Evernote Web Gets List View

Posted by on 12 May 2011

Posted by on 12 May 2011

The new Evernote Web continues to get better and better. In addition to numerous behind-the-scenes improvements, this week we’re adding a much requested feature: List View. Sign into Evernote Web to see it in action.

List View

You now have two ways to display notes in Evernote Web: Snippets View and List View. To change the way your note list is displayed, click on View Options above the note list, then select List View.

When you initially switch views, the list will extend all the way to the bottom of the window. Once you click on a note, the note view pane will appear. As always, you can edit and share the note by clicking on the appropriate buttons above the note list.

You can resize the note view pane by bringing your mouse to the horizontal line above the pane, then click and drag to resize to your liking. To hide the note pane, click Close Note and you’ll be able to scroll through the note list at full window height.

More to come

Evernote Web keeps getting more powerful. Lots more to come…

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  • Julius

    This is great! But without native clipping for Firefox 4, Evernote isn’t as much fun as it once was…

  • Nicola

    Thanks for the update! 🙂

    One annoyance though – the Edit/Done/Save/Share/etc buttons are above the note list. All these buttons operate on a single note. So wouldn’t it be more logical to keep them closer to the note itself? (i.e. below the list, when the note is open)

    • Stephan

      Yes, the position of the buttons is something I also found irritating.

  • Osvaldo

    Is there any extension for Opera 11.10?

    • fivekitten

      I’m all for more support for Opera 11 too! I tried the bookmarklet, which worked in my old Opera, but seems to leave only script errors in Opera 11.

  • Owyn

    @Julius: Native clipping is working in Windows for me with the latest FF4 EN clipper extension.

    @Nicola: Agree. This definitely confused me for a minute when I tried to edit a note in List view.

    @Evernote: Thanks. This definitely improves the usability of the Web interface. This is especially appreciated on Linux systems which don’t have a native client.

  • Patti

    When are you going to add the “attach file” feature to the “new” Evernote? Without that feature, it’s useless to me.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Patti, this is already available:

  • Adrian

    @osvaldo you can use the booknarklet. Right?

  • Owyn

    Bug in List View.
    Saved Searches drop down not available.
    Still works in Snippet view.

  • Tom Scholfield

    I just tried it out and I think it’s really great. I am beginning to see how I would be able to use this exclusively on a chromebook.

  • el-flojo

    Like Julius, the only thing I’m missing is native clipping for FF4. When will you bring it back?

  • Steve Hudson

    This is really good, I’m enjoying the new view – thanks.

  • Say No! to the Office

    Good stuff. I guess I’ll be using Evernote web a lot more if I manage to get my hands on one of these Chromebooks!

  • Eddi

    I had switched back to old Evernote web because the list view was missing from the big update so this is good.

  • Kaminix

    I wish I could say this was great, but tbh I think this should’ve been in there long ago. Personally I do not only prefer this view, but I can’t stand the others. :p

    One plus though (I guess?) is that the web client is actually starting to look as good or even better than the desktop. Atleast on Mac. Same for the iPhone-version!

  • Andreas Duess

    The Mac Desktop client is riddled with problems when it comes to sharing notebooks. Although the entire team is on pro accounts, some of us can’t edit shared notebooks, while others, with the same setup, have no problems editing, but can’t delete anything.

    At least with webview, most things work most of the time.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  • Bill Petro

    I like it. Would love to see this in the Mac/Windows version: list of all notes, then click on one and you get a new split screen.

  • NewViewGreat

    The new view is great, but still unusable for most of my day. It really needs to have last notebook opened that the older version has… when I am at home, the cookie remembers where I was, when at work, the same.

    However, the new version opens to basically an all notes view, and I simply cannot do that at the office.

  • Doug

    Awesome Update. List view is superior.

    But I think there need to be more of a separation between the list and the note. The white background on everything makes the list and note blend together vertically. I suggest the title of the note, with the tags, show details, close note, etc. have a green background to it to really separate the list from the note you’re viewing.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • John R

    I too appreciate this new feature. Would it be possible to have it remember what journal we last had opened and what View Option and Sorting was last set? I dislike having to change it to the list view every time I log in.

    Thanks for all the hard work on the new web application (switching back from Windows desktop version which would always slow my computer down over time (memory leak?)).

  • David

    Snippet view looks great! Would love to see this feature on the Mac version. Thanks for the great product.

  • Kathleen

    I just signed into Evernote for the first time in a while and discovered the new list view feature — LOVE IT! It will definitely make me more likely to use Evernote regularly in the future.

    But is there a way to save “list view” as my preferred setting? As opposed to having to re-select it every time I log in? Thanks!

  • David

    Evernote is a fantastic tool, and an amazing accomplishment!

    I have a feeling I’m vastly outnumbered, but I intensely dislike the new Evernote Web layout. The list view is so large, and (for me, at least) not adjustable so that it takes up less screen real-estate, that the web application is inconvenient for me to use. I’ve switched back to the “old” view, which was much more usable for me, but I assume it will be going away at some point.

    Just my point of view, of course. And I hate to complain without having a definite suggestion for improvement, but I just don’t have one (at least not one that would not inconvenience other users).

  • Alice

    Great tool! Could we have it so the list view can be configured with the panes vertically as well? I would just like a list of the title of my notes, vertically down next to the note itself. Or perhaps you could change the “Left Panel” so that it expands like a tree to show the note titles? This would be great

  • Jimmy C

    As someone who has a large number of notes that have a lot of text, I’d like to see a horizontal split added as an option vs. the vertical split. I want to see my list of notes on the left, and the note I’ve clicked on the right. Love this app!

  • Jimmy C

    (sigh) I could’ve just typed “what Alice just said 6 days ago”.

  • Kris

    This is probably a stupid question, but what does the “Sync” column in the list view mean? If there’s a dot, it means . . . what? Thanks!

    • Kris

      Ah, drat — not only a stupid question, but irrelevant. Sorry!

      • betford2

        Not a stupid question at all…I was wondering the same thing. Some of my notes show dots while others don’t. What is the answer?

  • Len D'Alberti

    ok – I give up; where is “View Options” ? I don’t see anything above the note list… or is this a ‘premium’ feature?


  • amuramoto

    The user interface for the Evernote web client has changed slightly since this blog post was originally published. The ‘view options’ are now located in the lower-left corner of the Note List.

    • Len D'Alberti

      damn; should’ve spotted it – thanks!