Evernote Launches Studio in Austin

Evernote Launches Studio in Austin

Posted by Phil Libin on 29 Aug 2011

Posted by Phil Libin on 29 Aug 2011

[Update: Come out to the grand opening of our Austin Studio on Nov. 17th. RSVP here »]

I don’t want to jinx anything by saying this, but it really feels like we’re hitting our stride at Evernote and it’s time to take another big step: We’re coming to Austin, Texas. Starting immediately, we’re hiring the best developers, designers, QA engineers, and product managers to create our first Evernote Studio.

When we say “studio,” we don’t just mean, “satellite office.” We mean a creative, autonomous team to build some of our most exciting new products. Our goal is to get about a dozen people by the end of the year and to keep on growing as fast as we can after that.

Why Austin? Because it’s awesome there. Several of us early Evernoters actually spent a lot of time in Austin when our first company was bought by Vignette in 2000. While there, I fell in love with the local food, music, food, culture, and food. Most of all, I really love the attitude of the Austin tech community. They just know how to build. In some ways, It’s very similar to the tech vibe around San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and in some ways it’s the exact opposite. It’s hard to explain, but I figured if we had a big presence in both places, it would come out great.

[This event has passed.] We’ll be having a little meet-up / party at the Austin W this Wednesday from 7-10pm. I’ll be there with a few other Evernote folks, so come say hi.

Of course, we’re still hiring like mad at our offices in Mountain View and Tokyo, so if you know a hyper-talented someone who wants to help us build the world’s trusted memory, send them on over.

Did I mention the food in Austin? I’m fond of it.


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  • Corey Pudhorodsky

    Excited that you guys picked Austin for your first design studio! I know you’ll love it hear and we’re happy to have you. Here’s to many good memories with Evernote in Austin!

  • Jay Jayasuriya

    Awesome. I love Evernote and use it every day! How do I apply? 🙂

  • David Pruitt

    Dang!! I live in DFW, but it would be AMAZING to work for Evernote. I love you guys. Good luck, and enjoy the craziness that is Austin.

  • Scott Winterroth


    We need you in the great City of Chicago. Here, in the business capital of the Midwest, we’re a hard-working global city with a get it done attitude. And we’re using Evernote to facilitate plans, harvest culture, conjure up deals and, you guessed it, make money. Having your presence in the Windy City would really show Evernote’s going for the gold.

    As I see it, Evernote is truly repaving the way we store information digitally and think. Your vision for Evernote reminds me of how the legendary city planner and Chicagoan Daniel Burnham crafted the new Plan for Chicago to make this hard working, harder to live, industrial town into the thriving city it is today.

    I echo Mr. Burnham’s famous quote, “Make No Little Plans, they have no magic to stir mans blood… make big plans, aim high in hope and work.”

    Scott Winterroth

  • Mac Haley

    Yes, all that is well and good, but the real question is: How do you feel about the food in Austin?

    • Phil Libin

      Sorry, for forgetting to mention that important detail! I’m generally in favor of it.

  • Ange


    as you said that you are hiring like mad in Tokyo, I went to check the page but I couldn’t find informations about that.
    I would love to know more about the positions that are available in Tokyo and see if I could help in some way or another.
    Would you please tell me where I can find those informations or an email address where I could ask?

    Thank you

  • Joan Vassar

    Welcome to Austin, y’all…hope to see you at Chuy’s or Ken’s Tacos soon.

  • Josue Stephens

    Welcome to Austin, you have come to the right city! Evernote is an excellent product with unstoppable potential.

  • jonathan bowden

    great to hear you guys are growing, and coming to austin!

    any idea what part of the city you guys will be in?

  • jonathan bowden

    great to hear you guys are growing, and coming to austin! i’ve only been here 2 years, but it’s a great place, and only getting better!

    any idea what part of the city you guys will be in?

  • Matthew Stephens

    Welcome to the ATX! If you need contract UX designers, let me know.

  • Elisa

    WOO HOO!!! Evernote and Austin! Welcome to mini-silicon valley! Glad to hear my fav. new techy tool will have an office right here in my back office! I’m an elementary teacher and I use evernote to clip my fav. websites, grant applications, classroom purchase orders and shipping info, AND my livescribe pen!!

    Welcome to Texas yall! *And btw it’s been over 100 degrees for 70 days or so now, with no rain. 🙂 Pack your sunscreen!

  • Christina Long

    Welcome to Austin!

  • jefito

    Dear Evernote,

    We have lobsters. Just sayin’



  • donahchoo

    Any chance of a repeat meet-up? I was out of town and would love to drop off my resume in person…

  • Eric Rhoads

    Radio guy…. creative…. publisher…. based here. Happy to see you guys in the area. Glad to help in any way.

  • C. Enrique Ortiz

    Welcome to Austin, and it is great seeing Evernote expanding to Austin. Awesome addition to the Austin Tech Scene.