• Travel Series: Planning a Trip with Evernote

    Planning a trip is a multi-step process that demands a lot of attention. From staying on top of flight deals to keeping track of itineraries, trip planning isn't something most of us do in one day. In fact, it tends to be an ongoing 'project' that gets built in bits and pieces, often during breaks from work, in the evenings and on the go. In this series, we're going to talk about the way we're accustomed to planning a trip and the Evernote way of planning a trip. We'll cover the planning process, as well how you can use Evernote during your trip and after you return. Read more

  • Giveaway Week 3 – More Great Partner Products

    Over the past several weeks, we’ve celebrated our 10 million user milestone by giving away lots of partner products. Today, we have the final batch of awesome stuff. This week’s giveaway We are giving away several of each of the following products in this giveaway. Canon The Canon imageFormula P-150 is a powerful, portable duplex […] Read more