Introducing: Evernote Peek, The First iPad Smart Cover App

Introducing: Evernote Peek, The First iPad Smart Cover App

Posted by on 08 Jun 2011

Posted by on 08 Jun 2011

Several months ago, Phil and I were sitting in a plane playing around with the just-released iPad 2. Of all its features, the thing that floored us was the ingenious Smart Cover. It didn’t seem like an accessory so much as an extension of the device. As we sat there opening and closing the cover, a question struck us: could we use the cover to control an app that would make Evernote even more useful?

Turns out, the answer is yes. We give you Evernote Peek, the world’s first Smart Cover app. Available now.

What is Evernote Peek?

Evernote Peek is a free app designed to help you study, learn and strengthen your memory. Interacting with Peek is pretty intuitive. Once you’ve connected Peek to your Evernote account and selected your study materials, you simply close the Smart Cover and peek under it to see a clue. Raise the cover further to reveal the answer. To advance to the next clue, just close the cover and repeat.

It’s totally new, and yet feels as familiar as lifting a page.

Study your own notes and more

Peek turns your Evernote notebooks into instant study materials. When you launch the app, tap the Add button and sign into Evernote. The app will then display two tabs of notebooks. The first tab contains published notebooks provided by Evernote and StudyBlue. The second tab contains your personal Evernote notebooks. Select the notebook to add it to Peek. Once the notebook has been downloaded, tap on it, close the Smart Cover, and peek to start.

Creating great learning materials
Creating quizzes and study guides for Peek is simple. Go to Evernote and make a new notebook. Then, make some notes. The note titles will become the clues and the note bodies will be the answers. For best results, keep your title to around 50 characters and the body to 250.

Keeping score
Whenever you get a question wrong, tap the checkbox labeled Incorrect. You’ll be able to retest those questions later.

Quick iPad adjustments
There are two quick iPad adjustments that we recommend. First, turn up your iPad brightness to about 75%. Second, turn off your iPad’s auto-lock. Now, start studying.

Peek is perfect for…

Use Peek to brush up on a language, prepare for a test or remember a recipe. Want to keep track of people you met at a conference? Put their names into the note title and company into the note body in Evernote, then quiz yourself in Peek. Going on a trip? Make a notebook of the places you’re visiting with some information about each location, then go through it in Peek. The possibilities for this app are endless.

What do you think?

Building Peek was a fun project for us. We’re very curious to hear what you think. Let us know in the comments.

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  • dolphin

    Pretty nice, another example of combining hardware and software creatively.

  • Raman

    Very cool for teachers and parents. I see some game possibilities as well. Congrats!

  • abr

    now i love evernote even more. thank you!

  • Vikashan

    Great idea guys! this is something I need to start using for my exams next week haha

  • Jago

    Love the UI, although I probably won’t use this myself…. Would love to see the rest of the Evernote app in a similar UI style…

  • Napolux

    Really cool concept!

    • Jilles

      Yes indeed! 🙂

      • Napolux


  • Geoffrey Clapp

    Great UX – my guess is that Apple’s new Reminders app has similar functionality by the time it launches, as this is a very clever idea.

  • David Lynam

    Very Cool! I’m always excited by new ways to learn. If you’re looking for a web based app like this, take a look at WordStash ( It combines flashcards with a dictionary and games.

  • Abraham Klausman

    Why wouldn’t you just do this within the app?

    • pwrt

      I agree with Abraham, who seems to be the only other person to realize that there is no need for the Smart Cover. Why is it necessary to have the Smart Cover to make an app that is basically the same as any other flashcard app? In other flashcard apps, you can simply just touch the screen and the answer will then appear. I don’t have an iPad or a Smart Cover so the only reason I can think that this app is better than any other flashcard app is that it’s really satisfying to flip the cover up and down.

  • medgeek

    Finally a good reason to get an iPad2! 😀

    • Roberto

      This is *the* app I’ve been relaly wanting to get into. I know it is amazing, I just don’t utilize it very well. I am going to start, though, by using it to collect my thoughts for that book/class idea I told you about. Love the series idea, can’t want for more ideas! Do you know any that are good for Google Tasks?Have you tried Pulse? That is one of my favorites, I can read the news and my favorite blogs easily and fast, in one place!

  • wildnismark

    really great idea! So far I wasn’t sure whether it was clever to buy the smartcover with my iPad. Now I know it was and this will shorten my train rides to work!

  • Sonja

    As a devoted Evernote user and the owner of an iPad for exactly one day, I was very excited to learn about this new app. It’s brilliant in its simplicity.

  • Harsh

    All I can think of is: great way to cheat in exams 😛

  • Wagner

    Great job guys.

  • Pritam Pebam

    Awesome.. great idea!!!

  • Moolchand Jones

    This will encourage cheating during drivers exams

  • Marcus

    This is a great new thing. But adding a password feature would be awesome

  • Jim Perry

    Cool, I guess, but I’d rather see your efforts going towards an Android 3.1 tablet app first. The phone app on the tablet is pretty sucky.

  • Kalle E


    Would be perfect to learn languages also. Please add some kind of feature to share QnAs!

  • Matthew Bumbach

    This is fantastic! Is there a way to include symbols such as those used in music notation? I’m a college music professor, and I’d love to include this in my music technology classes.

  • medgeek

    “Go to Evernote and make a new notebook. Then, make some notes. The note titles will become the clues and the note bodies will be the answers.”

    I thought this was how the Evernote – StudyBlue integration worked. Instead notes imported from Evernote in StudyBlue become just simple notes and flashcards can be make only directly within the StudyBlue interface. I think this limits a lot the integration.

  • Marnix

    Can you make it show my shared notebooks

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • macpug

    As a recovering TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) patient, I’m always looking for ways to “retrain my brain”. Evernote has been my primary lifeline in being able to function relatively normally. Most people, unless they knew me, would have no idea that I have daily issues with short-term memory loss, among other things. Evernote has been my peripheral brain since it was first released, and has helped me achieve progress that my physicians didn’t think possible.

    My mother-in-law recently suffered a stroke, leaving her with expressive aphasia (inability to actually *say* what you’re thinking). For example, she might be thinking, “I want to go outside”, but what she says is “I want the refrigerator”. Then she hears that come out and gets really frustrated, because she knows that isn’t what it was supposed to be. The speech therapist has told her that flash cards will help, so I’ve been working with another app to do that. But, it’s been difficult for me, considering the issues I have myself.

    I’ve downloaded this and been trying it for the past half hour or so. I’m very impressed so far. My one little issue initially is that the clue can be rather long, depending on what you are testing. Since the clue is the title of the note, that makes for a really long title in some cases. I’m playing around with it to try to adjust things, but so far, that’s my only minor complaint. Great job, really enjoying the overall look and feel of the app. Thanks, Evernote, for once again helping to give my life some semblance of normalcy.

    • Sterling Zumbrunn

      Amazing story – thanks for sharing that.

  • Linda Vich

    Excellent idea!

  • TatianaMik

    Very cool. Any way to use this with an old iPad 1? I still have the 1 & would like to use it with Evernote Peek.

    • Philipp Stoltz


  • Jon

    Can I buy it now!!??!!!?!!

  • Raymond Peck

    This is brilliant!

    As an iPad 1 owner (and Android owner) I hope that you guys add a touch interface to the app so we out-of-date people can use it too. This is *almost* enough to get me to upgrade, but not quite.

  • Raymond Peck

    BTW, you guys really need to add a FB “share” link on your blog. Like’ing isn’t enough.

    • macpug

      Agreed. I’d love a FB Share link.

  • Eugene Evon

    Very cool and is actively engaging for young learners — the peeking aspect in particular.

    Any thought to using this flashcard approach with words, sounds, and images to teach reading skills? Sight word vocabulary and general reading would be perfect for this hide and peek app.

    Gamecenter integration for comparing quizzes and scores might be interesting too . . .

    “Evernote Jr.”

  • Mon

    Clever !
    Any way to randomize the questions / notes in a notebook ?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We hope to add that in a future update.

  • Mon

    Voice Over
    Any way to have Peek read out the hint/question aloud automatically + answer ?
    I tried by activating voice over – but still have to tap – would be better if triggered by opening cover.

  • Viv Ilo Veith

    Would love to see this work with photos! Or does it? Specifically I would love to be able to show photos of people I met at a conference or anywhere else and use Peek to help me memorize names. (I am pretty good at names already but with my unusual given name I think it is especially important that I remember the names of people I meet.)

    Now . . . I wish I had an iPad 2 to test it out on!

  • Sterling Zumbrunn

    Very clever idea. But can you please just focus on updating the iPad app to support shared notebooks and stacks? I’d feel more enthusiasm for fun side projects like this if your core offerings were up to scratch. We’ve been waiting awhile for iOS parity on Evernote features.

  • Ann-Caryn Cleveland

    Love the innovative thinking at Envato in taking normally stationary objects and making them learning tools. Makes us think, what else could we learn from?

  • Troy Malone

    Brilliant! I maintain a vocabulary list in Evernote right now. This app will make it much more functional for studying while on the go. An import functionality or the ability to syndicate shared notebooks would be tremendous! What a great opportunity for the educational market. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

    All this from a casual conversation on the plane! I’m impressed.

  • BGK

    Great! I’d like to create these quizzes within the app itself, and also for it to sync with my Evernote folders that I’ve selected (that way, I don’t have to delete and re-add). Thank you for making it free!!!

  • Simon Ng

    Very innovative. However most of time, we open up the smart cover fully. still a good idea and will find it useful someday. good stuff.

  • maria

    someone has a LOT of time on their hands…

  • Bart Bartholomay

    On the surface it looks pretty nice, but thinking about it why not just write an app that blanks the lower 80% of the screen – displaying the question on the bottom 20% – and then, with a two-finger swipe up display the answer in the next 30% of the screen. For more information on the answer another two-finger swipe up would reveal the upper half of the screen with that info on it.

    Using this interface would allow the app to function on both the iPad and iPad2 without the Smart Cover at all. MHO….

    • Vedran

      your idea sounds boring, sorry for that.

  • Sonny H

    Simply brilliant. I really like the way you guys think.

  • dave! I actually wanted to wait for ipad 3 and now you release such an app…

  • noname

    perhaps make a ‘peek eight ball’ game. when you lift the lower edge you get a question: ‘will I get married’ … when you lift
    the cover more, peek floats an answer up to the screen: “YES” when
    you close the lid, the ‘eight ball’ gives you another question.

  • Gary

    Clever, but not practical. There are a million flash card apps that do this better. After you drain your battery, buy one of them.

  • Martin Gumucio

    Beautiful work, well done.

  • Vedran

    Congratulations! This is so super cool.

  • Boudewijn

    what a creative idea and fun-app!

    This makes studying even more fun…

    you’re as good as your notes…

  • Thomas Getchius

    I think this is great idea to combine learning and fun. I’d love to see an option where evernote users could contribute their learning notebooks to the “public” domain to share learning.

  • Steve

    For some reason the app is just not working on my iPad. I would be happy to help troubleshoot.

  • Gideon Andersson

    Why care? who could seriously have that fickly ipad cover on in even the least demanding situations, like chucking it in the backpack?

  • Andi

    Very cool. The only thing I’m bummed about is the inability to use pictures for clues. (Since the clue is the title of a note in an evernote notebook.)

    I’m trying to re-learn to read music, and for that, I need the clue to be a picture of a note on a music staff. I tried the reverse, so the clue is C then have a picture of the note C on a staff, but that doesn’t seem to be as effective. Thankfully, there are other apps for this, although to use the flip cover and evernote peek is very appealing and I’m bummed I can’t use it for this purpose.

    I guess I would suggest the ability to flip – make the answer the clue and the clue the answer. Perhaps that could be a setting for each notebook. Also, remembering my school days, I often would practice the reverse – for example, learning the state’s capitals: if the state was the clue and the capital was the answer, then I’d practice again with the capital as the clue and the state as the answer. Having a flip as a feature would avoid having to create an extra notebook with the reverse.

  • Allan

    Me too…it’ s not working on my iPad 2

  • Per Olesen


    Would be cool if I could share my peek notebooks with friends.

  • Luis

    This is great –
    Are we ever getting rich text formatting on the ipad by the way?
    Or should I start looking for another notes service?
    Thanks a lot!

  • James Tyler

    I’d love to see this using a learning algorithm like Supermemo to improve learning results as well 🙂

  • marat

    Way cool, but creating notes is a nightmare. I compiled 50 questions for my kid in a word processor. Now I need to create 50 notes and copy-paste my questions and answers. Please implement a “bulk upload” for the notebooks: first string is a question, all the others an answer until an empty string that separates between questions.

  • Osama Salah

    Are you guys serious? Complicating something that’s already works perfectly with dozen of applications on personal computers, tablets, phones and calling it innovative?
    What’s wrong with you people? Never seen a flashcard app?

    • Shawn

      I’d assume they are serious. For one, I am glad I can put my content into evernote and then quiz myself on it. I don’t have to put my content into evernote and then put my content into flashcard app. This creates a structure to share tons of content. The only downside I see is the “smart learning” capability that other flashcard have. This could be added my showing charts of most viewed notebooks, or visuals to show you when a notebook was viewed last. Or show you questions first that you got wrong last time around. Lots of possibilities.

  • Ing

    It would be much easier if you could make the questions in the app itself, and not as separate notes.
    Thank you.

  • Ing

    When having a long question only a part off the question shows

  • Brian

    I THINK THIS APP IS INGENIOUS, I’ts easy to use and fun doing working with it. AMAZING

  • Bob

    How do I remove a notebook from the Peek app?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Tap and hold the notebook. A delete option will appear.

      • Bob

        I see. It only works with the notebooks I add. I was trying to delete the sushi quiz.

  • Patrick Santana

    Perfect! Really nice.

  • Shawn

    Love it. If taking suggestions, it would be nice to be able to control the question vs. answer. For example it would be great to have the question be the body of the note and the answer be the title. This would allow the question to be a picture and the answer to be text.

    • merlincilla

      That would be awesome!

    • Sean

      I agree, I am taking a language course and I use evernote peek for flashcards. I put my clue in french and the answer in english, but I am constantly wishing that I could instantly reverse the answer and clue within the app with just the touch of a button. My paper flash cards would do that by just flipping them over 🙂

  • Nicole

    LOVING PEEK! It is helping me and my friends study for the bar exam which is a PITA. So nice to have flashcards in one handy-dandy spot instead of on note cards. Two suggestions:

    1. Once a notebook has been installed to Peek, changes made to the Notebook don’t automatically sync. I have had to uninstall and reinstall the notebooks, which is kind of a pain.
    2. Make a way for longer notes to be visible. Could be as simple as allow the user to touch the answer to see the whole thing (in teeny font). Use that big screen!!

    Thanks so much. This is a great app!

  • Yang

    Hope you guys can improve it, so that it can display Chinese in Peek!

  • E. Jansen

    Peek is a great idea. I am a iPad1 user and was wondering if this learning app can also be used in a different way by people like me, who are still very satisfied with their iPhone3G or iPad1?
    Of course it’s a great job of adapting to the new technologies by Evernote.
    Being a learning tool, making it backwards compatible with older devices increases use and truely helps an even bigger crowd.

  • Rhyna

    Great app! Does this work without the smart cover e.g. does it work with a piece of paper, for example?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The sensor on the iPad 2 is magnetic, so covering it with a piece of paper won’t be enough to trigger it.

    • Andy

      I am a teacher and will have a classroom set of iPad 2’s this next year. The smart cover was not in our budget so I just tried a refrigerator magnet and paper. Once I figured out placement, it worked like a dream.

      • Chase Adams

        Don’t know if you’ve seen it yet, but there is now a virtual cover, so you don’t have to have the Smart Cover anymore.

        Hope that helps Andy!

  • Denise

    How can I share my Peek Quiz (notebook) with my friends?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Right now, you can export the notebook from Evernote on the desktop and email the .ENEX file to your friends. They, then, import it and will see it in their Peek. We hope to make this process more straightforward soon.

      • Phdmommy

        How do you export? I don’t see that option in Evernote….

        • Andrew Sinkov

          To export a notebook using Evernote for Windows or Mac, select the notebook then choose Export from the File menu. You can also export notes by right clicking on them.

      • phdmommy

        Thanks for the timely response! But, I’m not following… am I in the Evernote app while I do this or on Evernote Web? I don’t see an export option when I select my notebook on Evernote Web. I see Import but no export. I’m on a MacBook

        • Andrew Sinkov

          You need to have Evernote installed on your desktop:

          Evernote Web does not have this capability.

      • phdmommy

        Thanks – turns out I don’t have the os x version required… I’m running 10.5.8 & can’t download os 10.6 so need to go buy software : (

  • Policarpo

    Wonderful and inventive app. I was wondering if the selection of notes with a Quiz Notebook was random. I’d like to create a random word generator experience using peek but I want to make sure that the cards chosen are of a random nature.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Melnee

    Why doesn’t my peek work? I put my smart cover down and nothing. I lift it slightly and still nothing. Am I missing a setting on my iPad2?

    • Ron Toledo

      @Melnee There are two quick iPad adjustments that we recommend. First, turn up your iPad brightness to about 75%. Second, turn off your iPad’s auto-lock. Let us know if it doesn’t work after trying those two adjustments.

      • Danella

        Hi, I have the same problem, and i’ve tried your suggestions. Any other ideas to make the peek function work?

      • Vyas Bharghava

        @Ron: I am havint the same problem. Tried both the settings. Still no dice…

        • Ron Toledo

          @Vyas if you are still having issues could you please contact our support team: They can help you figure out what the issue is.

      • Adam

        Tried both and still doesn’t work for me.

      • Stine

        I have this problem too, and I discovered that the magnet that turns off the screen doesn’t react either to the Smart Cover or a refrigerator magnet – like Andy suggested further up – when the settings are set to NOT lock the iPad with the Smart Cover. When I make the Smart Cover lock the device, it works perfectly both with Smart Cover and a refrigerator magnet. A bit annoying, and I can’t understand why this happens..

    • Ed

      Great stuff? Would love to see a random function and also be able to display more characters. Touching some button would show the whole note as one commenter cleverly suggested.

  • ddc

    Cool app. Notebooks should sync up with Peek as new cards are added to the notebook.

  • EC Lewis

    Great app! How can i change the font size so my questions (“clues”) fit? Right now, they are getting cut off.

    THanks, Evernote!

    • Meg Ahrenberg

      i would like to do that too! i have some long clues that won’t fit the screen, i even tried to make the font smaller on evernote and then re install the notebook and it didn’t change
      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it so you can make the font smaller or add a scroll bar so you can see your entire response!

  • Rolando Mojica

    For the time been and new in this I have not up to now any problem
    with Evernote. I think little by little I will be catching all the
    esential of this handy program.

  • bob

    I cant even figure out how to make a plain old quiz for myself! i try to add MY OWN notebook and create one but it wont let me! its like it doesnt want me to create a quiz for myself! and also its so idiotic of them to require the sushi quiz to remain on there when i dont want it!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Just to make sure we’re on the same page, you’ve created a notebook in Evernote, synced it, then you are unable to add this notebook into Peek. Are you seeing the notebook in Peek? Does it not download fully? Can you explain the issue a bit more?

      • bob

        ahh never mind i figured it out thank you though

  • Dan Sullivan

    Super. Create an app for sneaking answers during a test. Good for you, just when we needed.

    • Meg Ahrenberg

      HAHA nowadays you can’t have anything on your desk during a test. and lifting the cover up and down isn’t exactly sly. Im a college student and its an amazing tool for studying

  • Andrew K Kirk

    What a great idea. I wish there was an ability to add photos. You could use it learn people’s names and faces. That would be great for networking.

    I did including the Peek app in my post “3 Great Ways to use Evernote for Social Media”

  • Eden

    Guys, I really like it. Just used it to make myself a quick practice test for a math placement test i have to take tomorrow.

    FYI random dude up there. Flash card apps are awful I’ve deleted everyone I’ve ever had within the first 10 minutes.

    This I will keep for a long time.

  • Tall1

    I could not get peek to do the page turn initially. I then switched off the Passcode Lock but switched ON the ipad Cover Lock / Unlock in general settings. It works fine now.

    • Patty

      That fixed my problem! Thanks Tall1!!

  • Mai

    Will you consider a way to import flashcards from flashcard exchange?

  • Arnout

    I like the idea – unfortunately with security on your iPad (for good reasons – company email) – I have to type my password every time I close the lid. Could you think of a workaround?

  • Anzumana Taal

    first of all i love evernote. Wouldn’t know how to live without it anymore.
    I am a premium user for a while now. This new app (evernote peek) is a great idea for learning. (Much like studyblue)
    But to me it feels like this app could kill my ipad2 really quickly if i would use the app for serious studying.
    I study at a germany university right now.
    I always try to do everything digitally and evernote is a great help in that regards.
    But i cant imagine long study sessions where i turn my ipad on and off all the time ?!
    Wouldn’t that damage the device?
    If there would be a way to use the app without the cover that would be great.
    My idea would be to implement an animations like the one turning the pages in ibooks for the peek and a swipe with 3 finders or so for the next card.
    that would be awesome.
    keep doing what your doing .
    kind regards.
    anzumana taal

  • Sasha Verhage

    Like some others, the “flip to next page” doesn’t work for me (i peek, then lift up cover, select “(In)Correct” and close… click the Play button… nothing works. Sometimes i can’t get past the intro page. Maybe there is a bug?

    I have tried unsuccessfully:
    * Closing and restarting app.
    * Restarting ipad
    * Changing brightness to above 75%
    * Turning off Autolock

    Any other ideas? Please advise

    • Sasha Verhage

      based on Tall1’s recommendation:
      ” switched off the Passcode Lock but switched ON the ipad Cover Lock / Unlock in general settings.”

      It works fine now.

  • Alan Gandy

    Don’t have an iPad 2? Use with any mobile phone, pc, mac, android, Facebook, Google IM, AOL messeenger, Yahoo chat, ICQ, etc.

  • JP

    Would be great if there was an option to use this with the original iPad or if you don’t have the smart cover.

  • Koduckgirl

    First off I LOVE Evernote Peek it’s actually why I bought my iPad 2 and mine totally works and it is an impressive bit of magic but… the new update boasts 14 dif languages so uh where are they? All I see is Spanish and Chinese and one notebook of French Audio lessons!

    I would love to see as much French and as there are already Spanish and Chinese! How bout Italian too or how bout a pull down that lets you select the language. Also the ability in Evernote to create audio flashcards like you have inticed us with in the beg French one and the bird calls one I would practice French and/ or record my French teacher and create Peek notebooks that way…

    So far the example notebooks are useless to me, the languages are frustratingly limited!
    please add more French ones
    Love the Peek App tho! Cheers KDG

    • Andrew Sinkov


      When we refer to the 14 languages, we actually mean that the app is localized into 14 languages. That relates to the interface of the app (German users see a German interface, for example), not the actual notebooks and content.

      We do hope to add lots more interesting content in the future.

      • Koduckgirl

        Oh ok that makes perfect sense silly me! Well I love it so far and look forward to more audio selections maybe in French hint hint meanwhile I will create my own


  • Jim Dvorak

    I teach Biblical Greek. I was able to create audio Peek Cards corresponding to the lists in the grammar text book. Yep, it supports Unicode Polytonic Greek font! Thanks, Evernote, for helping me help my students learn.

  • AngelaN

    I don’t own an ipad, nor I want to, but this app is genious. I am an avid evernote user. However, my studying strategy involves lots of flashcard style Q&A and this is difficult to do with evernote, so I’ve had to move the core of my studying to slide software [and anki]. If you ever come up with a way to implement this in evernote for iphone 3GS and/or windows I will be very very happy.

  • Don Jackson

    Why can’t I Just find out how to make new notebooks? I ask how to make notebooks and get answers to everything else… HOW TO MAKE NOTEBOOKS on a 3G.I-Phone.. Nothing else, just and only MAKE NOTEBOOKS on 3G I-PHONE….thanks…

  • KK

    Love this app! The new virtual cover makes it even better. Now that the virtual cover is an option how about turning off the Horizontal lock so that you can use your IPAD cover stand the taller way like while watching movies. Also now that you have the virtual cover how about making a version for the iPhone.

  • Micaela Stehney

    Interesting post. Found it on yahoo and was a good read, thanks for posting. Do you have any other blogs?

  • Lauren

    Love this app! I can download the power points from my Vet Tech classes and look at them whenever I want! It might just be me but I can’t figure out how to import those power points into peek! Help!

  • LMS

    I really wish it would show long questions ans answers in the app. When I first create the note everything is fine, but when I quiz myself only part of the questions shows. What a bummer. If there was a font size on the app itself, then this app would be worth while. Until then, I’m a little disappointed.

  • Hasan

    I am a fan of Evernote and have been for a couple of years now. I’ve introduced several people to it and it simply made my phone into a quick note taking device.

    I use flashcards to study ALL the time and the fact that I can combine that with evernote is the best news i’ve heard all year.

    However, currently I use Anki – a program that allows us to rate our incorrect or correct answers in more detail rather than simply saying correct or incorrect. That way, we are able to come back to the most difficult cards most often and the least difficult cards less frequently.

    If Peek could implement such a feature, there is no question, what so ever that I would switch over and bring others with me. Thank you and Good Luck!

    Sincere Evernote User.

  • Daniel O'Connell

    Love the app! I’m using it to reinforce learning Spanish. How do I add audio to the clues?

  • Dogluver

    One question: in the telling time in Spanish notebook, it always says cuatro (4) instead of quince (15)
    For example, when it asks for 1:15 PM it says la una (1) y cuatro. Is it supposed to be like that? I’m a little confused. Could you fix it in an update if it’s wrong?


  • Michael Zapata

    Is there a user community site where people are posting their study notebooks that can be loaded for use with Peek? I have two grade school children and would love to be able to find flash study sessions that people have created at their age level and appropriate to the subjects they are learning. I would pay for access to this kind of material.

    • Ron Toledo

      This is a great idea. We’ve created a new topic on our discussion forum where people can share their notebooks. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Eric

    How do you make the note cards I can’t figure it out

  • Ranroun02

    Guys im not knowing how to create a notebook .. Well actually i downloaded 1 but im not knowing how to edit them .. Can u plz help ? Tx 🙂

  • Henry Strauch

    Peek is a great idea, I even went out and bought a smart cover to utilize it, but its practicality is very limited. Being limited to having to make a new note for every topic or question is no different than any other flashcard app. Study blue is okay at making flashcards, but these do not integrate into peek, so whats the point. Study blue is worthless on its own without an iPad app, especially since you can only access it if you are on the internet. Would be great to add a button or something to Evernote where you can go through a long page of notes(e.g from a class lecture) and simply highlight your questions and answers accordingly. This would make Evernote + Peek a truely efficient study tool that i would use across all of my platforms.

  • marlowesfu

    Maybe I have missed something. Okay I get evernote peek; it is great. I can make all text peek “flashcard” type peeks. What I would like is to include an audio on the peek rather than the clue, if that makes sense. So, for my daughter, I would like to lift first flap she sees “cat” then second flap and is told (I record an audio note) “cat.”
    maybe I missed something but when I try she sees cat AND hears cat on first flap.

  • VoiD

    Works great on my iPad. Love it!

  • jlo


    there needs to be a way to either auto-fit the size of the text, or tap or scroll to see text that doesn’t fit in the box

    thank you for a great app otherwise!!!

  • new ipad review video

    Will the heat on the new iPad warp? the shape of the skin?

  • Ethan

    Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity.

  • Debra Boddie