Trunk Spotlight: Voice2Note – Make Your Voice Notes Searchable

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 08 Mar 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 08 Mar 2011

  • App name: Voice2Note
  • Developer: Dial2Do
  • Platform: Any
  • Price: Basic: Free, Pro: $2.99/month or $29.99/year
  • Type: Voice


Why Use Voice Notes

There are many different ways to remember something with Evernote: snap a picture, clip a web page, write it down, copy and paste, capture an audio recording, and more. Creating a voice note is an easy way to quickly capture ideas, conversations, and tasks, especially when you’re on the go. Voice notes can be captured from any mobile version of Evernote, but they can also be recorded on your computer and dragged into Evernote. While extremely simple to create, voice notes aren’t always easily searchable. Enter a very useful integration in the Evernote Trunk: Voice2Note by Dial2Do.

Voice2Note by Dial2Do

Voice2Note, a service from Dial2Do, automatically converts the first 30 seconds of any newly-created audio note into text that is easily searchable for future reference.

How it Works:

  1. Create an account at and connect it to your Evernote account. Voice2Note will provide you with a dedicated phone number that you’ll be able to call anytime you want to create a new note from your landline or cell phone.
  2. Record a new audio note in Evernote on your mobile device, call the Voice2Note phone number provided to you, or drag a compatible audio file into Evernote on your desktop.
  3. Voice2Note will transcribe the first 30 seconds of your note and insert the text into your note. You’ll still have the audio, too.

Call in your Notes

One of the coolest features of Voice2Note is the option to record new notes by simply making a phone call. When you’re on the go, you can call your personal Voice2Note number, record your note and hang up. The first 30 seconds of your note will be transcribed and saved into your Evernote account automatically (along with the voice clip, so you’ll have access to the whole audio recording). If you don’t want to worry about tagging your voice notes later, you can organize them by speaking the name of the tag (ex: ‘tag with <tagname>’), and Voice2Note will assign this tag to your note.

Once you start using voice notes, you’ll find them invaluable. Remind yourself of to-dos, capture inspiration, and record mental notes whenever and wherever they strike you. Once your note has been transcribed, you’ll easily be able to search for it by remembering only a few words associated with the idea.

Tip: Think about what you really want to remember when you record your note (for example, if you’ve found inspiration for a work project, start your memo with something like, ‘Work inspiration, new application to check out’). This foresight will allow you to find notes by the most important keywords.

Other Voice Apps in the Trunk

There are many ways to get the most out of recorded notes in Evernote. Other cool apps in the Trunk that let you make your voice notes more useful include Total Recall, which allows you to record phone calls and send audio notes directly from an Android mobile device to Evernote, and Quicktate, which allows you to send existing voice notes or create new ones and have them transcribed for you.


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  • Darnell Clayton

    I would pay for Voice2note if it were not for the 30 second limitation.

    I’m still waiting for a full fledged transcribing service, although I guess for now I’ll just keep listening to my audio notes and writing details what its about underneath.

  • Lasvegaswil

    I’m with Darnell on this one 100%. 30 seconds is not enough for a paid service; its why I dropped Jott. I tried using SoundNote for iPad, but it limited my retrieval options which are great on Evernote.

    So, Voice Notes for Evernote are still the best thing out there, but being able to have them transcribed, even on a pay-per-use pre-loaded basis ($X.00 for ten notes, up to maximum EN length) would work for me.

    Elephant love to all.

  • eeevans

    The App information at the top is misleading. The Basic level is only free for a 30 day trial and is 2.49/Mo or 24.99/Yr. The Pro level is 5.99/Mo or 59.99/Yr. The Evernote linkage is only available at the Pro level. The platform is only Android or Blackberry currently although others are promised. I’m not sure if the pricing changed since your article or it was just an oversight.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Based on the Voice2Note’s registration site, the price breakdown in the post is accurate:

      You can also record audio notes using a phone or Evernote on your mobile device, PC or browser. More info in their FAQ section:

      • eeevans

        Sorry, I clicked on the Dial2Do Developer link at the top and the register link shows pricing for Dial2Do not voice2note. Their site doesn’t have a Products link to show their other offerings. Thanks for the clarification.

  • savagemike

    Google Voice.
    It’s not perfect but it is free.
    Have it send notes from your phone onto your evernote mail drop via gmail.

    It won’t put an actual audio file into evernote, but simply a link back to google voice.
    This is more of a hassle to manually fix it up later on, but on the other hand it also works for evernote free users if you just leave it as a link.

    At least that is how it worked when I was playing with a few months ago.

  • Gary Elliott

    I tried using this several months ago. Unfortunately it is quite unreliable and doesn’t always pick up and transcribe audio recordings. It would be a handy service if it was reliable, but unfortunately it is not. I’ve re-authorized the connection between Voice2Note and Evernote several times. If it becomes reliable, then I would use it again as I find it handy to dictate my daily tasks on my morning commute and have them transcribed on Evernote when I get into the office. It’s not worth paying any money for at the moment.

  • Steve

    I tried this service as well. Not very reliable. too expensive. If I want to transcribe a voice note, DragonDictate for iphone works a LOT better and it’s free. you can dictate in to DragonDictate and then e-mail it to your Evernote account.

  • Joe Van Wyk

    What about Dragon? Is there any way to make that play well with Evernote? I have experimented with it on my iPhone and it is amazingly accurate.

  • shawn

    Just ridiculous that you have to dial a number to make a note…just silly…