Evernote Trunk Conference: Acquisitions, Developer Competition Winners, Food Trucks and Twitter Trending

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 20 Aug 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 20 Aug 2011

Phew. Well, we survived our very first conference. We weren’t sure what we were getting into when we announced ETC (the Evernote Trunk Conference) and we were thrilled with the results. People came — and lots of them (over 400, in fact). Evernote users, fans, developers, and partners filled Terra SF, a beautiful 3-story space in San Francisco for our all-day event.

Big announcements and informative sessions

We kicked things off with the announcement of our Skitch acquisition (you can now get it in the App Store for free, and download it to your Android device). Clearly, people love Skitch as much as we do; it was a trending topic on Twitter shortly after the announcement.

The day was filled with presentations from notable individuals, like Tim Ferriss and Gordon Bell, exciting users, including Michael Hyatt and Carley Knobloch, and the finalists from our Developer Competition. We talked about Evernote architecture with our CTO, discussed ways to create a killer app, and the decisions that help companies reach the next level of growth.

The Developer Competition

The event also marked the launch of our first developer competition. Nearly 1,000 developers participated, and from their submissions three winners were chosen: the Grand Prize, Student Prize and Wildcard Prize ($50,000, $10,000, $10,000, respectively). Each of the six Grand Prize finalists presented their apps to the ETC crowd and a global audience via UStream. Viewers’ votes were combined with community and judge votes to select the Grand Prize winner. You can read about each of the amazing finalists here. Congrats to all of them!

$50,000 Grand Prize Winner: Touchanote
Developer: Wiseleap Solutions, Montreal, Canada

Touchanote is an Android app that lets you associate real life objects with your Evernote notes. Assign your Evernote notes to NFC tags — the contactless technology that has made the mobile wallet possible. Open the note by simply touching the tag with an NFC-enabled mobile phone. Remind yourself of your to-do list at your desk, put tags on all your devices and associate with notes containing serial numbers and manuals, or attach an NFC sticker to your luggage tag associated with a checklist note in Evernote.

$10,000 Wildcard Winner: Read-along Bookvids
Developer: Arlo Faria, Berkeley, California

Read-along bookvids is an app that lets you automatically turn a static book into an animated video in which pages turn in-sync with narration. Just take photos of pages inside a book and record yourself reading along. That’s all. Place all of the notes into a notebook and enjoy a whole new way to ‘read’ a book. Using Evernote’s image recognition, combined with Read-along’s speech recognition technology, Read-along Bookvids is able to detect when to turn the page. When your voice reaches the end of the page, the app automatically flips to the next page.

$10,000 Student Prize Winner: Desk in the Clouds
Developer: Bernhard Caspar, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany

Desk in the Clouds is a web and Mac app that lets you create a personalized, curated view of the notes you care about most. Drag notes from your Evernote account to a virtual desk, where you can change their position and order. It’s like creating a mood board of your Evernote content. Once notes are on your ‘desk,’ you can modify them and even create multiple desks by adding tags to notes (ie: ‘Business’ or ‘Cooking’). Any modifications you make will automatically be saved and restored when you visit the site. To start using Desk in the Clouds, simply log in with your Evernote account.

Time to Party!

We ended the night with a fun party and an exciting lineup of users who wowed the audience with their awesome presentations. Food was provided by some delicious food trucks and local vendors (including Delica, El Tonayense, RoliRoti, and Marge Bakery), and there were plenty of drinks to fuel the night. We think it’s fair to say we’re blown away by the experience.

Thanks again to all of our incredible speakers and attendees. And thank you to our community, for getting involved in many different ways throughout the event — you truly made it a special day…time to start planning ETC 2012!

Did you attend ETC? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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  • Michael Kizer

    Great conference. Will some/all of the developer entries be made available in the trunk? I’m interested in the Bookvids app in particular.

  • Michael Hyatt

    I loved the conference. I think it was the right blend of developer and user information. People seemed to be very excited. I am looking forward to next year.

    Thanks for inviting me!

  • David Burke

    I didn’t know what to expect; but even high expectations would have been exceeded. I had a great time. I felt comfortable with the crowd (wish there had been a bit more time to network).

    I even got some face time with the incredible Phil Libin — shook his hand and got one of his business cards (I have already washed the hand, but I’ll NEVER wash that business card).

    Though the gathering was ostensibly for developers, I suspect that there were quite a few plain old users like me in the crowd. I got lots of great ideas and am more of a fan than ever.

    Great job to all of the organizers. I hope to see you again next year.

    • Paul

      That’s cool. I’m also a plain old user, and I was thinking it would be really neat to attend.

  • Steve

    For the life of me I can’t figure out Skitch … Is there a GOOD explanation/ usage help online?

  • Adria Fores Herranz


    are you planning to upload the videos of the different sessions? It would be really interesting for the people that couldn’t attend 🙂

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes. Videos will be available soon.

  • Benoit Dicaire

    I was not able to attend, do you plan to publih presentations in a shared notebook ?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      We’ll be uploading the presentations, videos and pictures very soon!

  • Sophia

    Wonderful conference! We had such a great time and left buzzing with energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Can’t wait to watch Evernote continue to evolve; it’s exciting to imagine what’s in store.

    Our blog post on the event:

  • Jeff Myers

    I loved this conference so much! Thanks for putting it on. I really couldn’t believe the value–meals, books, and freebies were worth 3 or 4 times the cost of registration (not to mention the great speakers)! I’m a user and a church pastor. One of the things that stuck with me most was Phil’s talk about building the “hundred-year company”. I love that kind of vision! It really inspired me to lead our church’s leadership into thinking toward the hundred-year church. Thanks, Phil and the rest of the Evernote team!

  • Ade

    ref Skitch: The thought of being able to do a hand written note on iPad in my favourite note taking app gets me excited… Bring it on guys and the moment I’m having to email from notify, then drag it into Evernote as a PDF … and I know that there are other note taking apps that link to Evenote, but I just don’t like their look or feel…

    PS love the new iPad app as the one tying I found annoying was the notebook layout, loving the new icons and layout, keep up the good work

  • Dom

    AWESOME! After listening to the podcast, I was totally rooting for Touchanote.

  • Eric Philpott

    Skitch is a great app. It would be coolest of all, simply to integrate the capabilities into Evernote, if you ask me, partly because I like the Evernote UI better than the cartoony look of Skitch (and I’m not even going to say anything about the Skitch icon…)

  • Megan Gordon

    Marge Bakery so enjoyed providing all of the sweets for the conference — sounds like it was a fantastic event!

  • Jane

    Any chance of developing a Skitch IPAD app?

  • David

    How do we get a copy of Read-Along Bookvids? This sounds awesome!