Evernote for Windows Update: Audio Recording, Toolbar Customization and More

Posted by on 09 Aug 2011

Posted by on 09 Aug 2011

Today, Evernote for Windows gets several great new features, including audio note recording and playback, print preview, toolbar customization and more. Let’s take a look.

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Audio notes

The latest Evernote for Windows includes new note type: Audio. Tap this option and a note will open with an audio recorder pinned to the top. When you’re ready, click Record to start. You can feel free to type as the audio records. The recorder will keep working even if the window goes out of focus.

Once you’re finished recording, click Save. This will place the recorded audio into the note. If you’d like to add another recording to the same note, click Record. You can do this as many times as you like until you hit your single note size limit.

This feature is just another way to create rich memories of meetings, lectures and interviews in Evernote: record what was said, snap a photo of the whiteboard to save what was written and type your notes to remember what you were thinking. Then, find all these memories later in one place.

Audio playback
Another great new audio capability in Evernote for Windows is the ability to replay recorded audio directly in the note. Each audio recording includes a small play button, allowing you to listen without having to launch an external player. You can even listen to a recording made in other versions of Evernote.

Customize the toolbar

We want to make it easy for you to personalize your Evernote experience. Now, you can customize your toolbar to show the buttons that you use most frequently. For example, create a dedicated Facebook button if that’s your preferred sharing method. To do this, right click on the toolbar and choose Customize. You can also rearrange your existing buttons and add separators between them.

Print Preview

We’ve added a Print Preview option, which shows you how notes will appear when printed. You can view a preview for single notes, as well as multi-selected notes. Preview is great for helping you gauge the number of pages associated with more complex notes, including web clips and notes containing large images. Access Print Preview from the File menu.

More goodness

In addition to the updates above, we’ve also fixed a number of issues, improved the installation process and made the app more usable. There’s tons more on the way, stay tuned.

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  • Michael

    Any chance of getting the old Evernote 3.1 note view back?

  • Bjørn Birkeland

    Customize the toolbar doesn’t work. After removing the “Twitter share” and trying to add the more general “Share” the Twitter comes up again and not the “Share”. What can I do to make this work? (Windows 7)

  • Scott Olsen

    I agree with Michael. Also, the screen clipping functionality. I can’t even begin to explain my frustration when I finally made the decision to become a premium member….. just to have the ONE THING that SOLD me dropped.

    Most. Useful. Features. Ever.

  • Norman

    I love you
    You are doing what you hear people want – what sort of radical customer model is that????

  • Ingo

    Drag and drop of a PDF file into an Outlook compose window is STILL broken??

  • S!ick

    On one of my computers, instead of updating…it uninstalled. Weird…


  • Jason

    The one thing I miss the most is the notes view in Evernote 3.x I agree, please bring it back. Nice to have voice notes now.

  • Heidi Song

    Thank you! The new customizable toolbar is a great addition.

  • Richard

    “Also, the screen clipping functionality. I can’t even begin to explain my frustration when I finally made the decision to become a premium member….. just to have the ONE THING that SOLD me dropped.”

    Web clipping works fine and has worked fine with Firefox. Brief hiatus a month or two back. Is this what you are writing about? I don’t know if a have beta clipper….

    • Scott Olsen

      No, the screen clipping functionality with the ability to draw, highlight, etc…

      I used it extensively to create documentation for things.

      • Joe B.

        Screen clipping is the ability to take a picture of any part of your computer screen and insert the picture into a note (shortcut: Windows Key + PrintScreen Key).

        Web clipping is the ability to capture all or part of a web page from your browser and insert it into a note.

        Ink Notes enable the ability to create freehand notes (ie draw images).

  • Will Dungee

    Thanks for adding audio note function.

  • James McLellan

    Life is Evernote.
    Still, even having said that, I NEED better control over the final print output. Please look at Techsmith’s SnagIt to see what I mean and what I suggest Evernote should emulate: pretty much total control over the final page when you look at the print preview and options.

    • Julie Lawrence

      Yes!!! That would be awesome!

  • Greg Matthews

    Great updates! Love to hear about all the cool things going on at Evernote. One tip: you obviously have users on many platforms. When you announce an update that affects one platform (e.g., windows), it’d be nice if you also told us when (if ever) that update was likely to hit your other platforms. Even if the answer is, “we don’t have any current plans to replicate this update for Mac,” it would be better than just having to sit here and wonder. And by the way, please do this update for Mac! 😉

  • Herbert

    Can’t find the new (print-)preview feature …

    • Larry

      It is on the File tab. Or ctrl+shift+P

  • Ray Gonsalves


    Thanks for audio notes and other cool features… However all I’m asking for like for 2 years now is a toolbar button to toggle spell check on and off… come on guys really is this so difficult to implement?

  • cabotine

    +1 for the note view from 3.1 and the screenclipper which are the two reason I am still using 3.1 and not being a premium user

    pls bring it back as options


    Thanks for adding audio note function.right

  • Tarkan Erimer

    Do you have any plans for Linux OS support ?

  • Kyle

    Is there a way to install on Windows 7 without admin access? I am on a work machine and therefore don’t have full admin access… I think I did it once, but now I get an error of “Evernote was already installed by another user. Only one per-user installation is supported”

  • bjones

    audio notes are not syncing to the pc please advise

  • jason

    I don’t even seen the audio option in the XP version . I see it on myu mac and phones…

  • Jolly

    I’m still running the 3.1 version of evernote 😀

  • Nadya

    After more than one year, “Customize toolbar” option is still not working. Frustrating.