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Travel Series: Planning a Weekend Getaway with Evernote, Plus Outdoor Tips from Weekend Sherpa

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 29 Jun 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 29 Jun 2011

I’ve been clipping weekend trip ideas and saving them to my Evernote account for years, so I thought I’d share some ways that you can use Evernote to plan a weekend adventure with Weekend Sherpa and other travel sites like Gridskipper, Lonely Planet, Gadling, Matador Network, and more.

With Evernote, capturing inspiration for outdoor adventures and weekend getaways, and then making them happen couldn’t be easier. You can tag notes by activity, clip ideas from sites you read using Evernote’s Web Clipper, or simply subscribe to the newsletters like Weekend Sherpa using your Evernote email account so you’ll never miss an issue. With Evernote, you’ll always be prepared with information when you get the itch to travel — even when you don’t have a lot of time.

Tips for using Evernote with your favorite travel sites

  • Sign up for weekly newsletters and RSS feeds using your Evernote email address. Each day or week’s issue will automatically get sent to your Evernote, so you’ll have an archive of trip ideas to search from anywhere, anytime.
  • When you save directions in Evernote, you can pull them up on any device. And if you’re a Premium user on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7, you can take your notes offline. So, even if you don’t have reception on a hike in a remote location, you can still pull up your notes.
  • Tag any ideas you’d like to remember ‘Gridskipper,’ ‘Weekend Sherpa,’ or ‘travel’ and save them to a notebook for travel ideas. When you’re in the mood for a hike, or thinking about oysters just type ‘hiking’ or ‘oysters’ into the search box in your Evernote account and easily find relevant recommendations. Learn more about how to search for your ideas by reading this blog post.
  • Take advantage of Notebook Stacks and Note Links. Organize specific trip plans in separate notebooks under your main ‘Travel’ notebook and link multiple notes to one (not to mention, paste Note Links into your calendar, 3rd party apps, and more). You can read more about Note Links in this blog post.

A Conversation with Brad from Weekend Sherpa

We recently had a chance to sit down with Weekend Sherpa’s founder, Brad Day, to chat about some of his favorite weekend outings. Be sure to check out two public notebooks we’ve created together to give you some ideas for what you should do this summer and how you can organize weekend travel ideas in Evernote.

What sorts of things do people want to remember from Weekend Sherpa?
Some of the ideas you’ll find in Weekend Sherpa require a little bit of planning and some are spontaneous. We try to pace it out so that there’s a good mix of different activities. In general, though, people need to be inspired in the moment: saving trip ideas in Evernote means that people will be able to access this inspiration when they know they’ve got time to go out and do something.

What are you favorite Bay Area Weekend Sherpa trips, if you have three hours, one day or a whole weekend?
3 Hours: In San Francisco, you have to do the “Grand Walk”: you walk along the coast, from the Cliff House to Fort Mason. It’s about six miles of continuous open space; you’ll walk along Baker Beach, down by Marshall’s Beach, underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, and to Crissy Field. If you get hungry, you can grab something to eat at Greens. It’s probably the best urban walk in the U.S.

1 Day: If I had one day, I would head to Point Reyes and do the Tomales Point hike. Afterward, you can grab some oysters and barbecue them along Tomales Bay.

1 Weekend: If I had one weekend, I’d refer to Weekend Sherpa’s ‘Yosemite in 36 hours‘ issue.

Thanks for letting us pick your brain, Brad!
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Do you have a favorite travel-planning site? How do you plan weekend outings using Evernote? Tell us in the comments, and stay tuned for the continuation of our Travel Series!


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  • Mike

    Great post about using Evernote and planning travel outings. I plan to implement these right away!

  • Lori

    I am a huge Evernote user and fan. Recently I posted an article that included tips on using evernote when planning travel.

    I appreciated the additional tips in this blog. I often save travel ideas for places I would like to visit in Evernote.

  • Michael

    The idea of subscribing to newsletters and RSS feeds using your evernote email address would really only work if your entire evernote usage was dedicated to a single purpose. For those of us who use evernote to manage many diverse projects and interests, this wouldn’t work at all because we only get one incoming address for everything. If I’m sending my own emails to evernote, I can use the @-syntax to specify the notebook, but that won’t work for newsletters. Maybe evernote could support an address+notebook@ email address syntax to support this type of usage?

  • Melanie nakashima

    I can’t seem to get the web clipper on the iPad.