Did You Know: How to Create a Checklist in Evernote

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Did You Know: How to Create a Checklist in Evernote

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 02 Aug 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 02 Aug 2011

If you’ve been following our user stories, you may have noticed that a lot of people love to make checklists in Evernote. Whether for work, personal stuff, or both, you can find a reason to make a checklist in Evernote. If you haven’t made one already, we’re here to show you how to do it.

What kind of checklist should I make?

Creating a checklist that’s accessible from any device where you have Evernote installed allows you to get more done by helping you remember stuff you need to do at any moment. Here are some ideas for checklists that you might want to create:

  • To-do list: make one for work from your desk on a Monday morning and check it on your phone on a Wednesday.
  • Packing list: don’t forget your sunscreen, your bathing suit, or your phone charger.
  • Goals list: keep it with you, wherever you are.
  • Reading list: keep adding to it — when you’re at the bookstore with your phone, or at the airport with your tablet
  • Home repairs list: pull it up on your phone when you’re at Home Depot and grab everything you need.
  • Grocery list: add items you need and even share it with your spouse!
  • Where to eat list: explore where you live through food and check off restaurants as you try them. See our list.

Ok, how do I get started?

You can make a checklist using several versions of Evernote—Mac, Windows, Web, Android, and others soon—by clicking on the checkbox button in the note formatting bar (on your Android device, you can find the checkbox in the bar above your keyboard). To add items, just click on the checkbox button again and a new checkbox will appear in your note.  On a Mac, you can can also create a check-list by going to Format > Insert To-Do. On your Windows PC, go to Format > To-Do > Insert Checkbox (or CTRL + SHIFT + C).

To check the box, just click inside of it. Double click to uncheck it.

Keep it all in sync

Above: checklist on Android

Whenever you update a note, Evernote automatically synchronizes the change to all versions you use, meaning that something you’ve checked off on your phone will also be checked off when you log into Evernote on the Web, or from your desktop, so you’ll never lose sight of what you’ve done or what needs to be done.

Search for your checkboxes in Evernote

To find notes containing one or more unchecked boxes, type in todo:false into the Evernote search box. To find all notes containing a checkbox, type in todo:*. [More about searching in Evernote]

Note Links – Associate Checkboxes with other Notes, or your Calendar

Want to associate your checklist with a calendar reminder? Now you can. You can create a Note Link by right-clicking on the note in a desktop version of Evernote and choosing the option Copy Note Link. Open your calendar and paste in the Note Link. Clicking on the link will open the note (in this case, your checklist). You can read more about Note Links and how they work in this blog post.

How do you use checklists? Tell us in the comments.


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  • David Goldstein

    It would be great if you could set an alarm for checklists. For example, I have a checklist for some repetitive tasks at work. These tasks must be executed in order on a particular day of the week. It would be great if I could set an alarm to remind me to execute the checklist. I do this in a seperate app now but would be good if I could do it within Evernote.


    • valerie


      • Sudhan Deo

        +1 Seconded

    • Neave Heber

      No comment at this stage maybe later.

  • McShamus

    I would LOVE to have the checkboxes behave the same as a bullet. Switching ‘on’ the checkbox in the toolbar and pressing ‘Enter’ at the end of a line beginning with a checkbox causes the next line to begin with a checkbox also.

    Compiling long list is just a pain pressing Shift-Command-T all the time.

    Yes, this can be considered a feature request. 🙂

    • Jerry Henderson

      I like this. First thing I thought of. Hope to see it added

    • Marcos

      Another vote for this enhancement. I don’t use checklists in Evernote because it sucks…

    • It's me

      +1 for me too

      • James McLellan

        Bring back CTRL+Enter to insert a check box … PLEASE.

    • John Mayson

      Me too I suppose. I was hoping I could highlight a long list and add checkboxes in front of every entry, but that doesn’t work on Mac or Windows clients.

    • thinton2

      I totally agree. Add my vote as well!

    • Simon

      Agreed! +1

    • JP

      +100! I use evernote heavily on a daily basis and this is my biggest gripe with checklists

    • Anass


    • Andreas Andrews

      +1 I also want for checkboxes to auto-appear when pressing enter just like with typing a list! It works on the android app like this, so why not in the browser (where you currently have to grab your mouse, hover over the controls, move down to the checkbox and click each and every time you want to create a new item in your list!?) I guess it’s a bit easier on desktop as there is a keyboard shortcut but when it’s quicker doing something on a phone than a computer there is something wrong with the functionality! I raised this as an issue with Evernote quite some time ago (1 year or so) and they said it was a bug, but the ‘bug’ is still there after the recent re-design and now it’s starting to grate on me a little, so I won’t be renewing my premium membership as making lists efficiently is a major factor (although to be honest I probably wasn’t going to upgrade anyway as the free version is enough for me)

      • Andreas Andrews

        …Ok so I just checked in my Evernote desktop (which I rarely use) and it seems that when you use the ctrl+shift+c shortcut to create a checkbox, new checkboxes are indeed created upon pressing enter, so this is great news for creating lists within the desktop app, but not so great in the browser. A small win! 🙂

  • viteez

    +1 david goldstein
    just the alarm (pop up, message, email) missing…
    but the Evernote is the best 🙂

  • Enrique

    I agree with David. An alarm will be awesome !

  • Andy Dillow

    Love the checklist alarm idea. Would be great for me.

  • Paul Povolni

    What about creating a checklist, bulleted/numbered list on an iPhone or iPad? Can’t find a way…

    • Dave Lisi

      FastEver and FastEver HD allow you to do it. Egrelist as well.

  • dan mintz

    it would be amazing if these to-do/check items will:
    a. when checked move to another note say “completed items”
    b. when checked maybe go gray (as completed) and after some time move to trash or another note of completed items
    c. have some due date attached do them
    d. have a reminder option

    if anyone has any ideas how to do any of the above- it would be great !

    • Sofía Alarcón

      +1 to b) . Would love to have the checked boxes gathered together at the bottom and leave the unchecked above.

    • Ann

      Definitely would l like the checkboxes to react in some way when checked like the mac and iOS Reminders app. Checked items should move to a completed list.

    • M Tedj

      Yes, yes, YES!! My biggest request/frustration! I love the checkbox feature, it’s just a pain to have to go an clear it all manually. It’d be great if all the “completed” items were sorted elsewhere.

  • Gordon Gaines

    I agree with Mr. Goldstien, it would be nice to have a reminder for tasks or anything else you might need a reminder for. A work around I use is to set a reminder to go off in my calendar app on my phone when I need to check my Evernote tasks list for something, I’ll put as much info as I think I need in the calendar app like what task to check and then all of the details in my tasks list in Evernote.

  • Thierry

    To be true I didn’t understand where I have to right click on the note. Perhaps it doesn’t work with windows XP?

  • Michelle Poteet

    Just curious – is there a way to select your whole list and then add the checklist box in front? Would be great if you didn’t have to click the checklist box each time you wanted to insert one. Now, I have gotten to where I copy/paste the checkbox for a “quicker” application. Wondering what “easier” options you all might have coming down the pipe?


    • Marcos

      Agree with you.

      • Gabe

        Agree with this – it is a hassle to press the checklist box before every line.

        We need a list creation feature that adds a box after every ‘return’ or ‘enter’

  • KR

    How does it work in iOS?

    • Jamie

      Not currently supported in iOS, but “soon’…..

  • Steven Banks

    It be nice to do this with the WP7 app, in fact it’d be nice to be able to edit period in the app. Just being able to “annotate” is not enough. However, it’s an OK start…

  • Jon

    When you update iOs client?

  • Christine

    I would LOVE for the checkboxes to come to the iPhone. I love being able to check stuff off on the go, but being able to add to a list on the go would be even better.

  • Brandon

    The only thing missing is checklists on iOS. Too bad, hope that ones being worked on.

  • Ian

    Wish I could do this on my iPhone!

  • Jim

    Do you have an approximate date for the availability of checkboxes for the iPhone app?

  • Mary Thompson

    I agree with having checkboxes work the same as bullets. it would also be helpful to be able to duplicate a checklist/note without having to cut and paste my daily checklist into a new note every day.

    On a related note (pun intended), it would be helpful to be able to put the bullet points in a note in alphabetical order. And to be able to have the notebooks NOT in alphabetical order.

  • Robbie

    + 1 on alarms or reminders. Imagine being able to set an alarm on a picture of a gift you just snapped a picture of to remind you to buy it two weeks before a birthday! Or a reminder on an invoice you just scanned. Love the app, for helping me to remember. Now help me when to remember!!

  • Owyn

    Typo in the article.
    “todo*” should be “todo:*”

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey


  • Dan Stuchbury

    This does not work for every Evernote accessible device at all! iOS version of Evernote are almost useless as no rich-text formatting is available so only good for read-only. Please fix this, as it’ll make Evernote truly awesome, and along with handwriting input, will allow me to ditch my paper notebooks.

    • Owyn

      Yeah. I do use the “+” note feature on my Touch, but, restrict it to quick text only notes on the go. I clean then up later on Evernote for Windows.

      This is as much a reaction to the slowness of typing on the small form virtual keyboard as the limitations of the iOS editor.

      I NEVER edit an existing note on the Touch.

  • Steve

    Amen to needing reminders and due dates on check boxes! Maybe there could be a separate check box type for tasks vs. list items.

  • Bojan

    Checkboxes are still a complication, that are preventing Evernote from being top notch one and only Productivity and GTD application on all of my devices.

    Those checkboxes need way more improvements, and some easier shortcut, since I didn’t figure out the one for MacBook still.

    • Jamie


  • BrandonBL79

    +100 evernote take heed!!!! These comments are telling you where to go they are nailing it!!!
    You help me remember now just help me to remember when to remember!!!!
    Reminders and due dates would be an AWESOME addition to an already awesome application.
    (Don’t forget recurrence!!! )
    Pro user

  • Mark

    Not having much luck with the copy link to calendar function. I’m on an iMac and when I copy link and insert that link into my Google calendar, nothing happens when I click on it, other than to take me to the editing page of Google Calendar for that particular event. Also tried it in iCal – no go. What am I doing wrong?


  • Mark

    As a followup to the comment about not getting copy link to work in Google Calendar or iCal, it does work in something simple like my TextEdit app. It will display the actual hyperlinked text, rather than the URL itself. On Calendar or iCal, when pasted it shows only the actual URL, which when clicked does not open Evernote. It does work in Google Mail if I paste it into a new email.

    So a bit confused as to why it isn’t working in Calendar apps.


    • anaya

      This is a limitation of Google Calendar. Their forums have several threads that date back a couple of years questioning/requesting that URLs be allowed to be hyperlinked. As you said, the feature does work in Gmail, so I don’t know why Google won’t allow the same for Calendar. In addition to Google Calendar, I have a Hotmail calendar and hyperlinking does work there.

  • Stuball

    …..and others soon. In my view, reminders (a future date and time field) would be more practical and usable at the note level.

  • Rick Rocco

    organizing work operational plans,shopping lists.

  • Jeff

    Makers of Evernote-please listen to the above posts, particularly about the checkboxes that can behave like bullets, and also about the ability to set some sort of popup reminder on notes (including recurrence). If you do these things I will dance a jig.

  • Lorita

    I would love to add checklists on my BlackBerry,without using a PC.

  • Dan J.

    Not available for iOS (iPad & iPhone) – blog post should have specifically indicated this. Shouldn’t have posted it until it’s available for iOS. Hopefully soon… In the meanwhile, check out Nozbe.com – works with Evernote.

  • athinkingman

    I am a psychotherapist and I use Evernote for 2 things:
    1) to store encrypted notes of each client session
    2) to create checklists with each client’s record to check that I have completed/got signed/posted all the necessary paperwork that often accompanies corporate clients.

  • ErikZ

    Checklist management on Evernote is bare bones
    I use Nimbulist on iPhone/iPad as frontend to manage my 90+ items checklists for travel. It syncs with Evernote.

  • Sumocat

    I’m surprised there’s no mention of Egretlist. This iPhone app works exclusively with checklists in Evernote. I frequently convert lists from my wife into Evernote checklists via Egretlist. Just copy and paste the whole list and Egretlist converts each line to a separate checklist item. Easier than inserting a checkbox on each line and, of course, having the checklist on my iPhone is pretty useful too.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Great tip! Egretlist is indeed a fantastic app that integrates with Evernote.

  • PB Doetmee

    Hope the checklist character will be supported soon on iOS. Plus adding text to formatted notes, meaning in the note itself. Plus the ability to edit formatted notes on iOS. If these three options are included in iOS, Evernote is even more the absolute winner.

  • Don

    Wish I could do this on my Android phone. This would be a very good reason for me to start using Evernote.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Don, you can! You can read more about it here: http://blog.evernote.com/2011/07/12/evernote-for-android-update-all-new-tablet-interface-create-rich-text-notes-and-more/

  • Pam

    Beware of EgretList — I struggled and struggled and could not get it to work — finally deleted it as useless. Truly a way too confusing app. NOT recommended.

  • Steve

    I use this feature a lot – it is excellent for marking all of the various actions I take during business meetings, etc.
    Does anyone know if there is a way to pull all of the checkboxes out into either a single note (preferably), or perhaps another app, so that I can then see them all in the same place?
    Just need checkboxes on the iPad and then everything will be right with the world! Finger’s crossed that ‘soon’ actually means ‘really soon’…. 🙂

  • Candace Curtis, Realtor

    This is an awesome app (Android) that I use for business, personal and everything in between. Thanks, Evernote!!

  • amy

    how do i delete the items that have been “checked off”?? Please help!!

  • KP

    Why is it that the Windows client has a contextual menu with a “check/uncheck all” option, but the Mac client does not? This drives me NUTS!

  • Richie

    Managing a large team, what would make Evernote really powerful for me would be the ability to assign to-do’s / actions to a particular person. I use Evernote primarily for meeting notes, many of which contain actions. It would be great if some basecamp style task assignation was possible that I could then easily email to each team member. Would save lots of admin time!

  • Daniel

    I was so surprised when I selected my task list and clicked check box and it was deleted.
    I love how onenote works with check buttons.

  • Gail

    Is this feature only available in the paid version? I do not have a format option in my version on a Windows PC?

  • Gail

    I figured it out. I didn’t realize we had an application for the PC. I accessed Evernote through the web,Iphone and IPAd. Just installed it on my laptop and I now have the option.

  • David

    To bad you can’t do these features on a pretty standard device — say iPhone or iPad.

  • moebla

    Would be great if the to do lists could be manually rearranged after the list is made (ex. creating a grocery list that could be rearranged in the same order as one goes down the respective shopping aisles in the store)

  • 정호석

    thank you

  • Jessica

    I would love if the checklist option was available for iPad. Just yesterday I wanted to make one but had to end up using bullet points and after I completed one I would cross it off. Plus if all you had to do was go down to the next line to get a box.


  • Dave D

    I think this is a great feature but would be better with recurring tasks and reminders. That would put my whole life in evernote.

  • Steve B

    I am still looking for a way to PRINT a list. Have contacted Evernote tech support and sounds like none of this list making cannot be outputted. Very disappointing if true.

    • Fred

      Copy paste in your favorite editor and print

      • Sarah

        You can also try the Print Screen(PRTSC SYSRQ)key on your keyboard and paste it onto a word document.

    • Leonard

      Share your checklist note; send by email to yourself; print your email. What’s the problem?

    • Matt D

      Steve B,
      I had the same issue. Print a note with a Todo Checklist and it does not print the checkboxes. Email to someone, same thing. BUT, if you email it to yourself (I am using the paid for version), then print the email to myself….Ta Da checkboxes show up!

      I use Mac Mail. I also tried creating a .pdf from the email. No luck. Would not print checkboxes.

      Hope they work this glitch out, there’s a work around, but it’s annoying.

  • Steve B

    the sort then ctrl-P does not print all of the text.. just whatever displays. There must be a way

  • Shelly

    I searched for the checkbox everywhere both in my HTC and iPad ,finding nothing! So there’s no checkbox in Free version, isn’t it? Please mail me back, I need you, Evernote!

    • MC

      I don’t see it too on the iphone version!

    • Alan

      Scroll through the menu to the far right. I found it as the last menu item. HTC TB.

      • Julie

        I found the checkmark box on the far right above the note edit bar: I had to click on the pull-down arrows, but it is there!
        Now, how to select several notes at a time to insert checkboxes 🙂

      • John

        You will find that once you have checkboxed one not, then all you need to do to add other notes is to use the “enter” or “return” key, and the next checkbox will automatically appear (If you “enter” twice in a row without writing in a note, then you leave the checkbox mode)

    • Ray Fyfe

      On Windows PC use Shortcut keys Ctrl-Shift-C (even the free version)

      Or Use menu – Format/To-Do/Insert Checkbox

      Both will create the checkbox on the PC – iDevices should at least then see the list on synching.

      • Jim

        I cannot print a list with check boxes enabled or not in Google Chrome. Only the list items appear.

      • Julie

        Oh, I love the shortcut method!

    • Martin

      when you have the keyboard visible on HTC, there are several symbols above the qwerty line, beside the ‘save’ button. you can slide these buttons from right to left to reveal more, including the tick box

  • Jayanth

    +1 Goldstein – for alarms
    +1 McShamus for bullet list like function
    +1 Steve B for printing

  • Dave greer

    Where is this check box on ipad.
    Good lord…do the people that make these “announcements” bother to review the gaps?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Dave, it’s coming.

      • sacramennah

        It’s December, still no iPad version of this. Irritating when you ANNOUNCE great innovations that aren’t there.

  • brightstar

    I don’t understand Jayanth’s reply
    I don’t find the checkbox in Iphone or web (lite)version

  • litehouse

    the checkbox is kind of useless for tasks. What it need is the option of keeping the checked item, or remove the checked item, without this capability, the it cannot replace the tasks that is on Outlook, or Gmail.

    • Ray Plotecia

      Right. A “Remove Checked Items” button would make this a powerful and useful tool.

      • Cheryl

        Unfortunately, I currently use another app for checklists. Some of the things I like about my other app:
        1. Touch the item on your list and a line is drawn through it eliminating the need for a check box. You also can choose to delete the item from the list all together.
        2. A completed task is automatically moved to the bottom of the list leaving outstanding items at the top which eliminates continually scrolling through long lists.
        3. An unopened list always displays the number of outstanding items within the list…a great way to quickly see what needs attention and what does not without opening it. This is a great feature when you have multiple lists to keep track of.

        I would love Evernote to do similar things with checklists!

        • Ann

          Definitely want that functionality. What app do I have to move my checklists too?

  • Adrian

    I was happy when I read the tip, then I tried to use it. Apparently you can’t create a list on the iPad, and if you create one on a Mac the iPad can’t edit it (message: “This note has formatting that is too complex to edit on your iPad.”)

    With bullets, when you finish one the default is that a CR gives you a new bullet, but that isn’t the case with to do items. Each one must be selected before you enter text, or it’s a pain to update. Nice idea, but I don’t think it is ready for prime time and if it doesn’t run on 2 of my 3 screens, it’s useless to me.

    Overall, very happy with Evernote and will probably upgrade to paid version soon as I am starting to depend on it, but releasing something like this does concern me. The main point of evernote for me is the ability to have the same data/notes and formatting across platforms I use every day. this violates that principle.

  • Jeff

    Not sure why you guys can’t find it…the checkbox function is there big as life in the free Mac and Android versions. On my HTC Evo, I just swipe left on the bar above the virtual keyboard (i.e., it’s on the right end of the row of icons with the paper clip, microphone, B for bold, etc.). On my Mac, it’s in the row of icons above the text entry box. Not sure about iPad, but why would it be on everything else but the iPad?

    • Nina

      I don’t think they have it for ipad…it’s on my macbook, but not my ipad. Disappointing…Wonder when they’ll have it for every mobile device…defeats the purpose if it’s not available.

    • Fred

      It is available on the iPad 2.
      New note –> tap in the body (the keyboard appears) –> on top (above the title) are the formatting icons, check third from the right. Next to the bullets icon.
      Hope this helps

      • Bhagesh

        Works perfectly on IPAD2 as suggested but for every line have to hit the check box button to create the box which is not too user friendly

  • bill

    Unless i’m doing something wrong, every time you want to add an item to the checklist (in web app), you have to click the check the “insert check box item” icon. This is NOT how most check box features work (i.e. hit return and new item is added).

    If this IS how the feature works, then you guys need to fix this ASAP. Not much thought given to this feature at all

  • Gary

    Hmmm … I really think most of the complaints I see on here could be addressed by you mimicking the functions of gmail’s task function. For that matter, if I could *sync* with Google task lists … that would be amazing.

  • Nan

    Ditto to Bill’s comment — it needs to be set so you can have a checkbox automatically inserted for each item. I downloaded Evernote specifically for to-do lists, but having to insert each separate checkbox makes it pretty useless. Will have to go looking for another program.

  • John

    Really need this on my iPad. I’m trying to avoid another to-do app.

    • Fred

      It is available on the iPad 2.
      New note –> tap in the body (the keyboard appears) –> on top (above the title) are the formatting icons, check third from the right. Next to the bullets icon.
      Hope this helps

  • davez26

    I like check boxes, I don’t like having to manually add them for each item, as I USE checklists as a basic tool, and would prefer a FORMAT, where I could type each item and there it is. Otherwise, slowly becoming a regular user.

    • Fiona F

      I’m on the same page as Dave. I love the checklist feature. In a future update, I hope you will consider making is it such that you can type your list up first, than highlight the whole things and put a checklist box in front of all at once (kind of like using bullets). That would stop awkward mouse/keyboard coordination to add them one by one. Overall … loving it!

      • Mike

        It’s unanimous. This is a poorly implemented functionality and really needs to have much better and easier user experience. Checking off task items are an essential part of getting things done and knowing what you have completed and what you need to focus on. That’s how my brian works.

        This is has been on the hot list of so many people for quite a while now. How about it Evernote? When will this be improved? Getting tired of waiting for it.

  • Randall

    Here’s a suggestion that would make list making a lot easier. Add an icon that make a do-able checklist. Place it beside the numbered lists icon. I know you already have an icon. The difference is that this check mark icon would function just like a bulleted list or a numbered list. It could even have sub-tasks.
    For example, click the Check mark icon and start typing. A check mark appears at the beginning of the sentence. Press return and another check mark appears, etc. When you hit return two time them the line becomes just text. Or click the icon a second time to turn off the check list.

    Since checklists are usually extensive, this would save SO much time.

    Hope you like it!!!

  • cjp

    +1 on Randall’s idea

    I’d also like a way to convert a bulleted list, numbered list or even just a number of lines of text into a checkmarked list, one box per item, all at once.

    Also, the desktop versions need a (hidden) feature to allow editing of the ENML, even if it just calls a system text editor to handle it.

  • Jim

    I see that you can change the sort order of notebook titles. Do you plan on offering ‘View Options’ for a list within a Note to sort by and view by?

  • doug

    Check lists in evernote are ok, but until you have the option of having things removed from list when checked will never be good. My home repair todo list keeps getting bigger, but I stopped using evernotes because list is too big with everything that is done still on there. Much simpler programs to use on my phone.

  • Chuyen

    Please hurry up already & make this for the iphone app! 😉

  • Debbie

    I’m glad that we can create checklists on iPhones now. That will be a great time saver. But I was trying to see if I could add sub-tasks manually to lists on my iPhone. Since there’s no “tab” button, I used a list I already created, used “enter” to add a blank line, and then tried to space. But “space” takes me to the previous line, and then there’s no way to get back to the line I want to use. Sub-tasks would be a great addition.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Thanks for the suggestion, Debbie.

    • Adrienne

      Amen! That and automatically adding the next checkbox item with a CR would make this really handy for me.

  • andrew

    I would like an option to clear the checked boxes on a checklist.

    • Renee

      Make this function work like it does in Awesome Notes. After you check an item, you click on the trash can and you get the option to delete completed tasks. Please make this available in Evernote. Please?!?!?!?!?!? (I’m an Iphone 4S user).

    • Tony

      I think what they (and I) are looking for is an option to clear all of the check boxes. So if I have a list of all things I need to bring when I travel, I can clear all of the check boxes at once and have the list ready for next trip. Currently it is a pain to have to uncheck each item individually.

  • Ronah

    I’m using evernote on my sony ericsson xperia x10 android. I tried using the checklist option but everytime i press the checklist option icon to add an item for checklist, it deletes the checklist box of the previous item. how can i keep the checklist box everytime i add a new item on the list?

    • xavier.delplanque

      Thanks for reporting this issue!

  • Karen

    Hi: I have created a list on my computer, but I am unable to modify or check off when I view my list on my blackberry, is the Blackberry platform – read only?

  • Nic

    when will checklist functionality be fully integrated with iphone and ipad?

  • Pam

    I have never used Evernote because I cannot figure out how to use or what it is actually good for….very grateful I didn’t pay any actual money for the experience. It seems like a good idea in theory, reality seems to be another matter.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Pam- check out our newly-launched ambassador program if you’re interested in ideas around how you could be using Evernote: http://www.evernote.com/about/community/

  • Arnold Young

    For the life of me I cannot find a check box on the Android version. Where the heck do I look?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Arnold – make sure to upgrade to the latest version. Then, when you tap on new note, you’ll see a checkbox icon in the bar above your keyboard (screenshots here: http://blog.evernote.com/2011/07/12/evernote-for-android-update-all-new-tablet-interface-create-rich-text-notes-and-more/)


    I cant find the check box on the iphone 🙁

  • Anthony Ossei

    I am lost and I do not know where I am standing. Evernote is proofing illusive on all it’s promises! Kindly tell it like it is. Free version is limited just upgrade.

  • Mayt

    Way to much talking, not enough about how to do it. Skip all the jibber jabber & get to the details!

  • Pam

    This is great! It works on my Android (as well as Windows) – on the phone, you do have to swipe that top row of the keyboard to access the checkbox on the far right. I wouldn’t have discovered it on my own, so thanks for pointing it out!

    Replying to some comments from a couple months back – when you type a checkbox item and press Enter, you get a new line with a new checkbox. Just select the checkbox once and type a list as long as you want.

    Evernote is a great way to keep all those misc bits of info rounded up.

  • Tom

    It would awesome if you could add a follow up from a note to your checklist. For example, if I’m writing notes for a meeting and I have a follow up, it would be cool if I could right click that follow up item and add it to my checklist.

  • Mark P


    I tried this on my Windows 7.5 phone, I cannot seem to find how/where to get the checkboxes from the evernote interface.

    please advise.

  • Sallyb1022

    I just found the checkbox icon 10 minutes before I read this email. Love the functionality. Can’t wait to use it for many, many checklists.

  • Funny about Money

    ??????? I don’t see anything like this on the version I just downloaded for the iPad. In one of your replies you say “it’s coming.” That was last August. This is now November. What century do you expect it will get here?

    So far, it looks like a notebook and a pencil have yet to be beat.

  • Shauna

    I just created a to-do list and a grocery list. I used the Copy Note Link function to create a link in my to-do list, next to – go grocery shopping, for my grocery shopping list.

  • Peterzen21

    This feature does not work on iPad or iPhone and even on desktops it’s just a checkbox; you can accomplished the same by typing, let’s say, “D” for “done”. Grossly overhyped, I might say?

  • sacramennah

    Another great time-waster.

  • Charlie

    I also feel like this really needs bullet list functionality. It’s hard to make a list intuitively and easily… I want another checkbox to appear when I make a new line.

  • pokryva

    Great functionality! How about adding an option to quickly sort my list alphabetically or by check status? If my grocery list gets too long it would be nice to see what’s left to buy 🙂 Or am I missing something and it’s already there?

  • rajendrababu

    The checkbox does not appear in the bar above keypad in my mobile- Samsung GT 5570.

  • JGlazer

    you should be able to number them after you write them down and resort them based on priority, then color code them all based on stage they are in.

  • james kim

    i’ll try it

  • Scott

    I would like to create a list, but when I go to the Format menu on my Mac, the “Insert To-Do” is grayed out, and I’m unable to create a list. Anyone know why this may be? Scott.

  • Oscar.bicksr

    I was wondering, very helpful thanks

  • Hunter MacDonald

    I have an iphone and I have the Evernote program on my windows 7CPU and the iphone (4s). Why can’t I create lists with check boxes on the iphone interface…you can hardly do anything on the iphone interface, really I just want to add check boxes to new lists or exitting lists.


  • brian

    I see many folks looking for the same functionality I was hoping for in Evernote. An app that manages my lists, not just an electronic notepad where I have to manually edit my list every time I add or remove/ completed a task but something that re-sorts the list when I check something off and can help me prioritize my tasks.
    I appears to me from my initial use of Evernote that the checkbox list is simply a bulleted list with the bullet symbol replaced by a “checkbox symbol”. From what I can see there is no intelligence behind the checkbox. You can experiment with the same functionality in Word or other word processing apps by creating bulleted list.
    To truly get the checklist functionality and get the “help me get organized” functionality I think I’m going to have to go elsewhere.
    My Life Organized, List Master, Checkmark ToDo List, etc. I have looked all of these but I have not found a balance of simplicity and functionality.

    I will keep Evernote since it is so handy in searching for words in pictures etc. but ToDo lists are frustrating to me.

  • JT

    Is there a way to install the little green elephant when I have opened up my browser in an ‘incognito window’? I am trying to do this but it won’t add the icon in the incognito window browser. Any ideas about this anyone?

  • carlo

    Above method does not work for me. I am using sony experia arc.

    Adding the first checkbox is ok: click checkbox icon above the keyboard then type the first item.
    Moving to the second one is the problem. When I press enter,cursor moves to the next line,ok. Then when I press the checkbox icon above the keyboard,the first checkbox disappears.

    I also experience similar problems in using the numbered list an bulleted list.

  • mike


  • Marie

    Evernote for Blackberry doesn’t have a checklist option at all. I have a BB Torch.

  • Mitch

    Checklist feature is too unintelligent to have any use as a to-do list so evernote should not be advertised as to-do list capable. You need to be able to sort a list by checked and unchecked to give it any practical use at all. An alphanumeric sort of checked and unchecked would also be helpful.

    • Mitch

      Actually I now see that Evernote can insert a checkbox anywhere in a note (not just at the beginning of a line) which makes evernote more checklist flexible than many to-do checklist programs out there, but this feature may also make it technically challenging for evernote to sort checklists as currently configured.

    • Sim

      I agree with Mitch. I have tried using the checklist and even for simple a grocery list it is easier to just put things on lines of a note an do it that way. You have to go into “edit” mode to check-off an item! Plus no sorting or hiding checked items or anything.

      I like Evernote, but SpringPad does checklists much better. They have different kinds of items, and one of them is a checklist.

      • @dr3do

        Unfortunatley Springpad has no native Desktop-App for OSX/Windows/Linux, right? As I see people are asking for (http://blog.springpadit.com/2010/08/springpad-faq-august-2010/), but… no app, no switch.

      • mluka

        Actually, I’ve never found a better tool (for checklists) than Ontomni’s Listomni. Absolutely superb tool!

    • John

      EVERNOTE: Get proper todo lists going NOW!!!! PLEASE…

    • Bob

      I cannot understand why Evernote cannot get their todo list right! It’s such a useful app, otherwise. For lists that you want to be able to easily delete checked items (such as a shopping list), I found the Colornote works well; only problem with it is a lack of a desktop version.

  • CJ Rider

    Just set up Thunderbolt, was about to set up google notebook along with all the other google apps – then found this site for Evernote via search – it is exactly what I was looking for!
    Very pleased! Five stars!

  • Tatiana

    happy to use a checklist for Evernote planning another masterpiece of the transforming dress or article! Thank you, this is exactly what you need!

  • Shirley

    I agree with Mitch’s first comment. Once we choose checklist a return should automatically add the checkbox. Manually adding it to each line removes quick, easy and on the go use.

    • Peter

      Agreed… return should give you another check box until you unselect the checkbox…

    • Peter

      I see that this is the case on the desktop app… it’s missing from the iOS app.

    • Craig

      When I’m doing a checklist, it does automatically add the next check box when I hit return. You may need to do an update.

  • diana

    can you add a checklist when using evernote for iphone? I can’t seem to find it. thanks!

  • diana

    oh, sorry, I just found it in the font box!

  • Yvonne Warthen

    Does this work with cozi?

  • Matthew Hunt

    I’d love a removal feature for completed checkbox items, along with some options for timing of removal. For me, checked boxes in my to-do lists become irrelevant/deleted. It would be great to stream-line that process. I envision the option fields as something like:

    Check-box removals (on / off)

    If On:

    Once a check-box is marked as complete, remove the box bullet and line of text associated
    a) immediately
    b) after syncing
    c) in __ duration

    • Matthew Hunt

      Love Evernote btw. Just voted for you on Crunchies “Mobile application of the year.”

    • Peter


    • Darren

      I think it would be great to have a function that would allow you to switch on and off a ‘remove line item when checked’ function. That would help keep my checklists clean. I can understand for a ‘books to read’ check list, you might want to reference what you have completed, but most lists you just want to check it to remove it.

      • Kate

        I second that! I’d love for evernote to have lists that behave more like workflowy, with hierarchies and the ability to make checked items disappear automatically. Then I would seriously use evernote for everything. Right now I still use workflowy for work projects because they are too complex for evernote.

  • Phil

    Seems like a fairly natural extension for the developers to consider. an actual “Tasks”/”Todo” list capability with due/dates and sorting by at least due date and alphabetically with a global category to see all unfinished tasks from all lists as well as within each individual list.

    • Rama

      Totally agree, hard to imagine the task list without any due date (especially useful for tasks that have hard deadlines)

    • Chatty Kathy

      I agree with Phil! That and alarms are the only things EN doesn’t have for me.

      My “work around” right now for the to-do list is to add a tag to each note with the tag being the due date (eg, 2012 02 07). I can search by tag to find out what is due today or past due based on the tags.

      But, I would prefer a regular date field with reminder function instead.

    • Joanne

      I would like to see a due date and completed date on it.
      I like to refer back to when something was mailed so I can follow up. I also would like to have a sort by check box, by due date and by completed date.

      Here’s one not mentioned: I would like to be able to carry uncompleted tasks forward to a new note. So when I close a note at the end of the week or month I carry those unfinished items forward.

    • John

      I second, third, fourth and fifth that. PLEASE get proper todo lists going asap. With sorting, searching, scheduling todo’s for future dates that don’t show up until due, etc… Note ability in the todo for details, etc… Also, when they get completed they disappear but can be searched and referenced later… you know what I mean. Contact me if you need more thoughts on this. I am WAITING…. PLEASE..

  • Shane Phillips

    I just made my first check list for my trip to san Antonio and Austin Texas in march. I can’t wait to ger away from the crappy new England weather. Hopefully I can visit the Evernote office in Austin it would be so cool. I don’t know if they give tours or not

  • Alejandro

    It would also be nice to have the capability to create a to-do list for shopping or packing (sort of a template) where one could have the possibility to un-check the whole list once you are done with whatever you were doing so that the list is clear for you to use on your next trip or shopping expedition.

    • Bill

      I am looking for the same functionality.

      • crystal

        me too! at this point its still easier to use paper to make a grocery list and stick it in my pocketbook and throw away when done than attempting to click and unclick a box and type everything in i like the idea of a permeant grocery list i can chi and unchk as i go that would make my life easier

      • Edgar

        I use ShoppingList app on iphone and ipad for groceres. Saves a list tht you can check/uncheck as needed. You can also add other checklists, but it’s mainly for groceries. Allows you to sync between shared users. Not sure if they have a desktop app.

    • Hal

      Actually you can do this with templates – http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/26850-tip-evernote-templates-lets-share-some/

  • Flow

    I have tried the check list option and it’s really simple to create them. But what i’m missing is the possibility to have tables as an note. I’ m wanted to create log files for fitness plans in a nice and easy way. Is there any possibility to do tables?

  • Philippe

    Would be really nice to be have basic todo item attributes such as end date, prioritiy, category or label, … attched to check boxes. Even better would be to be alble to visualize all of it in one list of item that could be sorted out by end date or priority or category, status, people, …
    The typical use case is meetings where actions are assigned and are entered in Evernote using chek boxes. At the end of day you see all what is on you plate, … and on other team members plate as well.

    • Noro

      In my oppinion, this is the right way of little bit enhanced functionality of checkboxes. Just to keep it very simple (so not too much additional attributes, e.g. caregory seems to be somehow redundant to notebook) for adding anywhere in the note and some enhancements to retrieve it out of the several notes across notebooks.

  • Laolu

    Can’t find the checkbox button on my iPad!

  • Catherine

    Yes please on smart to-do/checklist feature! Online systems are barely useable because noone’s thinking of the complete checklist need experience.
    -i want to easily create/add to and deletr one list
    – i want to be reminded to do them (at a time and frequency i control)
    – i want some/all in my calendar too
    -i want to see just today’s to-do’s

    I want more than just a way to track/manage my to do list. I want a system that actually encourages me to get things done!

  • June

    I keep a master pantry/grocery list in another application where I can easily sort and filter. (e.g. I have columns set up for Need, Aisle, Item)

    Once I have filtered the master list for items I need and then sort by aisle, I want to cut and paste the list into evernote to take on the go on my phone.

    It’s frustrating to paste the list as text and then not be able to apply a bullet or checkbox as a “format” to the entire list in one swoop. It makes the entire experience frustrating.

    • June

      Also, if you jump in and start typing a list and want to go back and apply checklist functionality as a format, you can’t. Again this adds to the frustration factor immediately. When I’m brainstorming, I brainstorm first and then go back and edit/format.

  • Lee H

    I’m trying to go completely paperless. I currently use a spiral notepad to right down quick to-do’s and I scratch them out once they are done. I’ve started using the evernote to-do, but it would be nice for an item marked as completed to be automatically removed to a “completed” to-do list.

    • lewis hooper

      Lee, you might check out checkvist (see my post below)online tool at http://www.checkvist.com (Note spelling)
      it automatically moves completed items so that you don’t see them on the list.
      Its an online service so you can use it with Evernote at least until evernote becomes a bit more functional in this area.
      Evernote is my goto tool for research, collecting data, writing etc, but checkvist is my guide for what I have to do next. It functions as a mini project management tool.
      In my workflow checkvist functions as a subset of evernote.

  • lewis hooper

    The todo/checkbox feature of evernote just doesn’t work for me. Its far to cumbersome to lay out the tasks

    I do have a workaround that works quite well for me.

    I use Checkvist (note spelling) with evernote checkvist is found at http://www.checkvist.com to create an online daily chores list for myself and my son. Its actually a great tool for creating this type of list in a hierarchical manner with the ability to assign dates and status etc. For my son I clip the checkvist list into his evernote chores workbook. We sometimes have a “debate” over whether the chore was done properly but in the main it works quite well. Copying to evernote as a clipped page also gives us a history of what he has done over time, and is actually useful for him to see.

  • Mrthermister

    Sorting Tasks: Here’s what I use for sorting and it only requires one piece of 3rd party software: Dolphin Text Editor Menu (Windows). Instead of using check boxes, I use the following: “() ” (without the parens of course) = left paren, right paren, space. Important note is no space between the parens. So an undone task looks like: () Task. A completed task looks like: (x) Task. Then I use Dolphin Text Editor Menu to sort the list in-place, and the incomplete items float to the top – Viola! A sorted task list.

    You can use this method for other uses as well: date sorted – if you use dates in the format “yymmdd” (4 digit year is not needed), or other numeric text sorting as long as you use the format of “00” or “000” depending on how many list items you need such as 01, 02, 03…10, 11, etc. Then these will be alpha sorted correctly. I’m sure you could extend this to other ideas.

    Another idea is to combine tasks with dates.. for instance
    () 120326 Task1
    (x) 120401 Task2
    () 120501 Task3
    (x) 120227 Task4

    would sort to:
    () 120326 Task1
    () 120501 Task3
    (x) 120227 Task4
    (x) 120401 Task2

    Viola! Not only task sorted, but date sorted as well. So using this method, you instantly add due-date sorted tasking to Evernote, just as long as you don’t use its checkboxes.

  • Hazpoco

    I like evernote but I agreed with the shortcomings of the todo functionality (no true check lists, no on-the-fly marking as complete (edit mode?), no ability to reuse commonly bough items.

    For me (usecase: shopping lists for myself shared with my family), I found Wunderlist to be superior to anything on the market. Springpad is great but its usefulness is for the same things that Evernote does well. ToDo is not one of them.

  • Matt

    The to do lists check boxes dont sync with sticky notes and neither does the strike out text.

    This would be an awesome feature for the next update.

  • Graham Roberts

    This is for Windows users only at the moment, but some of the calendaring issues can be overcome with TuskTasks. ## insert date and time reference between the hashes ## sticks a reference in the calendar which can be sync’d with Google.

    Examples are
    ## tomorrow ##
    ## tomorrow at 10am ##
    ## Friday at noon ##
    ## 21st April at 1600 ##

    Just started using it. Will update when I have some more info.

  • Amin

    It is a good start, but my main complaint is that checklists don’t disappear once you’ve checked them off. They just sit there, until you delete or something. It would be good to have a system where they get “hidden” once you have checked them off. Hiding would also allow for looking back at what you did.

    • Ann

      Ditto. What good are checklists if checked items don’t get moved elsewhere. Another list or simply the bottom of list have been suggested here over and over. And why don’t these forums have dates with the entries so we can see when the question or comment has actually been made ?(I’ve seen this one over and over upon reading the entire subject of checkboxes)

  • Amy

    I do not know why when I make the checklist and want to add one more item the checkbox before the first item will disappear. I have tried a lot times but do not know why the click the checkbox in the bar can not result in one more item.

  • gooogix

    Inserting a note link in a Google calendar date only shows the whole URL, not clickable like in Outlook – by design?

  • Dario Mendoza

    My wife was using the notepad in her new Ipad 3, I convinced her to try Evernote. She refused to use it at the first time. I explained her all the funtionalities and now she is the number one user!! she is really happy using Evernote…however she wants to create Check lists on her Ipad using evernote, unfortunately that option is not available for Evernote on Ipad. I have tried to find it and have not had success. I have it in my Android devices. When is this going to be available on iPad? thank you

  • ahmed

    Evernote, get this checklist and calendaring fix ASAP. We shouldn’t have to do application origami, combining 3+ third party application to get the same function we get with pencil and paper. Isn’t the whole point of this application to move away from that?

    We need checklist with due dates and completing date. A way to sort them, a way to send the due dates and lists into the calendar on the iPhone so that a calendar reminder will come up.

    It’s the most basic form of getting organized:
    You have a calendar. You pencil in the tasks for the day. You check them off as you complete them.

  • Scott

    When taking notes during meetings using paper, I highlight actions that I or others have committed to. In attempting to move to Evernote for this, I like being able to use a checkbox in the middle of my notes to capture this “to-do”. In a perfect world, creating this in the note would simultaneously populate an independent to-do list (with all the features and functionality already covered by others). This way I could always see what needs to get done by when without creating a unique task list. Ideally, as I worked through this “to-do” list, marking them as complete would simultaneously check the box in the original note. If any other app does this, would like to hear about it.

  • Brad

    I like having my checklists available across all devices. However, I would love the ability to “protect” a checklist. For example, a packing checklist that I want to re-use all the time. Currently, when checking off items it goes into edit mode. Then after I’m done, I would love a single un-check option so that I can re-use the list without manually unchecking all the boxes.

  • Bert Rinkel

    I don’t have the bar you refer to for creating a checkbox. You are leaving out some basic instructions 🙁
    Should I be able to create a checkbox on my iPad as well???

    From above comments, appearantly it is a pain anyway.

    Why do I have to go through ALL comments first before getting to this area where I can insert my comment? Each time I have to look up a term in the instructions above, I have to scroll all the way up and down again. Sorry, but this is not helpful and timeconsuming to figure out

  • Tom

    Where is the Format box? Does not appear either on my PC or iPad?
    Can’t create checkbox is no format box to work with?

  • Rick Porter

    I have a Blackberry and I am desperately looking for a replacement for a now unsupported-for-Blackberry list application – PD Lists – it was perfect and did everything I needed – easily created separate lists, ability to unmark all items at once so that it can be used again (like a packing list or grocery list), categories within the list, alarm capabilities, and so much more – it’s a great application. What it didn’t have is the ability to sync between all devices and especially to the Internet. That’s where Evernote has it great. Please develop a great list app and I will love you forever.

  • BrianL

    Great, did not notice it. It could be used for surveys/ I hope Live Minutes picks up on the idea.

  • Glenn

    No doubt Evernote is the all around note saving device. I am goin to delete now my gtask app from my android, its useless anymore

  • David Salahi

    It would be nice to extend the todo: search functionality for searching within a note. I often add ToDo items as the need arises within a note which I am editing repeatedly over a period of days or even weeks. This results in the checkboxes being spread out throughout a lengthy note, making them hard to find. Being able to search for checkboxes within a single note would fix that.

  • Arun Kumar V Waghchoure

    What is the shortcut to untick all the check boxes in one go from the entire note?

  • MoogleMeg

    Is there a way for the item checked off to disappear, like in Reminders?

  • Amit Kothari

    We are currently building an app specifically for re-usable checklists at http://tallyfy.com – if you believe in “The Checklist Manifesto” – you’ll like this.

  • Me

    Why can’t I sort checklists? I can neither sort them alphabetically nor by checked/unchecked.

  • Kathy

    What I really want is to be able to make subchecklists within my checklist, for tasks that have multiple parts to complete before the main task is complete.

    • Julianne

      Yes, i want to do what Kathy said. Subchecklist. This is to be my client checklist.

  • Kathy

    What I really want is to be able to make subchecklists within my checklist, for tasks that have multiple parts to complete before the main task is complete.

  • Nancy

    Can I insert a list of groceries from an existing website and use the check off feature of Evernote

  • Claude Van Horn

    I would like to see checkboxes that go away when they are checked off that would make long lists easier to use.

  • Stan

    I would like to sort notes within a notebook simply
    selecting the note and moving the note before or after any note in the deck. This function would then be used to select notes from different notebooks then used in a presentation mode.

  • Ken Craig

    When creating a to-do list on the web version, it doesn’t work the same way as it does on my iPad. On the web, I can add a box, but have to double-click on it to add a check mark – unlike on the iPad that only requires a single touch within the box to add a checkmark. When I search on todo:false on the web version ALL my todo’s come up. This doesn’t seem to be operating as it should. Suggestions?

  • Gregg Cleland

    I’m looking at Evernote now that Springpad is dead. The checklist functionality was pretty good there, but seems kind of inadequate here. Can items not be reordered or made hidden on checking off? Google Keep it #1 here with perfect functionality – easy reordering and the option to make checked items move to the bottom. If the option is on, there is a slight delay and strikethru animation before it moves so you can confirm that the correct item was checked. A simple, intuitive interface. If only they Keep had folders…

    This transition will not be pleasant. 😮

  • cindi

    When viewing the checklist on my iPhone or web it’s in list form with the checkoff boxes……..on my iPad it’s in paragraph form with boxes between each item. How do I fix this?

  • bobby

    It would be great to add a tag option within a note, i.e. tags show which note contains the tag currently, but not where within them. It would almost be used as an index or chapter title feature at the beginning of a document so you can find your information quicker by breaking down sections of your document and hyperlinking within a note to your desired section.

  • zen

    It’s hard to believe that four years later this functionality has not improved at all. I am trying to figure out how to make a simple check/task list in Evernote and I’m amazed that it is this much of a PITA. Seriously, you have not implemented the bullet list like check boxes? How about clearing of deleted items? About 70-80% of my note taking is some form of task/check list and Evernote is a frustratingly bad tool for this considering its focus as an all in one note taking solution.

  • Ron

    What do you do if the Insert Checklist option is greyed out?

  • Margaretha

    Related to checklists, I hope to see it as soon as possible.

  • Jared Velasquez

    I use evernote as a personal training tool, and I must say, that I no longer like the way to use checkboxes anymore since one of the more recent updates. I loved having had the ability to put a check box anywhere I wanted to. For clients, I share a workout notebook with them and I would write down the workout, and then add as many rows with checkboxes for sets, and as many checkboxes in a row for reps. The client would then check as many reps per row (set) as they did for that given exercise, and it worked great for accountability and for me to be able to assess. Not really a HUGE deal, I know but now that I can no longer do this I have been turned off quite a bit from using the app.

  • Hallie L Cantor

    I have a problem with my smartphone, which keeps “correcting” & writing over certain words. Which means I can’t make a checklist on my smartphone — the reason why I wanted Evernote in the first place.

  • Stevenk

    We need to prioritize our to-do list items. Checkboxes are not enough. Need to know what to focus on today….

  • fulco de lang

    Just a question. Is there a possibility to create a checkbox on a Android system? (Just like the shortcut CTRL Shift C on a windows desktop

    • Taylor Pipes

      Using Evernote for Android: In the note editor, swipe the bar above the keyboard to display formatting options and select the checkbox icon.

  • www

    Good post! We will be linking to this particularly great post on our site. Keep up the good writing.

  • Sheila

    So, Checklists are not available on the Blackberry version of Evernote?

    • Sheila

      Nevermind, I found it

  • Valerie Cramer

    Cannot find check boxes on my Ipad anywhere.

  • Susan Thomas

    I love using Evernote for shopping lists. What would really be convenient is the ability to create a new list based on an existing list. For example, I would create a master grocery shopping list which contained the many items I buy repeatedly, but not every time. When I wanted to create a new list, I would be able to open my master list, click on an option that would allow me to create a new list based on an existing list. Choosing that option would put a box by every entry on the list and clicking in the box would add it to the new list. When done, the list would be editable like all other lists and items not on the master list could be added.

  • A Monteiro

    can’t see the bar above my keyboard on android, I use Swiftkey instead of the default keyboard and would be nice if it worked with all alternatives.

  • home

    I started to follow your blog

    • Gelis

      Love the checklist Reminder idea. Would be great for me.

  • Travis32

    It looks like there’s no way to convert handwritten text into a list. I’d like to be able to write a packing list using hand writing then convert it to a list if I draw a square or bullet next to the item ask to convert to a check box or option box of some type?