Livescribe and Evernote – Keeps Getting Better!

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 23 May 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 23 May 2011

For those of us who love the feeling of taking notes the ‘old-fashioned’ way — with pen and paper — there’s something that takes these familiar products and does a lot more with them. The Livescribe smartpen lets you take notes the way you like and instantly digitizes your handwriting, records audio from your meeting or lecture and then sends it all into Evernote.

You asked, we listened a much better integration

Late last year we announced Livescribe’s integration with Evernote, which let you sync all of your handwritten notes to Evernote. That was the beginning; this is the evolution. Today, thanks to Livescribe’s Connect features, we’re excited to share with you the new, more powerful integration.

As part of the new Livescribe Connect setup process, you’ll be able to select Evernote as a Connector and sign into your account. Once connected, you can drag notes onto the Evernote icon in the Connect section of the Livescribe Desktop software, as well as do some other neat things. Here’s what’s new:

    1. Saving multiple pages into a single note:
      You can now group together multiple pages of your handwritten Livescribe notes and save them into Evernote as a single note. Just select each page you want to save from the Livescribe Desktop software or simply tap on notebook pages using your Livescribe pen once you have selected Evernote as a destination.

    1. Gesture-based shortcuts:
      One of the coolest features of Livescribe Connect is the ability to send your notes into Evernote using a handwritten shortcut. To do this, use your smartpen to draw a ‘Launch Line’ (a short back and forth horizontal line) in your Livescribe notebook drawn without lifting the tip of the pen. The pen will prompt you to create a shortcut (the display will show: “Command?”). Simply write Evernote above the line. Tap once to send to Evernote. Then, tap each page you want to save to Evernote. The next time you connect your pen to your computer, your Livescribe notes will automatically sync with your Evernote account.

  1. Pencasts:
    Livescribe’s ‘Pencast’ lets you connect your handwritten notes to recorded audio, so if you’re sitting in class, for example, you can take handwritten notes and simultaneously record the professor’s lecture. The notes and audio are combined into a Pencast PDF, which can be sent into Evernote. To let you know that the PDF contains audio, the title of the note in Evernote will include the audio recording time. By right-clicking on the Pencast PDF in Evernote and opening it in Adobe Reader, you’ll be able to watch your audio synchronize with your handwriting.

Why this is cool

Over the years, you’ve probably worked your way through dozens of notebooks that you have stored, lost or had to throw away to de-clutter. You’ve adopted digital tools, but you still love pen and paper. Now, you can still write the way you want, but you’ll be able to save all of your writing to Evernote, where everything is searchable and accessible from any device you use.

What’s next?

Livescribe Connect is the evolution of what continues to be a great partnership between Evernote and Livescribe, so expect more great things to come.

Get your Livescribe Smartpen today

Livescribe offers a variety of smartpens and notebooks to meet you needs. Check out the options by visiting the Evernote Trunk.

Download Livescribe Desktop for Mac and Windows:

Livescribe Desktop for Windows
Livescribe Desktop for Mac


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  • Fred Beecher

    So does this mean that we’ll be able to take Livescribe notes and play back the audio file from the point at which a given section of text was written? Because that would KICK. ASS!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes, Livescribe lets you do that. You’ll need to open the PDF in Adobe Reader to hear the audio synced with the text.

  • noscho

    In Livescribe Desktop for Mac v. 2.3.1 is no Evernote section in the sidebar. (Update not available.)

    • Andrew Sinkov

      There’s a link to Livescribe Desktop 2.7 in the blog post. Once you install that, you’ll see the new features.

  • Craig Ostrander

    OK I tried making the command line thing and tapping to send to evernote but no luck making that work

  • Craig Ostrander

    I think I figured it out. the 2.7 does not show up in update option so have to go get it manually

  • Craig Ostrander

    Well the auto sync to evernote will not work for me. Guess I am missing something, perhaps someone can write clearer instructions. I connect to evernote from livescribe. make the command line in a notebook and tap a few pages but they do not sync to evernote.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Craig, to create the shortcut, draw the line and backtrack over it. You should see the word ‘command?’ appear in the pen’s display. Next, start writing the word ‘Evernote’ above the line. You can select pages to send after you’ve selected Evernote as the destination to send your notes to. Hope that helps!

      • Craig Ostrander

        Yeah now I got it Kasey. I had to select Evernote as destination from the desktop client first. I was missing that part. Thanks for your help!

  • Bart

    I might even consider buying one now, it sat in my Wishlist tag for some time now.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Sue Glascoe

    I love being able to send the entire pencast – sound and animation – as a pencast PDF to Evernote!! Connect is amazing!!!

  • Z

    “Saving multiple pages into a single note:
    You can now group together multiple pages of your handwritten Livescribe notes and save them into Evernote as a single note. Just select each page you want to save from the Livescribe Desktop software or simply tap on notebook pages using your Livescribe pen once you have selected Evernote as a destination.”

    1. Is there an option to select multiple pages and import them into Evernote as seperate pages like the original implementation (from what I read)? While a lot of the time you’d definitely want to group them together, I can see a couple of use cases where you’d want them separate. Having to drop and drag each one by one would be tedious.

    2. Do you have to ability to export just the ink portion of the notes into formats other than PDF?

    • Michael

      Z, did you ever get a response to your Question 1? I have the same issue / questions.


  • Steve K.

    I have been using LiveScribe over the past year but this update finally makes a really useful integration with Evernote. Thanks!

  • Mich W.

    Yesterday, I installed the new Livescribe software for Mac (with Connect), and for the most part it worked as advertised (yay!). I was stoked because I use my Livescribe pen all the time, and love it. And I’d even written a support request for better Evernote integration. It’s nice when it feels like someone is listening. Unfortunately, I discovered some problems today. Anyone else have issues with the pen firmware/software update? Specifically when synching?

  • jeremy hemming

    Log-in and then b****y keychain is IT overkill, thank you

  • medgeek

    I had an issue after the firmware update. When syncing, livescribe created new notebooks instead of continuing to “add pages” to the existing.

  • Rolando Mojica

    Soy nuevo en esto y por lo que veo me va a gustar mucho. Lo veo
    muy completo y versátil. Espero no tener problema. Gracias.
    Rolando Mojica

  • sshall

    This is an exciting development. What would really be useful for me would be for Evernote to OCR the Livescribe handwritten notes so all were searchable in Evernote. As far as I can see (Evernote’s knowledge base states that PDFs of handwritten notes do not get OCRed) this is not the case even with this improved Livescribe integration. Am I right or wrong here?

    • Ben

      Looks like that’s right… I’ve just bought one and set it up expecting that this would work but no such luck… a little frustrating as you can search the handwritten notes in the LIvescribe Desktop client and you can search anything you’ve scanned in Evernote.


  • Guido

    The notes synchronization works excellent but a big dissapointment is the lack of character recognition. Evernote advertises the synchronized notes are searchable but even the simplest words go unnoticed, either in the desktop or the iPad client. Am I doing something wrong or is it just failing miserably?
    Also audio can’t be played through Evernotes itself and as it depends on Adobe only on the desktop, not on the iPad.
    The Livescribe desktop software does an excellent job at text recognition (only on desktop) and the iphone /iPad client syncs notes with audio.
    For now that remains the preffered solution for Livescribe owners, obvious feature requests: play audio through Evernotes client and OCR that works as well as it does in Evernotes itself.

    • Ron Toledo

      @Guido All of our character recognition happens on our servers. It sounds like the notes you are creating on either the iPad or desktop aren’t getting synced to the web where our servers index the images for search. Can you try hitting the sync button and then checking to see that the notes are available in the web version of Evernote.

      • Ben

        Hi Ron,

        This doesn’t seem to be the case – i’ve tried for days now to be able to search the text in the notes once synchronised from Livescribe to Evernote without any luck.

        I’m hoping that someone might know a way around this?


      • Ben

        The weird thing is that if you take a note created in Livescribe and convert it to a PDF and then add it to Evernote it is indexed for searching – BUT if you use the Livescribe Connect function to send to Evernote it is not.


  • Eduardo

    This certainly not a dig at Livescribe (I love the concept and have wanted to use one for a while now) BUT..

    I would think there would be a way on either iPad or a Android tablet to do everything that Livescribe does (handwritten notes, synchronized audio recording, etc) instead and skip the paper portion. Am I off base?

  • John tucker

    Ok so with the new desktop software it converts all notes to pen cast. I can’t listen to the audio in evernote on my iPad because there is not PDF software that will work.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can try installing the Livescribe’s Pencast player app on your iPad. When you view the PDF in Evernote, you should be able to send it to the Livescribe app to hear the audio.

      • John tucker

        Thank you I will try that

      • Brian Hill

        I tried that, but I cannot find how to send it. I am getting frustrated as I have audio that does not match up when I create a Pencast PDF and send it to the app directly. I have 13 minutes of audio that blanks out, does not match and has other issues. However, I send it to Evernote and it appears to be there. But it will not play on my mobile devices.

        • Andrew Sinkov

          Brian, I suggest contacting Livescribe about this. Pencast PDFs are a type of PDF that may require a dedicated player app in order to get the best experience on mobile.

      • Brian Hill

        But I am using the dedicated app. Working with them constantly, and they are being very helpful, too!

  • Dennis Meek

    Does anyone know how to export an audio only Livescribe file to EverNote?

  • allen

    how is this different from livescribe + google doc?

  • khalil

    usfuel device

  • Mark

    I’m using a Livescribe Echo with Evernote Premium and I’ve been testing MyScript for Livescribe, which does a really good job on OCR of my Livescribe notes. I don’t seem to get searchable PDFs in Evernote from Livescribe, so I’m adding the MyScript output to those notes where I want searchable content, but I would think Evernote could / should be doing that already. Am I missing something? Does Evernote only OCR printed PDFs, or will it read handwriting like MyScript does?

  • Carlos Carrasco

    I am thinking of purchasing one. But read about the issues with not being able to search for the content on evernote.

  • sam

    I want to know…does the live-scribe convert handwritten symbols/letters into “text” that I can edit it in “word” or similar software.

  • Christon Harris

    I got the echo pen a few weeks ago — I like it! However, I am sure I am not getting the most out of this technology. As far as applications (not programs), in what uses have you seen to be the most beneficial (out side of academic purposes)? Maybe I’m not that imaginative, but any help would be VERY appreciated!


  • James Glasbey

    Is the livescribe pen UK accessible and will all the software/evernote integration work in the UK?

    Looks like a fantastic technology. J

  • Ryan Adler

    WARNING: This feature does NOT work through a proxy! If you use a proxy in the office, you will NOT be able to sync Livescribe to Evernote through the desktop software!

  • Smoothbassman

    It got better. But it got super bad over the last 18 months. Do not purchase a Livescribe pen. The ecosystem is completely fragmented at this time.

  • Smoothbassman

    It got better. But it got super bad over the last 18 months. Do not purchase a Livescribe pen. The ecosystem is completely fragmented at this time.

  • hans peter meyer

    What is the current status (February 2014) of Livescribe and Livescribe Connect? I’m hearing that the software isn’t keeping up with the OS, that older Livescribe pens (like mine) are being left in the dust… An expensive piece of equipment to be outdated so quickly, if it’s true.

  • Benjamin

    I heard that evernote will type up the hand written notes for you somewhere but I never found a reliable source that confimed it.

    Can someone help?

    • Ronda Scott

      Hi Benjamin, Evernote will make the handwritten notes searchable by keyword, but we do not do transcription (word-for-word handwriting to type). Thanks for your interest!

  • Naomi

    How to get Echo Desktop to connect to Evertone?

  • Dave G

    Sorry for the newbie question. I have taken many notes with the Livescribe 3 pen and they show up, erratically in the notebooks in Livescribe. I’d like to get those notes to notebooks in Evernote. I assume this is possible, where can I go to get the information on how to do it. Any other direct information is appreciated. Thanks in advance.