Evernote’s Three Laws of Data Protection

Evernote’s Three Laws of Data Protection

Posted by Phil Libin on 24 Mar 2011

Posted by Phil Libin on 24 Mar 2011

This post has been updated as of June 3, 2014. To read, please click here.  

Evernote has grown amazingly fast in recent months. It feels like we’re getting closer and closer to fulfilling our goal of being the permanent, trusted and ubiquitous place for all the world’s memories. Each of those words is very important to us, so I thought this was a good time to clearly spell out our core guiding principles for how we treat your data.

Everything we do at Evernote follows these three basic rules:

  1. Your Data is Yours
  2. Your Data is Protected
  3. Your Data is Portable

1. Your Data is Yours

We do not own your data. Putting notes and other content into Evernote does not change its ownership or copyright status. If the data was yours to begin with, it remains yours after you put it in Evernote.

By putting data in Evernote, you give us permission to do certain things with it for the purpose of running our service. For example, you give us permission to back it up, send it on a network, index it for searching, display it on your phone, etc. Some of these operations may require us to send your data to our normal business partners–such as a network operator–that we have contracted with to provide parts of the Evernote Service.

Other than giving us the permission to perform these limited operations so we can run the Evernote Service, you retain all the rights to your data.

2. Your Data is Protected

Everything you put into Evernote is private by default. We never look at it, analyze it, share it, use it to target ads, data mine it, etc.–unless you specifically ask us to do one of these things. Our business model does not depend on “monetizing” your data in any way. Rather, it depends on building trust and providing a great service that more and more people choose to pay for.

There are features in Evernote which allow you to publish and share some of your notes with others, but these are totally optional and whether or not you use them is up to you. If you choose to connect your Evernote account with one of our many partners, you may be giving the partner access to your data. We will tell you how the partner application will access your account and you can turn off access whenever you want.

In addition, we take many precautions to protect your data from accidental loss and theft. Everything you put into an Evernote synchronized notebook is stored in our secure data center with multiple redundant servers, storage devices and off-site backups. Communication between Evernote clients and our servers is encrypted via industry-standard SSL. We don’t store your password on our servers and no one at Evernote will ever ask you for it.

3. Your Data is Portable

There is no data-lock in Evernote. We are committed to making it easy for you to get all of your data into, and out of, Evernote at any time. Our desktop software lets you export all of your notes and content in human-readable HTML as well as a fully documented machine-readable XML format. We also have a full, free API that lets you access all of your data. Our philosophy is that if you’re confident that you can leave Evernote at any time, then you’ll be confident enough to want to stay.

For more information, please read the Evernote Privacy and Security blog post by our CTO, Dave Engberg and our Terms of Service.


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  • Tim

    If only others would follow your example!!

  • Mike

    I probably speak for a lot of your customers when I say that your transparency has been a huge factor in my staying with you. I have friends who use programs like Yojimbo and scoff that I would store my stuff with someone else, in the cloud, but these kinds of posts help with peace of mind. As long as you back it up liberally, I’m cool!

    Also, I find it fascinating in general all the blog posts and podcasts about how things work at the company under the hood. It’s very inspirational for other software startups.

    • Myself

      Second this.

      And the ease of getting data OUT again was a CRUCIAL factor in using Evernote. No way would rely on a service that was essentially holding my data hostage.

  • Andy

    Thank you for being such an awesome company that cares about us and our feelings

  • Jim Sewell

    Thank you Phil.

    Thanks for being an honest company (and CEO) that we can trust with our precious information whether it is a picture of our kids or pending patent plans.

    Thanks for working at making Evernote easier for us to use and listening to our feedback and for working to be available on so many platforms.

    Thanks for helping me not only store, but also recall all my information quickly and easily and for helping me remember everything I enter even as my memory seems to be failing me at an alarming rate.

    Thanks for having fun with the whole thing… your enjoyment of what you do reflects in your product and your company.

    I would truly be lost without Evernote now. It is much more than a “second brain”, it’s an important part of my first brain.

    Finally, thank you for this post which reassures us and reminds us of how precious our memories are to you because they are precious to us and you value that.

    Sincerely thank you and best wishes in all you do.

  • Norman

    Thanks for the reassurance. In this cynical world it’s a blessing to find such a vision in a company. More ideas on how to use Evernote please!

  • K. M. Peterson

    This is nice, but at least a few of us are still waiting for a last key to integrate Evernote into our workflows: the ability to get a “reference” out of Evernote so that we can link to specific Notes in Evernote from the other tools that we use.

    I’ve read the forums and it’s clear that this is a highly requested feature. That’s the primary thing holding me back from putting more of my data “in” to Evernote – that I can’t easily reference the content that I want to get out of it.

    I understand and respect the fact that this isn’t trivial, but even a partial implementation would help.

    • Marvin Demuth

      Please clarify what you are referring to as respects the ability to get a “reference” out of Evernote.

      Are there other services that do this?

    • Marvin Demuth

      Thinking about your point further, I presume you are talking about having a unique URL for each note that you or others could use for direct access to a specific note. Is this correct?

      • Nick

        I’m not the original poster but I, anyway, would like a unique URL for each note – would be a great way to share a note without someone else needing to have the service. Perfect for a set of photos, for instance. Would be a smooth way to share stuff while introducing others to Evernote.

  • Alexandra

    And these are the reasons for which I like Evernote. I am using only the free version, as it is more than enough for what I am doing, but I guess one day I could take a subscription, like a thank you for all that you do 🙂

    You can’t imagine how happy I was the day before exams when I realised you had an iPhone version and I could have my classes with me, all the time, without carrying around 10 kilos of papers daily.

    A big thank you for everything!

  • Jerry

    Great software and as a previous commenter said, this is my second brain. Long time premium user. On a previous post there were questions regarding the encryption of notebooks. I did not see a response from Evernote. Thank you for the post above but for very sensitive information, this would add a level of comfort. Your thoughts?

  • Peter

    Those reasons are why I am a paying Evernote customer and recommend it to anyone who will listen!

  • Ruth

    And this is just one (well, three) of the reasons why I love Evernote!

  • Jill

    You guys are legit. I talk about you constantly to the education stakeholders with whom I meet. And I regularly give quick “tours” of Evernote to people using my iPhone.

    Your service has been a game-changer for me– no joke.

    Thank you! And keep it up!

  • Tony

    I like much of what you wrote, but I don’t understand why untargeted ads are a virtue.

    If I have to look at ads then I would rather they be at least slightly targeted – ads can actually be useful if they are appropriate, and they can be annoying if they aren’t.

    I don’t deny that some companies go too far with data mining – I am still annoyed that Apple is forcing iPhone users to agree to EULA that lets them collect data on their location and sell it – but let’s not demonize targeted ads just because some companies go too far.

    Disclosure: I’m not involved in advertising or any related business in any way, but I do use gmail and find myself defending it often!

    • Myself

      I HATE targeted ads. The ad companies never use the information they are given intelligently. The are LESS relevant than random ads.

      Take Facebook. They should be able to figure out from the information available to the that I have a career related to Information Science, do a lot of writing, and listen to heavy metal. But all the ads pay attention to is “late thirties, female, unmarried”, and give me (I am not exaggerating here) nothing but ads for weight loss, diamond rings, dating services, and things for small children — none of which are the least bit relevant to me or my life.

      Evernote’s untargeted ads are far more relevant. I can tell the places that used “targeted” advertising, because their ads are far LESS relevant to my life than the ones where the ads are random, or based on the site I’m looking at. (When I’m at a heavy metal site, and get served up an ad for “mother of three loses 40 pounds using this secret!” I know it’s time to do a scan for tracking cookies.)

      • Spandrel

        AHA! How about this: let people opt IN to certain kinds of ads — not by data mining or stupid demographic identity profiling, but just by preference. In other words, put this in our preferences:

        “When Evernote’s sends ads to your device, which keywords (if any) would you prefer to be privately associated with your account for the sake of seeing relatively *more* relevant ads from among those we administer? …

        [ ]business [ ]computing (Mac…) [ ] dating services
        [ ]entertainment [ ]fitness [ ]parenting [ ]travel … ”

        Like “Myself” I’m female and *detest* female-targeted ads. But I’d opt in for technology ads, fitness/athletic ads (*not* the same as “losing weight” as I’m trying to gain it!), academic ads, progressive organizing ads, etc… It’s not that I welcome ads per se. But if I have to see ads, why not give me some buy-in about what they might be like?

  • Tony

    After posting a negative comment I felt I should come back and say that I think your point #3 is awesome! That helps a great deal in making me feel comfortable committing so much of my information to Evernote.

    Way to go!

  • Gil

    I echo all of the above. I have been a premium user since early-on and which I don’t really “need” that, I was happy to support the fine work EN is doing.

  • Gene

    When will you offer “lifetime” membership? Count me in.

    • James

      Lifetime membership is an unsustainable model and Evernote should not adopt this. Running a site such as this costs money. Having lifetime freeloaders would damage the business model.

  • Isaac Kirstein

    How many Premium subscribers do you have who really don’t come near to requiring the paid upgrade, but do it anyway to support your mission (you know…people like me)?

  • Ed

    This is great to see. I upgraded to Premium for the SSL connection, though I think that is now a freebie for everyone.

    I am still hesitant to store my bank statements in Evernote though. I would LOVE to, but it still bothers me a bit the data on the server isn’t encrypted.

    • ben

      Yes, this bothers me a lot, too. Also, why are local databases not encrypted either? Why bother asking for a password…

    • Eric

      Also concerned about lack of encryption at the storage layers. Evernote – why not? All systems are crackable…


      • Andy

        I’m a big fan of Evernote, but I agree with the comments of Ed, Ben, and Eric above. With the recent security breakdowns at Citigroup and Sony, this is on my mind more than ever. The more you can do to protect our data, the better. A few ideas (I’m sure you guys have already thought of these, and hopefully these features are coming soon!)
        -Password to access local databases
        -Being able to make whole notes and notebooks private and require a separate password to access (like we currently can do with just part of a note)
        -Offer two-step passwords as an option (similar to what was just added as a feature for Gmail)
        -Encryption of all data

        Thanks a lot!

      • Ingram

        I’m a relatively new user of Evernote, and I love it. It does exactly what I want it to do, and I’m still learning. I went Premium after a couple of months, and am enjoying slowly realizing it’s full potential.

        I am, however also concerned with the lack of encryption. I haven’t put any financial or medical records into my notes, but as a teacher I have a lot of private school and student information. I would really like to see this data fully protected in this way.

        Thank you for the great product.. I tell everyone I know!

  • Chris

    What an excellent example of a privacy policy that is clear, easy to understand, and valuable. I’ve had some questions about security – especially given the nature of some of the notes I store. I sincerely appreciate your openness and transparency. Thanks!

  • Jason Dufair

    Once we can edit rich text on our mobile devices, #3 will be complete and Evernote will be unstoppable.

  • pbartleby

    Nice post and it’s always good to hear this sort of reassurance from the sites you deal with.

    Two comments though…
    1. It’s also important that data remain yours and remain protected. A “remote wipe”-type capability would help assure users that if a laptop, phone, etc. were stolen, its Evernote content would be protected.
    2. The data portability is great, but the ability to export OCR info, esp. the info associated with photos, would make it even better.

    Thanks for the great product.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      When you export an ENEX file using Evernote on your desktop, all of the recognition data is preserved.

  • Brad

    It would be nice to see Evernote support a two-factor one time password authentication scheme like RSA SecurID. It could be a text message with a one time code type system, application, or both!

    This is very important to me, as Evernote “can be accessed from everywhere”… I don’t like using untrusted systems such as public school computers, hotel computers, or cyber cafes… please include a open-source two factor authentication as soon as possible. It could be available only to premium accounts.

    If somebody got access to my Evernote account, they would have access to my ENTIRE digital filing system. All the PDF scans of my medical records, bank and credit card statements, and ID scans. This is very important and should be developed & integrated immediately.

    Thank You.

    • Don McArthur

      I use two-factor authentication for my Google products as recently introduced by Google, and consider it a critical security feature.

      • Eric

        Agreed. Two factor is the way to go today.

  • Don McArthur

    I’ve just now signed up for Premium service, and I’ve been encouraging two of my business partners to adopt Evernote for our distributed project workflow management.

    I’m strongly encouraging you to expedite making Notebook Sharing functional on the iPhone and iPad. That is the future platform for many of our business partners, and we would love this to be an integrated ecosystem for us all.

  • alex

    Thanks for being honest. I believe every single user cares about how secure of their data, it’s essential for a software company in the long run.

  • Don McArthur

    Feature request for Shared Notebooks – Include a means to “Notify by email all Share participants of this Notebook that an addition or edit has been made.’

  • Paula LeeBright

    I am hopelessly devoted to EN.

    What I needt to know is, what’s the best way to back this stuff up?

    I’m premium because I wanted to give back. I didn’t really need it. 😉

    Yet all things can/could go down. ME, for example…I’m old! But my whole blogging future is here. I need to protect my work! But I don’t know how.DUH, I know. What’s the best way to download everything to my computer on occasion?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Paula, step one is to make sure you’re using a downloadable version of Evernote on your desktop. That way, there will always be a copy of all of your notes both on your computer and one Evernote’s servers.

      If you want more of backup, then you can use a tool like TimeMachine on Mac, or an equivalent on PC.

    • James

      You can also export to HTML from the desktop version. That means you’ll still be able to read the exported document in a webbrowser if Evernote dies.

  • Gene

    I am imressed, this answered all of the questions I had. I an a new user but now I am kind of excited to start using this service more.

  • Alan

    I just want to say, “Bravo!” I’ve been an Evernote user for a while now, and I haven’t always agreed with the decisions that the company has made. But if you plan to stand by these guarantees, I will strongly consider upgrading to premium. I’m a student now, so I can’t really afford to spend money where it’s not completely necessary, but I do want to support this company if this is what you stand for.

  • David Gardner

    This post addressed all of my initial questions very succintly. Well done.

    Now, where’s the app for windows phone 7?

  • Ian Spencer

    I have info everywhere on my computer, as I am transitioning to EverNote I am finding it quite a problem remembering where everything is (poor memory). Can you add Windows Desktop Search function? This just needs someone to create an iFilter for Windows Search.

    Also I have a lot of documents to upload way more than the premium would cover, there needs to be an option to pay for more data in the early days while you are filling evernote fast.

    I come from OneNote and have a lot of info in documents and outlook also after getting an Android phone and the app it all makes sense, photos, voice etc, it is my third most used app. It is not too bloated. Some sort of task management and reminder is all that seems to be missing.

    I subscribe to the voice2note but it would be even better if it could translate more than 40% of my Australian Accent 🙂

    Great work, keep it up.

  • Mark

    I’m still a bit concerned about uploading info that may be sensitive, such as my tax returns, medical statements, etc,etc. Is there any way that these 3rd party “partners” could access that information? Otherwise love the program and am daily becoming more and more dependent on it.

  • Lou Leone

    Great post, however on the data protection front, it would be great if we could password protect at the notebook level. I’m hesitant to use EverNote with a lot of my date since if I let someone use my computer all they have to do is click on my EverNote application and they can get all my sensitive data.

    Password protection at the Notebook level would catapult the application and its use!!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Robert

    Security is a good thing.

  • Connie McKnight

    I’m new to Evernote and am grateful for the assurance that I can use it without an hesitation.

    Your goal of being the permanent, trusted and ubiquitous place for all the world’s memories, is a heart-warming goal. I hope nothing gets in your way.

  • Larry

    I have been using Evernote for quite a few months now. At first, I was concerned about the private and personal items I placed in Evernote’s saved files. With each week that passes, I have grown to really enjoy using Evernote. I am taking advantage of more options Evernote offers. This is a great program, and it is very advanced, compared to its competition. Evernote: thanks for putting this program on the internet for us try and enjoy.


  • Carolyn Rutherford

    I love Evernote. Sometimes I drift back to paper notes and once that’s again out of control and repeat notes are in my purse, briefcase and on my desk that I have to recommit to opening Evernote each morning and getting my life organized again and back in control! I guess I need a post-it or email reminder on all my computers to open it each day. 🙂

  • Kevin

    Absolutely LOVE the portability. It has given an entirely new dimension to how I organize my teaching materials and how they can be accessed by any/all of the students.

  • Nick

    I’m a fairly recent Evernote user and am still getting used to integrating it into my workflow, but think it has great potential. Will almost certainly go Premium soon.

    One frustration for me is the inability of the mobile versions to edit and retain formatting of text. I currently use a couple of PCs, an Android phone and an iPad to access my information. Making changes on the mobile devices mangles the nice formatting I set up on the PCs. The mobile devices are quite powerful enough to handle RTF these days.

  • 39lim

    Thank you

  • tcraigmd

    This was not easy.

  • Kirk

    Blog posts are nice, but where’s the privacy policy saying that all data is encrypted on your servers, or any of the other points you made in writing, with a guarantee (and insurance policy) that our data will not be compromised.
    I like your words, but trust is harder to come by in this data hungry world. Trust but verify (through legal commitment and financial guarantees)

    • Cliff

      why not assume that anything you post will be available for the world to see. if it’s that darn private, don’t post it anywhere even remotely public. There are other vehicles for really, really private stuff. evernote is great for the other 99%.

      • Larry


  • rakesh

    Thank you I love Evernote and I have told lots of people to use it and I am very glad about your privacy policy.

  • Dan

    Strange, as I don’t usually post on these forums. Have to say though this is actually inspiring. I stopped using Evernote for a long time. I came back you have the Windows download now and I have it on my Android phone. I appreciate all your efforts.

    Great freeware systems like this are the ones I’m happy to pay for…

    Strange how the ones I have to pay for, I’m disgruntled with.

  • K Kilian

    This is one of the major reasons why Evernote is my #1 recommendation for cross-platform cloud-computing tools to my friends, colleagues and clients.

  • Will

    Why don’t you allow full note, or notebook encryption? Surely this isn’t hard to implement. As it is, I’m actively looking for an Evernote replacement as I wouldn’t want my data stolen in the event of a compromise. What if I want to put copies of all my credit card info or other personal details in Evernote? PLEASE add this feature. It would take minimal development time and pay off massively. You could even charge extra for such a feature.

  • Vanessa

    This has made taking notes and writing down ideas so handy – before Evernote, I just used text documents and kept them in folders – so fiddly!

    I have just rated this in the app store & written a review. This is where I came across a few “low starred” reviews that mentioned Evernote’s T&C’s mean they own your notes (Yes, I should read T&C’s but every website has them & they’re all so long it’s impractical) – I panicked, went to google and found this blog post. So thank you!

  • Steven Howell

    I’m new to Evernote, and I plan to use it as a tool to enhance my use of Scrivener as a writer. The ability to link from Scrivener, directly to Evernote data I’ve created, would seal the deal for me forever. Perhaps this already exists, and I haven’t yet discovered it?

  • Michael

    I ran up on this program while surfing the web, I am a college student and I believe this product will help me with all of the notes that I have to take and have taken. Thank you for such a great product and I plan on becoming a subsciber as this is indeed a service I am willing to pay for!

  • khANAdria

    i like evernote, i just trying to learn more, thank you so much

  • Stefan

    One of the biggest downsides of Evernote is that the apps (I use the one for Mac and iPhone) don’t provide access-protection to my notes. That means: Whoever is able to find the Evernote Icon and to click on it will be able to read my thoughts.
    When will Evernote implement this low-level-high-effect-data-protection in their apps?

    • James

      If you need that sort of protection, it’s there: you just need to sign out when you are done using it. Not that hard really.

  • Michelle

    As a Teacher i have found Evernote to be invaluable in keeping my ideas and lessons in order and up t date. Thankyou Onenote. I recommend you daily.

  • Ümit Sunar

    Evernote is the perfect cloud implementation. I wish every company have the same transparency, methodology and efficiency on their product.

    Thanks a lot for this perfect app.

  • Steven Christall

    It would be good for you to comment on how “your data” is stored.

    Is it encrypted? If so how are the encryption keys generated, stored and protected?

    • Dan Keating

      Personally – I would rather they kept the details of their security to themselves rather than publish the details and present a fixed target for exploitation of vulnerabilities.

      • Tricky

        Personally I would like to see how my data is protected… is the storage encrypted, does the data centre have adequate physical access controls, does Evernote train staff in security and have a secure leavers process etc ?

      • elizabeth ahlgren

        I agree, I think it would be better not to let the world know, too many people would understand it (not me though) & take advantage of it

      • CristianTM

        This is called “security by obscurity” and is one of the most important “DON´T DO THAT” of the security area.

        Its a basic security concept: You NEVER should consider a system more secure because you kept some detail about it hidden.

  • magali

    Great. Just what i needed to take notes an easy and fast way.

  • Hadi Sayahi

    Excellent gift to those who appreciate the value of such a service.
    Thank you guys.

  • Janet Todd

    Best app I have come across in a long time! Love taking my droid to the grocery store with my shopping list I’ve made up on the computer!

  • Lonnie

    I share a computer with many people. Can you please add a sign out feature to the Mac app? Some of my Evernotes are private but my data isn’t protected if someone can just open evernote and delete everything.

    At home I can use a Mac login and switch profiles. At work that is not an option.


    • Ella

      Why don’t you just encrypt the text you don’t want others to see?
      That should do the trick.

    • Franco

      Why don’t you simply forego use of the app and use the browser based version of Evernote? That’s what I do.

  • Ashly

    I love evernote. Use it for personal and business on mac and ipad. Absolutely love it! Thank you

  • sfmike

    That’s a terrific statement on data policy – simple but clear. I was trying to use OneNote for a while, but this product (like the policy) is much simpler and more intuitive. This kind of clarity of purpose reminds me of Amazon’s early messages. Keep up the good work!

  • Josh

    is there a way anyone knows of to search all notes simultaneously and seamlessly– without having to use the mouse, but just with keyboard shortcuts? i’m a creature of convenience.

    • SimonBrowneNZ

      Option+Command+F = Find , but do make sure you have selected All Notebooks-Top Left – otherwise you will Find only in the currently selected Notebook.
      AND In Finder Search box, or Spotlight, Evernote “findthis” will findthis in all Evernote notes – double click (Finder) or Enter (Spotlight) and the selected note opens in Evernote.

  • Nhiall

    Great approach to providing a needed service! I bounce around geographically on 5 different devices, work and personal laptops, an iMac, a desktop and an iPhone. I have some short term, use once kinds of notes and info, but the longer term, use multiple times info is frequently needed RIGHT DAMN NOW irrespective of what device I have with me…this is PERFECT for making ME a “device independent
    bitmap” lol

  • Edward Phillip Bell

    Nice, presumably a fan of Asimov?


  • Nick Marcus

    Magic program. Thank you for confirming your commitment to privacy. Not something I expect in this era of government snooping but a nice reassurance.

  • Rich H.

    Best App on the market and keeps getting better. Thanks for the transparency, great product and forward thinking. Im upgrading to Premium just to send some $ your way.

    • Radar

      same here

      • SimonBrowneNZ

        Ditto – a great app makes you want to pay for it. This is one great app.

  • Eric Philpott

    This is an awesome service and I really like the Evernote approach described in this data. This post answers all the important questions I had about Evernote. Thanks for the great work. I’m loving this application more every day as I get to know it better.


  • Bruce O

    Thats all nice and I perosnally almost love Evernote except for it’s one fatal but easily remedied flaw. You dont even provide basic PIN security for the end user. I have to jailbreak my iOS device just to be able to put a PIN on the app and anyone can just open the app/program on my computers and copy all of my important documents within minutes and then destroy all my data within seconds.

    • Panzerbjørn

      I can’t comment on the App as I have an Android Phone, but on your PC you can log out and tell the app not to save your password.
      Problem resolved.

  • MikelQ

    I use Evernote, and I protect my notes with ZenOK online backup method with guaranteed protection

  • Norik Davtian

    Would you please explain this part? “We don’t store your password on our servers”

    • Michael

      Be it a website or a password on your computer, no service should save your password as plain text. They change it into something else that is not human readable. It’s similar to encryption but is not able to be converted back into the original password.

      • Morgan

        It’s encrypted indeed. Then they add a SALT, which is huge string of random characters that makes it even harder to break, and can be reset everytime you login.

        Even if someone could theoretically steal all the strings in their encrypted format, and feed them right back into the database without going back through the encryption algorithm, it still wouldn’t work because the system could just reset all the SALT keys.

  • mjd2049

    Best App on the market. Help keep me organized and very easy to use. Portable & protected. Thanks much…I love it!

  • Gaurav Mishra

    Hoping! You will doing more Good! And involve with all of us in trust worthy relationship 🙂

  • jonathan audy

    your 3 laws are exactly what want to hear. integrity through and through. i wish more companies thought like this. The only scare is that many start like this and don’t stay like this. are these 3 laws legally binding – part of your terms and conditions?

  • Bernard McMahon

    Yet another good reason to use Evernote.
    I love the application, thanks for all your hard work.

  • GDM

    So, if your business model is not dependant on monetizing my data…what is your business model?

    • Panzerbjørn

      Presumably getting people to pay for the product (I do), and from partners who make paid for products taht integrate into Evernote.
      Just guesses mind…

  • GRB

    It is an outstanding service, and cloud computing at its best. I am finding new uses almost daily. As long as there continues to be a commitment to these principles, as well as a commitment to constant improvements and updates, you will have me and my data!

  • Ashley G

    Just great, when ahlzheimers makes its appearance, Evernote takes over.

  • Sundeep Machado

    The user actually decides how secure an application should be. When you start evernote uncheck the Stay signed in option. However this is true for syncing with Evernote data server. If I locally close the app again, it does not require a signing in.

    However, I use Truecrypt to locally encrypt my notes.

  • Hong Sung Man

    Thank you so much! This apple very usefull

  • grimse


    obviously “We never look at it, analyze it, share it” doesn’t mean you actually aren’t able to do it: “As a rule, Evernote employees do not monitor or view your personal information or content stored in the Evernote service, but it may be viewed if we learn that our Terms of Service may have been violated and confirmation is required, or we otherwise determine that we have an obligation to review it;” (…

    Seems you should think twice what you send to Evernote..


    • Jeff

      One should be careful of anything sent anywhere outside of their home or business.

      There is always fragile trust in relations with companies.

  • Gernot


  • allan

    Make a linux app. Please make a linux app. Nevernote (yes Nevernote) is garbage.

  • John

    Great to see someone taking the high road…I’m sure it’s come up many times as you and your team and investors brainstorm revenue concepts, that you could go the way of gmail, and show ads based on the content. And gmail having done that would have paved the way for it to be ok. Congrats to you for resisting that temptation – it would be a very different service — and one that I probably would not have adopted fully, and kept up and running on a monitor all day at work otherwise.

  • kokoloko777

    still getting to grips with evernote but after one day of usage it seems like it will grow and grow and become as indespensible as the mobile phone is. find it easy to use. Great app.

  • pelotero1953

    Great app!! Instead of me following notes, the notes follow me.

  • cb1kanobi

    I recently suffered some head trauma (subdural hematoma) when I slipped on black ice. I’ve mostly recovered ok but was left with impaired short term memory and reduced cognizant skills. Evernote is one of those apps that I depend on to help be more functional and better organized. I am very thankful that I have this cool tool to help me through my recovery.

    • TbiSurvivor

      I started using Evernote as a memory and observation aid while in later recovery stage of severe TBI and yes, it was useful- it helped me as a depot to organise my thoughts, keep sensitive notes, then medical notes, legal notes, financial notes… so I’m a premium subscriber. But now, at a later stage of recovery (adjustment actually- permanent damage)- I feel violated- my trust level with the company is extremely low- my data is not encrypted in the cloud, they can read it if they want to, they do not notify you directly when they change TOS and privacy terms, and while I was vulnerable, I stored a lot of information which I assumed was secure- but it is not! As they say, if they suspect you have broken terms of service, they will read your data- that is obscene! That is too much liberty for them to take and you have no control over their decisions to do so. So while you can take steps to secure your data locally you only have a trust model with Evernote- I was a senior software architect by trade pre-TBI- there is no technical reason why they cannot store your data in a truly encrypted fashion- at the very least, notebooks should be encrypta me- this needs to be fixed NOW.

  • Matt Lewis

    Everyone says, “great app!” This implies that it’s just an “app” like the millions of apps in the app store. The fact is, this is a revolutionary idea. Amazing integration of several “apps,” i.e., mobile, desktop, web, etc., into a truly brilliant, remarkable, well-rounded solution with so many potential uses. I am floored by the stability and fluidness of this solution and I’m stunned by the collaboration component.

    Yes, umm… great app.

    • Lee Tyler

      I agree totally wirh Matt. Great work!!! My thanks to all of you!

  • leta

    i wish they could have the handwriting-recognition option and also a better way to organize your documents.

  • Cullen

    I love evernote it is great for school, blogging, normal notes I just wish there was a was I could send a text to evernote and it would appear in evernote

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Evernote doesn’t have a direct SMS option, but you can use our Twitter integration to achieve this. If you follow @myen on Twitter, you can text a direct message to that account and the text will show up in Evernote.

      • Jesse

        You can also use the direct note to email address you will have.

  • PAUL

    a simple lock would be nice.
    geo tag, very useful but not available.
    alarme riminder would come handy too.
    a simpler interface would saveme time.

    but still a good app

  • WmPaul

    I support Evernote with a subscription because I want it to flourish and evolve, but more importantly I want it to continue. I wonder how many of those that laud the App have contributed financially to its success. As one that supports the App I would like to request a stack level depth of at least 4.

  • Hafid

    I can’t create an account in evernote
    How can do it

  • Kevin Pratt

    When will pre-internet encryption be implemented?

  • Sapumal

    I really want to lock (password protect) the EVERNOTE program itself, so that every time we try to open it, should ask for a password.

    Do anybody know any plug-in or any other way of doing this ??

    P.S. I know that parts of my notes can be protected (inside the program), but for me it is not enough.

  • Alex B

    I like very much this app but I want to organize my notes in folders or categories as in Awesome Note (sorry for cite another app here but if Evernote has had this feature it has been the best for me.

  • Micki Maxwell

    I would like so much to contribute to your efforts. My question is are the business partners and network operators adherent to the same 3 laws of data protection that you are?

  • Teo

    Mr. Libin,
    You said:
    “We do not own your data”
    But the TOS says:
    (e) your Contributions automatically become the property of Evernote without any obligation of Evernote to you;

    This, along with
    (b) Evernote is not under any obligation of confidentiality, express or implied, with respect to the Contributions; (c) Evernote shall be entitled to use or disclose (or choose not to use or disclose) such Contributions for any purpose, in any way, in any media worldwide; (d) Evernote may have something similar to the Contributions already under consideration or in development

    If the company is committed to your three laws, then why not remove that from the TOS?

    • DA

      I agree with this comment and would like to see a staff response.

    • Todd

      Why has there been no response on this from Evernote??? This is a very important comment that needs clarification.

      I loved the app but this needs a response.

      Thank You


    • David R

      I agree with the above. I downloaded Evernote, very excited about its functionality and ready to buy a premium account, and while reading the TOS came across this clause, which is shocking and appalling. I appreciate the CEO writing a post about Evernote’s Three Laws, but the reality is that the actual legally binding agreement is exactly the opposite, and the fact that you would say one thing, then present a legal agreement saying the other, is profoundly disturbing. There’s no way I’m going to put a byte of data into this product; it’s getting deleted from my computer immediately!

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  • Bill Johnson

    Evernote is THE BEST app I have in my system! Bar none. Period.

  • Kyowon Lee


  • rahul

    5 star application . superb app which change my way of working .. really i want to thank hertly to the creator of this app …
    great job done buddy

    use evernote and get ur notes anywhere anytime…

  • Hullia Ratu Tiara


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  • Tore

    It’s insane, I never lose anything anymore, nor do I ever forget anything. All my stuff is always instantly available to me at the moment I need it. As long as I do my job, Evernote does it’s. It would have been cool to be able to link notes to a calendar…


  • jdd

    I really love Evernote (I have been a premium user for more than a year) and I wanted to use it where I work. I suggested it to my boss who was initially very positive, seeing the possibilities it offered. But after reading the Privacy agreement he decided not to proceed. The main problem was security as, being a firm in a very competitive field and also situated outside the US, he felt that our data would be easy prey for competitors (since it is stored unencrypted) and also under the control of a foreign government.
    I think the ability of creating and sharing encrypted notebooks (not simple text notes but complete notebooks, encrypted at the client side and containing with working between-note links, unlike the “local notebook” option now offered) would be the push needed for us and other firms with similar concerns to adopt Evernote.


    Great. Just what i needed to take notes an easy and fast way.

  • EunGook Yoon

    how do i make the premium account?

  • 최미경

    Thank you!

  • tinagleisner

    Love how you’ve made your commitment short, succinct and easy for anyone to understand versus legal jibberish. Thanks

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  • Sonny Santiago

    It’s all good.

  • Sonny Santiago

    Its all good.

  • David

    I love Evernote, I’m a new convert and am slowly becoming dependent. Other “cloud” services have greatly disappointed me by having security outages, and lost my business as a result. I appreciate your focus on security, it’s comforting to know you understand the need.

  • Don Marshall

    I would like to know the gibberish about what you have done to “protect” our data from hackers.
    The phrase, “we take many precautions to protect your data from accidental loss and theft”, does little to make me feel like I can trust my data will not be hacked on your service. I don’t trust iCloud because it is a huge target, and therefore is almost a “sure thing” for hackers to target.
    For instance, what type of servers do you use? (Windows, Unix, Linux, Apple?) What OS on the servers, what type of firewalls, etc?
    While your promises are great, they do not guarantee anything.
    I do understand it is not possible to guarantee your site will not be hacked, no one can do that. Something your members should be made aware of, too many non-technical people are not aware there is no absolute way to be sure their data will be safe online.

    • Heather

      Our blog is actually not the place for this type of information, but you can find much of it within our discussion boards ( or by request from our Support team ( ) Additionally, we will keep some things private as part of our security protocols.

  • Rick S.

    Thank you. Very straight-forward and clear.

  • Jonas

    I’ll like to have a quick reference and guide because the tool seems to me fantastic but also seems to dificult to even understand the number of features and possibilities to use…..or a quick and fast learning resume…..
    just like a sugestion

  • Sunju


  • 진아람


  • Mandy Watson

    Thank you! I love Evernote. I’ve spent the past year putting all our paper documents onto Evernote, with a Scan Snap 1500 and now our staff are finding things SOOO easily. We manage apartment buildings, we use Macs and PCs, we work apart and mostly from our homes. We have bits of paper, emails, urls, photos – all in tidy searchable e-piles. Evernote makes that possible. Suggestions? Well, I’d like to be able to share stacks, as the two level hierarchy means we have a lot of notebooks, and sharing each of them individually is tedious, particularly as you don’t allow cutting and pasting of email addresses in the notebook sharing process. I’d also like to see an old fashion manual – web based of course, and searchable! Oh… don’t introduce me to things – like stacks – unless there is more possible after the intro. I want you to teach me. Gotta say I’m delighted when I see the green Elephant in promotions. That’s MY Evernote too!

  • Josh Smith

    Every day I appreciate a company that provides a great product at a great price. Saying what you do and then doing what you say is the reason why this company and product are great. It is the reason there are 20 billion subscribers and counting.

  • James Davis

    If there is a cost and I suspect there is, it should be made known up in the beginning. If it was, I didn’t see it.

  • nryan

    Its good

  • Bezalel

    God bless you guys big time.
    As a huge technology fan/user, Evernote is a dream come true.
    My lyrics are accessible anywhere now.
    Notes from Church, ideas, etc. Love love love Evernote.

    Plus, it being free is just wow.

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  • malct

    Other people have said it all. Evernote is life changing.Thank you

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    Good soft

  • Cliff

    Can Evernote or someone please document a simple way to back up all my notes onto a harddrive connected to my computer from the desktop application?

  • Jeanette

    I just started using your services a few days ago. It is easy both to set up and to understand how to use. I am a full time college student and I also work part time. This is really a time saver for me because I can go from phone to computer and back again without any hassel. It has become part of my everyday life and helps keep me on track. Thank you!

  • 홍G


  • Todd

    Love the concept and I’ve started to use it, but two things would increase my comfort level…The ability to strongly encrypt (128-bit+) data within notes meaning it’s encrypted up to the client until I specifically enter a pasphrase to decrypt and show it; data is encrypted on your servers when it is “at rest” meaning even if the site was hacked and data taken, it would not be usable because it’s encrypted (preferabbly with AES-256 and 2048-bit keys).

    Other than that, great service and portability options!

    • Todd (different Todd)

      I couldn’t agree more. Having the data fully encrypted not just in transit but while it is stored would be a huge thing for me.

      Because of this I am unable to use it for any of my business or corporate dealings where the data is extra sensitive. Unfortunately having to then segment my life’s information into personal and then business means the tool as a whole becomes less useful for me.

      Please come up with a fully encrypted storage service. I’m sure many people would be happy to pay an additional “extra” premium for this as it would open up this tool to the corporate world as well.

    • Heather

      Here’s a post on our forums from our CTO discussing this very topic:

  • seonghun kim

    happy new year!!

  • Daniel

    Seriously considering a paid subscription due to this post.

  • Jackie

    Is all good

  • seonghun kim

    thank you

  • Piet

    I’m also a great fan of evernote, and since last week I even feel like a customer and not a number in the evernote environment.
    Last week I had a problem with 1 note, and I lost all the contence! But after opening a problemticket, and being a premium user, I was verry good supported by the evernote helpdesk. And they explained me verry good what I could do, finally I restored my note for about 80%, which was ok for me. Thanks again and good luck!

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  • chizuru

    I understood.

  • Daniel Marquard

    How about true account security via dual authentication? I propose that support for Google Authenticator be implemented as soon as possible.

  • Calso

    Considering my preexisting love for your incredibly useful software, it is refreshing and assuring to read this post. If only more companies subscribed to your business model that puts users first. As a law student, I always employ my advocacy skills to persuade faculty and fellow students to try Evernote. Keep up the great work!

  • kim hye jin


  • kyunghoe koo

    Thank you.

  • kyunghoe koo

    I read through the three laws for protection. Thank you very much

  • Brian

    This came preloaded on my HP Laptop normally I delete all the bloat-ware on a laptop but this one caught my attention, so I kept it and do not regret it. A great program,

  • Fäern


  • Kevin Jameson

    I use Evernote, to take notes in class. I can record while I take notes and I have it sent to my phone, so I can study when I’m away from my laptop!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • Bruce Wang

    Love ya. Thanks.

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    I wan ‘t a skype

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    the best note for ipad life.

  • Eric

    I agree with much which has been written above. However, I have used database software for this kind of information for a long time (20 years – the cloud is the only new factor). My growing worry is that in relegating the task of remembering some key pieces of information to computers I am actually losing the capacity to remember necessary detail myself. Instead, I am tending to be addicted to the medium to find any particular bit of information. There are many situations (such as in conversation, or e.g. standing in front of an immigration officer) where you don’t have the opportunity to refer to your devices. While I will continue to use my databases such as Evernote, I have in fact started back handwriting in a journal in order to maintain a better overview of disparate bits of information. It seems to me there is something still really important about the slower process of handwriting which better communicates critical things you need to remember. This slower formulation/reviewing process which is vital to the conversion of information in short-term memory to long-term memory. The reviewing process tends to be skipped or short-circuited if you can file something with a click of a mouse, promising yourself to look at it later…. but never getting around to it because Evernote and its ilk are good at accumulating, but bad at sorting and reviewing. When your database is big (mine is 100MBytes), finding any bit can be slow. Evernote still doesn’t have any inbuilt properly heirarchical system for storage; that’s left up to the user. N.B. and beware. I suspect there is much scope for researching the effect of computer interfaces on the mental processes of information overload, the lack of time given to review — and Alzheimers.

    • Mihkel L.

      Interesting ideas, certainly notworthy.

      • DR Crunk

        Could you repeat that Eric, I can’t remember what we were talking about…. 😉

    • Hope

      Paperwork has caused me to be a pack-rat. I save everything…articles, quotes, journal entries. You name! Now, I’m a computer pack-rat. That’s okay. because it doesn’t matter if I ever look at it again – my heirs are grateful as they won’t have to sift through mounds of papers at my demise. And I can throw out at least one filing cabinet. Thanks to Evernote.

      • Melody

        AMEN!!!! Maybe I will find my office floors and closets again.

      • Ginger Craig

        I am with you on that! working on scanning, transcribing, and recycling at this moment! (well, at this very moment I’m distracted by posting this, but I am about to get back to reclaiming some space!)

      • Ginger

        Thanks for clarifying this privacy policy! Very straightforward and reasonable. I read user reviews that led me to believe otherwise. I feel more confident trying this application now!

  • Brendan

    “We will tell you how the partner application will access your account and you can turn off access whenever you want.”

    I can’t find the option to turn off access. Are you able to advise me where I can find the setting?

  • Nicolas

    I love it!

  • Barry Morris

    I don’t see anything here or in the terms of service that explain why you would want or need to collect data from my contacts files. The latest update to my phone app describes that as one of the capabilities the app has. Can you clarify this for me? Does Evernote obtain and store data about my contacts?

  • Constance Cumbey

    I love and appreciate your product, BUT HI-LIGHTING capacities would be lovely, e.g. a yellow high-lighter, etc.

    Thank you,
    Constance E. Cumbey

    • Thatcher

      I have to second this. I would like to have a highlighter and a bubble feature.

  • rozario

    Sir Thank you very muc for the wonderful app you guys hv created. It is really useful. AND ALL THE VEST TO YOU. TAKE CARE

  • imeshell

    Well articulated, Phil. Keep up the good work!

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    Thank you!!

  • Inez-Santiago Chile

    Just started using it–AWESOME!!!!

  • Lawrence

    Funny that I should catch this entry when I’ve concerns about data protection on my own device. Ipad to be exact. I share my Ipad with my wife and my 19 month old, so I log out of Evernote once I’m done with it. Unfortunately, restarting the app, all I have to do is to touch OK and it re-login automatically from the saved login and password. I don’t seem to be able to forget the login or password. Don’t think my notes is safe from my 19 month old!

  • philippe

    Bonjour philippe

  • andy

    evernote please encrypt data

    • Peter Grant

      my local notes contain all my passwords, etc. I simply don’t dare to put this on an IPAD, etc. because there is essentially no security. I think you should be able to protect a local notebook with a serious security code, and be able to access the notebook with that security code across platforms. It is not Evernote I am worried about, it is losing control of my portable device.

      • Thatcher

        Yes an encryption module would be greatly appreciated.

  • 李彥廷


  • Declan332

    Evernote is amazing. No paper left in office. Purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, records. All indexable & searchable.
    Absolute Godsend for a small business.
    Have same folders in Sugarsync just in case but good to see that Evernote wish to assure it’s client base regarding security, ownership etc. Love this service.

  • CB

    “Our philosophy is that if you’re confident that you can leave Evernote at any time, then you’ll be confident enough to want to stay.”

    This is brilliant, and I thank you. I’m currently considering a messy divorce from a popular photo site because they don’t ‘get’ this.

  • Alvin Saldanha

    Evernote amazes me. Period.

  • kinbooye


  • Jessica Sung

    New try

  • Roderick Tanguay

    Not really qualified to comment yet, though what I have seen so far looks good. Take’s me ages to find my way around a sight, wish I had a convenient expert at my shoulder.
    Will make a comment after I have found my way around. Rod

  • Shikera

    Now that you product is so popular, can u reduce the price??? Just because i worked for an entire summer to save and buy myself an ipad means i can afford the 45us or even 5us every month to use the most useful app to take notes in university. right now im maxed out on my data and still have 15days to go.

    • Cstein

      I would never use this to take my notes for college classes! You need the brain memory of writing down what you hear to add to your learning. THis is what is wrong with this generation.
      I am a teacher and students don’t write; therefore, they don’t remember!!
      Do yourself a HUGE favor and hand write your notes for classes – you will do MUCH better in your classes.
      Then do yourself another favor, clear our your Evernotes, and use the free version with a smaller capacity for only the most important stuff.

      • Adam

        I completely disagree.

        When I was a student, there was no option. Nobody except executives had mobile phones. Laptops were prohibitively expensive and in any case their batteries wouldn’t last long enough for a day’s lectures. So like everyone else I wrote longhand and filed the notes in lever arch files. Filed them together with the stapled bundles of photocopied handouts of the OHP slides – no motor memory of those!!

        They all weighed a ton and so you could not take all your notes to all lectures; so you had to be selective. That mean time filing, unfiling, sorting, copying out, which could be better spent learning and maybe even understanding the stuff! And then there was always some stuff you wanted to refer to and couldn’t because it wasn’t in the bundle of papers you’d brought that day.

        The motor memory thing of handwriting never ever worked for me except in rare circumstances. What did work more was mindmapping but that’s another topic. Any little extra “memorability” (sic) from writing the notes longhand would be more than offset by the godsend of having the whole lot present on one or more little devices that were handy to use, to add to, to review, to search. We geeks on a computer science course used to fantasise about such a sci-fi future.

        “Handwriting = memorising” is thankfully a concept that disappeared long ago… or so I had thought! Maybe you also encourage retention by “percussive reinforcement”! 😉

      • Ros

        I couldn’t disagree more

        Many studnets benefit from typing their notes. I work with disabled students and services like Evernote are a god send. It allows them to type their notes, not worry about spelling etc. and they are completely searchable after the event!

        There is absolutely no evidence to support your claim that typing notes is somehow less memorable than handwriting.

        I would have loved evernote at University and it would have made my life as a dyspraxic/dyslexic student so much easier. I typed my notes and retained as much as my colleagues handwriting with added benefit that my notes were legiable, easily corrected and fully searchable. Evernote would have made the whole thing so much easier.

      • Robert

        I wish I had Evernote and also digital textbooks or digital photography when I was going through school. (Early 80’s – ancient history)
        I learned neurology, for instance, in depth from a wonderful teacher, and took good notes which were tied to the textbook, but were nonetheless difficult to search after the fact. I trusted my personal memory too much, and didn’t realize how much I would crave the well-organized knowledge in the future, and all the notes and textbooks disappeared in one move or another.
        I have great envy for today’s students who get to build a lifetime SEARCHABLE knowledge base way back to the basics they get in school – if they take advantage of it.
        There are better and worse ways of using tools such as Evernote. I would hope that today’s colleges give some support to students in how to best utilize these amazing technologies. It will not just result in better students, but more competent professionals on the other side of school.

      • Namegoeshere

        Evernote does allow for capturing and indexing handwriting. If done correctly, the Evernote note taking system is really just an improved version of a notebook.

  • Dan Richey

    Thanks for the post. I have wondered about 1. How secure my data is, and 2. How easy and accessible it is for me to get your data off of your server if I ever need to.

  • Marie-Paule

    Bonjour j’ai un problème le programme Evernote le problème c’est mon adresse émail et mon mots passe ça dit que adresse et mots est non valide aider s,i,p, merci

  • Peter

    The Evernote web clipping tool has permission to access the user’s data on all websites. This includes bank statements, facebook, anything and everything. In addition to saving data of the user’s choosing, does the Evernote web clipper glean data from the user’s browser without explicit instructions from the user to do so and, if so, what does Evernote do with this data?

    • DR Crunk

      Read the terms of service and the founders’ blog posts.

  • thartharkyee0


  • Gurpreet Singh

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. I simply love all that is Evernote.

  • Lauu


  • Fred

    I’m puzzled … you say my data should be portable, yet since you upgraded your servers on April 4th, no WebOS user has been able to access evernote. That doesn’t sound very portable to me.

    You broke your own system, and despite numerous support requests, we’re all given useless answers.

    Since you claim its easy to get into my data – please show me how using my Touchpad …

  • Maria

    I love you very, very much!

  • Anneyye Allard


    c’est domage que Evernote soit qu’a anglais.

    Bonne jounée!

  • Jean

    Can anyone write up a short explanation of the basic differences between Evernote and OneNote? Thanks.

    • DR Crunk

      I hate answering questions that people could easily answer for themselves with a Google search and 10 minutes of research.

      Download a free trial of OneNote and take it for a spin. Do the same with Evernote. You will find that they’re both good at capturing “stuff” that you want to save and catalog, and are somewhat interchangeable. Evernote is more free-form whereas OneNote is more structured along the lines of MS Office. I find myself using OneNote when I’m researching a topic for (say) a legal brief or article that I’m writing – the built-in hierarchy of notebook/section/pages makes sense in that case. I use Evernote for everything else. It’s much easier to randomly get “whatever” into Evernote from wherever you happen to be and/or be using to do it. I could ditch OneNote and convert all of that to Evernote if push came to shove… but OneNote has one large advantage if you’re using Microsoft Office – and that is it’s very easy to quickly convert something in OneNote to a PowerPoint presentation – a Word document – a Publisher file, etc. In other words – it’s a good “helper app” for the rest of Office.

      BTW -there’s one more player – Zoho notes ( that is yet another variation on a theme. Google has some similar tools as well. The whole “second brain in the sky” thing is seductive as we get busier (and older -more forgetful).

      I firmly believe Evernote is going to become a staple of living/working digitally – the fact that they’ve opened it up to developers who are building tools to extend it is testament to that. Listen to the founders’ podcast -it’s very insightful re: where all the Evernote stuff is headed.

      One last thing – Evernote has the huge advantage of being able to identify and index handwritten notes and other text embedded in signs and graphics. That is a game-changer- OneNote has nothing even remotely close to that.

      Now go check it out for yourself and see if you agree with me. Best of luck to you.

      • Namegoeshere

        “Evernote has the huge advantage of being able to identify and index handwritten notes and other text embedded in signs and graphics. That is a game-changer- OneNote has nothing even remotely close to that.”

        Actually, that’s not even close to true. OneNote has done this since their 2003 edition.

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  • Peter Redding

    I attempted to enter for the first time my username, email, and password. I was advied that my username was not valid, but gave me no hint what it considered

  • Peter Redding

    I attempted to enter for the first time my username, email, and password. I was advised that my username was not valid, but gave me no clue as to what valid username should look like. What is a valid username?

  • Masoud

    I enjoy Evernote every time I take note. but I keen to see some minor features can cause major effects. I also hope you to solve some disappointing minor bugs such as malfunction of Undo and ignoring rotation of rotated photos on android device. and etc.

    Do you have any plan to develop Evernote as an embedded notable ebook, pdf reader ?
    what about making notes related to time in voice recording (it’s so useful in a long class or a meetings) ?

    I have some good other ideas !

    thank you for your amazing software !


  • 409965761

    the first time of using this ,quite satisfitesed

  • jimgatto

    Looking forward to using google.

  • jimgatto

    forward to using google.

  • jimgatto

    April 4th,user has been to evernote.

  • D'Antone Paolo Mario

    For my job, it is very important and usefull.Paolo

  • Dharani Nagabhushana Rao

    I want to use for my personel work.

  • Dharani Nagabhushana Rao

    It is very useful in preseving important data.

  • Ram

    It is very helpful to have the access to your mportant files anywhere to many devices at the same time.

  • Walt

    I find it interesting that the following comment of mine, submitted in June of 2011, seems to have been rejected by this “forum’s” moderators (in fact I find it interesting that this thread is moderated at all):

    this sounds wonderful…but is it the whole story? the statement that “We never look at [your data], analyze it, share it, use it to target ads, data mine it, etc.–unless you specifically ask us to do one of these things” seems to me like it could be at odds with the statement in the Terms of Service that says, “We reserve the right, but shall have no obligation, to pre-screen, reject, review, quarantine, delete or move any Content available with the Service, without obligation to any person.” if you say you do one thing while simultaneously saying you reserve the right to do the opposite…does that not negate the first thing you said you do?

    • Naeem

      Did anyone get answer to this question: EverNote scans your data for indexing, so that means there are machines that parse the information, yes? That is not data ownership I suppose, but what if later they change TOS to say they can create new data sets from our data if it’s public domain in first place. Say I cut and paste a lot of quotes to make a quote note which has 25 quotes about New York. Technically al p_d so EverNote could take that quote list and make a new document from it. My labor to search and compile gets lost in the mix. I know this is a hypothetical question, but still…

  • Gary

    How do I stop the payments on my account while still maintaining my personal account?

  • shamsuzzoha

    its useful

  • isabel silva

    is fine…

  • thecrownclown

    where I can agree? 🙁

  • dangngocbinh

    It’s good

  • nwmkcc

    Can data be exported from Evernote without losing its organization into folders? If not, that’s a huge price to pay for leaving Evernote, which seems inconsistent with true portability.

  • Sean Bailey

    I love portability, however the web app has no export feature. I am an entirely cloud-based user. A downloaded application is useless for me. Please add an export feature for the web app.

  • Gaston

    Evernote will be the next target, I think Evernote ought to strengthen security mechanisms, Trend micro specializes in cloud security, May be able to get support.

    Please attach importance to the user’s data security, we need more security and trust!

  • nenita

    soo good and appreciate ,beside I am learning

  • billegge

    Thanks, but due to government snooping can you please encrypt the data using a key that I provide and that that key is never stored in evernote or on evernote servers? The goal being to make it impossible for the government to “request” data from the Evernote company.

  • billegge

    Thanks, but due to government snooping can you please encrypt the data using a key that I provide and that that key is never stored in evernote or on evernote servers? The goal being to make it impossible for the government to “request” data from the Evernote company.

  • Tj

    I have heard that Evernote was changing this policy. Does anyone know if this is true, and if so, what changed?

  • dispotech

    When will Evernote geht a webclipper for Android?

  • Jonathan C

    I’m curious if Evernote’s servers are located and maintained or transferred outside of the United states? Also is Evernote a partner in the NSA’s PRISM program?