Evernote for Windows Phone 7 Is Here!

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 Is Here!

Posted by on 16 Jun 2011

Posted by on 16 Jun 2011

From day one, Evernote has been committed to building native desktop, web and mobile versions. In the past three years, we’ve build over 13 different versions of Evernote for just about every major platform out there. Today, we’re adding another. Say hello to the much-anticipated Evernote for Windows Phone 7!

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 lets you save and find your ideas and memories any time, anywhere. As you would expect, it seamlessly syncs with every other version of Evernote you use, but there’s so much more. In fact, this is the most feature-rich debut we’ve ever had. Not only is it packed with capabilities, but it’s also beautiful—taking advantage of the innovative Windows Phone 7 Metro interface and its Pivot panels. And, as always, Evernote for Windows Phone 7 is free and available now from the App Hub.

Interface tour

This version of Evernote is designed from the ground up for Windows Phone 7. Once you’ve signed in and gone through a short initial sync (existing users only), you’ll be greeted with the all new Windows Phone 7 interface that fully embraces the glance and go sensibility of the platform—it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen from Evernote.

The Home Page

The Evernote Pivot Panels are:

  • Notes: A complete scrollable note list
  • Notebooks: Tap on a notebook to view its contents
  • Tags: Tap on a tag to see all the notes associated with it
  • Recent notes: This list lets you jump to the 20 most recently viewed notes

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 also displays Notebook Stacks and hierarchical tags.

Application Bar
All screens of the Evernote for Windows Phone 7 app have options in the Application Bar and Application Bar menu that provide additional functionality related to the screen you’re visiting, or expose advanced features. Whenever you see three dots in the Application Bar, tap them to show more options.

Creating new notes

Capturing your memories in Evernote couldn’t be easier. The home pivot application bar includes two options: New Note and Snapshot. Here’s how they work.

New Note
Tapping the New Note button takes you into a blank note screen. Create a title, tap on the pencil icon to select a notebook and tag, then fill in the body of the note. When you’re done, tap on the floppy disk to save.

You can also tap on the camera icon in the application bar to attach a photo to this note, or tap on the cassette icon to record a quick audio attachment. You can attach multiple audio recordings and images to a single note. When you’re done, tap the disk to save.

The Snapshot option on the home panels jumps you straight into the camera. Snap a photo and it attaches to a note. You can then compose a note related to image or just tap save.

Finding notes

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 makes finding your notes a snap. Whether you created your notes on your phone, or in Evernote on your desktop, everything is easy to find. There are a few ways to get to your existing notes. You can browse, search or find them on a map.

Browsing for notes
All of the Pivot Panels are focused on easy browsing of notes. You can either flick through you entire note list or browse by notebooks and tags. Simply swipe across to get to the browsing option you want.

Evernote has some amazing search capabilities to help you find whatever you’re looking for. Tap on the magnifying glass in the application (not the one on your device) to jump to the search interface. Here, you’ll see a search bar and two search screens:

  • Previous Search: This screen shows a list of recent searches that you’ve performed
  • Saved Searches: These are searches that you’ve saved on a desktop or web version of Evernote

Not only does Evernote search the text of your notes, but it also finds printed and handwritten words in images—perfect for finding snapshots of name badges, wine labels, street signs, and just about anything else.

Mapping notes
Evernote for Windows Phone 7 makes full use of Microsoft’s Bing Maps technology to show you where your notes were created. To allow the app to save your location, go to the Location panel in the Settings menu and check off the options. Then, you can view you notes on a map. It’s a great to jog you memory. To view your notes on a map, tap on the three dots in the application bar, then tap on Map. Zoom into a specific area to see the notes created there. Tap on the flags to see a list of notes.


Evernote is all about helping you remember the things that matter to you. As we know, some of the thing you care about are also things worth sharing with your friends. Evernote for Windows Phone 7 lets you easily share you favorite memories with your Facebook friends. To do this, open a note, then tap on the Facebook icon in the application bar. Once you’ve signed into your Facebook account, your note will become visible to all of your friends.

If you prefer to share with specific individuals, you can always tap on the envelope icon to email the note. It’s up to you.


If you’re an Evernote Premium subscriber, then you can download entire notebooks for offline access. By doing so, you’ll always have access to your notes even when a network connection is unavailable. To take your notebooks offline, tap on the application bar dots and choose Settings from the menu. Next, swipe to the Offline Notebooks panel and check off the ones you want offline. Free users can always upgrade from the Account Info page.

In addition, any note that you create on your device or view from your device is stored on the device and is available for offline viewing. This feature applies to all users, Free and Premium.

So much more

These are only some of the things the Evernote for Windows Phone 7 can do for you. We have lots more in store for this great platform. Let us know what you think of our debut and stay tuned for more.

Search for “Evernote” using the Marketplace application on your Windows Phone 7. Publishing to some devices may take a few hours. Check back if it’s not immediately available.

We recommend you install and perform the initial Log-In and sync while connected to Wi-Fi.



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  • Rob Bushway

    this is awesome news! can’t wait to starting using this on my Samsung Focus

  • Jeff D.

    I LOVE that this is available. I don’t have to long for my Windows Mobile 6 device any longer! ha ha ha ha

    Now, I’m just waiting for Marketplace to catch up so I can get back to being somewhat organized.


    Hello. i cant find Evernote on Marketplace. Testing with HTC Mozart 7. greets

    • Ron Toledo

      The Evernote app has been published to the Marketplace. Publishing to some devices may take a few hours. Check back if it’s not immediately available.

  • Johan van Mierlo

    Finally ….yes Evernote across all platforms

  • volkan karakaya

    This is a great news and I will buy a premium account!!!

    • Jeff D.

      I think I’m in for a Premium account as well!

  • Victor Solis

    Awesome news. Can’t wait til it shows up in the Marketplace. Too bad we can’t just browse to the “E”‘s to download it.

  • Louis Manning

    Great news!
    Looking forward to a WP7 flavored Evernote.

  • Matthew Miller

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have been an Evernote premium subscriber since the beginning and LOVE using it on multiple platforms. I had 5 key apps I wanted to see on WP7 before I would decide to make it my primary platform and today, thanks to you, I now have met that desire.

    I was just telling a friend who bought a Sprint HTC Arrive about Evernote and told him there should be a client coming soon. He signed up for Evernote on the bus ride in to work today so imagine his surprise when I went and told him he can now get it for WP7!

    I look forward to continued development and will continue to tell others about your excellent service and apps.

    • Rodrigo

      What are your 5 key apps, if I may ask? 🙂

      • Matthew Miller

        Ebook reader application: Kindle
        USAA Bank application
        Bible application: YouVersion is my favorite
        Runkeeper or Endomondo fitness app: Both are available, but I prefer Runkeeper
        Evernote: Available today

  • Cesar Garcia

    Could you please post a direct link to download the App?

    I cannot find the app on Marketplace on the Phone nor the Desktop.

  • Sarasera

    Wauw! I’ve been waiting for this, since i tried evernote for the first time on my iPad. Cant wait til it shows up on marketplace.

  • Gabriel

    Great News! Thanks so much!

  • daysleeper

    Great news, I was looking for this a few weeks ago!

    You might want to change references to the App Hub to say Marketplace though. App Hub is a dev portal, most users have no idea it exists. Marketplace is where you buy apps.

  • Sebastien

    Wow that’s awesome! Great UI, great functionalities: I can’t wait!

  • MarceArtist

    Great News, congratulations, Evernote team.

  • markuslaff


    Thank you, not just for the app, but for taking the time to create a really great app!

  • pbdoetmee

    Great! Now the usability of my Samsung Omnia gets a huge boost. Hurray!!!

  • dgaust

    Don’t tell me this is US only…. doesn’t appear in the Australian marketplace.

  • David N

    I love this app. works well with Firefox.

  • CJ

    Perfect! Thank you for finally bringing this to WP7 and embracing the metro design theme. The UI looks crisp and clean. I can’t wait to download it and start using Evernote again.

  • Cris Doria

    Guys, you rock! this is awsome news…
    Keep up the great work.

    • snore problems

      This rock!

  • Martin Anderson

    I cannot wait to try out Evernote on my Omni 7. Will have to convince my brother to get it on his iPhone and to try it out cross platform. Now just waiting for it to show up in the UK Marketplace.

  • Alead

    This is great news !!

  • Owen

    great news, BUT – I am getting a white screen of death. Install. login, white screen. Only way out is to terminate the app. Please fix….

    • Ron Toledo

      @Owen Can you contact our support team. They can help figure out what is going on.

      • Ron Toledo

        To update. we’ve been alerted to this issue from other users as well. We’re working with Microsoft on a solution now. Thanks for your patience.

      • Scott

        I saw this too. The default is to only sync over a wireless connection and if wireless is not active you see this behavior. Once I turned my wireless on, I was able to get the app started, sync’d and then able to turn off the only sync over wireless option.

      • Don

        Possible workaround…turn on Wi-Fi and restart Evernote again. It solved the white screen problem for me.

    • dlsprowls

      I had that same problem initially. Try this connect to wifi then launch app. It should then sync up just fine.

    • Mads Føhns

      I found, that starting the app with wifi the first time, will get you pass the white screen.. After first succesful start, you can use the app without wifi..
      Try that 🙂 It worked for me

  • Ike

    I got the Premium account because of local iPad storage — and I’ve already decided my next phone will be a Windows Phone, and knowing I can do the same thing there is outstanding!

  • Ron Fairchild

    Congratulations on the release. It took several hours for it to show up for me but I grabbed it as soon as it did. It looks great.

  • will

    Whoa nice, perhaps it time to start using evernote again.

    • Eric

      White screen of death for me too. Soooooooo disappointing and frustrating!!!!!!!

      • Ron Toledo

        @eric If you are experiencing the white screen please try performing the initial Log-In and sync while connected to Wi-Fi.

      • Eric

        Bingo. Loging on to wi-fi worked for me. Thanks!

      • Andy

        I had been getting the white screen also, but connecting to wifi and then launching the app just worked.

      • Steven Banks

        @Toledo… that remedies the whole white screen issue. Need to get that stat added to the download instructions and on this original blog post. Thank you! Evernote is so AWESOME!

      • Mads

        I got the same, white screen in my face after login. Can’t do anything other than quit it. When relaunch I get white screen again.

  • Cesar Garcia

    Can we open encrypted text?
    I see a button on a note that has encrypted text, but tapping on the button does not appear to do anything.

  • Warren

    Thank you. I had stopped using evernote because of no decent support for Windows Phone. This is great.

  • Michael

    I also got the “white screen”. Tried the WiFi, but no help. I have a Samsung Focus.

  • David Johnson

    Not sure if this helps the debug, but I first installed Evernote and experienced the white screen after initial login, repeated tests did not clear it, BUT after I uninstalled and re-installed and went through the initial sync on a reliable Wifi connection it all worked. The original install was on a 3G or 3G plus sketchy WiFi. Everything works fine after the reinstall on Wifi.

  • Steven Hughes

    Thank You!!! For making this must have app available on Windows Phone 7!

  • Lynn Dye

    Thanks for the comprehensive review. Some great features.

  • snore problems

    Cool! Great NEws

  • Jas Groce

    I was able to get past the white screen of death using a wifi connection, but now have an interesting issue. While using the app on my HTC Surround, the device began to vibrate randomly and repeatedly. Closing and restarting the app seemed to fix it.

  • Anthony Borton

    I was very excited to see Evernote come the Windows Phone 7. I have installed on my Samsung Focus and one of the first things I did was create an audio note. Unfortunately every time I try to play the note back on the Focus, I get the message “Audio Playback Error”.

    Anyone else given this a try?



  • Dave

    Awesome!!.. I just downloaded it from the Marketplace onto my Samsung Focus… this was the last major app that I have been missing so badly since upgrading from my HTC Fuze… works like a charm… thanks so much Evernote team!!! Great Job!.

  • Shane Phillips

    i dont have a windows 7 phone but app looks cool. I have an android phone. You can go into the market and download a win7 launcher so that your android phone looks like a windows phone 7. With android u can have the android experience but make the phone look like any other OS that u want

  • Markus Nist

    it worked for me after I did the first sync via Wi-Fi.
    Thanks for the great App!

  • Punataro

    Can’t log in, got into the blank white screen (Wifi-reinstalled) on Omnia 7

    • Punataro

      it’s now working. 🙂

  • Rasmus

    Wow! I’m glad I dont use a WP7.. This UI would kill me.. So boring and flat 🙁

    But i guess it’s not Evernote’s fault.. What can I say? Windows?


  • Leo

    Just downloaded it and it works great..the only thing I miss from WinMobile 6 is the ability to handwrite notes..this feature would be awesome with my new Wacom Bamboo stylus..

  • chadwick

    white screen and this is over wi-fi. Samsung Focus and I had a old account emptied it of all notes and still did not work.

    • Ron Toledo

      @chadwick Sorry to hear that. Can you please contact our support team so they can help out.

  • steve

    Is there a way to edit existing notes? Not just append to the bottom, but to edit and delete all the text?

  • Fm

    I just downloaded the app; it is very nice, but when you try to load a note, it takes a long long long time. I dont know if its my phone, an LG optimus7 or something else

  • Alexey

    Congratulations on this release!

    I’m just curious, how much memory does this app use when browsing the note list?

  • Tom

    A darker theme would be welcome too to conserve battery power and… just for the freedom of choice ;).

  • Johnnie Xu

    This is awesome, and I’ve downloaded it.
    Thank you all very much.

  • Rcope

    I love it! I’ve been waiting for this to feel that Window Phone is complete.

    I’d love to see the ability to pin a single note to the home screen. Perhaps in a future update?

  • Douglas

    Thank You! It’s like having a new phone all over again. I have drifted toward OneNote ever since going with WP7 in November. Welcome me back!

    And thank you for using the Metro UI!

  • genel blog

    thank you so much,

  • Frank

    Awesome work, awesome app – thank you!

  • Evernote Buggy

    very buggy keeps crashing

  • RonV

    Thanks for the best implementation of EverNote for a mobile platform.

  • daysleeper

    What’s the thinking behind vibrating the phone whenever you click an app bar button?

    I find it incredibly annoying, any chance of a setting to turn it off (or removing it completely)?

  • Matthew Kruskamp

    This app is amazing and I love it. Thank you guys for responding to all those angry forum posts by your users!

  • oktalim

    great app!!

  • Mishel

    This is great news, I was looking for this…

  • David Gardner

    Very cool! This is the best evernote-on-a-phone experience I’ve seen.

  • Sterling Zumbrunn

    Congratulations – this looks like a really cool release. I was playing around with a Windows Phone 7 model in the store recently (don’t ask me which one), and I was really impressed with the polish of the OS. It’s definitely one of the most interesting phone platforms out there. Looks like you are using it to its full potential. I’m sure the users will love it!

  • iTechWhiz Technology Blog

    Thanks, its great the hear the Evernote will be available on Windows Phone 7 plateform too.

  • Maxine Naumann

    I make greeting cards and I use Evernote to store sentiments that I pick up along the way. How do I set up a sentiment to print in the style and space that I need. I also store samples of cards.

  • Michael Sloane

    How do you clip articles with this version of Evernote?

  • Michael Sloane

    How do you clip articles and items with this version of Evernote?


  • Erik Sebellin-Ross

    THANK YOU! This is so awesome! One feature request — I’d love to be able to Pin a note to my home screen for faster access. I keep an active To Do list in Evernote and want to be able to access it regularly — launching the app every time slows me down a bit.

    Regardless, thank you so much! It looks great and runs beautifully!

  • Lars N

    I love this, but now when the marketplace exist in sweden i use my Swedish account and now the app is no where to be found. Please update so the app will exist in the Swedish region..

  • Cris Doria

    I have updated my WP7 evernote today (August, 3rd, 2011) and I am getting an error in the innitial sync. After downloading 1249 of 1357 notes headers I get the following error: Sync NotSupportedException.
    After that it doesn´t progress and the evernote becomes useless.
    Is that a bug? How can I fix it?

  • Mostafa

    Still performance and UI usability are horrible. I’m an Evernote fan, but I still wait for better work on my Windows Phone. I cannot use the app at all on it and rely on OneNote instead until this issue is fixed.

  • Sam Wong

    if u attach an image with skitch annotations, the image won’t display in evernote for WP….