Evernote for Mac Gets Sharing, Audio Notes, Speedier Search, and More

Posted by on 26 Apr 2011

Posted by on 26 Apr 2011

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.

The big updates keep on coming…Today, Evernote for Mac (version 2.1) gets a bunch of great new features, including social sharing, audio recording and search speed improvements. Here’s the latest:

Download Evernote for Mac directly from Evernote or check for updates. Mac App Store users, this update will be available very soon.

Sharing to Twitter, Facebook and more

In our last major Mac update we added the ability to share your notebooks and access notebooks that have been shared with you. Today, we’re expanding the sharing capabilities in Evernote for Mac one step further. You can now share an individual note over Facebook, Twitter, email and just about anyplace else.

You’ll notice a new Share button in the menu bar. Select the note you want to share, click the Share button and choose your preferred sharing option. With this new feature, Evernote offers the full spectrum of ways to share your memories, whether it’s collaborating on a notebook with a team or sharing your favorite recipe with your Twitter followers.

Record audio notes

Have you ever wanted to record a meeting and take notes at the same time? The new Audio Note option lets you do just that. Click on the Audio Note microphone icon and a new note window will pop open with an audio recorder pinned to the top of the note. Start recording by clicking Record. You can just let it go, or you can add text, attach a file or anything else you do with your notes. When you’re done, click on Save.

You can also start an audio note within an existing note, by opening the note in its own windows and clicking on the microphone icon in the note’s edit bar. The audio note will continue recording even if it’s in the background. A red dot will appear on the Evernote menu bar elephant to indicate that a note is currently recording.

Recording length is based on the total size of the note. Free users are allowed a total single note size of 25MB, while Premium users get 50MB per note. This translates to around 2 hours of recording for Free users and 4 hours for Premium, if there’s nothing else in the note.

Much faster searching of large accounts

It used to be fairly uncommon for us to meet an Evernote user with several thousand notes. Now that’s completely normal–which is pretty awesome. The unfortunate side effect was that searching through those notes in Evernote for Mac would become slower and slower. Not anymore. We’ve dramatically improved search speeds. So, you can keep growing your account without worrying about a slow down.

Lots more…

We also made a lot of under-the-hood improvements and squashed a bunch of bugs. There’s lots more in the works. Stay tuned.


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  • Jannis

    Is it now also possible to view (to link) a shared notebook within the Mac desktop application? Like it works for EN Windows?

  • Caroline

    Glad to get faster desktop search! Thanks!!

  • Evernoter

    Long wait times! Thanks for update!
    But new web version very slow runs in Firefox

  • Francie

    Fantastic upgrades! I was thinking this morning how great would it be to record an audio note right into my Evernote for Mac. I figured my way to do that was going to mean recording it on my Android phone first. I feel like I read your mind!

  • Desizra

    can you do this on the iphone or blackberry as well or is it only setup for Mac desktop computers

  • Frank Schwarz

    Thanks for the update for MAC. Love you guys!

  • Cindy

    Just checked for mac update and the message says I am current with version 2.0.5

    Is there something I’m not doing right? Would love to get the update 🙂

    • Andrew Sinkov

      If you downloaded Evernote from the Mac App Store, then your update will happen soon.

  • Paul Cote

    I clicked “check for updates” and it says 2.0.5 is current. I was able to DL the new version directly from the site though. Strange.

    OS 10.6.7

    • Andrew Sinkov

      If you downloaded Evernote from the Mac App Store, then you will get the updates notification soon.

  • Joshua

    Nice update! Now if yoiu could just sync the text with the audio – like Pear Note it would be the killer feature for students.

  • Brad

    I am on a Mac and am currently running version 2.0.5. I had the system check for updates but it said I was on the most current version, but after reading this post I would like that version 2.1 is the most current. How can I update my evernote software on my Mac?

  • Bethany Planton

    I am excited to try out these new updates! They sound awesome!

  • Bob

    You still can’t edit tables after they are created. *sighs*

    • Bill

      Ditto. I read the release notes and didn’t see mention of table editing but I was still hopeful. Unfortunately, my hope was quickly trounced. Posting to Twitter, Facebook, etc. takes priority over improving/adding a fundamental capability. Really? What if we thought of table editing as something other than a “new feature” request. Let’s think of it as establishing parity with a feature that has been in the Windows version for some time.

      I know it isn’t a nifty cool feature but it sure would be nice to have basic table editing capabilities. The way you handle tables now is just lame.

      I like the audio recording feature (conceptually, at least) but it is hard to get enthusiastic about that when basic features fall short or just aren’t available.

      Sorry EN, I know you work hard and you have a long list of feature requests that users request. I for one question the choices that were made for feature selection on this release. Fix what is there before throwing more junk in the trunk.

      Just my 2 cents.

  • Stacy

    Thanks for updating the Mac version! Will a complementary iPhone/iPad app update be forthcoming??? Would still love to be able to share specific folders with another Evernote user.

  • Jules

    Love the update. I was just telling myself that it would be so much easier to post my note to FB and twitter then having to email it to everyone and poof there was an update lol. Will we be seeing this on the iPad soon?

  • Dale

    2.1 — great update! The search is much faster (I have around 2300 notes). Can’t wait to try out the audio notes. Thanks all, great job.


  • Rick

    Nice update. I appreciate the work that Evernote has done with this release. That being said, I’m still hoping for the ability to link notes in the not too distant future. Keep up the good work.

  • Uri

    Yes, please do something about improving working with tables. Including formatting appearance. Also, not being able to edit “Rich Content” notes on iOS devices is really annoying. You should allow at least adding non formatted content to an existing note, if you can’t offer full rich editing capabilities on the various devices.

  • Ian

    Can anyone suggest a good mac-friendly line-in microphone to record lectures into a new Evernote note now that we have this (awesome) capability?

  • Ryan

    Just me, or is Evernote on the mac still painfully slow? Oh, and printing a note with a PDF in it doesn’t work correctly. And new notes don’t show up in spotlight. New macbook pro and a fresh-install of EN. And this upgrade trashed my toolbar and default style settings. Ugh. I’d much prefer the dedicated, good-looking mac guys at EN take a month or two off from new features and put some much-needed TLC into speed/UX/polish.

    I still like EN and want it to do well. Keep up the good work, guys. I’ve got my fingers crossed that becoming “Premium” will once again soon be worth the money.

  • Robert Broach

    I still can’t use Evernote in Firefox 4 for Mac. Every time I try to clip to Evernote, I get a request for my user name and password–repeatedly–and cannot execute the clip.

    • Tony Steward

      Same here! It’s really killing my workflow!

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Any word on when it will show up on the App store?


  • Darren

    Anyone else still not seeing the update in the Mac App Store? I’m beginning to wonder if its an issue on my end.

  • Brian

    I still don’t see this update in the App Store. Is there always going to be a delay like this when you all release a new version? If so, why wouldn’t we be better off with a direct download and install?

  • Brian

    Why is the Mac App Store update taking longer, is this something on Apple’s end? Maybe I should switch to direct download.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      There is an approval process for apps, similar to approvals on iOS.

  • roger brady

    Do you have to download both onto a MAC laptop AND onto the Iphone? If so, do they automatically synch when you use them, or do you have to plug your Iphone into the MAC periodically to do that? sorry if this is a hopelessly dumb question!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      No cables necessary. Install Evernote on all your devices, sign into you account and everything will sync.

  • Karsten Seiferlin

    I observe a bug when I move a note to a different notebook, e.g. from the inbox to another notebook. The moved notes are still shown under inbox and are missing in the target notebook even though they show the correct, new notebook in their properties.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      I’m not seeing this issue. If you are on the latest version, then I suggest getting in touch with our support team:

  • Antonio

    Hmm – still not available on the App Store. What’s the hold up?

  • Paul Richards

    Is anyone else still waiting for the Mac App Store update? I’m really looking forward to the new sharing features. But it’s been over a week!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re hoping that the app will be available very soon. Apologies for the delay.

  • Greg

    Hmm,can’t seem t figure out how to DELETE a voice recording once I have inserted it into a message…
    any help?
    Thanks. Love it and live by it.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Once your voice recording is saved, you can delete if by placing the cursor after the recording and hitting the delete key on your keyboard.

  • Santi

    FINALLY VOICE NOTES! I thought I’d never see the day! That’s it I can retire from checking periodically the blog just to see when it’d happen. THANKS!

    • Jan

      I need ideas on how to benefit from the audio recording feature…how will you use it as you say ‘voice notes’ ?

  • PBLizard

    Really need to synch any audio to any text or written notes like Live Scribe does.

  • Malcolm

    Does anyone know how to download Evernote “audio files” from the internet onto the computer. I want the file so I can turn it into mp3 and turn that into a CD. Evernote only gives me the option to share the audio file and stream it from the internet. Any suggestions?

  • Rashi Verma

    It is truly a great and helpful piece of information. Thanks for sharing…!! recording app