Update: Evernote for iPad and iPhone

Posted by on 22 Mar 2011

Posted by on 22 Mar 2011

Today, we released an update to Evernote for iOS [iTunes link]. This includes a great new feature for Evernote for iPad, a nice visible enhancement to Evernote for iPhone and a bunch of behind the scenes improvements all around. Here’s the news:

Evernote for iPad gets snapshot notes

It may come as little surprise that there are a number die-hard Apple fans on the Evernote team–individuals that are willing to brave around-the-block lines in order to get the latest and greatest gadget from Cupertino. The iPad 2 release proved this once again.

The latest Evernote update takes advantage of the new iPad’s cameras by allowing you to create snapshot notes. We’re already seeing people in the office taking notes on the iPad, then snapping a photo of the whiteboard after the meeting is over. It’s really useful.

Evernote for iPhone adds titles for image notes

A couple of weeks ago, we released a major update to Evernote for iPhone. The response has been great. Our users seem to really like the easier notebook and tag navigation, the ability to attach multiple items to a single note and the new resource views for browsing by images and attachments.

We also received a lot of really constructive feedback and suggestions. In response, we’ve updated the way that image-only notes appear in the Note List. Now, if a note contains only an image, we display a large thumbnail of the image along with the note title and date. If there’s a location associated with the image, we show that as well, although it may take a couple of seconds for the location names to come up initially.”

To clearly differentiate image-only notes, the images appear to the left of the title. This way, as you’re browsing, you can easily spot the image notes.

More to come

There’s a lot of stuff in the works, including an updated iPad interface that makes use of the concepts from the new iPhone look and feel. That’s just the beginning. Stay tuned.


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  • C. Lee Smith

    Can you PLEASE get rid of the blue plus sign on the bottom nav menu?!? It drives me nuts! It should only be blue if I’ve tapped on it.

    • uRegal

      Love the new Evernote app design but this little thing confused me as well.

      It clearly looks like I’ve selected the “New note” but what I actually has selected is very subtlety highlighted while the “New note” just has its own colour by default.

      I guess it looks better but it’s a little confusing.

  • al d

    Thanks for all the updates. Any plans to allow formatting in text notes, ie bullets, bold and numbering?

    Great app!

    • Arild

      I have been a great Evernote fan for many years, and when I recently got an iPhone 4 I was very happy to be able to use Evernote on this mobile. But the last upgrades have had a terrible effect on the app on my iPhone. Now, I usually manage to use the app for about 3 seconds before it just quits. A new update fixing this is desperately needed!

      • Andrew Sinkov

        Try uninstalling/re-installing. That usually fixes the issue.

  • Philip

    Please bring ‘ink’ notes to Evernote for iPad! I’d rather keep everything in my external brain rather than having to switch to Penultimate for handwriting notes…

    • Mike

      Try Noteshelf, it’s got one click integration to Evernote.

      • bruceoutdoors

        no, it just won’t work. It uploads as an image file or pdf which we can’t edit in evernote in the future. We want evernote ink notes! I quadruplicate that!

    • DomGreen

      Agree with Philip Evernote for iPad needs ‘ink’ notes 😛

    • Gary

      Triple agree. Need ink notes very badly for iPad. I do not want to have to use two programs to scribble my thoughts.

      Thank you for camera in iPad 2. I use daily!!

    • flip

      YES! YES! YES! I agree with the previous posts! Bring Ink Notes to IPAD!!!

  • Andy

    Great work on all the recent updates guys/gals. I’d like to say, I hope there is an iPad update in the works to make it look a little more like the recent iPhone update; I really like it. It’ll have it’s on iPad style and features to be sure; just less black I hope.

    Thanks guys!

  • FredB

    Hate the blue plus sign too.

  • James

    Please bring ink notes to iOS including the iPhone. Great improvements in this update!

  • Keri

    Vector based handwritten notes like Adobe Ideas!

  • Sarah B

    I second the need for drawing for handwriting notes. It is the obvious killer app for Tablets. Evernote is the perfect note storage tool, but it needs the ability to hand write notes. Nobody wants to type notes in a meeting.

    I just saw a demo of the HTC android View tablet that demonstrated Evernote doing handwriting. Is this coming to other versions of evernote?

  • Tim

    +1 on Penultimate functionality.

  • James Rye

    Please can we have the ability to encrypt Word docs in Notes.

  • Simon

    Great – thanks for responding to the feedback so quickly! The update is great, and having image titles back makes it even better. Good idea to show images on the opposite side to other thumbnails too.

  • Alan Fleming

    And can we have the notebook hierarchies – in a similar manner to the Mac application please?

    • Janine

      I agree. Please add the stacks functionality to the iPad version of Evernote. I like to keep all my different notebooks organized in groups (stacks). It is nice that the Windows and Android versions of Evernote have this feature, but it is annoying that when I use my iPad the feature is not available… so I have to search to find my individual notebooks. Please resolve.

      • andy

        Agreed, I just discovered stacks and thought “wow this is EXACTLY what I wanted to be able to do!” Then I got everything all set and sync’d to my ipad… nothing. It’s pretty sad that the ipad app is as poor as it is. I would think that this would be the flagship app for evernote.

        • Andrew Sinkov

          We have some great updates in the works.

      • Flavio

        Andrew Sinkov: so far nothing!

      • Ryan Dunn

        Any update on stacks with the iPad, or on improvements for the Evernote iPad in general. It really needs it. I have this thing chucked so full over notes I can barely find stuff without my Stacks!

      • Jim J

        I agree on the stacks functionality needed for the iPad. I spent a lot of time getting my notebooks where I could find them on my Mac and then discovered that they did not change on my iPad. Bummer! The notebooks are so hard to find on my iPad. Please hurry with this. Thanks.

    • Bill.

      Yes. The reason I choose evernote over any other note taking app is because of the stacks. Without stacks on my mobile devices, I’m just as unorganized as I would be with any other app. Please add stacks to the mobile apps!

  • fbrose

    Great work once again – just love this program!

    1) On the iPhone I would like to be able to add checkpoints to my lists (as I can do in the desktop version) and also 2) The ability to choose the preferred size of pictures uploaded from snapshots 🙂

  • Caroline

    Great improvement to the big upgrade! I was never violently opposed to the full-size image previews, but I really like the latest version where they are flush left. It looks awesome! Thanks, Evernote team!

  • Jim

    Nice update. I’d love to see Evernote work with Neat Receipts scanner as it does with Fujitsu. Love the new Iphone UI. I can’t wait for rich text notes with check boxes, hopefully.

  • Terri

    Please bring back the ability to add tags to an existing note on the iPhone version. Thanks.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Terri, you can still do this. View a note, tap on the pencil to edit it, then tap on Tags to assign tags.

  • Shea

    When is the next update coming out.. We really need mobile device sharing or it makes this almost pointless..

    • Jason

      I strongly agree! WTH does the iPad app not have the ability to see shared notebooks? This is pointless.

      I was just about to purchase 11 premium accounts for members of our team so they could all get documents and notes on their iPads together, but after testing I noticed this feature doesn’t exist!

      Looking for something else, now.

  • VickiC

    Thanks for that, I must admit I was getting a little frustrated when searching through my recipes that I couldn’t see what half the recipes actually were!

  • kwangins

    Thank you for the information.

    I would like to know, when is the next update coming.

  • Rick Schrager

    Thank you for the update. I think many iPad users will agree, the iPad has pretty much taken the place of the PC for content consumption on a day to day basis. It’s just too easy to reach for. I pull out my notebook or sit at my desk top only when I need to do something that the iPad cannot.

    If Evernote supported stacked notebooks on the iPad the needle would swing into the perfect zone for an organizational app. Please tell me this is in the works.

    I suppose every Evernote user has their wish list.

  • SuEllyn

    Thank you for bringing back the image titles; this makes the app soooooo much more usable for me. And I’m really impressed with the reponse time from user’s comments! I have to say that I don’t like that the image titles are on the right when the other notes titles are on the left. Just confuses things for me. BUT I can live with it if it really is useful for others.
    Thanks again!

    • shelley

      SuEllyn, you can circumvent this if you just add a bit of text above the image – or maybe even below the image, haven’t tried that. You might have so many image notes that it’s not practical to go back and add a bit of text to each of your older notes, but it would be pretty easy to get into the habit of doing that going forward.

  • shelley

    I was one of the users who was very vocal about the way image notes were being displayed, because the app was rendered unusable. I had actually downgraded to an older version so I could continue using the app.

    After I got a tweet about the EN update, I waited until other users had commented that they liked how images were now being displayed, and then downloaded and installed the update. I’m now adding my voice to the chorus of thank-yous!

  • Peter

    I agree with Rick’s request:

    “If Evernote supported stacked notebooks on the iPad the needle would swing into the perfect zone for an app”

    An example would be how a long time BBerry app called RexWireless Idea Matrix allows or presents stacked notebooks/Folders that allows for compact design, great organization and very fast access to a lot of information.

    • Doug

      I agree, what is the point of notebooks if they aren’t visible across all platforms?!

  • John Richardson

    I really love Evernote. Is there currently a way to take a picture of a business card that has text with the ipad 2 and be able to cut and paste the info into an e-mail from Evernote? It certainly searches the text, but I can’t find a way to cut and paste.

  • Christopher Sokolov

    I would like to second the need for two killer features for Evernote on iPad: sharing controls and “ink” (handwriting) functionality. Evernote almost completely replaces DropBox for our school but I would love to keep simplifying..

  • Michael Cytrynowicz

    Guys, Evernote is (with DevonThink) my bread and butter. Thanks for a job well done – and kudos for listening to the users and being so quick to respond.

  • Doug

    Please, please, please add a web clipper for Safari in iOS! It drives me crazy that the only way to get web content into Evernote from my iPad/ iPhone is to email the link to Evernote account and then add the full page later from a PC.

    • L Lartman

      The lack of an easy way to clip a web site to Evernote on the iPad is keeping me from using It more. Stacked notebooks would be great, too.

      • Andrew Sinkov

        Thanks for the suggestions. We working on changes and refinements to the iPad interface.

  • Jeaz

    I really enjoy Evernote. Been keeping an eye on ya’ since launch but it’s not until I got an iPad that I really started to use it.

    The iPad version though, has a few “flaws”, and I’d love to see them added (preferred order)
    1. No ink/freedraw option. Should really be there
    2. Ability to edit formatted texts on iPad. It’s really a bit silly that I can go to the web version of Evernote and I’m able to create and edit formatted versions, but can’t do it on the iPad.
    3. Stacked notebooks support seems a bit shaky on the iPad. I can stack ’em on the Mac app, but only the first notebook ever appears on the iPad.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Luke Stanton

    really really like the new updates for the iphone app! much easier to use.

  • Monica

    My laptop computer has been my electronic tether for a number of years. I bought an Ipad a couple of months ago, and love it. With the constant update of my favorite programs/apps, I am starting to use my laptop less and less.

  • Pete

    Need to be able to edit creation dates same as on desktop. Useful for building custom timelines.

  • Rex johnson

    I have recently started using Evernote on my Mac and iPhone. I will shortly be buying an ipad for my wife. I was planning to use the ipad with evernote-tagged recipes for my wife to
    use in the kitchen. Unfortunately, when the ipad views tags, it sees all tags from all notebooks when all I want is to view the “main ingredient” and “author” tags that I am using to tag the recipes.
    Is there a chance that you could limit the displayed tags to those used in the selected notebook? This way, when the “recipe” notebook is being used, the only tags my wife will see will be those related to recipes.

  • du lich

    I was about to switch to ipad

  • Jen

    I love Evernote. But- I have one gripe. I have a ton of PDF’s I have scanned into Evernote through my laptop. These scanned PDF’s are nowhere to be found on my Iphone or Ipad. Am I missing something? Why can’t I access the scanned notes from these devices??


  • Jason

    Please Please enable viewing of shared notebooks on the iPad.

    Thats all.

  • J. Lawson

    I use Evernote a LOT on my iphone and glad to see a new update. I use it to take pictures of business cards, to take random photos to remember, or to just write myself notes all the time. If you aren’t an Evernote person yet…try it, I love it — glad to see a new update.

  • Mark

    Ditto on the request for shared notebook access on iPhone and iPad. I would love something that works as well as shared lists in remember the milk.

    Other than that the app keeps getting better. Keep up the great work!

  • Michael

    Please add text formatting.

  • V

    Stacked notebooks soon, PLEASE! It’s one of the biggest things that’s keeping me from fully using Evernote for iPad, because the stacks I created from my desktop are an utter mess on the iPad.

  • Art

    We gotta have checkboxes for To Do lists on iPad. This is a major use case for EN, and it’s very lame to have to go back to a PC in order to add checkboxes.

    In the meantime, has anyone found a good addon product that does To Do lists for EN on the iPad? It looks like Egretlist may work, but it’s an iPhone app and the reviews are very mixed on it.

  • Jon Parker

    Please. 1). Dated followups
    2). Evernote inking
    3). Stack or hierarchal notebook structure

    All for IPad

  • Sue

    This is really useful but I cannot figure out hoe to clip web content from Safari on my very new iPad and copy it to evernote.

  • Rb

    It would be great to have an iPad evernote app that allows easy switching between accounts. I have personal and professional accounts and it’s a pain to logout and login. Any plans on getting this capability in the iPad version?

  • Flint

    Thank you so much for the iPad EverNote version! It has made EverNote extremely useful for me now, and that’s why I decided to upgrade to the paid version.

    One big request: Please make the tags section look like the desktop version of EverNote so I can clearly make out the nested tag structures.

  • Dennis

    I like the “Click to add title” option for new notes on the PC version of Evernote. Can you add this to the iPad version?

  • KB

    WAIT a MINUTE! I just upgraded to the paid edition and THEN found that stacks dont sync to the Ipad-HOW POINTLESS my upgrade as silly me I thought that was something I was paying for. When is this coming? PLEASE! My ipad version of EN is less organized than I am without out it. Clutter everywhere is what the Ipad version!

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      KB, this feature is not yet available. Please contact support:

      • KB

        Any idea on WHEN? Thanks for your help!

  • Blake Moore

    can evernote tell you what it sees. From pics,etc, who is the person, what kind of car ect

  • du lich mien tay

    I like the “Click to add title” option for new notes on the PC version of Evernote. Can you add this to the iPad version?

  • du lich phu quoc

    The lack of an easy way to clip a web site to Evernote on the iPad is keeping me from using It more. Stacked notebooks would be great, too.

  • Thilo

    Is there an update on stacks for iPad? Seems like we are waiting for over a year now…