Evernote for Windows Phone Update: Rich Text Editing, Checkbox Support and More

Posted by on 04 Aug 2011

Posted by on 04 Aug 2011

The youngest member of the Evernote family, Evernote for Windows Phone, got a bunch of great new capabilities today including rich text editing, new sharing options, checking off boxes, decrypting text, and more. Let’s dive in.

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Rich text editing and more

Your notes can take many forms. Sometimes they’re just text; sometimes they’re web clips; and sometimes they have styled text and checkboxes. Now, regardless of what your note contains, you’ll be able to edit it from your Windows Phone.

To edit a note, open it and tap on the edit button in the menu. Next find the area of the note that your wish to edit and tap on it. After you’ve made the changes, tap the check mark. If you’re adding text, then you’ll notice that Evernote automatically maintains the style of the given region that you were editing, meaning that if it the text in that area was bold, your additions will also be bold.

You can also append images and text to the end of any note.

Sharing URLs to notes

Evernote for Windows Phone now allows you to copy a URL to an individual note and paste into an email, IM app, Twitter, or just about any place you like. To do this, open a note and tap on the gift icon. You will see the URL appear in a box along with a copy icon. Tap the copy icon and you’re ready to paste the URL anywhere.

Please note, in order to use this feature you must have a network connection and have the latest version of the Windows Phone operating system.

Rotating and saving images

Say you have an image inside of a web clip that you’d like to rotate. Now you can. Edit the note and tap on the image. You can then choose to rotate the image however you like. Once you tap Save the image orientation will be updated in the note. You can also save an image to your Pictures Hub by expanding the image editing menu.


In the same way that Evernote for Windows Phone preserves the look and feel of the text region you’re editing, you can also add checkboxes to existing lists. Edit a note and tap into a checkbox to-do list. Every new line that you create will start with a checkbox.

You can also check-off existing checkboxes by tapping on them.

Decrypting note content

Evernote desktop lets you encrypt areas of text. This is great for storing passwords, credit card numbers and anything else that you’d like to keep safe. You can now decrypt these items from your phone. Tap on the encrypted region, then enter your passphrase. This will show you the encrypted text. The text will once again become hidden as soon as you leave the note.

An important note about encryption in Evernote: Never forget your encryption passphrase. Neither the Evernote application nor Evernote staff can help you decrypt any encrypted information if you lose the passphrase.

Many other great improvements

This update also includes many additional enhancements to speed and stability, as well as interface improvements. There’s a lot more on the way. Stay tuned.


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  • Ruth

    I want this for Blackberry! 🙂

  • Trinity

    So, when will this come to iOS? Sometime this year, I hope?

  • Ann Price

    All this time, & you STILL can’t get rtf editing for iOS? Or add bullets/numbers/checkboxes?

  • Troels Richter

    Sounds really cool. Hope you will also add the voice notes for WP7 soon 🙂

  • Catherine

    Great updates. Will they be available soon for iOS?

  • Mark

    Rich text editing coming last for iOS? They’re doing this deliberately so that nobody *ever* complains again that the team favors iOS. “See, remember when iOS didn’t have RTE but you did?”…. 😉

    Worth it so that each iOS update doesn’t have 100 comments of “when is this coming out for Android.”

  • Gatebe

    When will rich text be available for iphone…. I want to be able to create a check list using my phone

  • Looking for another note product

    A cynic might think you were stalling on IOS rich text notes because there was a widget coming in IOS 5 which supported it, so you wouldn’t have to do it yourself.

    A cynic might think that.

  • Ex

    For iPhone and iPad please.

  • Ben

    This is great. I love the way you’re supporting the WP7 platform. Some other apps are treating it as the ugly stepsister, but these are quality features.

  • E

    I’ll add my vote for RTF for iOS…. Could you at least indicate when we can expect it?

  • Kenneth

    really, windows gets rtf before ios? is there something going on prohibiting you from implementing this feature for the iphone, or are you so busy expanding that you’re just going to ignore the platform that accounted for a major part of your original growth? I love evernote and recommend it to just about everybody, but this is getting ridiculous.

  • Durishin

    Thanks for the update on Evernote for Windows Phone Platform.

    My first Evernote entries are from February, 2006 (at least, those are the oldest ones I have).

    As we see here vs. iOS, it pays to be an early adopter!

  • Roberto Vazquwz

    Gracias ahora esta mas completa la App, ahora falta poder ver las libretas compartidas.

    Gracias Team Evernote!

  • Rui

    This Update looks Great, but it forced a resync of the notes, getting stuck half way through. The message says it cannot handle exception at note 964 of 1268. Is there any way to solve this? I’ve already tried reinstalling the app with no success…

    • Xavier

      Hi Rui,

      Could post your comment on our forum here:
      This is a known issue, and we will need a bit more information from you to solve the problem.


  • MK

    The checkboxes do not seem to work as described here.

  • TheDude

    How about IOS Platform guys? People are begging for it for ages (me including) and all we get is a total silence from Evernote team. Are youngest waiting for IOS 5 to come out so you just have to add the widget that support RTF to Evernote? It is getting really frustrated to have such a fantastic tools and not be able to have RTF on it and this for quiet a long time now. And the iPad has not received any major update for months now and Evernote perform poorly on it. And again complete silence on your part and lack of clear communication. Can you at least tell us what are your plans for about this? Do you listen your fans and customers??

  • Dan J.

    Whoopie! An update for WP7 before iOS. I’m sure a half a dozen WP7 users are excited. How about us 160 million iOS users? 😉

  • PB

    Guys and Girls at Everenote, I don’t get this. Windows phone is not half as big as iOS when it comes to market share, even only 1 or 2 % when it comes to Windows Mobile 7. Why the decision not to give iPhone users this feature first?

  • Will

    Awesome. excellent WP support. Time to switch back to Evernote!

  • Sarah

    For iPhone pleeeeease!

  • Lexi

    “Why the decision not to give iPhone users this feature first?”

    Probably because it is easier to do on WP7. At least that’s what I hear from most developers.

  • Acaddd

    So, when will this come to iOS? Sometime this year, I hope?

  • William Gill

    This is awesome – great update. And great that you are investing so heavily in the Win7 Phone platform. The Windows7 Phone global market share might be small now, but we can expect that to change when Nokia starts releasing Windows 7 devices later this year.
    I wonder if you can get Evernote pre-installed on new Nokia Win7 phones…?

  • Michael

    Why still no rich text or Text Expander support for iOS.

    Windows Mobile Phone 7 is hardly selling any units, all published usage reports point WM7 to be insignificant. Are you being paid my Microsoft to do the port before IOS, or is the sad fact, that WM7 has build- in support for rich text, while iOS 4.x does not ?

    You were once seen as a very Mac/iOS friendly company, now it looks more and more like you are ignoring this segment.


  • Agus

    Very nice interface.

  • Aiken

    I just upgrade to mango via developer unlock, but the feature of add note crashed a lot, would you guys notice that and have a fix? Thanks.

  • Chris

    Got to agree.. iPad and iPhone apps are almost unusable without nested notebooks and tags, and the lack of checkboxes and rich text.

  • Patrick N

    Michael – indeed. Editing rich text formatting API are coming in iOS 5. They do not natively exist in iOS 4. No conspiracy necessary, sorry.

  • Dave

    What a terrible experience. All of my lists now have to be edited as single lines… and I can’t delete any of the lines, only blank them out. Did a miss a delete line operation somehow? How do I get back to simple editable text (with newlines)?

  • David

    Looking at the Evernote user forum for iPad the Rich Text Editing feature has be “coming soon” for about 18 months. Come on Evernote – you can do better than this for your iOS users.