Evernote Tops Ten Million Users

Posted by Phil Libin on 06 Jun 2011

Posted by Phil Libin on 06 Jun 2011

You know what I love? When you add an extra digit to something. 100,000 miles. $1,000,000. 10:00 PM. That click when a new 1 appears at the left and all the other digits spin back around to 0. So satisfying. Well, we just heard a really satisfying click at Evernote: we passed 10,000,000 registered users.

Here are some stats, and the comparisons since we last ran them about five months ago:

One of the most interesting things about our users is the number of different platform types that they use Evernote from. 75% use two or more platforms and some use as many as ten! It helps that we have native apps for Mac, Windows, Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, HP WebOS—with more on the way.

Ten million users seemed like an inconceivable number when we were getting ready to launch the service into open beta less than three years ago. Well, it wasn’t literally inconceivable; we actually put it on business plans and investor pitch decks and everything. Yup. 10,000,000 users in three years. That’s what we told people. We had really pretty graphs showing the projections. Reality is much more impressive than projections.

So, of course I’m really psyched about this milestone and want to thank the usual suspects. A big thanks to our partners and investors for the confidence you’ve shown in us over the years. A giant thanks to our employees – the best team I’ve ever been a part of. You just made a product that 10,000,000 have used. How awesome is that? Most importantly, I am extremely grateful to all of our users; to everyone who tried Evernote and everyone who stuck with it. We will continue working every day to make Evernote exceed your expectations.

About four months ago we announced inside the company that if we meet our goal of reaching 10,000,000 users by June 24th – our three year anniversary – we’d get every Evernote employee a shiny new iPad 2. We’re unpacking a lot of iPad 2’s this morning!

We’ve also got some ideas about how to celebrate with our users. Stay tuned for more.

Can’t wait for 100,000,000.


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  • Chris

    Congratulations, guys! I used to worry that Evernote might not last until I’m 80 but maybe I have nothing to worry about 🙂

  • Ufuoma Okoro

    I am so glad to be one of the 400,000 premium users. The Applications is the bum. Thanks Evernote Keep up the good Work. I hope to see more new features.

  • Evan Hahn

    Congrats! Glad to be a part of such a helpful product.

  • viteez

    wooow! congratulation! your apps is my favourite note app.

  • bzzzwa

    +1 for native Linux version

  • cwisnoski

    Congrats !!!! Love your app, have spread the word to my team at work and friends in general !

  • Bob Butterworth

    Great Job guys! I mention to almost everyone i know how much I love Evernote.

  • Larry

    Congratulations. As a premium user with over 5,000 notes accessed via 4 platforms (Web, PC, iPAD, Android phone) I’m glad you are there to help me remember everything.

  • Joe

    Wow! Some major growth going on here. Congrats on a great product!

  • Paweł

    Congrats! Now get to work!

  • Babs

    WOW!!! I’d like to follow all of the principals at EN around for awhile…GREAT BRAINS! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with the rest of us! But there’s something else… you do it with humor, class and a real appreciation for this ELEPHANT baby called EVERNOTE! I do Too. Thanks for keeping me organized and confident that I can find the info I heed When & Where I need it…EASILY! Kudos! Evernotedly, Babs

  • Babs

    WOW!!! I’d like to follow all of the principals at EN around for awhile…GREAT BRAINS! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with the rest of us! But there’s something else… you do it with humor, class and a real appreciation for thiis ELEPHANT baby called EVERNOTE! Thanks for the confidence that I can find the info I heed When & Where I need it…EASILY! Kudos! Babs

  • Karen

    Congratulations, EVERNOTE! Your numbers are as amazing as you are.

  • MARS822

    Props to ENote…the only service I think enough of to part with my hard-earned cash. Here’s to the next digit!

  • Viv Ilo Veith

    Hey! Where is our favorite graph – the layer cake one? Love that slide! Would love to see what it looks like at 10 million users. Congratulations to you all on the 10 million user milestone! I am teaching a class on “How to Use Evernote” tomorrow night. This will be a fun stat to share.

    • Shane Phillips

      Where is the classism not new to Evernote but it would be cool to find other ways to use Evernote

  • Brian

    Happy to be a part of those premium users. Keep up the amazing work, my annual charge definitely isn’t going anywhere! 🙂

  • Dex

    Incredible product indeed!

  • Shane Phillips

    Con grads I love using Evernote i am almost up to 800 notes since I started using Evernote about using Evernote again about 8 months ago. I use it on 4 different platforms i am trying to get more people to use it. Iam a premium user. I can’t wait for another espiode of your blogcast

    PS I use it on iPad,android,iPod touch,web

  • StudyBlue

    Proud to be your partner in furthering education via digital flashcards! Your users are an amazing group who we are learning a lot from. Looking forward to the day that index cards and stacks of random paper are obsolete!

  • Jeff

    Kudos on 10,000,000 users.

  • Troy Malone

    Great news of a tremendous milestone. Congrats to the whole team and the loyal, growing base of Evernote users. I think I will clip this post into my Evernote now!

  • Brian Zhao

    Congrats! Glad to be a part of such a useful product.

  • Nicholas Lum

    Congratulations on 10,000,000 registered users!

    Ever since I found out about Evernote, I really enjoy it! I really don’t know how many can get all their notes in 60 MB.

    I am glad to be a premium member. It is definitely worth it!

  • baramburum

    Why the independent metrics look different ?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      There are a number of reason why those numbers are not accurate. The main one is that the majority of Evernote users interact with the product through native mobile and desktop applications. Web analytics sites aren’t able to track that.

  • Scott Germaise

    Congrats. As premium user across two MacBooks, a Win7 PC, iPad and iPhone I find myself using Evernote at least several times per week and sometimes daily. Good stuff.

  • fjpoblam

    Congratulations, Evernote folk! And don’t you worry about MacOSX user loyalty after Lion. Apple isn’t imaginative enough to come up with a replacement for Evernote. Just keep to your root values as always, and you’ll keep your root user base. Evernote FTW!

  • Gregg

    OK 10 million. For the love of pete, WHEN will Mac get pin code security like Android (?) got 2 months ago, AND the ability to highlite notes in the app??

  • Alan Henderson

    Just to celebrate, what about that local client for Linux that we’ve been begging for?


  • Anon

    I’m one of the premium users. Thank you very much for the best note taking software.

  • Levi Wallach

    Been watching you guys and using your great service for over two years and am continually impressed with how you’ve built the app and the company over such a short period. Congrats on well-deserved success!

  • Dolly Nowinski

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