Evernote Acquires Skitch! #evernote_etc

Evernote Acquires Skitch! #evernote_etc

Posted by on 18 Aug 2011

Posted by on 18 Aug 2011

We love Skitch so much that we decided to buy the company. Skitch is an amazing Mac application that’s changed the way people capture, annotate and share images. Chief Skitchers, Cris Pearson and Keith Lang are moving from Australia and joining Evernote to lead a significantly expanded Skitch team focused on supercharging the product.

The Evernote Story

Our journey at Evernote has been an exciting one. In 2007, two teams came together to develop a new type of product, a service that would help the world remember everything. In 2008, that vision turned into the Evernote you know today. Now, 14 platforms and 12 million users later, we’re taking the first steps in the next phase of our company: new applications.

Why Skitch?

We were drawn to Skitch (har har) for one simple reason: we love and use their product with Evernote. For years, one of our most requested feature areas has been related to improved handling of images and annotation capabilities. Our users take and share millions of photos and screenshots already, but the experience isn’t as good as it could be. We debated about whether to add the improved functionality into Evernote or build a separate app to handle it. Finally, we decided to do both. Thanks to Skitch, we will.

Skitch will make Evernote better (and vice versa)

As Skitch users will attest, this is one of the most innovative, easy-to-use applications available on Mac. We’re going to keep it that way. We are committed, not only to making the Skitch Mac app more awesome, but also to bringing Skitch to every desktop and mobile platform under the sun. In addition, in the coming months, you’ll see tighter integration between Evernote and Skitch to let you easily draw, ink, grab screenshots, annotate and share your favorite memories.

We gain more than just an app; you don’t build one of the top Mac applications without having some great ideas, which is why we’re also looking forward to the Skitch team’s input on Evernote. You’ll be seeing their influence in many aspects of all our products.

What’s changing?

Everything you currently love about Skitch will stay the same and we’ll be quickly introducing a lot of new, exciting stuff.

The full version of Skitch, which used to be $19.95 in the Mac App Store, is now completely FREE! There are no more trial versions, because you don’t need them. No more ads and no more restrictions, either.

New users can sign into Skitch with their Evernote credentials. Existing Skitch users can continue to use their accounts.

Using Skitch with Evernote today

Using Evernote and Skitch together today is easy. Drag images from Evernote into Skitch for Mac, annotate and edit them, then use the “Drag Me” feature in Skitch to bring it back into Evernote. Or, simply take screenshots in Skitch and drag them into Evernote. Our goal is to make this experience much more streamlined.

Much More to Come

Our goal is to make Skitch a household name with everyone that wants to draw, sketch, annotate, doodle, sign or highlight something. That happens to be everyone. Our engineers are working on tying the two services together. We’re combining our years of experience with inking, handwriting recognition and pen input with the fantastic capabilities of Skitch.

This is a pretty great way to make sure that the elegant screen-capture app we fell in love with all those years ago finally gets the resources it deserves.

Please join us in welcoming team Skitch into the Evernote family!

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  • Allie

    🙁 I can’t click the link to Get Skitch now!

  • ethicalcannibal

    I was disappointed. I ran to the Mac app store to get skitch, but it was still $19.99. I hadn’t heard of this before, and thought it would be fun to play with.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      It should be available in the Mac store very soon. We’ll update the post as soon as it’s in there!

      • ethicalcannibal

        Thank you!

  • Sarah George

    The link at the bottom of this article isn’t working and I am interested in testing and reviewing this application. I love Evernote and as a photographer and a blogger I am very interested in this.

    Best wishes


  • Jason Barone

    This is so awesome. I literally just purchased it less than a week ago and absolutely love it. I can’t wait to see some Evernote integration!

  • Curt

    I love both apps, but not sure I really want them together. The beauty of Skitch is its simplicity. The recent interface changes made it less simple, IMHO. I worry whether it will become more bloated.

    • Keith Lang

      Hey Curt — thanks for the nice words. Don’t worry, Skitch will definitely not become bloated because we’re very sensitive to feature creep and also because Skitch and Evernote will remain clearly separate products.

      There’s a few simple things we can do to make the integration work, that will slow in beautifully to the existing sharing workflow. Very exciting times!

      (from Skitch)

  • Mike

    Brilliant move! Congratulations!

  • David Jeffrey

    And it’s not yet free in the App Store.

  • Glenn Goodrich (@ruprictGeek)

    Skitch is not free in the Mac App store either.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      It is now!

  • Spicer Matthews

    Wow. This is amazing. Not even joking. Skitch and Evernote are the two tools I use most throughout the day. I would say I use them more then my browser. Can you believe that?


  • Michael Cruz

    Congrats, Evernote team. Every Mac I use has to have Evernote and Skitch installed. What a great pairing! Keep up the good work.

  • Chris

    Please make a separate annotation layer for each note that can be toggled on and off. That would be a fantastic addition to Evernote.

  • Stuart

    I think this is great. I love skitch and if you can put in on the windows platform I would love it even more. Makes me mad I just bought snagit a week ago.

  • Harold

    LOVE IT! I use both a lot and now that they are together it is going to be another tool that can be integrated into Evernote.

    Looking forward to seeing how the integration goes.


  • Barbara O'Connor

    I love love love Evernote. Not familiar with Skitch but will be now! (as soon as it is free)

  • Kristoffer B

    Thanks, haven’t heard of Stitch before, but it seems to be just what I’ve been looking for! Really great news!

  • Josh

    Awesome!!! I love Skitch and I love Evernote but one thing I was hoping for was to be able to edit pictures in Evernote. This is great news!

  • Fred Avolio

    Love Evernote. This sounded great, until I saw it requires Snow Leopard. Will Save this reminder for when I upgrade.

  • Scott

    Awesome! I’ve been using Skitch since 2008 and it’s by far the best tool for capturing and sharing content on your screen.

  • MikePett

    Hey Everpals!
    This is exciting! When will we see a universal app? I have an iPhone 3g (note the lack of ‘S’) will the iPhone version run on my phone and when can I get it?


  • Peter

    Hmmmm…….not sure about this.

    Will you be able to import a pdf and annote i – if this is The future then great Else it not so great.

    And when Can we see annotation in iPad app?


  • Casey Becking

    Any chance people who purchased recently will get their money back?

    • Chris Gonzales

      What kind of question is that? If someone felt it was worth paying the money for it in the first place, they should just stick with their decision and feel good for trying to support a service they enjoy using.

      • Jim Hoyt

        It’s a perfectly fair question. I had two years of service paid for and heard nothing from either company about the changes. I’m going to assume the best and wait for my notification of an upgrade to my Evernote account.

      • Chris Gonzales

        Since I cannot seem to reply under Jim Hoyt below, I will just reply to my own post.

        I think it’s a perfectly silly question, to be honest with you, Jim. It’s not the fault of either company that you chose to pay for two years’ worth of service, and they are certainly not under any obligation to tell you about their upcoming mergers, acquisitions, or any other deals because frankly its none of your business.

        You obviously thought the product was worth paying that much for, so nobody on either side should feel compelled to offer you anything, especially not a refund (unless you’re just completely unhappy with what you bought, which is another story).

  • Beth

    Is it only for Mac?

    • David Moloney

      I was wondering the same thing. Skitch looks like it’s Mac/Anderiod only, but I’m sure that given Evernote crosses different platforms that there will be an announcement to make it compatible with PCs.

      Well I’m hoping anyway.

      • Keith Lang

        Hi David and Beth.

        Skitch is currently only for Mac (and now Android) but Windows and iOS versions are coming down the pipeline. We’ve always wanted Skitch to be on all platforms, and with Evernotes wonderful team and support this can finally become reality.

  • Matt Henderson

    @skitch can thank *me* for getting acquired by @evernote. I just paid $20 for Skitch, so *of course* somebody’d buy them to make it free.

  • Alex

    I bought the Plus edition less than a year ago but no mention in either blog about a refund now that it’s free on the App Store.

  • John F. Mercer

    Awesome! This is great! Many thanks!

  • Sterling Zumbrunn

    Kick ass! One of my favorite apps acquires another one of my favorites. I think this alliance makes total sense. Can’t wait to see what you do with Skitch’s functionality in Evernote.

  • Cameron

    Ha, I just made a tutorial the other day using a shared Evernote note and screenshots from Skitch.

  • jack

    Awesome! love skitch, and infrequently use evernote – but this combo is amazing, and will 99.99% likely be paying for premium service now.

  • Porsupah

    I hope you’ll accept this comment in good spirit: what permits this price change? So very often, the price of “free” is accepting becoming a company’s product, viz Google+ et al.

  • Jason

    “New users can sign into Skitch with their Evernote credentials.”

    I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. I can log into with my Evernote account, but I am not seeing a way to do the same within the Skitch app itself.

    When I try to add a new account in the app, Under “Account Type” my only choices are, FTP, SFTP, WEBDAV and If I choose, it tells me I am using an anonymous account and when I try to “personalize” that on the website it clearly does not know anything about my Evernote credentials. Is there a way to link these together or is it too soon?

    • Steffan

      +1 for Jason’s point

    • Jared

      Seeing the same problem–as I’m new to Skitch, I’m just not creating an account until I see that this is working, as the Evernote integration is really the reason I downloaded Skitch…

      • Keith Lang

        Hi guys

        Sorry we’re working now to solve the sign-in bugs that are preventing some people from logging in.

        Thank you for your patience, we hope to have that all solved within a day.

        (From Skitch)

      • Jason

        For some reason I can’t reply to Keith Lang’s reply, but I’m checking back in. It’s been about 10 days now, so wondering when I’ll actually be able to log into the Skitch app with my Evernote login.

  • eav

    Fantastick! I love Skitch. Perfect mashup.

  • eav

    Fantastic! I love Skitch. Perfect mash-up.

  • Bonny

    Would be great to build Kkitch directly into Evernote and therefore reducing two running apps to one. Not only is it more organized this way it also reduces RAM resources. In any case a smart move by Evernote, congrats!

  • B Briggs

    Very cool. Use them both EVERYDAY!!!

  • Mirco

    Awesome! This is great! Perfect mash-up i think 🙂

  • Lady Darby


    So what about those of us who paid for Skitch Plus or worse, the subscription AND the app?

    I have yet to get a single piece of communication from either Skitch or Evernote on these changes, welcome though some of them may be functionality-wise.

    Two of my favorite services, being extremely un-service-y today.

    • halden2714

      My thoughts exactly……

      Do we get a refund or anything?

  • Moataz Rashad

    Awesome move. Congrats to both teams!

  • Chris Gonzales

    Smart move, Evernote 🙂

    Will text annotations also be searchable by OCR?

  • Floriant

    Very smart move, i agree with Chris… Can’t wait to use Skitch

  • Parker Emmott

    Great move. This makes so much sense. Would also be great to see a mobile extension of Skitch. Just the ability to highlight and add a comment to a screenshot and save to Evernote would be awesome. Especially when working with a team.

  • Deborah

    Great news! Congrats. Is there anything on the horizon for Windows users?

  • Martin Packer

    Now that you own Skitch can you make it do edge detection and auto-cropping? Use case: Have portable scanner that could do receipts but resulting jpeg has lots of background (fine wooden table top) 🙂 around it that needn’t be stored and probably wouldn’t help Evernote’s OCR’ing.

    Being a new user to Skitch but an old user to Evernote I don’t mind being told “it already does this”. 🙂

  • Jiří Borek

    hm, I feel a bit disappointed. I’ve been using Skitch since betas and I decided to buy it three days ago. The application is definitely worth of that 16 euros I’ve spent. On the other hand why should I pay something which is available for free?

  • Mike gibbons

    Add video capture and turn the BEST app ever into the ULTIMATE KILLER ?..the angry birds of productivity of apps!

  • Josef

    Never heard of Skitch until I found out Evernote bought them. Nice Android and Web app! A great compliment to Evernote.

  • James

    Congrats to both, I use & enjoy both products (not together really, but now that may have to change).

    Anyhow, to echo some comments – can we expect details for how this impacts Skitch ‘Plus’ users like myself? Do we still get any additional benefits beyond the free App Store version?

    Perhaps an update to the comparison matrix here?:
    regards, J.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi James, please go ahead and contact Support and hopefully they can help you out.

  • Charl

    Skitch rocks! I use it all the time. Evernote is simply awesome.

    • Keith Lang

      Thanks Charl!

      We hope we can make it even better for you 🙂


  • Steve

    Also never heard of skitch until now, but just installed it on my android device – very cool.

    I intend to use it more for note-taking than with pictures though. This strikes me as a potential solution to my never-ending search for an app that could actually mimic my hand-taken notes. I use Evernote all the time to take notes, but I still have to use paper and pen to make graphical representations of ideas. For me, I’m less concerned about capturing my actual handwriting (text boxes with type are fine with me) and more concerned with the non-linear arrows, circles, shapes, etc that I draw across a page to link my ideas – it looks almost possible to do with Skitch!

    Evernote – if you’re listening – it would be AMAZING if I could save a skitch canvas for editing at a later time. If there was a way to incorporate some text formatting options as well, that would be great. If you were to add in a few more shape options and then be able to link that editable file right to an Evernote notebook, I think you would absolutely have the end-all be-all mobile note-taking platform!!

    I hope this might be an option one day. Thanks!

    • Keith Lang

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the constructive feedback. Skitch will continue to develop and these kinds of requests are definitely helpful in building the stuff people need.


  • Janis

    Love – *Love* Evernote!! Recommend it to everyone I know. Skitch is new to me & sounds amazing. Would really like to see it available for Windows and iOS. Hurry! ;-P 🙂

  • LockPro

    Like others I had not heard of Skitch until this announcement. I snagged the free version from the App Store to test drive it. It has some good features however it needs some improvements before I can use it instead of Preview for simple tasks like rotate, crop, image enhance, etc. For example, I use my iphone to snap pics of business cards. I wait until I am at my desktop to open them in Evernote for final editing. I right click the card image and open it in preview. Cmd L or Cmd R to rotate it. Drag and Cmd K to crop and Cmd S and Cmd Q to save and quite. Preview saves the image BACK TO EVERNOTE. Skitch does not, or I can’t find how to do it. If I drag the altered image then I have 2 images in my Evernote, I only want the edited one. Anyway, it is a bit cumbersome, but I hope the Evernote team make streamline things and make it seamless.

  • cyriel

    Wondering if it will be possible to merge Skitch accounts and Evernotes accounts, since it makes no sense to have two accounts for services from the same company after this merger.

    • Adam Robertson

      I disagree. The skitch account system is fine as is and should NOT be changed AT ALL.

    • Terre

      Agreed! Let’s merge these programs.

      I used Skitch years ago, and then it quit working. Can’t remember if they pulled the app or what, but I had a bunch of stuff in there that just went away. Hoping I can get all that back.

      When I discovered Evernote, I thought of it as my new Skitch.

      • Sbalani

        +1 to the merging

    • Pieter Hartsook

      +1 to merging accounts.

      I’d like to manage and share my cloud resources in as few “silos” as possible. I don’t want to have to try to remember where I stashed a clip or have to search twice to find something.

  • kdee122

    I have tried Evernote on at least 3 occasions over the last 4 years and always go back to using MS Onenote. In my work as an engineer it is critical that I can have notes with text, photos and annotated photos. I love the way your product works with different devises but a lack of “inking” support has not allowed me to switch.

    You may finally convert me from Onenote.

  • Kurt

    I bought the Plus version like 3 days before it was made free. Are you guys going to give refunds, or at least give credit towards my Evernote Pro account?

    • snowbutterfly

      I would also like to know about refunds… I still have 6 months remaining on my Skitch Plus subscription. I’d be happy event with a credit towards an evernote upgrade. As a student ever last bit of savings helps.

      Please and thanks!

      • Maggie

        @Kurt and @snowbutterfly are absolutely right and I’m more than a little annoyed at the lack of communication from the Evernote team on this. News on this acquisition appeared in the press what—a month ago? And I the first notice I’ve received from either company was yesterday. Seriously?

        Thanks for keeping the lines of communication and good faith open with your customer base. Please address this ASAP.

        Thank you—

      • snowbutterfly

        Has there been any progress or details on those that have paid for the subscription? Please, Skitch and Evernote, consider the paying customers that have helped Skitch development and could be continued customers for Evernote.

  • Lucinda

    Can’t wait for the windows version to come out.

    • chrisbracey

      Why wait? Get a Mac…
      Lowest Common Denominator is a poor basis for application development

      • Larry

        Some people must have more dollars than sense. That was a crudy reply. Why don’t u get a PC and wise up!

  • Matt

    Skitch seems like a realllly cool app, but I find the logo and branding on the interface to be a big turn-off. Call me OCD, but I feel that a pink love heart and girlish font is something of a distraction in the UI. The option to instead use evernote branding on the app would be great in my opinion.

    • mantrakid

      you’re ocd. get over it & get back to work.

    • Geoff

      I totally agree. One of the great things about the Mac platform (and evernote) is the beauty of the interface. This is not just a silly thing, as it affects the entire user experience. Form does not follow function.

      • Jerry

        +1 on the kiddie girlie look/feel. Looks like a Lisa Frank middle school notebook cover.

      • Sbalani

        +1 to this too

    • David

      I agree, it does look like a teenie-bopper drawing, and suited to attract juvenile young girls, not a serious application to be used with Evernote which is much more businesslike!

  • Angela Booth

    Love Skitch, been using it for years. I’m hoping that Skitch won’t change too much under new ownership. It’s a very Mac app. Hate the idea that it may lose that. Fingers crossed that it won’t…

  • Scott

    Thank god! I am so happy EverNote got them. I used the beta for years, and then when they released the paid version I just stopped using it. I get killed buying thousands of little apps. Thank God you guys picked this up.

  • Scott Newton

    Great idea! Just think there should at least be a link on the Skitch site to download without the app store. Almost believed min requirements were Snow Leopard. PLEASE keep compatible with Leopard on my immortal PPC!!

  • Dave

    It took me a while to get over the “” styling of Skitch and realize that it is a seriously good tool. The early versions played up the sharing aspect so much that I didn’t even realize it was a standalone app, I thought it was just a silly social media picture-captioning service. I hope that Evernote is able to market it as the powerhouse annotation tool that it is.

  • Fernand

    Doesn’t work at all with Windows? Duh?

  • Peter Downey

    WTF !! I paid £13.99 for Skitch on 9th August 2011 how about some credit/recognition Also I’ve been an Evernote user since 2008 – gutted

    • Maggie


      • snowbutterfly


  • Adelle Charles

    As a long time user and big fan of Evernote I think this is an amazing acquisition, congrats to both Skitch and Evernote!

    I look forward to the day that Skitch integrates seamless with my EN account, I’m always losing screenshots and if they saved automatically that would rock.

    My only (personal) thought is that the UI on Skitch needs a lot of pairing down to become more simple and quick to use, either way it will be an amazing companion for sure!

  • susan

    why not have it for windows 7 and xp.

  • Martha Huizenga

    Can’t wait for a Windows version. I saw Skitch on a conference call and wanted it. I downloaded it for Windows and it doesn’t do anything! We need this for Windows, so we can stop using Word as a image drawer.

  • Heidi, Stationery Scoop

    I love Skitch! I use it very frequently because it’s so easy to grab a bit of something and put it into an email or flow diagram. I look forward to seeing where Evernote takes it.

  • Zachary

    Love both Evernote and Skitch, but can we lose the pink heart? Please. How many people using the program are 13-year-old girls?

    • David

      Agree 100% it does look like it’s for 13 year old girls – get rid of it!

  • Monte

    Tried finding skitch for android from my phone (epic 4G)–how or where do I find it, ty

  • billfish

    What I would like, is a way to sketch on my Mac desktop. That way I could drag the icons the way I want them, and draw a line around categories.

    • Arjan

      You know you can use Exposé to show the desktop and then use Skitch to snap that (either full screen or using the crosshair)?

  • ferdamshur

    Very cool, but I just paid full price for the app less than two weeks ago! 🙁

  • Ken

    Linked to this page from an email that said Skitch was available for android. Really? Where?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Ken, you can find Skitch here:

  • JD

    Just downloaded Skitch for Android, it’s exactly what I’ve been Skitching waiting for! You’ve just raised Evernote to the next level. I’m an instant fan, it’s Skitctastic. Grats on the purchase. JD

  • Ezra Goldschlager

    As a long-time Skitch user (3+ years), and as someone who’s *pretty* happy with Evernote but not thrilled with it, I just want to say that I hope that Skitch stays as great as it’s always been, and that the only changes we see to Skitch’s development (other than those we would’ve seen had Skitch remained independent) are related to Evernote integration.

    • roxanne

      Also….when will Skitch be an iPad app?????? Love Skitch!

  • miles

    When do you expect this to come to Android phones? Sounds interesting, wonder how it will work on the phone screen….

    • BDB

      Works beautifully on Android based phones…never heard of Skitch before but quickly realized it is a great app…and of course I love Evernote!

  • Cam

    I totally agree with Matt. I can’t use Skitch until it becomes less ugly. The interface needs a serious clean up, and the branding is absolutely awful.

    Good news none the less! I’m sure together you can improve the app until it’s useable.

  • DaveGrif

    Congrats. It will be a great combination.

  • Chad Garrett

    Very excited about that. Now, when’s the Windows version of Skitch due??

  • Terri

    How about for the iPad?? Weird there is not app

  • Jen

    A huuuuuge thank you for this! I used Skitch in its beta stages and loved it as a free app. So glad it’s back, and even more glad that it’s being integrated with Evernote.

  • GB in NY

    The current version of Skitch is not compatible with Lion 10.7.1. When will this be fixed?!

  • Jack Taylor

    Congratulations on acquiring Skitch. Now PLEASE add a scroll feature – one that will read an entire blog page and also break long blog pages into print-length pages (8-1/2 x 11 inches). This probably is a big task to program, but I believe it’s worth the trouble! I’d use this feature all the time!

    • Moozh

      I wholeheartedly concur with this, itll be an enormous aid.

  • Joey

    This is awesome. Skitch is a perfect compliment to Evernote. You’re well on your way to being an enterprise ready document imaging solution. All you need now is tasks and workflows. W00t!

  • VJ Anomolee

    I totally agree with those that said the icon and entire interface of Skitch needs a complete overhaul.
    What I REEEEEEALLLY want is annotation to just be integrated into the Evernote desktop app.
    (no reason it couldn’t be done with the web, iOS, +android apps as well)
    Skitch on its own is really kind of useless to me besides annotating my evernotes. I just use command+shift+4&space -for screen shots and I can annotate things just fine in Preview.
    So I have my fingers crossed that Evernote will do the smart thing here and integrate this into their apps. 😉

  • Emma

    I love this! However, do you recommend a screen capture tool for the android? I’d love to be able to do work on the go with skitch. I use it all the time for design feedback and project management. Thanks!

  • Petri

    Congratulations! Evernote and Skitch will make even a greater combo when they will be integrated deeper together. When you want to make Skitch a household name for drawing and doodling, the coolest thing to do would be to make doodling features for iPad Evernote app. NoteShelf iPad app is a good applicaton to take ideas from and that app has already an integration to send files quickly to Evernote. Annotating Evernote notes (perhaps even PDFs) with a stylus would take Evernote for iPad (and Andoid tablets too) to a completely new level.

  • Le0

    It’s not available in the UK?

  • Gledsley

    Great 2 apps now together! That’s great news! Congrats for the acquisition 😉

  • Dave

    PLEASE, hurry with the WINDOWS version!

  • Jarmel

    I use Evernote on my PC and iPad. Love the program, but there’s no Skitch app for the iPad! I would do the editing on the iPad and use Evernote to save it onto the PC. Can we please have a Skitch app for the iPad?

    • roxanne

      Use Skitch all the time on my Mac, but would love it even more to be able to use it on my iPad! Waiting impatiently!

  • James Rawlings

    I recently bought an Android tablet – Asus Transformer (cool!) BUT I discovered that I can only access my Evernote notes when I am “connected” via WiFi – disappointing!

  • David Mead

    I loved the built-in screen annotation that Evernote used to come with (way back when) but then it just disappeared. If it was truly “one of our most requested feature areas” why didn’t they just improve the one you had?

    I’ve never used Skitch, and can’t store it on the SD card of my Android phone, so I don’t think I’ll be using it anytime soon. Also that UI looks way too busy.

    I’d love to get that old paired down annotation back that was actually part of Evernote, but congratulations on the acquisition.

  • Richard Huggins

    Skitch is fantastic, but I’ve long wished that a true resizable text box could be drawn and that the text would wrap.

    • roxanne


  • Arjan

    I don’t get the complaints about the icon. I hardly ever see it.

    (Skitch is started when I boot my Mac —which is not too often either— and is sitting in my menu bar with its default gray icon. There’s no need to keep Skitch in the Dock. No need at all.)

  • Chris Hordley

    This,to me shows that the future is android because more of the world and more younger people will have an Android phone.I annoys me that the middle-aged,like me,but executives of big companies like Sunday Times can’t see the writing on the wall.At least I will be able to,so role out Skitch for Android and I will review it for Android Thoughts.

  • Staack

    I must be a moron. I don’t know what Skitch is….and after reading this page I still don’t.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      We’ll be posting more information about ways to make the most of Skitch and ways that other people use it. Stay tuned!

  • carmel

    I have sn Android phone but your link leads to the Apple iStore. Is this avilable for Android yet?

  • Jannifer

    Will there be a Google Chrome extension for Skitch that won’t require a software download?

  • Doris Woodruff

    Fantastic merge of two of my most useful programs! I have been an evernote pro user for several years now and it just keeps getting better! Cant live without skitch the more i use it the more I get out of it..I am an artist by trade and it is extremely useful and goes hand in hand with E I have been skitching into evernote forever but would hope that now an less circuitous route to share directly or email directly what you skitch will happen? Havent got Lion yet..and am on 3.0.0 version so not sure if that improvement has already happened I Lion version of SKitch and Evernote? thanks for a BIG help to my day!

  • Johan van Staden

    Is Skitch now available for android?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes. It’s in the Android market.

  • Giulio

    Next step: buy CamScan, or something similar

  • Leandro

    I would love to “Share” directly to Evernote, without dragging.. Just like skitch website.

  • Speedbird

    When are we seeing Skitch for the iPad, I am sure everyone would be happy to pay for this wonderful app on an iPad.

  • Jomskylark

    Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t know this until now… congrats guys!

  • john

    I like skitch’s UI over LittleSnapper and free is hard to beat, but I wish it had more annotating tools – blur, highlight box, numerical call outs.

  • Rahul Bansal

    What about people who already paid?
    They must get atleast Evernote paid-version membership equivalent to amount of days left in their skitch membership.

    • Federico Pizzutto

      I think you are right. I also pay for the plus subscrition early this year.

  • ucchiee

    Please make Skitch for Windows.

  • mah

    Will you integrate skitch in evernote one day?

  • Gloria

    Why did you abandon your Tiger users? I have other apps that have newer versions that no longer support 10.4, but I’m still able to use them. Why should Skitch be any different? *Sigh* I didn’t realize how much I had come to depend on it & now it’s gone. Achieving the same tasks takes a lot longer now & is more tedious. Why did you abandon your 10.4 users Skitch? Some of us can’t afford the latest OS or computers. UGH.

  • Rob W.

    Well, it appears that I’m no longer a Skitch user since I’m stuck on 10.4.11 and all of a sudden the app says I need to Update, but that I’m also already *running* the latest version and it refuses to start up at all. What’s up with that?? I had an account & everything with images stored I can no longer keep maintained or add to I guess.

    Did Evernote promptly throw all of us “antiquated” Tiger users out the window after they purchased Skitch?

  • james Graham

    skitch not working on ipad HD??????

  • Rilla

    Please make Skitch available for Windows..please,please,please and pleeeeeeease

  • Rhonda aflakian

    Can’t get sketch on my ipad

  • Richard Schink

    The adjustments in line size and text size are less granular in new Skitch. I actually like the way the old Skitch worked better.

    Also, I could change the size of the image in pixels after capture. I don’t see how that works now.

  • R Atlas

    Evernote – brilliant. Changed my working life over the last year.
    Old Skitch – brilliant – such ease and function.
    …New skitch was a bad downgrading of an excellent application. In both design and function v 2 is vastly inferior. Thank you for allowing the download of v1 again – I’ve definitely gone forward by stepping back.
    What went wrong….it’s not like you at all?!!
    R Atlas