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How Evernote Works for Moms, Business, and Everything in Between, by Carley Knobloch, Digitwirl Founder

Posted by Carley Knobloch on 14 Jul 2011

Posted by Carley Knobloch on 14 Jul 2011

  Name: Carley Knobloch
Profession: founder of Digitwirl, a weekly tech web show for women
Location: Los Angeles



Carley Knobloch is the founder of Digitwirl, a weekly web show that teaches women how to make technology work for them. Carley has held various creative positions in digital Hollywood, building some of the first-ever film and television websites for clients like Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. She is a regular contributor to Lifetime’s The Balancing Act and has appeared on ABC News and Fox News. In 2001, she started her consulting practice, Mothercraft, to help coach moms on how they can simplify and organize their lives.

Evernote, Everywhere

Women, Technology and Life/Work Balance

In my experience, I’ve found that women have different needs than men when it comes to technology. Women often ask: How will this save me time? How can this save me money? How will it help me get things done faster so I can spend more time with my family?

I use Evernote for…

When I became a mom, I was struck by how my life was turned upside down and I wasn’t as organized as I used to be — I couldn’t keep my address book or my calendar and was very distracted all the time. It inspired me to create my coaching and consulting practice, Mothercraft. I started coaching moms and writing a weekly newsletter on how they could simplify and organize their lives as moms. When I began attaching a video to the newsletter, it really took off… and the idea for Digitwirl was born!

I’m a busy mom of two, running my own business, looking for tools that can help me manage my life — and since I can’t live without Evernote, it’s no surprise that it’s been one of the most popular Digitwirl episodes we’ve aired.

Here’s a look at how I use Evernote:

  • For collaboration: Digitwirl’s content director is in New York and I’m in Los Angeles, so we use a shared Evernote notebook to communicate about technologies that we want to cover. We tag all of the products according to type (travel, beauty, home organization). When we’re going over materials and I’m trying to remember the name of a digital luggage scale that lets you know if you overpack, I can search through tags like ‘travel’ and ‘luggage’ but also inside of everything I’ve written or clipped. I never have to have that moment of “I sort of remember, but don’t really remember.’ [Learn how to start sharing notes]

  • For my business: When I started my new business, I opened all of my bank accounts with Evernote. I didn’t bring any paper to the bank. I had my EIN and my article of incorporation scanned into Evernote.
  • For gift ideas: When I’m out and about with my kids and they say “I want that!” I take a picture of the item and tag it with ‘want’. The next time I’m on Amazon and I want to buy a present, I just browse through notes tagged ‘want.’
  • For instruction manuals: Every time I get a new device, the instruction manual gets scanned into Evernote. Before Evernote, I had a big box full of instruction manuals for things like my washing machine from my old house. Now, I can keep things up to date; if something is out of date, I delete it.

  • For warranties, receipts and contracts: I save warranties for appliances like my washer and drier in Evernote, as well as receipts. I also have a contracts and agreements notebook.
  • For photos of kids’ art: I take a lot of photographs of my kids’ artwork — especially their 3D art. We do a lot of ‘this has lived its life on the counter, let’s take a picture of it to remember it and then throw it away.’ The kids love looking through this notebook. It’s a sentimental place for me and for them.

  • For class rosters and school documents: I keep my kids’ class rosters in Evernote. I have a class rosters notebook with each scanned note labeled by year and kid, along with important school forms and notices, and all their report cards.
  • For travel: Evernote keeps me organized when I travel and attend conferences. I email myself all kinds of correspondence that’s important. I have one notebook for each event I’m going to. Right now, I have a notebook for my speaking engagement at BlogHer. It includes my speaker agreement, hotel reservation information, itinerary, information on meetings I need to attend, etc. When I get there, I know I can pull up my phone and have everything in one place.

Evernote is like having a filing cabinet in your back pocket. All of my important documents follow me wherever I go — my house is virtually paperless and all of my information is accessible whenever I need it, from wherever I am. It’s one of those rare services that becomes more useful as time goes on. The best part is, using Evernote means never having to say to someone, “Oh I left it in my other purse,” or “Oh it’s in my hard drive.”


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  • Paige M.

    Wow! This article was incredibly helpful. Thanks for the great tips. 🙂

  • Anne Mateer

    I’ve been using Evernote for several weeks and have seem what a huge difference it has made for me. But you had some great tips here, so guess what? I’m going to save this post in Evernote so I don’t forget them! I love this program. Thanks for more tips on how to use it effectively!

  • Alice

    I use evernote a lot and also keep a running list of items people have told me they want – sure makes gift shopping easier.

    I’m curious as to how you organize your information. Example, are all your manuals in a folder named “Manuals” and the receipts in another folder “Receipts”? Or do you combine the manual and receipt into a folder called “Washing Machine”? How else do you group your folders?

    • Deborah

      I’d like to know this too. This was a great article, and I am curious how people are organizing their notebooks. I find mine are growing exponentially as I start using Evernote more and more, and I would love to see more information about how people structure their notebooks.

      • Jillian Chamberlain

        Hi Deborah! I work with Carley so I thought I’d step in and answer your question. Carley categorizes her notebooks and then keeps them in order using tags. She keeps separate notebooks for kids, Digitwirl, Household ect. Hope that helps!!

      • Ric

        These are great examples of how to use Evernote on a daily basis. I find it is essential for me to keep track of stuff from my phone so that I can untethered myself from my computers and spend time with my family.

        Deborah, as to your question about how to manage your Notebooks, I use the Notebook “Stack” feature to group all of my Notebooks by category: Work, Home, Volunteering, Government and Inbox (which I use as a ToDo list of Notebooks). The Inbox Notebook Stack has four Notebooks: “In” (my default Notebook), ” Today”, “Tomorrow”, and “Week Later”. I find it easy to email, scan or Jot anything into Evernote and then sort it out from the “In” Notebook, by first assigning the notes tags and then sending them to the appropriate Notebook (within the mentioned note book stacks). This way when I am in “work mode” I focus only on the Work stack of notebooks, “family mode” —› Family stack, etc.

        As I mentioned, the Inbox Notebook Stack helps me also manage certain notes as ToDo’s, because it allows me to prioritize what I am actually going to work on Today, Tomorrow, or next week. Once the ToDo Note is done, it can be deleted or filed into a notebook for future reference. The great thing about Evernote is that it is present everywhere! So I normally sift through my Inbox and sort my notes during my downtime, coffee break or in between work and family events. I hope that helps.

    • Jamie

      I don’t know how Carley does it, but tagging solves everything for me!

      E.g. washing machine receipt = “washing machine” and “receipt”; washing machine manual = “washing machine” and “manual”.

      That way, I can choose to pull up all of my receipts, all of my manuals, OR all of my washing-machine-related notes.

      • Alice

        I decided to go with a folder named “Appliances” and then sub-folders for each one, plus tagging. I’m tinkering between adding one called “Electronics” or having my electronics (TV, phone, etc) under appliances.

        Yesterday, I had a repair done on my washing machine, scanned the repair receipt/invoice and added it to my washing machine folder. This is one of the most useful ideas.

        And, I always have a folder for each vacation with hotel, air & car confirmations, attractions ticket receipts, etc. Invaluable.

  • Exhead

    Thanks voor the ‘ manuals’- suggestion. Brilliant!

    • Dave Yuhas

      I’d check for a manufacturer’s manual on .pdf before I scanned every manual.

      • Jillian Chamberlain

        Hi Dave! I work with Carley and I just wanted to say that you made an excellent point. She actually does look for the pdf online first. If its unavailable she scans the manuals 🙂

  • SVB

    Brilliant Tips! Thanks Digitwirl, I am now a fan! More like this Evernote, it was very user friendly!!!!

    • Jillian Chamberlain

      Hello SVB! I’m the Community Manager here at Digitwirl. We’re glad you liked the article and we appreciate the feedback! Thanks! -Jillian

  • Adnohe

    I’m already doing most of these things but THANK YOU for the artwork tip. I can get rid of stuff guilt-free!

    • Joy

      YES that is a GREAT tip & I will be implementing it this weekend.

  • Shane Phillips

    I like the article I got my sister a premium account for her birthday. She is a mom too but she says she doesn’t have tome to use Evernote. She say s she can’t spend time using it. Thought u use Evernote too save time and memories. I wish someone could convince her to use it. I use it all the time I have about 1000 motes and a premium member

    • Carley Knobloch

      Shane— you’re so sweet to get a premium account for your sister! it’s often a tough sell to adopt a new technology. Maybe you could set up one notebook for her and show her how you did it…?

      Ask her to spend the next week paying attention to what information she’s always forgetting at home or wishing she had in her purse. Often starting with your biggest pain point in life is the biggest motivator for change.

  • Carley Knobloch

    So glad that Evernote readers are loving the article. The more I use Evernote, the MORE I use it, if you know what I mean!

    Today, I just created:
    • A “Press” notebook, where I’m going to be clipping articles written about Digitwirl (like this one!),
    • I added my mom’s famous dry rub recipe to my “Recipes” notebook,
    • Added a travel itinerary to a notebook I have for “BlogHer”, a conference I’ll be attending next week.

    It’s really invaluable for life and work and everything in between. Any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask here!

    • Stuart Bernstein

      I gather all the docs for my travel in EverNote and then the night before I leave I print the key notes and put them into a simple folder that I carry with my carry-on so I have at my disposal key information.

      I also found it very useful when I buy new appliance to copy the setup guide, user manual etc via Fujitsu road warrior scanner that copies the scanned PDF file right into EverNote. I use this approach with new software including the scanned receipt for the software PLUS the registration or key from the mfg to launch the software

      • Carley Knobloch

        Stuart— Surprisingly, I went to BlogHer, a huge conference where I spoke on two panels and ran a contest with Procter and Gamble, with NO paper. I didn’t print a travel itinerary, a hotel reservation.. anything. I found I could run my schedule with Evernote and not miss having any paper printouts. I felt very green!

    • Steve Muir

      Hi Carly,
      Whilst my wife calls me a ‘techno-tart’ (I’m nearly sixty but have always been an early adapter), I do wish I could figure out some way to get her to adopt the great advices you give here. Our home is full of junk. Bits and pieces of paper going back the forty years we have been together. Apart from from swapping her for you ( you are quite the doll), how can I help her see the light? Any advices would be greatly appreciated.

      • Carley Knobloch

        Steve— techno-tart… love it!

        I would read my comment above to Shane, about his sister. Often starting with the biggest pain point (is it tax time? not being able to find home warrantees? memories?) is the biggest motivator to change. And just knowing that you don’t expect her to digitize the ENTIRE HOUSE in one day!

        Good luck. 🙂

  • Gordon

    I have stored manuals in Evernote for a while. I don’t use a scanner. I just take a picture of the page with my camera. I do that with most docs. Also my recipe list is getting huge. Great article!

    • Carley Knobloch

      Gordon— Great idea. Just learnt about “CamScanner” a phone scanner app, from Marsha in the comments below. Check it out!

  • Kathy R

    I have a premium subscription to Evernote and I’ve been following Digitwirl for the last month or 2 and find that I’m exploring a lot of the same products/services. Both are AWESOME!

    For those of you debating how to organize Notebooks, I chose to keep nearly everything in a Notebook called “Kathy”, and broke out a few other items into separate Notebooks in case I might want to share the information with others at some point (Owners Manuals, Quotes, and Recipes).

    I do use Tags to break that down further, but I do find that I am usually using the Search facility to find things as that is MUCH quicker than browsing through my Notebooks and Tags. I view it as being similar to using Google to search the internet – I start looking for keywords that might be in the item and it often is found very quickly!

    As a manager of a traveling soccer team, I used Evernote to store everything from schedules to photos of the player cards to tournament application paperwork. In case anything was lost or forgotten, I could display it on my phone or print out at the hotel.

    When I am in a waiting room and find something interesting in a magazine, I am not tempted to tear it out – I just snap a photo with my phone to store it in Evernote.

    • Carley Knobloch

      Kathy— Great tips. And doctor’s waiting rooms everywhere thank you, I’m sure!

      I have been known to rip articles out… not my proudest moments. Ahem.

  • Matt

    What do you use for scanning?

    • Carley Knobloch

      Matt— I use the NeatDesk scanner from NeatReceipts. But LOVE the idea of the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanning directly into Evernote. I’m going to test that one next!

  • Sylvia

    Good to see a real life example of how to use Evernote, I have been using and recommending to people the usage of as I find it really useful for someone on the go all the time.

  • Phil Stanoch

    I absolutely love the idea of taking pictures of kids’ artwork and storing them in Evernote! That will save us a lot of space and get us over the “guilt” of throwing it away.

    Thank you!

    • Carley Knobloch

      Phil— Yes, save space, and save your living space from being ruined by macaroni pasta/chipping paint/glitter.

      I love kids art, really i do. 🙂

  • Emily Odza

    Any tips for best scanner to use in conjunction with Evernote? I know Evernote recommends some….I just was hopingn for some personal testimonials here! I imagine the manuals would have to be scanned on a flatbed scanner but all the different size slips of paper can be run through the other kind of scanner.

    • Carley Knobloch

      Emily— Please see my comments to Ellen below. 🙂

  • Tracie M.

    I use evernote a lot but there are things here that I never thought of. Thanks so much!!!

    • Carley Knobloch

      Tracie— My pleasure! 🙂

  • John Cummings

    Carley, thanks for your story. I coach professionals and entrepreneurs everyday about the benefits or organizing with Evernote. So much so, that people wonder if I am a spokesperson for the company. I’ve been able to use it to revolutionize how I run my 5 main projects and I keep finding new ways to streamline how I organize everything I do for myself, my family and my clients.

    🙂 John

    • Carley Knobloch

      John— fantastic! Hope to see you at the Trunk Conference!

  • Liz

    I just clipped this article to Evernote!!

    • Carley Knobloch

      Liz— Life imitates art!

  • Lola Walker

    A friend told me to use Evernote and I have it on my iPhone. Can I load it on my PC? I really need paperless as I’m not able to manage the gazillion papers, notes, listing and showing paperwork for my real estate business not to mention all the marketing, social networking and other tips that I really can use — if I can find them. Can you direct me to an Evernote manual (ugh, little time to read manuals)?:)
    thanks, Lola

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Lola, yes, you can download Evernote on your PC! Check out the Getting Started Guide:

  • Michael

    You know…

    I’ve been using Evernote for almost 8 months now and after reading your article about Carley I’ve decided to take Evernote to the next level. I’ve enjoyed it ease of use by geez… once I saw how she uses it I realized I was only using about 1/10th of its capabilities.

    Well done and inspirational article!

    • Carley Knobloch

      Michael— So glad we’ve inspired you! It’s like your brain in that way… so much untapped potential. Well, not YOUR brain, I mean… I don’t know how much of your brain you use. Just, THE brain.

      Ahem. 🙂

    • Rein

      […] you may have seen in pureiovs posts, I’ve partnered up with my friend Carley Knobloch from Digitwirl to bring you some fun videos […]

  • Anette Rogers


    I am an business consultant and one of my interests is how to use the digital technology to work smarter. I live in Sweden and have mainly worked for exporting companies.

    Last week I realized that I had used up all the memory on my computer and I wonder if the evernote files are take up space on my computer, iPad and telephone when I have evernote on these devices. Do you know?

    I am using Evernote but do not yet have the premium subscription.

    Greetings from Sweden!


  • KKN

    I’m excited about getting started now that I’ve read this article and the great comments. Can you take photos of receipts, recipes, etc. instead of having to remember to scan them? Thank you!

    • Carley Knobloch

      KKN— Yes, you can take photos of receipts and recipes or anything else! I took a photo of a hedge at a restaurant once to show my gardener. Stored it in my “Exteriors” notebook. Apparently, it was boxwood. 🙂

  • Michael Kjeldsen

    Brilliant! Your tips sparked a co portræt new way for mé to use Evernote 🙂

  • Rashmi S

    Great ideas! Just curious, what’s the easiest way to scan manuals into Evernote?

    • Carley Knobloch

      Rashmi— I usually just go to the website and download the manual. Most current models of appliances and electronics have a PDF version ready to go. If you had to use the manual they gave you, I guess you’d have to take it apart and scan it one page at a time, so a scanner with a sheet feeder would be ideal.

  • Diane

    I’m off to create artwork and wants notebooks! Thanks so much for sharing these ideas from another busy working mum.

  • Nigel Lamb

    I find evernote useful for work. I can put images and examples of all the different types of work we have done, tag them with brochure, newsletter, leaflet etc., then when I’m with a client (new or old), and then enquiry about a certain kind of product I can search Evernote and bring up a list of different examples, there and then.

  • Julia

    I really like the recipe idea. I’ve got a bunch of recipes on various scraps of paper that I keep inside the front cover of an old cookbook. It’s breaking the binding. I’ll start tomorrow! Thanks!

  • Jeremy Baldwin


    Such a heap of good ideas to help people organise their lives. I use Evernote, but only as a pale shadow of what you do.

    A different sort of thought struck me as I read your ideas – what about future generations? I don’t think anybody will be too worried if the user manual for brand X’s washing machine is lost forever, but what about all the digital stuff we take for granted in the here and now? – at an individual’s level all the photos, email correspondence and then the sort of records you’re keeping of your children.

    There’s a lot of social history that’s going to be very ephemeral if we don’t take positive action. My wife was looking only yesterday at an entry for an ancestor in an online copy, an actual photograph, of a parish register dated 1697. No doubt there’ll still be good records of the serious things like births, marriages and deaths but I was thinking more of the personal stuff of life that allow historians to understand the attitudes and atmosphere of periods of history.

    There, I’ve given you another mission!

  • Supermitch

    You made me see lucidly just how valuable Evernote really is.. Eventhough your focus is on women needs the info you share transcends gender. Thnx for sharing.-SuperMitch

  • Steven G

    can you please detail how you would add a scan to Evernote… for some reason I have trouble adding PDFs to Evernote… love the example with the manuals… we have stacks of them as well just taking up space.

  • KD

    Love the article and Evernote. Use it for business, personal, finance and brainstorming. Does anyone know if it can be password protected? KD

  • Phaedra

    Brilliant tips! Funny, I organize work emails by projects or teams and yet I had not organized my Evernote clips. *GASP* I’m slacking! LOL The best tip ever: MANUALS! I’m currently purging papers and have bags to be shredded. THANK YOU for the manuals, warranties, receipts tip I’ll be tossing even more in the bags!

  • Deb Reale

    This was a terrific article, and the readers’ comments and questions were helpful too. I started an Evernote premium account a couple of weeks ago after reading articles about how useful Evernote could be. I love it. I would like to get a good scanner when I’ve saved up for one, to really use Evernote to the max. It’s great– already makes me feel so much more organized after drowning in paperwork in the past.

    My favorite note (though my kids are now grown) was photographing the kiddos’ artwork and making a notebook for that. I’m going to share that with others who I know will love it.

    Thanks! Need to go check out Digitwhirl!

  • Steven G

    Also.. likely you know this Carley… but there is an iphone app called FastEver Snap which facilitates taking pictures and sending them directly to Evernote. It saves a few steps… also you can so-save them to the iPhone camera roll. It’s $1.99 app (sometimes it goes on sale for 0.99) but I found worth it if you take a lot of pics… good time saver… thanks again for your story…

  • obiwan

    Suggestion: amazon has an app for your phone that allows you to take a picture of what you are looking at, and someone at amazon will instantly send the price of it to your phone

  • Sudhanshu

    Hi, I am a Guinness World Memory Record Holder. I give FREE MEMORY TIPS to the world. But still I use evernote to manage information . Now this article has given me enough motivation to go for “documentation” also. Thanks.

  • Mike Carrington

    … and not just useful for women!
    But I still have to get Evernote organised and remember to tag everything – otherwise it will start to look like my desk.
    Incidentally, this may be a silly question, but what is “dry rub”?

    • Christina

      LOL! Trust a guy to pick up on that, huh ladies?! @Mike A dry rub is a mixture of dry spices that you rub onto fish, steaks, poultry. A dry marinade of sorts. BBQ aficianados love dry rubs. Adds alot of complexity to the flavors of your foods. I noticed the way you spelled “organized”…maybe its and American thing and I am thinking that you are not. 🙂

  • Jacques

    Good article. Thanks. I have a question. I have been thinking about putting all my user IDs and passwords on Evernotes. That way I do not have to remember them. I only need to Evernotes’s. Is this a good idea?

  • Julia Krasinski

    I just downloaded the app to my phone and have no clue what to do with it!! This article was helpful, thanks! Now to find some step to steps for this newbie…. 🙂

  • morgan b.

    Great article!! Very helpful! My favorite part was the way you dealt with the kids’ drawings. I’m overrun with all of my son’s artwork (he LOVES to color)!! Thanks!!

  • Laurie

    Your article is FANTASTIC!! I’m so thankful that you created it. I’m a full time school teacher, I have a jewelry business, and my husband and I are working on the family. There’s tons of paperwork involved at school. Staying organized with 24 kids, their parents, and administration is key to your sanity. This eliminates a ton of binders and folders! Thank you for the tips!

  • Emily

    Do you use a scanner to scan in manuals or do you take pics of each page? I’m curious about how do this efficiently and effectively.

  • PJ

    After reading your article, I’m going to try using Evernote to keep track of all of my teaching related information: meeting notes, important dates, parent contacts/notes. Does anyone have experience/advice in this realm?

  • PrincessMinxy

    Thank you for this great article. I too have started using evernote as a tool for my new business startup. Having all your info in your back pocket is great, but what happens if your phone is lost/stolen?

  • Mark

    …yur article isn’t just for women, it’s been brilliant for me as a single faher of 2 as well!!

    Thank you.

    • Carley Knobloch

      Mark— Thanks! (see my comment to Jeff below).

  • Jeff

    Not sure why this has to be a “moms” and “women” thing… all of these ideas are universal uses for the product and it isn’t just women that ask “how can I use” this when it comes to technology. We all really need to get out of this habit of things being different for men and women for EVERYTHING. Outside of biology, we’re really not that different.

    Great suggestions though!

    • Carley Knobloch

      Jeff— Thanks for your feedback— I completely agree.

      I have a lot of ambivalence with the “moms” and “women” labeling: On the one hand, with Digitwirl being a new company, it’s been great for us to choose a niche (especially one that we know WELL— the needs of busy women) and build trust and relatability with that audience. On the other hand, we risk alienating other people who might get great value from your content (ie. you).

      That’s why, when I come to the Trunk Conference, I’ll be talking to “busy parents” rather than “busy women.”

  • Allison

    I just started a new website (a hub with a service for sewers/quilters). My partner lives in Fl. and I’m in NC. We have been evernote users since the beginning! I keep tags on emails like ‘Andrew’, ‘Kaufman’, ‘Fabric to add’ (yes, these mean something to me!) that really make my life easier! I keep a weekly to do list in there and just copy-paste a new one for next week because a lot of social-media stuff is recurring. After working with google docs to share items and then microsoft 365 so we could ‘edit together’ and not (super)liking either – we realized that wasn’t really a big need for us. EVERNOTE was! We just share folders with each other so we can find something we need in the notes of the partner in charge of that area.
    (This was my introduction to Carley – you’re great! You would be a fabulous guest on the podcast called ‘manic mommies’ – really – get in touch with them! They have a lot of tech-side-make mom efficient interviews.)

    • Carley Knobloch

      Allison— Thanks so much for the kind words! I like Manic Mommies, and would love to speak with them… thanks for reminding me about their show!

      I too use Evernote to share notes with my long-distance content director. It’s a central hub where we can put ideas for future episodes of Digitwirl.

  • Marsha Wight Wise

    I too use Evernote to stay on track. I’m a Mom, writer and work part-time for a non-profit. The one app that you must have to go with Evernote is CamScanner. It uploads to Evernote directly and you can chose your folder before uploading.

    • Carley Knobloch

      Marsha— WOW, just downloaded this… thank you!

  • Ellen

    Reading everyone’s suggestions is making me want to try using Evernote more. I’m wondering about all the scanning tho’, which I find very time-consuming. Is there a way to scan or a device that willl cut the time? I currently use an (HP) All-in-one..

    • Carley Knobloch

      Ellen— I hear you on the scanning. To be honest, I have always had an all-in-one, and NEVER used it to store things in Evernote… it is time consuming (and rarely works the first time I launch the scanning software, but that’s another story!).

      Once I got a portable scanner (I use one from, that all changed. It scans to a PDF in a matter of seconds, and even scans both sides of the paper to a 2-sided PDF if you like. Black and white pages are even quicker.

      The Fujitsu ScanSnap is even MORE Evernote friendly… things scan right into a notebook.

      Hope that’s helpful!

  • ian

    are there any security issues with evernote….lost data…..I was going to start using it…but am concerned about the possibility of losing everything.

  • Vanessa Smith

    I only just started using Evernote as a way of coordinating blog posts – but this has made me see it in a whole new light! So many other ways I can use this! Thanks.

  • Sharon Lamb

    I’m impressed yet overwhelmed. I wish I had this available during our time in the military. Now we are retired and both still actively working.
    I’d like to know your comparison with Evernote and Onenote?
    How did you find the time to declutter paper and get it all digital? I recently purchased the “Neatdesk” desktop scanner (although we have two color scanner/ printer), it seemed faster to get those receipts and documents out of the way. But 37+ years of clutter has hit my limit.
    After my husband retired after 37+ years of service we have settle in LA area of which he still works military. We have two storage units and garage full of what seems to be memories all forgotten. Since we both work full time it’s impossible to start and donate or toss.
    I would love to actually find the time to detach myself from those unwanted doucments or clutter and find our home open save $5000 year on storage cost as well drive one of cars into the garage.
    Now that I avoided my main question, how do you utilize Evernote vs Onenote. I came across and use it for crafts ( when I have time), recipes, manuals. Are you able to share into “dropbox” or are you able to having both?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and bless you for your creative ideas to help the modern day women to simplify their lives.
    Sharon, Harbor City

    • Skye

      I used OneNote–probably an older version now, but I found it so clunky compared to Evernote. Evernote has literally changed my life. In an split-second search, the arcane information about my life is in front of my nose, and available to use. I keep gift ideas, book lists, writing ideas, doctors names, specialities, and addresses, have a separate notebook for my position at the University of Oregon–everything is there (except passwords or other sensitive information), and available across technical platforms. Simply, couldn’t do without Evernote.

    • Debbie P.

      How have you liked the Neatdesk desktop scanner? I have been thinking of getting one, but haven’t found anyone that knows much about them. I am in the exact same boat as you—retired military with a full storage unit and garage, and we both work full time. The task is daunting, but I am ready to take it on, but want to make sure I am investing in the right tools.

  • Steve

    I am not a chick but found your article and other videos awesome on “how you use”/applications for the devices. I am new to evernote and got some great ideas from you. Thanks.

    by the way, great pup.

  • Kimberly

    Does any one have a comment with the internet connection being slow, thus hampering the effectiveness of Evernote? I use it frequently for taking pictures of magazine articles I want to save. Then I can toss the magazine. But sometimes it just takes so long to connect/backup. I’m hesitant to jump in and use it for more if it’s slow. Thoughts?

  • Deepa

    Doesn’t scanning take a lot of time? Any tips because I have lots of paper!

    • Jay

      The copier in my office has scanning ability. It makes a pdf and sends an email to me. Then I forward that to my evernote email address. See if your office has one.

      Also, she mentiones scanning owners manuals. Save yourself the effort. A 15 second google search on the mfgr’s website will find the .pdf online already. Just grab that and pop it into evernote.

      • KH Boyd

        Totally agree on the warranties, manuals. I rarely use the clipper since you can send any .pdf to your email for Evernote or just right click (on PC) to ‘send to Evernote’. I use it for rosters, receipts, class lists, grades, travel plans, photos, tickets, websites, bills, you name it. A photo is often faster than scanning and easier on the fly. Most of my documents are digital to start with!

    • Kathryn-Ann O'Brien

      Depends on the scanner. The all-in-one printer/scanners take forEVER. I use the ScanSnap scanner – the little one, I think it’s the 1300. It’s incredibly fast. I bought it used on e-bay (because it’s fairly expensive new) and I love it! It literally scans the documents directly into Evernote. Of course, this meant I had to invest in a shredder too! Now everything is getting scanned and shredded. I believe that in a few weeks I will have a guest room where my office paperwork once lived!

      • Anil

        The Fujitsu Scanner I use is ScanSnap S1500 (for Windows). It scans 20 sheets/minute (i.e. 40 images..meaning both sides at the time!). You can buy it at Costco at a very good price. Costco has a very good return policy if you had any issues with the scanner.

  • MJ

    When you scan your receipts/manuals, what do you use for scanning? Hardware wise? I’m looking for a cost effective solution that works really well with Evernote.


    • Anil

      Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500. You can throw in all the receipts at the same time. It scans different papaer sizes at the same time! No need to sort papaers of the same size together for scanning.

  • Sally

    For that inventory of manuals, I include purchasing, warranty and service information. Then I make a QR code of the url to the note. I can print the QR code on a sticker to apply to the actual item. When I need information I can just scan the code with my smart phone and instantly have information about how to use the equipment or when it was last serviced, etc.

    • Audrey

      Hi Sally,
      Your idea about making QR code is very intriguing. Do you use Evernote to search for QR code?

      Thank you!

  • Stephen in SF

    I am constantly looking for ways to do things better and easier. Sometimes not in that order. I wasn’t going to look at this article but something made me look. I won’t go there. Anyway, I keep a folder on my computer for instructions, primarily sound equipment, computers, etc. Your idea was very good. Move that stuff to Evernote. Thanks.

  • Bob Brown

    This is my second day using Evernote. The first day was really intriguing-understanding the usefulness of being able to collect in one place all my e-mail that I had to do something with along with my related audio thoughts and web sites that I ran across. Today, I downloaded Evernote to my wife’s Galaxy Tablet-now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Capturing text notes, pictures, video seems so natural with a tablet. I think I would like to use it as a CRM/Knowledge-base/e-portfolio ‘system’. I wonder if Evernote can be used to teach? I use a Learning management System called Moodle and would love to use Evernote with it for students.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Bob, glad to hear you’re enjoying your first few days using Evernote! You can definitely use Evernote for teaching. Check out our Education Series for ideas:

  • Kathy Richards

    I think Evernote and other online storage programs are the best Mini-storage out there! Even if I never looked at the stuff I scan in.. i’m not drowning in paper as much any more. Love it! Thanks for your article.

  • Matt Crane

    Thanks Carley – loved your article and needed these kind of hints to get our family to adopt Evernote

  • Tracy

    I am clapping my hands with glee..someone who is more organised than me and loves it.
    I started using Evernote when Rachel Meeks from
    and must say the uses are astounding, especially taking photos of the childrens artwork, remembering all the times I have thrown pieces of art away before I became a ‘tech head’ (in my own mind, of course)..very useful and will be sharing this info with my friends. And now since my young man is 13, all of the ‘I wants’ catergory will be getting quite full.

  • Bojan

    I love Evernote, but in order to make it usefull, people actually need to use it. It’s great device for writers, since I can capture ideas on my cell phone and have them available everywhere.

    I take snapshots of warranties on regular basis, as well as light bulb sizes in my house, and many other usefull things.

  • Ahmed Abd El Salam

    I start using Evernote 1 year ago
    and it really amazing
    can work on my to-do list from work and home and mobile and anyway
    it’s just an awesome software
    But after reading this great article by Carley
    I get more ways for using it
    and harness it for my prosperity
    Thank you for that valuable Article guys

  • Corinna

    Wow, that’s amazing! I’m just getting started on Evernote and am learning so much already. I’m a teacher, so it was useful to watch the videos about how EN is used at school.

    Thanks so much 🙂


  • Blanca

    Thank u this is really helpful!

  • Jason Frasca

    Hi Carley,

    Tremendous website and article… you give great examples of uses of Evernote.

    Just published a new app for Evernote – MasterNote which offers Templates for Evernote… to minimize the repetitive tasks of recreating the same notes in Evernote.

    MasterNote is a note template application for Evernote. Save countless hours recreating the same notes where you only change the same few text fields each time. For example:

    Client Files: Create 5 notes: Client Info, Objectives, Client Correspondence, TO DO’s, Billing. To open this case you only need to change 15 text fields. With a template, change the 15 fields, export the Evernote .enex files with the new client info, your new client file is ready to roll.

    Additional uses include: Meeting Notes, Workout Journal, Diet / Food Log, School Reports, Papers, Homework, Class Papers, Teachers: Syllabus, Curriculum, Tests, Quizzes, Handouts … and more.

    MasterNote solves the lack of printing the Evernote title problem too.


  • midnight writer

    I personally found evernote very useful in many cases. For example, I use Kindle in my studies and sometimes I need to upload my clippings somewhere for easier reference and access. I use free online tools such as to upload my Kindle clippings to evernote (or convert them first to PDF or word before uploading using the same tool).