The Big Evernote for iOS Update


The Big Evernote for iOS Update

Posted by on 22 Aug 2011

Posted by on 22 Aug 2011

There are updates and then there are UPDATES. Our users are not shy about letting us know what they want, so we get incredibly excited to release an update that we know will make a lot of people very happy. I have four words: iOS rich text support. I have two more words: shared notebooks. But that’s not all. We’ve also added passcode lock, a redesigned new note screen, a completely new iPad interface, and much more. Let’s take a look.

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This one was a doozy to implement, which makes it all the more exciting to announce. You can now add styled text (bold, italic, underline), highlight existing text, add URLs, create header text, and make lists. On iPhone, we had to completely rethink the New Note screen in order to accommodate the styled text features.

In order to create styled text on iPhone, tap on the new “A” button along the top of the note. You can either apply styles to new text, or to existing text by highlighting it. Certain options, such as lists and header styles, apply to the entire line that you’re editing.

On iPad, the rich text buttons are located along the top of the note.

Editing existing rich text

This update dramatically increases the creation and editing capabilities of Evernote for iOS. You will be able to edit any note that contains rich text that was created on the device. You will also be able to edit any note that contains styles available on iOS. There are some limitations to be aware of. You won’t be able to make direct changes to notes that contains more complex styles than what can be made in Evernote for iOS. These may include web clips, other typefaces or tables.

If you try to edit a complex note, you’ll be presented with new options: Append or Simplify. Append will add your additions to the end of the note. If you choose Simplify, Evernote will simplify the styles in the note to ones that are editable, which means that some complex styles may disappear. If you want to get back to the original, you can fish it out of the trash.

What about checkboxes?

This feature isn’t perfect yet, but we’re working on it. For now, to create checkboxes you must use the desktop version. As always, you can check off boxes in iOS.

Access Shared Notebooks

You can now view any notebook that other Evernote users have shared with you from both iPhone and iPad. Here’s how to access Shared Notebooks:

  • iPhone and iPod: Tap on Notebooks in the menu bar, then tap on Shared Notebooks. Next, select the notebook you wish to view.
  • iPad: Tap on the Shared tab in the top bar of the application. This will display the list of notebooks that have been shared with you.

When you tap to open a Shared Notebook, Evernote will begin to download snippets for the notes. Just as with your own notes, any note that you view in a Shared Notebook will be stored locally on your device.

You cannot create or edit notes in a Shared Notebooks, yet. We’re working on it.

New Premium feature: Lock Evernote with a Passcode

Premium Evernote users can now lock the app with a passcode for an added layer of security. This is great for keeping sensitive information hidden from prying eyes, or just making sure that your kids don’t accidentally delete some notes after they finish playing Angry Birds. This feature is available on both iPhone and iPad. To activate the passcode, go to Evernote settings, choose Passcode Lock, then set your code. The passcode request will popup whenever you open Evernote.

Search within notes

You’ve always been able to search across your entire account. Now we’ve added the ability to search within a particular note. To do this, open a note and tap on the magnifying glass. This will open a search box. The search you perform will be within the specific note you’re viewing.

Slideshow View

On both iPhone and iPad, we’ve added a new image viewing mode called Slideshow View. Slideshow View is perfect for viewing only the images attached to a given note. Simply load the note you wish to view and tap on an image. This will load the image in full-screen view. Next, swipe right or left to view other images inside of that note.

The Slideshow View has two additional useful features. When viewing an image, tap on the share icon in the lower left corner. You’ll see two options: Save and Copy. Tapping the Save button places the photo into the device’s camera roll. Tapping the Copy button places the image into your clipboard, allowing you to paste it into other notes and apps.

iPad Redesign

In addition to the great new features described above, the iPad also got a major layout update.

All Notes View

There are a number of updates to the All Notes view. Notes are now displayed as easy-to-read Snippets, giving you significantly more information about the content of a note than before. If you want even more details, pinch and zoom into the note list to increase the size of the Snippets. Reorganize the way notes are presented by tapping on the View Options button in the bottom bar.

The new interface also makes it really easy to share and delete multiple notes. To do this, tap on the Edit button in the top left corner. Next, select the notes. Finally, tap the share or delete buttons in the upper right corner of the screen. An alternative to tapping the edit button is to simply tap and hold one of the notes you want to select.


The note list now displays notes as Snippets, which provide more information about the notes and give you a larger thumbnail. It’s a great way to quickly scan through your notes to find exactly what you need.

More to come

That’s a heck of an update. There are also lots of behind-the-scenes improvements to speed and stability. More great updates are on the way.

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  • Trinity

    *worships* I love you, Evernote. You are amazing and I am SO SORRY for whining.

  • Mark


    • shelley

      Actually you weren’t – and why bother anyway, if you have nothing to say?

  • Jillian

    Thank you for listening 🙂
    Updating now! Can’t wait to try out these features! Rich text editing….drool.


  • Chris Gonzales

    Thank you so much for the rich text support. This will make app creation on my phone a lot easier, and that passcode lock seems neat too. As always, great update guys!

  • Carl Spackler

    So good, but still no TextExpander compatibility

  • Caroline

    Woohoo!! Big present for my Monday! Thanks, Evernote. What an awesome update!

  • Tim

    You are the Bee’s knee’s… Thanks for rich text support. It’s a BIG improvement to an almost perfect app…

  • kannprice

    Um, the update shows in the app store on my iphone, but it won’t download the update. Suggestions?

    • Tim

      iTunes on your desktop.

  • camotzko


  • Cameron

    Didn’t Apple announce rich text editing wouldn’t be available until iOS 5, but you guys found a way to do it anyway? Wow.

  • Esiminar

    A much appreciated update. Liking the subtle changes to the look.

    On my iPad I have to press below the rich text buttons to toggle them rather than on them.

  • adam

    Love it. This was the last nit I had to pick with the ios version, and you settled it. Much appreciated!

  • Richard

    Password lock is great!

  • Daniel

    First, I do want to say thanks and recognize the work that went into bringing some rich text support to Evernote for iOS. However, I really hope you can reassure me (and most likely other users) that more robust rich text options are coming (and hopefully soon). The “Simplify” option sounds like a new incarnation of the old “convert to plain text” option, i.e. not an option at all.

    I personally think that any feature in Evernote which REQUIRES you to throw away a large part of the content of a note in order to edit it, is completely out of step with the purpose and appeal of Evernote.

    Minimally, I would expect Evernote for iOS to have parity with the Android Rich Text Editing which is described on your blog as follows: “Editing rich text – Evernote for Android allows you to edit notes that contain rich text. If a note was created on the Android device, then the editing experience will usually be just like the note creation experience. You can also edit notes containing complex styling, such as web clips, by tapping into each element that you wish to change.”

    Rich text notes have already been extensively discussed on the forums, so I know all the company line about how “complex” and “locked down” iOS is and why it’s so difficult to make this feature work at all. Yet, there are apps from less funded companies (Quickoffice, Documents to Go) that do tables, extensive rich text and editing of freaking Word documents and Excel spreadsheets on iPhone. And they’ve done it for years. You had one of the first apps in the App Store and are just now releasing a half-baked, works-in-some-cases solution for editing text in stored notes. And you still haven’t figured out how to add checkboxes in the iPhone app? Please, that’s ridiculous.

    I don’t buy the “complex”, “locked down” story anymore. Look what small teams have accomplished with no funding. E.g. I won’t even go into how unbelievably full featured Pages, Numbers and Keynote are on iOS. And you hiring “one iOS developer just to work on implementing rich text support” isn’t an impressive show of commitment to the platform, it’s bringing a bow and arrow to a machine gun fight.

    You guys have raised over $90 million total in funding. You are super popular (for good reason) and have a lot of users and also a lot of paying premium users (like me, by the way). When can we skip the lame excuses and lack of sufficient effort and resources being devoted to the iOS app, and get a decent way to edit ANYTHING with text from my iPhone without completely dumping most of its content?

    • TOny

      if I could, I would both “Like” this comment and “+1” it

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Daniel, this is a process. Today, marks a huge step forward, but we still have a ways to go.

    • Sindre

      +1. Finally something. But I have to admit it has taken way too long time. Fix the slowness, crashes, and the rich text editing, then I’m all in.

    • Martin

      Seconded. Great product overall with mind-numbingly annoying iOS shortcomings. For me personally, checkboxes was what I was hoping for the most in this update. Too bad.

  • Frederick Heald

    I can’t seem to download it at the moment.

    I REALLY hope you’ve fixed the note editing with external keyboard on the iPhone, gotten rid of the huge buttons and given me back the missing note real estate.

    • Frederick Heald

      Yep, it’s fixed. Thanks!

  • Mehedii

    I love Evernote:):):) Thanks for outstanding updates:)

  • Christiaan

    I love you guys. This is an AWESOME update. Thanks so much!!!

  • Sandi

    Although I eventually managed to download this update it did not show any changes to the apps on either my iPad or iPhone. I then deleted the apps from all my devices and iTunes, and redownloaded it individually onto each device.

    After all this, my iPhone is showing the new features but rich text editing is still not enabled on my iPad (am I supposed to turn the feature on somewhere?).

    I hope that you have some idea or tips to help.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Sandi, try updating again in a bit. It takes time for updates to spread through iTunes.

      • Sandi

        Updated the app yet again, deleted all my data from iPad and reinstalled the app, again x 3. Still no rich text editing available.

        I have contacted support but, as I’m not currently a premium user (I join on a monthly basis when I need the additional features) I’m still awaiting a response. This is not a deal breaker for me, but it does leave me less inclined to upgrade or continue to regard Evernote as a must-have.

  • Edi

    Great one guys! Nice move, thanks!

  • stuball

    Rich text editing is a nice addition, but was hoping for a stacked notebook list view (note title)–like PC/MAC/Website versions.

  • Chad Garrett


  • Thomas Getchius

    Thank you for the rich text editing. Glad that I don’t have to “copy” a note when working on my iPad.

  • Hans

    Nice update but really need that full checkbox handling to get my GTD implementation really working on iPad. Any ETA on that?

  • Steve

    Anyone else getting a lot of Forced Closes?

    Tested it all, and love it, but quite a few FC’s which hopefully will get sorted out!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks, Steve. We’ll look into that. You might want to try uninstalling/re-installing. That tends to clear things up.

      • Steve

        Thanks Andrew – that seems to have sorted it out. Let the fun begin!

  • David Parsons

    Thank you! This was the best update so far!

  • Les

    You guys just keep on rolling out the improvements!

  • Tyler

    Great update. Still really disappointed you guys were not able to integrate checkboxes. For my uses the prime value of rich text is text boxes, so I hope that is implemented in the next update.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      It’s coming.

  • William

    I just started playing around with it and I LOVE it.

    But these very useful header and highlight options – where are they on the desktop again? Am I missing it or is this actually more feature rich than the desktop is?

  • greenellephant

    thank u evernote! i heart thee!!

  • TOny

    will we ever be able to use Stacks on the ipad? Stacks in and of themselves are a passive agressive response to the outcry for tree based organization, but we all swallowed our rage and bobbed along nicely… so now that we’ve drank the kool-aid and are quietly plodding along with quarter of a solution, will we ever be able to use these precious Stacks on the ipad? and how about a list view that replicates the mac or win version? Does everything have to be a giant thumbnail?

    (by the way, I love you and use Evernote every day – but sheesh, come on now)

  • Justin McClung

    This is the best feature you could have provided, thank you.

  • Bobby B.

    I second wanting a list view on maybe the left side of the screen with all my notebooks and tags matching what the desktop app has. The iPad interface i think can handle more of a desktop level approach.

    I’m a big GTD’er and use Evernote as my “ubiquitous inbox”. The iPad app is cumbersome if I want to “process” what is in my inbox. putting notes into different notebook tagging takes some work where the desktop I can drag over to the right box.

    What I don’t second are the whiners and complainers. I am a happy paid users with our without these updates and recommend it to friends regardless. Great job guys!

  • dave

    this is great new, should be less whining from the mac crowd, for now 😉

  • Gordon Robb

    Great update. Only waiting on two things on the ipad now really. Creating checkboxes and PDFs showing withou having to open them (like on the desktop version)

  • Connie

    Great! Just what I needed – Are eagerly awaiting next update ;o)

  • policarpo

    You guys truly rock! Thanks for a wonderful update!

  • Ross Collins

    I’ve found a bug already. My notes that show only a single font typeface on the Desktop version (the default Arial font – Mac OS X), show up with multiple different typefaces varying throughout even the same sentence! Mostly they seem to have been converted to a serif typeface, but in places (randomly within the same sentence) they remain in the sans typeface as shown on the Desktop note. These are notes dating back two years – any idea what is going on?

    I’ve looked at these notes on website and they also appear all in sans typeface, however, the font type does seem to vary from default to Arial on the website version (unlike the desktop app, which is all default, Arial). I guess the iPhone version has changed from a sans default to serif default and that my old notes contain a variety of different fonts due to being edited with various versions of the desktop app over the past two years, resulting in some text being truly default font and other text being the default font explicitly stated. How confusing!

    Any way to change the iPhone default font to a sans typeface?

    • Ross Collins

      Also, a note that I have divided into a table of two columns used to fit neatly onto my iPhone screen – it’s now longer than the screen and needs to be scrolled. So it looks like the default [sans typeface] font being displayed is larger than before. I’d rather not change my default font size on the desktop version to a smaller size just make this table fit on my iPhone again. It would be nice to be able to change the default font typeface and size on the iPhone.

      • Ross Collins

        Woah, and now when I edit non-Rich Text notes on my iPhone their font changes to Helvetica from the default, making them effectively no-longer plain text notes! This is crazy, we wait so long for this update and even basic things like this aren’t working… I’ll submit a ticket when I get a chance…

  • Dinesh Manne

    I am surprised that something as basic as a Passcode lock is a premium feature. I would have understood if Rich text Editing was a premium feature but not Passcode. Passcode lock is for the overall security of the data, it should not be looked at as an optional feature.

  • stamos

    Having worked with the new version for less than an hour,it looks like a nice upgrade -especially the search-within-note feature and the rich text editing- but I am having a major issue: when copying text from other ipad apps eg safari, goodreader to a new note, the paragraph formatting of the source is completely lost and text in the note appears continuous, so the whole note is ruined. This didn’t happen with the older version. Am I missing something here or is this a permanent change? I hope not, because it is a potential dealbreaker in an otherwise much needed upgrade.

  • Martin

    Passcode lock only for Premium users? Seriously, this is the biggest disappointment in Evernote history. I wanted passcode lock since first Evernote release, becouse it is simply “must have” feature. Sorry guys, I am leaving Evernote now.

  • mike

    thanks for the update. I can now view my notes again in ios 5 beta. Look forward to bring able to add check boxes in the iPhone and iPad apps soon. Keep it up guys, I really like using Evernote

  • TheDude

    About F***in’ time!! 🙂
    Thanks guys!!
    Thanks for listening customers and fans!!!

  • Alexander

    It doesn’t crash every minute any more! Thanks for update.

  • ChrisW

    Not having stacks is starting to move from tolerable to outright annoying. Can somebody at Evernote give us a progress update?

  • Geert D

    Can’t make it work properly between iPhone and Mac… When I make a note on iPhone (rich text) it looks very good, but when I add something on the Mac, the space between text doesn’t match anymore, font size changes,…

    Won’t use it for the moment… 🙁

  • Jason Dunn

    I’m really excited by this update, mostly for the new layer of security. I can only hope that same feature comes to other platforms; I’m putting an increasing amount of data in my Evernote account and sometimes feel nervous because there’s no login security on the Evernote client itself. Please make this feature a priority on other platforms ASAP!

  • Jon

    Awesome updates.

    Love to see bigger default font on iPhone.

  • Bryan


  • Sarah

    Yaaaaaaaaaay! Thank you thank you!

  • Brian

    Thanks for the update, it’s been a long time coming! One question though, on a bullet list, how do I move a bullet in or out one indention level? Thats a pretty key action when taking notes and creating an outline.

  • Kurt

    I waited for the passcode feature for so long … now it’s out … BUT for premium users … bummer

    If security is really your top priority, make all security features free. Leave the rest like offline note viewing as a paid feature.


    • Kurt

      Let me whine a bit more …

      Why not lower the storage size for free users, and make passcode feature free?

      It’s like a hotel letting you stay in a room for free, but hey, you don’t get to lock your windows (passcode), only your door.

      • Dexter

        Actually, I’d rather you didn’t whine a bit more. Name one other world-class productivity tool–which Evernote is–with a free version that’s even half as featureful.

        And it isn’t like this try-ware is free for them. Those disk farms that are holding your data cost them real money.

        I don’t use Evernote enough to need a premium account, but given the quality of this latest release, I’m going to get one just to support them.

      • Valerie

        I agree with Dexter that complaining about a lack of features in the free version is a little tacky.

        I also don’t have a transfer volume that would require me to buy Premium but I did it anyway because I want to support a company that makes such a great product and is so responsive to its users. Evernote is not a side project done by some guy in his garage for fun, it is a professional tool made by professional developers and the fact that they allow *anyone* to use it for free for an unlimited period is pretty amazing.

        To the Evernote team: thank you for this update. I use Evernote almost exclusively on the iPad for taking notes during lectures and the rich-text capability has made my life so much easier in just the short period of time it’s been available.

  • Jefferson

    I really like the new layout and the rich-text editing. Thanks for such a great release and the introduction of so many impactful new features.

    Quick question: when doing bulleted lists in Evernote for iPad, is there a way to indent to create sub-bullets?

    • John Sloat

      +1, came here to say this. Indent would be _awesome_! As would checkboxes.

      That said, kudos on the awesome release guys, everything feels much cleaner on the iPad. So many little usability touches like the new “Simplify” action for dumbing down notes show that you guys really care about the user experience. Keep up the good work.

  • sean

    Wonderful progress, thanks!

  • BrianP

    I must be missing something, I hope. Can you still sort notes alphabetically? Please tell me such a basic feature wasn’t taken out.

    • Kevin

      Its there, under View Options (on the iPad i’m looking at)

  • Tim

    I haven’t tried out the update yet but I will get on it very soon!

    It sounds like a fantastic new set of additions, it’s great that Evernote has listened so intently to their users, and I think all the folks bitching about it need to get a grip.

    My highest hopes are for checkboxes, stacks, and the ability to create notebooks on iOS to come soon, but thank goodness for this update in the meantime.

    Keep up the good work Evernote! You’re da bomb.

  • Alan

    Really like the update but I continue to be disappointed by the feeble note management capabilities of the IOS apps. No support for stacks and have to go back to the mac to move notes among notebooks. I’m “this close” to being able to abandon Instapaper as my general clipping tool, but for the fact that I can organize folders in Instapaper to my hearts content on my iPad.

  • Tim

    Nested notebooks, nope. True rich text editing, nope. Still the same crumby thumbnail view with no list options, yup. A bunch of congratulatory back patting and worshipful fawning from fanboys with low standards, yup. Come on Evernote! The fact that you’re billing this as a major update is incredibly disheartening! I’ve stood by and watched companies with far less resources implement the same features on the same platform that you complain are so difficult to build. I was a paying customer once and I would like to come back because I still believe that you could have the total package but frankly, throwing my notes into a big pile and managing my notebooks with thumbnails and a search box just doesn’t cut it when I want some semblance of structure. I’m starting to think that my philosophy on notes is such a radical departure from yours and your fan base that I’m ready to give up waiting and simply relegate your app to my receipts and web clippings bin while looking somewhere else entirely for structure (organized notebooks, single line titles, bullet lists that work on all my platforms, or even – wholly crap I can’t even imagine it – outlining). So just rip the bandaid off and tell me now if all you ever plan to be is a document dump app and I’ll go away. Please, put me out of my misery because I keep hoping for that one note app that actually can do it all but instead all I get is more ways to search. Maybe I’m a dinosaur and that’s just not how the kids do it these days; fine, I can live with that but I need to know whether you’re thinking about people like me or if there’s been a conscious choice to not go that direction.

    • TOny


    • Tim


    • Nick Marcus

      me, too.

  • frens

    nice post

  • Anke

    YES!!! Shared notebooks and rich text. I love you guys!! 🙂

  • Netzartiger

    Loving your App but i have one Wish…

    Please activate the access-code in free app. i dont need the bigger Premiumaccount. But privacy is important!


  • Ben

    The new release now makes it possible to highlight text in iOS with the “!” font button, but as far as I can tell that option is still unavailable on the latest desktop version on the Mac. Highlighting would make Evernote far more useful as an active information management application (rather than just an archive), so I’m hopeful that your desktop version will soon catch up with the feature-set of the iOS product.

  • Jean

    Great update!

  • Evernut

    Tiny font reduced to microscopic. Sorry but that is just plain stupid.

    • animealam

      I totally agree!

      Not everyone has 20/20 vision. I really have some trouble using Evernote when I use the external keyboard on the iPad. The font size is too small.

      I was so happy that they finally added some formating options (I barely used Evernote because it was missing this), but what use is it if I can’t SEE what I’m writing?

      And PLEASE let us use the stack feature on the iPad as well.

  • Ausbowtie

    You wonderful, wonderfully smart people!
    Shared notebooks at last – now my wife and I can easily share info – present lists, shopping lists — life admin stuff! The implementation of rich text is really smooth & intuitive. You guys are simply the best! Evernote: surely you can aim for a 200 year lifespan now? 🙂

    With heartfelt thanks, Ausbowtie,
    Melbourne, Australia.

  • Will

    As it relates to shared notebooks on the iPhone, it looks like search only works for the owner of the notebook and not for those with whom the notebook is shared. Can this possibly be true?! If it is, then the mobile shared notebook feature is hamstrung right out of the gate.

    • Scott Joing

      agree – would like a search to include shared notebooks. seems like an oversight.

  • Dan

    I use Evernote on a Windows PC and an Android phone to essentially manage my life. I would LOVE to use Evernote on my iPad, but the gap between it and the others is still too big. I don’t understand why iOS is so far behind. Please continue to close the gap. Thanks.

  • Lonnie

    Created a note in the desktop app – defaults to Tahoma 10pt font. Edit that note in iPad and resync – now its Helvetica, Arial, sans 12 pt. What’s up with that? I didn’t ask for it to change my font size.

    I’ve reproduced this issue with one of my colleagues. Why tease us with rich text editing and then screw up the font when it syncs back to the desktop? Is there a way to turn this off until its stable?

  • Rob

    Thank you for all the work, and ESPECIALLY for adding RTF support. That’s a biggie.

    Unfortunately, (as far as I can tell) you’ve made Snippet View the only way I can view my lonnng list of notes within each notebook on my iPad. I don’t need to be able to see the contents of a note until I select which note I want to view/edit. It’s redundant, and makes my list of notes much more difficult to scan through.

    Please make “List View” an option when I’m viewing the contents of a notebook on the iPad…the way it used to be.

    I love Evernote, and use it a lot!

  • Rob

    Great work peeps, well appreciated! For me, the number 1 request remains checkbox support and filtering on that on ios. Then i can finally manage todo items i gather during my meetings. Keep it up! Thnx!

  • asberzin

    When I updated the program on my IPad 2, all the color disappeared. How do I get it back?

  • Vincent

    I am shocked and dismayed after I applied the update. I absolutely hate this new visual style on the iPad!!! I find it unbearably ugly and I don’t even feel like using Evernote any more. I almost signed up for premium and thank god I didn’t before seeing this update. Please, please, please allow users to choose to revert to the previous visual layout. It was clean and I could identify content by the thumbnail I chose for a note. Now I find everything just a mess.

    • Justin

      I agree – the ability to scan notes quickly by the thumbnail was a great part of the UI & now it is just a huge visual mess – at least give Users the option.

  • Daniel

    Bummer. Upgrade isn’t working for me. Can’t access .PDFs or Word docs.

    Very frustrating.

  • Neil

    Finally, RTF! Does what I need, thanks!

  • Karl M.

    All my complaining about not having a functioning clipper in Safari I have to give the Evernote crew a big THANK YOU for this iOS (specifically the iPad) update. It is MUCH better on the usability front and is more of it’s own application rather than what seemed to be a supplement to the desktop application that is was in its previous incarnation.

    I’ve also noticed the iPhone implementation is more stable so far.


  • Vanessa

    Great update, thanks!
    A few things I noticed while using the new features:
    1. The shortcut keys (command+B) don’t work on my iPad 2
    2. Notes created on the iPad have a different font now than on the desktop (Helvitica vs Tahoma)

    Keep the improvements coming 🙂

  • Bill

    Has anybody else noticed that sometimes editing or scrolling slows down *a lot* ?
    I have not yet pinned down what it is due to, but maybe related to syncing, or the absence thereof when offline without Internet connection.
    I have iPad 1 completely updated, and premium account.

    • Marcel

      I had the same thing yesterday, taking notes at a meeting with Evernote on my iPad (1). It also slowed many times. I had a mobile internet connection running, no WiFi.

  • MaryAnn

    Unless there’s some magic I’m not seeing, we’re no longer able to add multiple photos to a single note on ios. Help!

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi MaryAnn, you should definitely still be able to add multiple photos. On iPhone, tap the snapshot or camera roll button to attach your image. If you’d like to attach another, tap the paper clip at the top of the note. You can keep doing this until you reach your maximum note size.

  • ej

    I’m a premium user, daily use,+- 4000 notes, lots of tags
    But this version! One of the worst versions of evernote (like the windows mobile 6), it’s so slow on IPAD 1, i’ve to work portrait to minimize the slow problem.
    Ex: I use3/4 tags per note, I’ve to wait a lot to write a existing tag, change the notebook, wait for the thumbnails refresh on background, even the save action is slow.

    Give performance functionality back instead of a poor rich edit implemented, and I don’t like products that change my information because it’s to “complex” to present.

    • xavier.delplanque

      Thanks for the feedback, we’ll see if we can do something concerning the performance on iPad1.

  • I-J

    Nice update and new features.

    Question on iPad: can you change the size of snippets in the note list within a notebook ? The present format seems to be title, 7 lines of text and thumbnail. One should be able to customise larger / smaller snippets. Thanks.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      As of today, you cannot change the size of snippets. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • James

    Shared notebooks! Sweet! Thanks, guys, good work!

  • Debbie Stock

    I love the new update; however, I am no longer able to send my PDFs and other documents to Evernote on my iPad.

    What am I missing?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Debbie, I’m not entirely sure what you mean. PDFs and other files that are in your notes should appear as before. A simple thing to try is to uninstall/re-instal on your iPad. That often fixes these sorts of things. If that doesn’t help, please contact our support team:

  • Jesse Hollington

    The RTF support is a nice addition for what it is, but I find it odd that I can’t do things like move or tag a note without “editing” it, thus resulting in rich notes being “simplified” and reformatted. The options to move a note to another notebook or add/remove tags should be independent of actually editing a note, and shouldn’t result in any attempt to reformat it.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Select the “Append” option. This will allow you to move the note without making any changes to it.

  • Samirs

    Thanks a lot for passcode! I waited for it for a long time.

  • Frank

    After this latest update i always get error u2 while syncing


    • Frank

      Version is ipad 4.1.0

  • Jim

    I’m new to Evernote and have been VERY impressed with its functionality across iOS and Mac. One thing that I LOVE on the mac is the ability to nest notebooks. That allows such flexibility in keep things organized. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that we can do that on the iPad/iPhone version. Am I missing something or would this be on a wishlist for the next update? Keep up the awesome work everyone!!

  • Joshua Hoffman

    Lots of great new features here – thanks!

    My one gripe is with the note style in the iOS app now. Every return creates a new paragraph (with a separating line space). It seems impossible to have just a regular line break, so list-style notes are twice as long (with a line break after every item). It makes it very difficult to read and organize. Additionally, editing notes not already like that, converts them to the new style and screws up existing line breaks. Rich-text editing on iOS still needs some real work. If I’m missing something though, let me know!

    Thanks for continuing to improve.

    • Valerie

      I agree that this is a major shortcoming. I work around it by using bulleted lists, but I shouldn’t have to.

  • Mary

    Would like to see improvement on tabs. My invoices don’t stay in a straight column. Need a highlighter also. Seems awfully unstable when creating a document. Great job of instant save. I don’t want to share my business notes. Please take facebook button off. Or give a choice to eliminate it.

  • Lucy

    Just downloaded upgrade and now nothing works. Only double space, only small font size, even with adjustments made on pc. Format on iPhone has turned random and unpleasant to use. Tried work-arounds and nothing seems to take me back to the flexibility I had in writing in Evernote a few hours ago…sadness!

  • RCL

    I’m happy to have Rich Text editing, but now I find the text looks funky back on the desktop app. Spacing between lines in a paragraph seems to vary and I can’t change it. Also, since the iPhone highlights dates and times, these are now also highlighted back on the desktop (shaded and underlined). They look like links, but of course don’t do anything. Anyone else finding this? Love Evernote & have been a longtime Premium user. I hope these little glitches are fixable. (Perhaps when Apple does whatever it’s planning with Rich Text in iOS 5.)

    Also, any chance passcodes can be made note or notebook-specific?

  • Curbed

    You’ve got all that space along the toolbar to make the rich text buttons wide and easily click-able, but instead they’re bunched too close together and make it harder to click with a big finger.

    Can you please space the rich-text buttons better?

  • Daniel Smith

    Great update, but where is STACKS?! Why let users organise notes into stacks but release an app with no stack support?!

  • Keith Kendall

    Thank you. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the new version supports HTML. I haven’t tried anything fancy yet – such as typing in HTML codes & having it use them. Center and Rigth justification have eluded me so far, but they’ve got to be in there somewhere.

  • Jeff Dworkin

    I have an iPhone 4 running the most recent iOS 4 and since downloading the new iOS update for Evernote, I have been getting numerous Error messages.
    For instance, when I open Evernote, I get the following:
    Synchronization failed
    Unknown Error u11

    Yesterday, Evernote gave me those Error messages and froze several times to the point that I have had to stop using Evernote all together. Help!!!! I really love Evernote and depend on it!

  • Nick Stone

    It’s great that you’ve updated the app. But… there’s always one. Is there any way to switch off the rich text editing / add new styles / indent bulleted list etc.

    Sadly the update has made evernote less usable for what I want – which is a great shame…

  • hugheba

    Please save images in Evernote as Skitch files that keep the markup layers. Also add handwriting/stylus support to Skitch/Evernote in your mobile/touch device versions, and maybe even Macs with multitouch.

  • ali

    i’m not crazy about how now there’s a double space every time i go to the next line/hit enter when i’m writing a note — it limits the amount of my note that i can see on a given screen. is there any way to turn this off?

  • Eric

    I hate this update. The formatting of all my plain text notes is corrupted once I edit them on my iPad or iPhone. All linefeeds are converted to paragraph breaks (adding extra empty lines) and all multiple spaces are replaced by a single space. What a waste :-((
    I do not understand why people love this, but this update is a shame.

  • Brian O


  • Bryan Ramsey

    SO, when will EVERNOTE actually get the shared notebook links to work from iPad and iPhone. We still can’t get people to see shared notebooks without first clicking it on a PC.

  • Greg Angell

    I can’t find a way to turn double-spacing off, which means I can only put half as much content on a page, and I can’t organize notes that way I want to, which I could easily do before the update. Also, before the update there used to be a colorful display of notebooks, now they are grey. All in all, much less functional, at least for me.

  • Greg Angell

    so instead
    of a list
    like this:

    i get a list



    • Lesa Z.

      Yes! I have this problem too. I LOVE some of the changes in this version, but the weird extra spaces are frustrating me to no end. I was just about to get a bunch of library co-workers to begin a cooperative notebook of book lists, but the formatting problem is an issue I’m trying to deal with before sharing with them.

  • Steve

    I am not that trilled about the new version. Still crashes just as much as before, syncing is quite obtrusive (sometimes get notes that I am trying to click on jump around, making it difficult to do anything until sync is over, if it doesn’t crash). Also, I don’t think I am the only one that would love to see sub-tags.
    I think the product is great, that’s why I purchased a years subscription. However, these things do concern me some. A few areas that don’t seem very well polished yet.

  • rudolf

    the updates make everything worse. or to better say: what was usefull and snappy became slugish (on the ipad2) and unclear/confusing (ie the slider on os x).
    i hope there will be an update soon to improve performance on ipad — it’s unusable (ie keyboard response).
    and the huge distance between lines is disturbing. if i would want such a distance between two thoughts, i would hit return twice. i hate it that the software does it. i use evernote as a kind of diary and not as a substitution for my website. please allow no html-like texts as before. thanks.
    i will not update my macos version on my imac (snow leopard), my macbook (lion) is already updated and i don’t like it.
    if nothing changes in the next, say two weeks or so, i would start to find a replacement service for my evernote account. at the moment almost useless!
    thanks for the years up to now,

    • Xavier

      How do I return to the previous version of Evernote…
      Agree with this comment “the updates make everything worse. or to better say: what was usefull and snappy became slugish”

  • Scott

    I liked the previous version for iPad where only the images were displayed as opposed to the index card like background for each picture. Can this be turned off so we can just see the photos?

  • Brandon

    So far, I’ve enjoyed the changes to the Mac desktop version of Evernote, I haven’t noticed any major problems with it and have liked the interface change a lot. That being said I don’t use the desktop version very often.

    On my ipad2, I initially had an issue with typing, it was sluggish and impossible. But a simple restart fixed the problem.

    I have also had the problem of double spacing of lines in my notes after editing them on my ipad–very annoying. It’s clearly an issue with the default ipad font selection, which appears to be Helvetica 16 double spaced. Every rich text note on the ipad gets reformatted that way regardless of what the font is in the desktop version of the note. This definitely needs to be fixed.

    Finally, I also wish I could reorganize my notes view on the ipad, it only shows them in the order of most recently edited. Usually this is fine, but I would like to sort some notebooks in different ways.

  • John

    I thoroughly endorse the complaint over the double space problem with iPad and iPhone apps. Small screens to begin with, can’t afford the unnecessary real estate. I have literally migrated over 500 notes onto Simplenote — unless EN can modify this they have lost me forever.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We are looking into the issue.

  • John

    The conversion to double-spacing on the iPhone/iPad app is a fatal flaw. I now have to use my iDevices as read-only since it would otherwise corrupt any file I modify. It boggles the mind that the developers let this bug get by them. Every improvement made in the update is completely eclipsed by this flaw.

  • Gail

    What happened? Everything seemed to be working fine, and then the update…I work only off my iPad and I can’t stand the double space with my writing. Also, the the font and spacing has changed in many of my saved notes. I’m very frustrated by all these changes. As far as I’m concerned all the update did was make things worse. I hate to have to switch to another app for my writing. Please fix soon!

  • Admaque

    Just like to say that I love the new capability for formatted text. As a long term Essay user it’s all very familiar and is the reason that I’m thinking of switching all my stuff into Evernote. Two points:

    – the word count feature in Essay is no longer in the Evernote version – will it return?
    – it is not possible to edit a shared file on the iPad – this should be a MUST for future versions

    BTW please keep the spacing between paragraphs. A double return screws things up if you transfer a note to Pages.

  • JD

    I use Evernote on desktop, web and iPhone and via several “Trunk” apps. I’ve found that the only way to use it across all these platforms without the formatting becoming corrupted at some point along the line is to use plain text. After the update, every time I edit a plain text note on my iPhone it gets transformed to rich text, so now I can’t sync across platforms anymore. Well, technically I can, but my notes now look a mess because the rich text formatting changes unpredictably during sync. Please provide an option to switch off rich text formatting on iOS. Thank you.

  • Parker

    Password protection just be a feature for ALL versions of Evernote. It is a fundamental security flaw not having the most basic protection for the Evernote database (for the free version.) How about offering a more robust encryption and password access for the premium service and a simple password protection for the free service?

  • KimG

    I agree with many here that the previous version of Evernote for iOS work much better. I think you guys dropped the ball with testing this update before shipping it. That happens. But when it does, you’ll hear about it.

    ## Issues
    * The magnifying glass that should appear when you tap and hold a finger on the screen doesn’t appear very often anymore.
    * The spacing between sentence of the same paragraph is too much.
    * The app crashes a lot.
    * Where’s the option to just use plain text? Some items, like links and numbers, get converted automatically to a clickable item. Not cool.

  • Eric

    I just wanted to join the chorus of complaints about the double space issue. So much of my Evernote usage is for lists that this really hurts usability. At least give us the option of not having it work this way.

  • Joel

    I will also join the chorus of complaints. Holy moly this is annoying.

  • Greg Angell

    I would just like to make notes
    Like this
    So I can orgnize them as I wish

  • Sam S.

    What happened to multiple uploading of photos on the iphone app?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can add multiple photos to your notes in two ways. You can add them one by one by tapping on the paper clip icon at the top of the note, or you can add multiple images from your camera roll by tapping on the little share icon when viewing the roll from inside Evernote.

  • Scott Ettin

    I know Evernote is very aware of the iOS rich text problem. I’ve filed help desk tickets and posted in the forums.

    Could you please just inform us as to when you’ll have the bug(s) quashed and a release available for iOS?

    Having to bounce notes into Apple’s NOTES on the iPhone and BareBone’s Software app Text Wrangler before I enter text into Evernote is a crazy workaround.

    Please, soon?


    • Chris Adamski

      I’m with you! This needs to be fixed. I have hundreds of plain text notes that are routinely edited in iOS and on the PC, I need the consistency in the formatting between platforms back!

  • Chris Adamski

    Please, please fix this update! I am having issues with the formatting of notes in iOS.

    1) text is double spaced by default and there is no way to turn this off.
    2) notes created on my PC formatted as plain text, single spaced, in Tahoma 10, are converted in iOS to a different font of a different size, and the text is converted to double space. When the note in iOS is saved back, this formatting is retained in the PC version.
    3) I am unable to insert spaces at the beginning of a line for the purposes of bulleting plain text.

    Please fix this. The iOS app before was great, worked perfectly for me. I really like the new update’s visual changes, along with the additional functions, but adding those while taking away the most basic functions isn’t making me so happy.

  • John Eley

    I vote for the new update!!
    What about TextExpander support, Please

  • Greg Angell

    Thanks for fixing the double spacing, but still, when I try to use the space bar to indent a line (for example, for a sub item) the cursor goes back up to the end of the last line.

  • Greg Angell

    It would be back t normal and much more useful if we could insert spaces at the beginning of a line so we could organize notes, particularly outlines, as we wish

  • Ian S

    Iphone 3GS with latest evernote update & ios5 will deal with snapshoy ok but not with a photo from camera roll. Photo shows on thumbnail but not when tap thru to note and only blank not appears on web.

  • Grant Caley

    I’ve and iPad 1 and have been suffering with poor performance and occasional crashes. I’ve about 18000 notes and am really struggling to find Evernote usable on the iPad.

    Please,please please I prove the performance.

  • Brian Chee

    It would be great if I could use the share arrow on the iPad to toss email/web/etc into Evernote just like I can share in Facebook or twitter….perhaps I missed a feature, but so far i’venot seen it.

    Brian chee

  • Richard

    Fix the iPad 2 double spacing already!!! Pressing return shoild give you a single spaced line. Who would think users would want every line double spaced!! Editing notes on my new iPad2 is impossible with this bug!

  • Carol Ann Kauffman

    Help! My word count and page numbers at the bottom went away and I can’t find them. I am an author and I NEED them. I also lost the right side slider, allowing me to move through the pages easily.
    Thank you.