Giveaway Week 3 – More Great Partner Products

Posted by on 06 Jul 2011

Posted by on 06 Jul 2011

Over the past several weeks, we’ve celebrated our 10 million user milestone by giving away lots of partner products. Today, we have the final batch of awesome stuff.

This week’s giveaway

We are giving away several of each of the following products in this giveaway.


The Canon imageFormula P-150 is a powerful, portable duplex scanner that can scan up to 15 page/min and comes with settings optimized for Evernote. Just press the button on the scanner and your document is scanned directly into Evernote.




Wacom pen tablets allow you to create digital ink notes and annotate images in Evernote. On both Windows and Mac, you can use Wacom pen tablets to annotate images in your favorite image editor, then bring those annotated images into Evernote. Follow @Wacom




The ‘Scan to Evernote’ SmartSolution by Lexmark makes it easy to scan an important document, convert it to digital format and post it directly to your Evernote account with a tap of the touchscreen…all without even turning on your computer. Follow @LexmarkNews



Enter the giveaway by:

  • Tweeting the following phrase, with the blank filled in: I use @Evernote every day to [blank] #evernotefan
  • Leaving a comment on this post telling us your best Evernote story


  • Individuals can enter the giveaway one time per week using one of the two methods described above
  • To be considered, individuals must submit their entry by 9 am PT on Monday July, 11th
  • Winners will be randomly selected and contacted directly via email or Twitter Direct Message
  • This is a worldwide giveaway (certain shipping restriction may exist)

For even more great products that work with Evernote, check out the Evernote Trunk.


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  • Steven L.

    Best evernote story was when I first downloaded it and was able have a list of possible jobs in my area that were hiring and then opening the same note on my phone and walk around to all these jobs, and then I got the job, so in theory, evernote got me a job lol

  • Jason Dunn

    I recently got my hands on a Neat scanner, and am impressed at how easy it was to take a long document, scan it all to PDF, and simply drag and drop it into Evernote. It’s an amazingly powerful scenario to be able to have important documents at my fingertips with Evernote.

  • StoopKid

    All I know is Evernote costs me five dollars and that’s how much cigarettes cost. Ever since I signed up for Evernote Premium I cut my smoking down by 1/30th!

  • Jeff

    I’m a pastor, and whenever I visit a homebound church member I sit in my car afterward and tap a few notes into Evernote. Then, next time I visit, I pull up the note by GPS location and then proceed to play “super pastor” when I go in and remember even tiny details of our pasto conversations. Thanks, guys!

    • PaulDz

      That is a great idea Jeff! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Thomas Baart

    I use Evernote a lot to collect interesting articles. I’m going to study Communication in a few months, and I thought it was a great idea to make a knowledge database about project management, social media and manager skills. Best be prepared for school 🙂

  • Alecia

    My best Evernote story is nothing exciting. I don’t even remember how I discovered Evernote. I can say that what is most exciting to me about Evernote is how intuitive it is and the powerful search. I’m in education but I’m using Evernote now to clip pictures of kitchens as we pursue a kitchen remodel. Thanks for a great product!

  • Richard Sugg

    My best EN story is the one I tell everyday at work: throw away your notepads, throw away your pencils. If you’ll install EN, you won’t have to ask me so many questions.

  • Juan Serrano

    I keep a record of everything on Evernote: bank receipts, documents, etc. Last January I lost my wallet with a lot of my documents while traveling to another city, including ID, credit cards, military certification, health insurance, drivers licence, etc. In Colombia, in order to denounce the lost of documents so you can be issued new ones you have to give details on each: issue date, number, etc.

    Fortunately I had scanned and kept many of these in Evernote, so I just had to print them and attach the pictures or copy the numbers to the police declaration. So Evernote saved me a LOT of trouble and time looking for what documents I exactly kept in my wallet and what the info on each one of them was.

  • Jeff Warner

    I found it hard to keep track of the parent’s names of the kids at the park, so I made a note in Evernote just to keep track of their names. My wife is always wondering why I am looking at my phone when we are walking to the park. Shhh, don’t tell her!!!

  • Ryan

    Recorded a two hour meeting with a large client using Evernote on my iPad to record the conversation while notating the time in the recording of pertinent information and a change in topic.

    The client later insisted items in the scope of work were not requested by his team, even though he partook in the meeting. Needless to say I was able to provide the client with the notes and audio of the meeting, thus receiving full payment.

    Thank you Evernote!

  • Ben

    I work at a church, and I’m one of the people in charge of coordinating mission trips. This means keeping up with passport information, travel information, health information, and all the other correspondence that goes along with it. I really used Evernote for this past trip to the DR because we needed to have lots of information from lots of folks, and Evernote helped to keep track of it all.

    The biggest hitch in it all, though, was the convoluted workflow of scanning something into our office copier/printer to the Dropbox folder on my office PC on the office network which synced to my Dropbox folder on my Mac which would SOMETIMES get synced automatically to Evernote. Having one of these awesome Evernote scanners would make it so much easier…

    Thanks for helping me stay (somewhat) organized!

  • Bruce Lux

    I use Evernote to capture information about my daughters Celiac disease. It is also where I collect and reference recipes that include gluten free options. So easy to look up and keep handy on my iPad in the kitchen!

  • David Sherman

    Great Application!!!

  • Greg

    I just began a new job as an in-house graphic designer for my alma mater. We’re required to work on our office-provided desktop Macs, but getting all the helpful notes, tips, links and snapshots I’ve accumulated was only a few clicks away. Syncing with Evernote put everything I needed back at my fingertips. Now I use Evernote more than ever to keep my brains in order and to track my progress in keeping up with a busy workload. For my daily productivity, Evernote’s a gem.

  • James

    I love evernote. I hate that it’s so useful at work though. i used to just use it for pleasure but the damn thing is so practical I can use it for just about everything. Oh, Pleasure = writing/keeping track of creative ideas/sharing new scripts. Not sex… yet.

  • Matt

    When my friends and I decided to share a house, we started our search with an Evernote notebook. I made it sharable with my friends and allowed them to add their own findings, allowing everything to be in one place to make our search faster and better.

  • Ryan

    I use Evernote to keep all of my class notes available and easy to search including scans of papers. Easy to use on my iPhone too!

  • Tony

    I use Evernote to search for past articles relevant to whatever I’m writing.

  • Ed

    One of the many things I use Evernote for is collecting recipes and tracking how good they were. The Chrome clipper makes putting found recipes into Evernote easy. If I have something I have tried I give it a “Tested” tag, and if it made the cut, I’ll tag it “Make Again”. I share the notebook with my wife so we can both make suggestions for the meals of the week. If we feel adventurous, we can try something new, if not, we just search for the “Make Again” tag. From there it is easy to put the shopping list on another note and use Evernote to handle the shopping list. With the Android app, we can check off the list as we go.

  • Andreas

    i Collect recipes in Evernote. Now the iPad with Open Evernote Application is alwys lying somewhere in my Kitchen, no recipe Books getting Dirty anymore… What an Application, my number One Killer app for the iPad.

  • Kevin Clark

    Before Evernote i was constantly forgetting pending emails and project notes at work. Projects at home i was hitting the same problem. One example of of how Evernote has been helpful at home is i can now take pictures of paint chips and the lables from our plants we have in the yard. Now whenever i am at the paint store or plant nursery i know what i have at home!

    Now that i know Evernote is with me at all times i trust keeping EVERYTHING in there. Evernote has made me more productive at work an home. Thanks Evernote guys/gals!

  • Don Ray

    I use evernote to store pictures of all my receipts related to business travel. It makes expense reporting very easy and I always have a copy of a receipt if needed.

  • Devin Baillie

    I am a physicist, and I use Evernote to keep track of my research notes.

  • Shahrum Amiri

    I’ve started to use Evernote to keep track of local food delivery companies including their menu’s, hours of operation, and phone number.

  • Stacey

    I use evernote each day to brainstorm photoshoot ideas!

  • Karina Bravo

    I use Evernote for the photography business I am trying to build. I have scanned in handwritten workshop notes, clipped info from the different blogs I read, add images that inspire me, keep templates for contracts and other forms, you name it! Its been so incredibly useful. I feel like I have my own little office right on my computer!

  • Heather St. Marie

    Evernote has infiltrated every aspect of my life… from saving Gluten-Free recipes to permanently bookmarking design and programming tutorials I later refer to for work. I also use it to create mood boards and inspiration notebooks for redecorating my home.

  • BarbD

    I can no longer function without Evernote; it’s my brain depository.

    This past year, I used it to collect all information needed for my accountant come tax time. I can now, in one fell swoop, send him my tax Notebook when tax season rolls around.

  • donniezazen

    The only hurdle between Evernote and my success in school is Wacom.

  • Steven Owens

    I use Evernote to keep track of massive amounts of data I collect from my reading as a grad student.

  • Dave P

    I use Evernote every day on my HP Slate 500 to take notes the old fashioned way, with a “pen” (actually a stylus). Using ink notes in Evernote’s Win7 version combined with the active digitizer on the HP Slate allows me to rapidly jot down words and even diagrams. Plus I can search the ink and Evernote seems to recognize words much better than I seem to write them.

    I’ve been a user since version 1 on Win XP Tablet Edition. Don’t leave home without it.

  • Irene

    I always had a problem with documents sourced from the Internet for my research. Keep them as bookmarks or print them out and store them?? That’s when Evernote came to the rescue! Now I can send them all to Evernote as a document, and sort and file them there with tags for easy retreival. Great! Thanks for a super product.

  • Niko

    Being the new guy I asked my team how they kept track of their individual projects. All I got in response were blank stares. After using Evernote for well over a year now I’ve enjoyed watching it spread from teammate to teammate throughout the department! Personally, I like how I can organize my thoughts at work then just as easily track my favorite comics and books to read without ever leaving Evernote.

  • Michael

    I use Evernote everyday to keep all of the information in one location. I have recently incorporated Egretlist into my list of apps and can now create checkboxes for tasks and get reminders. This is an awesome integration!

  • Levi Breederland

    I’ve started an Evernote notebook for all my notes and ideas that come up while planning for my wedding next year.

  • Edward Caissie

    The best personal note organizer, and a free give-away … #win! Even if I don’t get any swag 😉

  • Jalin2

    I use @Evernote every day to put together daily and special todo lists. I make live much easier as I have fibro and at times can be in a pretty thick fog

  • Paul

    There are not enough characters available in this text box to describe the myriad of ways I use Evernote. I love it.

  • Chris

    I use Evernote constantly for homework. I work full-time and getting my degree online. The place I work allows internet use during downtime but does not allow workers to read books at their desks. So, to take advantage of my downtime to get homework done and not get fired from my job, I upload picture notes of important pages from my school textbooks to Evernote so I can view them at work and get my assignments done. The Evernote app for iPhone makes capturing the photo notes a breeze 🙂

    Thanks for making my life easier and more productive!!!

  • Thomas Kilgour

    I use evernote to keep track of my vegetable garden. I snap photos of the seed packages at the beginning of the season so that I know what those exact seeds need. I also keep track of the progress of my plants in evernote. Thanks guys!

  • Emily

    I love lists. I used to make checklists for each class for the assignments I needed to get done. Instead of crossing out things until they were illegible, I started using Evernote. I created a new notebook for each class which I kept references, to do lists, and homework assignments. Now that I am done with school, I keep my life in check by accumulating information for a side web project, as well as jobs to apply for and wishlists!

  • Emily Smith

    The first time I realized I NEEDED, yes NEEDED Evernote in my life was when I remembered on the train to class that I had forgotten an assignment. I quickly typed that assignment up in Evernote synced it, and logged on to the School computer to print it upon arrival. I had my homework in hand and five minutes to spare by class time!

    I have used Evernote for everything ever since.

  • Tom

    I use evwrnote to record important phone calls that may come back to haunt you if you don’t accurately record the conversation. It has saved a lot of time and money in the engineering field I am in. Instant recall and ease of use. Can’t live without it. It’s the best and its free!

  • Steve K.

    We are building a new home and I use Evernote to keep track of everything associated with the project.

  • John

    My best Evernote story is both mundane and awesome: My wife and I share an Evernote notebook which contains our insurance documentation. Photos, receipts, you name it; all go straight into Evernote. Find something that needs to be documented? Take a snap with the smartphone, listen to that elephantine “SLUUURRRRP!” of syncing, and move on with life. The awesome comes from Evernote turning this mundane, boring task into something akin to a game, especially as compared to the old-world pain of gathering and maintaining printed documentation.

  • cabotine

    I use evernote to keep track of my students and their projects. And even more important keep track of my own projects 😉

  • Zsolt

    I have started collecting recipes and Evernote made it possible for me to carry synchronize my collection across devices.

  • Semopho

    I store photo’s of my CD collection (cover, tracklist) in evernote. so far I have 450+ photo’s of CD’s. I tag them with genre. Very helpfull in shops when you’re wondering if you already own an album or not.

  • AC

    EN is invaluable while traveling with confirmation emails, lists of things to do and even pdfs from guidebooks

  • Scripture Zealot

    Not much of a story but I was really glad to see the autocomplete start working to my pleasant surprise. A real help.

  • Trish

    I was always forgetting to refill my meds on time, then Evernote came along and I took a photo of each bottle’s refill number and the pharmacy’s phone number. Now, I can call in the refills when I remember, no matter where I am (though a bit of privacy is always a plus).

  • Ken

    Finally, there is note taking application that work on any platform. I used to use MS OneNote to take note on my PC. Then I have an iPhone from which I took many random notes on its notepad, then I switched to HTC windows phone 7 and take another bunch of random notes, then again I try using android phone and as you would predict, I took another bunch of notes. As you can see, I am a mess. Now I use Evernote, which has its own application on any device I have ever held. Finally, I have the freedom to pick up any device I love to take note without it screwing me up. Thanks a lot !!! Evernote.

  • Carmen

    I use Evernote to look through recipe sites and web-capture my favorites. Evernote makes it so easy to search for recipes later. And since I’m capturing from the web, it saves the pictures, which makes me more likely to make the recipe!

  • Ben

    I recorded my children’s first words in Evernote!
    I’ll scan their crayon drawings with a Canon!

  • Peggy06

    Best Evernote Story. Late last year I returned to Evernote after a lengthly absence. I first used Evernote years ago went it came with a little Fujitsu P1120 computer. I loved the computer and Evernote. Then I stopped using the little computer and Evernote became a sort web based product that I didn’t like. So, I stopped using Evernote too.

    Then maybe 6 or 7 or more years after last using Evernote – I gave it another try last winter. And, surprise – my stuff from 2004 was still available. Notes from a trip to France. To do lists. Recipes. Old web pages. And handwritten notes. It was like finding a shoebox of my old junk.

    I was so impressed that Evernote cared more about my stuff than I did that I signed up for the Pro Version that day and have been using it faithfully ever since.

    Thank You – Everyours.

  • Nancy

    Sat in a staff meeting with school building level administrators. They were frantically jotting down notes from the presenter – I just took pics & some audio in Evernote. Needless to say I ‘converted’ 20 people that day!

  • Sander

    I use evernote on a daily basis to keep notes of my ongoing PhD research. Evernote is great for storing all the different plots and small notes about datasets. The best thing is that Evernote enables me to access this data on my computer, mobile and iPad at the same time!

  • cchase04

    I use evernote for everything. It is the best tool ever to provide real time access to all my reference materials, even on the go!!

  • bsand

    Clipping interesting articles to evernote for work and home.

  • Ron McCoy

    I use Evernote everyday to organize resources for my projects; photographic, electronic, social, etc. Worth more than any other $5 purchase I make.

  • Karl Lord

    I use Evernote every day to keep track of company project meeting notes. I sync notes I’ve written using Livescribe and the plugin. I share Evernote notes with for shopping, holiday ideas and interesting articles, topics and ideas. I access Evernote every day via web, desktop app, and mobile phone. Evernote is a tool that supports me.

  • Elizabeth

    My best evernote story happens everyday. I use evernote to make lists: shopping, to do, to watch, to read. I constantly find myself in a store going “what did I need to buy here?” All I have to do is search evernote and it tells me!

  • S!ick

    My best story about Evernote reoccurs throughout every day: I make notes of information I want and need, with keywords, that I can refer to later. And, I can have it available via the client for when I am unable to be online and access the web interface…

  • MacKenzie

    I’m an official notetaker at my graduate school. Not only do I e-mail my peers notes right after class, I can share the whole notebook with them too so they can access it anywhere! It makes me seem like a technology goddess and improves the service they get for their money. Thanks, Evernote!

  • Xander

    I’m a screenwriter and I use Evernote on my phone to record ideas as they come to me, and Evernote in Chrome to clip interesting pages, research material and inspiring stuff!

  • Michael Flower

    A past student of mine is presently in Tajikistan where access to several of his favorite philosophy weblogs is blocked. I happen to use Evernote to collect postings from those same weblogs. I simply gave him access to that collection. Problem solved.

  • Mary K McGraw

    Use Evernote for everything I can think: my to do list, shopping list, travel itinerary, receipts, creative ideas, etc. I wonder how I ever lived without it.

  • Chris

    My favorite Evernote story happens nearly every day. I just love the fact that I can save save something on one device and it syncs with everything.

  • Shadow A

    Since I use Evernote, I don’t miss anything.

    When I go to school and have to take notes of the professor’s class, or to keep track of the PDF’s they gave us to study, I just put them on Evernote with all the notes I want and when I came home, they’re already there, ready to be studied and with extra annotations.

    If I found some interesting post on the Internet and I want to keep track of that information, but I don’t want to bookmark it on Chrome, I just copy the note with the Evernote Extension for Chrome and I have all the information I want, easily.

    If I see some special gift for someone on a store and I want to keep the track of the price, I take a picture of the item with my Blackberry and upload it with the Evernote app for Blackberry, It helps me a lot that the price can be readed from the picture directly.

    All this makes my life more easier, thanks to Evernote.

  • Carlos

    I earned lots of brownie points when I showed my boss how Evernote has made me more productive and organized. If only I could get to work on time 🙂 I would get a raise!

  • Bink Farmer

    Evernote has changed both my work and personal life!

    I discovered Evernote about two months ago, while participating in a survey at the How-To Geeks website asking what users what they used for note taking. I replied with the application I was using, expounding on its merits. After the survey was tabulated, it turned out, I was the only one using the applications I was currently using. The only one!

    Most popular, by far, was Evernote. Till I participated in this this survey I never even knew Evernote existed. I thought since this Evernote product was touted to be so good I should at least go to the website and see what all the praise was about. I thought, it can’t be that much better than what I was using, so just why is it rated the most popular?

    I had, what I can only describe as an epiphany. After reading the information on the Evernote website, I immediately bought a Premium subscription, downloaded the Evenote application, and started transferring all the notes, documentation, etc, from all over my computer, USB thumb-drives, and portable HDDs into Evernote. I am still finding “old” documents and references that belong in Evernote, and I suspect I will continue to discover these “legacy” items for some time to come.

    I keep all my work notes, documents, and especially reference materials available from where ever I need them. My personal information is also in Evernote. Genealogy, Contacts, Writing projects, Educational and training course documentation… the list just goes on and on.

    My next goal, for using Evernote is, I want to enhance my Evernote usability by creating a more elegant document naming convention. A naming convention to help me better organize, and thus retrieve, my notes inside my various Notebooks. I hope to use this naming convention in conjunction with Tags to make it intuitive.

    What makes the week I started using Evernote so exceptional was I also discovered another application that impacted my computing, not to the extent Evernote has, but MadAppLauncher allowed me to clean off my desktop and organize the chaotic array of shortcuts and documents into MAL.

    I cannot even begin to estimate the amount of time I have wasted over the years, looking for information, both hard copy and electronic.

    So, to say my life, not just my computing, has became organized to an extent I never knew possible.

  • Will Kelly

    I had Thyroid surgery in October and use Evernote to keep track of all of my notes, medical tests, and other information I need to keep track of. When I am in seeing my endocrinologist I can pull up the information using the Evernote app on my iPad. It has been a real game changer in how I manage things and means I always remember the questions I want to ask.

  • Chris Little

    I use Evernote to sleep well. When I get that good idea, or mentally resolve a problem, just after I get to bed, I simply grab my smartphone & record what I want. Next day, via Evernote, it’s ready on my computer. Sleep easy.

  • Leigh

    When perusing the aisles of the local big bookstore, I snap photos of the books I am interested in reading. Then I can access them when I go to the library. I love that is searches words, even in photos.

  • Garrett

    I use Evernote to take pictures of interesting things that my daughter (a budding artist) notices and wants to draw later. At this point it’s pretty much all she wants to do when we spend time together …

  • V. Bush

    I use Evernote to journal events. That way, if I need to recall when a doctor’s appointment was, I don’t have to try to find it in my calendar; it’s much faster to search it in Evernote. I’ve also used it to plan trips, keep track of which restaurants have gluten-free menus, and keep track of interesting stories about apps I want to investigate.

  • Zachary Brown

    I love Evernote! Since I got my iPad and upgraded to pro I have gotten a lot more out of it and been able to apply it daily in my business and personal life!

  • Aaron D

    I use Evernote everyday to track my migraines – keeping a migraine diary with me wherever I go, on whatever device I use.

  • Pam

    I use Evernote everyday to organize my thoughts and ideas. I also use it to keep track of important info.

  • Herb H

    This is not a specific example, but more a general comments. Thanks to Evernote, I’m always prepared. People are always amazed at the bits of information – sometimes from years ago — that I can quickly access and share. It’s a great feeling!

  • Patrick Seick

    I used Evernote to take all of my notes during my freshman year of college [on my Macbook]! My last week of finals during the second semester, my best friend dropped my Macbook on the floor and it completely broke… I had one more final to study for. No worries! I studied for the exam entirely from my Android – and got an A!

    Needless to say, Evernote saves my life… and apparently my GPA too!

  • Jess

    I’ve finally realized that I’m not going to remember what row I’m on when I leave off knitting something and need to return to it the next day. Instead of saving that information on whatever scrap of paper I have lying around, I’ve started putting notes, and the pattern itself when possible, into Evernote so that I can retrieve them whenever.

  • Gary Howard

    I use Evernote EVERYDAY, I really do.

    One day i used it to record an idea of a project I had thought of. I am due to sign off on the US$40m contract next week and if I did not have Evernote I would have forgotten what I wanted in the first place.

    true story. I will let you know when I have signed the contract!

    • Gary Howard

      and I forgot to say, I have Evernote on my BlackBerry Torch, Samsung S2, my Windows PC and laptops and my wife’s iPad, I must admit Evernote really needs voice dictation straight into it but otherwise its great

  • Peter Panacci

    Sounds like everyone has a very useful and productive way of using Evernote, but for me, I honestly love it because there are many times I find myself inspired or driven to write, usually a short poem or a fleeting thought, and when I am without my notebook and pen, I easily forget things. Now with my phone and Evernote, I can save those incredibly spontaneous ideas (they’re usually about a pretty girl in a cafe) and I don’t even have to recopy it later. I’ve started a new blog with these poems and I’m really thrilled to be able to just surrender to whatever passionate thought drifts into my mind 🙂

  • Fantasyphile

    I am very much a techie and an Android person (though I do have a Mac). So much so I managed to get my Grad advisor, a Mac guy, to get an Android instead of iPhone. As soon as he got his new phone, I immediately began installing apps for him that I knew would be useful for classes and professoring. One of those apps was Evernote. Skip forward several months, and my professor wonders what this Evernote thing is on his phone (professors are forgetful). I remind him that Evernote is the app I’m always taking pictures of books and articles with that he says I need to read/research. And that I can georeference places, notes, photos, etc. One week later, he decides to try it. 2 days after that, he doesn’t see how to use it best. 3 days after that, now he’s considering upgrading to the paid version because THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER WHY DIDN’T I TELL HIM ABOUT IT SOONER?!?? Like I said, profs are forgetful. But with Evernote, I’m sure that’ll lessen 😉

  • andrew mccormick

    my best evernote story was when my wife and I traveled to Scotland a couple years ago. I knew I was going to get to play the Old Course at St. Andrews so I saved the info and picture of each hole into evernote. So even though we didn’t have internet most of the time while we were traveling I was still able to spend every spare moment studying the course till the day I played. I still was nervous as anything and played horribly, but man what a great time.

  • Frank Schofield

    I use it everyday. Great tool..

  • Gina Emory

    I use Evernote to make note of books I want to read when listening to SiriusXM Book Radio. When an author is being interviewed, and they sound interesting, or their book sounds interesting, or when an audiobook is being played, I take a photo of the satellite radio display showing the author and/or book title and attach it to a note. I have a list of about 20 books that I’ve compiled using this method!

  • Mark Perrin

    I’ve been using Evernote for a year and a half for lots of different work and personal stuff. Recently I’ve be using a notebook in shared mode to help plan our vacation to Europe with my wife. I clip websites into the shared notebook that she can review. I know I’ll have access to these notes when I’m travelling either from an internet cafe or my Blackberry 🙂

  • Barbara

    I am using Evernote more and more every day. I have to read and answer tweets and blog posts and articles for many different clients on many different subjects and with Evernote clipping, I just have to click a button in my browser to send them into the right pile to deal with later. It’s a life saver.

  • Eric Wilborn

    I ship things quite often as I sell on eBay and give things away on Listia. Evernote has saved me on more than one occasion for this task. One specific instance I was shipping three books, but had confused the addresses for two of the books. With no signal I thought I was helpless without email access… until I remembered that I had typed up the addresses on my computer. Thanks to Evernote’s automatic sync, my notes were already on my phone; I didn’t have to worry about reception!

  • Moises

    As a roofer, Evernote is ideal for paperwork; it’s always with me on my iPhone. When I finish a job I tag the after picture with the product used. This is useful when clients can’t decide on a color I can use the geo tag to show them something nearby. With potential tile jobs I can show different styles and color blends. Thanks Evernote!

  • Matt Risell

    I’ve just started using evernote and can’t wait to implement it into running my life more efficiently.

  • Lisa

    I use Evernote to keep track of my notes and to-do list for my dissertation. With Evernote, I might actually graduate.

  • Mike B

    I am a student. Any time there is something I don’t know, I write it down in evernote (or on an index card and take a pic with my iphone which I put in evernote) so I won’t forget to look it up.

  • Al Young

    Evernote Is Good To Me !!!

  • Sylvia Hall

    Evernote is my superhero! I was a bit overwhelmed as a new blogger and almost considered quitting but Evernote came to the rescue and helped me stay organized. I created several folders of blog topics and ideas. I’m also able to quickly note thoughts on my mobile while I’m on the go. I couldn’t live without it!

  • kathleen M

    Evernote is the best thing ever. Well, Evernote and Angry Birds! I use Evernote to write my daily to do lists, keep track of articles to read and recipes to try, keep a database of quotes that I like, jot down ideas for my blog and information for my job searches. All I know is that I was so disorganized before I found Evernote, with post-its and pieces of paper all over the place, but now I just put everything into Evernote and it works beautifully. I love Evernote!

  • Dave

    Evernote is my digital mind and productivity powerhouse. Love. It.

  • sandra ramos

    Evernote has become indispensable as I scour the internet for design ideas for school, keeping track of school assignments and a personal shopping list as a treat!

  • Daniel

    Evernote has drastically changed the very foundation upon which I organize my life at work and home. As a result of my success in Evernote, my blog on productivity and organization has become far more popular as I often tout the incredible benefits of using Evernote. Just a few examples include:
    1) Prepping for a meeting with a client.
    2) Storing critical client files in notebooks
    3) Saving my children’s artwork and report cards – and even recording my soon reading to monitor his progress.
    4) Drafting my WordPress posts in outline format
    5) Taking photos of beers I like and making notes about their taste.
    6) Filing away great articles and posts online.
    I’m pretty sure I can write a novel, but lets just say Evernote its truly my second brain! Thanks!

  • Angie

    I wish I had a super story. It might not knock your socks off, but Evernote helps me keep track of my 4 girls, their activities and my job.

  • Raj Kannah

    I really love the product and with Sync Option.

  • Beelissa

    I have a great idea for a blog, but I am not ready to start it yet. So, I store ideas for blog posts in Evernote so they’re there when I’m ready to write.

  • Marshall Yelverton

    I use evernote to keep track of all the recipes for the family. Being a BBQ guy, I have all of my tags associated to what style/meat etc. My own little cook book that is freaking easy to use and search. The wife does the same thing. Love it!

  • Michele

    I am studying photography and I’m a digital scrapbook artist. Whenever I come across tips or tutorials that I want to try, I copy them into Evernote. I have a notebook for photography and another for scrapbooking. I also have a notebook called Home Improvement where I’m storing decorating ideas and descriptions of furniture we’re considering. I love how simple it is to take notes!

  • Peter Cunningham

    I use to as my daily journal – with my to-do’s in Things. I run an Applescript each morning that will capture my to-do list(day and month), research ideas (tagged items in Things) into a note entry. Any screen captures I do automatically append to the journal for that day (another AppleScript). Any notes to screen captures, any thoughts, any completed goals are all recorded in Evernote daily. Evernote is always running and is always keeping me honest.

  • Jonathan Epstein

    My best Evernote story came a little recently, although I have been an Evernote user for about 18 months. I realized that if I emailed my “stock” marketing pieces to Evernote (with photos and attachments), that I had one place for all my sales & management (I am in commercial real estate). So, I can email marketing emails to prospects from my office, phone or ipad. Plus, I work for my dad who loves starting conversations with, “make a list” and now I can show all the progress, photos and notes about our different projects all organized and up to date if we are at a job site, the office, at lunch or on the weekend. So, I know this post only asked for one thing, but for all Evernote has done for me – it’s my pleasure to offer up some major thanks and love to you guys. Jonathan, the self-professed Evernote-evangelist!

  • Michael cogliano

    I’ve been a premium subscriber for almost a year. I couldn’t possibly be as effective as I am at work without Evernote. I’m a hospital administrator responsible for multiple departments. I use Evernote to store email and project management notes in notebooks for each department. Tagging allows me to follow issues that cross multiple departments and the search function allows me to quickly recall info when I’m in a meeting. I spend a lot of time moving from meeting to meeting and around the hospital so having all of my files available on my desktop in the office as well as iPad and iPhone is absolutely critical. My next personal project is scanning all of my kids’ artwork in! Thanks for continuously improving the product and fixing bugs quickly.

  • Dara Bowers

    Once upon a time, I would find a recipe, a cool article, quotes I want to remember and keep. I would file them, copy and paste………..then, hard drive would crash. Then I found this program with the coolest symbol, an Elephant, a hati. I had to have it, had to have that elephant. So, I downloaded it. Then suddenly the elephant became the coolest program ever. I could save everything I want, see the elephant daily and when my hard drive crashes, I still have what I have enjoyed and saved. Yeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaa, 2 gift in one cool program.

  • Emile Burgess

    As a pastor with 860 members, I have a lot of names and stories to remember. EverNote has made this much easier. After learning something new about a member I dictate the highlights into a note file. All my un-tagged notes automatically go into a saved search named “Inbox.” I later either type out the highlights or just tag the recording “Member Bios” and title it last name first.
    This is very helpful for many reasons: (1) I can pray for these members in specific ways for their situation (2) if I’m going to visit or begin counseling a member, I’ll have something working knowledge to start from (3) it helps moves past Sunday morning small-talk so I can talk about something that interests them.
    I love EverNote! That’s just ONE way it is a great ministry tool.

  • Megan

    I’m a huge Evernote fan!! I use it on my computer and ipod to keep track of inspiration, recipes, favorite Bible Verses and Quotes, gift ideas, and much much much more!

  • George

    Being able to pull up meeting notes, refine them on the computer, and bring it back to the next meeting portably.

  • Cynthia Marie

    Using Evernote helps me keep track of the art supplies I own along with a wish list of new colors or supplies for the future. I also use Evernote to keep track of my current recipes along with picture! It is so easy to share with friends through email!

  • Daniel Sandoval

    I run my own law firm and I literally use Evernote EVERYDAY! I couldn’t live without it. The best story I have regarding my Evernote use is shortly after I received my bar license, I was a nervous wreck as I attended my first court hearing all on my own. Well, I handled the hearing fine, but when it came time to give the clerk my bar license, I froze, because I didn’t know it yet. Thankfully, I input my bar number into Evernote as soon as I could. Before I started to sweat up a storm due to nervousness, I whipped out my phone and opened up my Evernote app and found my bar number. Crisis averted! Thanks, Evernote!

  • Gerry D

    I love evernote! I use it to keep a record of stories about my kids for when I work on their scrapbooks. It is great for storing recipes, and at the moment we are keeping a record of all the things we want to do on our next holiday.

  • Nanette

    I use Evernote to keep my son’s spelling words so I can quiz him when we have few minutes of down time. His test grades went way up after I started putting the words in Evernote

  • Destin2013

    Just started using Evernote, but have already found it useful for having all my lists, websites, notes, etc. available in one app. So awesome. (Have enjoyed getting ideas from others on this site, too!)

  • Jonathan Hightower

    My best Evernote story involves house hunting. My wife and I were looking for a new home and Evernote was our weapon of choice when we started comparing homes. She would clip from websites and we would review each of them. Once we had a few prime candidates we would hop in the car armed with our smart phones and take pictures of our favorite (and least favorite) features of our perspective abodes. After a couple of months of clipping and shooting pictures we found a few possibilities but are still in the process of finding that perfect match. With the help of evernote we are sure that the one we decide on will be perfect.

  • Patti

    I keep track of just about everything in Evernote these days. I love that I can look for my notes from my phone. Whenever I have a good idea, I put it in there!

  • Yannick

    I use evernote everyday for almost everything…

    When on vacation, I send my plane tickets, hotel reservation and my itinerary.
    At home, I sync my livescribe pen, send a copy of registration email I receive, scan my mail (invoice, taxes, etc.). I also keep memories from my newborn as his voice, video, pictures. I also sync note I make in my iPad using noteshelf.

    At work, I keep latest information on everyone of my client and products so I can access it when I need it. I can also forward info directly to my client from evernote by email.

    At university, I do flashcard using studyblue app so I can study from my iPhone/iPad.

  • Jared

    I use Evernote for just about everything–receipts, directions, recipes, notes, ideas for articles and more, but my favorite use?

    Snapping photos of the books people are reading on the subway that I want to read. Today’s discovery? “Beneath the Underdog,” Charles Mingus’ autobiography…

  • Michelle

    I use it to copy website pages that I don’t want to forget.

  • Mary

    Thanks to Evernote, I’m becoming go-to person for ed tech tips. As I find ideas and tips, save them in Evernote and get them from any computer, iPad, or phone.

  • Stephen Morrison

    I use Evernote to store website addresses that I think look interesting, but I do not (at that time) have time to look into more. I use it as a “Save it Later”/”Read Later”. It is great because I can search for websites that I thought were cool or just look at my latest to go back and check them out. Their browser extension makes this great.

  • Lin Wu

    My daily route: RSS—>PDFs–>Evernote–>Productivity!

  • Beverly

    I use Evernote to plan out upcoming blog posts and keep notes on building web apps

  • jg

    Evernote helped get me my rhce cert!

  • Tim Poorman

    I use Evernote everyday. As the director of Ecommerce and Social Media for a small company I have many balls in the air at the same time. I couldn’t keep them all in the air without Evernote. It is always with me, on my desktop, on my phone and on my laptop. When I get time I even use it for recipes.

  • Kandace Friesen

    My best Evernote story: We were moving (which is hectic in and of itself) and I had to get a new phone number. I had my old phone number for 20+ years and was having a difficult time remembering my new one. I made an entry in Evernote with my new number. I was in line at the Post Office and took a call to have something installed at my house and had to give them my house number. I calmly said “Oh, my home phone number? Wait while I look that up.” and proceeded to look it up using the Evernote app on my phone. When I completed my call I had a few people around me asking what I used to look up my number. I told them about Evernote, how productive it was and what I use it for, and suddenly everyone just HAD to have it. Needless to say we had a little downloading party at the Post Office.

  • Jared Redick

    When DON’T I use Evernote? I’m always pimping it out. Just today a colleague told me how much she loves Evernote, because I recommended it! Not really a story, but I blogged a while back about my love for Evernote.

  • Kevin

    Evernote was suggested to me by a business partner of mine, when I realized that I could move my business to a paperless system (at least financials)…I was thrilled. And to top that, I can have my bookkeeper install Evernote as well for receipt entry! Paper doesn’t last long in this office! 🙂

  • Kelsey

    I love evernote so much! I have hundreds of articles and notes saved. I don’t have a grand old story but I can’t imagine going back to my pre-evernote life!

  • Tony Wilson

    I use evernote to keep track of my parents’ medicines, appointments, doctors and specialists, and test results. When ever they see new doctors or spend time in the hospital, I’m better prepared than the medical professionals.

  • Angela Avalos

    I am a 33 yr old mom and I am currently enrolled in college 2 of my 4 kids are now in high school. I am very enthusiastic about all the ways that Evernote helps to organize my life. I insisted that my kids create their own Evernote accounts. As we study and learn together, we also share tips when we find a cool new way Evernote can make our lives easier 🙂

  • Karinajean

    My best evernote story is in progress: when traveling I tag locations I want to return to. I’m working on a motorcycle ride route now that goes through 4 states!

  • Jennifer Morrison

    I love Evernote for jotting likes and dislikes down for all of my friends. It helps me make great gift choices when birthdays come around, and, more importantly, tracks everyone’s food allergies so I never have to worry when I’m having a party.

  • Lori

    I use Evernote to keep a daily journal of my internship experience so I don’t forget a single moment.

  • Michele Frost

    We’re about to relaunch our website and the details are endless. To help with communication, I created a note for each member of my team. It’s easy and helpful. But the best part is the fact that I haven’t said “wait I know there’s one more thing” in weeks!

  • Linda

    Me and my partner share a shopping list. That way, whichever of us ends up going to the store, we know what to buy.

  • Pamela Walsh

    One of my favorite uses of Evernote is to centralize our family’s current proof of insurance cards, both vehicle & health. I scan front & back, save them as PDFs, then tag them “insurance”. With 3 teenage boys who are at various schools and drive different vehicles, this use alone has made Evernote invaluable. Two stories:

    My oldest son had a summer internship in another state. While he was away, he became sick and went to see a medical provider in that city. He called me while I was at work from the doctor’s office needing our insurance information. Because of Evernote, I was able to quickly search “insurance” and then send the PDF of the front & back of our health card to his phone as he was standing in the doctor’s office in just a matter of a minutes. This saved valuable time (and hassle) for both of us.

    The second episode occurred when one of the boys went to have his car inspection sticker renewed, which requires proof of insurance. The insurance card in the glove box was not current & prevented the auto shop from conducting the inspection. Again, with just a phone call, I was able to forward the current auto insurance policy allowing the shop to complete the inspection during that visit.

    While I use Evernote in many ways, I always share this application when I talk about the many uses of Evernote.

  • Patricia Moss

    Thanks to Evernote I’ve been able to compile an extensive collection of information about advance health care directives and use it as a resource to advise friends and family about this important issue.

  • Cory Ann Ellis

    The question should be what don’t I use Evernote for. Evernote paired with my iPhone/iPad, computer, Scansnap, Echosign, and Livescribe is a combination that has allowed me to take my office paperless. No more filing cabinets. With over 27K notes in Evernote it is a vital part of my everyday life from recipes, ideas, document storage and retrieval, to do lists, home light records and more.. It is my one can’t live with out application.

  • Pam Jimison

    I am a new principal and have been using Evernote to store leadership articles, new principal articles, etc. – even decorating ideas for my new office! 🙂

  • Marty

    Evernote is great for clipping stuff.

  • Carolyn

    I can’t say enough about how much I love Evernote. I use Evernote daily to inventory items, make lists and collect recipes. I compiled a list of what movies and books I own so I never forget what’s in my collection! I love to clip recipes and articles online. I used to print these things out and lose or forget about them. Now, everything is in one place and at my fingertips! I also love to make lists of items I need at the store and checking things off as I go. Evernote makes my life so much easier!

  • Jacqui G.

    I use Evernote every day to do many things. I use it to take notes at workshops and share with my fellow teachers. I also use it with students to show them the many tools of collaboration available. My students and I all love to use Evernote! Thank you for such an amazing tool!

  • Lauri F.

    When I was remodeling my kitchen I was searching the web for cabinets, flooring, backsplash material, installers, etc. It was so easy to use Evernote to categorize and capture all of the websites and review them there. What would I have done without it! Even better is to have it available on my mobile device so I can review what I’ve researched at home.

    I use Evernote for so many things, mainly because I’m an information-aholic and I need to gather, store and retrieve information. It is so reassuring to know I can find it all again easily with my Evernote.

  • Teri Tullous

    I use evernote for my digital scrapbooking……it’s awesome!

  • Stacey L Barr

    Where don’t I use Evernote anymore? It’s keeping my homework straight, projects at work organized, grocery lists, inspiration photos; the list goes on and on! The best trick I’ve learned yet though is to upload PDFs of equipment manuals for equipment at church. When something goes wonky, I can look up anything I need instantly!

  • Chad Molen

    I keep all my articles and best practice information so that I can search for lean improvement or operational excellence tools.

  • Andy

    My best recent story is from visiting Indianapolis for a conference. I was looking for the pone number for a hostel at which I was staying and, later, for downtown parking. I pulled out my iPhone and searched for the plans I had assembled weeks before and saved in Evernote. Easy navigation.

  • D Ryan

    I used Evernote to temporarily hold a bookmark for the company of my camping chair. The first one was broke and they were sending me a replacement. I was able to recall it to contact them to check on the status of the shipment and to forward as an email to my parents who also had defective chairs. It was easier then emailing it to myself, taking a screenshot (and finding it later) or printing the page. Using the tag and folder features are great for business!!

  • Mark Armstrong

    I am an unpaid Evernote evangelist. I use a lot of apps but I can’t think of single system I talk about more with the people I come into contact with than Evernote.

    I used it to keep track of all of our boxes during a move once. I took photos of the contents of each box and added tags where needed. When we needed to find something, we just looked for it Evernote and retrieved the appropriate box number. It was fantastically effective!

  • BreeAnna Mcmanus

    I would love to try evernote.. never even heard of it sadly. sounds like I am missing out!

  • georg

    I save software keys in evernote — they are available any time I need them.

  • Megan

    I use Evernote for everything…recipes, pictures, reading, crafts, school. I have it on my PC and my iPad. Will have it on my iPhone 5 this fall!

  • Josh

    I love evernote. The end.

  • Herr Jung

    Some weeks ago I used Evernote on a BarCamp to write down all the informations heard in the sessions down, sort them und shared it with all the other BarCamper. Perfect!

  • Michael

    It’s very hard to determine a “best” Evernote story. I use it everyday for many different things…Journaling, capturing customer payments/deposits, audio reminders, pics of any and everything, quotes for customers from online vendors, how-tos. My uses are seemingly endless and I love finding new ways to utilize this awesome product.

  • Rose

    I use evernote every day to keep my undergraduate dissertation notes in a system where I can actually find them! It’s working so well that I’m predicted a First (top level mark) in it already 🙂

  • Oliver

    I use evernote everyday to track all my minds and grat ideas. It also helps my to notice some interesting content from websites which I can modify as I need.
    Evernote runs on my MAC at my homeoffice and on my iPhone. So everytime I have my thoughts with me.

  • Leonard Bürk

    I used evernote to organize my lecture notes. I finished my studies 2 years ago but last week when I was looking for a specific note it took me less than a minute to find it.

  • Ashley E.

    The best work habit I ever learned was to keep a daily log. Whenever I figure out some obscure problem (or run into one!) I write down the solution. Any accomplishments get recorded for sure. Meetings that happen, ideas for the future, open questions…. a few moments here and there to just jot things down has paid off in spades over and over.
    Now I use Evernote for my daily log, of course! I have a note in my main notebooks called “!0 daily log” (so that it always is sorted to the top), and any of these types of logs have the tag “running log” so I can find them all if needed.
    I can search through for all the To Dos and To ‘Dones’ since they’re just checkboxes. Can’t remember exactly what those settings needed to be for that thing? no problem — I can just search and get it immediately. Status meetings are a lot easier; performance review time is much less onerous.
    Searching through a (paper) notebook was always slow no matter how many post-it note tabs I used.
    Whenever I’m working I have that note open and I just pop over to that window and jot things down whenever I need to.
    It’s not a particularly super sexy or clever use of Evernote, but it’s a critical part of my every single day work life.

  • David Parsons

    I use evernote every day to take notes on web desing. Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  • Jaemin You

    I’ve been working for design and development, which means lots of information and inspiration are necessary. when I spend regular time on browsing websites, Evernote really comes in handy by clipping the resource right away. Not only is it easy to keep track of everything relevant to my project, but the intuitive interface makes me focus on what I have to get easily.

  • Neville Godwin

    We use it to create an image library of design inspiration, plus a library of design and photography tutorials. You never have time to read everything and so now with the press on a button it’s saved and indexed! It really is a game changer and saves cluttered desktops of jpegs!

  • Ted

    I’ve essentially eliminated paper records in my life after scanning things into Evernote. Now I don’t lose stuff anymore.

  • Amer Demirovic

    I use Evernote to manage academic articles for my research. I imported all PDF files into Evernote and created tags for authors, topics, journals, years etc. When I write text note I extensively use note linking feature to link to articles referenced in the text. And I use Evernote on my home desktop, notebook, work desktop and Android phone… Glad I do not have to bother with USB sticks anymore.

  • Ronald Anthonissen

    Last year, I used Evernote to collect documentation, specs and prices of furniture I was planning to buy to furnish my new apartment. Any interesting object I came up to, was sent to Evernote, and later I had a nice overview to compare the different options I had.
    It helped lots me to furnish the perfect apartment! 🙂

  • Ron Young

    I scan my PTs exercise sheets into Evernote so I can access them wherever I am, so I can refer to them whenever I have a spare moment to exercise properly!

  • Blanche Henry

    I am new at evernote and I learn more every day!

  • Jaakko Hurri

    I use EN to make notes and copy interesting websites so that I’m able to reach them with other computers and iPhone.

  • Deb

    I love Evernote – I use it for all kinds of things – the first thing I started using it for was to organize my paper “notes to self”. I use to have hand written notes all over my desk, but now I take a picture of the note and recycle it and then it’s accessible from any device I’m using and it doesn’t matter if I’m home or the office. Love it! I can search for notes too which is awesome. No more rifling through a bunch of little scraps of paper to find that ONE little jotted down something I HAVE to have! 🙂

  • Peter Harrison

    I’m normally disorganized and can’t find anything. I write notes on small pieces of paper and store them in shopping bags. That was until I discovered Evernote! 🙂 Now I just scan my notes, write them on my iPhone/iPad or take a photo and same them all directly to Evernote! Now I’m more organized and can find anything using Evernote’s powerful search engine in my online personal storage database! Thanks Evernote! 🙂

  • Proefballonier

    It is very handy to have a direct connection between my notes om my mobile and on my PC with the sync. As I write and work on the go Easynote makes it very easy for me. In addition because I dont have to carry around an extra laptop or notebook when a story or idea comes to mind.
    So…in all….Easynote is very handy. Like it a lot.

  • Jono

    I use Evernote multiple times every day scanning documents and taking photos with my Android smartphone, and also with my EA-800 for hand-written notes – all wirelessly uploaded and searchable immediately and available offline (Premium) on my phone. Love it!

  • Annik Joly

    I have finally been able to see the color of my desk again. I had been clipping articles, stories and any other material I could later use to write new content or improve my work efficiency and with evernote I have been able to either clip URLs where the article or story was found, digitize the clippings that cannot be found on line, organize pictures, videos, post-it & to do-notes, books, PDFs, and clippings into notebooks and assign them tags to make them easier to locate and reference. Wow! But it gets even better – I can share this with my team instead of shuffling our ‘clipping box’ like we`ve been doing for years. Now I can truly work from poolside!

  • Carolyn

    I use Evernote to help keep track of my genealogy research. It is very useful for taking notes when in the library. I also keep my family group sheets and other genealogy information on Evernote so that I have access to it wherever I am.

  • Randy

    I use Evernote as a journal. I can snap pictures, take voice notes, or write a summary of events that have happened during the day/week.

  • David Santistevan

    I recently organized a songwriting retreat with a bunch of friends. Evernote literally saved our lives. We recorded ideas, took notes, and collaborated all from within Evernote. Nobody else was using it at the time so I felt like a proud Papa introducing it to everyone 🙂

  • Gareth Griffiths (@Griffster77)

    I use Evernote to save my (soon-to-be) marriage. I am a terribly forgetful person – always forgetting to pick things up from the shops, forgetting what I was going to say to people etc – and Evernote helps me keep track of all that. Stops SOOOO many arguments.

  • Ray Strecker

    I keep all my notes on beer styles & beer tasting so I can check it when I’m at the store or a restaurant.

  • Brandon

    Evernote rocks. I use it as the central hub that basically controls my life. I use it to store everything and anything I need to know. First step in the e-memory revolution. Thanks Evernote!

  • Michael Westrich

    After my studies at university I had a lot of printed course documents. As I work now I don’t need these documents printed out wasting space in my apartment and live. So I scanned all of them and regained space for more important things than storing printed documents. Thanks to Evernote I can access these documents from everywhere I want if I ever need them.

  • Jay Couture

    I was first introduced to Evernote a couple years back and have yet to utilize all it’s features. I absolutely love its versatility and stability. I use Evernote to journal and keep safe many important documents as well as sync data on 3 computers. I have important data that would have been lost due to hardware failure if not for Evernote!! (this has happened 2x!! 😛 ) I attended the Evernote meetup in Orlando Florida a couple of years back and am a happy Evernote Linux user! Yes Linux, it works fine on wine (Linux), as do I! 🙂

  • Rob

    My best Evernote story is simply this: I use it every day. As a writer, I want to keep every little idea that comes to mind; problem is, they come at all times and places. Thanks to Evernote on my Android, I can make notes whenever and wherever the needed arises. Also when researching at the library, I save a lot of coin by using my phone’s camera and Evernote instead of the library’s photocopier.

  • Adam

    I use evernote everyday to keep track of my notes for work. With my new ipad, it’s the perfect place for both hand-written and typed notes (since Evernote does text recognition). Now everything is searchable and available everywhere (even offline on your mobile device with a pro account), instead of stuck in my paper notebook which I just spilled coffee on and ruined.

  • Michael M

    I use Evernote to file away important work-related emails and get them out of our corporate email system. I simply BCC my Evernote account on my own emails I want to save in project folders, or forward emails that came in.

    Now I don’t have to rely on our corporate email system for my digital filing of important information.

  • James

    I recently lost my job and I use Evernote to keep track of job openings, contacts, appts and opportunities.

  • Tri Nguyen

    I use Evernote to take down notes in classes. I’m in college. This is the best thing I’ve come across. I’ve tried a variety of things but nothing works as well as Evernote.

    I see people using the smart scribe pen – too expensive, no good for me. I type faster on the keyboard.

    Evernote is also available on my phone, computer and on the web. That means even if I forget to bring my laptop to class, or its out of battery, I can always use my phone to copy down notes. And I can use the school computer to access these notes when I’m in the library, or when my computer dies on me.

    Best of all, since all the notes are organized by dates and I can search them so easily, I’m the go to guy for friends who need notes from past lectures. Awesome!

  • Terry

    I just downloaded the app today and I’m looking forward to learning what my best Evernote story is!

  • David

    I’m going paperless, so the question is more **What do I not put in evernote**. I’m only a couple of months into my paperless project, so I’ve got a good long way to go.

  • Suzanne Sawyer

    I use Evernote to keep track of everything! I save ideas for projects and interesting articles. I save receipts and family documents. My paper files are becoming a thing of the past – I love Evernote!

  • john ringle

    use Evernote to save item i see on the web

  • redhed

    my best evernote story is the one that started exactly a year ago (this week) when i first signed up for evernote.
    ever since then my life has been a good bit tidier than it used to be , as in no more stacks of paper lying around, it all goes into evernote, no more printing out guitar tabs/cooking recipes since i just use evernote on my android when i am playing guitar or cooking.
    and no more writing down song ideas on scraps of paper and never being able to find them!
    any ideas for design/photography projects go into their own folder. all the keyboard shortcuts/tutorials for various software programs are kept in their own notes so i dont have to print them out any more either.

    what else… anything you could think of really… writing blog ideas, to do lists, read it later lists, shopping lists, gift idea lists, things to download/buy, things to send to people, places to go, graphics design tutorials, books to get list, things to watch list, clipping web articles instead of bookmarking them, clipping images for inspiration, storing receipts, saving college stuff, day journal…

    i also have my whole book library in evernote, all my pdf books are there and any books i dont have in pdf format (which is a lot) i take a picture of the cover and put in a few category tags so i can search through my library real quick…

    and now thanks to notelinks in evernote i dont even have to search for all this stuff as much as i used to
    its all accessible from one single note!

  • Shanne

    I Use Evernote to help me with my short term memory and my CAPD disortor

  • Julian

    I use evernote to keep track of my business leads and clip articles about health and fitness. I am presently teaching my daughters how to use it so they can be better students in high school. I have also used the shared folder option to help my wife run her business.

  • Pete

    Besides keeping everything at work and home in Evernote, my most recent example of a personal project was buying a new camera. I used Evernote to “Clip” website product reviews, pages from vendors, information from the manufacturer, comments from blogposts, etc.. I added e-mails received from the vendors. Also my own notes on what features I was looking for in a new camera. Using “tags” I was able to get the information together after a few weeks of collecting. It was all handy and made the decision to purchase easier.

  • James Titus

    I like the canon, but my fav scanner by far is the Fujitsu S1500. I’ve got a review of it here… along with a video of how the evernote integration works.

    It’s really slick! I use it to scan all my bills and statements. I’m finally close to be paperless!

  • Dave

    I provide technical support over the phone for customers using our software. While each of us have our preferences for note-taking and searching for answers, it seems that Evernote is always faster, more flexible and easier to use than what the others use. Plus, they can’t search for text within images (a BIG part of what I store) and I have access to my notes from my phone, work and at home. I introduced the newest member of the team to Evernote and he purchased a license the very next day. All he could say was, “WOW! I sure wish I had this at my previous jobs!” Beautiful!

  • Chris Front

    I use Evernote to keep track of and share notes with students.

  • Jim Sewell

    I was just elected Treasurer of our Homeowners’ Association. The person before me had less-than-meticulous record keeping habits so I inherited 4 huge binders of old records. How was I ever going to get through all this?!?

    I sat down and in 2 evenings I had used my ScanSnap S1300 to scan in every page of those books. Where did I put them? Evernote of course! Now I have everything in a separate notebook for the Association and nested notebooks separating out everything from correspondence, invoices/bills, Proposals, reference, Late Letters for association fees, etc. Tags for different people each document affects and I can find anything!

    I will NEVER lose any important information and it can be organized any way I choose with the drag of a mouse. Anything new gets scanned in before anything else happens. I can even scan the association fee checks before taking them to the bank in case there is any question. Add in the deposit receipt and it’s golden!

    I love Evernote and wonder what I would do without it now that I’ve seen the power it has!

  • Lori

    I use Evernote everday to clip whenever I pick up my email. I clip emails, articles to read later, ideas, whatever strikes my fancy!

  • Andre Ambrosio

    I use Evernote every day to share code snippets with many developer scattered around the world in our company.

    Evernote could have code formatting options. It could be a plugin and it would be great!

  • JohnK

    I use @Evernote every day to keep track of my numerous passwords in a note that I encrypt using the desktop version of Evernote. I then make this file “local” to my iPod @Touch so that I always have access to my encrypted notes with or without a Wifi connection. #evernotefan

  • Dustin

    I’ve been using evernote for two years and am slowly finding more and more great uses. Best uses are an endless archive of all my reference material that used to be completely disordered through a bunch of drawers at home and work

  • Michael JC

    I am the Worshipful Master (Grand Poobah, if you will) of my Masonic Lodge, which is practically a full-time job. Evernote has helped me immensely in preparing for my year in leading the lodge, and is a fantastic organizational tool that I’ve recommended to many other Masons who are in leadership positions. Thank you Evernote!

  • Sam

    I’m an indie game designer. I use Evernote to keep track of notes on game ideas, concept art, development to-dos, business expense receipts, relevant web articles, and photos of labels of beer that I like because I suffer from beveragnosia.

    I’ve also had great success impressing *other* people by introducing Evernote to them.

  • David Metcalfe

    Evernote has been an excellent extension to my memory, and more importantly, a fantastic method of storage for odd information tidbits for use at a later date. The convenient accessibility of this service and with it: my data, has been an immediate boon, and has helped expedite my daily processes tenfold.

    I’ll detail some of the most significant areas that Evernote helps in my life.

    1. Project management and research.
    2. Important receipt and document storage for rapid recall (incl. membership cards by photo for easy barcode scanning).
    3. Storing important schemata and troubleshooting guides for my job as a technician.
    4. Tracking my notes and images across classes for my Bachelor of Design degree.
    5. Lastly, and most importantly: Evernote is my go-to study tool for storing all my reference material for learning Portuguese (my girlfriend’s native language), which I intend to propose to her in.

  • Arun "Charlie" Augustine

    I use evernote as my digital inbox for GTD, collecting everything from MS Outlook mails at office to writing/article ideas to stuff that I see on web to receipts to online transactions that I keep for reference or followup in case of undelivered goods/services.

    I also use evernote for project planning/filing project support material and as a general reference filing system.

  • Ian Moore

    Evernote allows me to keep meeting notes and access them from my iphone, ipad or macs – never forget an action or comment!

  • Rochelle Broder-Singer

    Just yesterday, I imported into Evernote a handwritten page from the Ghostwriter iPad app. Imagine my delight in discovering later, while viewing that page on Evernote on my Mac, that Evernote web had done handwriting recognition on everything I printed! Awesome – searching within handwritten notes.

  • DavidW

    I use Evernote everday to manage my GTD action system, including ‘tickler’ system. It is great to have my actions and support material all in one place – emails, photos, docs, correspondence, personal notes, action checkbox(es), complete with a wealth of customised tags – ‘tickler\'(daily, weekly, monthly, annually), ‘next action’, ‘contexts’ and ‘projects’. Thanks Evernote!

  • Ray G

    I use Evernote to keep track of my growing Wrist Watch collection. The watches I own.. and one the ones I one day dream to own 🙂

  • Dan

    I have finally gotten organized!!!!

  • Erik Johnson

    I use Evernote everyday to collect items of inspiration for art projects, using web clipping, snapping pics with my phone, or just jotting down ideas as they come.

  • Marcos

    I used Evernote to plan my family trip to Disneyworld in Orlando; our vacation was great, thanks to Walt Disney & Evernote.

  • Bo

    I’ve been using Evernote to study for my CFA Exam. It’s a three level exam that takes at least 2.5 years to complete. I’ve started arranging my notes around topics so at each level I can have a comprehensive study outline. I’ve also been uploading graphs, charts, and other illustrations that supplement my notes (or make my laugh when I feel tired).

  • Osmin Magana

    I use Evernote to keep my Web Surfer snippets and to collect information about linux administration. I have a copy of the database in my U3 USB drive and the master copy on the web.

    Thanks for the application and all the effort you put in this project.

  • Amanda Gray

    I use Evernote for articles I want to read or keep, recipes for anything that strikes my fancy, inspiration, important papers from my Son’s school, calendars from activities my kids are involved in, to do lists, and just about everything that I would store on my laptop! I love how I can access it froom anywhere!

  • Jenni Lathrop

    I use Evernote for a lot of things, but what I have recently found the most useful for me is keeping track of my knitting projects. Normally I don’t know what needles I have, where I left that pattern, where I put those links of patterns and ideas I find online…

    Now, if I start a new pattern, I can just pull up my “knitting” notebook on my phone to see if I have the required needles (or need to buy them when I get the yarn…there is nothing worse than starting a project only to find you don’t have the needle sizes you thought you did).

    I have several projects going at one time. Instead of having the patterns somewhere, folded up (which ruins them) to bring with the project, I can pull it up on my phone and knit no matter where I am. It makes it easier to find and makes the knitting for more complicated pieces more easily portable.

  • Wayne M

    I use EN to organize material from the web for lessons for my classroom. I can then share materials out with my middle school students. Now I never get the old excuse, ” I lost my notebook!”

  • Samantha

    I use Evernote to keep on top of my school work and save recipes for later.

  • JASON L.

    I use Evernote to keep track of my gaming list.

  • Matt Lemke

    I use Evernote to:
    – track new features, tips, and ideas about using Evernote!
    – take photos while scouting locations for photo shoots
    – to make important documents available to me when I’m out of the office
    – To plan the questions and topics to cover for a meeting + take notes about those responses during the meetg; then combine those two and move to the appropriate notebook for future reference.

    You all have made an incredible tool for both personal and business bliss!

    Let me know if you ever need an Evernote trainer or a sales rep in the Central TX area – I have sipped the Kool-Aid!

  • Tetsuya Hishida

    I use Evernote for clipping web sight, mainly web site which shares cool design, and use it when I design architecture.

  • phil k

    Thanks for creating a great product. It’s useful on so many different levels.

  • Maciding Doson

    OMG!! I created my evernote account long time back but deactivated immediately thinking it’s of no use. I thought it’s just another social thing that will eat up my time. Suddenly with no reason (curiosity) I reactivated my account and decided to give a try to this Evernote thing. Everything went well but a big disappointment because I didn’t find (official) desktop app for Linux. Finally I found the Nevernote client. And then the last thing that made me a big evernote fan is the “webclipper” for browsers.
    I read.. but I never thought note-taking would be so easy esp the clipping of web pages. Now I don’t do copy-paste notes to my Tomboy notes & other things anymore. Evernote is such a BIG tool for everyday life and I’m trying to find out how to do things easily with evernote day by day. Thank you for such a wonderful thing.

  • GlennRuss

    I have been an Evernote customer since the beginning. The first iPod I bought, the first app downloaded was Evernote. That was when the app store was new. When I got an iPod Touch 4, made sure Evernote was transferred. I follow music, recipes, just about anything. I need Evernote to collect ideas, notes, and things I am inserted in. You cannot beat the features. Thanks for a great functional product.

  • Johan Gustavsson

    I use evernote to be able to manage my life, and my job, remotely from my android phone!

  • Todd New

    When I recently traveled for work, I was able to carry copies of all my confirmation documents, boarding passes, etc., on my smartphone. Very simple access as opposed to stopping frequently to pull things from a briefcase!

  • T3h Ub3r K1tten

    So, this one time, I entered to win an Evernote contest, and I won.

    If I win, this will be my best Evernote story.

  • Pat

    I use evernote everyday to collect articles for research topics.

  • Jesse

    I do some organization and personal productivity teaching and consulting and Evernote is one of my go-to tools to recommend to people for their filing system. It’s so easy to show them how to use it and so versatile handling the extremely different kinds of data people want to store. Such a great product!

  • Kathy

    I use Evernote every day to track my progress from my prioritized daily task list. I also use it for task management in the 4-5 projects I manage during the work week. This is a great product!

  • Sharon

    I use Evernote to get rid of paper in my office…I scan everything that comes in and then I can easily find it.

  • reva skie

    I use Evernote to keep track of and share notes with team members and co-workers.

  • Sherry Rich

    My colleague (who travels for business as much as I do) turned me on to Evernote. Exciting! We can remotely manage our projects via iPhone, Ipad, and computer. LOVE IT!

  • Christine B

    I just started with Evernote but I’m very excited to keep recipes from the web at my fingertips. I anticipate using it to remember, share and shop for great new dinners.

  • Christine B

    I just started using Evernote but I’m excited to clip, shop, share and make new recipes for dinner.

  • Alicia

    I started using Evernote to capture the random poetry ideas I have but tend to forget before I can write them down. But lately I really enjoyed finding and looking through the journals I had growing up, and saving my poetry and short stories into Evernote. I’d like to be able to do a little self-published book of my life in writings. And so far, it’s going really well, thanks to Evernote!

  • Lauren

    I used evernote to get rid of two bookshelves worth of binders in my office. now the stuff in them is actually useful and easily accessible!

  • Stuart Loe

    I use evernote to keep my wife happy.

    She hates clutter and she hates how I keep holiday and birthday cards from friends and family. So NOW, using evernote, I just take a picture with my iphone or scan the card. Then, I toss the card away ALWAYS in full view of my wife, so that I get credit.

  • karen b

    I use evernote for storing and sorting absolutely everything!