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Using Evernote for World Travel – Travel Series

Using Evernote for World Travel - Travel Series

Posted by Chris Guillebeau on 21 Apr 2011

Posted by Chris Guillebeau on 21 Apr 2011

Name: Chris Guillebeau
Profession: author, world traveler
Location: Portland, Oregon
Website: The Art of Non-Conformity
Twitter: @chrisguillebeau



Chris Guillebeau is a self-employed entrepreneur who has visited 150 countries to date (he’s logged into Evernote from more than 35 of them). He lives with his wife in Portland, Oregon, but is frequently traveling the world, writing for his site and various publications. He’s also a published author of a book based on his blog: The Art of Non-Conformity. You can follow his live updates from every country in the world at

Evernote, Everywhere

How I Use Evernote…

I’ve used Evernote from more than thirty countries in the past couple of years, as well as all 50 states this past Fall while I was on my book tour. The more I use it, the more helpful it becomes. Wherever I go, Evernote keeps me well-connected to my life.

I use Evernote both at home and on the road for:

  • Passport Scans: I’ve had to scan my passport countless times for various visa applications over the years and I always forget where I’ve saved the file. Now I only have to scan it once every ten years when I get a new one. My current passport is in Evernote, whenever and wherever I need it. I’m headed to Libya and sending them the passport scan in advance was so easy.
  • Goal-Setting: Once a year, I do an Annual Review where I evaluate everything that happened in my business and life during the previous year. I’ll go through my Evernote notes for things that I’d like to include in my review and set goals for the next year. Some things included in my list are: do a tour of Australia, run marathon and pursue a new business project idea. It’s a great way to regroup and see what areas of my life and/or business I’d like to focus on in the coming year.
  • Business Development: My most recent business project is the Travel Hacking Cartel. Prior to the big launch, I wrote 15,000 words of outlines, copy, and tech requirements—all in Evernote. Most of the business plan was written from hotel rooms and plane rides during my 50-state and 10-province book tour. Having all of these notes in one place and accessible regardless of where I happened to be was a huge relief. I was able to gain cohesive insight into the project without having to think about where certain files or pieces of paper were.

User Tip: Use Evernote for snippets of everyday information

I store a lot of random information that I need frequently in Evernote: updates for my WordPress dashboard, emails that I want to refer to later (without logging into my email account), login information, the HTML code for my digital signature, and subway maps from cities I’ve visited.

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  • Enrico

    Great story! I use Evernote everyday (of course, I don’t have 35 countries “check in” ;). In these days I have tried Moleskine App, but I think Evernote is the best for travelers, as Chris. The storage and sharing between different devices is the best reason why I use it.

  • Julie

    I use Evernote to stash train schedules.

  • Denese Bottrell

    I’m a big fan of Chris and determined to incorporate Evernote into my life. I desperately need to get my phone, ipad and laptop synched and able to capture all my random-ness. I am tired of traveling around with pieces of paper and links to article ideas in random docs on my computer. I have it downloaded on all three, but haven’t been using it. seeing his post reminded me to just start using it!

  • Paul

    @Denese, I know what you mean, but once you start using Evernote, it quickly becomes a natural way of life and you find more and more useful ways of using it. When traveling for instance, my passport scan, my itinerary, stuff from various websites about my destination and all of my booking combinations are with me. I have a notebook for wine, where I keep tasting notes, recommendations from friends and takes photos of bottles at restaurants that I have enjoyed, so I can pick-up a bottle or two next time I am at the liquor store.
    I am just starting a renovation project at home and naturally have a separate notebook for that. The notebook contains photos of various ideas that have inspired me, magazine clippings and of course articles from websites. It contains estimates from my contractors, photos of their business cards etc…
    The net result is that each time I have a need, I find a way of using Evernote to make life easier…

  • Patricia GW

    This is exactly the type of information I wanted to know – how to use Evernote in a practical way for worldwide travel. Thanks for the overview Chris – it seems every site I’ve visited today, you’ve had a guest post in!

  • chicagonight

    evernote is always helpful as i am a random traveller. i use evenote when i am in tour outside the mostly helps in business tours.

  • Cee

    Thanks for sharing the details of all the things that evernote is useful for, especially when travelling it’s good to know it is such a huge help.

  • Pete Miller

    I am currently spending a lot of time here in happy Jakarta Indonesia recuperating from a House Sale (post renovation)

    and YES Evernote comes into its own when you are traveling because of its accurate and instant syncing with the iphone & ipad (I had real issues with other Apps)

    Anyway, I turn up at Sydney airport on Tuesday and show the airline Garuda my PDF ticket in Evernote on my ipad – but they insisted it had to be printed ? This was a first – other times it has been fine … just thought you’d like to know.

    Dont count your days – make your days count.

  • Holly

    I use Evernote a lot as I’m writing my dissertation and it helps me organize all sorts of information from many sources. However, as I travel, I fail to see how Evernote helps me because internet is not always easy to come by while traveling, and if you’re using a smart phone the phone requires a data connection to sync. Are you really paying international data rates on your smart phone just to sync your notes? Only being a student I can’t pay these rates and therefore Evernote is only useful for making random notes on the go but not retrieving the ones that haven’t been synced. And when you’re on the road without an internet connection, that might be a lot of data you’re not syncing.

  • Igor

    As much as I love Evernote (I’m using it since forever and have 23K notes, ~50% for travel planning and travel notes/pictures,etc) I wonder why do you [advise to] store personal/sensitive information like passports and logins in Evernote. Its not encrypted, its not even pin-code protected.

  • RonW

    Igor, I haven’t reviewed this site completely, but it appears you can encrypt Evernote…

    Has anyone used this? Results? Problems? Leaving for some international travel next month and planning to use Evernote to keep the trip flowing!!!

  • Ronald Dawson

    I agree it would be great for travelling, except wifi is always hard to find at a reasonable cost, without internet connection it becomes useless,

    • Elizabeth

      I have just started to use Evernote for travel. From what I have gathered so far, is that you can store info to use off line like maps, scans, itineraries etc.

  • Victor Polar

    Cool! I found it easier to keep all the information on my own servers rather than to have in on a service provider like evernote though.