9 Things to Capture from Your Twitter Stream and Apps to Help You Do It

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 03 Jun 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 03 Jun 2011

The stuff in your Twitter stream is fleeting, but there’s a lot being shared out there that’s worth remembering. Depending on how many people and brands you follow, you’re likely to see a lot of updates in your stream that you may not want to forget, but just don’t have the capacity to efficiently capture. Let’s go over some of the things you may want to grab from your Twitter stream and save to Evernote  — and some of the apps that help you do this in a very seamless way.

9 things to capture from your Twitter stream

Here are just a few ideas for the kinds of tweets you might want to send to your Evernote account:

  • Deals and offers: stores and websites will often tweet discount and promo codes — keep them organized in Evernote
  • Restaurant and other service recommendations: don’t ever have that “what was that restaurant I heard about?” moment again
  • Links to articles: a lot of people use Twitter to share content — don’t lose links to articles you might want to read later
  • Job notifications: if you’re on the job market and follow recruiters and HR professionals, capture tweets about new job openings and opportunities you might want to pursue
  • Tech reviews: follow technology sites and influencers and save tweets about reviews for products you might want to buy
  • Customer service interactions: take note of customer service interactions you have to follow up on later
  • Crowd-sourced feedback: if you have a robust following, use Twitter to gather crowd-sourced feedback and save it all to Evernote
  • Events: don’t miss out on events shared via Twitter — save tweets with links to event websites to Evernote; tag them with ‘events’
  • DIY tips: use Twitter to help you learn something, and keep it for reference in Evernote

Make your Twitter stream even more useful to you with several Trunk integrations that let you send Tweets to your Evernote so you can find them anytime. Connect your social stream with your memory stream and extend the value of tweets you see in the moment.

Send your tweets to Evernote with @myEN

You can send your Twitter messages directly to Evernote with @myEN. You can do this by following myEN on Twitter. The account will follow you back and send you a DM with a link that you can use to sign into your Evernote account and connect to your Twitter account. You can read more about how to make @myEN work for you here.

Apps that connect Twitter with Evernote


Twipple is a simple, free and easy-to-use Twitter client for your iPhone and iPad. With Twipple, you can save tweets that you want to remember to specific notebooks and tag them to make them even more searchable, or you can just save them with a single tap and let our powerful search find them for you when you need them.


TweetAgora is a Twitter client that allows you to filter your tweets. You can choose to filter by tweets with links, tweets with images, retweets, and even mute by person, keyword and @ replies. Create a customized stream based on any number of keywords, Lists and people to cancel out any ‘noise’ you might not want to see in your stream.

Filter down your Twitter stream to the information that’s most relevant to you, then save individual tweets you might want to remember later by sending them straight to Evernote.


A popular social networking app, Seesmic lets you send any tweets directly to Evernote from you iPhone or Android device. You can read more about the integration here.

TweetMe (Japanese)

TweetMe is an iPhone app that let’s you save one or more tweets to Evernote, nicely formatting the tweet along with the sender’s photo in your Evernote account.

More ways to share on Android

Many other Android Twitter apps (including TweetDeck and Twitter for Android) will let you share tweets to Evernote via the Share menu.

How do you use Twitter and Evernote together? Tell us in the comments.

Evernote Trunk Conference and Developer Competition

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  • Chris Ratcliffe

    I use the rss feed from my twitter page and feed it into ‘rss to email’… gives me a daily backup into Evernote.

    • Pavel Miksa

      How you did it? I cannot find the way how to get rss from my twitter.

      • Jane D.

        Pavel, to find this, I went to Google reader (or you could use another reader). I added a new subscription, as!/mytwitterusernamehere and when I did, Google reader translated it to the actual feed, but to see that, I had to click on “manage subscriptions” at the lower left of the Google reader page. Then I could see the feed:
        [where the “NNN” is a long number – I think it’s your Twitter user number].

    • Jane D.

      Hi Chris, are you using an app to do this (the rss to email part)? Or something within Twitter or Evernote?

  • Teresa

    I got tweetAgora a while back when I found the “send to Evernote” feature on it. I love it.

  • Adam B

    I use Twipple and have been very pleased with the app and my ability to either email or send tweets directly into Evernote.

  • Peter van Teeseling

    Great list! Also take a look at @ifttt a cool webservice that can detect a lot of information in your Twitter stream and create notes in Evernote. For instance when I favorite a tweet the tweet is adde as a note in Evernote.

    • Jenny

      I use IFTTT to append my tweets, mentions and retweets to Evernote too. It’s an excellent complementary tool to Evernote.

  • Hansoll

    Actually, When I found useful tweet, I make RT wit DM to @myEN with this format ie: “D @myen @somebody Evernote is good” then, my friendly myen carry it to my evernote account. Don’t need change your favorite twitter account!

  • Rob Sheppard

    I use Echofon, as well as the official Twitter app, but this method would work on any app that supports emailing Tweets. If I see a tweet that I want to keep/add to Evernote, I use the ’email this Tweet’ function and send it to a contact I have set up which contains my personalized Evernote email address. It’s literally a couple of taps. If you want to get fancy you can add commands/tags to the subject line to send it to a particular notebook or add tags. Easy.

  • Wil C

    I’ve been trying the beta and it’s going to handle this particular function automatically. I’m already auto-saving certain Tweets by people to it.

  • brewers_wife

    I use twidroyd on my HTC Android, I can share a tweet straight into evernote. simple.

  • JollyJAP

    I use InstaPaper to save tweets for later review, if they warrant retaining for reference or work I then save them to Evernote from there – this stops too much crud going into my Evernote account!

    • Bojan

      I am doing the very same thing!

  • WatOno

    When I find something that I want to clip from my timeline, I simply click on the “favorite” and have blogtrottr capture the favorites rss and send it to my Evernote.
    I also take daily backups of my tweets via twieve (Japanese.)

  • savagecabage

    every now and then i copy and paste my timeline into a note.
    i have one for 2009, 2010 and i have been tweeting a lot more in 2011 so it is spread over two notes so far. (it will be much easier when cloudmagic start indexing tweets as well as gmail)

    its useful for finding a link that you tweeted about this year/last year without having to scroll through all your tweets on
    or sometimes i cant remember whether i posted a link already so i usually do a quick search to make sure

    i also save favourite tweets using the evernote clipper to take a picture or if im on android i use screenshotit to take a picture of the tweet and send it to my twitterfavourites folder

  • Mynn Hong

    Thank you all for your opinions.

  • Josh Baltzell

    I just want all of my tweets automatically added to a note on a regular basis. Sort of like a journal.

  • TechJot

    I use Instapaper to save my Twitter favs to be read later and if I find anything interesting then I store it into Evernote.

  • Jeff Gehlhaar

    I usually forward interesting tweets into a ToDo app for sorting and deciding if I want to keep or tag the material, then forward to Evernote.

    However, that usually means I’ve got a bunch of style links in a note in Evernote that is not very useful. I’d love to be able to go into Evernote and say “upgrade in place” where it would then fetch the content from those links into my note.

    Any way to do this now via plug-ins or a step I’m missing?

  • Michael Krautwasser

    You forgot to mention, which already saves my Twitter and Facebook stream and all Foursquare Check-ins to Evernote and Google Calendar. Great nice tool!

    You also should check out, which also saves directly from different apps to Evernote.

  • Ed Ritchie

    Unfortunately, Twitter has withdrawn virtually all archiving functions as of 27th September: