Evernote Developer Competition Finalists!

Posted by on 26 Jul 2011

Posted by on 26 Jul 2011

Launching our developer competition was a little scary. We wondered whether anyone would participate and, if they did, what would the quality and innovation of the entries be like. Once the submissions started rolling in for the first ever Evernote Developer Competition there was a collective sigh of relief at HQ—these things were awesome!

Nearly 1,000 developers from every corner of the globe entered our competition and, after many many hours of testing and fierce debate, we’ve whittled the list down to the most compelling six. Our decisions were based on a few concepts:

  • Does the integration work well and feel polished?
  • Does the integration show an unexpected side of Evernote?
  • Does the integration address a need expressed by our user community?
  • Does this integration have the potential to inspire new types of applications?
  • Is the integration just plain cool?

Your vote counts

Below are the six finalists. Each received $5,000 and now they’re vying for $50,000, and the honor of being the first Evernote Developer Competition Winner. Take a look at each submission, watch their video, play with the app (if it’s available), and place a vote. Vote for the idea you love, even if it isn’t available for your device or platform. The best way to encourage the developers to keep working on a great idea is to show them some love. Vote now!

You can vote once per day. You may be asked to log into Twitter to vote so that we can make sure there’s no cheating. Don’t worry we will not post anything on your behalf. Community vote counts for a third of the total vote. The rest will be split between our judging panel and live voting at the Evernote Trunk Conference.

Colorstrache offers a new way for Evernote users to browse and search their notes: by color. Click on the color wheel and image notes containing that color appear. This is a great way to get a completely new view into your Evernote account.

Learn about Colorstache »


MyWorld by Wikitude

MyWorld allows you to save the places you love in Evernote, then view them on a map in Facebook. You can then share your favorites with friends and view all the fun places they’ve been.

Learn about MyWorld »


Notablemeals is the stress-free way to remember your meals. Use the simple interface to find your restaurant, take notes about your meal, snap photos, record audio, and even give a star rating. Then, everything syncs to Evernote into a beautifully formatted note.

Learn more about Notablemeals»


Sniptastic! is a set of tools that let you share and organize code snippets. Store snippets in Evernote and view them in Sniptastic, where they’re formatted for the language of your choice—the perfect way to always have all of your snippets at your fingertips.

Learn about Sniptastic!»


Touchanote brings the note storage and organization capabilities of Evernote together with the convenience of Near Field Communication (NFC) one-touch technology. Assign a note from your account to an NFC tag, then tap the tag to bring up the note. Imagine tapping your fridge to bring up your shopping list before heading to the store or your desk in class to bring your class notes.

Learn about Touchanote »


Zendone is a personal productivity tool based on the Getting Things Done methodogy. It offers a powerful, well-designed interface for implementing the GTD workflow, using Evernote for collecting and archiving all of your projects and tasks.

Learn about Zendone »


Two more prizes still to be announced

We also have two additional winners that will be announced at the Evernote Trunk Conference: Student Prize and Wildcard Prize. The Student Prize will go to the best submission by a student and Wildcard will be for the most unexpected and surprising use of Evernote. Each will win $10,000!


A big congratulations to our finalists and huge thanks to all the developers that entered the competition. Most of the entries are fantastic, incredibly useful application and integrations, and will be making their way in the Evernote Trunk in the coming weeks and months.

Join us at the Evernote Trunk Conference for all of the winner announcements and for an exciting day-long agenda on topics ranging ranging from working with our API to building a successful startup to becoming an Evernote power user. >Register today!


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  • Gregg

    When I try to register for Sniptastic in order to try it out, it prompts for a beta key. What am I supposed to put for that value ?

  • sammy

    I always use evernote. I’m happy that evernote becomes cool day by day! I wanna join the next competition!

  • Laura

    Where is the +1 button? And the share to google+ one?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion, we’re adding that soon.

  • Joe

    Dudes update your competition page:

    No offense but the committee made a big mistake. You guys should have had to select those works that have “actual” usage and long term support not those that are just fancy. I highly recommend you to check other competitions that have been token by more experienced companies.

    One more suggestion. To value other works please list all of them somewhere. Maybe people appreciate the works more than you!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Joe, we do plan on highlighting many of the other entries over the coming weeks and months. We value all the time and effort that developers put into their integrations.

  • Susie

    Attempting to sign up for beta of Zendone. Tried multiple times over different days. Website hangs, never confirms registration.

    • Jorge Manrubia

      Susie, sorry for the problems you are having. Which browser are you using? We have tested it with FF, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer and it is working. After introducing your email and pressing “Keep me posted” it should show “Thank you! We will send you a mail when the beta is available” in a label.

  • Fernando

    Zendone is the best, evernote + GTD is great.
    Only need an Android version

  • Yaroslav

    So my entry not in finalists but still have opportunity to win Wildcard Prize? That’s cool :))))

  • Ronald Pottol

    Hmmmm, some don’t grab me, wikitude could be cool, if it did google plus, I don’t do facebook, Sniptastic! looks nifty, but I am Mac OS X, still, I code a little, and I can use the we interface, Zendone looks great, if it works Android, and again, OS X, but I could live with web, I guess.

    I hate giving a non interactive demo the nod over running code (Sniptastic!), but I think I will vote for Zendone.

  • jeff Shear

    Well, I right clicked on my desktop version of Evernote 2.2.3, and there was no “Copy Note Link” available. However it was in the menu: NOTES.

    So I hit “Copy Note Link” from NOTES and pasted the link in my gmail calendar. Does not work. Advise, please.

    Macbook pro running 10.6.8

  • Mike

    Very nice finalists. But what is the MyWorld App? Can i use this? Is this a evernote-googlemaps-app?

  • Johan

    Zendone looks very nice, signed up for the Beta (Chrome). No problem as previous commenter have had.

    Need though an iOS app that goes along with the website version. My Toodledo premium is coming up for renual soon. Hurry!