Trunk Spotlight: Xobni’s New Evernote Integration Connects Your Memories to the People You Email

Trunk Spotlight: Xobni's New Evernote Integration Connects Your Memories to the People You Email

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 03 May 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 03 May 2011

  • App/developer name: Xobni
  • Platform: Windows
  • Price: Free, Xobni Pro: $7.99/month
  • Type: Email

Email is a great communication tool. But, when you’re communicating with people over email, you often want to have more information about a person–what you talked about during your last meeting, or why you should follow up with them. Enter the Evernote Gadget for Xobni, which lets you create notes that are associated with different people and emails, and have them be searchable and accessible from any device with Evernote, as well as right inside your Outlook inbox with Xobni.

Adding a memory layer to your contacts

Xobni, a popular plugin that adds a sidebar to Microsoft Outlook, provides multiple layers of context to your email communications, creating detailed profiles with contact information, email history, shared attachments and content pulled from social networks in your inbox. The new Evernote Gadget enhances the Xobni experience by incorporating your thoughts and experiences right into the Outlook interface. Now, you can instantly add notes to any Xobni profile, and have these notes be searchable both in your Evernote account and in Xobni.

Whenever you click on a person’s name in your inbox, you’ll be able to create a note that will sync with your Evernote account and always be tied to that contact. The Xobni Evernote Gadget automatically assigns a tag to your note (the person’s email address, by default) and lets you select the destination notebook. Once you’ve created your note in the Evernote Gadget, it becomes viewable every time you pull up that person’s Xobni profile–this way you always have all of the information you need related to a person or interaction in one place. In addition, whenever you update the note in Evernote, it will sync with the Evernote Gadget, so you’ll always have the most recent stream of thoughts at your fingertips.

How to get more out of your email interactions with Evernote and Xobni

Here are some of the benefits of using the Evernote Gadget in Xobni:

  • Search for a contact in Xobni to see any notes you’ve taken that include that person’s name or email address.
  • Associate your notes with your contacts.
  • Create a new note for a person and have it associated automatically with their email address.
  • Search Evernote right from Outlook to find and associate any note with a person or company in your inbox.
  • Sync your notes from Xobni to your Evernote account in real-time.
  • Update notes from Evernote and have these changes appear in Xobni.
  • Never lose track of your thoughts around a person or interaction.
The Evernote integration brings your memories into your communication channel, so you can be better prepared to make decisions and tie your relationship timeline with a stream of information that you can always add to.

For example, when you’re on a call with a contact, client, or colleague, open up that person’s Xobni profile and click on the Evernote icon. From there, you can take notes and jot down important stuff you might want to remember related to that conversation. The next time you interact with that person, you’ll see all of your notes alongside a list of recent emails and contact information. If you’re away from your computer and remember something you want to add to the note, just edit it in Evernote on your phone.

How can I get it?

To get the Evernote Gadget, visit Xobni’s Gadget Store. If you already have a Xobni account, just sign in and follow the instructions. If not, download Xobni for Outlook here. You’ll be asked to sign into Evernote and authorize the connection with Xobni the first time you use it. If you’re not an Outlook user, stay tuned: Xobni tells us that additional platform support is in the works.


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  • Vladimir Campos

    Any alternative like this for Mac OS?

  • A D

    So, when I authorize Xobni to access my Evernote notes: what does that actually mean? Any note? Only notes created by Xobni? Only notes in a specific notebook?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The Xobni Gadget is like a little Evernote in the Outlook sidebar. So, you’re able to create Evernote notes from it and view notes in it. Those are the things you’re authorizing the app to do.

  • Matt Brezina

    I’ve been excited for a Xobni note-taking extension since we started the company. I’m so excited that now with the Evernote gadget my dreams have come true. I think this will be very successful and loved by users. Way to go Evernote!

    -Matt (co-founder of xobni)

  • Janalee Redmond

    If using Gmail, Rapportive is an option.

  • Andrew

    Will the Evernote Gadget for Xobni be available to Gmail users?

  • Reny

    I use xobni for the past 1 year. This app enables me to access my outlook mails in mobile. Recently I saw a post about OutlookReflex app, which is similar to xobni. Any idea about OutlookReflex?