The All New Evernote for Mac 3.0 – Designed for Lion

The All New Evernote for Mac 3.0 - Designed for Lion

Posted by on 22 Aug 2011

Posted by on 22 Aug 2011

Like many Apple fans, we were excited about the release of the latest Mac operating system, OS X Lion. Not only is it a major update with lots of new concepts and functionality, but it also represents an interesting move by Apple to bring its mobile and desktop operating systems closer together.

In many ways, Apple’s direction inspired today’s Evernote for Mac update.

Get Evernote for Mac Lion from the Mac App Store or from our site

The Lion-ification of Evernote

We’ve made a number of interesting changes designed specifically for the new operating system. If you’re on an older version of Mac OS, then you will get some under-the-hood improvements, but not any of the visual or functional updates mentioned below.

A Whole New Look

When you update, the first thing you’ll notice is that Evernote has a significantly redesigned interface. We’ve embraced the new look and feel of Lion, giving the app a much more polished appearance.

Full Screen Mode

Tap on the Full Screen button in the top right corner of the app and Evernote will take over your entire screen. This will launch our completely new Full Screen Mode. If you updated Evernote on your iPad today, this may look familiar. Just as Apple is unifying their Mac and iOS operating systems, we are making our applications more alike. The Full Screen Mode on Mac is nearly identical to the new All Notes View on iPad. Scroll vertically through your Snippets, just as you would on your tablet.

We’re always looking for ways to bring good ideas from one version of Evernote into another. Thanks to the Lion changes, we’re even able to reuse parts of our iOS codebase, so you’ll be seeing lots of concept-exchange between our apps in the future.

Simplify Your Display

Many of our users have told us they would like to de-clutter the Evernote display. Now you can. You can hide the left panel by clicking on the Hide Button. When used together with the Favorites Bar, discussed below, this gives you the best way to customize the layout to your liking.

Favorites Bar

The new Favorites Bar, located just beneath the Menu Bar, allows you to quickly jump to categories of notes or to specific notebooks and tags. When you hide the left panel, use the Favorites Bar options to sort through your notes.

We’ve added a few interesting options into the Favorites Bar. With one click, you can now find all your web clips, all notes that you created using a mobile device and all notes containing files. That last one in particular is a major timesaver.

In addition, you can drag individual notes, notebooks, tags, and Saved Searches directly onto the Favorites Bar for quick access to those items at any time.

The Future of Evernote for Mac

We’re very excited about what Lion has to offer. If you want to get all of the latest and greatest features that Evernote has to offer, we highly recommend updating to the latest Mac operating system. We have lots of new stuff planned. Stay tuned.

Get Evernote for Mac Lion from the Mac App Store or from our site


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  • Carl Spackler โ€”

    You’re link to the download points to an old version

    • diego โ€”

      +1 ๐Ÿ™

      • Seth โ€”

        3.0 is on the App Store.

      • dlu โ€”


      • tallulahb โ€”

        I can’t update to the Lion version: software update tells me I’m up-to-date; App Store says I have Evernote installed so I can’t click on anything to update to 3.0 (currently have 2.3); clicking your link doesn’t do anything either b/c it sees that I have it already. What’s the solution, please? Hopefully not a complete uninstall and reinstall…

      • tallulahb โ€”

        ignore the previous comment: i did uninstall and reinstall in the end.

  • Stacy โ€”

    My 2.2.3 version tells me it’s the newest one available.

    • Linda W. โ€”

      3.0 is in the App Store.

  • Paul Stewart โ€”

    No update? when i check for updates it says 2.2.3 is currently the newest version..

    • Linda W. โ€”

      3.0 is in the App Store

  • mhoutman โ€”

    Do I miss a word on a Safari 5.1 savvy Webclipper ?

  • Thomas Clifford โ€”

    Is this ver. 2.2.3?

  • Wallny โ€”

    love the favorite bar. but to be honest, the new look feels ugly.
    Lion-ification doesn’t always mean mono color. Personally I feel the old version with small green icon looks better: important buttons stand out clearly. The mono color interface feels bland, buttons are hardly identifiable.

    Designers please think about this carefully: does Lion’s mono-color always mean better look?

  • sr โ€”

    Love the update!

    I love the way it fits in with Lion. One small tweak… I really like the full screen layout, the way it represents notes in full screen is great. But I also use Evernote on a 27-inch iMac so full screen notes is not really practical. Can we have the same full screen layout option in window mode? The thumbnail view is similar but does not seem as elegant as the full screen version.

    Also maybe make Usage a little iOS like pop up instead of a separate window.

    Otherwise great update and look forward to future updates!

    • Jay โ€”


      Love the redesign, but would like the option to have the non-fullscreen options available in Fullscreen. I find it takes more scrolling and time to flick through notes in fullscreen mode now.

      Also, would like an option to remove text under icons on the menu bar to give a few more pixels of space to the main screen area.

  • Wallny โ€”

    and you obviously forgot one more thing: an extension for safari 5.1. The bookmark clipper is almost useless: it’s very unstable, and super slow. As a company with 90M funding, Lion and Safari 5.1 have been around for a month, you still can’t figure out a compatible extension?

    Come on I’ve been waiting for the extension for a whole month! Fix it pls!

  • Dave โ€”

    No update available for me either ๐Ÿ™

  • Yannis โ€”

    Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great! Just great! Evernote became my first choice for taking notes inside the uni classroom! Keep up the good work! superb!

  • policarpo โ€”

    Wow…you guys are on FIRE!!! Keep up the truly outstanding work! Be sure to take a break and get some fine coffee @ Red Rock just down the street! You guys deserve it! :^)

  • Spell โ€”

    I tend to agree with some of the comments made here. “lion-ification” does not mean it is a good idea from a user experience perspective. Lion has not made it easier to navigate, I find it has made it harder. Eliminating to the ability to use colour has made the entire nav structure blend into the background. Perhaps that is what Apple wants (for the content to shine) but when all the icons look similar I think colour is needed when done tastefully, especially with huge amounts of notebooks.

    Don’t follow what Apple does verbatim, they aren’t the best UI designers on Earth, they simply try to design for the average person. Please do not follow Apple down the rabbit hole, innovate your own UI, be unique!

  • gary โ€”

    It’s difficult to scan through notes in full-screen mode. If I have more than a couple sentences of text I have to click to open the note, close it, go to the next, repeat. It would be great if it was possible to have access to snippet view in full screen mode.

  • Linda W. โ€”

    Same here. It says 2.2.3 is the latest version available. Help, please. And I agree – we NEED our Safari web clipper working – please!

  • TimNW โ€”

    How long till the Safari 5.1 savvy Webclipper? This great app / service needs to get it’s greatness back.

  • Chris โ€”

    Looks and feels great!

  • Hugh โ€”

    I have to agree with the others. I’m really impressed with the new features in 3.0, but my productivity really “wants” your awesome Safari web clipper back! I look forward to seeing it soon.

  • Scott Priddy โ€”

    Even after upgrading to 3.0 I still have a weird scrolling issue on my MacBook Air Mid 2011. The text in the note pane just seems to smudge as you scroll down the window until notes become unreadable The only way to get text back is to select another note or hit CMD+A to select all. Very annoying.

    Anyone else experiencing this with Lion. Was fine with SL and my MacBook Pro.

    • Julia โ€”

      Yes! I opened a support ticket on 8/6 and posted on the forum, still haven’t received any human acknowledgement re: the issue and resolution in either place. I never had this problem prior to installing Lion.

      Others have reported the same issue in the forums, i.e. here and here

      Some people mentioned installing the then beta version of 3.0 fixed the problem, but it sounds like that didn’t work for you.

      *Evernote* Please fix this!

      • Ross Collins โ€”

        I have the same problem on a Mid-2011 MacBook Air – my support ticket was brushed off with a wait for the next version response, without acknowledging any cause of the problem. It sounds to me like it might have something to do with the graphics drivers for the new MacBook Air’s graphics chip as I have the same problem to a lesser extent when scrolling the new full screen mode. Though I would like to see some acknowledgement that Evernote developers can recreate the problem and are actively working on fixing it.

      • dlu โ€”

        Hi Scott & Julia,

        Sorry about this, we’ve been working on this issue since it first came up. This release fixes the issue for most people, but it looks like we didn’t completely get rid of it. We’ll redouble our efforts and are working to have another fix soon.

        Because of all the new releases we’ve had in the past 5 days, our support queue is longer than normal. We’re very sorry.

        In the meantime, you can try using the previous version here:

  • Emil โ€”

    As in the previous version, I get a LOT of graphical glitches when scrolling. Don’t really see why, completely wiped Evernote from my system and installed it again but still the same problem,..

    And I also think that the “Full screen layout” should be available in windowed mode. Evernote has never looked good on the mac, but full screen layout actually do (until you open a note).

  • Jeff โ€”

    Gave up on waiting for the “check for update” or website link to point to the new version and went to the app store.

    I’m not experiencing any scrolling problems on my 2 yr old MPB.

    But the Safari web clipper is still truly awful. No different from the old version. It is slow and doesn’t preserve formatting well. You did such a great job on the Chrome extension, why can’t you even come close on Safari? The old clipper wasn’t as good as Chrome, but it was far better then the web clipper.

    A bad web clipper isn’t the end of the world, but Evernote’s inability to make one is truly making me wonder about their technical competence. (I mean – how hard is it to put up the correct link on a website?) That will factor into my decision to renew my premium membership when it comes due in Jan.

    • dlu โ€”

      Hi Jeff,

      Sorry about the update link. The AppStore released ahead of our website and the link was a temporary snafu on my part.

  • Chris Ashton โ€”

    Two words: web-friggen-clipper!

  • larry nolan โ€”

    Got the update from the App Store and installed on my 10.6.8 but there’s no Safari web clipper!? Really need that feature back soon. Any promise that it is coming? When?

    • dlu โ€”

      Promise that it is coming

  • ice57 โ€”

    Really need a Safari clipper. Killing me.

    • Fantomas โ€”

      +100 !!

  • Julia โ€”

    I am resisting 3.0 as I am in the camp of “grey monochrome detracts from user experience”. I agree that tastefully used color really supports navigation and I prefer the 2.3 interface. Small grey icons do not make it easy for me to quickly take the action I’d like to take.

  • Amelia โ€”

    Beautiful! I initially had that funny graphical glitch that others are finding. So I quit, relaunched, and voila all is gorgeous in the full screen mode. I have notes going back several years— this is something I have dreamed about.. a big scannable display of notes and images. Many of my notes incorporate images, so this is especially useful for those like me with these kinds of archives. Thank you!

  • Damjan Mozetic โ€”

    I was hoping for a visual update to the Snow Leopard version as well… oh well.

  • David โ€”

    I updated to 3.0 lion and i doesnt look any different?

  • CSSA โ€”

    I am currently playing around with your 3.0 version and loving it already. Great functionalities man.

  • dasein โ€”

    When are you going to spend a bit of time fixing two issues that have existed since Day One of Evernote?

    + Basic text formatting problems that still plague Evernote.

    + The inability to export basic text items out of Evernote as basic .txt or .rtf files. You still lock up our data with either your proprietary file format or an often cumbersome xml gibberish. Evernote’s standard retort of cut-and-paste each item is condescending. It’s our data, not yours.

    Really want to like this product, but you can’t even get basic 1995 text-formatting expectations right, as many others have often noted.

  • Alain โ€”

    Beautiful – but please, allow List and Snipplet views in full screen (I want to stay in full screen).

  • dasein โ€”

    Regarding UI:

    I much prefer the Lion approach of simplicity and less colour for icons. To many apps impose a colour palette that is either distracting or just overly garish. I want to focus on content, not on the frame. If I can’t figure out when a monochrome icon is, especially with a label, then I need turn up the screen brightness, get glasses, or consume more omega-three oils.

    I don’t see how making the main-navigation icons green, for example, makes them easier to find or read. We know where they reside, and when one looks at the top bar, voilรก, there they are.

  • Neil โ€”

    Stop it, I can’t keep up! I spend more of my life updating Evernote apps than I do anything else.

  • Kevin Dando โ€”

    Does anyone from Evernote see or respond to these comments?

    • dlu โ€”


  • Tom โ€”

    Dumb question of the day … Mac App Store lists version 3.0.0 … site version 3.0.1 .. is there a difference other than location of the download?


    • dlu โ€”

      3.0.1 includes a bit more bug fixes.

  • Peter โ€”

    Downloaded version 3.0.1

    Does not run on my Leopard 10.5.8 machine.

    Website says it needs 10.5.8 or later, but inside the 3.0.1 package it states that it needs 10.6.6 at least.

    Which is correct and can this be fixed or the website updated please?

    • dlu โ€”

      Sorry about this, the previous version was the last one to support 10.5.8 it is at

  • Seif Sallam โ€”

    Great application but in fullscreen mode; why there are no gestures to switch between Notebooks

    • dlu โ€”

      Perhaps a diagonal swipe?

  • Cathy Clarke โ€”

    I’m disappointed that so many of these features are only available on Lion. Obviously full screen mode would be lion-only, but why couldn’t snow leopard users have features like the favorites bar and a hide button? I am working at a university and we are not allowed to upgrade to lion until the entire institute decides to do so. I love evernote, but if new features are off limits because I am unable to upgrade to a month-old OS, I’m losing some respect for the evernote team.

    • dlu โ€”

      We’re definitely going to be working on improvements for all users. For this release, we put in some bug fixes, but we were mainly focused on getting our Lion-related ducks in a row.

      Needless to say, we still have a lot of work to do for Lion, but Snow Leopard users will see improvements as well.

      • Cathy Clarke โ€”

        Thanks! I’ll be looking forward to some nice new features!

  • Stephen โ€”


  • Tim โ€”

    Two problems:

    1) In full-screen mode, I can’t view notes in regular screen “Snippet View.” I have to double-click a note, whereupon a window appears. Hate this. (And you have two forms of Snippet View – in the regular screen, the notes appear on the left with content on the right, but in full-screen mode, it’s just thumbnails that you doubleclick, even though the icon is the same, showing icons on left, content on right.)

    2) In full-screen, the window that appears when you double-click doesn’t seem to work properly. For one thing, the left-right arrows don’t take me to the next note. They just don’t work. I’ve restarted and tried it again. No go.

  • Pat โ€”

    The new Evernote for Mac 3.0 keeps crashing on me. Any suggestions?

    • dlu โ€”

      There could be a few reasons why you’re having issues. Try downloading the older version. If that doesn’t help, please contact support

  • Andre Teixeira โ€”

    Very nice, congratulations.
    Now, what is the target date for a Safari Extension/Clipper that saves PDFs like the previous version (for Safari 5.0)?

  • Henrik Bo โ€”

    Safari Web Clipper – ASAP Please……

  • Robert Winter โ€”

    I cant believe you did not include extension support for safari 5.1. That is the biggest feature folks want. Listen to the market. Come on get it right. TELL US WHEN.

    • dlu โ€”

      The Safari Exension is actually separate, which is why this release came out without it. We’ve run into some hiccups, but it is slated for release soon

      • Jeff โ€”

        As you can tell, the Safari extension is quite the hot button for many of us. I (and probably many of us) are pretty understanding when communication is good, but when it’s not, well, you can see the response.

        If Evernote had been a bit more up front about the fact that there are still some problems, rather then letting us discover it on our own, you probably would have had many few complaints about this. In addition open communication about the current target date (even an approximate range would be better then nothing) would keep the noise down and people happier.

  • Hans Danielsson โ€”

    What about Mail 5.0 plugin? Forwarding mail is ok but a plugin would be much better.

    Thanks for a great app.

  • William โ€”

    I like the way the window layout looks when it’s NOT in fullscreen modeโ€”i.e., the non-iOS-ish lookโ€”I really wish there was an option to keep that layout in fullscreen mode. Am I missing something?

    It looks like some others would like to see the iOS-style interface in non-fullscreen mode, too. Why don’t you just make the interface style an easily user-adjustable setting, instead of automatically changing depending on whether or not the app is in fullscreen?

    Green vs. monochrome icons seems controversial, tooโ€”that’s another feature that would be great as a user option.

  • nike free chaussure โ€”

    i like it very much thanks

  • uyduyw154 โ€”

    Haha! Yes! Very good! I recommend here!

  • Rjbouw โ€”

    I love the new features, but fullscreen mode makes my macbook air 2010 fan spin like crazy?!

  • Krit โ€”

    That was a fast update! My initial impressions are that all the bugs from the previous Beta 4 (like command-option-N not working) have been fixed and this is a great update.

    For those interested, I’ve talked about the Lion-ifi-cation of Evernote myself here

  • Linda W. โ€”

    My 3.0 version would not let me quit the program last night. Had to force quit. Today I can’t open the program at all (desktop/Mac). The dock icon doesn’t even bounce like it’s trying to open.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Linda, I recommend contacting our support team

  • James Abbott โ€”

    I have gotten so spoiled using the spacebar to preview items in Finder. It works great. If I was full-screen in Evernote and could use the spacebar to preview the currently selected item, then THAT would really be something. (hint hint)

    Besides that, I’m also getting lots of weird screen-drawing artifacts when in full-screen view as some others have mentioned. This feels too “beta” to me right now. I’ve never had that feeling using evernote before. (And I don’t feel that way on the iPad. Great job on that one.)

  • PlaysTheThing โ€”

    Can we please get a fully-functioning snippet view in full screen mode? What may work for the iPad just isn’t practically on a macbook.

    • BFlyVi โ€”

      AMEN! I’d love to keep this open full screen, but the view is unusable to me.

      • Sherbourne โ€”

        Would like to use Full Screen, but can’t stand this view.

      • NativesGroup โ€”

        Agreed! Snippet view would be much appreciated in full screen mode.

    • Ken Riise โ€”

      Totally agree. Seems barmy not to choose your own preferred view in full screen

      Oh – and can we have notifications in the iPhone app please. Would make shared folders really useful

      • Dave Gullett โ€”

        Agreed, the current full screen view is useless…made more aggravating because it keeps me running Evernote as a full screen app which would be convenient using Mission Control.

      • brad mcgilligan โ€”

        Definitely agree with this one. Full screen is more of a pain at this point especially when I drag and drop a lot of items in Evernote.

  • bmab โ€”

    I’m a SL user – downloaded the 3.0 now expecting to get some new but no! same ol’ evernote! I don’t wanna change to lion! why is everybody tryin to force lion on me!

    • coventry โ€”

      i can say that after a month, it’s been worth the $30 for me. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Evernote on the ipad and Macbook Pro. Great product for financial planning research and documents.

  • Will Jessop โ€”

    Pleeeeese can you add the colour back into the UI? Pretty please? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Walter Moreira โ€”

    I’m missing the advanced way of searching that there was in the previous version. Now, the only way is to write explicityl the operators tag:, any:, etc., in the search box. Is that a deprecated feature?

    There isn’t also a way to see what a “saved search” matches, for example which tags matches and which ones doesn’t (or to edit it a saved search). I’m worried…

    • Dan Nielsen โ€”


      This is a major issue for us using evernote as our GTD system.
      Get to fixin this soon!

  • jbignert โ€”

    Safari Extension Beta is available here:

  • Raz โ€”

    Hi guys, the notes are just way too buggy… can’t even scroll down on them!!
    Are you working on fixing it now? (this is for the mac version)
    Good job on the iPad and iPhone btw!

  • MJ โ€”

    I love this! But I’d love it more if I were able to use more than one option on the favorites bar to filter notes – namely both a notebook and a tag – the same way I currently can with the left panel.

  • Elzie โ€”

    I very much like this new lion so far it’s awsome. I like how convenit it is and how ease of use it is thanks ElzieJackson

  • Vaibhav โ€”

    Can you also please add table editing to notes for Mac in your upcoming release?

  • Tracey โ€”

    The share feature is fantastic, but I wish that there was a shortcut for the “email note” feature. I use it all the time when I’m taking notes or wanting to send them to others.

  • John โ€”

    I love the update for the iPhone, and really like the update to the iPad (the speed is outstanding), but I am really confused with the update for the Mac (and Lion). The interface as become less productive and I am now fighting against it to get things done where before, it just worked. With Lion, I was hopeful that the full screen interface would give more real estate and make note viewing, reading, editing more of a priority. But “no”, instead I get an interface that has a fixed sized thumbnail view of my notes, and when I open a note, I am limited to a view of the note that only leverages two thirds of the the screen. Wow? The iPad allows for resizing of the thumb nails, which would be a nice improvement, but that alone would not be enough for me to use full screen mode. It would be a much better design if you just allowed the standard screen mode functionality in full screen mode. Why not? And why limit the thumb nail full screen mode to just full screen?

    The other feature that I find myself missing immediately is the “x” marker to remove a tag (or other) search item. The new method of searching on tags is quick to get into the search, but very un-natural and awkward to get out of or modify.

    I love Evernote, but this most disappointing update to date. I am looking forward to the next release, soon.


    • Mike Korner โ€”


      • Nick P โ€”


      • Andrew โ€”

        +1 – I find it very strange full screen mode doesn’t let you view notes without having to open them

      • Joe Hardy โ€”


  • Andreas โ€”

    The new fullscreen mode for Lion is buggy. It is not possible to change the view like in other views. The default view for fullscreen mode is very basic and not useable from a practical point of view.

    Please fix these bugs asap.

  • anna a โ€”

    Where can I download the older version for Mac? Thank you.

  • Nik โ€”

    Lion is required to get features such as a favorites bar? That’s kind of disappointing, I jumped for joy a little when I first read about that feature.

    I’m curious if Snow Leopard/Leopard users will get no further visual enhancements/features in future updates? Due to the bajillion local dev environments + modifications I have configured on this machine, I don’t think I’ll be updating anytime in the near future.

    anyway, evernote still rules. first world problems, etc.

  • Alex โ€”

    I love full-screen view but all my notes are text files, and the thumbnail view just doesn’t make sense for that. Any way to preserve my view preference in full-screen would be ace.

  • Thomas Dobner โ€”

    Looks very well. Good designed!

  • Tom โ€”

    I would really like to be able to download the version of Evernote that is compatible with Mac OS 10.5.8
    I do not have 10.6x or 7 on my macbook

    Please let me know where I can find this.


  • Lionel โ€”

    @Tom — you can get back versions on filhippo

  • Kaishin โ€”

    I agree with the comments above stating that the fullscreen view is very limited in terms of functionality and is irritatingly buggy. What bugs me the most are the visual bugs associated with the scroll bounce.

    • Leo โ€”

      The scroll bounce that messes up the Notes list is the most irritating bug ever! The update to 3.0.1 did not fix it. Please fix it soon!

  • Franรงois Paris, France โ€”

    It’s not possible yet to rotate the picture left or right in order to better read them. When are you going to give that possibility ?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      To rotate an image, I suggest right clicking on it and opening the image in Preview. Rotating there and then saving. The orientation will update in Evernote.

  • Julia โ€”

    Unfortunately 3.0.2 didn’t fix the graphics bug in snippet view, it’s still there. It started with 2.2.1 which I had to install when I upgraded to Lion.

  • Ying โ€”

    I don’t get how great the favoriate bar is. what it can do that saved search can’t ?

    Please put the old “search explanation bar” back, that’s my favoriate !

  • crack โ€”

    is there any quick and easy way to include link to file/folder? so far by dragging it brings file/folder as zip inside note. or did i missed some trick or something? im about to write applescript for finder.

    anyway evernote rocks the house. it wasnt so cool 2 years ago after switching from pc onenote to mac, but now it is amazing.

  • Rania โ€”

    Please help.
    I want to install Evernote on my Mac – but I have the MAC OS 10.5.8 and it does not support Evernote

    Is there a version of Evernote that I could download?


    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey โ€”

      Rania, if you’re using version 10.5.8, you’ll need to upgrade to at least Snow Leopard.

  • Jason โ€”

    Does anyone know if .ENEX files from older releases are compatible with those created by version 3? Are version 2 ENEX the same as version 3 ENEX?


  • jane โ€”

    would like a reliable link to evernote for mac 10.5.8. Lionel (above) directed a previous inquirer to philhippo but this is only for windows evernote – anybody??? desperately seeking for a mac user that can not move to Lion due to laptop not being able to run it. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ty โ€”

    Like the new version too. One think I would really like to see, is a Tag column in the notes section, like the windows version has. Also can we get a way to export mail items from Mac Mail to Evernote.


  • Tommy Denton โ€”

    Please allow us to have all the views we have in “windowed” mode when in full screen mode?

    I don’t know what world people use the thumbnails exclusive but not my world.

    Please trust me to format and consume data the best way for me, not decided upon by you.

  • Cheung TM โ€”

    The snippet display for evernote articles not in English sometimes works and sometimes only shows black squares on my Windows 8. It works perfectly fine on my other compluters using windows 7. How to reset it.