Evernote for iOS Gets Social Sharing and More


Evernote for iOS Gets Social Sharing and More

Posted by on 13 Jun 2011

Posted by on 13 Jun 2011

Over the weekend, Evernote for iOS got some nice new features and a heap of under-the-hood bug fixes and improvements. Here’s a look at what’s new.

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Sharing notes to Twitter and Facebook from your iPhone, iPad and iPod

Having Evernote on your iPhone and iPad allows you to capture great ideas and moments whenever and wherever they occur. Now, you can also share those notes with friends across your entire social graph with a quick tap.

To share, open a note then tap on the share icon. A list of options will appear, including Twitter, Facebook and Email. Both Twitter and Facebook require you to first sign into the respective accounts, then allow Evernote to post. You will only need to do this the first time. Next, you’ll be asked to confirm. Everyone you share with will then be able to view that note.

This is a big step forward for sharing on iOS. Support for shared notebooks is coming soon.

New sorting options for notebooks and tags

If you’re a fan of getting to notes through the notebook and tag lists, we have some new options that will make your experience much more pleasant. In both the Notebook and Tag screens, there’s a new ‘i’ icon in the top left corner. Tap it to view sorting option. You can choose to have your lists sorted alphabetically or by note count. You can also hide notebook and tags that have no associated notes—making your lists more manageable.

Landscape Snippets on iPhone and iPod

We’ve added a new view when you turn your phone on its side: Landscape Snippets. To view it, simply turn your phone when in a list view. You’ll see a big thumbnail, if there is one, and text associated with the notes. Landscape snippets are more information-dense making them great for browsing.

Many, many improvements

This update also includes many improvements to search speed, note caching, synchronization, general stability, and much more. We have lots of great new stuff in the works for iOS. Stay tuned.


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  • derek webb

    any chance support for stacks is coming to ios anytime soon?

  • Josef

    I hope to see these changes in Android as well.

  • V

    Stacks. Rich-text editing. When is it going to happen?

  • Mark

    Happy the bug for Mailing a Note got fixed.


  • Chris Gonzales

    When you say that you have lots of great things in the works for iOS, does that include a letter sidebar on the tags page (a la phone contacts or iPod) so you can quickly find the right tag? This has been my most-wanted feature for a while now 🙂

  • RJC

    I would love to be able to optionally see nested tags (tags grouped by folders, like in desktop Evernote) and support for stacks on iPhone/iPad.

    Multi-level stacking would also be appreciated across all platforms.

    • Jim

      Yes, showing nested (hierarchical) Tags and Notebooks would be a great help, particularly to those of us that have a lot of tags in total, but are managed easily when nested.

      This would allow us to find and select the tag of interest much, much quicker, which, of course, we always need to do when on a mobile device. The pressure to respond quickly is almost always there.


    • Brian

      +1 for nested tags. One of the top reasons I still prefer to do my heavy-duty Evernote usage in Desktop version.

      • Paul m

        Nested tags in iOs would change my life!!!! :-). Please!!

      • Christian

        Nested Tags would make me a better boy!

        Please, Evernote! Make nested tags for iOS available!

  • Daniel

    Wonderful progress, keep up the good work!

  • Doug

    hope to see a windows phone version of evernote sometime soon 🙁

  • thomas

    Social sharing is the best Supplement for Evernote! Very usefull!

  • Blair

    Awesome! I love Evernote iOS. You guys rock!

  • Tekacs

    Re: Stability improvements – hurray! 🙂

  • Jim

    You forgot to mention one of the most important new features:
    Partial Support for Note Links.

    While links to other Notes can not be created in the iOS client, at least the iOS client will now display in a separate window the Note in a Note Link. These links, for now, can only be created in the Windows and Mac EN Apps.

  • Alexei

    How about viewing shared notebook on iPad?

  • Todd

    Naturally the “Bug Fixes” and stability improvements are welcome BUT what about!

    Finishing the Notebook sharing implementation so linked Notebooks are visible on all platforms.

    Redesigning the “Notebook Stack” model. Notebooks should be able to contain Notes or other Notebooks to any level of nesting.

    Being able to edit rich text notes on mobile platforms (eg iPad).

    Fixing the reason that text I have cut/paste and rearranged in the PC client appears in a tiny typeface on my iPhone and iPad after syncing.

    I understand some users may value being able to “Tweet” their notes but personally I would prefer some effort being applied to finish the fundamentals.

    I saw your publicity about the number of registered users milestone. How many “Active” users do you really have? What’s the abandonment rate after newly registered realise the issues and limitations?

    I’ve been a paying user for two years now but I won’t be renewing again unless some fundamentals get addressed.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Todd, we’re working on a number of things you mentioned. Rich text editing is a highly requested feature, and we hope to have significant improvements available soon.

  • Yuri

    How about clipping web pages from Safari in iOS?

  • Leon

    I use Evernote As a “Content Repository”. In addition to share on Twitter or Facebook I’d like to see a feature like post to tumblr, blogger, wordpress or posterous, including GPS data and tags.

  • Elefante

    does this finally have a simple “enter a password” function to give my evernote another level of added security. i have tons of really private notes and i really hope you guys have added this feature. just like the dropbox app that allows you to choose whether you want to require a simple four digit key before the app opens!


    • Brian

      +1 for “enter a password” function to keep my kids out of my evernote app on the iPad.

  • Terri H.

    OK… but now every time I try to open my “Favorites” folder on my iPod Touch, the app crashes. 🙁

  • Jeremy

    Sounds good but I was hoping for support of shared notebooks. I paid specifically for the capability and am still waiting. At least my Android has it.

  • Gary

    PLEASE!! -> ink notes for ipad <- PLEASE!!

  • Cut architectures

    Paid 2 yearly subscriptions for our shared notes believing in your “coming soon” about sharing on iOS, it’s now over 6 months so we’ll use another service shortly if it’s still not supported, can’t believe you didn’t push it harder regarding your loss in pro / business users

  • Kevin Swan

    No matter what I do (including, of course, complete deletion/reinstall), I can’t get the iOS version (on 4 different iOS devices) to work right.

    1: I have a large notebook I’m trying to sync for offline access. It crashes after about 30 mess of DL.
    2: Most notes don’t have content. The notes are there, I click, and if a PDF is included, I get just a white screen; no link to the PDF to open.

    It’s been like this since version 3, and I’m considering not renewing my premium membership, sadly. I love EN, but if it doesn’t work on my iOS devices, it’s useless to me.