The Shiny New Evernote Web: Redesigned Interface, Expanded Note Sharing Options and More

Posted by on 29 Mar 2011

Posted by on 29 Mar 2011

Over the past several months, we’ve released major updates to our four most popular versions: Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Today, we’re excited to unveil the fifth newly redesigned member of the Evernote family, Evernote Web.

All of our recent redesigns have had several key ideas in common:

  • Improving the user experience
  • Optimizing performance
  • Getting the most out of each platform’s native capabilities
  • Incorporating as much user feedback as possible

Each one of these core concepts played a critical role in our decisions around the new Evernote Web. Take a look for yourself.

Consistent, easy-to-use interface

The most obvious change you’ll notice in Evernote Web is the entirely new interface. For those of you that use our desktop versions, the new three-panel interface will look pretty familiar. From left to right: the left panel shows your notebooks and tags, the note list can be found in the middle and single note view on the right allows you to view and edit your notes. We moved Search into a more convenient location, just above the note list.

Here are some additional notable features and capabilities:

  • Notebooks Stacks: Visually group your notebooks into Stacks by either dragging one notebook onto another or by clicking on the arrow that shows up when you mouse over a notebook and choosing Add to Stack.
  • Snippet view: The note list Snippet View allows you to get a lot more useful information about your note without needing to open it–perfect for quick browsing.
  • Saved Searches: Perform any searches that you’ve saved using a desktop version of Evernote by clicking into the Search bar. Saved searches will appear in a drop down list.
  • Multi-selecting and dragging: The new Evernote Web allows you to select multiple notes by holding down the CMD key on Mac or the CTRL key on Windows as you click. Once you’ve selected the desired notes, you can drag these notes into a new notebook, tag or into the trash.
  • Auto-save: When creating or editing a note you can now select whether you want Evernote to autosave your note as you write, or to save it manually. Choose your preferred mode by clicking on the Autosave switch above the note editor.

Quickly share individual notes over Facebook, email and more!

Our focus is on your memory–helping you save and find all of your ideas, projects and inspirations wherever you may be. As you add more and more stuff into Evernote, you’ll likely want to share bits and pieces with family, friends and colleagues. That’s why we’re excited to announce a major expansion of our sharing capabilities to include quick sharing of individual notes through Facebook, email and your instant messenger.

Now, you have two great options for sharing your notes. If you’re working with a team on a project, then share a whole notebook. Or, if you want to share an individual note with friends, you can do that too. In the web interface, we’ve placed both sharing options into a new Share button located at the top of each note. Click the button to beginning sharing. It’s quick and easy. If at some point you decide that you no longer want to share a note, you can simply click on the word “Shared” that appears in the Note details to deactivate sharing.

Here’s an example of a shared note from my account. It’s a list of restaurants in San Francisco that I want to try. By the way, shared notes look great on mobile devices too.

We’re launching this feature as part of our Evernote Web redesign and will be adding it to other versions of Evernote shortly. You will also soon be able to share your notes to Twitter and other social sites.

To view notebooks that other Evernote users have shared with you, click on “Linked Notebooks” below your notebook list.

Work in progress

There are several features that we have not yet implemented in the new Evernote Web. These include: filtering by note attributes, viewing your note history, attaching files, printing your note, and creating saved searches. This functionality is coming. If you’re looking for any of these features, or just want to take your time diving into the new layout, you can go to the old Evernote Web interface by clicking the link at the top of the Evernote Web screen.

The new Evernote Web is not just visually different, it’s also completely rewritten to make the underlying architecture faster, more responsive and more modern. All of this means that Evernote Web will be better for you today, and that we’ll be able to add more great features in the future. Stay tuned.

Go to the New Evernote Web »

What do you think of the new Evernote Web? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Caroline

    Definitely an improvement! I rarely have need to use the web interface (mainly I’m on iOS and Mac) but I’m glad to have the improved interface in case I do need to use it.

  • Anders Kyhlstedt

    You rock!!! Keep up the good work making my life better :).

  • Daryl

    A great improvement on usability and it looks great too! Nice work.

    • Daryl

      Been using it a bit more now and would like to add that being able to view/preview common document attachement (PDF, DOC?, etc) would be great.

      Not suggesting it does so for the note immediately you click the note in the list (would make using EN web too slow?), but maybe that it’s a click button in the note. At the moment, EN web identifies the attachment within the note but clicking it *downloads* it and I often don’t want a local copy – just to be able to view the attachment.


  • Steve

    This UI is a such an improvement I may ditch my Windows desktop client. However, I save a lot of PDFs in Evernote and the drag functionality on the desktop is highly useful. Any chance that can exist with web client.

    I’m not much of a tech guy (sorry, Dave), so I apologize if this answer is obvious.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You will be able to add attachments to the new interface soon.

      • Steve

        Thanks, Marketing Guy. I’ll look forward to it.

      • Mark T

        Will it be drag and drop, like attachments in Gmail under Chrome and Firefox?

      • Carly

        Any word on when this might happen? And when we might see the return of saced searches and attributes on the web client? Cos then I’ll ditch the desktop client too (hmmn, maybe not – love those pdf previews).

    • John

      I agree with Steve: once I’m able to upload files via web browser, the desktop client is GONE. Also, since I can’t install anything at work, the web client is my life line to the info I need!

      Thanks for the upgrade!

      • Daryl

        Yep – I agree with that totally. The one thing I really don’t like about the desktop client is having to download that database onto every PC!

  • Kaminix

    Looks beautiful! Now I can almost ditch the Desktop client… almost!

  • Charles Knight

    It’s very nice but I never really use the web client simply because I access evernote either on my PC (so desktop client) or I’m out and then springpad has you beat because they provide free off-line synch of files.

  • Vampie

    Great change!

    Well done.

  • Sergey Kiselev

    It’s a wonderful visually seen improvement! As my notebook computer is in repair for a long time, I’m using only web or mobile devices. Evernote is great, because it now give desktop experience with mobile or thin clients.

  • Jeroen

    Looks a lot better, but at first use I miss my beloved thumbnail view 🙁

  • Stefan Krafft

    One off my everlasting favorite apps has improved to be even better! Lovely, keep to good things rollin!

  • Brad

    Very cool! Me likey!

    Two requests… Faster bookmarklet loading and notifications for when a shared folder has a new note.

  • David Mead

    Yet another great improvement guys. I have to use the web version at work, and its always seemed a little clunky compared to the Windows & Android client – until now.

    Fantastic step forward.


  • Jenni

    Love it! New interface looks great and is much easier to navigate. I like seeing the expansion of sharing options, and look forward to seeing that in other platforms. Thanks guys 🙂

  • Andi

    Please bring sharing to the other interfaces!!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Coming soon!

  • Matthew Guay

    Looks awesome! I’ve felt for some time that the Evernote webapp was the weak link, so nice to see it looking so good!

    Now, is there any way you can improve the performance of Evernote for Windows? It’s still painfully slow at times…

  • Sena

    Thank you for the improvement!
    I am a linux user, and I have been using the old interface. I can hardly say it is useful to use even in flattery.
    I am happy to use the new interface. It is very very cool and looks useful to use.

  • william

    Thank you !!!!! I use the web interface in work only and I’m sooo glad to see the new UI. In fact it changed as I was more or less looking at the screen!.

    That is one of the reasons I’m an evernote ‘evangelist’. I love a company that is always pushing the envelope!! Cheers

  • ysamjo


    But please change the default entry fonts from Times New Roman to Arial or Verdana..

  • Rudye

    Hi! I love using Evernote and really glad I found it. I’d have to say, though, that the UI update seems mostly unnecessary so far. I won’t be able to use it without ‘Saved Searches’. Also, most of my notes are only titles. Now , I have 2/3 of my space completely blank and no clear way to change that. Why can I adjust the width of one column and not the other?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Rudye, thanks for the feedback. You can access existing Saved Searches by clicking into the search bar. We’re adding the ability to create Saved Searches soon.

  • Alisha

    I love it! I have often wished I could share a note on FB. I usually send cell phone pics to EN and now I can share those on FB directly from EN.

    I think the new interface looks awesome too. Is there a way to make the middle column a bit wider. Some of my thumbnails are way too small in the width it is now.

    I love Evernote! <3

  • Brandon Smith

    Thank you! I use the Windows desktop client at home, and the iPad/iPhone apps. The hole in my life was the web version, since I can’t install software at work. However, my company is stuck on IE-7, and it was nearly impossible to use EN (no, the IT dept is not throttling EN – I checked). With this web upgrade, I can now use EN at work.

  • Amy

    I don’t use the web interface much, but when I do the circumstances can be less the private. It would be nice for Evernote web to have a landing page or choice of default note to show when the site is open. I’m not fond of having the “All Notebooks” + “All notes” as my opening view. This was also a problem in the old version, but since you could choose to have the notes in List view, only the note title were visible, not the contents.

    I know this is in development — a work in progress. I hope you keep in mind the places where people will use this product and embed preferences to keep privacy and discretion a priority for those who need them. Onward and upward!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks. Great suggestion.

      • Mike

        I second this! A choice of notebook to default view would be ideal.

        Thank you!

  • Luis Escorial

    Any chance of new improvements for the iPad app?

    • Mark T

      They already indicated upcoming improvements to the iPad UI in the recent iPhone announcement:

      “There’s a lot of stuff in the works, including an updated iPad interface that makes use of the concepts from the new iPhone look and feel.”

  • CQ

    Really nice. Will soon be able to ditch the Mac client for Web only (when printing and attachments get added). Thanks.

  • Jose

    Excellent. As always. This is why I always recommend evernote… now if you can just improve the speed of the web-based site…

    Keep rocking!

  • Jordi

    Looks great. One question though: how can I decrypt text? Nothing seems to happen when I click on an encrypted item in a memo..

  • Anon

    Another great improvement!
    What I really miss is Add-on for Firefox 4. The current Add-on won’t work properly in FF4.
    So please update it soon.

  • Anders Sporring

    Great work as always, missing the thumbnailview though!

  • Brandon

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

  • pseudografas

    Great improvement. Sometimes buggy, but it’s OK 🙂

    But there are some small things I don’t like:
    * The default serif font for note editing does not look good. I think Verdana of size 3 looks the best.
    * Google Chrome Spell checker does not work at all. But OK for Firefox.

  • Justin S Barrett

    This is a HUGE improvement! I use the web client every day at work (I’m on Linux, so the desktop client isn’t an option), and am really impressed with this new version. Kudos!

  • Jehri

    I like the new interface but I don’t want that middle pane. Is there a way to remove that?? I just want to see my notebook list and the actual note.

    Otherwise it’s great!!

  • Angel

    I actually don’t like it. 🙁 I specifically used the web version because I prefer the thumbnail view over text. I save a lot of craft projects and recipes and really all I want is a visual reminder of the project or recipe with a title to go with it. With the new version there is so much text. If the picture does load it is so small. Since many pages I clip are blog posts, there are is a lot a text,but with the old version the picture was always close enough to the top that I was able to see it. Really bummed. I will be using the old version until I have to switch over. 🙁

  • Marie Douville

    I’m curious when the Tables function in the editor will be improved to behave a little more like tables in MS Word. For example, I would like the ability to insert a row between 2 other rows, not just in one cell. Tables also don’t display correctly on my Blackberry Torch, and I can’t navigate within a note by touch, and have to use the track pad. I love that Sharing has been upgraded to work with Facebook. Thank you!

  • Marie Douville

    Please make it easier to add the “clip to Evernote” button to the Favourites bar in IE and Rockmelt!

  • Jesus

    k thanks. (it’s awesome!)

  • Heather

    Great job with the re-design. Love the sharing! Can’t wait to be able to add attachments and print from the web. I recommend Evernote to everyone — awesome product, so much so that I pay for the upgraded version!

  • Seré T Willis

    That’s GREAT!!! Keep up the the very good work. It is greatly appreciated and loved.

  • Rod

    Love it, but a couple of quick comments:

    1. When I try to edit a note (at least the only one I have stored in my sync folders), the edit window is ridiculously small – can it be made resizable?

    2. Add a list of saved searches below the tags drop-down list.

    3. For the middle panel, I would like to have the option to be able to customize what I can see. Most of the time, a list of titles is fine, other times I may want to see the first few lines of the note, and other times I may want to see the pics that are included in some of my notes. I would also like to see this on the desktop version (Windows in my case).

  • James McLellan

    The new web interface is TOTALLY fantastic! You guys go from strength to strength. Keep it up. I use Evernote hourly. It’s more than worth the annual subscription (although I’m not suggesting that you raise the price!). You’re living up to your mission statement in grand style. 🙂

  • pseudografas

    One more thing: I think checkboxes for ToDos should be enabled even in read-only mode.

  • M. Andre

    Nice! This is very nearly the linux client I have been needing. Add local storage to the chrome webapp and it’ll be perfect!

  • Will

    Are there plans to add a Thumbnail view?

    We really use that view for our collaborative pages.

  • jafi

    Where’s the print functionality? I can’t resize the columns or hide the note list column, and I miss my notes thumbnail view. Email option is now buried under facebook in the share menu. It’s fast – but those aspects irritate me enough I’ve already reverted to the old interface. I don’t use the popout feature on either interface.

    It’s faster, it’s visually nice, but I don’t like the use choices it forces on me.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The print function is coming soon. Thanks for the other feedback.

  • Cintra

    I like the way it looks a bit better, but it is very slow..

  • Beau

    This is great. I’m a linux user, so the web interface is what I use on my computer all the time. I love the polished new look. It would be nice if we could change the width of the panes, since I don’t always use my browser full screen sized. I’m loving it!

  • Nathan

    Auto-save is a nice addition. However, I noticed that it updates the modified date even if I click edit and then decide not to make any changes. The old web app only updated the modified date when you closed a note if you’d actually made changes.

  • Courtney

    I’m excited to test out the new interface! I’m off to login and check it out!

  • Alejandro Pisanty

    I would welcome more detailed information about what user data and access will become shared through Facebook. Not getting paranoid… or maybe there *is* a reason to?

  • Greg Chamberlin

    Wow – I’m impressed. I didn’t care for the new web interface when it was introduced in beta a while back, but this version is as easy or easier to use than the Win desktop version. I need the web access at work as I can’t install Evernote at work – not sure I’d want to anyway. But this works very well. Once you get the ability to attach JPG and PDF files to a note, I’ll be a **very** happy user.

    You guys just continue to amaze me offering such a great product with as many upgrades to the free version. Thank you!

  • Mike

    As someone who uses the web interface almost daily to access notes in various places, I love the new look. I’m definitely appreciating the consistent look across platforms, and it seemed to load a bit faster. Plus, having the most recent note open already saves me a click.

    Thanks for your hard work guys! Keep it up!

  • Tekacs

    How utterly excellent!

  • Linda Vich

    Looks and works great! Now when I edit a note in Chrome, auto-save actually works for me and I can continue working in Evernote instead of having to exit and re-login.

  • Myself

    Ohh, Nice!!!

    I’m so glad to see the stacks and tag hierarchies on the web interface. Very, very nice.

    The snippit thing is MUCH more useful here than on the iPhone app! (I had to delete the mobile app, because it downloaded over a gig of snippits and image thumbnails to my device. And since it’s an iTouch and only attaches to the internet when there’s a hot-spot, the app wasn’t doing me much good. That’s a lot of disk space for an “index” that doesn’t connect to anything most of the time! Any plans to have an option to choose which notebooks the mobile app grabs snippits and thumbnails for?)

    I do notice when I view the web interface via my iTouch browser, I can’t see the left side-bar AT ALL. There’s just the ad, no scroll-bar, no notebooks, no stacks, no tags. Just the ad (because there’s not enough vertical space for anything else). Any plans to put the ad *inside* the scroll-frame rather than *below* it for the mobile version of the site? Relatively minor issue, because as I said, the iTouch isn’t usually connected to the net, anyway. Usually I use the web app through a laptop computer which plenty of space above the ad for the sidebar.

    But the new web app looks great! Features I’ve been eagerly awaiting to see in the web app have arrived. Two thumbs up ;^).

  • Hugo

    Evernote is really my external brain, and it could improve if… it can annotate on pictures and have a basic spreadsheet (it already has tables, just add the sum function).

  • Innog

    Nice job on the “New Evernote”.
    But I am missing a few things on the Web interface. I can no longer view my tags on a note. I have to edit to see my tags. Hope you will find a way to display these again.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Tags are there. You need to click the Show Detail link.

      • fbergonzo

        Cant see “Show Detail” unless you actually “open” the note (ie unclip it). however, there was room for that in the header section, below the title. would be useful.

  • Phil

    As a Linux user can I say thanks for finally giving us a usable client app! There are obviously a few things still to be added, but couple of things in what is done so far..

    – Chrome spell checker does not work
    – Anyway to set/change the default font for new notes?

  • Flexabull

    So far so good! Much improved!

  • Sergei

    Would love to see inline PDF rendering similar to what Google have implemented on their Docs website. Also linked notebooks today open a new tab/browser window. Is it possible to have an option to have linked notebooks at the same root level as my own notebooks? This will make collaboration much easier.

    Thank you.

  • frossie

    Big improvement! But it would be nice if the “linked” notebooks are properly exposed, like regular notebooks, instead of under a drop-down menu. Also, tags are way too hidden. Unless I am missing something obvious, you have to edit a note to even see what tags it has *and* you have to have “Show details” toggled on.

    Perhaps I do more notebook sharing and tagging than the average user, but still…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Great suggestions. Thanks!

  • Ted W

    Absolutely fantastic. I use Touch/iPad/Windows versions as well as Web. Touch (iPhone) is great now, too. But I hated the Web interface … until this morning.

    One suggestion: Could you offer a plain-text option (the way GMail does) in notes? Most of the time I don’t want any formatting in my notes, so I have to strip it out if I am cutting and pasting. Or offer a plain-text pasting option, as WordPress does?

    Now all I need is a link to the best explanation of how to organize notebooks and tags. Mine are too helter-skelter; I need discipline.

    • Jason

      FYI, Apparently this is supposed to be a good resource on Evernote, though it costs money: I have yet to purchase it, though I just stumbled across it this morning.

  • hari

    liked that! still quite long to load up, still work ok with IE7 (so I access my note from work).

  • genevieve wong

    Love it! Looks great guys!

  • Astrid

    On the new web version of Evernote I miss the Attributes menu that was in the old version, particularly “Contains” and “Source”. Are you planning to add that back in, just as you said you would do with the saved searches function?


  • Ricardo

    Many kudos to you for the unique URLs for sharing! You’ve just added tremendous value to me for using Evernote in combination with my GTD tasks. Thanx! Looking forward to seeing that feature added to Windows desktop version as well.

  • John

    Thank you, I use Evernote almost everyday and my use will probably increase in the future. I use Evernote Web and bookmarklet a lot so I appreciate the update.

  • Vin D'Amico

    Love the new web interface. It looks much more like the desktop interface. Easier to navigate and faster. What’s not to like?

  • Mark T

    This is really fantastic news. The old web interface looked like.. it wasn’t great.

    I’m also very happy that auto-save has been added. My fiance lost a good deal of work in Evernote web over a coffee-shop WiFi connection, and she had assumed Evernote auto-saved like Google Docs. Boy, I spent a lot of time defending the other amazing aspects of Evernote! 🙂


  • Tony

    Congratulations on the new interface. But for some reason I am now unable to decrypt a note containing encrypted text using the Web interface (Mac and Kubuntu). It works OK on iPad. Any pointers?

    • david

      I have the same problem with decrypting notes on Windows. I’ve tried Chrome and Firefox. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Tony

        It appears that decryption is not available in the new web version. You will need to revert to the old version where it work fine. –Tony

  • Derek Reece McCoy

    Thank you! I love the update!

  • JDR

    Much prefer the layout of OLD Evernote. I hope it will remain an option. Much easier to spot files quickly. Easier visually.

  • Marcel

    Very good and clean interface.

    Just one suggestion: Please remember the last selected notebook after logging off or even better: Always start with the standard-notebook after logging on (and not with all notes).

    The Reason:
    I use evernote web for access from my business computer which I sometimes share with others. So it is not a good idea to see all my private pictures immediately after logging in 🙂


    • Andrew

      +1 Marcel. Same issue. I have a mixed content account, and when I am at work I don’t want them seeing the last job I clipped that morning at home when signing in or some note from a private client….

  • Pawel


  • David Harrison

    I love the new web interface. On my account it defaults to a title, date and potted summary in the note list to the left of screen. This is much better than having illegible thumbnails of text-only notes, or losing half the vertical space if I want a true text-only list,as in the current Windows desktop version.

    Is there any way to replicate that exact view in the desktop version? If not, please take this as a feature request!

  • Wizzo

    When selecting text to edit font etc, the format bar often disappears. Otherwise an improvement.

  • Steve UK

    In the main, great job EN! 🙂

    Quick couple of questions:

    1) How can I see larger thumbnails of my notes as with the previous version of EN Web? I’m kinda looking for a maximise middle column button to fill the screen on the right (or “View large thumbnails” under ‘View Options’ dropdown)

    2) If I can’t see large thumbnails (as in point 1 above) I’ve got a problem… the small thumbnails do not show ink notes created using the Windows client (or Windows Mobile for that matter). This is especially inconvenient as unless the note is titled I cannot, at a glance, see what exactly the note is.

    I hope I am missing something here because I really like the look of the new version, but for the moment I will have to continue using the old version which I really don’t want to have to do cos this looks ace! 🙂

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for you feedback.

  • Cliff Wilson

    Really great work guys – looks cool! I think evernote would be absolutely perfect for me if you could add some form of “to-do” list note, or something like that. Something more than “checkboxes” but not too over complicated. I badly need a way to synch to-dos between my iPhone and my Desktop (running Lotus NOTES). Clearly such a facility would also include the ability to edit “rich text” notes on the iPhone Client – in order to update the to-do list from the mobile client end.

  • Margareta Carlsson

    Oops, spoke to soon! I found the pics! Now I’m happy! 🙂

  • Rich Beales

    Fantastic, just what I’ve been waiting for as a Linux user. Now the web version and the android (beta) version are equally fast and shiny.

    Well done EN.

  • DJ

    LOVE the new web version! THANK YOU!!

  • mimifred

    Very nice so far !

    Just one question : what’s the font you are using in the screenshots above ? why does it look so crapy on my screen and your screenshots look so cool (speaking of the font).

    But nice work, Evernote is helping me in my work everyday !!!

  • Vinh

    -Are you going to included the sum function in the table to have it works as in excel?
    -The new interface is great just like shows similar like on phone device. But it is not flexible like scale it in sizes. Able to adjust the size of new note bigger or smaller. If this can be implement in the future then it will be great. Love to have it flexible.

  • Jim

    Tried to login today but all I get is a white screen from the Evernote.action URL. Bottom of the browser (FF 3.6) has a red exclamation point that says this site has unauthenticated content. Didn’t used to do this…:(

  • Cusanelly

    amaizing work guys!, i just take a 5 second look to the new interface and put a smile in my face, it’s really awesome what you have done! seriously, amaizing work!!

  • Dave Heidke

    I like Evernote and I’m starting to use it as a creative and collaborative tool.

    What would be nice, is that for shared notebooks if you would set up a notification. Like if a note is changed, you would click “notify” and it would automatically email the people you share the notebook with to tell them there is a change.

    Or perhaps putting this option on each note? That way a person could opt for notification if a note or notebook had any activity.

  • latraviata

    I like the polished look of the new web interface but I miss the functionality of the old version. I use Evernote for to-do management, so most of the time I was using the list view, which neatly showed the title, tags, date created and date updated. The new interface with fixed narrow list view and wide note view is making this very difficult now. It also seems to display fewer details, for example tags seem to be hidden unless I select “edit”. Are you planning to add these (or similar) options back in? Because in its current state the web version is unfortunately not very useful for me.

    • David Zimet

      I share the same concerns. Seems I have lost a lot flexibility.

      • Alex Friedman

        While the new interface is quite attractive, I too share these concerns.

        I really do not need the snippets to identify the note I need — generally, I repeatedly refer to about ten list-like notes that are continually updated, and occasionally refer to others from my much larger collection. I would prefer a full-width note window (I like wide notes) with a full-width list window above it — or at least a narrower list column, with text-wrap on the titles and no snippets. Likewise on the iPhone, I do not find the snippets to be a plus. [I realize that I can click the icon on the upper right to view a note “by itself” – but would rather have to do that only occasionally.]

        Also, since I make tables, I’d like a monospaced font.

        I am _very_ glad to see the option of sorting notes alphabetically, since that makes it possible to put the frequently accessed notes at the top of the list, by judicious use of asterisks and spaces in the titles.

  • leMel

    What a treat to open Evernote today and see this new speedy interface. Great work again. Thanks for asking for feedback – I do have some…!

    It would be cool if there were more view options for the preview pane – right now it’s too big/wide for my taste. A list-only view? Ability to drag-size the width of that pane as well? Ability to move it to top or to bottom?

    Also, “Show Details” in side panel takes up so much screen HxW area, most of it empty, compared to displaying it along the top. Would rather just have the option to set it to always-on and along the top of the note.

    I guess all-in-all, side pane-ing is eating up display I want for my notes.

    Just some ideas. At this point, with the frequency of releases and breadth of improvement on each one, I have every confidence you’ll keep quickly moving forward.

    Another humble evangelist,

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the feedback. We’re looking into adding more view options.

  • Sterling Zumbrunn

    Very impressive update. At first glance, this is light years ahead of the previous version.

  • Petter

    Looks great!

    Two important bugs/problems (I`m using Google Chrome)

    1. When I open one of my notes with audionotes attached, the audiofile gets auto downloaded. I don`t want this to happen, especially when I use a public/work computer. That`s the reason I`m using the web version in the first place.

    2. I just tried to make a new note both with autosave and without autosave. I can`t open other notes when I`m finished, it is stuck on the note which I just made. I did push “done” or whatever name the “exit” button had. When I finally did a relogin I noticed I had 7 copies of the same note….

  • Martin Jensen

    Do you have any plans on making short urls – something like

  • Lars

    The new Web-layout looks very promising but is far from complete in my opinion. I´m missing List view, Creating a new note in a separate window (work around: Close and save new note and then you can open and edit it in a separate window).

    Am I wrong or to harsh to say that the new web-layout is in Beta stage?

    I hope you´ll leave the possibility to switch between old an new layout as long as all the possibilities in the old layout isn´t implemented in the new one.

    But no matter what, thank you very much for your great service.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Lars, you can edit a note in its own windows. Click on the little window pop-out icon on the right of the note title.

      Yes, we are exploring more view options. As we said in the post, we still have a number of features to implement in the new design. Those will be coming very soon.

  • Maneesh Chhabra

    Hello Evernote Team,

    I must acknowledge the move to new Evernote has quite a few benefits, ….however this mail box type interface is a bit of setback for me.

    I have a very visual orientation perhaps because of my attention deficit disorder. For me Evernote had appeal because of the visual depiction of my notes in Thumbnail format. A mailbox or outlook type organization is very daunting for a person like me.

    I am visualizing an iPhone like organization of my notes is very much like the apps on the iPhone and folders are visually unique as well. Basically, I look upon Evernote to help me be more structured and organized, but written down lists are just a little bit harder for me.

    • Carly

      agree agree agree – I miss the ‘at a glance’ aspect of the old interface.

  • Lance

    MAJOR improvement – thank you so much!

  • Sai Ram

    what happened to the detail of the email from where the note was sent. it is missing. Now i dont know which note came from where. truly disappointing for my work style.

  • klickreflex

    Very nice update, the old web interface was really not much fun using. But: please implement file attachments as soon as possible, I really miss that.

  • Justin Matthews

    This new interface is a vast improvement so well done moving the UI forward and becoming consistent with the native apps however – once huge lack appears to be the inability to now attach files to the note via the web interface – unless this feature is restored this new UI is useless to me and I will be sticking with the older edition

  • Matt Scofield

    Where do you sign out at in this new interface? there is no sign out/log out link!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      There’s a sign out link in the very top right corner of the screen.

  • Benj

    Great improvement, but where is the option to attach a file/ image when editing a note now?

    I’m on chrome. When I edit a note, and then try to open another one, the autosaving feature starts, and It won’t let me access to the other notes If I don’t refresh the whole page.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re still adding features to the new interface. If you need to attach a file, you can still do it in the old interface, which is accessible via the link at the top of Evernote Web.

      • Kristin

        I agree that the loss of “attaching files” is a big deterrent to switching over to new Evernote. I know Evernote cautioned users that it was a feature yet to come, but that seems a bit counterintuitive, as I don’t think users anticipated that upgrading to the new version would mean loss of an existing feature.

  • Vlad

    Awesomness at its best ! I love this new web interface, keep it up Evernote guys !

  • v5point0

    I like how there is some conformity with Evernote desktop. Auto saving now works when I create a note on Google Chrome but there appears to be a bug when I hit done because the note gets duplicated multiple times but the web interface freezes.

    I hope in time the bugs get ironed out and Evernote Web could be used as one of the main sources for note input and not just note reviewing.

  • J. Alan Doak

    I love the new layout, and new speeds are impressive. The only missing now is a Linux desktop version!

  • Jay

    Very impressive……. You guys continue to show the way!!! Keep it going!!!

  • Jared

    I love the look, but so far, it seems to be running considerably slower than the old version, and slows down the entire browser (including other tabs and windows). I’m a Firefox 4 user (Mac OS 10.6.3 at home, Windows XP at the office).

  • Paul

    Finally. About time. I had a huge need to use the web version at work. But I had all but given up using the Web version because it was dog slow and full of nasty bugs that mangled the formatting on save.

    Nice job guys. Very fast and responsive and well designed.

  • Paul Richards

    Well done on the web interface overhaul. It’s a major achievement. I especially love the new sharing feature for individual notes. Keep up the great work!

  • Jannik Lindquist

    Brilliant! The new layout is tremendously enjoyable. Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Mitch Gibbs

    I like the new web interface for the most part. My only issue is that I’d like to be able to make the note taking portion larger. If I could make some of the other pains smaller or hide the note preview area when editing a note, it would make it more useful.

    • Mitch Gibbs

      Whoops. I just figured out how to do it. If I create a note and save it and then open it again, I can click on the button to open it in its own window and then click edit. A little wonky, but does the job.

  • Mike

    The older web showed highlighted search results on images (using OCR). Could you please tell me how to get that feature on the renewed site? Thanks.

    • James Short

      Mike, did you ever get an answer on this?

  • CK

    the new evernote web does not work very well. it freezes all the time, i have a ton of trouble pasting pictures into my notes, and it just does not work as well as the old evernote web.

  • Michele

    Once you share a note, can you update it? Will the updates show to whomever you have shared the note with?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes, whenever you update a shared note, that update will be available to those that view the note. They will need to refresh the page in order to see changes.

  • anderslorentsen

    are printing from evernote web comming any time soon??

  • Ed

    Hi, although I understand that it is hard, please try to keep support for older IE versions. Since the only moment i have to use the web version is when i am on a university/library pc.
    Those have sometimes ancient IE because of some uncomprehedeable IT-specialist reasons. or maybe its yust money. For example i can not use tags in the library.

    Thank you for all your tremendous work anyway!

  • Sue P

    I set up a notebook for sharing with an individual email address – seemed to be successful, and Evernote shows the notebook as shared. However the other party (with the email address) cannot “see” the notebook. Is there something that has to be done to make that happen? Do they have to search, or look for the shared notebook in some way? Thanks!

  • Bruno Buccolo

    I like most of it, as we can see a good overhaul.
    But there are still a few critical issues.

    – 3 columns makes everything small.
    – there should be a way of editing notes fullscreen.
    – if you support tables in Desktop, it must be supported in web/mobile.

    Thanks for the great service!

  • kim

    I am still looking for a seamless way to print only the subject headers for a listed search. For example, we have 25 service calls for contractors to go to within an area, I want to just print out a list, (address is in the subject header). These guys need it easy, and since some don’t have 3G/4G phones, they can’t see it any other way. For now, we’ve used screen capturing it, but I’d like to see something easier. Anyone know of a way?

  • donrisi

    I can’t figure out how to edit a note or add a note in the new interface. Help!!!

  • Dan North

    It would be great if there were shortcut keys, e.g. Del to delete a note (that’s the big one I keep noticing).

    Also, are there any plans to use HTML 5 local storage to cache premium users’ notes offline (and allow offline search)? That would be fantastic.

  • Marilyn McKenna

    On 11/29-30/2011 there were seven fraudulent charges made on my Visa debit card (now deactivated), two of which were from Evernote. I tried to reach you by telephone @ 408-746-9900 but the number has been disconnected. Each of the two charges was for $45.00.
    The Visa fraud unit contacted me about these charges, but I have to do the legwork myself to get refunded. Any help you can provide will be most appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Marilyn McKenna

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Marilyn, please contact support:

  • Janet

    I can’t seem to find a way to adjust print margins. I’m trying to print a page of musical notation and with the large margins, the notation is too small to read. Is there a way to fix this?
    Thank you,

  • Ron Silverman

    Is there a way to print all of the snipets on one or a few pages instead of one by one or instead of control and print to just get the one page view? I would love to print this info to take with me .



  • Lazza

    I think you should really really really enable some more of the TinyMCE buttons on the web interface (and probably on the desktop clients too): for example the possibility to hightlight some words is invaluable, so I have to costantly copy-paste the text from Evernote to the TinyMCE online demo and then back to Evernote. This is time consuming.
    The same applies for tables and the “HTML edit” button, which is absolutely necessary when the “clean formatting” button doesn’t really clean too much.

  • Brian

    I am not a fan of the new interface. I use the web interface 99% of the time because I am a linux user and there is no native client. I have gotten used to to differences between the web version and the Android version, but this beta seems to be a bit too much. I don’t like the fading, sometime clicking a notebook didn’t do anything, and it’s just overall confusing. I really hope the old version remains an option post-beta because this is a real turn off – no native linux version is bad enough and now this.

  • gwtharg

    Love the new web beta but have a question about the reminders.
    In the older web client you can see the reminder on the note & edit the time or cancel altogether. I cannot see the reminder option at all on the new web beta version. Am I missing something or will it be added as the beta goes final release?