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Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 22 Mar 2011

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 22 Mar 2011

In this episode, we talk about the recent updates to iPhone and Android, and our experiments with video Q&As using Vyou.com. Also, we have a very special interview with Mark Frauenfelder of BoingBoing and Make Magazine.

Audio feed | Length: 49mins

Podcast #26 topics

  • The HUGE Evernote for iPhone redesign [blog post]
  • Evernote for Android update [blog post]
  • Phil and Andrew try Vyou.com
  • Interview with Mark Frauenfelder
  • Speak like Yoda we try
  • Twitter questions

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Any questions?

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  • Rod

    Hey – I’m one of the new users in the last million!! Love Evernote – really amazing tech. perfectly syncs to every device. thanks guys!

  • Myself

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast yet. Will when I get home!

    Yoda speaks in Object-Subject-Verb order, while English is in Subject-Object-Verb order.

    {Frightened}, {you} {are}.
    {object}, {subject} {verb}.
    {You} {are} {frightened}.
    {Subject} {verb} {object}.


    {Teach him}, {I} {cannot}
    {O}, {S} {V}
    {I} {cannot} {teach him}
    {S} {V} {O}

    It works with more complex sentences, as well.

    {When 900 years old you are, look as good} {you} {will not}
    {Object Phrase}, {Subject} {Verb}.

    The Object Phrase can be further broken down:

    {[when 900 years old you are], [look as good]}
    {[Modifying Clause], [Direct Object]}

    The modifying clause can further be broken down

    [when (900 years old) (you) (are)]
    [connector (secondary object) (secondary subject) (Secondary verb)].

    To convert back to English, we change it to O-S-V order, and move the modifying clause after the direct object:

    {You} {will not} {[look as good] [when (you) (are) (900 years old)]}

    Now to convert the phrase “We try to speak like Yoda.” from standard English to Yoda-English:

    {We} {try} {to speak like Yoda}
    {Subject} {Verb} {Object Phrase}

    The object phrase contains a verb and an object:
    {[to speak] [like Yoda]}.

    So, we need to change the main sequence from Subject-Verb-ObjectPhrase to ObjectPhrase-Subject-Verb. And we need to change the Object Phrase itself from Verb-Object to Object-Verb.

    {We} {try} {[to speak] [like Yoda]}.
    {[Like Yoda], [to speak]} {we} {try}.

    Like Yoda, to speak we try.

  • Mindaugas

    What is really surprising that Evernote has no interest in supporting Amazon Kindle, such a hot device aimed at reading notes. Try to use Evernote website on your Kindle to find out how terrible user experience is.