to “Untitled Note” and I agree that it would be better to extract that from the first lines of the note.

  • HKTraveler

    Just tried it and it is smoother and looks nicer than before. One big problem that I am having is the lack of advanced search. I have some fairly sizeable notebooks and I use tags to categorize the notes within it. It is key to be able to search and find a note with 3 different specific tags. In the old version, there is a choice for advanced once I click into the search box but it is not there anymore. Is there a quick way to search for a note with multiple tags and maybe other attributes like created within a certain time period?

  • Jesus

    I use Evernote every single day, on my PC and on my phone; and I want this on my ANDROID! Please.. 🙂

    • Tom

      it is available for Android, actually the android version is better because it allows editing of rich text files which in my opinion is the bigest flaw with the Iphone version, I can’t do anything with 3/4 of my notes.

  • Bob Butterworth

    Awesome update guys!!! It’s so much easier to search and then search again with this update. I agree with a previous poster with the opening of note requires your finger to be held down too long. A usual tap doesn’t open the note, you have to hold for some 1/8th of a second longer. I love telling everyone about my favorite application ever, and now it’s even better!

  • Anke

    Really nice update, a beautiful design. Couple of snags I can see though, firstly the notes seem to need a “long” push to get them to open (if that makes sense) and if a note has a photo in it the title of the note doesn’t show in Notes View.

    Other than that great stuff. Roll on shared notebooks 😉

  • Lauri

    What happened to choosing multiple tags when browsing notes? In keeping 5000+ notes accessible, having cross-tagging is a necessity.

    This is coming back, right?

  • Michael Westergaard

    Looks nice. But, at least in a quick test, it still seems sluggish for users with a lot of large notebooks (I have around 15500 notes in Evernote, many containing scanned notes as images or PDFs). It seems that the iOS apps do synchronization in the UI thread or something like that, making it very slow when starting the app (due to synchronization), when switching between notebooks and when editing notes.

  • Eddy

    Congrats Guys! Nice improvement. Thanks!

  • Jai

    Amazing, such an improvement!!!


  • Mike

    Wow, spectacular improvement in the UI!

    I’d really like the ability to share specific tags with friends. For example, any note tagged “Emily” should be automatically shared with my girlfriend. “Family” with my family, “Bob” with my coworker Bob, etc. Having to copy notes into separate notebooks and maintain them in two places (which is what I do currently) is not nearly as convenient.

    I’d also like to see “Favorites” sync to Evernote for the Mac and Evernote for the iPad. Seems rather silly that they don’t.

    And one last thing, the Tags view should be sortable by recency and count.

    Great work, I’m pleased and impressed!

    • Jesse Hollington

      Agree on the Favorites for sure. In fact, I don’t even think that Evernote on the iPad does Favorites.

      At this point it might make more sense just to eliminate the Favorites option and allow the user to specify a single “Favorites” *tag* in the free version or multiple “offline tags” (like offline notebooks) for Premium users.

  • Ryan

    I really need to be able to create/modify check boxes. I use them in Evernote a lot, so I’m totally hamstrung on my iPhone/iPad, as far as productivity is concerned. Pretty please? There must be a way… tap and hold can bring up a context menu… this could include formatting or “insert” options. Something! Please!

    • Dan K.

      Second this – top of my list. I love and use Evernote on a daily basis but this and not being able to share notebooks from Windows Desktop version is frustrating…..especially when I see that my Mac co-worker can do it. 🙁

  • policarpo.w

    APPARENT BUG with Release:

    I went through the process of Permanently Deleting a bunch of items in my Trash on the iPhone, and it caused Evernote to crash and I could not get it to start up again even after a Reboot of the device. I had to delete the app and reinstall it.

    You might want to look into this potential bug.

    Running the latest iOS version on iPhone 4.


  • zpk

    Looks awesome, very snappy. Love the option to browse notebooks and tabs. But search functionality seems lacking. I can search for tags by doing tag:, but would be nicer if I could filter by notebook>tag>search term. Wonder if I’m missing something?

    Beyond that, super-cool. Can’t wait for updated iPad version.

  • Jason Dufair

    Long tap = bad
    Need title on image-only notes
    Need to edit any note (rich text)

    Better, though.

  • trock4u

    Man I love Evernote but they need to add TextExpander Touch to it!!!. I’m even willing to go Premium for that feature. I’m paying Simplenote and they just offer text. I work in the Manufacturing business and I write the same stuff over and over and this is the reason why Evernote don’t fit in my daily life.

    • Jesse Hollington

      Yes, I definitely second that one wholeheartedly!

      • Sterling Zumbrunn

        I feel like I’ve been beating my head against a wall with this one. On the Q&A with CEO Phil Libin early last year, he said they had talked to TextExpander, so I’m absolutely shocked that it still hasn’t made it into the app. This is essential functionality, and really shouldn’t take too many resources to implement.

  • jon

    I can’t believe – am I the only one utterly disappointed with the redesigned interface on iPhone? Previous version looked so neat with the colorful UI, and seemed a lot more intuitive too. The main menu was all you needed – four options: i.e. voice recording, note, snapshot and camera roll options all sporting beautiful COLORFUL icons.

    Whatever happened to that? Was there a need to make mostly everything look dull gray now?


  • Robert Killington

    Nice move for the iPhone. Had a few minutes play with it and it seems snappier than my experience with the previous version earlier in the day. Actually, it would have made life easier for one task where I would have liked to have had one note with two photos attached, rather than two separate notes.

    Great work! Hope to see the iPad updates soon.

  • Jonathan

    At last we have it. Great update.
    Looking forward to the stacks and advanced editing options!

  • Eric

    As we get closer to a 1-to-1 program for our school using iPads, I’m hoping Evernote will support sketching & handwritten notes. That would make the app ideal for students; currently, having to type notes, and not being able to sketch diagrams, it isn’t even on students’ radar.

  • Steve Berardi

    Great update! There’s still two things I’d love to see added though:

    1. Ability to edit rich text notes (even if what I add is added as plain text).. Yeah, I know you mentioned this is coming in the next version, woohoo! 🙂

    2. Ability to zoom in on photos I take with the iPhone camera.. I take a lot of photos of handwritten notes, so this would be huge.


  • solak

    I’ve said “me too” on a couple of “complaints” above, but I want to balance that with an overall bit of praise. This version is has easier navigation between tasks and clearer UI accommodation for what is being displayed and what can be done.

  • owen

    Outstanding job. You turned the app into a slick, functional and fast user experience. I’m very impressed and will now use it as my default notes app. I really hope that you’ll do a similar streamlining of the mac app and bring some of the elements from the iphone app to the desktop.

  • David M

    The redesign will take some getting used to, but in the best possible way. Thanks for keeping Evernote relevant, useful, and invaluable to my workflow!
    Feature Request: table editing on iPhone

  • Anna W

    Wow – this looks great!
    Since 90% of my Evernotes consists of photos,
    I couldn’t be happier with the layout.

    Thanks – Evernote has really changed my life (or at least the way I use my computer/mobile phone) drastically. Of course – in a good way!

  • Richard Meurk

    First of all thanks for a amazing service! I just love it and keep on spreading the word to all my friends. I use Evernote as a notebook, my external brain, reciept collector, workout journal etc…

    The only thing I miss in the app is to be able to add checkboxes to the note so I can use Evernote as a really good todo list app aswell. Im doing it right now but the checkbox addition would be really great!!

  • chris

    This is a great update – I’m still hoping though(please, please, please!) to have better pdf handling.

    I guess this has to do with using apple’s pdf handling, but it would be so much better if pdfs would download and display as soon as you select a note without all the additional tapping needed now.

  • Ivan

    Good update. I hope that soem serious work is being done on the mac desktop client. I am ready to give up my Premium account and Evernote all together because of how slow it is on my macbook desktop. I only have about 1000 notes and it is very slow to open and search.

  • Lau

    Love the upgrade, thanks guys. Pleeeeease add hyperlinks between notes someday – I’m forever mentioning/cross-referencing other notes in my new notes and it would be great to just click on something in a note to take me to another older one. Ideally, some kind of URI to just add a new resource type to existing links.

  • EWill

    Great update. The app is amazing now. The feature I most wanted was a faster way to access “saved searches” and version has definitely done that.

    The only thing I can see improving now is to have the tags stack into the parent – child hierarchy configurations in whatever way I’ve arranged this in the desktop client. I have too many tags for them to be listed alphabetically.

    Great update. Well worth the wait.

  • Sterling Zumbrunn

    This is a great step forward in usability, the navigation makes a lot more sense now.

    Things that are still missing:

    PIN Code – you really, really, really don’t want us to protect our notes, do you? It’s mind boggling that this still hasn’t been implemented. OS level security is NOT enough.

    TextExpander- this is the one feature that will cause me to still use other apps to take notes. This should have been implemented a long time ago, and it’s really disappointing to see it’s still missing.

    Quick Jump on Lists – as mentioned in previous comment, please implement something like Apple has in their contact list for all areas of Evernote that access tag or notebook lists. This is really important for folks with a lot of tags.

    Keep up the good work, this is a big step in the right direction, and I’ll use Evernote for iPhone much more than I have been.

  • Dan Elliott

    Wonderful! Thank you.

  • Ivan

    Please add more sensitivity. I have to make a long press on a note to make it open.

  • stephen

    Horrible on iPhone!! The new default view makes notes with images pretty much unreadable on the iPhone. Works much better on the iPad and desktop versions.

  • Lisa

    notes by notebook – hooray!

    Where did the sync button go? Does it synch automatically? What happens if I leave my wireless off most of the time to save the battery – does it synch automatically when I turn it on?

  • Simon

    Wonderful! I’ve been waiting eagerly for this update since the start of the year… and it doesn’t disappoint! Much easier to browse, search, find notes quickly. Tags are suddenly useful on the iphone, and the new view formats are great as well.

    nice work, evernote!

  • C.J.

    The one and only desenting voice here I guess!

    Not such a great update for me…
    In fact I only gave it a 3 out of 5 on iTunes.

    Much prefer previous iteration as it felt more synergistic, user friendly,and easier to navigate.

    The app now seems sluggish and “waits,” to often.Finding anything seems harder to instigate
    and I feel uneasy about where everything is now
    after update.

    Maybe I’m old fashioned but my feelings are that there is too much change here, and not enough
    consideration of what has gone before.

    Can I have my old EVERNOTE back?


  • Marti Huynh

    hey love the new design of the ipod touch app. windows mobile update?

  • Chris Williams

    Why are you guys of all people uploading videos to YouTube that can’t be played or embedded without Flash???

  • Michael

    Great work Evernote! I’m Android user and looking forward for improvements, too (delays because of syncing mostly)
    Glad to hear such comments

  • Rune Hagbartsen

    The new iPhone version is just brilliant! Evernote is my second brain. Keep up the good work!

  • Axel

    have to say it in German : Mega stark! Galaktisch!

    Thank you very much for this hard piece of work!

  • Keith Edmiston

    Well, I suppose I can now quit using Awesome Note. =)

    Looks great y’all…and I really like the voice note interface! Good work.

    P.S. A new request would be to include speech-to-text conversion that can also connect to other tools such as Toodledo…then I can get rid of Jott. =]

  • Chris

    Please add Stacks ASAP to iPhone and iPad! I can’t switch away from OneNote until this is done!

    Other then that – i have loved playing with the new version!

  • Michael Chang

    Thanks for the update! I love the new interface, and I can’t wait for the iPad update. My biggest requests are:

    1. The ability to edit rich text with the styles and colors and bullets on both the iPad and iPhone.

    2. The ability to store notebooks offline for free accounts.

    3. If not #2, at least the ability to favorite notes on the iPad evernote app.

  • Bob Soltys

    Looks great – thank you. Keep up the great work!

  • Ivan

    +1 for Stacks

  • snoe

    TextExpander!!! Please.

  • Phil Bowman

    Looks good so far, but a couple of major issues –

    1) In about half an hours usage so far, it’s crashed about half a dozen times (Blank screen and/or app closed down)

    2) I can’t see how you change the Notebook or Tags for a note? Used to be under the ‘pencil’ menu at the bottom. Actually, this seems to relate to Rich Text notes only, because some notes bring up the ‘new note’ style panel, and others just the ‘Append / Copy’ screen.

  • Shivraj

    Still no to-do in iPhone, so sad

  • David Vidal

    looks amazing! Congratulations.

  • Deborah K

    Love the ability to go straight to a particular notebook. Reiterate I’d like notebook stacks too. I’d echo what someone else said about favorites – I would like them on my Windows desktop version. Like the multiple photos – well there’s a lot to like.

    What would make this the ultimate app for me would be a calendar function – something I could integrate with to-do lists. I’ve been looking at other apps for a calendar, because I don’t like the one that comes with the iPod Touch. I’ll probably have to sign up for a gmail acct. to check out Google calendar and see if I like it, because I think that one integrates with Evernote?

    Awesome product overall, and great support, tutorials, suggestions, and ease of use!

    • Stuart

      FYI, I’m a big gmail fan and I like the calendar and how it syncs with my iPhone, but (you knew that was coming…) the to do list is awful in gmail/google. I use reqall (the free version) for my to do list and it works great on the desktop and iPhone.

    • J Duffy

      Where is the “Favorite” button on the new iPhone version? I can’t find it!

      • Andrew Sinkov

        There’s a star in the top left hand corner of any note. Tap it to favorite the note. You can view favorites from the Notebook screen.

  • Matt

    I want Evernote VIP status! How do I get one??

  • Jake

    Really love the update thanks works really well for me. Love the fact that you can get to the tags much faster than before……!

  • Phil

    This is great. I’ve been splitting my time between Evernote (archival) and SimpleNote (quick) — I think I’ll be able to go pure Evernote now. Very nice update!

  • Chris Bell

    This is an incredible update. The increased speed of entering notes as well as all the new features keeps Evernote at the very top of my list or critical and favorite apps.

  • Nish

    The new Evernote is awful.

    The only thing I could’ve imagined improving from the previous edition would have been the implementation of bolding, italicization, and underlining.

    The update killed the amount of space I have available on the screen when I’m typing up my notes with the Apple Wireless Keyboard connected through bluetooth. I specifically bought it for use with Evernote!

    When I minimize the on-screen keyboard, it’s replaced by a barrage of large option menus which cannot be minimized.

    Is this really an update? This is just ridiculous.

  • Kheeran

    Excellent update. The changes make it much easier to enter notes and makes it a must have app on the iphone (not that it wasn’t already!).

    One thing I would have liked to have seen is the ability to view the notes in full screen. That makes reading a long note much more pleasent. Pinch & zoom for images in fullscreen would be nice as well.

    All in all though, this is an excellent improvement from the previous version of the app. Well done guys.

  • Mike Lazarus

    When will the iPhone version be able to do RTF … or at least check boxes in a list of then created in the desktop version?

  • Kendra

    I’m with Shelley– I *need* the option to have my image notes display their titles or this app completely lost its usefulness to me. 🙁 My image notes are photos of handwritten documents or tables and I can’t at a quick glance determine what each is… And since I use EN for a quick pocket clinical reference of my own making, when I need the info, I need it now. I had titled every note so that they sorted and were easily located… Now I can’t make sense of my notes.

    Please address if you can! Thanks!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the feedback. We’re looking into ways to address this.

      • Rob Bialostocki

        Yep me too. I am immediately finding my notes more confusing to look at in the All Notes view. I also need titles for images or it all looks a bit crazy to me. At least titles for everything gives it a consistent look for the eye to scan down and see the note in question by only looking at the title for each note – text, sound, images and all. Otherwise, great app.

      • Stewart Lindenberger

        I also find the new display mode troublesome. I see selected portions of notes that have an images, but they not helpful snippetts of the image – impossible to determine what that note is about. Also, the note’s title needs to be visible – that is important.

    • revs

      Agree – Images need the titles overlaid, or above them, or soemthing

    • Jesse Hollington

      Same here. I otherwise love this update and the new UI design is a welcome change in a great many ways. However, I’m very disappointed that I lost image titles as the images themselves are generally useless without the titles. I went looking for an option to change this behaviour, but there doesn’t appear to be one.

      The workaround for now is to add some text into the image notes, but obviously that’s not a big help if you had hundreds of older notes, and it’s still kind of silly to have to basically re-type the exact same title into the body of the note just to allow me to see the title in the normal browser listing. It also seems there’s a minimum number of characters that must be in the body of the note before the new client displays it as a title+thumbnail versus an inline image.

      I’d definitely prefer an option to simply toggle OFF the full-width view for images and return to the thumbnail-only presentation. IMHO this makes a LOT more sense anyway, since many of the full-width views are meaningless anyway in terms of showing any valuable content of the photo — the small square thumbnail shows me more useful information than the wider sliver of my photos anyway.

  • Robert Sepeda

    I never new an app could become as beautiful as functional as Evernote 4.0

  • Mister Norris

    That’s cool, but when will you have support for rich text (bold, italic, coloured text, etc.) on iOS? It really bugs me that I can make them on my computer, but I have to make a copy of the whole note to edit it on my phone 🙁

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re working on it.

      • Stuart French

        Sorry guys. Rich Text and the ability to create check-boxes on the iPhone were the only two things I was waiting for. This whole app is still useless for me.

        After waiting so long for this update I’m feeling pretty let down 🙁

      • André Gil

        I know it’s not so simple for you guys, since Evernote notes can be much more complex, but Awesome Note has some kind of RichText editing and syncs with Evernote. Maybe it can help!! =]

  • Jason A Carman

    This is a great update. My wish list is in the pipe! How cool is that? Tags made me jump up, but how note location works now is how it ought to be—it is 100x more useful now.

  • Justin Matthews

    Brilliant update – it just keeps getting better – well done – the improvements have made using it on the iPhone a million percent better – thanks

  • Lon

    really great job, the faster it is the better for me.

  • Chris Codish

    I like the new design, so far so good.

    Would love the ability to make comments on my audio notes at specific time points a la the way you can leave comments using the web based file sharing program “Sound Cloud.”

    A similar interface would be very handy for book marking and notating audio notes.

    I use Evernote every day, thanks for a great program.

  • Don Warlick

    I am glade to have the notebook view on my ipod. This is something I have been wishing you would provide. This will make is much easier to manage my notes. thanks guys

  • stephen

    Much easier to navigate. Folder view is great and the resource view seems very helpful. Thank folks. Nice work.


  • DG

    I love the iPad version, but it has one major flaw I hope you plan to change – I can’t edit my rich text notes that I have created on my PC/Mac. Cloning to text is clumsy and loses all my formatting.

    Also, I use the Mac version and PC version every day (Work/Home). I by far prefer the Mac version, while I find the PC version quite clumsy. Would be good if it worked more like the Mac.

    My 2c. Awesome product though = keep up the great work!

    • Moe

      Awesome app. However, I agree with DG that the ability to edit rich text documents on my iPad or iPhone would be nice. It’s extremely useful. Everything else works as expected! Keep up the good work.

  • Jeff

    I have an old 3G iPhone, this helps, though some things are still slow….maybe need to update to iPhone 4 to see the speed?

    However the “Egretlist” has always worked great even on my slow old iPhone 3G….uses Check Boxes….we need Check Box support on this new version of Evernote for iPhone…

  • Seth J.

    I agree with Jonathon. Great update, but it comes with a lot of bugs. I love the photo view, but your automatic system doesn’t always pick up the correct photo. It associates the wrong person or the wrong photo with the note. For website bio pages, it’s a problem. Evernote often picks up the logo jpg rather than the photo of the person that is prominently attached to the top of the webclip.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Seth, the photo view displays every image contained in the note, so there can be a dozen (or more) individual images in photo view all associated with a single note.

  • Jimm Burrell

    Waiting patiently for the Windows Phone 7 application. It’s on my Tilt2 but I’m not using that phone anymore.

  • HKTraveler

    When the new update for iPad comes out, would advanced search be added? Now that you have taken out advanced search on the iPhone, I find it more and more difficult to search for the note that I want and sadly, the app is not that useful anymore since I can’t find what I am looking for!!!

  • Grant

    Finally the iPhone update, and yes it is great, thank you thank you.
    However I’m am blown away by having 4 lines per note. Heck even on a PC with way more screen real estate I can have a list view with one single line per note i.e just the note title. It’s an iPhone for crying out loud it has a small screen! Is there a setting somewhere I’ve missed. I’ve frantically looked but can’t find.

    • Grant

      OK I’m settle for 2 lines, just looked at Simplenote and that is what they have. Appreciate a single line view may be too narrow for finger selection. Although it could be managed of course with a wider single line such as in many other Apps.

  • Brad

    I haven’t seen many comments about this, but what happened to the ability to move notes between notebooks? I was using notebooks to keep track of projects in different stages, but now it seems I won’t be able to update project status except at a computer or iPad?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can move your notes. Edit the note, then tap the keyboard icon, which will expose additional options. Then, tap on notebooks to select the notebook you want.

      • Brad

        Thank you for the explanation on moving notes! Guess I should have found that. Evernote is right back at the top of my list for best (certainly most productive) iPhone app out there!

  • Steve Smith

    Still can’t edit Rich Text notes on the iPhone? How can this be the “all new shiny better than ever version” and I STILL can’t use BOLD or ITALICS ???

    Love Evernote, but seriously shouldn’t that have been a 1.0 feature set…

  • Martin

    Thanks for providing a very useful product! I’ve been a user since your Silicon Valley Tech meetup presentation back in the days. It’s especially useful to have sync’ed notes across home, office, etc.

    However, I really would like to have encryption and search within a note!

  • ccgooser

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou.
    I use evernote to quickly snap bills when they arrive in the mail, and then I ditch the paper copy. Bills which have the bpay details on the reverse side were always a bit of a pain. – Not anymore!!

  • Trump Network

    I’ve been using Evernote for iPhone for a year, It works great, but the interface has been clugy when entering quick short notes. This new interface looks much better.

  • Eric R.

    Any chance for a search within note ability (zoom to next/previous hit within a note) and the ability to add *67 to a hyperlink phone number?

  • Andy Dent

    Great looking update. I’m aware that it’s probably not technically feasible but would love the ability to be able to use voice control to trigger Evernote directly into voice mode. I really miss this from my Nokia 6210c Symbian phone (just a voice recorder, not Evernote). Currently if I think of something whilst driving I need to launch Evernote (on my home bar, natch!), click on New Note and choose Voice.

    Hmmm, maybe you could at least collapse the above process a little with a shortcut – can you hook into the volume keys so all I’d have to do is launch Evernote and press either up or down volume to start recording?

  • Ravi

    The revised iPhone app looks great and ability to browse based on Notebooks is awesome. Thanks!! It is amazing that you offer all this for free. Go Evernote!!

  • Brad

    I cannot believe that you came out with an update that still doesn’t support shared folders! That is the only reason that I use evernote and pay the monthly fee. What is going on with you guys? Don’t you feel a bit embarassed? Why not wait to put out the update until you have that fix and save yourself from comments from angry users?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Notebook sharing is coming to iPhone and other platforms.

  • Matthias Faller

    As mentioned a lot in the comments. Rich text editing is still missing. For me it does not make sense to polish design and the way to browse notes, when a really basic feature is still missing. The strong point of EN is its multiplattform ability but it is still not real multiplattform without full mobile editing of notes.

    Google Docs is far ahead here.

  • Brad

    Ok, so I am tired and a little annoyed, but I think it’s a great update. I just got excited and thought that you would have had the shared notebooks worked out. Hope to see it soon. Thanks.

  • Rob Friederichs

    Wow, great upgrade. This really improves the already very useful app a lot. It is friendlier, faster and easier to work with.

    But I have also one ‘complaint’. I do not like the way you have chosen to display notes that just contain pictures. Evernote shows a slice of the picture without a (part of the) title of the note. For some pictures this might be enough, but for webclips or handwritten and scanned notes, this is absolutely not working. The slice of the picture does not tell you anything about the total picture or the note.

    I would prefer showing the title of the note and the date, together with a thumbnail of the image, just like all the other types of notes.

    But nonetheless: a big compliment for this upgrade!

  • Christopher Sutton

    The update is absolutely fantastic so far – kudos on managing to make a great UI even better and a fast app even speedier.

    I’d add +1 to the requests for rich text editing, but really I’m not in a mood to gripe – Love the new version!

  • Oli

    Love the new UI ! Especially the possibility to add multiple attachments to a single note 🙂

    Two major concerns however:
    1. Why are there no titles to picture only notes anymore ? This has been asked in quite a few previous comments, and I would like to add my vote to the prompt return of titles in the next update.

    2. High definition pictures still only load as scaled-down versions over 3G network. Having to connect to a WiFi network to fully load the hi-def version is an unacceptable (and often unfeasible while traveling) workaround for people with unlimited data plans ! I don’t like having to stare at pixel porridge trying to guess if the last digit on the barcode reference I shot with the iPhone 4 camera is a 5, an S or rather just a smudge.

    Finally: while creating new notes is now lightning fast, I found that opening notes may take quite some time (is it just me, or did the previous version load the notes faster ?).

    Except from that => Still amongst my top three apps EVER ! 🙂

    P.s. Wishlist => Advanced search return + RTF note editing + Creation of notebooks via the app !

    • Rob C


      This is now an issue for me, my iphone has sat on my WIFI for 3 hours and it still hasn’t downloaded all my images within my notes, I used to use Evernote to make a note with a picture of Storecard info, pre-paid phonecards etc, but now can’t use it as I haven’t got hours to download the image every time I need it!

      Seriously, if this isn’t fixed I won’t renew my premium membership.


  • Mat Couthon

    Thanks a lot for the update. It’s really nice to know that you’re constantly trying to a make an already great product even better.

    However, I do have few problems:
    1. I want to use my evernote account as my To-Do list. I have a dedicated notebook for this cause. What I would like is a way to set this notebook as a “Home Notebook” – meaning that it would open by default whenever I open Evernote.
    2. Landscape view seems to be a little weird. It tries to fit in more stuff on the screen, but it ends up cutting the second column in half. Seems a bit counterintuitive.
    3. Right now, when I want to open a note, it seems that a simple tab on the screen doesn’t do it. I am forced to press on the note, and hold for about half a second. That doesn’t sound like much, but it ruins the flow of iOS.


  • L-THR33

    Evernote is fantastic for law school! This app is used exclusively for all my notes and featured in a recent blog post highlighting the absolute best iPhone apps for law school ::

    Keep up the good work Evernote!!!

  • Charlie

    Great update guys!

    BUT… when will we have ink support for iOS? The fact that I can’t scribble down quick handwritten notes straight into EN on my iPhone is driving me crazy!

  • Marco

    Is it me or is the response ever so slightly slow on the new iPhone app? When tapping a note it seems that you have to hold your finger on it a fraction longer for it to open. For the first 20 seconds I thought I was doing something wrong as I am used to a faster response time in all other apps. Don’t get me wrong, the update is fantastic with the new interface so thank you very much. Just wanted to give my input as the speed issue was the first thing I noticed!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into that.

  • Mike P

    Great update for users – but maybe a sad day for some other app developers. I have just replaced both FastEver and Voice Memos with Evernote in the Dock of my iPodTouch.

    Now I would really love an identical update for the Android version so that my Phone and iPod work identically – I can grab either device and follow a consistent way of working.

  • heather

    yeah!! browsing by books and tags!! awesome!

    i started really wanting this when i began using evernote for personal projects in addition to work stuff.

    when i read this, i was wondering if- as a premium subscriber- was I going to have to pay to upgrade… then i forgot how awesome your model is!

    well done, awesome service.

  • Skinnybloke

    Evernote was already on the home screen of my iphone – now it’s got even better!!!

    It’s so easy to criticise when things don’t work correctly so a bit of praise where it is due.

    Well done guys.

  • Chris

    What about PIN security so that the app and contents are viewed only by those that should be accessing the information??

  • Jason L

    These are great updates!!
    These two things that would make this uber awesome: transcribing voice to text thru Dragon Speaking or similar; linking MS Office tasks to Evernite – meaning, create in Evernote and select whether note or task. ReQual has some of this already and has some connectivity with EN already, but would like to see the two merge more…

  • Keith Bricknell

    Stunning update, thank you guys, in one fell swoop you’ve managed to hit all the main things that slightly (very slightly) frustrated me about the previous iPhone app. The single biggest win, being able to create a single note with multiple images taken after you’ve started creating the note, and adding voice and text information to them as well. Can’t tell you how well you’ve done, this is a stunning update. Thank you.

  • kevin d

    Where is rtf editing on the iPhone?? It is the only update I wanted (needed)… sigh….

  • Davey A in the UK

    looks good but is rather slow and keeps crashing on my iphone 3GS, was when scrolling at first but now seems randomly crashing.
    Also why have images changed to a magnifying glass with ABC in it.

    • Davey A in the UK

      Infuriating & Unuseable, can the previous version be re-installed until problem is rectified?

  • Doug Farrell

    Any chance of being able to use the headphone controls with the voice notes? I’d love to be able to start/stop recording using the play/pause/etc center button.

  • Xuan VIen Do

    Great update! I know that rich text editing is coming to evernote for Iphone, Ipad, etc.. What I need is to be able to insert text in between photos in my notes. Will this option be included with rich text editing? Thanks! Keep up the good work!

  • William Percival

    Nice work. Great update that significantly streamlines the functionality of the application.

  • Shelley

    Can somebody from Evernote please comment on feedback from me, and others, about the lack of titles for image notes? If you have no intention of bringing back titles for image notes in the list display, I’m going to be forced to resort to one of two undesirable options: Grab a previous version from a backup and install that on my phone; or spend the time to edit my many image notes to add a line of text above the image (which, thank goodness, forces the app to display my image notes differently, title included).

    Given that you’ve replied to other user comments, I don’t think it’s too much to ask you to address my concerns.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re looking into a solution for this.

      • shelley

        OK good, thanks for the reply. Hopefully soon…. I see from the comments in user forums that others are really, really unhappy with this particular design element. All I want is the titles displayed, although I’d be even happier if image notes would just show a thumbnail of the image.

        I know you guys are trying to design the product to be pretty much universal, with very few options for changing the look and feel — but perhaps you could vary from that occasionally and allow users to select from two or three options for certain elements.

        I’m doing OK for now, because I was able to retrieve an older version from a Time Machine backup, and will be sticking with that version until this image view issue gets fixed. I feel really sorry for people who are having a terrible time with this new version, and who don’t have a backup to downgrade to.

      • Jillian

        I am also very upset with the new display… could we not be able to select how we want our notes to be displayed. I much much prefer the old version!!!!

  • Daniel

    Hi, i have an big dificult on my computer and Ipod touch, when I copy and paste some text from a web site, the html source came too. If the editor have an “formating cleaner” , or automated formating ?


  • Peter Warren

    There are some great improvements here. And Evernote has become my number 1 essential app. But for me, there’s one big hole in the IOS app: no support for rich text editing (as another user pointed out). Rich text formatting on the desktop and web versions is a major way that I format all my notes. My most-used note is a daily TO DO list, with checkboxes. I cannot check these off on the iPhone! So *please* give this one high priority. Thanks!

  • André Gil

    Just commenting to say that I LOVE this new version. You guys did a great work on it!! It’s beautiful, works better, it’s faster.. Thank you!! 😉

  • Don

    Rich text editing Rich text editing Rich text editing Rich text editing Rich text editing

    And am I mistaken, or will I now have to upgrade to premium if I want to view all (not just my “favorite”) evernotes on my iPhone? Hope not!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      I assume you’re referring to offline access to notes. As a Free user, any note you create, view or favorite on your iPhone will be available offline–that includes attachments that you open and view. Premium users can select entire notebooks to be downloaded and stored on the phone.

  • Kevin

    If a note is a simple snapshot, its title will not show up. Only if I go back and add text to the note as well. This makes it really hard to find the right note. I may as well be using my photo album to store my notes. Please get rid of the full width preview… or at least add the title!

  • Olivia

    Thanks so much for the updates! 😀 I’m psyched just hearing about it! I think with all the new features I’ll prob use evernote on my iPhone more; previously I found it kind of clunky.

    Off to download it! 😀

  • Bryan

    What about copying a note? I use evernote at the gym to for daily workouts, and I really need to be able to copy a note into a new one. Right now I have to manually set a bunch up in the Windows app and then access them on my iPhone. It’s dreadful.

  • Dave E

    Another hit from Evernote. I am constantly amazed and gratified by how you all continue to improve your product. As a long time user, I continue to count Evernote as a daily use product. I’ve dropped use of tons of other software in the same period.

  • emr

    Search is primitive: only whole word search. This kind of note program with very diversified data needs string search which is able to find strings even in the middle of words. This might be note TAKING but not note SEARCHING program.

  • shelley

    Further to my comment earlier today: I’ve now discovered that for some of my image notes, there’s NOTHING I can do to force Evernote to display them in a meaningful way — I have some for which I’ve added 10 lines of meaningless text at the top of the note, and the list view STILL displays just as a strip of the image, with no identifying title.

    This is an absolutely horrible user experience. I have to assume that you guys didn’t do any beta-testing, or had a very small beta team whose workflows didn’t include much variety — because that’s the only possible explanation for this “enhancement.”

    I’m also finding the long tap that’s required to open a note to be very painful. Think about it, guys – your new list view makes it difficult to know at a glance what my image notes are; I need to go into the note to see if it’s what I’m looking for; and it takes longer than it should to do that. To add insult to injury, I am finding that notes with images take a loooooooong time to load — so what I used to be able to do quickly is now taking a torturously slow amount of time.

    As I said in my very first post yesterday, there is much to love in this new update — but also, sadly, much to intensely dislike.

    I’ve been a Premium user for quite a while; I don’t think I actually use any of the premium benefits, but I so loved this app that I subscribed in order to support the developers. My Premium account will be cancelled before the next payment if this image notes issue isn’t fixed, or if the developers haven’t acknowledged it as a problem that *will* be fixed in the next bug-fix update.

    • Rob C

      I’ve already rolled the app back to the previous version.

      Shame on you for making my favourite app totally unusable.


      • shelley

        Me too – grabbed an old version from a Time Machine backup. I’d actually be happy to make that available to others who want to downgrade but don’t have a backup. I’ll see if I can upload it somewhere that people can download it from without me having to give out my email address, or any kind of password.

  • Eric Liftin

    Thank you for the update. I’m a premium subscriber. I imagine that many of us would like better privacy on a per-note basis (or per notebook). Evernote is great as a personal journal, but many of us share our computers with and pass our iphones to our kids and have computers sitting out in our offices. Some mild security would be much appreciated.
    thank you.

  • ChrisL

    What an amazing, amazing update! Just what I was hoping for. Thanks again for a great product.

  • Kimozi

    Thank you for the cool update. Everything looks sleeker and faster. I just noticed one thing, I can’t find a way to transfer one note from one notebook to another. The previous version had this capability. I read a lot of RSS feeds in my iphone, usually from Reeder. So whenever I come across that an article that I want to save, I email the article to my evernote email address. I don’t use the subject tagging/notebook because its a bit cumbersome for me, so having a “Unsorted” notebook as the default gives me the flexibility to later transfer my notes to their respective notebooks. I hope that you’ll bring back this feature again in your next release or better yet, convince the author of Reeder to have 100% support to evernote! Imagine being able to assign those notes from reeder to the proper notebook right before sharing them to evernote! that would be a joy!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Open the note that you want to move. Tap the edit button, then tap the keyboard icon to expose additional options. Now tap on notebooks and move the note wherever you’d like.

  • EdA

    I like evernote, but missed being able to find evernote stuff using my iphone search. Has that been changed in the new version? Its the only thing keeping me from switching over completely to evernote. I dont like having to do 2 searches for one thing.

  • Terry Brock

    The update looks beautiful, but I have just one critique. My primary use fo evernote on the iPhone is for capturing, and This usually comes in the form of photos or audio. The latter I often use while I’m driving. So, having a home screen that immediately prompted for note creation was very helpful: one tap, and I’m capturing my idea. The big buttons were particularly useful when trying to avoid pedestrians. I love to see at least an option for a similar screen again!

    Thanks for a wonderful product!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Great feedback. Thanks!

      • Terry Brock

        Thanks for reading…So sorry for the double post (scroll down). I did the first one on my iphone, and didn’t realize it went up for moderation! I figured it just didn’t submit…my bad!

  • SK

    I would like to have the calendar functionality integrated and reminders for the items when they are due. This is one improvement for me to stop searching. With out this, this is not any different than a notepad in my bag. Its always available (on my mac, iphone) but it needs me to keep looking at it (reactive mode)…

  • Lemymatair

    This design is what I waiting for!
    very good work! Can’t wait to store something.

  • D Smith

    how do you remove the annoying “quick scroll” thing from the right side of the screen? I would like notes to use the full width of the screen like in your image above.

  • Elefante

    Love the new update! So much better!

    My only disappointment: Still no feature to password protect the app. Evernote has become an important tool for me and contains a lot of private data, would love to have the option to password protect the app. A lot of apps have this now and its a simple on and off option in the settings. Please look into it.


    • IslandOwl


      You can encrypt information in any note you make on the computer in Evernote. I can’t find a way to encrypt a note when I make a new note on the iphone. But the encryption holds and is easily opened on the iphone (with my password) when I need to see the encrypted info.

      To encrypt just highlight the text in a not and do a right click. It gives you the option to encrypt on the drop down menu. You can also find the encrypt option under Edit.

      HTH. Since I have started using the encrypt option I no longer feel the need for a password to protect the app. I like having the app fully open and just having certain information needing a password.

      • Elefante

        Hey thanks for that tip. will try it out.

  • Axel

    Pros and cons of version 4.0

    I agree with most of the users that this update is really a big update with some features we have waited for quite some time.
    You really had an ear on us and implemented these features:
    – The search/sorting ability now is very good (tags, notebooks) that’s great, I like it. Just as stephen said it’s Much easier to navigate now. However, I would also agree with many others that the advanced search should not be omitted ( could additionally be an option in the search pane.

    – Further I also like the performance increase e.g. at fast scrolling.
    ( However, the idea of Sterling Zumbrunn and others – Quick Jump on Lists – would be really something which would be a still very significant improvement when scrolling through big lists (some scroll bar at the right side, alphabet or whatever)

    Now I will, however, also point out some points, which I definitely do not like. In principle I summarize or point out several points many previous commenter already have stated:

    Fedor Romanenko and Dan Woolstencroft have already said: a short click on a note title does not open a note, you have to press it for a half a second. This is not the way one expects from iPhone UI – this is very annoying for me. Is this definitely what you intended to do or is this just a bug.

    Even worse in my point of view is what Jonathan stated: “No swipe to delete from list view, or any ability to delete notes from list view at all…” That’s really a drawback.

    Besides adding the powerful sorting and searching ability to the Iphone client you also significantly changed the look and feel of the App. However, this is a point where I at the moment miss the look of the old version.
    Just as Fedor Romanenko told I also have mainly notes according GTD in Evernote – most important things here are title & tags. For that purpose the preview of the notes in the notes list has been much better in the old version. The old version view was not so overcrowded, but very clear (small preview on the left – notes title as the main content in big letters (!!) – and tags below – so far I can remember).
    In the new view there is a snippet of the note content – mainly worthless information – but no tags and smaller letters for the heading. By this the heading cannot not so clearly be recognized as before. Furthermore there are some peculiarities like Kendra stated: picture in the list display only show a worthless strip of the picture and no heading at all – that’s definitely bad.

    Concerning this look and feel in respect to simplicity and intuitiveness I assume this is also what jon feels when he stated:
    “I can’t believe – am I the only one utterly disappointed with the redesigned interface on iPhone? Previous version looked so neat with the colorful UI, and seemed a lot more intuitive too. The main menu was all you needed – four options: i.e. voice recording, note, snapshot and camera roll options all sporting beautiful COLORFUL icons.”

    Yes, taking a note was a pleasure with the old version, with the new one up to now it is not ( but we all have to keep in mind that we have to give the new version a chance in respect to get accustomed to it first). And looking a a list of notes has been much easier in the old version because the notes preview information had been constrained in an ideal way.

    I am a programmer myself so I would like to summarize it in that way:
    It would be a good thing for Evernote to have a bit more extreme/agile programming development:
    only smaller steps, but more often releases
    only one major feature per release ( either search improvement or complete look and feel redesign – but not both at a time)
    So it is possible easier to react on the customers voice and correct the development path.
    (I cannot remember that many users have requested a major redesign of the interface)

    Nevertheless I have a good hope that you are on a good way of developing a great tool for worldwide usage.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the feedback.

  • SuEllyn

    Thank you so much for this update! The notebooks list and the tags list make this much more user friendly on the go. BUT taking away the note name on notes with pics is a big no-no. Please add my frustration with that to the list of others. But really, thank you for making this much more like my Droid app, overall much better!

  • chrisCHRISchris

    LOVE the new design! Congrats. Very cool, way easier to use, and more fun! Thanks for the hard work.


  • Nicholai

    Wow! Amazing update, I’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time! I especially appreciate the quick uptime for entering a new note — I was starting to use the built in Notes app for quick entry b/c EN was taking too long to load.

    Overall though, great improvements. Thank you!

  • Chris Ciufo

    Gee…not very happy with the way the Recording interface changed. I had switched from my Olympus digital recorder to using my iPhone 4 with Evernote. The new i/f has such a dinky little button with tiny fonts that it’s hard to tell it’s even recording. Worse, the “VU” meter is so small it’s also a challenge for me. As well, there’s still no “Pause Recording” feature. You hit Stop, and it’s over (although you can add a second recording to the same note.)

    Maybe the other navigation features will impress me as I learn them, but the basic features of the product were very adequate for me – and the one I use most (Recording) has become notably less useful.

    I’m sorry to say: I’m disappointed with this part of the upgrade. (Can I revert to the previous version?)

    C. Ciufo, Group Editorial Director

  • James Minchew

    A very useful update. I like it.

    The only extra functionality I would like isn’t iPhone specific. I’d love for voice memos to be transcribed and searchable.

  • Terry Brock

    Thanks for this update…it looks pretty slick all around. My only qualm is with getting rid of the original home screen, with the different buttons to create a new note. I use my iphone evernote app primarily to capture, and typically this is a photo, or, even more often, an audio note. Particularly while driving my car. So, it was really nice to have big buttons to push while dodging pedestrians, and for it to only be a one tap deal. If there’s any chance of having such a feature reinstituted, or made as an option, I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks for such a wonderful product. evernote is wonderful.

    • Axel

      That’s really true! !

      Thank you for this comment, It exactly expresses one of my impressions of the new Iphone client.

      I am very unhappy of this little “+” button for adding notes instead of the beautiful previous homescreen.

  • n00neimp0rtant

    Rich text.

    Rich text.

    Rich text.

    Rich text.

    Rich text.

    Why is this request ignored with literally every single update? I started using Evernote to take detailed class notes with bulleted and numbered lists as well as text formatting (bold, italic). But I can’t even edit a note that has a bold character in it; only append to it? I got an iPad to take notes in class and read assignments outside of class, and I was shocked when I couldn’t add a single bullet point to a note, and have almost entirely stopped using Evernote altogether because of this.

    Is rich text even “in the works?” Or at the very least even being considered at all?

  • PeterV1

    Really like it, especially the “big plus”, multiple items in single note is great
    Also like the snippets and search by notebook or tag. Can we have the find a tag in the tag list in the desktop version. I have a lot of tags and this helps a lot.

  • apz

    It’s really great seeing that many features, especially the selecting multiple photos at once.
    The new interface UI is OK, for me the blue plus symbol attracts to many attention or rather is nearly ugly.
    What I really don’t like is that I saw already some bugs:
    I searched for a keyword but the note didn’t show up.
    New created notes didn’t show up, the – first item of the list just stayed white.
    Clicking/touching all the notes wasn’t snappy, I really hat to hold my finger longer than in all the rest of apps.

    But I’m sure you guys will address that in the (hopefully near) future 😉

  • RAB

    Any update on bringing inking functionality to the iPhone and iPad apps? There is a large yet silent group of us waiting out there.


  • Anthony

    I would love to see an option for selecting text within images that have already been tagged with the online OCR. It would be great to be able to tap a phone number on a business card photo and have it dial; maybe prompt first to make sure it’s right. I feel like taking photos of business cards is missing this transitional step. This would also be good for addresses, qr codes, etc. But in general, it would be great for any text to be selectable in the way iPhones already handle text and useful information.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Great suggestions.

  • susan

    wow, now it is intuitive!

  • Dann Chapman

    Hearing news of a major overhaul was, at first, frightening. As in, ‘Oh no, what are they doing to my favorite app?’ But I took the plunge, and have to say, this upgrade is nothing short of OUTSTANDING!  Thank you! As a premium subscriber, too short on time to even think about, much less write to you with a wish list, you’ve not only anticipated, but marvelously exceeded my expectations! Great job!

  • David Johnson

    Yesterday, loved the new look and feel, today installed a brand new lightscribe pen and shared some notes, and now the iPod app crashes 5-10 seconds after I open it. Don’t know why that would make a difference, but it’s the only change I have made since I was using it last night. Any ideas?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      David, tough to say without further investigation. Please contact our support team:

  • AdventureRob

    Cool update guys, Thank you for the hard work. I like the new interface, it seems easier to navigate and take notes, which is one of the main reasons for the app after all.

    I’m relatively new to Evernote (only got an iphone 3 weeks ago) but thought I’d dive in deep and give it a good go. It’s docked at the bottom of my iPhone so I always have quick access to it!

    I travel a lot and appreciate the location integration with google maps, it works great especially when taking note on how to find places.

    I would like to see a few changes though (in order of importance), which will make it the best app ever.

    1 – Get rid of the delay when going into notes, it’s very unlike an iPhone and is the slowest responding app I’ve seen here (old version was fine).

    2 – Easy way to view all notes offline, or at least selected ones. I use the favorites function as the name intends – for the important or favorite notes. I was disappointed I can’t view my notes without an internet connection, that seems to make the whole point of it useless. It is a mobile platform program on phones/ipods, so I expect to see them when I am mobile and without a wifi connection.

    3 – Formatting notes on phone – So it seems I can’t edit notes on my phone which I wrote within the Evernote desktop program. This negates the point of even syncing things. I may as well use the notes program included as standard with the iPhone. It would be nice to highlight bits too (bold, italics, etc) as that is what note taking is all about.

    4 – I like the mini preview of images but as people have mentioned please put the title in, or even better give us the option to change the view to the title and a smaller preview.

    5 – Rotate image function. It would be handy if I could do this within Evernote, saves having to do it in another program as often my images are 90 degrees out, so I have to delete them, open up another program, rotate, save, and then enter as a note again in Evernote.

    6 – Small updates more often rather than big updates occasionally. This way you can react to the market quicker and don’t have a list of things to do in one go. You can also take out functions/designs if they prove unpopular.

    Thanks again for creating a great app though. I’m using Evernote to help remember words in a new language I’m learning, for things to see on my trips, to-do/buy lists and general paper reduction in my life, no need to photocopy things anymore when I have Evernote with me.

  • Jessica

    I like the feel of the new update, but now the note taking space is sooo small! Sometimes I take notes on my bluetooth keyboard so the screen space is freed up. Can you make it so that the options at the bottom of the note-taking screen are able to be hidden?


  • Jaakko

    For me, it would be invaluable to be able to assign alarm reminders to notes; for tasks that need to be completed on a specific day. Or is this feature already in here and I just haven’t found it…?

  • Ben

    Loving your work! Thanks Evernote team.

  • Ronald Blogowski

    Is there no way to do a search in iPhone using sev eral different tags?

  • Josh Pasholk

    You guys are doing a great job. Created an amazing tool that I use on a daily basis. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Premium user for life.


  • WillT

    Wonderful improvements for individual users! But until shared folders, it will remain of little use to those of us who work in groups.

  • Myself

    One thing I’d love to see is to be able to tell how much DATA space Evernote is taking up on my phone.

    This SHOULD be built into iOS, of course, or at least iTunes. But alas, iTunes only allows you to see the size of each individual app (without it’s data), and the size of all the apps and the data of all the apps added together into one big number. I can see that apps are taking up 8gigs on my phone, but am left to guess how much of that each app is responsible for.

    So, it’s very useful to me when App-writers pick up Apple’s dropped ball, and let me see how much disk-space their app is using.

  • Heidi, Stationery Scoop

    Yay, thanks for this! I [heart] Evernote!!

  • Colleen

    This is a great app upgrade. It not only is shiny and sparkly, but it makes it even easier to use in the go.

  • Marco Savo

    No one loves Evernote more than I do! However….
    I have reverted to 3.2.4 iPhone app. Why?
    @Tap is better than touch and hold.
    @Swipe to delete is better.
    @Simple is Better.
    I mean how many ways to find a note does one need? Search window dudes! 🙂
    @Please consider offering two iPhone apps, a simple version with scroll and search and one for feature creatures?

  • Boris

    Evernote team, you did a great job with this 4th mobile version ! It brings exactly what I was dreaming about since a few days, after I started to seriously implement a GTD approach in my Evernote. Congratulations, it’s awesome.

  • Nan Evans

    I am having trouble with the new version on my phone. I cannot open my notes to read or edit them. Every-so-often, I can get one open, but only rarely.

    What is the magic touch needed to open individual notes? I lover Evernote and depend on it. It’s awful not to be able to read, add to or change the notes I have written over the past few months.

    Pleawe help!!!

  • Nan Evans

    Re: prior comment. I tried again and held on note I wanted to open for several seconds. It opened. Tried w/ several others then opened, and the length of time needed seems shorter – more like a tap than a hold.

    So that seems cured.

  • Brett MacLean

    Nice update, but I’d trade every single one of these enhancements for the ability to edit rich text notes within iOS. Right now I can only edit notes that I’ve previously created in iOS, since 95% of my desktop notes are apparently in rich text format.

    Rich text support can’t be that hard – can you please add it in the next update?

    • John Rylander

      Agree with you 100%, Brett. For me, this update was a pretty downgrade. I was stunned when I went to edit my extremely simple grocery shopping list while in the store–and couldn’t!

      • John Rylander

        I know this thread is not for support, but just to mention one thing that worked: I opened my grocery shopping list on the desktop, cut all the text, and then “pasted as text” right back into the note, synced, and THEN I was able to EDIT the note on the iPhone client.

        This is a “good enough” temporary workaround for simple notes–one just needs to be careful not to inadvertently make a note rich text, which is very easy to do, and quite a surprise then when using the phone app.

    • Anonymous

      TOTALLY! after YEARS of this app, it seems broken broken broken to only append to rich text notes, not edit them. Why is this still broken?

      I encourage people to write to the EverNote support address and complain.

      I’d actually recommend the app to people frequently (many folks ask me for what apps to get, which apps are good) if they fixed this bug.

  • Andreas

    LOVE the new design! 🙂

    Although I was very disappointed to find that the note view hasn’t changed at all. It still looks like something from 1996: Too little real estate to read notes, and too many ugly UI elements.

    Hope to see this change in an upcoming release.

    • h

      i concur. evernote devs still need to beef up their UI design team. with the money they have now i can only assume its either a dearth of available talent or excessive frugality. good luck though.

  • James Smith

    Hey, this looks and works great. I’m wondering if there’s any way to hide or shrink those icons on the edit screen though. I like to use Evernote with a bt keyboard and i’d like to see as much of my text as possible when I type. Is this possible? Otherwise, great work.

    • justfred

      I agree, sent this suggestion to Evernote, the response is, “Unfortunately this is not currently an option. We will be sure to pass the information on to the product development team for discussion. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

      I don’t need any of those buttons while I’m editing, except possibly as a popup (like the keyboard toggle).

      • Matt

        I couldn’t agree more – the iPhone screen is small enough, losing half of it to icons I don’t need makes the app almost unusable.

  • Rob Gibbs

    I know everyone is gaga over iStuff…but how about an update for the XOOM?
    a decidely anti-apple user.

  • Bevan

    Since upgrading to the evermore app on my iPhone 3GS this app just crashes all the time and unless I can roll back to the old app I will have to use another notes app as I rely on evernote all the time but as I said I can’t use it ATM.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Try uninstalling/re-installing the app.

      • Liz

        Newest version keeps crashing on me too (we’re not the only ones based on the comments in the app store). I tried uninstall/reinstall and it worked for a while, but now it keeps crashing again – right after opening the app. Very frustrating.

  • karl

    This is all great, but what about RICH TEXT SUPPORT!

    THAT is the thing I am waiting for. Don’t you read your feedback?

  • David Dingman

    Love the new iPhone and Win7 version, really nice update. I am somewhat new to Evernote and just noticed something. I am bcc(ing)e-mails to my Evernote Notebook account and it works great. (Outlook 2010) When I do that I do not get the header information for the mail sent in my Evernote “note”. Like the To: Cc: Subject: Date: etc. When I click on the add-in Evernote icon in Outlook to send the mail to Evernote all that information comes with the body of the e-mail and I prefer that. It seems intuitive that either method would preserve the same data. Am I wrong? Is this a bug or a future feature? It would be great to have the e-mailed delivery method render the same info. Hope I have explained this well enough for you to understand my comment. Thanks, Dave

  • Grant

    OK the snippet idea is a nice idea but there is an issue with seeing a piece of picture where it is sometimes meaningless and does not clearly identify what the note is. While it can be sorted by repeating the note title as the first line of text I think this “feature” needs a bit more thought.

    • PMcD

      I second this … I take photos of my receipts, and in the notebook I use, these notes appear as photo-snippets over photo-snippets, with no border to distinguish them (just varying lighting). Very hard/disconcerting to distinguish them.

      If you insist on displaying the photo over the entire width of the note when in list view, then perhaps there could be a setting where I can specify default text to be added to the note every time I take a picture (e.g. “Photo taken with Evernote for iPhone” or something); that way, the photo would be restricted to a small box in the right of the note (which is nice looking, btw).

      • Andrew Sinkov

        We’ve received a ton of great feedback about the new note list layout. In our next release, we will incorporate titles into the note list for image notes.

      • mmcpeak

        Agreed. I need titles to display even for my image only notes. I would actually like the ability maybe as a setting have image only notes appear just as text & image notes so that my thumbnails line up nicely on the right side. Otherwise, it’s too hard for me to read with everything mis-aligned.

  • Jonathan

    I’m actually an android user, but I have a request that would apply to all mobile version.


    If you have some large notebooks because of attachments and can’t store it all offline, but you have certain notes in that notebook that you always need, it would be nice to be able to put a certain tag on a note and have that particular note be synced. I would make a tag called “sync” and apply it to any notes that I wanted to always be available.

    • Myself

      Seconding this! This would be a great feature.

  • Tim

    is there any way to “test” the iphone/ipod version on the ipad though the “ipad”-version is installed as universal app?

    consider buying an ipod touch and would like to see the new app-design on my ipad

  • Morten L

    Without rtf-support Evernote on the iPhone is STILL absoloutely worthless.

  • JB

    No excuses for ignoring this.

    I don’t like the new “Segment View” in this upgrade. It looks like Evernote shredded all of my notes and is proudly displaying the strips.

  • Dipesh

    How about the ability to edit the size/quality of photos added to evernote? When I only have a 3g connection and I want to snap a photo into evernote, it takes a loooong time to upload and also uses up a lot of space on my account. Much much needed feature, folks. Thanks for the incredible work you’re all doing at evernote!

  • Daniel

    LOVE the new design features. This makes the iPhone a decidedly more useful place to capture (and tag notes). In the past I would just snag content from the iPhone and dump it in an “Inbox” notebook, then every couple days on my laptop I’d go through and merge photos, edit titles, tag, etc. Now I can actually do this quickly on the iPhone as I capture things.

    Am really hoping to see a lot of these features on the iPad soon. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ability to search within tags so that I don’t have to scroll through my whole damn list to either tag or search for a particular tag. I find I’m relying really heavily on saved searches on iPad for advanced filtering options, which is fine, but I’d like it to have the same features you’ve rolled out for the iPhone.

  • Craig

    I downloaded the new Evernotes for my iPad the other day, but now it opens for about 10-15 seconds and then crashes (or at least completely closes). What do I do?

  • Liz

    Version 4 for iPod touch keeps crashing on me. Any ideas?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Liz, try uninstalling/re-installing the app. If that doesn’t help, then contact support

  • Brian Fogarty

    I hate to be the Debbie Downer here, but the snippets view is a visual mess on a small screen. Instead of a carefully chosen title, I’m presented with a block of text that usually tells me nothing on a screen the size of the iPhone’s. . If there was an option to turn the snippets view off, I’d be happy. Otherwise, a solid update.

  • Monty

    Like the changes well enough, but can’t use them. After the first time I create a note on my iPhone 4 (voice or photo, so far), the app crashes, and won’t restart for more than a few seconds before crashing again. Restart the iPhone—app still won’t work. Uninstalled and reinstalled—and worked fine until I tried to create a note, then same thing again. I absolutely rely on Evernote. I hope I can retrieve the previous version from a backup. If not—I hope this gets fixed quickly. I don’t want to have to go find another tool to replace my rotten memory.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Monty, sorry to hear about the crashing issue. Please contact support:

  • George Chen

    The users of free account are virtually abandoned with the release of version 4.0. I was sad to discover I couldn’t even read the full contents of old notes on my iPhone 4, much less edit them. Should I pay $5 per month in order to keep notes with Evernote? I don’t thnk so. I am going for alternative solutions. The version 4.0 is a great leap backward.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      George, you can read and edit notes just as you could before. Nothing has changed. To view a note, tap on it (it’s a longer tap than before). To edit a note, open it then tap on the pencil icon.

      • George Chen

        Hi Andrew,
        I got it. Thank you very much, and sorry for the offense.

  • Sean

    This is the best update. U guys rocks!

  • John

    This update is a usability disaster. Not showing titles for image notes is a bizarre and frustrating choice – I just can’t *find* anything anymore. The lack of space between notes makes everything really hard to scan. Ideas like presenting the parts of a note consistently, and providing visual cues about where things end and begin are such basic concepts that I can’t imagine how you came up with this.

    I have used Evernote for years and have come to rely on the iPhone app, and now it’s so frustrating that it’s nearly useless.

    What a disappointment.

    • Ted W

      As a relatively new user (6 month) I actually find it MUCH improved, much easier to use, although a few of the specific complaints here do need to be dealt with.

  • Alexander

    I love the new update but the voice recorder is low quality compared to the pre-installed voice memos app. I hope you will be able to fix this.

  • JuanO

    I really like the updated design. I had to remove and reinstall the update but it’s working fine now. Overall, it’s so much easier to use. As for rich text editing, how about setting up something with Docs to Go? They already sync with Google Docs and Dropbox.

  • LEE

    I am not blessed (or cursed) with the ability to memorize instructions that come about once every 2 seconds in a video. Where can I find a printed text of instructions for using the re-designed evernote?

    • Myself

      AMEN! Someone else who hates the “video instructions” that seem to be in vogue these days! I’d much rather just have the text.

      The trouble with the video format is the way that it inflexibly dictates the pace and sequence you view it in. There’s no way to give it a quick scan and see what you need to look at in more detail, or to go back and reference it again (or later) without having to deal with watching the whole thing or finding the right spot. Thus, technologically, it’s a step BACKWARDS from text, even if it may seem flashier.

      I generally don’t bother with the videos. If you don’t give me the info in another manner, I don’t bother at all.

      If there is some aspect of something that really needs the video to be clear, then embed a short video of that portion in the text instructions.

      But a note to the web and the world in general: enough with introductory or reference information in video-format already! Text is much better suited to the purpose! Video is a powerful tool, but it’s not the right tool for EVERY job.

  • Adrian

    Looks great, but … the new app is crashing on start – any news for and update to fix this ?
    (iPhone 3GS 4.1)

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Try uninstalling/re-installing the application. If that doesn’t help, then please contact our support team:

  • MJK

    I really like the Snippet View, it makes looking through notes so fast and it looks great to boot.

    Hope to see that in the Mac client soon!

  • Suzy

    Let me begin by stating that there is much to love about this app & that most of the changes in this update are fantastic. Thank you for the great product. I would simply like to add my request for two items, both of which I think are listed in other comments. I know the first one is, but I didn’t take the time to carefully read all 282 comments so I’m not sure about the second one. (1) Like many others, I find the snippet view for image only notes to be very un-useful. If I happen to have several in a row, they all just sort of blend together making it very difficult to find the one I’m looking for. I would like to see title/subject info on every single note. (2) Password protection is desperately needed – especially on the iPhone app, but also on the desktop version. On the iPhone app, I simple 4 digit code like so many other apps have would do the trick. The lack of this has kept me from fully utilizing this app.

    Thanks for all of your hard work!

  • Prem Virdi

    Very useful changes, would love to try.

  • W K D Couriers

    How about adding a pop up reminder, by location ?. Like say, you have things (To-do) in a particular area / town, that you only visit once a week, but every time you visit that town, you never think of checking your notes. it would be great if your phone sensed when you reached this area, and alerted you of your notes

    • Holly

      Yes! I would love it if Evernote had a reminder system. 2nd this!! GPS and regular calendar reminders would be wonderful.

  • PMcD

    I can respect the new features of the “Add Note” functionality, but I also miss the simplicity of it all. Perhaps you can add a setting that allows one to return to the SimpleAdd?

    I tend to take pix of my receipts (always multiple receipts, and always one photo per note), and used to be able to take the photo where it would automatically be added to the Notes and synced at first possible chance. Happily, I was still in the “Add Note” functionality after taking the photo, so it was easy to take another picture of another receipt. Simple, elegant, and very quick.

    Now with this update, after taking the pix I must wait as it adds the pix to the blank note, then I must save the note (or it will add the next photo a attachment #2 to the current note, which is not desired), which takes me out of the “Add Note” functionality. So I must then click the “Plus” button again just to return to the AddNote functionality so I can snap the next receipt. This is much more complicated than the previous method.

  • Charity

    Evernote keeps crashing on my iPhone 4. Any ideas?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Try uninstalling and re-installing the app. If that doesn’t help, then please contact our support team:

  • Kay

    This update has a lot of great features. It’s like your in my brain and not just keeping it organized. Obviously, like everyone else I would like to edit the rich text notes, but REALLY would like to at least edit their header data (add or change tags and such). Thanks!!

  • Thomas Wong

    A big fan of the new re-design and I’ve actually come back to the service because of it.

    I’d like to simply echo some of the other comments on here and ask for a new coat of paint for the ‘note view’ screen. After having seen all the great cosmetic changes to other aspects of the app, the note view no longer feels like it belongs, and I’d love to see it with a makeover.

  • Rick Schrager

    Are we ever going to see stacked notebooks on the iPad?

  • Sean

    It seems to not stable with the latest release.
    It crashed on my device often.

    It wouldn’t able to recover without a “delete & install” process.

  • C. Lee Smith

    I REALLY dislike that blue plus button at the button of the screen. It’s a major distraction. I can’t believe Apple let a violation of their Human Interface Guidelines like that onto the App Store. I really hope it gets changed on the next update.

  • Marie

    I like the new look of the browse window and that I can access my notebooks from the list – the thing I’ve noticed is that when I’m clipping through my browser (Firefox) it does not automatically sync any more – I thought it used to because my notes were always readily accessible on my iPhone & iPad – now I have to go open Evernote on my desktop (which is where my clips go) and manually sync so that everything will then sync to my online account & then to my devices. Is this quirk at my end or at Evernote?

  • Jeff Van Valer

    Is there a way to create tags on the iPhone? I can on my iPad, but only if I exit the app and go to the Evernote website and sign in.

  • Everno

    Any thoughts on adding inking to the iPad update? Love what you are doing! I currently use NoteShelf to ink, but would love the ability to natively do it on the iPad. Keep up the great work!

  • Monty

    Knowing that the OS touches EVERYTHING (I used to do tech support for Windows PCs and their OEM software), I held off, used the iPhone’s native voice note app for a few days, tested what worked and what didn’t—and stalled until Steve’s Kids released the IOS update (4.3, I think).

    Text notes worked fine. Pic and voice didn’t. Also, the crashes seemed to occur when trying to sync the new notes over 3G. WiFi didn’t seem to be a problem. So, I limited sync to WiFi only (not sure if that’s a new option, but it’s handy), and waited on 4.3.

    Once 4.3 hit—EN works fine, as far as I can tell. For the most part, I like the changes. (Just realized I never took it off WiFi-only sync, and I may not)

  • Sean

    It seems like crashed pretty frequent.

  • Renee

    The updated version is awful. It worked for about a day and was so hard to navigate. The new view is confusing and seeing the partial images is not helpful. Please allow for this to be customized.
    But who can even get a clear sense when the app crashes every time I open it. I expect much more for $45/ year.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Renee, an update is coming shortly that will add titles to image notes in the note list. Regarding the crashing, that can happen after upgrading. The best solution is to uninstall/re-install the app.

  • Bryan

    Some requests in the near future:
    1. Ability to attach google map in a note.
    2. Ability to upload as a post a note to facebook and Twitter.
    3. Ability to link a picture thumbnail to other photo organizing website like picasa and filter. Right now, I can only paste the link of this website. Attaching the pictures directly to evernote uses lots of usage space. A small thumbnail with little memory size will help to view and identify a note.

  • Chris

    1 star rating untill:

    -stack support
    -rich txt editing

    Both make evernote unusable…….

  • Stan Dubin

    After reading thru some of the comments I just want to make one point here.

    You can use Evernote for free and forever. I’m a premium user because I needed a bunch of extra storage several months ago and I kept on as a Premium member because the product is more than worth $5 monthly to me.

    But it is essentially a free service folks.

    And while the guys at Evernote are working to improve it all along the way, I recommend we give them whatever constructive criticism we can and leave out the harsh, unnecessary, negative crap. It really lacks class to deride people who are providing you a free ride.

  • hendrik


  • Jay Ackerman

    I use my ipad and iphone exclusively and rarely turn on my old laptop anymore. I’d like to be able to use check boxes to create to do lists on the ipad so I can take them with me and not have to use a computer windows version to create a note with check boxes. Can you add that functionality to the ipad version so your software will be even better to take on the road? I don’t want to have to use a laptop or computer to add a note with checkboxes.


  • Roberto Michelena

    Ok, I get it that Apple’s guidelines will not allow for Evernote to background sync notes, because they can contain arbitrary data.
    But it’s terrible to open your Evernote in the iPod/iPad, while having no WiFi connection, and discover that you forgot to sync it while you were connected.
    So a compromise solution would be:
    – complete background sync for all text-only notes. (and maybe also RTF ones that contain no pictures); this does not infringe on Apple’s guidelines.
    – push notifications “notes pending to sync” (as if they were emails)
    please? 🙂

  • Greg

    Love the new app – is there a way to move notes from one notebook to another from within the app? I’d really love to be able to do that!!! Thanks for the great work!

  • Anthony Maglio

    Please, add rich text support to the iphone app! My note collection is quickly becoming unusable.

  • Chris

    I would love to have my calender from my Iphone. I love Evernote

  • Ed

    I love the new design. And I would go to the pro version of evernote if I could edit rich text notes from the iphone. Product owner, please prioritize this high in your backlog. I’ll bake you some chocolate cookies!

  • Paul Cabelli

    Loving EN! I have a personal account and a business account. I’ll be upgrading the business account to premium shortly. The Evernote Account Switcher is great on Mac and PC, but can it be done on iPhone4?

  • Sylvain Asselin

    I am a new user of Evernote. I have been looking for a solution like this since a long while. Glad I found it.

    Is there a way to change the display format of my notes on my iPhone from snippet to list view. I find annoying that I am forced to snippet view on the iphone. Is there a way around this?

    Great product!


    • Haneef

      I have the exact same question you have – Is there a way to change the display format of my notes on my iPhone from snippet to list view? Did you ever get a response to this question? Thanks so much.

      • Andrew Sinkov

        Hi Haneef, the iPhone does not currently have a list view option.

  • Steve Levin

    My iPhone 3 gs camera does not open shutter after numerous crashes with
    H evernote. Its stuck on video. I am trying to restore the phone as resets and updating firmware have no affect in getting the camra to work

  • Bobby Correa

    I am having very much trouble finding how to download my evernote acct. to my iphone, NEED HELP< GOING CRAZY!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      When you say “download”, do you mean having your notes available offline? In order to have your notes stored on your iPhone you must first be a Premium users. Once you’ve upgraded, then tap on the Settings button in the top left corner of the All Notes screen. Scroll to the offline notebook section and then choose the notebooks you wish to have on your device. Depending on the size of the notebooks, this process may take some time. We recommend that you do this while on a WiFi network. Hope this helps. If you have other questions, please contact our support team:

  • Martine

    I would love to assign a location to a note, rather than just where the note was taken. For example, I use Evernote to keep track of the restaurants and bars I want to try. If I could assign the location, I could then have a map of all the places I want to try and when I’m out and about see what is near me.

  • Vicki

    I just started using Evernote and have a red bar at the top of my iPad homepage that says Evernote (Recording). It’s draining my battery and I don’t know how to shut it off. Help, please!

  • Katie

    Is there a way to re-order attachments within a note? That would be awesome.

  • Sara

    Is there a way to have the iphone pictures taken in the evernote app not go into my camera roll? They used to not go into my camera roll but with the new update they are now appearing. Please make it as an option. Most of the pictures I take with evernote are of documents and I would assume that most of us don’t want document pictures in our camera roll. Thanks!

  • km

    re comment from Sara-“Is there a way to have the iphone pictures taken in the evernote app not go into my camera roll? ”
    I just saw this post and it makes me unsure whether to even start using the app as my notes going into iphoto would be so inconvenient.
    Is this what happens still?

  • Craig

    Hi. App is ok but loses out on there being no multi tag search function on the iPhone .
    There is multi tag search on android tablet which is great. I mostly yay multi tag searches on my android and desktop. It’s a shame it’s not there on iphone.

  • Antonio Minguez

    Great app (I’m a premium user :), but please, ADVANCED SEARCH or search by multiple tags is absolutely necessary…

    It’s included in your android app, but not in iphone 🙁