Big Evernote Desktop Update: Windows and Mac Get Note Links, Note Copying and Much More

Posted by on 15 Jun 2011

Posted by on 15 Jun 2011

Today is a big day for updates. We’re doing a coordinated release of both Evernote for Windows and Evernote for Mac to introduce a bunch of powerful new capabilities that our users have been asking for. Unless noted, the features below are available on both platforms.

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Introducing: Note Links

It’s not often that a single feature has the potential to dramatically improve Evernote for all users. It may not seem like much at first, but Note Links is exactly that kind of addition. As the name suggests, Note Links are links to individual notes that can be placed almost anywhere. Create a note link by right clicking on a note and choosing the Copy Note Link option, or choose it from the Note Menu. The link is then placed into your clipboard.

You can paste that link into just about anything—other notes, calendars, to-do lists, third party apps, etc. Whenever you click on the link, it’ll open the note. If you Shift+Click (Windows) or CMD+Click (Mac), it will open the linked note in its own window. We’ve already updated the Web, iOS and Android versions of Evernote to support this feature, so if you click a note link in those environments, it’ll take you to the right place.

Note Links also work in Shared notebooks, allowing notebooks authors to guide visitors through their notebooks.

Multiple Note Links
Select multiple notes, then right click and select Copy Note Links. When you paste them, you’ll get a list of links. This is great for building bibliographies, tables of contents and citations when doing research.

The power of Note Links
Have you ever wanted to create a reminder for a note? Now you can, simply paste the note link into your calendar application. When the reminder pops up, click on the note link and you’re taken to the note. But that’s not all, we expect Note Links to usher in exciting, new applications from our developer community, perfect for our Developer Competition.

Copying notes

You can now make a copy of any of your notes and place those copies wherever you like. You can duplicate a note in a given notebook, you can copy a note into another notebook, you can copy a note from a shared notebook into your account, and vice versa (if the notebook owner allows that).

To copy a note, right click on it, then choose Copy Note (Windows) or Copy to Notebook (Mac).

Create note templates
Note copying gives you the ability to create templates for notes. If you have a specific note layout that’s ideal for, say, gardening or accounting, then make a copy of it. We also give you the option of applying the tags and created date of the original note to the copy.

To do this:

  • Windows: Right click the note, mouse over Copy Note, then choose Notebook…
  • Mac: Right click the note, go to the bottom of the notebook list, mouse over Options

Snippet View

If you use Mixed View in your note list, the most obvious change you’ll see is the new Snippet View. Snippets are designed to provide the most useful information possible at a glance. If your note contains only text, then the Snippet will display the text at full width. If the note contains both images and text, then it will show text and a thumbnail. If it’s just an image, then the snippet will show the note title and a larger thumbnail. Not only does this view give you more information about the content of the notes, but it also makes browsing through your notes easier.

Note Browsing History: Back and Forward Buttons

Navigating through your Evernote account just got easier. We’ve added handy forward and back buttons to let you go through your recent note browsing history. It’ll take you to notes you viewed and searches you performed.

Just like in your web browser, if you click and hold on the back or forward arrows, you’ll see a list of things you can jump to, saving you the hassle of extra clicks.

Back and Forward also make navigating through note links a breeze. If you’re in a single note window and click on a note link, the linked note will appear in the same window. To return to the previous note simply click on the back button.

Note Menu

All note-related functions are now neatly displayed in the new Note Menu. Go there to share, copy, move, and more.

Windows: Other enhancements

Here are some Windows-only updates. Mac-only updates follow.

New Exporting Options
By combining Note Links with our HTML export option, we now let you export your notes as separate web pages with a table of contents page all in HTML. It’s like exporting your notes as a compete website. To do this, select the notes you wish to export, then right click and choose Export Notes. Then, select the Export as Multiple Web Pages option.

Additional improvements

  • Drag and drop: Drag and drop text and images inside a note, to the desktop and to other notes
  • Disable PDF preview: Right click on a PDF to view it as an attachment instead of a preview
  • Improved handling of text styles: We’ve improved the way the app handles font styling

Mac: VoiceOver Accessibility Support

We have improved Evernote’s compatibility with Apple’s VoiceOver accessibility features. You can activate VoiceOver via System Preferences > Universal Access.

More to come

These updates to Evernote for Windows and Evernote for Mac add a ton of great functionality that makes Evernote better for users and provides new capabilities for API developers. Let us know what you think.


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  • Terri H. โ€”

    Wow… Note Links could be really powerful. !!!

    • savagecabage โ€”

      the ARE powerful ๐Ÿ™‚ i have only been using them a few weeks and im starting to wonder how i ever managed without them,
      they open up a whole new way of getting around evernote:

  • Bart โ€”

    The update causes the menubar to reset, other than that: I like the stuff added, but personally the best feature for me would be speed.

  • Dr A C โ€”

    Note Links is a big big big thumbs up for me

    Thanks So Much


    Makes it truly cross-platform now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • John Munro โ€”

    I hate Snippet View – with all the formatting removed it’s just a big block of unreadable text.

    Can you bring back Mixed View as an option please?

    • Michael โ€”

      Same here. Please bring back the Mixed View as an option!

    • Jonathan โ€”

      I second that… Please add the option of disabling snippet view. Other than that, kudos for the update!

    • Joshua Ochs โ€”

      Likewise, I find the Snippet view to be almost unusable for text – which is what the majority of my notes are. It’s just a huge block of grayish text. Please restore the bolding of note titles at the very least – and preferably let us control the font size as we can everywhere else. I find it’s now using a larger font size, which is paradoxically less readable as the letter shapes aren’t as clear.

  • Rainer Schnelle โ€”

    That is wonderful news

  • Rowan โ€”

    Love the new note links, these will be perfect for linking research article snippets!

  • Michael Morowitz โ€”

    Note links just closed a MAJOR hole in my productivity loop.

    Thank you Evernote. I could kiss you.

    • Robb Boyd โ€”

      Yes! I am not into kissing my apps (not that there is anything wrong with that) but note links are HUGE for my workflow! Thank you Big Time.

  • Joe โ€”

    Sweet! When will it be available to download in the Mac App Store? It hasn’t prompted me to download the new update.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      It should be live within the next couple of hours.

  • Peter โ€”

    Cool! Now onto windows accessibility with Jaws so that I can recommend this cool software to some of my friends!

  • Sylwia โ€”

    Thank you so much for the pdf disabling! It was killing me. I loaded all pdfs as .pdf2 and created extension shortcut for windows to open them ๐Ÿ™‚
    it makes my day!

  • Hannah โ€”

    I love this update – note links, back and forward buttons, snippet view…all such great improvements, that I’d either been looking forward to (the first two) or didn’t even know I was missing before I saw it in action (snippet view). Thanks!

    One remark, though: the note links work great within evernote, but when I tried pasting one into a note on a toodledo task or a google calendar appointment, they weren’t clickable at all. How are third party applications supposed to know how to handle this evernote:///-stuff?

    • TheDude โ€”

      I was just about to ask the same thing. It’s a great stuff, but how third party apps suppose to know how to handle the evertnote:///??

    • Joshua โ€”

      I don’t know if this helps, but on the mac if I paste the evernote note link into:

      Safari: it opens up evernote to the appropriate note
      Chrome: it chokes
      Firefox: it asks for an application and once I select evernote it works just great.
      iCal and others – opens up evernote just fine. I’m guessing this is in part because Safari is my current browser at the moment.

      • Tom Sanders โ€”

        For me it does not work in iCal. I’m running Leopard; I wonder if it requires Snow Leopard?

    • H G โ€”

      What about Zotero?

      Can anyone figure out how to put the Evernote links into Zotero entries? I would be so happy to be able to integrate these apps!

      My new Evernote links do work with iCal and Firefox, thanks!

  • Doug โ€”

    Nice… With Note Links, Evernote is closer to becoming a full replacement for OneNote.

  • Tim Crawford โ€”

    Very nice update. This gives us many new options.

  • Nick โ€”

    I’m definitely using note links for omnifocus. Thanks for the new enhancements

  • Amir Masoud Abdol โ€”

    Thanks Evernote guys. I really need note links. Good Job!

  • Dimitry โ€”

    How about making an option of uploading notes directly onto blogs and other stuff – like the embed code you can get for youtube videos, it would be very useful

  • Laurence โ€”

    Thank you for putting this feature back in. This was the only thing I thought Evernote was missing. Keep up the good work.

  • Thomas โ€”

    Greate update! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Evernote is a piece of software ( System) that really has a big impact on my life, and I love that.
    Awesome job!

  • igor โ€”

    I hope you all fixed a problem with a formatting toolbar and it became a kind of something useful (Mac version).

  • Hal (GT) โ€”

    The Note Link feature sounds great but I’m curious about how the security works for it?

    For example, if I paste a link to a note in a calendar that links to my personal notebook will others be able to view that note?

    Or if I paste a link in a weblog entry will people be able to see the personal note?

  • AG โ€”

    Note links is amazing and great!! But please there – it’s a good and exciting start but it’s far too general to be of use to those of use who already tag extensively. I was hoping for linking to specific areas in a note. That way I can take notes on an article/book and then make specific links to different areas of that note.

    I already do this effectively enough with tags. If I’m writing a paper on Napoleon and I have all my sources and notes done what’s the difference (for myself at least) between making a TOC with all the references to the Battle of Waterloo using the links and simply tagging each note with ‘Waterloo’ and clicking the ‘Waterloo’ tag when I want to see them all?

    If we can link to certain areas of notes then I can link to all the places that the Battle of Waterloo is mentioned in my notes – not just the note itself, which may have references scattered throughout.

    The feature is great if the links are used for other people’s benefit (who are not familiar with Evernote), however, with tools such as tagging and search, the feature is rather redundant in it’s current form.

    Good job Evernote! (really, it is a very good start) but please don’t let this be all that linking does.

    • midtoad โ€”

      Ditto, +1, Like.

      • H G โ€”

        Note links came in handy for me today. I was able to quickly build a Table of Contents for 9 related notes.

        It’s true that I could search for these 9 notes, thanks to my tagging and note titles, but the linking function is great.

        I also like how the links can be embedded within a note, for a kind of cross-referencing and hypertext. As a newbie, I found this helpful:

        Thanks, Evernote!

    • JD โ€”

      I agree with AG, both that links are a good start, and that development shouldn’t stop there. Linking to specific parts of notes (maybe even to bookmarks within PDFs) would make this feature soar to great heights. I use Sciplore freemind mindmapping that imports bookmarks within PDF’s and its a great resource when building up a knowledgebase of principles and facts in a certain field.

      But this is a great start, and perhaps third party developers can take it up from here.

    • Dave โ€”


  • Gordon Schulz โ€”

    Wonderful update – note links and the new snippet view are absolutely gorgeous. Little things (not as in implementation) that matter a lot for usability. Keep up the great work!

  • Markus โ€”

    Great update!!
    But how do I get note links working in third party programms like google calendar or remember the milk? That would be awesome!
    Thumbs up for Evernote!

    • Dr A C โ€”

      you just have to copy and paste the link into these applications
      i even tried it on ipad and it works like a charm

  • Ray โ€”

    Can’t get the note link to copy to my outlook calendar…otherwise love it!!

  • midtoad โ€”

    will there ever be intra-note links? Then I can build a table of contents at the top of a long list, like so:
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0-9
    and then jump to the right section of the list by clicking on the relevant letter. This is identical to the concept of HTML intra-page links and anchors.

  • Chris โ€”

    Nice to see the new items on offer. Just, who left the [Debug] menu on the end after ‘Help’. Windows version (XP). Really has a lot of unflattering, error loops in there. Had to kill the process after selecting ‘Test Feature’, or ‘Walk Message Boxes’.

    I know, I shouldn’t click on what I don’t understand. It’s a weakness.

  • Robert Talbert โ€”

    I love the Note Links feature because it’s as if my favorite application from Mac days of yore — Hypercard — has returned from the dead more powerful than ever. You young’uns can go Google that if you don’t know what it is.

    Thanks for making a great product even better.

  • Fokke โ€”

    Evernote keeps getting better. But please add more shortcut keys. Especially for moving and copying notes.

  • Vampie โ€”

    This is a nice update.

    Those note links will boost my productivity A LOT!

    Thank you for that wonderfull program ๐Ÿ™‚

  • donniezazen โ€”

    Definitely need the feature to append a new clip to older notes.

  • Alan H โ€”

    Still waiting on the ability to keep notes “locked” against accidental changes and the ability to compare 2 notes inside evernote for use in resolving conflicts.

  • Bobby B. โ€”

    Now I can have my own Wiki in Evernote!

  • David โ€”

    Snippet view looks great! Fantastic job guys. Evernote has proven once again to be by far the best note-taking application on any platform.

  • Jason G โ€”

    Linking between notes was the missing feature keeping me from moving fully to Evernote. Great news

  • Howard Theriot โ€”

    Just yesterday I was trying to figure out if there was a way to link to one note inside another. Thank you for Note Links!

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski โ€”

    Note Links = Epic win!

    This is a feature I’ve been hoping for since I discovered Evernote. Well done!

    • Dr A C โ€”

      same here, once i dabbled with copy and pasting evernote files into the notes for linking (only as premium subscriber), though they would work on mac but not on the ipad…this is a welcome step ahead

  • Monika Grasley โ€”

    I love Evernote and use it constantly, just wish that the Check box would be searchable. That would make this one of the only tools I need.
    I keep my minutes and meeting notes and it would help to be able to know of things I still need to do

    Please add it!!

    • Steven โ€”

      It is! If you search for “todo:*” without the quotes you will get all notes with a check box. “todo:true” gives the completed ones and “todo:false” the unchecked ones (both without the quotes).

    • Max โ€”

      You can search for notes that contain check boxes by typing the following into the search box:

      a) Find notes with check boxes:


      b) Find notes with checked check boxes:


      c) Find notes with unchecked check boxes:


    • Jonaz Vaneryd โ€”

      You can search for checked/unchecked checkboxes! It ain’t pretty but it works.

      the argument is “todo:[true|false|*] ”

      search for
      “todo:true” shows you notes with checked boxes
      “todo:false” shows you notes with unchecked boxes
      “todo:*” shows you all notes with checkboxes (checked or not)

      (A way to remember what true/false is, is to think of “todo” as “done” – done=true -> checked boxes)

      Evernote’s search attributes are powerful, hust wished there was a cheat sheet ร  la Gmails “?” shortcut for reference.

    • Theresa โ€”

      Hi Monika,

      I’m just a regular Evernote user, but I think that feature already exists. If you look at the sidebar where you can select looking at your notebooks, tags, or saved searches there is the very bottom one called attributes. If you click that then Contains you have the option of displaying To-do items, unfinished to do items and/or finished to do items (ie. checked/unchecked to do boxes). Unless you use Windows and it’s totally different from Mac for some reason this should be what you’re looking for.



  • Ben โ€”

    Thanks for the linking update, it’s the one thing that’s been missing. I can now stop using OneNote!!!

  • Will Dungee โ€”

    Great job! Evernote had already replaced onenote in my life, but this update places evernote way ahead of all competitors. I recommend evernote to my peers often. As a matter of fact, I’m currently in Dominican Republic encouraging a missionary to download it.

  • Jim โ€”

    Many, many thanks to Evernote for listening to your user community. Note Links and Copy Note are two great features that we have been requesting for a very long time.

    As Andrew stated at the beginning of the blog:
    “Itโ€™s not often that a single feature has the potential to dramatically improve Evernote for all users. It may not seem like much at first, but Note Links is exactly that kind of addition.”

    You guys are terrific! You just continue to make Evernote better and better, and provide updates at frequency like no other software manufacturer.

  • Mark โ€”

    Not having any luck with copy note links into address bar of Chrome or Safari (running Snow Leopard 10.6.7) . Does nothing when I press enter. If I put it in an email using Mail and send it to myself, it opens my desktop Evernote. What would it open on someone else’s email?

  • Paul Ingraham โ€”

    Took me about 30 seconds of working after the update before running into an obvious need for a note link. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The first of thousands, Iโ€™m sure.

  • Adam โ€”

    Note linking is great – a feature I’ve been wishing for since I stopped using Journler a couple of years ago. Journler allowed you to make bookmarks for favorite notes so they were always handy. So far as I know Evernote doesn’t allow you to do the same thing, but note links allow a hack to make something similar:
    1. Create a new Notebook with a name that makes it live at the top of the stack for easy access (I called mine **Bookmarks)
    2. Add a new note in that. Imaginatively, I also called that Bookmarks.
    3. Paste any links you want to in that.

    Voila, you now have an easy-to-scan list of frequently accessed notes. Strictly speaking it’s not any fewer steps perhaps, but generally quicker.

  • Milan โ€”

    Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. I have been waiting for this for years…

  • Rob de Jong โ€”

    This is a fantastic update. I have been a premium subscriber since 2009 and have not regretted it a single day! Great job, I love this tool more and more.

  • Ellmary Fenton โ€”

    Great update thank you very much. Have tried dragging text to the desktop and it does not work, but you can drag a note to the desktop. I was able to post a note link into outlook calendar 2007 no problem. Have recommended Evernote to anybody who is prepared to listen to me.

  • Giannis Mavropoulos โ€”

    You guys are rockstars! I’m in love with your app since the first day I got my hands on it.

  • Daniel H Pavey โ€”

    Loving the update

    The note links are great, but don’t seem to work in many third party apps (on my Mac at least)

    I don’t seem to be able to get ride of the note preview window now either…

    Anyone else having this problem?

    I’m sure in the past I was just able to drag the note list border across to cover / hide the preview..?

    I prefer to open each note I’m using in a separate window…

  • sanj โ€”

    seems like some glitch. note links if copied within a new note or another note etc within evernote works fine. but if note link copied and then try opening in browser, not working; if copy one or more note links and create a new note in evernote, within en, it works, but if shared via email, links disappear, same if just copying one more note links into email and sending it…

  • Jude โ€”

    Always enjoy a new update but won’t be updating all of my systems since I fear the loss of Mixed View. Any chance of adding it back in a future version?

  • Catherine โ€”

    This is fantastic.I am just in the process of migrating completely to Evernote (with Egretlist) for all my to-do lists and reference material. The one part that I was concerned about was linking notes together, which I was planning to do with tags. I am really looking forward to experimenting with the new note linking functionality. This couldn’t be more timely. Well done again guys.

  • Matt โ€”

    I do like Evernote, but I dislike the new Snippet View, for me I need my note panel on the right, but now I can only see 9 notes at a time. This just made it harder to browse through my notes. What I would really love is the option to have the list view show the note panel on the right instead of the bottom. Good job with the Note Links feature.

  • John โ€”

    Thank you so much for the note link feature! I’ve been waiting for a long time for it to come back.

  • Andrew Jones โ€”

    I have been using Evernote since 2.2, I still miss it even though it was a real pain to sync notes to different machines. Thank you for bringing back copy notes and note links, they were really missed. I’ve been using the new incarnation since the advent of 3.5; Replacing a bricked laptop and discovering my old friend (Evernote 2.2) won’t work with Vista (Spits) was the impetus and now I have it on every device, XPHome Desktop, Vista Laptop, XPHome NetBook, Blackberry and Android Smartphone. I use it to track ideas, projects, letter plans, keep track of my E-Bay history, buying and selling and prospective purchases big and small.I can take a photo and in the blink of an eye it is in my note book and available to me anywhere. This new release is a great improvement and on Vista (Spit) seems to to be much more stable. This software makes my life easier with every update, thank you.

    Ps. Please make a version for Linux, My Laptop is just middling with Vista (Spit). On Linux it rocks, if you made a version for Linux I could junk Vista (Spit) once and for all. I would be so Happy if you could; please, please pretty please.

    • Agent241 โ€”

      @Baz, @Vlad, @Andrew Jones:
      There is actually a version some 3rd party programmer made for linux. It is called Nevernote ( It isn’t very good, but if you don’t need to do ink notes, I have found that it suffices.

      I think it is already in the Ubuntu repository if you want to use apt-get.

  • Scott Joscelyne โ€”

    I am so happy note links feature has been added. Now it’s easy just to add reference kepy in Evernote with my to-do’s on Things.

  • Constantinos โ€”

    Nice update, I also liked the Note Link feature.

    One thing that bugs me is that when adding a tag on a note and start typing, it only brings out 10 of the existing tags to select. Thats major issue for me. When evernote was bringing ALL the tags in the drop down, I had my tags organized staring with a number depending on the type of tag I wanted to use. For example 1…. was reserved for company (e.g. 1.Company1. 1.Company2 ), 2…. was reserved for project name and so on. So when creating a note, all I had to do was to press 1 to 9 and all my notes where categorized within seconds.

    Would love it if there was at least an option to get all the tags in the drop down when entering tags ( on clippers too ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    • Ron Toledo โ€”

      @Constantinos Thanks for the feedback and suggestion.

    • Margaret Olander โ€”

      That’s a brilliant method, Constantinos! Never would have thought of that.

  • Barry Sampson โ€”

    I love note linking – absolutely brilliant, and works great with Omnifocus.

    But.. snippet view is just plain horrible. Please give us the option to switch back to how it was before!

    • Art Bori โ€”

      This is another vote for having the option to disable the new snippet view. I liked just having the list of note titles.

    • Dean Holmes โ€”

      Barry: How are you getting this to work with OmniFocus? I have tried tested and have not yet found ths to work. I have used the keyboard OF shortcut and the copy note link, neither work for me.

      When I click on the url note link, nothing happens.


  • Aaron โ€”

    Not long ago I was just thinking how awesome it would be to be able to put links of one note, into another. YES! Thank you Evernote! This is going to be a killer feature!

  • Gavin Jackson โ€”

    Awesome, you guys are the best! Thank you thank you! Note linking is great – dumb question – is there a way to link while editing a note – eg some kind of fancy markup or right click option when highlighting some text?

  • Vlad โ€”

    The note links thing is just an awesome idea.
    The Windows Evernote client is getting better and better at each new versions, but is there really no way to have a Linux version ?

  • Barry Thall โ€”

    Will we EVER get tag inheritance? (Pretty, pretty please…!)

    • Martin โ€”

      Oh yes, please! It’s only a logical step that would make working with tags soo much easier!

      I’d like my notes tagged with “Rome” to automatically get the “Italy” and “Travel” tag.

      • Dave Yuhas โ€”

        @Martin If I understand what you mean, you can get this fone with nested tags. For example, with a tag hierarchy where Tag1 is the parent and Tag2, Tag3… are the child tags, clicking on Tag1 will filter all notes in the hierarchy. Just make sure “All Notes” in the notebook list is selected.

      • Dave Yuhas โ€”

        Ignore my previous bleary-eyed post on this topic. The method I described certainly does not work.

  • Robert Killington โ€”

    I like the idea of notelinks but when I try to use it I get the message telling me that I must be logged in to my account. I fail to understand why if I’m using the desktop app.

    • Robert Killington โ€”

      Seems it needed to synchronise with the Evernote servers first… :-/

  • J.R. Pitts โ€”

    “Added support for note links, create links to individual notes that can be pasted within Evernote and other applications”

    Since Day 1 I’ve been waiting… THANK YOU.

  • J.R. Pitts โ€”

    One question: the Ctrl-Alt-A that clears the search box also used to place the cursor in the search box (I think)… but it doesn’t seem to do that anymore… am I missing something?

  • Neil Chapman โ€”

    Hmm. Can’t get Note Links to work in the Apple apps that I use, like Pages, Address Book, or iCal. Works in Mail. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

  • Bob clemens โ€”

    Note links are a great enhancement. Now just need robust outlining (like OneNote).

  • Martin โ€”

    Love the (multiple) note links, and also the added drag and drop features.

    BUT: Note links work in Evernote, but outside of it I only managed to use them in Firefox and Open Office documents. Doesn’t work in Chrome, Thunderbird, or the calendar extensions for Thunderbird.

    Is there a list of applications that acutally work with the note-link? Workarounds or extensions for Chrome / Thunderbird?

    I’m really really really waiting for EN to have a working calendar integration.

    Also, as I have written many times: the email functionality with Everernote for Windows is really sub par. It is an annoyance and greatly hinders my workflow. C’m on Evernote, this has been MUCH BETTER in the 2.X versions. See how long I’ve been asking to fix this?

    Still, thanks for Evernote!



  • rob โ€”

    Note links seem useless outside evernote. pastes something like
    in any other program, is not clickable and can only be opened through context menu commands in some programs. Works in outlook, but not in google apps, so if no cloud functionality, what’s the point?

  • Luc Asper โ€”

    Great Windows version! I love the note links copy/paste, and the snippet view. Amazing job!

  • mss โ€”

    Ugh. The new Snippets view is overwhelming my page. I tried to make the font of the Title smaller but the Preferences settings didn’t seem to have any effect on the Snippets view. And how do I hide the date? I should have the option to display it or not. The date is not important to me in Snippet view and it takes up valuable characters.

  • Kel โ€”

    Bravo for Note Links !!!!! I think this just about doubles Evernote’s value to me. Well done !!!!!

  • Greg โ€”

    Sounds great, but under Windows shouldn’t the installation update the registry so that the protocol (hence the link) is associated with the Evernote program? It does not. (I’m using

    For example, I would love to put a link IN EndNote (which I use for bibliography management) TO an Evernote note (where I keep my notes). Sadly, clicking on the link does not switch to Evernote in the right place.

    • Greg โ€”

      Clarification: clicking on the link anywhere (or trying to “run” the link) does not open Evernote. The system simply does not have the association. (To create it requires editing the registry)

      • Greg โ€”

        OK, a test. The note link DOES work on iOS, but for whatever reason my Evernote installation on Windows Vista does not associate the link with the Evernote application. Any workaround?

        Thanks, this is a great update, and I can’t wait to get it working. Is it (or will it be) possible to *create* note links on iOS , rather than just use them?

  • Brendan โ€”

    Note Linking! Finally! Great update, this is so useful.

  • Baz โ€”

    When will the Linux version be available please?

  • Evernut โ€”

    I’m not a fan of built-in notifications for my notes app. Too structured and dense with buttons so paste a note link to my calendar is perfect, just perfect!

    Links to notes is the perfect mix of flexibility, structure and usefulness!

    Evernut OSX, iOS

  • tim morrizon โ€”

    Is this planned for the mobile versions?

  • Gary โ€”

    Love the note Links… Except that notes containing links are not editable on ios devices!! This limitation is a killer. Its Really, Really time to address rich text editing on iOS!!!

  • pinkerton โ€”

    Good Windows version! I love the copy/paste for note links!! Good job!

  • DavidW โ€”

    Note link feature – Thank you! This has opened up a whole new world of practicality and application which was not possible before!

  • Gustavo Lopez โ€”

    I’m happy to have the updates. But there’s a huge missing functionality I will sorely miss, unless there’s an option to turn it on: The “empty note” at the bottom of the notes panel. It not only beckons you to click on it and add whatever you want, but it’s virtually an already existing, ready-to-use blank note.

    If this functionality has gone away, you have increased the number of steps to create a new note (from 1 clicks to 2 clicks) and a big piece of the interactive appeal of the UI.

    Maybe part of Evernote’s goals is to decrease the overall amount of notes people are adding. That doesn’t make sense.

  • Michael โ€”

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for bringing back note links. As you know, many of us Evernote old-timers have been awaiting its resurrection. Thank you so much.
    — Hardcore Evernote User
    Windows XP
    Windows Vista
    Mac X

  • Dale Dietrich โ€”

    These are nice. Oddly, I’ve never wanted note linking, but I can see how it could be useful.

    What I want is document linking. Now Evernote allows you to copy a document into a note. I can see how that would be useful for some but not for me. I want to drag document and directory shortcuts into an Evernote but this doesn’t seem to work.

    For example, I work on many different projects. Each one has a bunch of different Word, Excel, documents and email folders associated with it. I want to create a note for each project and copy the the relevant document, directory and email folder shortcuts into the Evernote so that when I want to work on that project I just click on all the relevant shortcuts and, boom, my project is open again.

    If this is possible I’ve never figured out how to do it? If not, please add this feature in the future.


  • Kyle โ€”

    Note linking is great. Thanks! I’m a writer and for a long time I’ve wanted a way to drop a link to a note in Evernote into my in-process Word documents. This makes all the difference to me in Evernote being useful for my projects.

  • Ayhan Binici โ€”

    I would like to join the crowd and ask if a Linux-version is planned for the future?

  • Gordon Gaines โ€”

    This doesn’t work for me, I’m using Chrome. I followed the directions and I don’t get the “Copy Note Link” option.

  • John C โ€”

    Note links kills!
    Being able to directly access Evernote notes from within my address book, calendar, Remember the Milk task, Omnifocus task, etc. from my Mac, iPhone, or iPad is an amazing advance!!

  • Betsy โ€”

    I paste the note link in my ical but it is not a clickable link. if i click on it it only brings up the edit box. what am i missing?

  • Paul โ€”

    I was pretty excited about Note Links when I listened to the podcast recently. So far it’s been great for keeping checklists together without having everything all in the same list.

    Example: One of the things in a to-do list for this week is prep for a cycling event that’s coming up. So, the “Prep for event” item includes a link to the separate note that’s the checklist for the event.

    This way, I’m not looking at my grocery list or “water the plants” along with the bike specific stuff. I could also see the note links working really well to support an Evernote GTD setup.

  • Aaron โ€”

    It would be fantastic if Evernote could post a iCal event or note and launch a reminder when and if something within a note is due for completion etc

  • Cherilyn Stricklin โ€”

    Your web page won’t render properly on my iphone – you may want to try and repair that

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Thanks for letting us know.

  • Bekki Beilby โ€”

    Love this app, but I wish it had a calendar view to make it work as an organizer as well. I absolutely LOVE that it can be accessed offline on both my mobile and laptop. Thanks for a great app!!

  • John Lockwood โ€”

    Note links? AWESOME!!!!

    Thank you so much. I’ve been waiting for this.

  • theo โ€”

    I canโ€™t believe that!

    After hours of painstaking search for a user-friendly wiki-like note-taking tool for easy cross-referencing, and I just realised Evernote has already implemented the note linksโ€ฆ

    I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve wasted the hours though. They taught me that you are irreplaceable. Thank you Evernote!

    (please delete my previous comment:)

  • Dave Yuhas โ€”

    Thank you Evernote for bringing back note links. But those of us who remember Info Select are a bit underwhelmed at the capabilities of note links. Please continue to work on this feature.

  • Dave โ€”

    Just tried out notelinks on gmail and google calendar. They work great with Firefox, but can’t get them to work on Chrome.

  • Geert โ€”

    Does ‘Copy notes’ work on the iOS version of Evernote (and if so, how ?)

    Or is this planned in the near future ?

    I’d like to create new notes from a template (via copy notes) on my iPhone …

  • Febs โ€”

    I also kindly praise for a Linux version, too; or at least make it possible from Android. I would like to link the repertoire of my band to notes containing the partitures, but being a Linux user I just can’t.

    Thank you

  • Doug Cole โ€”

    I used Evernote for several months, then moved over to Springpad because it offered reminder & due dates. I wanted to switch back to Evernote when I read about the note linking addition; however, notes don’t link to gmail/gcal. Really bummed. Will this be fixed? I’d love to make the switch back!

  • Lindsay โ€”

    This is great! I use evernote to track research projects, and keep notes. The note links is excellent for moving from “overall view” of the project to the “task list” for smaller parts. I didn’t even realize how much I needed note links until they were announced!! Thanks evernote!!

  • Michael โ€”

    All of these comments about how great this is are wonderful, but for those that ask for help on getting it to work on Mac OS might want a little help. Hmm…anybody? Please????

  • Jon โ€”

    I see you can create a link to an evernote:/// app but not a mailplane:// app link. That’s a bummer because mailplane linking is already implemented by clicking on the “what created this note link” in the upper left. However, if I have a note that I want to store a few links to multiple emails you can’t do it easily. You can store the mailplane URL in plain text then right click and go to services and then “open url”. Please support the mailplane:// protocol in the new link pop up!!!!! Thanks!!!

  • Larry โ€”

    Note Link would be a lot more useful on a smart phone than a pc. Why is it not there? I want my note linked to my calendar event.

  • PJ โ€”

    I need Evernote to sync with my reminders on my iCal. Any suggestions?

    • Bob โ€”

      I use IFTTT for this. Pretty solid a little bit of a lag but great workaround.

  • Nik โ€”

    I Just discovered why the forward/back buttons weren’t working for me. I have a few key notebooks that begin with an underscore to keep them at the top of the stacks (such as _inbox, etc), so I thought maybe the underscore was the culprit after searching through Evernote support pages and finding this article on how it’s supposed to work. Sure enough, I changed the name of my underscore notebooks to a period instead (.inbox), and now the forward/back buttons work as expected. Just thought I’d share incase anyone else ran into a similar situation.

    Evernote is such a great product – and it just gets better and better with each new release, and as I discover new ways of using it. Thanks Evernote Team!

  • Yow-Long Lee โ€”

    I am using Mac in English. However, I found out if the note I am copying has its title in a double-byte language (Traditional Chinese), the note link I copied to a third-party app will become ASCII codes.

  • Shari โ€”

    I use Evernote to create several packing and traveling lists with check boxes. I want to be able to uncheck to whole list at one time to reuse it for my next trip. Is unchecking an available feature?

  • Eric De Wildt โ€”

    I would like to commend evernote by saying how much I love it. I use it on my galaxy note 3 which I got a free 12 months of premium along with my Samsung pproduct. This is a long lol amazing but it would be even more outstanding to have the note link functionality on my application. Emphasis on the word OUTSTANDING lol. Thank you evernote for reading and applying this suggestion,
    Wink wink.