Update: Evernote Google Chrome Extension Gets New Features

Posted by on 31 Mar 2011

Posted by on 31 Mar 2011

Clipping web pages ranks as one of the most popular uses for Evernote. Whenever you see a great article, piece of research, recipe, home improvement idea, product review, or just about anything else, clip it into Evernote where you’ll have it saved forever.

Today, we launched an update to our Google Chrome Extension, which includes a number of powerful new capabilities. Get the Evernote Google Chrome Extension from the Chrome Gallery or restart your browser if you already have the extension installed.

New right-click options for quick clipping

Google Chrome users now get a number of options in the right-click menu that are designed to make clipping a one step process. The menu options will be different depending on what you’re trying to do:

  • Clip this page: This option will grab all of the available page content and put it into your account.
  • Clip selection: This option will grab only the area that you have highlighted. This can include both images and text.
  • Clip image: Right click on an image to clip it into Evernote.

Each of these options will instantly clip the selected content into your default notebook. If you prefer to assign tags or choose the destination notebook, then you can use the toolbar Evernote button. The right-click menu options are ideal for those that like to clip and go. Don’t forget you can always organize your clips later, if you want.

  • New note: The last option in the right-click menu is New Note. This will pop up a window with our newly redesigned Evernote Web note editor. Create your note inside the editor, hit Save and you’re done. Assign your destination notebook, tags and other attributes by clicking Show Details on the right side of the window.

Way faster

All clipping now happens in the background, which means you can clip what you want and continue browsing without missing a beat. Once you clip something, a brief “Clipping” message will appear in the browser window. That’s all. You can even navigate away from the page.


The Chrome Extension allows you to view all of your notes, as well as any notes that you’ve clipped from the site you’re visiting. To view your notes, click on the appropriate green tab at the bottom of the popup that appears when you click the Evernote icon. These notes are now displayed in our new Snippet View, which makes them very easy to browse. When you see a note you like, click on it and it will open in a dedicated popup widow.

Stay signed into your account

You can say goodbye to re-entering your username and password in the Chrome Extension. When you check the Remember Me box, you will stay signed into your account permanently until you manually sign out. If you’re using a public computer, we recommend not checking Remember Me.

Lots of great features

As always, the Chrome extension can be configured to search your Evernote account whenever you do a Google search if you enable Simultaneous Search on the extension log-in screen. There are also a bunch of other great features and customizations available by right-clicking on the extension icon and selecting Options. Be sure to check them out.

Get the Evernote Google Chrome Extension from the Chrome Gallery »


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  • dave

    thank you thank you thank you!

  • Beau

    Nice. I like how much faster it is to clip.

  • PilotBob

    It seems to clip to my default notebook rather than the notebook I have set if I use the extension icon.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The right click menu quick clipping sends into your default notebook.

  • ZO

    Sadly it seems to still require 3rd party cookies being enabled so no go for me. 🙁

  • Randall Hand

    Any chance of getting a link directly to the extension, outside of the Chrome Gallery?

  • Max

    Awesome evernote! I’m loving the progress you guys are making. Keep it up!

    All I need is a native linux client and the ability to append to already created notes, then I’m set! Yes, I know about Nevernote (, but our Windows & Mac friends gets all the love.

  • donniezazen

    Most needed feature – ability to add new clip to an old note.

  • Mark L

    I’ve already had the extension for my Chrome, but it won’t update when I restart Chrome, or give me an indication that an update to the extension is available…?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      It may have updated in the background. If when you right click you see the Evernote menu, then you’re on the new version.

  • Adam Hepner

    Thank you thank you thank you! You make me believe in humanity – this is exactly, what I had filed at your wishlist a few months ago! AWESOME! I feel, that my pro account finances a good cause 🙂

  • Dirk

    Thank you so much. The Chrome Extension was the only thing, which bothered me. But now it works like a charme. Great new features as well 🙂 Keep up the good work!


  • John Mackay

    Cool… this is a major usability increase when browsing as right click is so convenient. Everyone is my number one productivity app. Keep up the great work. Cheers…John.

  • Anon

    What about Add-on for Firefox 4? The current Add-on won’t work properly in FF4.
    So please update it soon.

  • Jules

    Sweet! Thanks guys!

  • Dervalus

    Thank you!! I love Chrome, but was considering switching to Safari as primary browser because your Chrome extension never worked well. Great job

  • Andrew

    This might not be the fault of the new version but when using the little extension button Evernote doesn’t recognize the tags I give to the notes I clip. I like the convenience but when clipping lots of things with different tags I really don’t want to have to go back into Evernote and re-tag! Any idea why this isn’t working for me?

  • Bojan

    Seems great! Makes me happy to have constant improvements for the application I’ve paid premium for entire year. The exact reason why I “rewarded you”.

    This kind of service should be an example to other service providers.

  • Daniel Moser

    It definitely is a major improvement.

  • Iris

    don’t really like the new update. I can’t use any dictionary extensions with evernote in chrome anymore.. :/

  • Confused

    I’m seeing a problem with it accumulating clipped pages that aren’t uploading to my Evernote notebook. If I mouse over the Chrome icon it says “Uploading unsaved clips” but it has 6 accumlated clips and it’s had them overnight and nothing has uploaded. I’m guessing I’ve lost them? Any reason why it might be doing this?

    • Justin

      Yeah it works a lot of the time, but right now mine is doing the same thing. I’ve got Chrome 11.0.696.57

      • user

        The same problem with Firefox 9.0.1

  • Pascal

    Having the same issue as discribed by “Confused”. Seems like the Chrome extensions does not upload clips to Evernote. Chromimum 11.0.696.57 (82915) Ubuntu 11.04