The Evernote Developer Competition: App ideas

Posted by Ron Toledo on 14 Jun 2011

Posted by Ron Toledo on 14 Jun 2011

The Evernote Developer Competition is now well underway, with hundreds of developers hard at work creating the next generation of apps that work with Evernote. Many of those developers already have great ideas for what to build, but others are still looking for inspiration. We’d like to pass along some ideas that we’ve had and let our users add their suggestions as well.

Ideas for apps that create notes

Our 10 Million Users, 10 Million Uses giveaway encourages our users to share their Evernote stories. What better way to share your favorite use of Evernote than by developing an app focused on a specific area that you’re passionate about? We envision an entire category of integrations focused on helping users capture structured information and store it in Evernote. They might also integrate with other services such as maps, calendars, Yelp or Foursquare to provide the user with additional information.

Here are some ideas for apps that help a user capture valuable and interesting information in Evernote:

  • Meal history
  • Takeout menus
  • Beer and wine impressions
  • Gifts
  • Dream journal
  • Trip planning
  • Hikes and outdoor activities
  • Fishing log
  • Photo shoots
  • Workouts & gym schedules
  • Class schedules & syllabi
  • Car maintenance & repairs
  • Garden plantings
  • Product serial numbers
  • Rebates and deals
  • Personal movie reviews

Ideas for apps that use notes

Last week we launched Evernote Peek , which is a great example the sort of app we hope to see in the competition. Peek helps a user get more out of the notes that they already have in Evernote. A common theme for most successful integrations is that they convey a simple message. For Peek, that message is Evernote helps you study. Here are some other ideas:

  • Remember last year – receive daily emails containing an Evernote memory from last year
  • Create a scrapbook or moodboard – extract notes from a specific notebook and assemble a well-designed scrapbook
  • Find restaurants – show restaurants you’ve saved in Evernote that are near your current location
  • Citations and bibliography – use metadata from clipped notes create an instant bibliography for research projects
  • Presentation maker – turn your Evernote notes into PowerPoint or Keynote presentations

Find your own way

These are just a few ideas to help get you get your creative juices flowing. To allow developers and users to share and discuss integration ideas, we’ve added a new forum where you can join the discussion and get inspiration. If you’re not planning on building an integration, but have an amazing idea for something you would like to see, leave it as a comment below. Who knows, maybe someone will bring it to life.

Developer webinars:

Developer meetups and hackdays:

Sign up now

If you’re a developer and this most motivated you to build something, it’s not too late to get join the competition. Sign up now and we’ll get you everything you need.


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  • Bart

    Developers of the world:

    What Evernote needs is a simple & fast way to show notes, that is all.

  • Glyn Simpson

    Here’s my idea, for free. I’m not planning on developing it.

    I had a thought you could use Evernote as a time-lapse photography system. The scope would be to use Evernote as a way of viewing images from a camera remotely.

    Hook up a webcam and add some sort of GUI for configuration (for example, how often pictures are taken, selecting a webcam, Evernote login details).

    Every interval take a photo, and then upload directly into Evernote, either replacing an existing note, or creating a new note if you want more of a timeline.

    I don’t have time to develop this (even though I possibly could), and decided against spending time mainly because I subsequently discovered the auto-import folder.

    However, I can see its uses when no local Evernote client is installed. You may need the premium data plan though, as uploaded pictures may exceed your allowable monthly upload limit quite quickly


  • Paul Povolni

    Hope someone’s working on a Rich Text Editor for Evernote iPad/iPhone 🙂
    Linking notes to contacts

    • Bart

      Markdown completely makes RTF useless for me.

      Having a link with contacts in Evernote notes is a good one, but I think it should be in the default Evernote app.

  • Will Dungee

    I would love to be able to track and create a report of my expenses (with receipt images) and mileage.

  • Sam Hight

    Comparable software programs have these useful features/apps that I have not been able to find or learn about in Evernote:

    1. Tablet support to just write on empty space with a finger or stylus and save the sketch or note this way. Doodling power is power indeed, and the ability to share doodles adds the social factor which would be great for Evernote spreading.

    2. A simple way to record audio or video clips using a device’s in-built microphone or camera. The emphasis has been on pictures but audio (and linked with real-time doodling) has huge educational potential. Something similar to CamStudio would be mind-blowing and would see me use Evernote 10 times more, at least. This would lead to my students using Evernote also.

    3. Live update and collaboration on notes so that multiple people can work on a document and see other’s changes and comments at the same time.

    Feel free to contact me via email for clarification on these ideas. I will not be developing these as I don’t have the specific knowledge or time to learn how, though I know that it can be done.

  • Jim


    I believe this is a huge category for which there is not one good iOS or Mac app for capturing meeting notes. For sure there is nothing that connects with Evernote. For the iOS app I see this mainly as an iPad app because you just don’t have enough screen space on the iPhone.

    This “Meeting Management” app could be as simple or comprehensive as you like. You could start out simple with just providing a form/template to capture meeting notes. Then you could expand into Meeting Planning and post-meeting follow-up.

    Your app would provide a form for entering all of the standard meeting data (D/T, Purpose, Participants, Location, Meeting Organizer, Notes, Action Items, etc). You could then format this into HTML tables and save the data to Evernote.

    The form MUST support Rich Text.

    I have much more details than can be provided here. If you would like to discuss, send me an email to jmunderwood11 AT, and include “Evernote” somewhere in the Subject line.

  • James Byford

    storing/sharing of urls/tags with

  • Jeff S


    I use Evernote to keep and sort notes & quotes from my Kindle. As a public speaker it makes managing quotes very easy.

    I’d like an app that took my clippings, either through direct upload of the clippings file or through integration with and output each individual clipping as a separate note. Quotes could then be tagged later.

    Wouldn’t that be great??

    • Rachel

      I’m with you Jeff. I actually came on the site today to post just that idea…glad someone else thinks this is a great idea. Please developers…this is a logical app and we all know how many people are using the kindle app.

  • savagecabage

    blogging using evernote would be nice (as in writing up the post in a note and then just being able to publish it from the right click menu)
    although that is something that evernote could probably do within the app themselves. you can email blog posts into sites like wordpress and posterous, but if you email a note to your blog straight from evernote you get the title up the top saying “from evernote” so it doesnt work that well because of that.

    but maybe somebody could make up something with some more features, like updating a post after its been published etc.
    im sure there is a ton of people who make rough blog posts in evernote before they post them up so this would be handy.

    i also hope some devs from google are going to enter the competition too as it would be great to see some integration with gmail, it would make searching through emails a lot easier/quicker. cloudmagic have that that feature at the moment but there is no way of getting the index into evernote.

    twitter indexing is coming soon to cloudmagic soon as well but hopefully somebody will make something like that sooner for this competition.
    i copy and paste all my tweets into evernote so i can quickly find a link i posted, but its messy as it copies in all the thumbnails and other formatting. just plain text would be great!

  • Yuichiro Ueda

    I love Evernote. I’m using Evernote everyday.

    I have an idea for Evernote development.

    My idea; Collaborative Consumption using Evernote (Project EverCycles, Evernote Version)
    1. Make your wish list with Evernote with text and image
    2. Put tags and keywords (optimal numbers?)
    3. Open for public (Cycles share)
    4. Somebody who can fulfill ones wishes link the note
    5. Cycles agencies (Need & Seed)
    6. PICSY ((Propagational Investment Currency SYstem)

    Please visit my blog. Thank you very much!

  • Eladio

    I just got started with the app, but one thing I was expecting and couldn’t find was a way to link the note to my Google calendar or iCal.

    What I mean is that sometimes a person create a note to be used on some event/meeting/appointment/etc and having a way to link/share/publish would make this app perfect!

    Keep on the good work!

  • savagecabage

    i just posted up an idea on the evernote forum. evernote and augmented reality:

  • jurgenhaas

    I’m certainly missing the ability to create todo- or task-lists, something like, so notes need due dates, single and/or repeatable reminders, etc. That would make it a killer-app to me.

  • Elizabeth Luster

    PLEEEEASE, PLEEEEASE, PLEEEASE…MAKE EVERNOTE BIBLIOGRAPHY APP! That put automatically make’s an A.P.A. citation from your clippings. Also, it would seriously cut down on plagiarism in the lower levels of education! Seriously! I’d pay for it and that’s saying something since I’m in grad school and super poor!

  • Ted Zeck

    What Evernote lacks is a video note (webcam and sound) like in SOHO Notes.

  • Rick Austin

    Most people attending meetings these days
    – Take notes (check)
    – Capture To Do items (check)

    And what make Evernote powerful
    – All your notes are available wherever you are – cloud sync and available on almost every device imaginable (check).

    What would make Evernote even more powerful?
    – Transform To Do Items (wish)

    If you could take notes and embed To Do items, not just a check box that is effectively lost in the note in which it was entered, but a To Do item that is live. A To Do item could be entered directly within a Note or entered in a To Do list (think Things). All To Do items embedded in a Note, show up on a To Do list. When entered, details about the To Do could be entered – category, due date, etc.

    Do all the above and have it available wherever you go – Evernote+.

  • shonnelle

    just want to share this one, there are also free online tools (or websites for be more exact) like, that can be used to upload kindle clippings to evernote.

  • Nicole Duncan

    It would be great if there was a function to automatically create a reference list/bibliography from a notebook.