Peek 2.0 Gets Quizzes from Martha Stewart, 7×7 and More. Plus, Improved Organization and New Language Support

Peek 2.0 Gets Quizzes from Martha Stewart, 7x7 and More. Plus, Improved Organization and New Language Support

Posted by on 24 Aug 2011

Posted by on 24 Aug 2011

Our iPad 2 smart cover app, Peek, gets a fun update today. We’ve added loads of new content from notable publishers, including Martha Stewart Living and 7×7 Magazine. We also made the app available in many languages and improved notebook organization. Let’s take a look.

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New Featured Materials

We’re excited to bring you content from some amazing publishers.

Martha Stewart Publications
Martha Stewart developed a number of fun quizzes focused on weddings, food, nutrition, gardening, and more. For example, do you know the five ingredients used in a classic pie crust or the name of the world’s largest flower? Get the Martha Stewart Living notebooks to get the answers to these and many other questions.

7×7 Magazine
7×7 Magazine is the best way to learn about what’s happening in San Francisco. For Peek, the team at 7×7 created a bunch of great trivia questions about the city by the Bay. Whether you live in the Bay Area or plan on visiting, this Peek notebook will teach you something new about San Francisco. Find the 7×7 Trivia notebook in the Fun stack.

Study Guides by Magoosh, Membean and Brainscape
We’ve added a number of great educational materials produced by Magoosh (math prep), Membean (vocabulary quizzes), and Brainscape (language learning).

And many more
There’s also lots of useful study materials from Evernote and StudyBlue. Make sure to explore everything.

Better Organization

To make it easier for you to find the study materials you’re looking for, we’ve organized notebooks into stacks. There’s a My Notebook stack for any notebooks found in your account, Shared Notebooks for notebooks that other Evernote users have shared with you, and additional stacks that group related materials.

More Languages

Peek is now available in 14 different languages! Big thanks to our amazing translators. If you’re interested in becoming a translator, check out our translation site.

Get your content into Peek

If you’re interested in becoming a featured content provider for Evernote Peek, please complete this form:


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  • martina

    If only I had an ipad 2

  • Marc

    Can you use Peek on an iPad 1, obviously without the smart cover interaction?

  • Lori

    My ever note will not work. When I click on to it to get my saved note it says LOADING then clicks off

  • ShatteredShield

    like this app, need a phone # too call in credit card, ref upgrade…

  • Arie

    App doesn’t work any more since the last update. It crashes any time I try and add a notebook. Click add, it downloads the notebooks, I click on one (my notebooks, or any of the one evernote provides) and the app crashes. Can’t use it at all any more, since I can’t add new notebooks.

  • Arie

    Thank you for fixing the crashing problem with the last update! It works again.

    I hope someday you’re able to add text auto-resizing. That’s the only thing preventing me from using Peek for all my studying. I use another program when I need to studying things with long “questions” or “answers” such as scientific definitions and grammar study questions (where the question can be quite long, like “Find the Direct Object: [very long sentence here]).

    • Sean

      I have the same issue. Whats the other app you use that can handle the long questions.

  • Tillmann

    My wish list:

    1. remember my progress (I thinks it’s useless without)
    2. Leitner mode

    Thanks for listening!

  • Peter

    Whats the chances of a version of this coming out on mac as well? It would be amazing for exam study but I’m not about to go buy and iPad for it.

  • John Prescott

    Android app coming soon?

  • WorkingOnWise

    Android app asap. Specifically for Honeycomb. Please.

  • sueting

    the brainscape link has an extra http:// and so it goes to the wrong page.

    also, i like the new graphics!