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How a Celebrity Photographer Uses Evernote: Jeremy Cowart Talks Photography and Non-Profit Work

Posted by Jeremy Cowart on 30 Mar 2011

Posted by Jeremy Cowart on 30 Mar 2011


Name: Jeremy Cowart
Profession: Celebrity Photographer, Non-Profit Founder
Location: Nashville and Los Angeles
Professional Website:
Facebook: Jeremy Cowart Photography
Twitter: @jeremycowart


Jeremy Cowart is a celebrity photographer who has worked with clients including Taylor Swift, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Clive Owen and Britney Spears. He is the founder of the non-profit, Help-Portrait, a global movement of photographers using their time, gear and expertise to give free portraits to those less fortunate. He divides his time between Nashville and Los Angeles.

Evernote, Everywhere

I Use Evernote For…

I’m an idea person. My ideas are some of the most valuable things that I have, so I use Evernote to archive them. I’ll often find myself running out of the shower or rolling over in the middle of the night to save thoughts that I have into Evernote.

Evernote on the Job

I’ve been able to capture inspiration with Evernote as it happens, in ways that I never could before. As of right now, I have 68 concrete concepts for projects stored in Evernote. It kind of runs my life. Evernote is my constant companion:

  • When I’m on a conference call discussing photoshoot details, I’ll type all of my notes into Evernote.
  • I have an ‘inspiration’ tag that I use for clips of inspiration online or photos of locations I’d like to remember for future photoshoots. I use the web clipper on my Mac’s Safari browser.
  • I have a fair amount of customization code for my website that I am always referencing, so it lives in my Evernote, where I know it’ll never get lost.
  • I draft blog posts and things I want to Tweet in Evernote – I can let them lie and pick them up when I’m on a plane, or have a few hours in between a shoot.
  • I save all of my usernames and passwords in Evernote.

I also do a lot of interviews regarding Help-Portrait, so I save questions and answers in Evernote. This is helpful because I’ll sometimes forget facts or how I answered a question about the organization in the past, but with Evernote I’m able to look through old interviews in a snap. The other day, I did a radio interview and beforehand, I dumped a bunch of my favorite quotes from Help-Portrait participants into Evernote so that I could quickly pull them up on my phone while I was being interviewed. Having these quotes on hand really helped me demonstrate the impact of the organization. As someone who’s very forgetful, I didn’t have to worry about being put on the spot and not having stories to share.

Evernote for a Cause

I started an organization called Help-Portrait. It’s a worldwide movement of photographers who are interested in giving back to people in need. I launched Help-Portrait in 2008, urging photographers to donate their time and equipment around the holidays to give portraits to those who are less fortunate in countries around the world. In December 2008, photographers gave away 40,000 portraits in 40 countries. This past year, we were in 60 countries. We don’t just photograph people, we print out big, beautiful photographs for people to keep. Most of the people we work with have never had their photo taken, or even seen a picture of themselves. It’s a pretty incredible experience for the photographers and the individuals who are being photographed.

We use Evernote for Help-Portrait to save quotes, interviews and pictures. It’s a great way to coordinate with our team, as well as photographers all across the world. Especially as we continue to grow, we see Evernote playing a big role in helping us share ideas and collaborate.

Favorite Feature

I’d have to say that the ability to be able to capture my ideas, whenever and wherever I happen to have them, and be able to find them later is the most useful feature of Evernote for me. But I also love being able to take voice notes–I’m able to capture my kids’ voices and the things they say – that’s priceless.

User Tip: Evernote for Saving Your News Stream and Crowd-Sourcing

I use Twitter for crowd-sourcing and Evernote has been able to help me capture responses from my followers. For example, the other day, I asked my Twitter followers to recommend new types of shoot locations. I was able to just send these tweets to my Evernote, where I won’t lose them in my news stream.

*images courtesy of Jeremy Cowart


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  • mike wood

    I have only recently started to use Evernote, and as a photographer it was interesting to hear what Jeremy Cowart had to say about it. I have in the past used GoogleDocs in the same way as Jeremy but right now it doesn’t have the versatility that he outlined above – such as voice notes etc. Thanks for posting this. 🙂

  • Josh

    All your Passwords on a Cloud server . . . pretty confident in their security and non-Facebook desire to sell your info to the highest bidder?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Josh, please read our CEO’s Data Protection Laws. We take this very seriously:

  • JRuizMeillon

    I’m new with the Evernote app, but so far I love it, I use it for saving ideas for my blog, and also I love to take pictures, that saved on evernote will be the inspiration for a blog entry.
    I do not use 100% of the ideas I have saved, but since they are accessible every time, everywhere I know those will be used on the future.

  • Joe Block

    One huge advantage for me over Google Docs is that with Evernote, I can sync my notebooks to my iPad/iPhone/Mac so I can still access them when I’m away from internet.

  • Karen

    I like being able to keep camera manuals and tech tips in Evernote. That way, if I’m out shooting and need to look something up, it’s right on my iPhone.

  • canvas prints

    thanks for sharinf your photography. nic work.